Azul Aran

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Original name:
Azul Aran

Other name(s) used:
Blue Aran, Azul Kifa

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Blue, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace
Very exclusive swirled blue stone with light gray veining, and black and silver clusters.
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Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo
Azul Aran Photo


  • - Peter 04:20PM, Jan 13 2014


    Try this

  • Peter 02:58PM, Jul 17 2013

    Dee, we have a location in Danbury, CT check it out! Kashmir white is a Single Silver and Azul Aran is a Super Premium.

  • Dee 07:19PM, Jul 16 2013

    We hv picked out Kashmir White in Danbury though I really wanted more blue. What grade is Azul Arun or what % higher in price is it? I also understand we would hv to pay for the shipping from Nj to CT.

  • - Adrian 01:31PM, Mar 16 2013

    Hi, if the wall is really big I'm also leaning towards subway tile, I think it would be the best choice. Good luck !

  • classymusicgal 06:26PM, Mar 14 2013

    Thanks, Adrian

    I like all three choices.  The two walls are really long, so do you think the scale of the subway tile would be best?

  • - Adrian 08:02PM, Mar 8 2013

    Hi, I think that your kitchen must look really nice with Azul Aran countertop and cherry cabinets. Regarding to the backsplash I also agree that marble tiles will look elegant and luxurious, so I've attached you three different propositions of marble tiles:  off white subway tile, white and grey marble mosaic, light beige glass with grey marble mosaic. I hope I could help you !

  • classymusicgal 08:08PM, Mar 7 2013

    We love our new kitchen: walnut floors, fruitwood-stained cherry cabinets and azul aran.  The highlight of the room is the gorgeous, glamorous granite wearing all sorts of lovely gemstones!   I have been looking for the perfect backsplash for two long walls and am attracted to marble mosaics or subway tiles.  Any suggestions?  Love your site!

  • - Derek 03:39PM, Nov 13 2012

    Hi there. The Azul Aran is indeed a very beautiful piece of granite that could complement your design nicely. Another option along those lines but with a more consistent pattern that you can check out is called Emerald Pearl. For some lighter choices with grayish shades and a simple, subtle pattern, I suggest to consider Kashmir White, Azul Platino, Caledonia, Bianco Romano or perhaps even Astoria for a warmer feel. Let me know your thoughts on these. Hope this helps! :-)

  • Mortimerhouse 03:18AM, Nov 11 2012

    We are putting in a new kitchen with frameless natural maple cabinets, The upper cabinets have a simple rosewood colored prairie style inlay.  The kitchen is U shapped with approximately 18 feet across the back and 10 feet on the side with an approx. 6'x4' island in the middle. The kitchen is open to the dining room which has rosewood furniture. My husband wants azul aran for all counters.  I think it is beautiful but too busy for the simple style of  the kitchen. I would prefer a simpler but not blotchy grey granite. We would be interested in your reaction and any other suggestions

  • - Derek 03:10PM, Jul 27 2012

    The Azul Aran would contrast the perimeter darker walnut wood while being a nice complement to the off white island piece. Great combination! Another option I recommend to consider is Sapphire Blue or even Emerald Pearl. As far as backsplash goes, if you want to keep the countertops as the centerpiece of your kitchen design, then the wall tile should be neutral and calm with a minimalist approach. I recommend something like for example a mosaic of Subway & Ming Glass from Somertile Reflections series. I've attached a photo for your reference. Good luck!

  • Laviza 08:17PM, Jul 25 2012

    Hi there, I have looked at many granite, quartz and quartzite,  to go w/ dark walnut perimeter cabinets and an off white island ....somehow this one looked nice, but do you think the azul would work  w/ dark perimeter and light island?? also what would you use for backsplash so it doesnt compete???

  • - Derek 04:31PM, Feb 18 2012 At the moment, Azul Aran is only available in our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility.
  • Rhino2612 02:16AM, Feb 15 2012 do you have azul aran in stock in Danbury, CT?

    Lynda Soltis
  • - Kinga 03:59PM, Feb 2 2012 Which photo are you referring to?
  • - Kinga 03:47PM, Feb 2 2012 In addition to Derek’s wonderful suggestions, check out ICL Glass and Metal Mix Tiles, Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic and SomerTile Reflections Wave Mercury Glass and Stone and Metal Mosaic Tile. Let us know how your search goes!
  • Todd 04:57PM, Feb 1 2012 What is the edge profile shown in the pics above of the white kitchen. Its the same one in the video?
  • - Derek 08:32PM, Jan 31 2012 Congratulations on your lovely new Azul Aran countertops. It's unfortunately that your supplier ran out of more of this stone for a full backsplash. My recommendations for you to consider, in tile, would be Moss Green medium brick pattern tile for a nice match, as well as lighter options such as Calacatta marble for a complimentary contrast. Hope this helps!
  • Connie 06:54AM, Jan 28 2012 I just had azul Aran granite countertops installed and I love them. Much more beautiful and dramatic than I expected. Originally, I had planned to use tile for the backsplash. Now that the countertops are in I realize that a matching backsplash would be best. Unfortunately, my supplier says they cannot get any more of the azul Aran. Are the backslashes something you could provide for me?
  • Gwen 10:06PM, Feb 25 2011 Redoing a counter in a 250 year old home. We have a mostly white backsplash with an Italian tile band around the room approx 8" up from the counter. It's been very difficult to find a granite to blend with the existing tile, white cabinets, and wooden floor. What do you think about this one? do you have it in stock anywhere?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:07AM, Feb 28 2011 Gwen: We have Azul Aran in-stock at our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility. It's a very attractive granite that would compliment the light aspects of your design with it's gray and blue veins.
  • angela 01:34PM, Oct 6 2010 Redoing kitchen and installing dove cabinets with contrasting espresso cabinets in a section. Looking for a granite that will go well with both - would this work. Have all stainless steel appliances
    • All Granite and Marble 12:16PM, Oct 8 2010 Angela : Take a look at Bianco Antico and Delicatus.
  • george goldstone 03:49PM, Oct 4 2010 For master bath..we chose dark blue high gloss cabinets. Would like a white stone marble or granite counter top,,,suggestion
    • All Granite and Marble 09:34AM, Oct 5 2010 George Goldstone: Take a look at Bianco Romano, White Fantasy, and Classic White.
  • Ann 11:23AM, Apr 27 2010 I'm considering Azul Aran for the kitchen counters in home I'm buying next month. It's a very open custom designed contemporary design home built in the late 1970s with white cabinets, hardwood floors, white appliances, and lots of natural light. The kitchen opens directly into the dining area (which in turn opens into the living room). My dining room furniture is a maple or light oak and the fabric on the chairs a smoke blue. I'd like the area to retain is warm inviting feel...and look fairly sophisticated at the same time. Would Azul Aranbe a good choice
    • All Granite and Marble 04:16PM, Apr 27 2010 Ann: It's quite busy and dramatic, get ready for it to be the center piece of your design. It would definitely make the kitchen "pop" which is not a bad thing.
  • Kristy 09:46PM, Feb 16 2010 Do these come in tiles? If so what is the sq ft cost? Also cost for slab? Need enough for bathroom 96" wide bathroom counter top plus backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:32AM, Feb 17 2010 Kristy: We do not sell granite tiles nor do we sell slabs. We fabricate countertops. For a price on this stone please contact the sales office.