Bianco Antico

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Original name:
Bianco Antico

Other name(s) used:
Lennon, Arctic Ice, Ecuador White, Aran White, Diamond White

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
White stone with gray quartz deposits, hints of burgundy garnet, and black mica.
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Bianco Antico Video
Bianco Antico Video
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Bianco Antico Photo
Bianco Antico Photo
Bianco Antico Photo
Bianco Antico Photo
Bianco Antico Photo


  • shelley 07:07PM, Sep 16 2014

    I have white cabinets/my center island cabinet is black/ I have european white oak floors and Metallic silver on the walls the house is open an adjacent room has a green and tans...what countertop would you suggest to bring it all together/

  • - Jack 06:44PM, Jun 24 2014


    We can hone this stone to give it the matte finish.

  • Dawn Marie Costello 01:45PM, Jun 21 2014

    do you hone or antique this granite?

  • - Jack 03:23PM, May 5 2014

    For the walls I would go with Benjamin Moore "Marina Gray 1599". It is a welcoming subtle color. For the floors however, I would suggest making a statement. I would suggest going with darker distressed wooden floors. Please let me know what you think.

  • TennisGal 12:03AM, May 4 2014

    Hello! My kitchen will be white shaker cabinets, pewter handles, with Lennon (Bianco Antico) granite countertops, which have spots of dusky grey/blue. Can you suggest a Benjamin Moore soft grey paint colour to match? Also, what colour wood flooring would you suggest (I don't want any orange tones in my flooring)? Thanks so much, I just love this granite!

  • - Jack 12:20PM, Apr 30 2014

    I like the idea of light gray for the three ways. At first I thought the shagreen wouldn't match but after a little bit of browsing I see that the color complements Bianco Antico well. I would recommend bringing a sample piece of the floor and paint samples to one of our yards and view the match. As of now you're on the the right track. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • veronica 01:43AM, Apr 30 2014

    Hi my name is veronica
    i just bought my home and i'm in the process of remolding the kitchen the floors is parquet wood which i don't really like but is going to deal with it for awhile i'm painting the cabinets white and was thinking of the bianco antico granite for the counter top what color should i paint the walls and will the granite look okay with parquet wood flooring? I thought about light gray for three of the walls and a shagreen for one of the walls would that work?

  • - Jack 02:22PM, Apr 24 2014

    Our clients tend to use this stone for white cabinets or darker cabinets such as mahogany or cherry. In my personal opinion I believe the colors of your cabinets would clash with the colors of the stone.

  • Sheri 10:31PM, Apr 23 2014

    Hi, do you think this pretty granite would go with a warm (kind of honey) oak? Or are the browns in it too cool to coordinate with the oak? Thanks

  • - Peter 09:07PM, Nov 20 2013

    Hello Zoe,

    Not to worry, we have plenty of slabs that will be sufficient for your needs.

    Best Regards,


  • zoe 07:27PM, Nov 20 2013

    How many slabs do you currently have at the South Plainfield location? I need to pick my Bianco Antico templates in the next two weeks. Thanks

  • Peter 03:56PM, Sep 5 2013

    Laura, light yes, warm- I don't think so, more contemporary I'd say. It's a wonderful complement to white cabinets. You could go with a Carrara tile to go with this granite. I would most certainly be more modern, but not too cold. Slate would work too. I think with those you would be well on your way.

  • Laura 01:42AM, Aug 29 2013

    i have tigerwood floors with white cabinets and a long cherry table in my kitchen. i am considering lennon granite (love the pops of grey/blue. will this work for a warm and light feel? also because the granite is busy i wanted a calmer backsplash that has the white with some subtle grey. i much prefer natural stone to glass. wondered about marble tiles (haate plain white subway tiles). would that be too modern and cold looking? do you have a suggestion in travertine or slate? do i have too much going on? HELP PLEASE!

  • Peter 08:51PM, Aug 26 2013

    Elaine take a look at our online selection!

  • Elaine 02:51PM, Aug 18 2013

    Please advise: kitchen with lighter oak cabinets with everything else to be based upon the granite choice. Want a little color in the granite, but not too much motion (not too crazy). Needs to have resell appeal. Thinking about stainless steel appliances. Buying in Danbury.

  • - Adrian 01:51PM, Apr 20 2013

    Hi, Regarding the backsplash I have replyied you at the top. In terms of desing thinking I would recommend you to go with some greyish and neutral colours. Please take a look at the attachments: Silver Travertine Tiles and Marazi Ceramic Tiles Beige and Grey. I hope I could help !

  • - Adrian 01:43PM, Apr 20 2013

    Hi, Please accept my depest apology in delay of responding. I have found for you two suggestions of the backsplash. The first on is Anatolia Bliss Creame Breulee Line Mosaic and the second is Pietre Cristal Ivory Linear Mosaic. I think that both of them will match with your cabinets and countertop. Good luck !

  • Ayajenna 05:03PM, Apr 14 2013

    Help help wanted;).. I am looking for a modern look back splash that goes perfectly with my dark cherry java cabinet and a light grey walls.. I had bianco antico counter top.. Looking for a modern look .. Love love glass mousiac but not sure .. Helpp

  • Ayajenna 05:01PM, Apr 14 2013

    Hi .. Am having hard time too bucking the right back splash modern look for my kitchen .. Had a cherry java dark cabinets and bianco antico counter top.. Please helppppp;(.. And also the flooring ;( am lost

  • - Adrian 05:54PM, Apr 12 2013

    You welcome ! If you will have any other question just let us know.

  • Lee 03:47PM, Apr 9 2013

     Thank you!

  • - Adrian 04:05PM, Apr 3 2013

    Regarding to your walls in the kitchen, I'm thinkng about such a colours like: Linen, Ivory or Antique White. In the attchments you will find all examples.

  • - Adrian 04:00PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hi, In terms of design thinking I would recommend you to go with off white backsplash, especially to the white cabinets. This will create an elegant atmosphere, light and fresh kitchen design. I attached you two propositions: Antique Ivory Travertine Tile and Light Brown Glass Brick Mosaic Tile. Please let me know what do you think ?

  • - Adrian 03:52PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with a Porcelain Tile like Pompei Corol or with a Marble Tiles as a Crema Marfil Marble, please find the attachment with your references. Good luck !

  • Maria Toboulidis 02:55PM, Apr 1 2013

     hello  my name is maria. I am doing my kitchen so far i have white cabinets brazzilian cherry floors. I am leanig towards blanco antigo countertops  what kind of paint  and backsplash shld i go with . thank you very mach

  • Lee 03:36AM, Apr 1 2013

    We are going with the Bianco Antico and dark brown/walnut cabinets. Any suggestions for a floor tile? We have dark hardwood flooring in the adjacent rooms.

  • - Adrian 05:17PM, Mar 22 2013

    Hi, I think that white cabinets against white veiny stone creates an elegant and clean design, which is popular right now. Regarding to the walls I'm leaning towards soft brown or sand beige colours, like in the attachment. Also you can take a look at Delicatus stone. Good luck !

  • sjegt 01:39PM, Mar 22 2013

    I have white cabinets in my kitchen and have been considering Bianco Antico.  How would it blend with either a creamy yellow or soft brown walls? 

  • - Derek 08:12PM, Feb 7 2013

    Good afternoon Holly. We did not install the backsplash tiles nor do we sell these backsplash tiles therefore your guess is as good as mine on what is the name of this tile. We only have information on the countertop that we ourselves installed.

  • Holly 11:59PM, Jan 29 2013

    Could you tell me the name of the tiles that were used for the backsplash in the first work example with the white cabinets? Is it offered through this company? 

  • - Derek 03:37PM, Jan 4 2013

    Hi Lisa. I'm so sorry to hear about the damage you experienced during Hurricane Sandy. On behalf of, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult rebuilding process and time. In regard to your countertop selection, you are correct that the Santa Cecilia would complement your design elements quite nicely in terms of color tones. The Cecilia is a quite popular, timeless and classic selection. It's actually quite a safe choice, because although you are correct the pattern is busy, it's overall a consistent pattern which makes the countertops look sharp and elegant. I think you should reconsider as I truly feel it's an appropriate color for your set-up. I recommend to acquire samples of the stone so you can put them against the wood cabinet & floor in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination in real life. Some other similar suggestions would be the Giallo Napoleone and perhaps Ouro Brasil. Hope this helps!

  • Lisa 03:31AM, Jan 2 2013

    Thanks to Sandy we are totally renovating our kitchen.  My brother has kindly given us honey/golden oak floors that we are installing this week.  I picked from Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry a Cherry wood cabinet with a Cinnamon/Black glaze/stain.  I am also planning on getting stainless steal appliances.  I originally picked Santa Cecilia which blended very well with all the other colors.   But now I am thinking thats too busy and predictable.  I'm thinking now to go with alot more of a white color with a bit of silvers/grays/burgundy. Any suggestions for what I am working with?  Thanks!  

  • - Derek 06:18PM, Dec 12 2012

    Yes, I think the elegant Bianco Antico would be a wonderful choice against your light cabinets. Also check out the Delicatus granite. 

  • Faye 06:59AM, Dec 11 2012

    I have these warm but light color cabinet with terra cotta color tile floor, very small kitchen. Do you think bianco antico will work? See pix below
    Fridge and dishwasher not updated yet

  • - Natalia 01:55PM, Oct 11 2012

    You're welcome! :-)

  • Derica123 06:26PM, Oct 10 2012

    Hi Natalia, you advice is so helpful!  Thank you so much!

  • - Natalia 02:06PM, Oct 8 2012

    No problem. Well, you can make the design lively with adding color to the backsplash choice. For example, some interesting choices would be Piano York Glass & Stone Mosaics, Tilecrest Eclipse series Espresso Linear & Glass Mosaics, or perhaps an Autumn Mist Tumbled Slate Mosaic. You could always just use a dark subway tile to contrast and offset the grayish design elements and this should be an inexpensive backsplash choice (example: Merola Cobble Noce Ceramic Subway Tile). I've attached photos for you to see. 

  • Derica123 03:23PM, Oct 5 2012

    Thank you Natalia.  I would love to go with your suggestion, unfortunately it is a builder home, so the choice is very limited.  I probably have to stick with the Bianco Antico granite.  Do you have any other suggestion to make the kitchen more lively?  Thank you so much for your help!

  • sri123 05:04PM, Sep 21 2012

     thanks again. will let you know how it turns out.

  • - Derek 04:07PM, Sep 21 2012

    If you choose the darker Mascarello, then I am leaning a neutral, light backsplash tile that is not busy. Specifically, I recommend options such as Oyster Mix Flamed Travertine or Mediterranean Ivory Tumbled Travertine. I've attached photos for your easy side-by-side reference.

  • sri123 03:55PM, Sep 21 2012

     One more question. If I go with that darker Mascarello, any suggestion on kitchen back splash?

  • - Derek 03:22PM, Sep 21 2012

    Sounds good. Let me know how everything turns out! :-)

  • sri123 03:16PM, Sep 21 2012

     thank you. We liked mascarello for darker appealing look and rustic highlights.. again, as you said.. we don;t want to overdo and destroy the look of kitchen!! we looked at colonial cream and colonial gold.. they have suitable colors like lighter stone with golden veins.. but, not very attractive as we don;t see large variations and highlights. I will checkout one more time. thank you again for your suggestion.

  • - Derek 03:07PM, Sep 21 2012

    I agree with you -- I have also noticed that after studying the photo you've attached in your previous response. Your Mascarello granite batch has dark, deeply golden, rustic highlights that are dominant throughout the slab. Perhaps your fabricator has a lighter batch of Mascarello as well? It does not hurt to inquire about this. Just some food for thought. This is why it's important to see the slab in-person, because of this being natural stone, each delivery can change in color tone and pattern. You can also try the previously mentioned Siena Bordeaux instead as it's a lighter color. In addition, I also think colors from the Colonial family of granite would be appropriate (Colonial Cream, Colonial Gold, New Colonial Dream). Best of luck!

  • sri123 03:03PM, Sep 21 2012

     Only the contradiction is - the mascarello slabs I am picking are not light in color, they are darker side with lots of yellow and gold. Hope my kitchen doesn't look too dark and too much of gold!! do you think that pics looks good? or should I consider lighter granite with golden spots or burgendy spots as you said? Any suggestion on back tiles, I don;t want shiny back splash and main attraction is granite. thank you.

  • sri123 02:42PM, Sep 21 2012

     Hi Derek, such a prompt response, amazing.. thank you and really appreciate that a lot. I actually looked at slabs several times in person.. still in dilemma, I think I will agree very much with your suggestion. I put together the slabs I selected, wall with cabinets I have and flooring all those pics together in this photo.. I think as you suggested masacarello is looking much better, isn;t it? thank again.

  • - Derek 02:28PM, Sep 21 2012

    Hello. I am leaning toward the Mascarello granite for your design situation out of the two choices you've mentioned, as the golden hues in this choice would pick-up the cabinets nicely and the light overall base is a great contrast to offset the cherry wood flooring. I also recommend to consider Siena Bordeaux and perhaps the Delicatus granite. You should look at the full slabs in-person before making any final decisions as this is when you are able to truly visualize the various slabs and how they will look exactly in your kitchen set-up. You should also acquire samples of your top choices to put them against the cabinets in the kitchen light so you can see how the various combinations look next to all of the design elements. You can use the process of elimination from there to choose the one you are attracted to the most. Hope this helps!

  • sri123 02:14PM, Sep 21 2012

    granite is for counter tops, large island and bathrooms counters. I wouldn;t worry much about wall coloring for selecting the granite sicne I can change kitchen color to something else later on. thank you and looking forward for the feedback.

  • sri123 02:11PM, Sep 21 2012

    Hi, I have Brazillian cherry flooring, medium oak cabinets, stainless appliances, greenish yellow colored walls in the kitchen.
    I am debating between Mascarello and Bianco Antico. Worried that Bianco Antico might be totally off the color pattern as there is hardly any or no red and yellow stains in that. It is mostly while and silver as I see it.
    Mascarello - has lots of gold and yellow, if I use that - is my kitchen is going to be too much of yellow and gold? can you help me with the decision? thank you.

  • - Natalia 02:18PM, Sep 20 2012

    The Bianco Antico surely complements the grey cabinets and flooring very nicely, however I feel like it's becoming too much of a cold, neutral "match" with no pop, color, or life. If you just added a little bit of burgundy highlights in the slab, for example like the way Delicatus looks like, it would add some warmth to the design. In regard to a backsplash recommendation, take a  look at options such as Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic, or Tilecrest Eclipse series Dunes Linear Glass & Stone mosaic blend. I've attached photos for your reference. Best of luck!

  • Derica123 05:33PM, Sep 19 2012

    Hi,  I have grey cabinets and grey floor, do you think Bianco Antico matches well with the grey cabinet?  What kind of backsplash do you recommend?  Thank you for your help.

  • - Derek 03:30PM, Sep 11 2012

    For an appropriate backsplash tile to go against Bianco Antico granite and a dark wood element, I recommend Tilecrest Eclipse series Dunes Linear Glass & Stone Blend Mosaic, or something similar to a mosaic as such. I've attached a photo for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • HappyJYJ 01:09PM, Sep 6 2012

     I need help please, I have hardwood floor in LR+FR like 1st picture, countertop Bianco Antico like 2nd, kitchen tiles like 3rd and cabinet kitchen like 4th, I really confuse when i chose the backplash for kitchen, please help, thank you very much!

  • - Natalia 01:56PM, May 22 2012

    Hi Rosemary! I think you should use a granite color that is light but also has warm highlights such as Delicatus White, Netuno Bordeaux, or Ibere Crema Bordeaux. The backsplash idea sounds lovely and specifically for the off-white subway I have Crema Marfil marble in mind. You should totally paint the island black for a stunning contrast.

  • - Kinga 11:54AM, May 21 2012

    You are definitely on the right track! I would recommend the Bianco Antico as it’s the warmest choice out of the 3. The off-white subway tile with the accent border sound like a perfect finishing touch. Great combination!

  • Rosmary 05:16PM, May 20 2012

    I need your help! We have satin Brazillian Tigerwood floors, ss appliances, off-white laminate painted cabinets and are wondering what colour granite/quartz countertop and backsplash we should buy. We are also thinking of painting/staining the island expresso or leaving it the same paint colour as the cabinets. We prefer a warm feel as there is no direct sunlight and winters can be rather dark. Bianco Antico, Kashmir White, Antique Brown are 3 of the colours we've leaning towards. For the backsplash, we were thinking of off-white subway tiles along with a strip of Bliss Random Linear tiles placed about 1/3 below wall cabinets

    Appreciate your advice

  • - Derek 03:40PM, May 8 2012

    That does indeed sounds like a beautiful combination. Congratulations!

  • - Kinga 03:19PM, May 4 2012

    The prices of our stone are based purely on supply and demand, not quality as we only carry top quality stones. When you visit the yard, our knowledgeable staff can take you to see the Bianco Antico, pick up a sample and browse the yard with you to find something similar or perhaps better! Make sure to bring a cabinet door and/or tile to help you narrow down your choices. Good luck!

  • - Kinga 03:11PM, May 4 2012

    For a warm feel, a tumbled Crema Marfil tile would look great in your space. For a contemporary design, a tumbled White Cararra would work well with your granite.  However, because the stone is busy, I would recommend a neutral backsplash like limestone or SomerTile Bronze White Translucent Glass Mosaic Tile.  Let me know what you think!

  • Dpara1010 02:13PM, May 4 2012

    im coming to th NJ store today and i need to price out single or double blue granite.  what is similar to the bianco antico in that price range  what is the price difference in the stones

  • Rocky 08:58PM, May 3 2012

    I have selected bianco antico as my countertop, I have antique white cabinets and a java island. do you have any suggestions for tumbled backsplash in a taupe and/or grayish tone?

  • - Derek 06:52PM, May 1 2012

    Yes, i think so. Go for it! Make sure to acquire samples of the Bianco granite and put it against your cabinet in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination before making a final decision. Good luck!

  • - Derek 05:09PM, May 1 2012

    I do not think using the Bianco Antico as a full backsplash would be too busy -- although it's not done often and you would have to visualize the combination clearly before making a final decision. Most clients go with a soft tumbled natural marble or a white, classic subway tile as backsplash options against the Antico. Your choice would certainly be unique and provide a flowing, continuous pattern to the countertop.

  • Dsyminis 06:02PM, Apr 28 2012

    Thats sounds absolutley striking! I am using bianco antico with dark espresso cabinets and I love  the contrast.

  • Dsyminis 05:58PM, Apr 28 2012

    I am also redoing my kitchen my bottom cabinets are almost espresso but with alot of wood grain upper cabinets are stained with a sage grey green back splash has whites bieges browns and sage island is stained sage I am using bianco antico and it is going to be beautiful!  all my appliances are stainless.  everything does not need to be beige to work

  • Tstahlny 09:37PM, Apr 25 2012

    Can I put Lennon with dk brown cabinets and dk brown handscraped wood floors and stainless steel appliances with travertine backsplash? Will this work? I keep seeing it paired with white and grey cabinets

  • Bashalkowski202 05:34PM, Apr 24 2012

    loving bianco antico for my remodrling project. Cabinets are dark cherry.and appliances are white..Would using this granite as a backsplash be too much. Kitchen is large with moderat light.

  • - Derek 05:03PM, Mar 17 2012

    I'm happy on your purchase of the Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood, I feel it will look very pretty in combination with the Delicatus granite. Keep the grout light and neutral, the tile is already busy and you do not need a dark colored grout or anything like that. That's my opinion.

  • - Derek 05:01PM, Mar 17 2012

    For the wall color, I'd use a neutral color such as Benjamin Moore Light Pewter or a similar shade to that. It's a timeless and classic color that guarantees beautiful elegance all the time, every time. You should visit a BM paint store if you have one in your area and experiment with the different shades. The sales representatives in the store should also be able to give you sound advice. Good luck!

  • - Derek 02:21PM, Mar 15 2012

    Quartzite is quartzite, it's not marble, but it's not granite either. It's kind of in the middle of the two. We have had success installing this material in kitchens without any major issues. It does not etch like marble, but still has a possibility of staining if not sealed at least every six to twelve months. My recommendation for a quartzite would be our Classic White stone. In regard to backsplash if you use the stunning Bianco Antico, I'd say you could incorporate burgundy-like tones into the tile as an accent because the Antico has burgundy colored flecks within the slabs. Take a look at tile mosaics such as Piano River Glass & Stone from Somertile Reflections, or Teakwood Blend Rectangles from Dolce Vita. I've attached pictures for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Lindamarcano 01:18PM, Mar 13 2012

    YIKES! In addition to my last question regarding the gtout color... I forgot to ask, what color  paint would you suggest for the room?? Cherry wood cabinets, the BA granite, Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood Linear Mosaic, the tile floors (pic above) and stainless steel appliances. thanks!!!!!

  • Lindamarcano 09:30PM, Mar 12 2012

    Derek, you do have wonderful ideas, thank you. I decided upon and ordered the Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood Linear Mosaic today. I was was at your N.NJ location Saturday and they gave me samples of the BA to take w/ me. I then looked at all different backsplash options w/ the  BA sample but I kept going back to my first choice  (Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood Linear Mosaic). I really hope that I love it!
    Question...with that backsplash, what color grout would you use? I have to puchase grout and I'm a first time home remodeling rookie. I ordered the backsplash online so I didn't have any advice on grout color. Thank you!!

  • Mommyatlaw 02:17PM, Mar 12 2012

    Help! Like many of the prior posters, I am remodeling my kitchen soup to nuts. I was planning on using a quartzite countertop to mimic marble. I have heard mixed reviews on the quartzite in terms of cost. Also, I have been told that the Super White Quartzite is actually marble. Huh? Then I found the Bianco Antico. I love it. However, I was planning on doing a light, cool green or yellow subway tile backplash. It sounds like Bianco Antico really only works with light, neutral backsplashes. Please tell me if there is a pop of color that would work with (and not fight with) the Bianco Antico granite. Many thans for your input!!

  • - Derek 10:58PM, Mar 7 2012

    The Bianco Antico, depending on the shipment, will have subtle burgundy flecks throughout the stone, but it's usually not overwhelming. It's a nice way to pick-up these flecks with a burgundy accent in the backsplash, so you're on the right track. Delicatus is similar, I've created a Comparison Chart for you of these two stones, take a look here: It's a great idea that you're going to the yard to look at the full slabs in-person, as then you will be able to truly tell which stone attracts you more. Make sure to acquire samples to bring them back home and put them in the kitchen light against the cabinets to see how you enjoy the various combinations, before you make a final decision. As far as the backsplash goes, if you'd like a tile with more of those reddish burgundy tones, the one that you saw before, Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood Linear Mosaic, is perfect for this situation. The only other option that I could find that would possibly work is a Terra Cotta blend of Glass Red mosaic, but I feel that the Anatolia is considerably nicer. I've still attached a picture of the Terra Cotta tile for you to see. Hope this helps.

  • Lindamarcano 10:45PM, Mar 7 2012

    They are both are very pretty. Being my cabinets are cherry doesnt there need to be burgundy/reds in the backsplash?? Theses tiles look in the brown family to me. I also thought Bianco Antico has bits of the burgundy in it.  Someone also mentioned Delicatus (which I only saw in pictures) to be a good color w/ the cherrywood, what do you think?? The reason I fell for the BA is because it has those  big crystal pieces in it, I was told Delicatus has this also...I think its called mecca??  I'm going to your N. NJ location tomorrow to pick something and wanted some input prior. I want the granite to have these clusters of the crystal in it and at the same time possible little pieces of reds/burgundy to pick up from the cabinets. all the while getting a backsplash that compliments it all.

  • - Derek 09:48PM, Mar 7 2012

    I'll give you a some hopefully interesting suggestions for the backsplash tile that could pick-up and compliment your Bianco Antico choice quite nicely. Consider options such as Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern, or a neutral Glass & Stone mosaic strip by South Shore Flooring. I've attached pictures for your reference. Let me know your thoughts!

  • - Derek 03:55PM, Feb 28 2012

    That sounds great. I have nothing to suggest, as you're doing very well. This sounds like a balanced combination of elements and color tones that will play off each other and compliment nicely. Upload a picture once it's completed! Good luck!

  • Janine 07:31PM, Feb 25 2012

     Thank you,, and a designer friend both confirmed what I was fearing.  The lovely sage glass is a  no-go.  We are leaning now toward a cream/light tan colored porcelain subway with the same decorative 6" tile (also in cream) along with a beading in the same cream.  It will be decorative but understated and will accent rather than fight with the bianco. I actually prefer some movement with the bianco so, hopefully, the simple backsplash and warm white cabinets will let it shine~  Now, my only concerns are in mixing whites and cream ....since the bianco has both, I think it will work as long as I stay away from a very stark white.  (but two of my appliances will be white until I can replace them...) Any thoughts?

  • - Derek 07:14PM, Feb 25 2012

    You're on the right track. My only worry is that the light green hues of the subwaytile could clash with the color tones of the Bianco granite. On the aspect of movement, I do not think the design will be too busy. I'd pick a lot of Bianco that is light and calm, as you can see on our page we have multiple shipments that vary in veining and movement quite greatly. 

  • - Derek 04:04PM, Feb 23 2012

    You're on the right track Jodi!

  • Janine 07:16AM, Feb 23 2012

    I'm thinking of using bianco antico for our counters with a muted sage green crackled glass (large subway tile) backsplash.  Our cabinets will be acacia white (not stark) and the subway tile will be broken up here and there with a white porcelain decorative 6" square tile.  I'm wondering if the colors (sage green and bianco) will fight and if the sparkle of the cracked glass will compete with the sparkle of the granite and be too busy overall...any thoughts?  I'll try to attach a pic.  Also...our floor will be a mocha travertine.  Thank you!

  • Jodi 11:09PM, Feb 18 2012 I'm doing the same thing - espresso cabinets with ivory arabesque backsplash. I was thinking of going with Bianco Antico too but just changed to Delicatus Brown! I think either granite will look GORGEOUS! Good luck!
  • Jodi 08:56PM, Feb 18 2012 THANKS for your recommendations! They really helped!
  • Jodi 08:55PM, Feb 18 2012 Thank you! I have decided on Delicatus Brown for my kitchen. And chosen Antique White cabinets with a Chocolate Glaze in my master bath to showcase the gorgeous Rain Forest Brown marble. Thanks SO much for your help!
  • - Derek 05:43PM, Feb 16 2012 You're on the right track, I'm enjoying the design path you're taking with these granite choices. I'm leaning toward the Bianco Antico, but also options such as White Spring, Delicatus, and Snowflakes are very interesting options that would create an elegant atmosphere in the kitchen. Let us know your thoughts!
  • - Kinga 05:08PM, Feb 14 2012 I’m leaning towards the Bianco Romano for your setup. It’s an interesting stone without too much movement you want to avoid. Since the Bianco Romano is light, the space will feel visual larger and wonderfully bright.  Go for it!
  • Shepherd Shep 02:11AM, Feb 14 2012 We are building a new home and the cabinets will be a dark cherry spice, the floor is a light grey and medium brown slate 20 x 20,  the walls will be a neutral tan.  We have been thinking either Bianco Antico, Bianco romano or Golden Wave.  We do have a large 9 x 6 island and we do like the granite's with lots of movement.  The kitchen area will not have windows just lots of ceiling lighting.  any opinions or suggestions?
  • - Kinga 03:06PM, Feb 7 2012 For pricing, please contact the facility which you plan on visiting
  • - Kinga 03:05PM, Feb 7 2012 Check out Astoria, Atlantis C and Colonial Gold. I feel each of these stones would look wonderful with your setup. I would recommend the antique white cabinets for the Rainforest Brown marble in your bath to showcase this stunning stone. Let me know what you think!
  • Dpara1010 01:55AM, Feb 5 2012 im putting in dark espresso cabinets, and a white beveled arabesque tile bacsplash  do you think Bianco Antico would be too busy?  I have a big island...9x4
  • Dpara1010 01:51AM, Feb 5 2012 would this be considered single silver, single blue or double blue
  • Spencer 03:42AM, Feb 3 2012 I am currently in the process of building a home. I have chosen espresso for my lower kitchen cabinets and glazed antique white for my upper cabinets. I was leaning toward Biano Antico for my granite but now I'm thinking it might be too gray. I really want something with creams and tans and browns and that has a lot of movement. Suggestions?

    Question 2: I would like Rainforest Brown marble in my master bath. Should I go with espresso or antique white cabinets?

    Thanks in advance!
  • - Derek 09:06PM, Jan 27 2012 Do you have a picture of the backsplash tile you're thinking about using?
  • Jodi 06:36PM, Jan 26 2012 Hi I am going with a dark sable color shaker style maple cabinetry and we are trying to go for a sleek modern look.  We want to do a glass mosaic stone combo backsplash and can't seem to find a granite that is neutral enough and works.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • - Kinga 03:53PM, Jan 26 2012 Also check out Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 01:58PM, Jan 26 2012 Derek’s New Colonial Dream suggestion would be a wonderful addition to your space. Another beautiful option is the Colonial Cream. Good luck!
  • - Derek 09:04PM, Jan 25 2012 Sorry for the late response. Have you chosen a backsplash tile yet? I recommend a soft and elegant choice such as Somer Tile Reflections Subway Ming Glass mosaic. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • - Derek 09:02PM, Jan 25 2012 It would be nice if you could have some golden or brown undertones in the granite to pick-up the natural wood in your design. How about a granite such as Canela Bouquet, or New Colonial Dream?
  • DV 05:04PM, Jan 22 2012 hi, would you recommend Lennon granite with maple color cabinets, stainless appliances, and hardwood floors?
  • N Walker 06:27PM, Jan 3 2012 Hi, we are nearing the end of a kitchen renovation - we have linen white cabinets, a French pattern travertine floor in noche, stainless steel appliances, and the walls (really only one wall) is painted BM Guilford Green. We chose the Bianco Antico granite and it was installed in November. We absolutely love it and think everything has come together so nice - the only thing we are hung up on is picking a backsplash. We feel the granite is gorgeous and we don't want to detract from it - but would like a nice complimentary backsplash - do you have any suggestions? We've looked at some of the glass & stone combination tiles - which are pretty, but I'm just scared they will be too busy when all put together. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  • - Derek 09:50PM, Dec 21 2011 Another recommendation that I feel would look lovely in your design is Sonoma TileMakers Vihara Karuna Silk tiles. I've attached an image for your references.
  • - Kinga 01:07PM, Dec 20 2011 Bianco Antico is a fine choice for a countertop. As far as your backsplash, since both of you like two completely different materials, you may want to consider a mixed mosaic tile like Anatolia Bliss Cotton Wood Linear Mosaic. Let me know what you think!
  • Liz 09:59PM, Dec 19 2011 Thank you, I am going to use the Bianco Antico.  Do you have any suggestions for the backsplash??
  • - Derek 07:10PM, Nov 23 2011 I'm leaning toward the Bianco Antico granite and stones that are similar in this color tone and pattern, such as Delicatus and our beautiful New Arrivals: These choices offset and contrast your dark cherry cabinetry very nicely and complete the contemporary feel of your kitchen. Let me know what you think!
  • Liz 04:40AM, Nov 20 2011 Hello, we have cherry cabinets stained dark cherry.  Our floor is light brown porcelain (travertine looking).  We have stainless steel appliances. We have not settled on backsplash yet.  My husband likes travertine, I would like glass (not white). For the countertops we like the most Bianco Antico, but we also like Bahia brown, blue pearl, blue saphire, delicatus, azul quati, madura gold and gallo ornamental.  Which one do you think is going to look better with our cabinets and floor? Pls help us
  • Heffern8 01:19AM, Nov 20 2011 How would this bianco antico look with cinnabar stain cabinets?  or would the bianco romano be the better choice.  I live in a log cabin, interior is all log - walls, ceiling, lower cabinets, a mellow light brown.  I will put cinnabar upper cabinets in this small kitchen area and need a countertop island choice.
  • Snowcountry 04:40AM, Oct 15 2011 Hi, We are in love with the bianco antico and planning on dark expresso cabinetsCan you suggest if the finish on these cabinets should be matte or the grain lines should show?? Someone suggested that the grain lines would look too busy on the granite...Ps.  can you suggest any backsplash that has the off-white undertone as the granite with splashes of dark expresso color in between??? Would glass go or subway tiles??? Our concern is that we don't want to mask the beauty of the granite in anyway...but complemnet it with our choices of backsplash and cabinets.....CONFUSED....HELP!!!!
  • - Derek 01:52PM, Sep 16 2011 Those are some beautiful choices. I recommend Ivory Brown to offset your cabinet color and create an elegant contrast. The warm veins in the granite would balance out the design nicely.
  • kristie 01:08AM, Sep 15 2011 I will be using maple cabinets with mocha color and like the Bianco Antico, Ivory Brown, and New Colonial Dream colors. Which do you recommend? Or would something else be better?
  • - Derek 06:17PM, Sep 8 2011 Sounds like a plan, let me know how everything goes!
  • Karen Angelbeck 02:04PM, Sep 8 2011 Thanks Derek.  We are meeting with our builder this week and will talk to them about all of this.
  • - Derek 05:17PM, Sep 1 2011 Paint the cabinets a dark espresso color. Bianco Antico looks stunning against a dark colored cabinet (even black cabinets) as it creates a rich and elegant contrast, as we know opposites attract. The floors should be a simple and light (maybe off white) subway porcelain tile.
  • Sdgrantha 11:50PM, Aug 30 2011 I am in need of help here!  I loved the BA for my bathroom and have it in.  I have two undermount white sinks installed too with white tub and toilet.  I also have some prettypolished nickel faucets for the warmth.....I have paint grade cabinets though and have no idea what to paint them.  I am so lost on the floors and cabinet paint!  Any suggestion would be awesome!
  • - Derek 01:03PM, Aug 29 2011 I'm leaning toward Bianco Antico as we just received a new shipment recently and the new slabs look beautiful. They would compliment your design nicely, take a look:
  • - Kinga 09:24PM, Aug 23 2011 I’m leaning towards the Bianco Antico. It’s a classic and timeless choice that you will enjoy for many years. It’s a luxurious granite with a beautiful features that is highly desired so my vote is the Bianco Antico! The Delicatus White does have many peachy tones in it and it may be difficult to find one with a minimal amount of that color. It’s always best to see the slab in person and bring samples home to compare in the space to get the best feel of the stone. Let me know what you think!
  • Karen Angelbeck 02:40AM, Aug 20 2011 Thanks so much for the input.  I don't care for the red flecks, so that's good to know.  I also wondered about Delicatus White if I got a slab without too much peach in it - one that is more black, white, gray and maybe taupe.  Would that work or do you think Antico or White Spring are still the way to go?
  • - Kinga 09:23PM, Aug 19 2011 I have to say I really like the Bianco Antico and White Spring for your setup because both stones have a warm feel to them that will tie the other spaces as well as your cabinets together. The Bianco Romano does have burgundy flecks in it so if you’re not a fan, you may want to go for the other options. The Bianco Antico is the most popular of the three. With each stone, you will get a clean, airy look that will compliment your design quite well.
  • Karen Angelbeck 12:45PM, Aug 19 2011 We are putting in Arctic White Brookhaven cabinets on the perimeter and a distressed black island with rubbed edges.  The floors will be a medium walnut color.  Our dining table is the farmhouse look of a natural but distressed pine.  We have not selected a backsplash yet.  We definitely want to have light counters.  Could you compare and give your opinion of Bianco Antico, Bianco Romano and White Springs granite for this arrangement or any other suggestions?  Thanks, Karen
  • - Kinga 05:04PM, Jul 12 2011 I love Derek’s suggestion. The tile would look lovely with your setup!
  • - Derek 02:13PM, Jul 12 2011 Sorry Barbara, I did not tie-in your previous two posts, that it was you in both of them. Everything makes sense now! For the floor, I'm actually leaning toward tile, beause the cabinet is so rich, that a tile such as Daltile Gold Rush 12 x 12 Goldust would fit perfectly. I've attached an image. Something similar would also be fine.
  • Barbara Ogarra 03:55PM, Jul 11 2011 Yes, it's the color of the cabinet (Cabinets to Go).  I have purchased Bianco Antico for the countertop and Absolute Black for the peninsula.  I have also purchased white pendant lights, a very pale glass tile (looks like a pale yellow or beige) to combine with a ceramic tile (cocoa color).  I have not purchased the floor as yet--thinking about wood or porcelain tiles.

  • - Derek 03:28PM, Jul 11 2011 Need more information please. What is Palm Beach Dark Chocolate, is that the cabinet color? Have you thought about countertop options?
  • Barbara Ogarra 08:20PM, Jul 8 2011 Palm Beach Dark Chocolate.  I am torn, not sure if to use wood floors or tiles.
  • - Derek 04:34PM, Jul 8 2011 What color are the cabinets?
  • Barbara Ogarra 10:23PM, Jul 5 2011 What do you think about Bianco Antico countertop with Labrador Antique on the Peninsula with a stainless steel backsplash.  What color, then for the walls?

  • - Kinga 12:09PM, Jul 5 2011 Lisa,
    The Bianco Antico is a very popular and highly sought after stone. It would look lovely with oak cabinets but I’m not so sure about red walls. The slight burgundy flecks found in the stone tend to look more mocha or almost chocolate brown instead of a red. Red paint is intense and it will take away from the beauty of the stone. If you want to use this classic granite, consider changing your wall color to something softer like Benjamin Moore’s warm “Harmony” or cool “Whirlpool”. Let me know what you think!
  • Lisa A. 05:39PM, Jul 2 2011 I am considering bianco antico with medium oak cabinets and existing red walls. Do you think this is appealing? If not,any suggestions?

  • - Kinga 07:30PM, Jun 30 2011 I think you should keep the pendant lights white, especially if your appliances are stainless steel. I agree with Derek’s suggestion to use the same granite as a full backsplash. Otherwise, you should use something light and easy on the eyes like a tumbled marble to offset the busy pattern of the stone. For wall color, check out Benjamin Moore’s “Sebring White”.
  • - Derek 04:55PM, Jun 30 2011 Have you thought about using Bianco Antico as full backsplash material, that is sure to make a bold statement and bring the kitchen to life. As for tile options, a mix of tumbled marble and glass mosaic would look very rich. For the wall color, take a look at Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter". What color are your appliances?
  • Barbara Ogarra 05:28PM, Jun 29 2011 I am in love with Bianco Antico as a countertop.  I have chosen Palm Beach Dark Chocolate for the cabinets, tigerwood for flooring, and absolute black granite for the peninsula.  I would like some color for the backsplash, what would be the best option?  What color should I use for the walls?  Should I go with white or stainless steel pendant lights?


    Barbara O.
  • Cheryl 05:12PM, May 8 2011 I am looking at Bianco Antico. We are putting in cherry cabinets (medium color) and a Brazilian wood floor. What would you suggest for the backsplash. The walls will be sort of a tan color. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:20AM, May 9 2011 Cheryl: My suggestions are either a white carrara subway tile or a slate tile backsplash.
  • elaine 06:33PM, May 4 2011 when i looked at samples, i thought no, but it does look nice in kitchen samples,. I would like some other suggestions if possbile. I do love hurricane , but i am afraid it will be too dark. I definitely do not want gray tones. going for warmth. thank you!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:40AM, May 5 2011 Elaine: Try Astoria, Amba Gold, Colonial Cream, Solarius.
  • elaine 12:25PM, Apr 29 2011 hello moderator, we are using cherry cabinets stained espresso. i like granite with veins and movement., no speckles. i would like to go with something "warm". no grays but will do some black. thinking of using soft yellow walls and perhaps soft green ceiling but that is not definite. we have not settled on backspash. flororing will be either mediuim brown family or limestone/travertine, haven't decided. any help would be much appreciated
    • All Granite and Marble 01:08PM, May 4 2011 Elaine: Take a look at Ibere Crema Bordeaux. What do you think about this granite? Is it a step in the direction you like?
  • barb 01:28AM, Apr 10 2011 Hi, our new kitchen will have dark walnut floors, antique white cabinets around perimeter, espresso island ...and bianco antico. Suggestions for backsplash??
    • All Granite and Marble 10:01AM, Apr 11 2011 Barb: A slate tile backsplash would pick up the darker tones in the granite and offset the lighter aspects of the design.
  • Lamia 11:45AM, Mar 10 2011 Do you think bianco antico granite (counter top) will go with the chocolate birch kitchen cabinets more than the shivakashy. if yes what do you recommend for backslash, floor tiles, and paint colous for the wall if I will go with the Bianco Antico granite for counter top in the kitchen. Thanks in advance
    • All Granite and Marble 08:52AM, Mar 11 2011 Lamia: I'm leaning towards Bianco Antico with Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" wall color and a white subway tile. For flooring, I recommend Noce travertine tile.
  • Lori Hensley 01:54PM, Jan 24 2011 I love the Bianco Antico - and wanted it for my kitchen. The installer told me that it was a marble and would stain and/or crack easy. Do you find this to be true? IF so, do you have another suggestion? I love the flow or movement of Bianco Antico. My cabinets are off white and the island is dark blue. I thought about New Candonia - but it seems so busy.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:08PM, Jan 24 2011 Lori Hensley: Bianco Antico is NOT a marble. To keep the stone stain resistant you must reseal it every year, then you should be fine. This granite will compliment your cabinet colors nicely, go for it!
  • kakki 06:17PM, Dec 10 2010 I have Maple natural cabinets. they are twelve years old and have a honey maple look with age. I love Bianco Antico and am wondering how it would look with Tiger wood flooring. I also have a large kitchen so want to do a different granite on the island. What would be the granite to use with Bianco Antico on the counters ?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:31AM, Dec 13 2010 Kakki: The Bianco Antico will compliment the tiger wood flooring nicely and the color extremes (dark vs. light) is an appropriate choice. As for a color on the island, you should go with a darker color, perhaps Cosmic Black.
  • Carolyn 01:56PM, Nov 12 2010 I have a large open kitchen w/medium oak cabinets and same color hardwood floors. I love Bianco Antico. How do you think this would look with either full backsplash or 4x4 Travertine tiles in a light taupe/gray color?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:01PM, Nov 15 2010 Carolyn: I'd go with the 4x4 travertine tile. That would be a gorgeous combination to compliment the Bianco Antico.
  • Alison Camon 12:21PM, Oct 3 2010 I have White cabinets and appliances, maple flooring and denim blue walls. I am adding a built in chopping block (maple) on one of my coutertops..will this make all of that "pop" ?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:37AM, Oct 4 2010 Alison Camon: It's an excellent choice! Another option is Bianco Romano, or Delicatus.
  • tommy beckner 06:52PM, Apr 21 2010 hello, i was wanting a price on this per sq foot. thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:32AM, Apr 22 2010 tommy beckner: For pricing please contact the sales office.
  • Margie 09:34AM, Mar 18 2010 Or any suggestions to go with the white vanity without getting into actual colors, like green, pink, blues,etc>
  • Margie 09:32AM, Mar 18 2010 I have a white vanity, white sink and white tile floor, but walls will be painted to compliment granite, would this work?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:06PM, Mar 18 2010 Margie: Bianco Antico is an excellent choice! It has some darker veining for contrast but compliments the light tones in your bathroom at the same time.
  • Terri 11:23AM, Mar 2 2010 Am I able to put a link or photo?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:00PM, Mar 2 2010 Terri: Unfortunately links and photos are disabled. You can send us a photos in the "Contact Us" section.
  • Terri 11:19AM, Mar 2 2010 How would this look with dark cabinets (with red tint) and white appliances? If not, other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:59PM, Mar 2 2010 Terri: It would look beautiful. Very rich and good contrast.
  • Lori 08:21PM, Jul 13 2009 Would this granite work for cream colored cabinets with light mocha glaze, light colored tile floors, ss appliances and a dark greenish/brown walls? I want the kitchen to "pop" and I'm looking for that perfect granite. I'm also looking at tropical brown.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, Jul 14 2009 Lori: I would go with Bianco Antico, the black mica in this stone will contrast the light cabinetry and floors.