Azul Platino

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Original name:
Azul Platino

Other name(s) used:
Platinum Blue, Azul Platino White

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A consistently salt and pepper speckled granite.
Azul Platino granite - Macro Photo Azul Platino granite - CloseUp Photo Azul Platino granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Jack 01:08PM, Aug 7 2014

    What do you think about Bianco Antico?

  • AlphaDave 01:27PM, Aug 4 2014

    I am trying to pick a countertop to pick a countertop to match white maple cabinets with slab doors and stainless bar pulls. The floor is red oak floors. The appliances are stainless. Azul Platino looks like it may work. I looked at Kashmir White but some of it has a lot of burgundy color in it. Any other suggestions?

  • - Jack 06:37PM, Jun 24 2014


    This stone falls under our Single Blue price range.

  • Nancy 07:24PM, Jun 18 2014

    what price range group is this granite in? I love it.

  • azul 05:05AM, Jan 17 2014


  • - Peter 02:49PM, Dec 3 2013

    Also an excellent choice. Give it a go!

  • Anita 08:40PM, Dec 2 2013

    What about a brushed stainless?

  • - Peter 08:12PM, Dec 2 2013


    Anything in the Black, Brown, Gray tones would work nicely. Hope this helps!

  • Anita 06:44PM, Dec 2 2013

    Help! I am having trouble choosing a backsplash for my Azul platino countertops. I have espresso cabinets and the walls are a cream color. Any suggestions? I don't want anything too busy.

  • Peter 04:02PM, Sep 10 2013

    Greetings Chuck, What is NSF?

  • chuck 03:28PM, Sep 9 2013

    Can I use this in a food service application...will it pass NSF

  • - Derek 02:04PM, Jul 26 2012

    The Azul Platino has plenty of black flecks throughout the slab, so it may be a little too dark if you're worried about that aspect. I recommend Kashmir White or a similar shade for a safer alternative. 

  • Cmurray_2003 01:52PM, Jul 22 2012

    I am thinking about painting my cabinets black.  Will Azul Platino look good or will it make the kitchen look to dark?

  • - Derek 03:30PM, Mar 23 2012

    The Azul Platino is an appropriate choice to go against cherry cabinetry. The contrast will be efficient. However, you could choose a stone that has some burgundy or wine colored flecks to pick-up as well as contrast the cabinets at the same time. I am thinking of choices such as Delicatus, River Valley, Snowflakes.

  • Glo 06:51PM, Mar 19 2012

    I just got my kraftmaid cabinets in natural cherry deveron, my husband picked the azul platino granite before getting the cabinets. Our floors will be oak clear stain, it is a kitchen/dining/living room area (kitchen is in the small size). We go for a minimal style, white walls, no decor, recess lighting. Should we stick to the azul granite or do you have other suggestions?

  • - Derek 04:42PM, Feb 23 2012

    For a compliment to the Azul Platino, my recommendation is possibly a 2" x 4" Calacatta marble tile. Another option would be the Somer Tile Reflections subway & ming glass mosaic. Thirdly, for an interesting contemporary choice there is the Somer Tile Reflections chromium stainless steel subway tile. I've attached images of all three for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Lena 07:10PM, Feb 19 2012 We recently redid out kitchen using Azul Platino for our countertops, white cabinets, and a light toned wood floor. We cannot decide on a backsplash though. I like a more modern, sleek look and my husband likes a more traditional feel. What are some good options for us?
  • - Derek 03:11PM, Dec 16 2011 To complete the "white kitchen" feel you're after, I'd use a Thassos marble, perhaps with light blue or grey colored inserts (as pictured in my attachment) for a clean, crisp white subway tile with a darker grout (also pictured). Hope this helps!
  • Devorah 10:17AM, Dec 15 2011 What would be a good back splash for Azul Platino. I have white cabinets and a white floor in my kitchen? Thanks
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  • Facebook Not 03:19PM, Jun 4 2011 I can't even look at the granite individually since your web site is currently popping right to a comment page instead of the individual stone viewing page. Why are you more concerned with what people think about it instead of allowing them to view it. Get out of the Face Book page and get back to presenting and selling stone.
  • Keith 05:00PM, Mar 30 2009 This granite color looks great with lighter maple like colors