Alaska White

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Alaska White


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Black, Gray, White
Bathroom, Fireplace
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  • - Admin 04:02PM, Feb 23 2015

    Unfortunately, floor tiles are not our speciality, so it is difficult for us to make suggestions on them, however, here are some great options for your countertop.

    Usually with lighter colored cabinets, darker colored countertops and backsplashes are preferred. Here are some options: - Granite - Granite - Granite - Quarzite

    Since you also have darker colored cabinets as an option here are some popular choices for those as well. - Granite - Granite - Granite - Granite

    One of our most popular options recently has been our Classic White Quartzite.

    Here is an explanation of the differences between Quartzite and Granite:

    Hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions or would like a quote.

  • Trey 12:20AM, Feb 21 2015

    Looking for some advice. We're renovating our kitchen with a darker stained alder cabinet around the perimeter (called nutmeg) and maple off-white painted cabinet with an amaretto glaze for a small island. The darker perimeter cabs have a subtle antique finish (some small holes and such). The off-white amaretto glazed island will have a walnut end grain butcher block top. I attached photos of the doors. We'll also have a Copper weathered apron sink. We're struggling with granite counter tops, backsplash, and porcelain flooring. We like the travertine tile back splash so with that we're looking for a lighter countertop with perhaps some of the colors of the cabinets and sink. At first sight we loved the Alaska White but the more we look at it we think it may read too gray. Any help is much appreciated on both the countertop and floor tile.

  • Muffy 12:49AM, Jul 15 2014

    I have a rich black with cranberry. I'd like to keep the granite in the counters but change the granite on the island. Doesn any one have any suggestions for having 2 color granite?

  • - Peter 07:23PM, Jan 6 2014

    Thank you! This is a great choice! Two other great suggestions would include Colonial Gold and Bianco Romano, take a look and let me know what you think!

  • AnA 04:12PM, Jan 6 2014

    Hi Everyone Happy New Year , I have Cherry Cabinets and want to use Marble with grey Veining or the Alaska Granite My Floors are Stone with Grey and Whits Delorean grey Grout ..what input would you give me?

  • - Peter 09:56PM, Dec 30 2013

    Hello Carol,
    I think that this would look excellent! This is in the Single Gold price category. Thanks!

  • Carol Hansen 02:59PM, Dec 28 2013

    Thinking about using Alaska white stone in kitchen with white upper cabinets and med gray lowers with white and black back splash, charcoal gray floor, how do you think this would look ? And what price catagory is this?

  • Peter 01:27PM, Jun 21 2013

    Email me at [email protected] with a drawing of your top along with the job site address and contact info including your email address and phone number and I will promptly get back to you with a quote.

  • Sal Pepitone 01:41AM, Jun 21 2013

    Would like to price this Alaska white 5' bath top with 32x18 sink cutout