Bahia Brown

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Original name:
Bahia Brown

Other name(s) used:
Cafe Bahia, Bahia Coffee, New Imperial Brown, Cacau Bahia

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A dark brown granite with consistent texture including silver specks.
Bahia Brown granite - Macro Photo Bahia Brown granite - CloseUp Photo Bahia Brown granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Adrian 05:50PM, Feb 20 2013

    Hi, I think that your choice is excellent, New Imperial Brown Stone is not too dark and not too busy so will get a nice and warm contrast between cabinets and countertop. Also you can check Tropical Brown Granite and Coffee Imperial. The best way to make the best decision, is go to one of our facility and see how the whole three slabs looks like in natural light. Then you will take some samples to your home and compare with your cabinets. Good luck !

  • Fishneverwalked 03:26PM, Feb 19 2013

    Gutting and updating the entire kitcen and need some help. My cabinets that I ordered are Maple hazelnut with a burnt sienna glaze. I would like a granite that is not too busy and was considering Imperial brown. Any suggestions? The floor, appliances and backsplash have not been picked yet.

  • - Derek 04:34PM, Dec 6 2012

    Hi Kat. We have Bahia Brown available at Ridgefield Park, NJ facility and it's Double Silver price category. Best of luck!

  • Kat 02:10PM, Dec 2 2012

    Is the Bahia Brown available at the Ridgefield Park location? What price category is it? Thanks.

  • - Derek 01:52PM, Oct 3 2012

    The Bahia Brown pictured on this page is certainly a fine and appropriate match. Another option could be Imperial Coffee granite. For something a little lighter, take a look at Tropical Brown as well.

  • Mamagrizzz 11:31PM, Oct 2 2012

    If you don't recommend marble for countertops, what would match a backsplash of marble emperador dark?

  • - Derek 02:47PM, Apr 5 2012

    Antique Brown and Bahia Brown are very similar and both are excellent choices. Another option for you to consider is Imperial Coffee. For the floor tile, my suggestions for you to consider are Alfagres line Shell color porcelain or Daltile line Fidenza Dorado color porcelain. I've attached photos for you. Good luck!

  • Trish 03:16AM, Apr 4 2012

    I have white shaker cabinets and looking at antique brown granite countertops is antique brown, bahia brown or do you have an equivalent. Also any suggestions for ceramic or porcelain floor colours. Any feedback is appreciated

  • - Kinga 04:03PM, Feb 15 2012 I agree. The buttercream cabinets seem like a fine choice with the Bahia Brown and Imperial Coffee so go for it!
  • Lindaboback 09:56PM, Feb 4 2012 I'm looking at white or buttercream cabinets and either cypress or quarter sawn oak. What would the bahia granite look best with? The appliances are stainless and the french door and window trims are white.
  • Ginny Wood 10:12AM, Mar 31 2011 I will have pearl cabinets, stainless appliances. Dark hardwood flloor. Would Bahia Brown look good?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:55AM, Apr 1 2011 Ginny Wood: Absolutely.
  • Scott 09:34AM, Mar 26 2011 Looking to see if this color along with some others are in your Danbury facility and what price group it/they fall into
    • All Granite and Marble 01:52PM, Mar 26 2011 Scott: We have Bahia Brown in our Ridgefield Park, NJ location. Double Silver price category.
  • Leah 08:24PM, Jan 2 2011 Our new kitchen will have Kraftmaid Dakota Birch (Praline) cabinets, darker hardwoods, light stone backsplash and stainless steel appliances. I am undecided between Bahia Brown, Tan Brown, and Ubatuba Gold or do I go with something lighter like Giallo Vicenza or Juparana Gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:18AM, Jan 3 2011 Leah: I'm leaning towards Bahia Brown, this stone will compliment the Praline wood nicely and create an elegant atmosphere.
  • Fezz 12:26PM, Nov 8 2010 Hi I have a cream cabinets with dar hazelnut glaze and dark brown wooden floors was looking at Bahia brown ID 875 what do you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:43PM, Nov 8 2010 Fezz: The Bahia Brown is a gorgeous choice to offset the cream cabinetry.
  • Eilene 10:20AM, Sep 12 2010 I have purchased biscotti (warm cream tone) with maple glazed cabinets. What granite countertop color would you recommend for a nice contrast? I want to do the backplash the same as the countertop. The appliances are stainless steel. The kitchen is small and does not get a lot of light. so I was concerned about going too dark on the countertop. Thank you for your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:02AM, Sep 13 2010 Eilene: Some good suggestions are Tropical Brown and Baltic Brown. They're not too dark but will create enough contrast for your set-up.
  • beverly jackson 10:52AM, Sep 5 2010 I have maple cabinets, light stained red oad floor (lighter than the cabinets) and black appliacnes. I would like contrast in the countertops but not too overpowering. Do you think that Bahia Brown is a good choice? I was also looking at Arandis chocolate, tropical brown, tropical brown classic and black pearl. I would also like to have a tiled backsplash. Could you make a recommendation for this as well? Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:28AM, Sep 8 2010 Beverly Jackson: The Bahia Brown is a gorgeous choice, it's reflecting specks and dark contrast will compliment the maple cabinets nicely. My second choice would be Tropical Brown. As for tile backsplash, I recommend a tumbled noce travertine.
  • Tricia 08:47PM, Jun 27 2009 I have light oak cabinets and like oak wood floors. What granite would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:06AM, Jul 1 2009 Tricia: You're going in the right direction with this stone. Rich brown is nice.