Official Forum Rules Forums are an internet based community, created to allow a thoughtful and productive exchange of ideas related to the design and usage of products offered by All Granite and Marble Corporation. Your usage of this forum and membership to this community are governed by the following rules.

In order to be able to contribute in our forums, you need to be a registered user.
While we allow usernames of all kinds, we encourage members to use their real names. This helps battle the anonymity of the internet, and helps create a more solid community.
Be advised that only one account per member is allowed, this means only one username per person.

Take some time to look over the different topics and find the ONE forum that best suits your question. Posting in inappropriate forums makes extra work for the moderators and you may find your post moved or deleted if you didn’t post it in the correct forum. Also, no crossposting - please only post your question in a single forum.
Lastly, please keep threads on topic. Off topic posts make searching more difficult for other members and dilute the useful information on the site. If your post has no relevance to the original thread topic it may be deleted.

First and foremost, respect your fellow members -- Regardless of age, experience, or opinion, you should always show respect to fellow users.
  • No Personal Attacks
    Personal insults of any sort are not tolerated. If you feel another user’s post is inappropriate, please report the post or contact a moderator.
  • No Advertising
    There is an absolute ban on advertising. Posts containing links to websites or other information about commercial entities which directly or indirectly compete with All Granite and Marble Corp.'s business will be edited or removed.
  • No Profanity
    Foul language and any sort of inappropriate material will be removed immediately and any poster of such content will be warned or banned.

4. Violating Forum Rules policy
The normal procedure is as follows:

1. Warning by Private Message [PM]
2. Temporary ban if the warning is ignored
3. Permanent ban for continuing problems.

We reserve the right to ban without warning users which consciously break the Forum rules.

5. Self-moderation
For the most part, the users here should practice self-moderation.
Take a moment to think before you post.
If you’re unsure of something feel free to PM a moderator and ask.
If you’re a new member, you’re welcome here, but you may want to spend some time reading posts and seeing how things work before you post.

Thanks for following the guidelines and welcome to the forum!