Baltic Brown

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Original name:
Baltic Brown

Other name(s) used:
Bruno Baltico, Brown Baltic, Baltic Rain, Baltic Braun, Baltik Brown

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Fairly consistent light brown stone with a medium pattern composed of circular flecks with bits of green and umber.
Baltic Brown granite - Macro Photo Baltic Brown granite - CloseUp Photo Baltic Brown granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Jack 12:54PM, Jun 30 2014


    For paint I would recommend Benjamin Moore: Manchester Tan. For The backsplash I personally recommend the Forest Blanket Hand-Painted Glass Mosaic Subway tile. What do you think?

  • Mikaela 05:08AM, Jun 29 2014

    Hi! We have a kitchen with baltic brown granite, autumn maple cabinets, butterscotch wood flooring, and black appliances. We don't have a paint color on the walls yet. We are going to remove the builder's backsplash above the cooktop and put in an entire backsplash. Do you have any recommendations on a backsplash? Would love any suggestions on wall color paint too. Thank you so much for your help! It is much appreciated.

  • - Peter 03:54PM, Mar 20 2014


    Please use our online design tool @

  • - Peter 03:54PM, Mar 20 2014


    Please try using our free online design tool:

  • imomtaxi 10:58PM, Mar 19 2014

    I have baltic brown granite, a neutral tile floor, and sherwin williams hopsack on the walls, with all stainless steel appliances. I need help on color for cabinets. I was thinking about white on top cabinets and black on lower cabinets and island. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Chris 02:53PM, Mar 12 2014

    I have Baltic brown granite cherry cabinets stainless steel appliances and a light maple floor. Looking for a back splash and a paint color for the walls

  • - Peter 03:26PM, Feb 11 2014

    Great! You are very welcome.

  • Mary 09:49PM, Feb 10 2014

    Thank you so much. I hadn't seen it before. It's light, warm, and will not make my small kitchen dark. I love it!

  • - Peter 04:31PM, Feb 10 2014


    I would suggest this granite here for your kitchen,

  • Mary 03:04PM, Feb 10 2014

    I antiqued my cabinets myself with antique white chalk paint with brown antiqued wax. I bought a new 40 inch stand alone stainless and glass countertop stove I have small sunny galley kitchen, 68 by 15 inch granite slab on one counter and 92 by 25 inch granite slab on the opposite counter where the sink and the window are. The stove is located in-between on a wall with no counters. The old white refrigerator stays as it is a work horse and I antiqued its wooden handles to match the cabinets. My floor is light beige travertine look linoleum. I am deciding between Baltic brown, tropical brown or is there a white granite that would match? All the white granites I've looked at have grey undertones which do not give me that "warm" feeling I'm looking for. I also want to do white crackle subway on the walls. I'm finding most white subways also have that grey undertone in the crackle, so I'm looking for a crackle tile that doesn't have that. I really like the contrast of the white tile against the cabinets but I'm not sure if it works against the brown granite. I thought that beige subway tile would make it look to monochrome. So, what granite colors would you recommend? I'm also open to something new that I haven't even thought of on the granite choice. You were very helpful in the choice of my other kitchen black galaxy with the honey cabinets and the venetian bronze fixtures looks super! I'm hoping you can help me again. Thank you.

  • - Peter 04:50PM, Jan 30 2014

    If you are going with the Sage cabinets then I would like to see what they look like so I could recommend a nice color to complement them along with the granite choice.

  • Danielle 05:28PM, Jan 29 2014

    Thank you. If I went with sage green cabinets what wall color would u recommend?
    Do u have a cabinet color recommendation ? I have a house full of boys snd am hesitant to paint cabinets white.
    Thanks so much

  • - Peter 02:41PM, Jan 29 2014


    If you are going with green walls then you don't want to have green cabinets because the surface will look too flat, you want to separate the surfaces ideally by adding contrast and using different colors. You are probably better off with Linen than Sage Green.

  • Danielle 01:10AM, Jan 29 2014

    I have baltic brown granite with honey oak cabinets and a green marbled tile for floors. Am looking to paint the walls in Benjamin Moore camoflage but unsure of what to paint the cabinets. Was thinking of a sage green cabinet with a coffee glaze. My husband thinks cabinets in Benjamin Moore linen with a coffee glaze. Please help

  • - Peter 04:09PM, Nov 5 2013


    I suggest revisiting the link, perhaps you did not see the right stone, here it is again - this stone does not have any movement or green tones. If you are positively uncertain than here is another suggestion -

    Best Regards,


  • hannahe 01:19AM, Nov 5 2013

    Hmmm. I wonder if you have another suggestion without the green tones? Maybe something with less movement ?

  • - Peter 04:18PM, Nov 4 2013


    Looks very nice!

    Best Regards,


  • - Peter 04:16PM, Nov 4 2013


    Here is a nice suggestion, let me know what you think.

    Best Regards,


  • hannahe 11:03PM, Nov 2 2013

    Here is the current cabinet color. The island we are putting in is actually a large counter and bar top that will go between the kitchen and a living room it will transition into the other room. I will try to post a pic of the other room as well.

  • hannahe 10:35PM, Nov 2 2013

    We have lighter maple cherry cabinets with baltic brown countertops. We are putting in an island with cream/off white cabinets with a cocoa glaze and want a lighter colored granite or quartz top. Something that would coordinate with the baltic brown...we don't LOVE the baltic brown so would prefer something different. Concerned about getting something that won't "fight" with the baltic brown design. Maybe something less busy? Any advice. Thanks.

  • Peter 04:06PM, Sep 26 2013

    I would recommend just going ahead with the baltic brown as a full backsplash.

  • Moochi 05:40AM, Sep 21 2013

    I have maple cherry paprika cabinets, with red oak hardwood floors and baltic brown granite countertop, island and a 4 inch backsplash (baltic brown as well). I was wondering what backsplash would go with it? Travertine/porcelain that looks like travertine. A little confused with what colors to pick given all the color scheme I have going on.

  • Peter 04:53PM, Sep 5 2013

    Jane, Jersey Cream,

  • Jane Tiffany 09:15PM, Sep 4 2013

    I have Baltic Brown granite and need to paint my cabinets a cream color. I am using Sherwin Williams paint. Can you suggest a cream that would work for my cabinets. My kitchen gets little natural light. I have an oak hardwood floor.

  • Peter 02:01PM, Jun 24 2013

    Ken-Lorie B, are you open to using Baltic Brown on the remaining countertops?

  • Ken-LorieB 10:34PM, Jun 23 2013

    Hi, We have cherry cabinets (more brown cherry than red cherry) with Baltic brown countertop on the island and a coordinating tile on the remaining kitchen countertops. I want to replace the tile with either a solid granite or quartz countertop that coordinates well with the Baltic brown on the island. Our Baltic brown is more beige than salmon/peach. Would you have any suggestions?

  • Peter 07:16PM, Jun 7 2013

    Hello Fluffy, I would suggest a nice Crema Marfil, or perhaps a Travertine to really give you that Old World look and feel.

  • Fluffy 03:55PM, May 10 2013

    I have Shenendoah maple cabinets with hazelnut glaze, am getting baltic brown granite and am looking for floor tile to go with them. I want an old world look - not contemporary. The floor has to coordinate with the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen (all of which have earth tone colors). Can you help me with suggestions for floor tiles?

  • - Adrian 03:44PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with natural stone as a backsplash, I have found for you two options: first is more busy Anatolia Bliss Creme Brulee Line Mosaic and the second just the Cream Travertine. In the attachment you will find both of them. I hope I could help !

  • - Adrian 03:35PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hi, I think that red appliance might be work with Baltic Brown, it is really acceptable balance. Also you can think about red decorations, thanks to that your kitchen will have a distinct character.

  • Jaawthomas 03:27PM, Apr 2 2013

    Hi, I have a kitchen with chestnut stained birch cabinets and baltic brown granite
    countertops. What do you recommend for tile backsplash? Thanks for your help.

  • Jdickiedunedin 01:06AM, Apr 1 2013

    Hi, I have a kitchen with natural oak cupboards and baltic brown worktops and island. Should I play safe with black appliances or go for a bit of contrast with a cranberry red range cooker and fridge freezer? Thanks

  • - Adrian 02:16PM, Mar 16 2013

    You are absolutely on the right track in terms of design thinking. I'm happy that you already matched everything together.

  • Bfrancinej 08:01PM, Mar 14 2013

    There is about sixteen inches between the vanity and bathtub.  The vanity came with a four inch backsplash. I'm thinking of leaving it as it is and using the glass tiles for the walls around the bathtub then enclosing it with a two sided glass door. I like the floor samples you attached and I can finally see all of it coming together. Thanks again Adrian.

  • - Adrian 06:13PM, Mar 14 2013

    Hi, I think that you can go ahead with green colour as a backsplash. Then you can also think of some green ornaments. Regarding to the floor I'm leaning towards Travertine Beige Ivory Antique or Traveritne Tuscany. Please see the attachments. I hope that now it will work !  

  • Bfrancinej 02:35AM, Mar 14 2013

     Thank you Adrian. I was thinking of using a solid green glass tile to add a little color and travertine on the floor.

  • - Adrian 03:09PM, Mar 13 2013

    I'm sorry I didn't add the second attachment. Please find it here.

  • - Adrian 03:06PM, Mar 13 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with glass and marble tiles, especially for the vanity top. I have found for you two mosaic which will be fit with brown countertop and some green veins. The first one is called Anatolia Spa Linear Mosaic, the second one is Anatolia Creme Brulee Linear Mosaic. Both of them have got marble and glass inside. Good Luck !

  • Bfrancinej 07:39PM, Mar 12 2013

    I have vanity with a baltic brown granite. I like the green in it but I don't know what color tile to use with it. My bathtub and toilet are bone. Can you make some suggestions please?

  • - Adrian 05:35PM, Mar 8 2013

    Hi, I think that if you would like to leave the backsplash with 4inch hight then it doesn't need anything. It's too little space between them. However if you would like to remove already exsiting small backsplash then you can go with some Glass Tiles Backsplash with brown and beige colours, please see the attachment.

  • KB 01:41PM, Mar 8 2013

    I don't want to take hte backsplash in the bathrooms down so maybe start from that to the mirror?  Or do you think it doesnt need anything? 

  • - Adrian 05:01PM, Mar 5 2013

    Hi, Thank you for attaching your pictures it's really helpful. For the kitchen I would recommend you to go with light colours and natural stone, I'm thinking about Ivory Travertine, please see two different types of the tile size. Regarding to bathrooms, as far as I see you've got a backsplash already with 4inch hight, so would you like to remove it and put other one instead or would you like to start from the backsplash up to the mirror ?

  • - Adrian 07:59PM, Feb 19 2013

    Hi, I really like too Derek's recommendation especially about the lighter selection. Refer to your backsplash maybe it might works with more creative glass tiles or with stone tilles such as marble and travertine. I think that it could complement the Giallo Napole and Ouro Brasil beautifully. What do you think ?
     I've attached photos of tile suggestions for your reference.

  • Lorridowns 07:22PM, Feb 14 2013

    Love the lighter granites! What would you suggest for a back splash? Thanks for the help!

  • - Derek 03:31PM, Feb 14 2013

    Hello. I'm enjoying the idea of keeping the Baltic Brown island as a centerpiece of the kitchen design. For the perimeter, a classic granite choice that is practical would be appropriate. I recommend a lighter and warm selection such as Ouro Brasil or Giallo Napole. If you feel these are perhaps too close to the color of the island top, we can go in the other direction with an elegant darker color for a contrast. For example, I have in-mind options such as Bahia Brown, Ubatuba Gold, and Imperial Coffee. Let me know your thoughts on these!

  • - Derek 02:18PM, Feb 12 2013

    Hello Nick. The Baltic Brown is a timeless and classic choice that is absolutely appropriate for your kitchen set-up. However, there are other choices to consider as well. For example, to add a little bit more warmth, you can take a look at colors like Boreal and Giallo Vicenza, and Ouro Brasil. I recommend to acquire samples of the options to put them against the cabinets in the kitchen light before you make a final decision. Best of luck!

  • Lorridowns 06:49PM, Feb 11 2013

    Our center island is baltic brown, we would like to replace the rest of our countertop and have no idea what would look good. Our cabinets are a birch stained cherry. Our floors are a natural oak. I appreciate your opinion.

  • Nick1 05:40AM, Feb 2 2013

    We want to put Baltic Brown granite countertops in our kitchen but I not sure if it would go with my colors. The walls are a soft yellow on top and a light green on bottom. The cabinets and floor are oak. We have black appliances. Any suggestions.

  • Pat Hegwood 05:32AM, Feb 2 2013

    We want to add granite tops in our kitchen and we are looking at Baltic Brown. The walls are soft yellow on top and a soft color green and our cabinets are oak stain with double pecan. I'm not sure how this countertop would look could you give me your opinon.

  • - Derek 02:36PM, Jan 22 2013

    Hello. Would a warm golden yet still subtly neutral shade do it? I have in-mind colors such as Benjamin Moore series Harvest Time or perhaps Precious Ivory. I feel like a soothing, mid-tone beige would complement the set-up nicely. Hope this helps!

  • Staytonr2 07:58PM, Jan 17 2013

    Hi, My son just bought his first house in Florida. He has Baltic Brown granite counter-tops in the kitchen and white appliance with white tile floors and stainless sink. Basic oak cabinets. The walls are currently painted white. It needs some warmth and style. Any suggestions on wall color?

  • - Derek 02:27PM, Dec 6 2012

    Hello. I would recommend for you a Maple wood cabinet with a Mocha glaze for a nice complement to the Baltic Brown granite countertops. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 08:02PM, Dec 5 2012

    I'm not familiar with Bainbrook granite (we do not carry this) so I've never seen it in person, however from pictures online it looks very interesting. I recommend to acquire samples of both choices to put against your cabinet in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy both combinations in the set-up. From there, you can pick the one you're attracted to most. Personally, I actually like this Bainbrook color quite a lot, and think it would be a nice complement. Best of luck!

  • Gsteffen25 08:35AM, Dec 1 2012

    hello i have baltic brown granite counter tops and im trying to find a color for cabinets that match. at first i chose espresso and thought it might be to dark. i have off white tile, chestnut blinds, and a espresso table.i also was going to try a cabernet color any suggestions would help thanks

  • Rebeccaanders4245 12:12AM, Dec 1 2012

    Do you think that bainbrook granite would look better in this scenario? Those are our two color choices?

  • - Derek 06:08PM, Nov 30 2012

    Yes. Since you do have a dark cabinet shade, and overall the Baltic Brown has dark highlights such as the black & brown colors in the stone, plus adding the new knowledge of the kitchen area being on the small side -- it is imperative to use a light, neutral, and warm backsplash & floor tile, as well as wall color if possible. 

  • Rebeccaanders4245 05:28PM, Nov 30 2012

    Thanks! Our kitchen is 13x11 so I'm hoping the darker cabinets and counter top are ok. What are your thoughts knowing its a smaller u shaped kitchen? Do you think the light floor and backsplash will still help soften it?

  • - Derek 04:14PM, Nov 30 2012

    Seems like you're on the right track for a warm balance for your kitchen design. The dark cabinetry will be offset by the Baltic Brown quite nicely. In regard to the backsplash, a light yet warm neutral is appropriate. Take a look at tile options such as Crema Marfil Marble 3" x 6" Honed & Tumbled Subway tiles, or perhaps an Ivory Travertine Honed Random Strip Mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. 

  • Rebecca 02:15AM, Nov 30 2012

    We selected baltic brown granite with our new Thomasville Linden Maple - Chocolate cabinets. They are on order. It looked good in the store...I just hope it does at home!

    Currently our walls are a khaki/tan color and the floors are light hardwood (not stained). We will eventually stain the floors, but for now they will stay as is. Do you think this will look OK? We also have stainless steel appliances and the door handles will be silver/contempory look. I'm looking for a reasonbly priced backsplash too. What color should I go with for backplash...I would like it to be a lighter color?


  • - Derek 02:47PM, Nov 29 2012

    Hello. I've attached a photo of the Sherwin Williams series Alabaster White for our easy reference. Honestly, I actually think it's a wonderful idea to paint the cabinets in this color shade against a Baltic Brown granite countertop. Alabaster White paint is a beautiful white that is fresh but with a little softness. It works great with neutrals, especially khaki and tan colors which is featured extensively in the Baltic Brown. Hope this helps!

  • Abogoger 04:09PM, Nov 27 2012

    We have Baltic Brown countertops and are having our maple kitchen cabinets painted. Our trim and all our custom woodwork throughout the house is SW Alabaster white.  I would love to do the cabinets in the same white (very crisp and clean), but am afraid it won't go with the baltic brown.  Changing the granite isn't in the budget right now. What do you think?

  • - Derek 05:10PM, Oct 25 2012

    Hello. One of the most popular soft, creamy white colors is Benjamin Moore White Dove and that may be appropriate for you. Also, take a look at Cloud White and Moonlight White. If these still bring out too much yellows in the space, you should go with a clean and crisp white paint color instead. I recommend Benjamin Moore Decorator's White and Super White. Best of luck!

  • Akd4303 04:35PM, Oct 23 2012

    Hi - We have Baltic Brown granite and quite dated wood cabinets. I have been wanting to paint the cabinets a warm white that does not read yellow in our somewhat dark kitchen/family room. Any recommendations?

  • - Derek 02:03PM, Oct 4 2012

    Hi Lynn. I have a few warm, natural stone tile recommendations for you to consider that would complement the Baltic Brown nicely. Take a look at Capadoccia Glass & Tumbled Travertine, Emperador Light Marble Tile, or perhaps a mosaic of Tilecrest Eclipse series Dunes Linear Glass & Stone Blend. I've attached photos of my suggestions for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • Lynn 05:25PM, Oct 3 2012

    Hello. I just purchased Baltic Brown granite counter top. My cabinets are by Kraftmaid: with a Canvas color cabinet. My floor tiles are almond color. My appliances are all stainless steal. Can you please help and recommend a backsplash. Thanks!

  • - Derek 06:09PM, Aug 10 2012

    Sure! I recommend a soft and warm color for the backsplash tile, such as Baja Cream tumbled travertine, or Oyster Mix Flamed travertine. I've attached photos for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 05:38PM, Aug 10 2012

    Hello Nikki. I suggest for you to consider the following shades: Benjamin Moore series Barely Beige and Linen White. Let me know your thoughts on these!

  • Vickie 10:04PM, Aug 5 2012

    Currently building a new home.  We have chosed Baltic Brown granite, all black appliances and a honey oak cabinet.  I would like a backsplash that I can install that will coordinate.  Can you help with some suggestions?

  • Nikki 04:19PM, Aug 5 2012

    Baltic Brown granite 
    Cabinets are Tiberlake Fairfield Maple Spice
    Stainless appliances
    neutral tile flooring
    molding/doors are white

    Need ideas for wall colors!  (Prefer Benjamin Moore paint or Sherwin Williams)

  • - Derek 03:55PM, Jul 26 2012

    Absolutely! The kitchen space should look and feel cozy and traditional with those design elements. However, I think you should brighten up the space a little bit now and provide some contrast. A lighter backsplash that could be appropriate is a Autumn Mist Tumbled Slate Mosaic. Another option could be a Honed Ivory Travertine in an interesting random strip mosaic pattern. In regard to the flooring, there are numerous options available. You can check out a Navona Giallo 18" x 18" Travertine. For a porcelain tile suggestion, take a look at Daltile Franciscan Slate in Desert Crema color. I've attached photos of all of my suggestions for both backsplash and floor tile. Hope this helps!

  • AnnaLisa 04:19PM, Jul 24 2012


    I picked out chocolate glazed kitchen cabinets, tan brown granite with black appliances and black this a good combo?
    Also, need help with back splash and floor.

  • - Natalia 06:54PM, Jul 12 2012

    Hello Nathan! Thank you for attaching the pictures, they are most helpful and show how beautiful your kitchen is! The backsplash should definitely be a lighter natural stone. Perhaps a tumbled marble or travertine. Specifically, I have in mind an Ivory Travertine in a Honed Random Strip Mosaic or perhaps an Azteca Blank Pinwheel 1" x 2" Travertine. For something more creative and quite interesting, I will also recommend the gorgeous mosaic called Autumn Mist Tumbled Slate from Daltile. I've attached photos for your viewing pleasure. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 02:29PM, Jul 12 2012

    I've looked on the Aspect website for metal tiles. They are very interesting because of the minimalist feel and design. I'd use the brushed stainless steel color in a long direction!

  • Eljack175 09:24PM, Jul 10 2012

    Thank you very much!!!!  Now... to pick!?!  The baltic brown has the black and brown colorations and I'm not a fan of gold but there are flecks of gold within the granite.... and I want to stay away from gold.... I would love to find these and see them in person!  I was looking for something that wasn't too busy of a pattern or a definite pattern.... are you familiar with the tiles from Aspect?  They have a stainless steel color and a champagne color that might play nicely against each other?  

  • - Kinga 01:26PM, Jul 7 2012

    Your design sounds amazing! To compliment it, check out SomerTile Chromium Subway Stainless Steel and Porcelain Mosaic Tile, SomerTile Reflections Wave Mercury Glass and Stone and Metal Mosaic Tile, Anatolia Bliss Iceland Linear Mosaic, Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic and ICL Glass and Metal Mix Tiles. I feel all of these suggestions will tie in the design elements of your home while complimenting your countertop. Let me know what you think!

  • Eljack175 08:56PM, Jul 5 2012

    looking for ideas for backsplash with baltic brown countertops in a very modern style kitchen.... cabinets are a honey color.  kitchen table is glass with chrome accents, chairs are upholstered with black and steel grey colors.  Stove is black, microwave is black, fridge is S/S.  Entire home is contemporary.  I would like a backsplash that is reflective and airy.  We have 6 huge windows in the kitchen - lots of natural light, high ceilings and under cabinet lighting..... suggestions???

  • - Derek 03:47PM, Jun 18 2012

    I recommend a soft and neutral backsplash tile with a hint of warmth such as Oyster Mix Flamed travertine or Palladium stocked travertine mosaics. I've attached photos for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Erno_karen 08:48PM, Jun 13 2012

    Looking for backsplash ideas.
    Baltic Brown countertops
    Gunstock hardwood floors
    Cabinets are Tiberlake Fairfield Maple Spice
    Only 14 inches from top of 4 inch granite backsplash to top of cabinets.
    Stainless appliances.
    Home is traditional
    Any suggestions?

  • - Derek 02:47PM, Jun 5 2012

    Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone, or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Are you leaning toward a dark or light countertop? Are there any granite’s so far that have caught your attention? I’m trying to get a feel for what kind of granite you’re attracted to so I can give you accurate suggestions!

  • Susanna 09:12PM, Jun 1 2012

    I have all white cabinets and stainless steal appliances, medium color hardwood floor and a lot of light. What granite color I should go with?

  • - Natalia 02:14PM, May 24 2012

    Go with the Delicatus Brendon! :-)

  • Brendon 01:30AM, May 24 2012

     Yes, I did mean granite. Thank you for the suggestions!!

  • - Derek 02:45PM, May 23 2012

    If you're looking for granite suggestions -- I recommend a lighter but overall neutral shaded stone for the countertops. Take a look at Delicatus, Netuno Bordeaux, and River Valley. I've created a Comparison Chart for you to view and visualize the choices: Hope this helps!

  • - Kinga 12:48PM, May 23 2012

    Are you looking to do marble in your kitchen or did you mean granite? It’s important we know as these are completely different materials.

  • Brendon 11:45PM, May 22 2012

    Cabinet will be the dark one on the right, as well as the tiles that will be going on.  Not sure exactly as what specific pattern will be with the tiles, however.

  • Brendon 11:37PM, May 22 2012

    Remodeling kitchen - putting in darker, modern wood cabinets and have all new(er) black appliances.  Also having a light-medium grey tile floor put in.  Suggestion for marble colors for counter tops??

  • - Derek 04:16PM, May 8 2012

    I recommend Maple Spice with Mocha Glaze cabinets for your design. Hope this helps!

  • Kaledasheh 07:05PM, Apr 29 2012

    need some advice on cabinets color that match with tiger yellow granite counter top

  • - Derek 09:51PM, Apr 27 2012

    Seems like you already have plenty of lighter design elements (white cabinets & appliances) in the kitchen to compensate for the low amount of light in the space which is a plus. I'd use a medium shade, warm brownish colored granite for the countertop selection such as Giallo Vicenza, Giallo Veneziano, Toffee, or Santa Cecilia Classic. Good luck in your search!

  • Cb79782 02:21AM, Apr 24 2012

    white appliances, white cabinets w/ cocoa glaze, med color hardwood floors ...what color granite ? note:  kitchen does not have a lot of light, although breakfast nook adjacent does

  • - Derek 07:50PM, Apr 4 2012

    I hope you have acquired samples of the Baltic Brown to put against your cabinets and other design elements in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination. If everything has a sound harmony, which I think it should, then you're on the right track. I do not see the white appliances being a problem, although a granite choice with lighter specks included in the slabs, such as Santa Cecilia, would pick-up the appliances nicely. However the SC could be too light with not enough contrast so I'm assuming that is why you went with a darker choice such as the Baltic Brown. 

  • MK 09:48PM, Mar 31 2012

    I was originally planning to do Giallo Vicenza countertops but after seeing some slabs decided that the color was too light and also had too much of a pinkish tone.  So I have now decided to go darker and go with Baltic Brown to provide more contrast in the kitchen.  I think it will look good, but will ask for opinions.  I have honey/golden oak cabinets and oak floors.  The tiles in my kitchen are a light terra cotta, kind of peach tone with some accent tiles scattered throughout with some light green (accent tiles are actual a peach with light green leaves).  My appliances are white.  The tile seems to go well with Brown Baltic and I am thinking the oak cabinets and floors will be fine.  My biggest concern is the white appliances.  Thoughts.

  • - Derek 02:51PM, Mar 30 2012

    Baltic Brown is a medium brownish shade with warm highlights and could be appropriate to go against cherry wood. I recommend to acquire a sample of this stone and bring home with you to put against the cabinet in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination. In regard to backsplash, a tumbled Noce travertine tile would fit nicely, I've attached some pictures for you to check out.

  • ZXu 07:10PM, Mar 26 2012

    We have cherry colored cabinets, island & cherry colored hardwood floor in our kitchen. We love Baltic Brown granite as the counter top. Do you think they will go well? What color of  backsplash tile do you recommend? Thanks!

  • - Derek 09:57PM, Mar 7 2012

    You're welcome!

  • Bundleojoy 09:42AM, Mar 5 2012

    Thank you so much!

  • - Derek 06:24PM, Mar 3 2012

    Out of the two choices you're considering so far, my vote strongly goes for the Tropical Brown. My reasons behind this decision lies in the color tone of the Tropical granite. It's a warm brownish shade, and will compliment the hazelnut glaze very nicely as well as he hardwood floor. The Peacock is a strong contrast, but the Tropical wins in my opinion. Some other choices I recommend you can consider are Giallo Antico and Toffee. Good luck!

  • Bundleojoy 06:02PM, Mar 1 2012

    I am looking to re-do my kitchen. I have picked a cream color cabinet with a halzenut glaze. My wood flooring is gunstock and my appliances are stainless steel. Not sure what granite would go well. I like Verde Peacock and Tropical Brown, but not sure. Also need advise on backsplash.

  • - Derek 04:09PM, Feb 25 2012

    My backsplash suggestions for your kitchen design are a Light 1" x 2" cut split-face travertine mosaic or a soft, neutral Merola Cobble subway tile. I've attached pictures for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 03:36PM, Feb 25 2012

    Well, the Baltic Brown is lighter and a more neutral, soft choice. The Tan Brown will create a richer contrast to offset the cabinets, therefore this may make the granite a focal point of your kitchen more efficiently than the Baltic option. I've created a Comparison Chart for you to look at that might be helpful to differentiate the two choices:

  • - Derek 03:26PM, Feb 25 2012

    My recommendations for you to consider are Azteca, Hurricane, and Kosmus. These options have rich movement on a dark background for an elegant contrast. Do not worry about the seam if you're using a reputable fabricator (such as us) because the seam should be done very tight and aligned with the pattern of the granite so the end result should be hard to even notice! The fabricator should be able to show you "examples" of seams they have done with stones that have veins. I've created a Comparison Table of my suggestions for you for your reference:

  • - Derek 08:34PM, Feb 24 2012

    Well, the Corian is the closest to the backsplash tile, since the island is free standing. So it's more important to have the backsplash flow with the perimeter Corian countertops. However, the Capadoccia looks lovely with the Baltic Brown as well. This is a mosaic of glass and stone inserts, so it already has plenty of movement going on, therefore I feel that it's good by itself without any further decorations.

  • - Derek 04:35PM, Feb 23 2012

    That's wonderful to hear that you chose the Imperial Coffee as your countertop. For the backsplash, a contemporary glass tile mosaic such as Somer Tile Reflections amber glass & stone is quite appropriate. I've attached an image for your reference.

  • AW 10:04PM, Feb 21 2012 I have cherry colored hardwoods and cabinets and we are getting Gaillo Napoli granite. What classic, simple, and elegant backsplash tile would you recommend?
  • Beth 09:11PM, Feb 21 2012 I am having kitchen cabinets installed in Antique White with Chocolate glaze and an Island cabinet in Fireside with black glaze.  I have been contemplating on Baltic Brown or tan brown.    I am also having my flooring done with a neutral tan beige.  What are your thoughts on color?
  • Cheryl 03:42PM, Feb 21 2012 I do enjoy movement.  I am leining toward a predominately black background.  Stones with movement may provide an issue with seaming but I am looking for suggestions.
  • Phoebe 01:30PM, Feb 20 2012 Derek,
        I like the tile that you suggested.  How should I apply it-all the tile with no designs or decorative borders/moldings?  Also, you suggested this tile to compliment the corian. Should I not worry about tying in the Granite island?
  • Sada2879 03:43AM, Feb 19 2012 thanks for your suggestions as well!! It was tough I also loved the black pearl.
  • Sada2879 03:41AM, Feb 19 2012 Thanks. Its funny, we went to the granite warehouse today to look at slabs and we decided on imperial coffee.  So  I came home to google that countertop with the color cabinets  we have and it brought me back to this site.  I had forgotten to come back and check the responses and low and behold, what we picked is one of your recomendations!  Makes me feel even better about what we choose.  Any thoght on backslash?  I like the glass tiles...
  • - Derek 03:25PM, Feb 14 2012 I recommend a tile that would compliment your Corian color nicely but add some flare into the design, such as our Capadoccia Glass & Tumbled Travertine mosaic, take a look here:
  • Phoebe 03:00AM, Feb 10 2012 I have sandalwood maple cabinets with Mojave Corian countertops (with 3" backsplash) and an island in the middle of the kitchen with Baltic Brown granite.  I want to add backsplash from that 3" Corian lip to the bottom of the cabinets.  What would you suggest?
  • - Derek 06:19PM, Feb 4 2012 My only problem with black is that it may be a little too boring, but I would not shy away from a darker color, it will look very sleek and elegant in your set-up if you have plenty of natural light and a larger kitchen space. My darker recommendations for you to consider would be Ubatuba, Monterry Green, Imperial Coffee, and Brown Bahia.
  • - Kinga 07:40PM, Feb 2 2012 Actually, black would look great against your cabinets! It will definitely add lots of contrast and drama into the space. Other beautiful options include the Black Pearl and Black Mist. Let me know what you think!
  • Sada2879 05:13AM, Feb 1 2012 We are remodiling our kitchen.  We chose maple cabinets with a cinnamon finish.  Getting all new stainless steel appliances.  The floor is being redone with porcelain tile in a brown/beige color.  What color countertops would go best with the type of cabinets we will have?  We wanted to do black but is it going to be too dark?
  • - Derek 02:50PM, Jan 11 2012 Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Are you thinking about using a dark or light countertop color? Any options that have caught your eye so far?
  • Cheryl 08:54PM, Jan 9 2012 We are planning to remodel our kitchen.  We are leining towards hickory cabinetry with a autumn glow stain.  What would you reccommend for granite countertop and backsplash?  Our current tile flooring is a medium brown.
  • - Derek 09:51PM, Dec 23 2011 You should look at the shipments of Baltic Brown your fabricator carries and pick the slab that best suits you. As for the backsplash, you can use the 18" full granite backsplash, but the current trend is to move away from doing this. Tumbled natural stone, such as Noce or Mocha travertine, is quite popular and would compliment your design nicely. Good luck!
  • Kinga 09:10PM, Dec 21 2011 Different shipments of slabs may have a different overall look or colors.  You should contact your fabricator to find out the grade of granite you purchased but I feel it may be the color of the shipment itself.  Regarding your backsplash, I feel going 18” will definitely be too busy with the type of stone you want to use. I would recommend a neutral tile like a tumbled marble to keep the focus on the stone and break up the space.
  • Sschnelbach 05:24PM, Dec 21 2011 Question concerning backsplash options considering the following: we have maple cabinets with birch flooring with black appliances. We also have a black fireplace surrounded by "reused" bricks (mixed color) in the kitchen. We are going to have baltic brown granite installed for the countertop and island. Debating on what to do with a backsplash. Leaning towards continuing with the baltic brown for the 18" backsplash. Thinking anything like tile would steal from the baltic brown counter and end up being "too busy" considering the brick fireplace in view. Any thoughts? Also, I have seen some baltic browns that actually appear to have a rose tint instead of the "brown"..are my eyes deceiving me or is this true? If true, is this a lower grade or just an option?
  • - Kinga 07:11PM, Dec 19 2011 If you want dramatic and stylish contrast, I would recommend Biano Antico, Bianco Romano or Kashmir White. For backsplash, a Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic or Anatolia Marble Berkshire Bianco Venatino Mosaic would finish off the design elegantly. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:59PM, Dec 16 2011 Any granite choices that have caught your attention so far? Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern? I would opt for a contrast to offset the dark cabinetry and use a lighter color -- but I'd like to know your preference and taste in granite style a little more before I give any detailed suggestions. Thanks.
  • Asolis1982 11:25PM, Dec 14 2011 Hello,

    I am going  to get custome cabinets done for my kitchen in an expresso color. I wanted to know what color couter tops you would recommend? Also, what type of back splash?
  • - Kinga 09:50PM, Dec 9 2011 I also like the Tan Brown for your setup. The stone will provide you a rich and classic contrast against your golden oak cabinets. Have you seen both of the stones in person?
  • - Derek 07:26PM, Dec 8 2011 I'm leaning toward the Tan Brown for a sleek, warm, and elegant look. Plus as you've mentioned, this granite will offset the golden oak tones in your cabinetry.
  • Tracer2003 01:02AM, Dec 6 2011 but i am a bit hesitant with the baltic brown and leaning tan brown for now. it changes.
  • Tracer2003 12:57AM, Dec 6 2011 i have golden oak cabinets, black range on an island, black frig, trying to decide between baltic brown and tan brown, the baltic matches the cabinets well but i feel like the tan brown would provide a better contrast. But i wanted to stay neutral as possible with a class 1 color. your thoughts please
  • - Kinga 07:15PM, Dec 2 2011 A tumbled travertine or tumbled Crema Marfil is also a beautiful option for your space. Let us know what you think!
  • - Derek 04:29PM, Nov 29 2011 You can surely include a decorative border to add depth and richness to the design. I've attached a picture of a border that could look very pretty with your design, or something similar to that.
  • - Kinga 04:43PM, Nov 28 2011 I feel a tumbled walnut travertine or a classic tumbled travertine with decorative tiles would be a stunning choice for a backsplash.  Also check out Esq Bengali Beige Mosaic Brick or Ballet France by SouthCypress. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 04:33PM, Nov 28 2011 Also take a look at Benjamin Moore’s “Hint of Mint” and “Lancaster Whitewash”. I feel both these colors, although quite different from each other, will compliment your floors, granite and cabinets quite well. Let me know what you think!
  • Ptreas 08:33PM, Nov 25 2011 how does the tile look installed
  • - Derek 07:27PM, Nov 23 2011 I recommend a warm wall color to offset the cool, soft, and neutral tones of the cabinets and floor. Take a look at Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" and "Malton".
  • Dguelakis 12:38AM, Nov 23 2011 We are attempting a DIY backsplash and are working with Baltic Brown granite countertops and maple cabinets.  There is about a 14" height on the backsplash.  Any recommendations on tile selection?  Should we stick with a base design or include decorative tiles?
  • - Derek 06:39PM, Nov 18 2011 Those are very attractive granite choices you are considering that would add rich veining and depth into your countertops. Some other choices that would compliment your set-up nicely are Ibere Crema Bordeaux, Four Seasons, and Golden Rock. Hope this helps!
  • Robkath 08:44PM, Nov 17 2011 Hi!  We are in granite panic mode!  We have maple mocha-glazed cabinets (medium brown, not gold or yellowy at all).  Our floors are San Agostino Kashmir (earth tones).  Walls are pale green - Ben. Moore Camoflauge.  Suggestions for granite include Crema Bordeaux and Typhoon Bordeaux.  Any other suggestions?  We definitely don't want anything with green undertones.  Thank you!
  • - Derek 08:27PM, Nov 17 2011 I'd use a light and calm tumbled marble tile. My suggestion for you to check out is 4" x 4" cut Botticino Fiorito backsplash. I've uploaded an image for your reference.
  • sue 09:26PM, Nov 15 2011 We have Baltic Brown countertops, honey oak cabinets stainless appliances cream and tan colored tile look floor approx 18sq ft of backspash what color tile would you use dont
    want anything to busy or shiney
  • - Kinga 10:16PM, Nov 9 2011 Also check out Keramia Terra Blanco. It’s a beautiful subway style tile that looks and feels natural while maintaining the look you like. Consider adding a decorative border to spice things up. Let us know what you think!
  • - Derek 09:01PM, Nov 9 2011 A subway tile backsplash in a brick pattern would indeed be timeless, soft, and classic. But it may be a bit cold, however the Baltic Brown should be quite warm to strike a balance on the design. I've attached an image of the subway tile style I recommend. Another option for you to consider could be our tumbled travertine called Oyster Mix Flamed:
  • Maureen 12:08PM, Nov 5 2011 We have baltic brown countertops, maple cabinets and stainless appliances. Our wood trim is white. Our floor is hickory. I am considering a white subway tile backsplash but my husband does not think this will look good with our maple cabinets and baltic brown counters. I thought the subway tile would be timeless. Opinions on what to choose would be very welcomed. Thank you!
  • - Kinga 03:24PM, Oct 20 2011 Derek’s suggestions would finish off the design wonderfully! Also check out Astoria, Colonial Cream and Bianco Gold for lighter granite options. Click here for a comparison table .Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 08:47PM, Oct 19 2011 Take a look at Arandis Chocolate, Tabacco Brown, and Tropical Brown. Let me know what you think about these choices.
  • Kathleen 07:40PM, Oct 18 2011 We are getting our cabinets in mahogany, with a mocha glaze.  It's a medium to light brown (not gold) with deeper color in the grooves.  We picked Sant Agostino "Kashmir" tile for the floor in 18x18.  So the overall look is pretty earthy.  The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Camoflauge, which we don't intend to change because of our window treatments and the flow into the family room.  Also, stainless steel appliances.  I'm hitting a roadblock with granite!!!  We want something stunning, but not too crazy because we are tiling the backsplash.  We prefer some mosaic tile in there.  So far, we've liked Indian Dakota - not sure if it will look too reddish brown.  But we really like the swirls in the granite.  Any other suggestions??  Thank you!
  • - Derek 02:32PM, Oct 11 2011 I feel like you're on the right track, however you may want to look into a bit lighter tones of granite with more golden hues over browns if you're using cherry cabinetry. Check out Kashmir Gold, New Colonial Dream, Shalimar Gold, and Sanguine C. Hope this helps.
  • Doukay 02:09AM, Oct 11 2011 No, they're being built right now. I won't see them for a few more weeks.
  • - Kinga 09:28PM, Oct 10 2011 Can you attach a photo of your cabinets for our review?
  • Doukay 06:21AM, Oct 10 2011 Forgot to mention my appliances are black. Thank you
  • Doukay 06:19AM, Oct 10 2011 I'm getting kitchen cabinets done in cherry (natural stain on cherry) I have chosen Baltic Brown Granite, my floors are light beige porcelain tile. I am wondering if the granite is a good choice as I still have time to change it. If not can you give me some suggestions as to what other colors I can check into? Thank you in advance.
  • - Derek 01:18PM, Sep 1 2011 A red mahogany stain could also fit the design nicely. It's best for you to try out different samples and see how you like the combinations.
  • - Kinga 05:16PM, Aug 29 2011 The Baltic Brown would look great against a dark stain like a dark mahogany. A dark cabinet stain would give the kitchen a rich and formal feel while the Baltic Brown would give the space a nice balance and contrast in color. Go for it!
  • Chaz 12:28PM, Aug 27 2011 Help I having a hard time making a decision on cabinet stains. I choose the Baltic Brown Granite for my kitchen with stainless appliences, black cooktop, and a black undermount sink. My kitchen floors are ceremic "Canyon Slate". What type of stain should I go I with on my cabinets I Love the dark rich mahogany stains. Also my walls are like a terra cotta color. Please help am I going in the right direction?
  • - Derek 01:08PM, Aug 18 2011 Sounds like a beautifully modeled kitchen!
  • Pasertic 12:18AM, Aug 18 2011 I have black and stainless steel appliances,  and california shutters on the windows.
  • Pasertic 12:14AM, Aug 18 2011 I have baltic brown counter top and island counter top.  The kitchen cabinets are 1/2 white, NOT BONE!!!  The white was too stark.
    The island cabinet which has the double sink and dishwasher I had finished in Jacobean stain.  Across the floor is the same stain on counter height table with 8 upholstered chairs.  I love it because I have 2 0r 3 chairs at the island counter to be able to eat a quick breakfast or snack or put them back at table when we are entertaining.  The baltic brown granite in the evening light has a green touch.    Very nice!!!!   The Island looks like furniture to match the dining area
  • - Kinga 03:41PM, Aug 9 2011 Can you provide us with a photo of your space so we can provide you with our opinions?
  • - Derek 02:01PM, Aug 9 2011 Can you take a picture of your kitchen and upload it for us to see and critique? Seems like there is a lot going on, and it would be much easier to visualize and give suggestions if you can do so. Just press the +image button to upload pictures. Let me know if this is possible.
  • Lindacarol6 03:15PM, Aug 7 2011 help-
    I have baltic brown countertops,  honey oak cabinets, stainless appliances and random board maple floor. Walls were/are painted accent wall in eating are and under cabinets; foxtail by Ace (an orangy brown that is just too deep), rest of walls mostly on window walls: chamois by ralph lauren.  I cannot get rid of window treatments and they are a traditional striped damask in tones of gold, butter, an orangy burgundy with small stripes of chocolae and teal. (these go well with the chamois walls) any ideas on color for under cabinets and accent wall in eating area? I tried silver pine by benjamin moore on advice of lady at bm store but seems too dark/intense  and my mom's statement on seeing it "I did not know you going for a green bay packers theme".  ugh... just not sure.
  • - Kinga 09:35PM, Aug 1 2011 Honey oak would be a wonderful finish for your cabinets. As far as the backsplash is concerned, I like Derek’s suggestion but consider adding a decorative glass boarder to spice up the design.
  • - Derek 09:05PM, Aug 1 2011 For the cabinet stain, you can use a honey oak color to preserve the warmth in your design. As for backsplash tile, a tumbled Durango travertine (or similar stone) tile is a timeless choice that interacts with Baltic Brown granite beautifully.
  • Sand9lp 03:41AM, Jul 30 2011 Hello,
    I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen.  I like the Baltic Brown granite as a possible stone for the counter top.   I have cream color floor tile with stainless and black appliances. I would like to know what color stain should I use for the cabinets.   What  color tile should I use for the backsplash.  I would like for for everything to come together with the appliances I already have and the floor tile I have.  Please advise.

  • - Derek 08:29PM, Jul 8 2011 Botticino or Carrera tumbled marble. Those are both appropriate choices.
  • - Derek 08:21PM, Jul 8 2011 For the backsplash, a light yet warm tumbled marble tile is appropriate to go against your Baltic Brown. I recommend the Botticino variety.
  • - Kinga 09:56PM, Jul 7 2011 I think the lightest one you can find would be a perfect addition. A light backsplash will brighten up the space making it feel light, airy, balanced and inviting. You should also consider adding a fun mosaic behind the stove or sink for additional visual interest. Let me know what you think!
  • Songlu97 07:32PM, Jul 7 2011 Thanks!
    Can you tell the color of tumbled marble?
  • - Kinga 06:32PM, Jul 7 2011 I would say keep the backsplash light and simple like a tumbled marble with a decorative boarder for visual interest. A tumbled marble backsplash is a classic and timeless choice that would look wonderful in your space.
  • Songlu97 06:08PM, Jul 7 2011 we have natural oak cabinet,baltic brown countertop and cherry hard wood floor, what should go for the backsplash?
  • - Derek 02:31PM, Jul 5 2011 You can send us an email using the "Contact Us" page with the measurements that you require and contact information. We will get right back to you with an estimate.
  • - Kinga 01:21PM, Jul 5 2011 Rjbove,
    Absolutely! For pricing please contact a sales office.
  • Rjbove 02:57AM, Jul 5 2011 Can I purchase matching 5 inch shelving slabs (36" and 46" length) to match vanity top ( color Baltic Brown granite)
  • - Derek 01:35PM, Jun 29 2011 I don't really know, ask the manufacturer from whom you would purchase these tiles. We don't carry them, we specialize in countertops.
  • Msmayhem 07:45PM, Jun 28 2011 Do the Baja Cream travertine tiles come already filled and sealed, or do they fill it with the grout they're using to separate the tiles, then seal it once it's installed?
  • - Derek 06:57PM, Jun 28 2011 Using the grout, and having the nooks & crannies filled, as well as sealing the travertine, is the absolute minimum that must be done to be able to clean this stone. It's naturally a very porous material. Good idea that you're swaying away from the dry stacked option, as food gunk would get stuck everywhere. As for travertine suggestion, Baja Cream is a travertine and I was suggesting that for the backsplash. I've attached an image of this stone for reference.
  • Msmayhem 10:13PM, Jun 27 2011 Thank you for the suggestion!  I will have to take a look at the "Baja Cream" tumbled travertine.  What would you suggest for the travertine and grout?  We were originally thinking of having the 3x6 tiles drystacked and keeping the "nooks and crannies".  I'm considering using the travertine with 1/16" grout, and even having the nooks and crannies filled.  If we have splatters or spills, I want to be able to clean the backsplash easily.  (In our previous home, there wasn't a tiled backsplash, and that part of the painted wall never seemed to come clean, especially if it was a grease splatter.  What's been your customers' feedback on this?
  • - Derek 06:05PM, Jun 27 2011 If you're fearful that the white appliances will clash with the Baltic Brown, also take a look at choices such as Santa Cecilia Real and Giallo Napoleone. These options have white undertones in them to pick up the white appliances. But I think you would be fine using the Baltic Brown. As for the backsplash, I recommend "Baja Cream" tumbled travertine tile.
  • - Derek 05:59PM, Jun 27 2011 I don't think so. Baltic Brown is a pretty warm brownish shade. For something a little lighter, try Giallo Vicenza. Let me know what you think!
  • Msmayhem 05:10PM, Jun 27 2011 The white appliances won't "clash" with the Baltic Brown?  When I search for kitchen photos with Baltic Brown, they all have black or stainless steel appliances.  My white appliances have me worried...
  • - Kinga 03:34PM, Jun 27 2011 I feel the Baltic Brown would be perfect for your setup. The dark tones of the stone would be a perfect combination to your honey oak cabinets. Another great choice would be the Tan Brown and Tropical brown. Darker stones look amazing against warm cabinets such as oak so go for it!
  • - Kinga 02:54PM, Jun 27 2011 The Astoria would look lovely against your cabinets. Take a look at the Bianco Romano as well.
  • Msmayhem 09:29AM, Jun 27 2011 Photo of the other side of the kitchen (where most of the appliances are located).
  • Msmayhem 09:27AM, Jun 27 2011 Here are some photos of the kitchen as it is now.  The backsplash will be changed when the counter is changed.  We want to use a light travertine tile and keep the pattern simple.  Based on that info, would the Baltic Brown look good in our kitchen?  (Other suggestions for the backsplash would be welcomed, too.)
  • Msmayhem 04:33PM, Jun 26 2011 We have medium-honey oak cabinets, white appliances, and a light (almost white) travertine backsplash.  (Floor is light beige ceramic tile.)  Would Baltic Brown be too dark for our countertops?
  • - Derek 06:16PM, Jun 11 2011 For something warmer, may I suggest Giallo Vicenza and Astoria.
  • Needlesandhooks 05:10PM, Jun 11 2011 I have Merrillat maple toffee cabinets. I was thinking of Baltic brown granite. Do you have any other suggestions? I'm thinking baltic brown will be too dark.
  • Jessica Y 05:29PM, Apr 26 2011 I have oak cabinets, black appliances, cream tile floors and am using Baltic Brown for the granite. What color tile should I be looking for for the back splash?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:24PM, Apr 28 2011 Jessica Y: Try a tumbled "Umbria Savera" travertine tile for the backsplash.
  • Vickie 11:30PM, Mar 16 2011 I have dark wood kitchen cabinets(approx. 30 yrs old), and a honey colored wood floors, with golden tuscany walls. How would the Baltic Brown countertops look? The kitchen face the south/east with 2 large windows and a small window over the kitchen sink.
    • All Granite and Marble 07:36AM, Mar 17 2011 Vickie: The Baltic Brown is a warm and timeless choice. It will fit your design nicely.
  • Cheryl 07:13PM, Mar 16 2011 We have maple cabinets in a warm coffee stain with a glaze finish. The tile floor is in the same color family. Would this look good with these two? I am also considering Cashmere Gold or a black.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:29AM, Mar 17 2011 Cheryl: I'm leaning towards Kashmir Gold as it's a little warmer and will provide a more adequate contrast for your set-up.
  • Kathy 05:25PM, Mar 7 2011 Do you think the tropic brown granite would go with medium oak kitchen cabinets and black appliances? If not what would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Mar 8 2011 Kathy: Yes, it would go very well. Another option could be Imperial Coffee or Baltic Brown.
  • Judy 06:34PM, Feb 14 2011 Putting Baltic Brown on for counter tops, cabinets are oak, floor is beige title. Question what color would go good on the walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:24AM, Feb 15 2011 Judy: I recommend Benjamin Moore "Edgecomb Gray" or something similar in that color tone.
  • Karen 04:13PM, Feb 14 2011 We are redoing our bathroom. I purchased a free standing vanity with walnut wood stain and a baltic brown granite top. It did not come with a backsplash. What do you suggest for backsplash and porcelain tile for floor and shower?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:33AM, Feb 15 2011 Karen: I suggest to use "Corinth Cream" porcelain tile as it will compliment the Tan Brown granite and walnut wood color nicely.
  • Beth 07:58PM, Dec 9 2010 We have white cabinets and white tile floors. How would this look? Plan to paint the walls after we choose the granite. We've had the counters measured and we'll need 98'. Suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:33AM, Dec 13 2010 Beth: The Baltic Brown is a safe choice and will look lovely against the white cabinetry and tiles. Another suggestion would be Tropical Brown.
  • Joey 03:11PM, Sep 30 2010 Just put in golden oak cabinets, and a honey travertine floor. We have selected baltic brown granite countertops. We would like to go with a glass tile mosaic backsplash, but we are afraid that may be too busy. Any thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:48AM, Oct 1 2010 Joey: I'd use a simpler backsplash material, perhaps a tumbled noce travertine or botticino marble.
  • Patty 05:38PM, Jul 31 2010 I have maple cabinets with pickled (opal) finish. We are looking at an autumn brown granite countertop or possibly a veneziano. Which would you recommend? Or is there anything better?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Aug 2 2010 Patty: Veneziano is an excellent choice for your cabinet wood. I also recommend Tropical Brown for something a little darker.
  • Connie 04:57PM, Jul 20 2010 I have cherry cabinets with baltic brown tile on counter tops and 6 " blacksplash. I would like to extend the backsplash. Any suggestions or should I continue with more baltic brown. I think I would like some contrast or a ribbon between the tiles.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:43AM, Jul 21 2010 Connie: You can break things up with a light tumbled marble tile, it will provide an excellent contrast.
  • Lisa 07:54AM, Jul 11 2010 Placing cherry cabinets with a brindle stain, my husband likes the baltic brown granite with these cabinets. IS this is good match? What color for the walls. We were thinking in the beige family, Honeyed almond or shaker beige. Suggesstions for flooring tile. Tiling sitting area along with dining area. Lighting is adequate.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Jul 12 2010 Lisa: I suggest a travertine tile for the floors and leaning towards the BM "Honeyed Almond" as paint.
  • Plash 08:00AM, Jul 1 2010 Picked out baltic brown granite and Merillat Senecca Ridge Maple Toffee cabinets. FOr flooring my choices are Bruce Hardwood Sekection... Brass COrn Silk Country Natural Kenya and Whiskey Which one would go the best... cant find samples to see ...
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Jul 1 2010 Plash: The Brass Corn Silk would compliment the toffee cabinetry and warm Baltic Brown granite nicely.
  • ANIL 10:02PM, Jun 3 2010 tropical brown is expensive ,golden garnet is at discount price will it look good in my kitchen Thanks again
    • All Granite and Marble 08:52AM, Jun 4 2010 ANIL: Not much contrast but if you're looking for a light and warm feel then it will look great.
  • ANIL 01:44AM, Jun 2 2010 I would like some suggestion please. My kitchen has Maple caramel cabinets and the flooring is white tile. What granite colors would look good. I'm trying to pick from one of these: 1. Baltic Brown 2. Tropical brown 3. Golden garnet Or any other suggestion would be really appreciated
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Jun 2 2010 ANIL: I'm leaning towards Tropical Brown. It will create the key contrast to offset your maple cabinetry.
  • Kristin 10:22PM, May 26 2010 I am building a new house and have to make a quick decision about granite. I have dark espresso cabinets, and I have to choose between St. Cecelia and Baltic Brown. Our floor will be hardwood, a medium brown shade. I went to look at some slabs, and the St. Cecelia seems to be pretty golden/yellow and I don't particularly like gold tones. Please help me decide which would look best.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, May 27 2010 Kristin: I'm all for contrast, so the Santa Cecilia would offset the dark cabinetry nicely. For a less yellow stone similar to Santa Cecilia, try New Venetian Gold or Giallo Ornamental. They have more beige highlights.
  • Debbie 03:51PM, May 12 2010 Thanks for the quick reply. One thing I forgot to state that the floor would be staggered, or should I square it instead. I really would like or need any suggestions on a back splash. Thank you so much, its such a big decision and I was unsure of the colors Debbie
    • All Granite and Marble 04:51PM, May 12 2010 Debbie: I'm leaning towards the square tile design as the flooring is already busy, the square design is simple. For backsplash try a tumbled botticino marble tile.
  • Debbie 03:10PM, May 12 2010 I have oak kitchen cabinets and have chosen baltic brown for my counter tops and SL83 Marrone Chiaro for my kitchen floors. Will that look ok?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:21PM, May 12 2010 Debbie: Sounds good. Clean and neutral design.
  • Julianne 06:49PM, May 5 2010 I have birch cabinets with light green accents, white appliances, and a seafoam tile floor. I just installed baltic brown countertops with a ss sink, but don't know what to do for a backsplash. What do you recommend?
  • Carrie 11:28AM, Apr 14 2010 I am planning on natural maple cabinets with a dark glaze and a black inset running along the top and a black island. The floor will probably be a med/dark hardwood floor. I am wanting to use baltic brown for the countertops but I am not sure if it will all look ok together. I would like to use a light gold or green on the walls. I am wanting to avoid a modern look and go for a more tuscan style. Would all of this accomplish that or just clash. Also, I would like to install an apron sink but do not know which color for the sink and appliances would look best. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Apr 15 2010 Carrie: I'm afraid it might clash. I'd go with either one and use it for the whole countertop.
  • Marlene 06:49PM, Apr 12 2010 I have natural maple cabinets, but they are 17 years old, so they've darkened to a peachot quite orange tone. The ovens and dishwashwer are white and the fridge has maple panels. My original countertop is white and I've never been able to find a granite that looks good. I recently got a sample of Baltic Brown that is darker than I ever expected to choose, but the gold tones (giallo napoleone, etc.) don't cut it. Your suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:50PM, Apr 13 2010 Marlene: I suggest to try Tropical Brown.
  • Larry 03:13PM, Mar 9 2010 Remodeling the bathroom. Mostly beige tiles, some small light green tiles in a mosaic tile shower floor. white wainscoting 1/2 way up. White sink, toilets etc. Planning on Baltic Brown vanity top, walk in shower wall and sill. Wondering about the walls above the wainscoating. Fairly pronounced green edges throughout the granite. Would a shade of green work on the walls ... if so what shade? If not green, what color?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:57AM, Mar 10 2010 Larry: Try Benjamin Moore "Hancock Green".
  • sue 06:33PM, Mar 7 2010 We are doing Kemper light cherry cabinets, not sure what kind of floor yet, but the kitchen as lots of light coming in. Would baltic brown work? And if so, would blue and yellow accents work, with the baltic brown. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:58PM, Mar 8 2010 sue: Yes, it will look great.
  • Karl 06:28PM, Mar 5 2010 I forgot to include baltic brown and santa cecilia as options as well. Thanks.
  • Karl 06:01PM, Mar 5 2010 We have white cabinets, white appliances, and an off white tile floor. We are trying to decide between amarello boreal, tropic brown, or tan brown for countertops. We are also planning on painting the walls. The kitchen gets quite a bit of light. Any suggestions on granite and paint color? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:20AM, Mar 6 2010 Karl: I'm leaning towards the Tropical Brown with something like Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond" as paint.
  • Lisa 04:00PM, Mar 2 2010 I ended up going with macchiato walls and pale wheat cabinets. It looks really nice! thanks for the advice. I got it a little too late.
  • Lisa 11:46AM, Feb 27 2010 forgot to add: what color to paint cabinets??
  • Lisa 11:45AM, Feb 27 2010 I have baltic brown counter (small kitchen), white appliances, white tile floor, want to paint walls "hot chocolate" brown. What color for cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:41AM, Mar 1 2010 Lisa: I'd go with creme colored cabinets.
  • Micka Smith 06:08PM, Jan 7 2010 I have beige or off white cabinets, a tumbled travertine tile backsplash with a brown rope through it and stained concrete flooring thinking about the baltic brown. Any other suggestions
    • All Granite and Marble 07:50AM, Jan 8 2010 Micka Smith: Make sure the overall scheme does not look too "brown". You could consider Tan Brown for more contrast.
  • Linda Weed 06:16PM, Jan 5 2010 Has anyone tried oval candy glass tile or blue-grey or lt. green glass tile for the backsplash with baltic brown countertops, cinnamon-maple cabinets and ss/black appliances? I'm having the hardest time with the backsplash...
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Jan 6 2010 Linda Weed: Oval candy glass tile sounds like an excellent idea, with dark, earthy colored inserts.
  • Jan 07:50PM, Nov 19 2009 I have Natural Hickory Cabinets considering Baltic Brown counters, How does that sound? Any other suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:26PM, Sep 25 2008 Janis: Sorry. There are only two like this. The other one is called Aquarius.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:52AM, Nov 20 2009 Jan: Sounds great, also look at Tropical Brown for a little darker.
  • Anna 12:31PM, Oct 8 2009 Hi, We had initially chosen Baltic Brown, however, we feel it is too dark. We will have Autumn Cherry Cabinets with espresso glazing, medium wood floor, and a center island. We do like a warm Tuscan look. Any other suggestions for the granite? We are so in a crux over this. Your suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks so very much.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:36PM, Oct 8 2009 Anna: Take a look at Giallo Ornamental, it's lighter.
  • Leah 05:30PM, Jul 6 2009 Thanks, but I got my issue sorted out. Went with golden cream.
  • Leah 02:40PM, Jul 4 2009 We got your advice too late and bought laminate wood-look flooring which clashes horribly with the adjacent parquet floors (red vs. yellow-gold). I might have to exchange the laminate for another Quickstep product, which would be their stone-look laminate line called Quadra. The problem is I can't choose between "Winter White", beige, mocha, pinkish-gold, etc. What makes things harder is that I can't figure out the undertones of the tan brown granite (pink vs. orange?).
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Jul 7 2009 Leah: That's good to hear.
  • Leah 05:33PM, Jun 28 2009 Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of "Brown Fish" online and was too tired to make another trip to the store. We ended up going with our gut -- we liked the Tan Brown the best. We will do our best to brighten things up with stategic lighting. We placed our order with your company the other day and I can't recommend it enough. I was wondering if you could advise me about a floor. Do you recommend dark or light? I know some people think floors should tie together with horizontal surfaces, but I don't know about more dark. The choices are laminate wood-looks or stone-looks. What I need to know is this: we have parquet floors throughout our apt and I was wondering if a wood floor in the kitchen would have to match those exactly. That's very limiting. Hope to hear from you soon as we need to have the floor put down ASAP.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:55PM, Jul 1 2009 Leah: I would go for tiles. Less mess and no need to match the rest of the house. Keep it mostly light with slight variation. Should brighten up the room, add some more contrast, and would be a lot more practical.
  • Leah 09:30PM, Jun 22 2009 We are fixing up our condo kitchen for resale. We put in birch cabinets and SS appliances. Walls are white. Floor to be determined. I don't want to go too dark because this is a small galley kitchen. Of the samples I got, BB looked the best next to the cabinet. However, the bubbly pattern is a bit less conservative than I would like. Is there a stone that is similar to BB that might be a good substitute? And does this color scheme work at all? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Jun 25 2009 Leah: Yea, it works. Try "Brown Fish".
  • Nancy 01:24PM, Jun 11 2009 I have chamois walls, silver pearl floor, and ss appliances. The cabinets are a maple with chocolate glaze. Through two sets of French Doors is an ajoining 30 x 20 terrace. I am thinking of doing the terrace floor in honed Baltic Brown the 16" high x 18" deep x 19 ft. long pond retaining wall (sitting height) in polished Baltic Brown. Could I tie together the two area by using the Baltic Brown for my counter tops, or is this too much of the same stone.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:40AM, Jun 12 2009 Nancy: Hmm. That's a tough thing to visualize. I'd say the general concept is very good. I like that you want to use a honed stone in there (both for safety and loss of color). In the end, I think it will depend on the layout and the size of ares to be covered in stone. Color-wise, you're spot on.
  • Courtney 12:08PM, May 31 2009 I have honey oak cabinets, neutral brown and tan walls/floors, and almond appliances...would baltic brown counters work?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:08AM, Jun 1 2009 Courtney: It would blend a bit, but if you're looking for a toned down color scheme, then yes, it works.
  • shirley 12:29AM, May 22 2009 I have baltic brown granite and painted my cupboards a deep green to match the green in the granite. The walls are a few shades of lighter green .Now I am bored with it. Would a light tan on cupboards and walls look better?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:47AM, May 22 2009 shirley: Well, it would certainly be much different from what you have now. Matching the tan in the stone however, could blend the cabinets in. How about trying to go brown with it?
  • Sonja 02:43PM, Apr 28 2009 Is there anyway to see pictures of any atches with the Baltic Brown Kicthens? Is there anyway to see pictures of Ricos kitchen? Name: rico Date: 2008-04-13 13:33:23 For all who would like to know.We just had baltic brown countertops installed,with white cabinets,light-colored northern birch floors,stainless steel app and almond colored walls.It looks fantastic!!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Apr 30 2009 Sonja: I see you ended up with SS apps. That's great! Congratulations again.
  • Sonja 02:36PM, Apr 28 2009 We are buying Baltic Brown countertops for our new kitcehn soon. We are also buying maple mocha glaze cabinets and teak laminate floors with 12x12 glass white,clear,beige,and sea shell tiles for the back splash and taupe paint on surrounding walls. Just wondering is hese colors will match okay and what color appliances would look best? SS or white? Please advise ASAP !
    • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, Apr 30 2009 Sonja: I would definitely advise SS appliances. White can stick out like a sore thumb, especially with this medium stone. Otherwise it looks like a great kitchen design. Congratulations.
  • Kat 10:16AM, Apr 19 2009 I have a kitchen that is all white. While floor tiles. We are having Baltic brown counters put in. What type of backsplash and what colors will go well. Can't afford to replace cabinets, would like to reface later on in the future not sure what color yet. Should I also change the color of the walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:06AM, Apr 20 2009 Kat: A light tan tile would be ideal for the backsplash. If you can paint the walls a nice accenting color (taupe for example), that would add some more color and life to the room.
    • Kathy 11:34AM, May 6 2009 Kat-I have EXACTLY the same thing - all white kitchen, baltic brown countertops. Am having a VERY hard time picking out backsplash - HELP!!!!
  • courtnie 09:32PM, Apr 14 2009 i have new cherry wood cabinets and our backsplash is baltic brown. i want to have my countertops replaced with granite and i am having a hard time figuring out what matches best. i was thinking of doing my center island in solid black; the rest something else.....maybe venetian gold? any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:33AM, Apr 15 2009 courtnie: You can also go with the same stone all around the kitchen, but it has to be more consistent. Take a look at Giallo Antico.
  • Peggy 10:32PM, Apr 5 2009 Trying to pick cabinets and countertops. Cabinets will be Oak with a stain (possibly a fawn color) Would this go with baltic brown? Trim on windows and french door off of eating area will be white.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:04AM, Apr 6 2009 Peggy: This is a good combination. Just for heads up, some batches of baltic brown have green in it. I do not know if that would matter to you but just remember that for the future.
  • smurfette 07:39PM, Mar 26 2009 I love the look of the baltic brown but wondering if it would work with my kitchen colors or if I would have to paint cabinets and/or get new appliances. Right now we have white cabinets with white backsplash, white ceramic countertops, white appliances and a very nice soft butter yellow on the walls.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:34AM, Apr 3 2009 smurfette: This stone would "stick out" too much against your cabinets and backsplash. You could soften it by painting the cabinets to a color similar to the one on the wall maybe a little darker. On the backsplash you could add accents that would complement the overall colors (yellow, brown, black).
  • Pat 04:12PM, Mar 15 2009 We have golden oak cabinets, ss appliances, ss sink with an island bar...are thinking about baltic brown for counters and island...backsplash travertine..would this work or do you have a better suggetion for granite? would we choose differnt color for island bar?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:18PM, Mar 16 2009 Pat: It's a rather standard choice, but works well. If you wanted to do the island with a different granite, I'm afraid Black would be the safe option.
  • Joe 11:19AM, Mar 9 2009 We have a poished limestone floor with absolute grante diamonds between every two tiles. Also, light cherry wood cabinets. What granite color would be best for the counters? Crema Bourdeaux? Any ideas?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:30PM, Mar 9 2009 Joe: Try Platinum Bahia for a dark option. Crema Bordeaux and Champagne Florencia are good options as well.
  • sonia 11:56PM, Feb 24 2009 i have white kitchen cabinets stainless appliances, light walls( coral sand color) would baltic brown look good? i see black in sample not green ?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:04PM, Feb 27 2009 sonia : The green is found in the rings around the tan circles.
  • Siva 09:58AM, Feb 24 2009 We have Merillat Maple Kona cabinets, cherry Paprika Island and SS appliances in a medium lit room. Would Baltic Brown be a good choice for this kitchen? Can you please suggest a couple more that would make the kitchen look less busy.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:50PM, Feb 27 2009 Siva: I'm afraid Baltic brown would be both busy and mismatched. There is some green in the stone that would clash pretty badly against the island. I would think a dark Giallo such as Giallo Monte Carlo would flow a bit better.
  • lyn 11:03PM, Feb 17 2009 i'm trying to go for a contemporary kitchen. do you think a baltic brown countertop with nutbrown shaker cabinets will work? maybe with those long stainless steel cabinet pulls? i'm not sure if i can use baltic brown for contemporary
    • All Granite and Marble 04:33PM, Feb 19 2009 lyn: Hmm. Probably not the most contemporary of stones. Ideally a honed black would fit your design but I'm not sure how much light you're working with and how practical you want the countertops to be.
  • marlo 12:55AM, Feb 12 2009 I have cherrywood cabinets, which goes better. baltic brown, tuscan, or sienna red?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Feb 12 2009 marlo: If the wood is stained to be any more red than natural, Baltic Brown is going to clash with it. It has quite a bit of green and that won't be too pretty. The other two sound like better options.
  • Jane 02:50PM, Jan 27 2009 A little to white. What about Tropical Brown?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:14PM, Jan 27 2009 Jane: Tropical Brown is pretty much the same exact color as Baltic Brown, just with a finer grain. It too has some green in it. Don't get me wrong, if you like the color, go for it. It would be crucial though to see a sample against the wall before you sign anything.
  • Jane 09:27PM, Jan 25 2009 We have honey oak cabinets, creamy light tile floors with barn red walls. I know I can paint but I love the red walls. We also have a light cherry maple furniture in an adjoining room. Any suggestions for countertops?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:25PM, Jan 27 2009 Jane: Well definitely not Baltic Brown. It has quite a lot of green in it which when put against the red walls will scream in horror. I would opt for a very toned down stone with a slight red or reddish accent. Something like Shiva Kashmir White (#403). Let me know what you think.
  • Lance 12:33PM, Jan 23 2009 Hi, we have a moderate size kitchen with Baltic Brown slab counters, Viking black and stainless appliances, 12" porcelain floor tiles that mimic Travertine(same coloring)and natural American Cherry cabinets. The walls are painted in Latte. We are having lots of trouble picking a Back Splash, with the floor looking like Travertine the tumbled Travertine on the walls doesn't quite look right. Any recommendations?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:07AM, Jan 27 2009 Lance: There isn't really a simple answer to your question. It almost seems like you don't want to have any more beige/tan in the kitchen. Perhaps you could spice it up a bit by adding accent tiles into the backsplash? Something darker that would bring out the color from the stone?
  • Jeff 04:04PM, Jan 20 2009 I have hickory cabinets and floor, and pine T & G ceiling, all natually finished. Walls are white or off-white. I'm thinking of Baltic Brown or Tropic Brown granite tile. Any thoughts on these two colors or other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:10AM, Jan 22 2009 Jeff: I would pick the one that creates more contrast. It seems you'll have a lot of wood tones in there and I'm afraid that something like Baltic Brown would get lost in there. My suggestion would be to go with a completely different color. Maybe something like Tan Brown.
  • Sandy 03:46PM, Jan 9 2009 I have honey oak cabinets with baltic brown countertop, the island contrast with a new venetian gold top. Floors are beige porcelain and walls are beige. Can you suggest a backsplash color? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 01:59PM, Jan 12 2009 Sandy: I think a slightly uneven tumbled marble tile should work well.
  • Karen 12:38PM, Dec 8 2008 Ooops...just looked at Persian Brown, lively yes. Nevermind last questions. Thanks. I love it.
  • Karen 12:35PM, Dec 8 2008 Its me again. A lively color like what? Walls are now painted a buff color, but can change. Your help is a godsend. No decorator.
  • Karen 05:32PM, Dec 7 2008 Hey its Desperate Karen again. It's a big kitchen with large eating area with den. Thnx.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:06AM, Dec 8 2008 Karen: A big room will certainly help to accommodate a lively pattern.
  • Karen 05:24PM, Dec 7 2008 Desperate, can't choose. Orig picked Baltic Brown, but having other thoughts. Floor is tile with warm and cool shades of brown, matte, cabs are white, appl are s/s. Like Lapidus, Key West Gold, Monet, Persian Brown, open for suggestions. Anything goes, want a "wow" moment in my kitchen. Have counter and island. 70sq ft. Thks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Dec 8 2008 Karen: A stone like Persian Brown will do the trick there. Very dramatic patter but comprised of colors that already exist in your kitchen.
  • ND 04:21PM, Nov 7 2008 I have Baltic Brown counter-tops now & planning to get a new Island (sorta like a piece of furniture). Would Black Galaxy compliment the Baltic Brown? If not, please recommend another stone. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:36AM, Nov 20 2008 ND: I think it might be a bit distracting. Perhaps just plain Absolute Black would be ok?
  • jenny 03:02PM, Nov 6 2008 I have white cabinets and black appliances. Do you think that Baltic Brown counters will look good in my kitchen???
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, Nov 20 2008 jenny: It should do fine.
  • RP 08:28PM, Oct 9 2008 I forgot to mention my kitchen cabinet---cherry in merlot stain, baltic brown kitchen counter & island, Antalya dark (TS-62) tumble marble back splash, Redmond mocha tile in kitchen & foyer and brazillian cherry in study, living, dinning, family room. how will it look?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:33AM, Nov 19 2008 RP: It should all fit well.
  • Randy 04:36PM, Oct 8 2008 I have natural finish red oak cabinets w/ tight grain and a red oak floor w/ lots of slirls. Looking at black granite w/ sparkles (Uba Tuba?) or baltic brown. Suggestion? If I replace appiances, what color?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:43PM, Nov 18 2008 Randy: Uba Tuba is a dark green, not black. It won't go well with the red wood. Baltic Brown is definitely a better choice.
  • Bunny 01:13PM, Oct 4 2008 Have white appliances, white marbleized grey floor. Putting in medium Maple cabinets, black cook top and Micro over it. We are thinking of Baltic Brown counter tops with a 4" backsplash. Is this a good combination and what color would you paint the wall? Would you suggest a different granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:57PM, Oct 8 2008 Bunny: Baltic Brown is a good match. I think most off white/beige/yellow pastel colors will match.
  • michelle 09:58PM, Oct 2 2008 Is Baltic brown the same as Home Depot's cinnamon sand?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:54PM, Oct 8 2008 michelle: Not sure.
  • RP 02:20PM, Oct 1 2008 I decided to go with baltick brown counter top, Antalya dark (TS-62) tumble marble back splash, Redmond mocha tile in kitchen & foyer and brazillian cherry in study, living, dinning, family room. how will it look?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:45PM, Oct 8 2008 RP: Should be ok. The cherry is not in the kitchen itself so you should be ok.
  • Erica 07:51PM, Sep 22 2008 I can't decide between baltic brown and giallo vicenza for my kitchen countertops. My cabinets are a rich maple and the flooring is earthy pinkish clay stone tiles. What do you think would look better?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:47AM, Sep 26 2008 Erica: It's a toss up. Get samples of both and check against cabinets.
  • Jennifer 10:42AM, Sep 17 2008 I have Baltic Brown island with deep honey oak cabinets. Looking to change laminate countertops to coordinate with island. Is it in style now to maybe do black counters or should I stick with the Baltic Brown to match the island?
  • Liz 01:40PM, Sep 16 2008 I have light to medium maple cabinets, a light travertine floor, and white appliances in a fairly small kitchen. I love the striking look of darker granite and I want plenty of contrast against the cabinets, but would something like baltic brown clash too much with the white appliances, or look too busy for a small kitchen?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:45PM, Sep 25 2008 Liz: As Jenni said.. The appliances are the problem here.
  • Jenni 09:16AM, Sep 10 2008 To Kate-I currently have white apps & baltic brown counter-hate it. Replacing w/SS and already looks much better. To jfp, you dont see the green unless you have a backsplash that brings it out. I am really struggling w/backsplash that does not clash with baltic brown so should be taken into consideration. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:27PM, Sep 25 2008 Jenni: Good points there! Thanks for the help. For your b/s try a pale travertine tile.
  • Kate 11:37PM, Sep 5 2008 Do these work together? Natural maple cabinets, white appliances, medium-stained oak floor, baltic brown countertop? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:18PM, Sep 25 2008 Kate: Works!
  • jfp 03:23PM, Sep 2 2008 is there really a lot of green in the baltic brown? I don't see any in the sample I have...seems more black?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:29PM, Sep 25 2008 jfp: It will vary from batch to batch. Generally there's some green around the "rings".
  • aakupaku 12:43PM, Aug 23 2008 I am thinking to go with baltic brown counter, Merlot-cherry cabinet, Tumbled marble(light color TS62 4X4) back splash and floor tile close match to backsplash...I have lots of light in my kitchen. Please any suggestion.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:53PM, Sep 19 2008 aakupaku: Seems like you have it worked out nicely!
  • Natalie 12:04AM, Aug 23 2008 I'm planning on putting in Cigar maple cabinets (they're pretty dark) but can't decide on the granite - Baltic Brown, Tropical Brown, or New Venetian Gold? Or would Tan Brown work?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:52PM, Sep 19 2008 Natalie: All of them will work. It's a matter of contrast though. The more difference between the stone and the cabinets, the more BOTH will show.
  • Jessica 11:54AM, Aug 17 2008 Hi, I need some advice. Redoing our kit. and I'm torn on which cherry cabinet stain would go better with baltic brown. Autumn blush (reddish) or a slightly lighter stain called sunset (brownish). What is your suggestion?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:35PM, Sep 19 2008 Jessica: The latter one seems better. There is some hints of green in Baltic Brown and that might clash a bit with the red.
  • Lauren 04:44PM, Aug 15 2008 I have espresso cabinets and baltic brown counters. the walls are painted a idigo blue. i'm looking for a tile backsplash that will be amazing. the tile will go under the cabinets and up around the huge kitchen window. any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:29PM, Sep 19 2008 Lauren: Beige/gold background with brown accents.
  • Wanda 08:48AM, Jul 23 2008 Hello, I have white cabinets and giallo napoli granite countertops. I would like to pick a different color granite for the island. Any suggestions? Thansk
    • All Granite and Marble 03:00PM, Jul 25 2008 Wanda: Possibly Black Absolute.
  • Julie 11:57PM, Jun 30 2008 With honey maple cabinets, and baltic brown counter do you recommend Stainless appl. or black?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:26PM, Jul 17 2008 Julie: You could go either way. Stainless steel will blend in more.
  • Rodney 01:09AM, Jun 3 2008 I have Baltic Brown Granite. I want to paint my cabinets to give my kitchen a face lift. Want to use a what I would call an espresso or dark chocolate brown. Will this work? If not can you list a few colors that you believe look best with this granite? Thanks..
    • All Granite and Marble 11:54AM, Jun 30 2008 Rodney: The more contrast you have the better. Both seem fine. I would stick to the warmer tone though. So dark chocolate brown it is for me.
  • Jim 10:10AM, May 26 2008 Putting in Cherry Cabinets W/Baltic Brown Granite counter tops, thinking of some sort of green for back splash and tile floor, how would a dark granite sink go with our selection?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:26AM, Jun 25 2008 Jim: It should fit in well.
  • Vani 11:03AM, May 22 2008 I have honey maple cabinets. I would like to do baltic brown for counters as well as full height backsplash. Will it darken my kitchen. Please advice.Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 04:51PM, Jun 24 2008 Vani: It won't so much darken the kitchen, but make it more "busy".
  • Jennifer 10:10PM, Apr 15 2008 I have light maple cabinets, antique bronze knobs, black appliances, i keep going back to the baltic brown, i think it is so beautiful with antique bronze hardware and sink??? my wall is a mix of ever so slight green, its called macadamia. very neutral.......any ideas? I always thought light cabinets contrast well with dark???
    • All Granite and Marble 01:11PM, Apr 16 2008 Jennifer: You don't have to second-guess your choice. It is perfect. Everything you said is right! Great job on finding the stone!
  • rico 01:33PM, Apr 13 2008 For all who would like to know.We just had baltic brown countertops installed,with white cabinets,light-colored northern birch floors,stainless steel app and almond colored walls.It looks fantastic!!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:52PM, Apr 16 2008 rico: Congratulations Rico!
    • Jennifer 12:08PM, Apr 25 2008 Rico do you have pics? im trying to find pics with honey colored maple cabinets with balticbrown counters
  • Candace 08:35PM, Apr 10 2008 We are looking at painting our cabients, possibly white. Our floor is a charcoal color tile that we are not changing. We are thinking of Baltic Brown for countertops. Thoughts???
    • All Granite and Marble 12:44PM, Apr 16 2008 Candace: If you do paint the cabinets white, this stone will really stand out. In a good way. Go for a warm white though.
  • Springfield 06:47AM, Mar 26 2008 We are looking for a granite to match cherry spice (darkish) cabinets and Bralilian cherry wood flooring in a light-filled room on most days: will Baltic Brown work or would a lighter granite be better?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:01PM, Apr 4 2008 Springfield: Since you have a lot of light, I would stick to Baltic brown. It really looks nice when lit.
  • linda 09:11PM, Mar 22 2008 will baltic brown countertops go well with painted maple butterscotch cabinets? if not, which color granite would you recommend? Thank!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:45PM, Apr 4 2008 linda: They will go together. There is enough of dark brown in the stone to create contrast.
  • roda 12:11AM, Mar 12 2008 do you think a baltic brown countertop will look good with a maple nut brown cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:46PM, Apr 3 2008 roda: Yes. That's a good match.
  • Bob 08:55PM, Mar 11 2008 We currently have Baltic Brown on our kitchen counters and island. We are wanting to do a "refresh" and change our appliances to stainless and redo the island granite. Suggestions that will work with the Baltic Brown, stainless appliances and oak cabintes? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:18PM, Apr 3 2008 Bob: Black? THere isn't much else that would mix.
  • Cindy 04:36PM, Feb 24 2008 We have a cabin in the N. Ga Mountains. Have painted and stained the cabinets with a dk green milk paint. But we have a bright white formica countertop. Considering tiling with granite tile. Not sure what would look good (and rustic. would baltic brown look good or do you have another suggestion
    • All Granite and Marble 10:50AM, Feb 26 2008 Cindy:Baltic brown will probably be a sensible choice. It has just a touch of green in it, so if later down the road you want to redo the cabinets, you can.
  • Dorothy 10:30PM, Feb 19 2008 I have red oak cabinets and an island with Silestone Capri Limestone countertop. I am looking at purchasing the Baltic Brown granite. What do you think of this combination? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:19AM, Feb 21 2008 Dorothy: You should be alright. Limestone is neutral enough not to clash with granite.
  • Mary 08:06PM, Feb 1 2008 How does baltic brown look in a bathroom - it goes with my tiles, browns and tans, vanity will be fruitwood on oak.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:21PM, Feb 7 2008 Mary: It's a bit busy, but on a small vanity, it will be ok.
  • Mary 11:42PM, Jan 20 2008 what color of cabinets look best with baltic brown cabinets and black appliances
    • All Granite and Marble 10:00AM, Jan 22 2008 Mary: Maple, birch, light stains.
  • kasturi 09:55AM, Nov 30 2007 Will baltic brown look good with white cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:10AM, Dec 4 2007 kasturi: It depends on the other colors in the kitchen, but generally I would say Yes.
  • dee 10:33AM, Oct 6 2007 i have maple with med chocolate glaze cabinets and a black stained island. I was looking at baltic brown & venezuela gold. what are your suggetions???
    • All Granite and Marble 09:30AM, Oct 9 2007 dee: Baltic Brown looks nice, but be aware that it has some green in it as well. This picture doesn't really show it well.
  • scott 04:16PM, Sep 22 2007 I have honey maple cabinets. I was thinking about using baltic brown counters. How does that sound? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 01:44PM, Sep 27 2007 scott: Sounds good!