Blue Pearl

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Original name:
Blue Pearl

Other name(s) used:
Labrador Blue Pearl, Marina Pearl, Labrador Chiaro

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Blue, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Consistent metallic blue stone with black and gray flecks.
Blue Pearl granite - Macro Photo Blue Pearl granite - CloseUp Photo Blue Pearl granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Admin 05:41PM, Feb 23 2015

    Unfortunately, that is out of our level of expertise but check out for some inspiration.

  • - Admin 04:20PM, Feb 23 2015

    Try exploring Houzz for backsplash inspiration. We love their site and I think you will too!

  • Anna 08:41PM, Feb 12 2015

    am redoing my kitchen. I want blue pearl counter top as well as table to amtch. I know that white cabinets is a great contrast but I prefer to have light/medium wood cabinets which I think would blend in nicely. I cannot put this together with a backsplash and floor. I would rather not have blue pearl backsplash. Please help!!!!

  • Michele MacKellar Sakurai 07:26PM, Jan 25 2015

    I have a southern facing large kitchen with a bay window as well as a window over the subk. Stainless appliances. The walls are Starless Night by Bebr- a deep midnight blue. Blue Pearl Countertops. The cabinets are a light birch to which we will be adding hardware.We are stymied on hardware, floor and backsplash behind the slide-in range. No wood on the floors. We truly value your advice.

  • - Jack 07:07PM, Jul 25 2014

    No problem, you can always e-mail me: [email protected] Have a great weekend!

  • Daniel P. 06:02PM, Jul 25 2014

    Well, still no granite.....hopefully it will get installed today and i can post a pic tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.

  • - Jack 07:58PM, Jul 23 2014

    I would keep it this color because it incorporates some light and some dark tones. Post up a picture of the installed granite and we can start matching colors up from that point.

  • Daniel P. 07:22PM, Jul 22 2014

    The counter tops are due to be installed today, I'll post the pics tomorrow of the kitchen with them installed. Do you think i should stick with the beige color scheme for the paint as well?

  • Daniel P. 07:15PM, Jul 22 2014

    That is exactly the color "temperature" i was thinking. So you think if i go with that lighter beige tone it will help lighten the kitchen up? Thank you for your quick response.

  • - Jack 04:51PM, Jul 22 2014


    No worries, I'm here to help. Let's start with this tile I uploaded, what do you think? This model is called the: Tuscany Beige Pattern Honed-Unfilled-Chipped Travertine.

  • Daniel P. 01:14PM, Jul 22 2014

    Need help picking a back splash and paint color for our kitchen, attached is a picture of the cabinets and tile and the counter tops will be blue pearl. My wife is freaking out thinking she picked all wrong and that there is no way that it will look right. I'm trying to comfort her and tell her that it will turnout great once we get the back splash installed and paint. Please help me with this, I really want to make my wife proud of her new home.

  • LaTonya 11:35PM, Jul 3 2014

    That's actually one of the options that I was presented with. It's a beautiful array of colors.

  • - Jack 06:43PM, Jun 24 2014

    What would you think about Giallo Ornamental?

  • LaTonya 04:22PM, Jun 24 2014

    I'm remodeling my kitchen and am not certain about what color granite to use. My cabinets are natural maple, appliances are stainless steel, flooring is oak hardwood. Looking for something to accent the grayish wall. We removed the dividing wall between the living room and kitchen so the gray flows from the kitchen to the living room. Any suggestions?

  • - Peter 07:03PM, Feb 12 2014

    I have not.

  • Gigi 02:12AM, Feb 12 2014

    Have you seen the brushed blue pearl. It is beautiful!

  • - Peter 06:38PM, Jan 3 2014

    Of course you can, I would recommend it.

  • StephanieG 08:26PM, Jan 1 2014

    HI there. I currently have this blue pearl as my countertop with white cabinetry and dark brown flooring. The walls are a blue-y grey and my appliances are stainless steel. I would love to paint my walls and want to get away from the blue-y grey. Can I paint a beige-y grey like Revere Pewter (BM) or Stonington Grey (also Benjamin Moore). Or do you have another suggestion for my walls? Tired of the blue-y grey. It runs all though my house.

  • - Peter 02:41PM, Nov 12 2013


    Sounds like a great kitchen you have going there, I would suggest a nice tumbled glass marble mossaic such as this!

    Best Regards,


  • NativeNewYorker 11:37AM, Nov 9 2013

    Wonderful ideas and comments but I can never seem to find someone with exactly the same colors as me. I am sure they are here but there are already 453 responses and I find my eyes growing weary. I am hoping the decorator wizard can help me too. Here goes... I have ultra white shaker style cabinets, English chestnut oak floors, Stainless steel/black appliances in a "U" shaped kitchen. On one side of the kitchen is a 10 foot bar with white azec bead board and white corbels. All of this is covered by Blue Pearl Labrador granite. Above the bar, nicely spaced are 5 mini pendant lights with gray and black swirled shades. On the kitchen side are 4 LED high hats. Under cabinet lights under all upper cabs. My wife and I live near the ocean and are going for a Nautical theme. The kitchen bar is open to the living room which is painted all white (right now). The ceilings are cathedral from our south facing windowed wall to 18 feet above the oak floors. We collect lighthouses and model sailboats for decorating and we have one 42" cabinet in the kitchen (corner of the "U") that has a glass door which houses our mini lighthouse collection. Now for my questions...We want to add some color to the kitchen. We want to possibly match some paint that would match the blue specs in our granite for the kitchen but we are not sure if that is a good idea (or even possible) and we are confused as to what we should use as a back splash (color and texture). We have a 4 inch granite back splash that wraps the counter and connects to the bar top so we really only need this for about 14 inches between the granite back splash and the wall cabinets. We do not want to go white subway tiles. Our bathroom has so many of them that I sometimes hear trains. So that's out. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • Peter 06:22PM, Sep 24 2013

    Hey Jo I think white paint would contrast everything very nicely.

  • Jo 03:37PM, Sep 21 2013

    My kitchen cabinets are oak and I've got a grey rubber floor. We've installed blue granite tops with splashback and blue and copper tiles. The tiles were a second choice as I was unable to have the blue and grey glass tiles I hoped. With this new tile I'm stumped as to what colour to paint. I had originally chosen a pale grey but I think this will be too cold with the warmth of the copper. Any suggestions as to paint colour would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

  • Peter 04:06PM, Sep 5 2013

    Tom, I have found this flooring which I think would look great with your kitchen, take a look and let me know what you think.

  • Peter 04:03PM, Sep 5 2013

    Meg, Ideally what you want is contrast, the cabinets and granite don't have to "go", they should complement each other, and tie the whole theme of the kitchen together, which I think you have going on with your floor and stainless appliances. Heres another suggestion

  • Tom 03:51AM, Aug 29 2013

    hi there,your advice is great. I am hoping you could give my wife and I some suggestions. we are doing blue pearl granite counter tops with natural maple cabinets. my wife wants to do blue and gray type back splash. We are thinking of painting in a blue or gray type paint. we are not sure what to use on the floor. We were thinking of going with a mocha maple cabinet but thought it had to much red in it and would not go with the blue pearl granite. What do you think? Thanks, Tom and Lori

  • Meg 02:55PM, Aug 3 2013

    Hi. I hope you can help convince me that I am making the right choice. I am using Quality brand maple cabinets with a cafe licorice finish and blue pearl granite countertops. My appliances are all stainless. And the floor is tile with a grayish,tannish tones.People keep telling me the cabinets and countertops don't go. As much as I want to do white or off white my husband is against it so I am only open to brown and I want something darker than my old kitchen which was a honey oak color. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • - Adrian 04:37PM, Jul 30 2013

    Hi Caroline, Regarding to your choice of countertop I would recommend you to go with some warm grey colours. Please take a look at the attachments: the first one is ICI Dulux Silver Cloud Colour to your walls, the second is Travertine T uscany Beidge as a backsplash and the third is Silver Travertina Tiles as a floor. All will match to each other and give a timeless and classic selection. Good Luck !

  • Caroline 01:27AM, Jul 30 2013

    We have a smaller sized kitchen with one wall being a painted white fireplace. The granite is the blue pearl counters. We are trying to figure out wall color, backsplash, and floors. We need flooring that is quite durable and is able to take a beating. Ideas? The stove is black but fridge is cream:( We hope to transition to either white or stainless appliances once they die out. We like the timeless classic look- not modern & trendy.

  • Peter 01:20PM, Jul 8 2013

    That sounds Great Anna!

  • Anna 10:06PM, Jul 5 2013

    Thanks so much for your opinion. Do you think I should use a strip of accent tile with the glass? By the way, I currently have a 4" blue pearl backsplash and will be keeping it.

  • Peter 02:22PM, Jul 5 2013

    Anna, the white ceramic could work, but the Carrara Marble might clash too much, I think your safest bet is to go with the white glass being that it reflects as a light gray.

  • Anna 04:27AM, Jul 4 2013

    I am struggling with selecting a backsplash for my natural cherry kitchen and blue pearl counters. I am considering subway tiles in white glass (reflects as a light gray), white ceramic, or carrara marble. My husband is leaning towards the carrara, but I am afraid the stones will clash. I am leaning toward the glass. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Peter 05:40PM, Jul 1 2013

    The Blue Pearl is a very subtle shade of blue which will contrast your paints and tiles very nicely in fact.

  • Jjhoffer 01:45AM, Jun 29 2013

    Having just finihed a kitchen and half bath remodel downstairs, we are moving on to our two upstairs bathrooms. We have deep blue ceramic tile floors and natural red birch cabinets in both. In the master bath my husband is thinking of using Blue Pearl granite for the countertops and has picked out Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze, a light grayish blue, for the walls. I'm wondering if this might be too much blue?

  • Peter 07:17PM, Jun 7 2013

    Try a Slate backsplash to really spices things up, a Silver subway tile would work wonders as well!

  • Peter 06:35PM, Jun 7 2013

    I am sorry to hear about your loss, hopefully this will give you a chance for new beginnings. Slate Gray walls would look excellent along with the white cabinets and appliances you have in addition to the Blue Pearl.

  • Peter 06:33PM, Jun 7 2013

    Why not Backsplash with blue pearl as well? It will add a wonderful dramatic look to your kitchen.

  • Peter 06:26PM, Jun 7 2013

    White is the way to go, it provides an excellent contrast for the Blue Pearl. Honestly I would stay away from the Cherry, it conflicts with the color scheme you have going, Stick with the Blue, White, and Steel Color scheme and will not be able to go wrong. A nice light pastel mustard color will give the kitchen a warm look throughout the day, whilst still giving you a modern timeless look with the blue, white, and steel color scheme you have going.

  • lak21363 08:08AM, Jun 6 2013

    I forgot about the backsplash...please suggest that replacement as well...thank you again!

  • lak21363 08:07AM, Jun 6 2013

    First off, I love this page! You have amazing suggestions. I have a number of questions for you guys...I currently have blue pearl countertops with white cabinetry. One large tall cabinet is in a blue with some bubble glass doors. I have stainless appliances and brushed nickel hardware for cabinets. My walls are a kind of butter yellow and the backsplash is just small white ceramic squares. I have a light over the sink that is a blue Morano swirl glass pendant. I would like to replace the backsplash, paint and also want to put an island in. I need a suggestion for all...The island base...white? blue? cherry?(I can incorporate the cherry with the table and chairs if you thought the cherry) or other....and the island top finish? do I stick with the same granite or make a nice contrast with something else? My floors are a honey oak. I want a much softer yellow than my current yellow for my walls. I get morning sun. The kitchen stays fairly light throughout the day. So, please suggest that as well. Lastly, the previously stated, everything is in the brushed nickel and stainless at this point. Can I incorporate over the island and over the table/chairs lighting fixtures that are ORB with some crystal teardrops? Your suggestions are very appreciated!!! Thank you!

  • Fogfam 11:59AM, May 11 2013

    Looking for backsplash . Using blue pearl for the counter tops. We have golden oak cabinets and an oak floor. We need something that cleans up easily. So I an thinking stone is out. Your thoughts?

  • Chris T. 04:55PM, May 4 2013

    Hello, I'm redoing the kitchen at our beachhouse that got destroyed by Sandy. we have white cabients and white appliances. Just leaving the grantie place and found this site. We got the royal blue pearl countertops. Did we make the right choice by picking this over whiteish or beige options? And iwhat color walls will look the best? The kitchen is small 10 x7. Thank you for your help!

  • - Adrian 06:52PM, Apr 15 2013

    Hi Ellen, Please accept my depest apology in delay of responding. I have a few suggestions that you can consider, starting from floor and shower tiles. I think that you can take a look at Onyx Sand Tile (first image), Silver Travertine Tiles (second image) or Crema Mayo Limestone(third image). I would recommend you to use the same tile on the floor and also to the shower then your bathroom will not be too busy, please see the attachments. Regarding to walls I would go with grey colours, I attached two options: Color Sand Beige from Benjamin Moore and Grey colours of Sherwin Williams. I hope I could help ! Good luck !

  • Ellen 03:46AM, Apr 10 2013

    We are freshening up our Master Bath and have chosen Blue Pearl for the vanity tops. Our cabinets are oak with a gunstock oak floor. It is a rather small dark bathroom with one window. I need help with a floor and shower tile color as well as wall color. Any suggestions?

  • Mmiscioscia 06:30PM, Mar 13 2013

    thank you.

  • - Adrian 02:45PM, Mar 13 2013

    Hi, I'm also leaning towards greyish colour on the floor. It would be match with the countertop. I'm thinkng about natural stone like Travertine, please see the attachment that I have found for you. These are Silver Travertine Tiles. It is light colour with some soft greyish veins. I hope it will work in your kitchen !

  • Mmiscioscia 07:24PM, Mar 12 2013

    Hi I am now changing the floor from wood to ceramic tile. still keeping the maple pecan cabinets and blue pearl granite. i have  a back splash picked out that goes wonderfully with both and picks up the browns of the cabinets and the  blues/grays of the granite. it is not very light toned. what color tone ceramic would you recommend? I do want to go medium to lighter tones. I was thinking a grayish would be good, not sure if the tans family would work? Thanks for any advice!!

  • - Adrian 03:48PM, Mar 5 2013

    Hi, If you are  looking for something timeless I would recommend you to go with travertine stone as a backslash, it has honed and leather structure so it will look great with your kitchen. I've attached you two different colours which might be match: Antique Ivory Travertine Tiles or Off White Travertine. Good Luck !

  • - Adrian 02:17PM, Feb 27 2013

    Hi, I think that blue pearl is mathing good with a lot of colour. When you look at whole slab then the colour is like consist metalic with blue and grey reflects. Your floor will give a nice and warm contrast to the countertop. Could you let me know what kind of colour cabinets will you have ? Then it would be easier to recommend you the stone for Island. Also do you prefer go with light or dark colours of the countertop ?

  • Lisamcawlfield 12:49AM, Feb 27 2013

    I want to put blue pearl on my counter tops but I like the silvery white specks instead of the blue,not sure what to call it as it seems not everyone even knows there is a silvery speckI also am concerned how limited I will be choosing paint colors and on flooring,I have chosen a terra cotta mexican floor tile,will this still be an option?I would also like an opinion about a different granite for my island that would compliment the blue pearl.

  • - Adrian 05:24PM, Feb 23 2013

    I know that it's really hard to make the final decision, please remeber that the most important thing about making the decision is that you have to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Kitchen is like a heart of our houses, so if yo will like the colours you will feel good. Blue Pearl is not a dated looking stone, still granite with blue, green and red are rarely seen . That's why often they are more expnesive then others. So don't be worry about that. I will cross a fingers for your kitchen !

  • Megan MM 07:30PM, Feb 22 2013

    thanks so much. just stressing over a major decision as i won't be updating any time soon!! and i read somewhere that blue pearl granite is dated looking. not sure why?

  • - Adrian 07:25PM, Feb 22 2013

    Hi Megan, I think that the combination of Blue Pearl with maple cabinets will offer you a nice and calm contrast, please see the attachment. If you would like to get more striking contrast then you can try with cherry cabinets to the blue reflective metalic flecks on the stone. Regarding to the backsplash I think that the light colour will bright up your kitchen and then I think that walls should be with light blue - grey combinations. Also the stainless steel appliances will work together ! Good luck !

  • Megan MM 05:44PM, Feb 20 2013

    Hello. I am building a new home and am currently working on the kitchen. it 10.8 by 20.0 feet so long and narrow. i have picked out blue pearl for the counter top and island and maple cabinets with a pecan glaze. are these cabinets too light colored for blue pearl? my floor will be a Bruce hardwood in gun stock and i lean toward a lighter backsplash and wall coloring. all appliances are stainless steel.  any suggestions? thanks so much.

  • - Derek 05:31PM, Jan 17 2013

    Hi Carmen. What is the cabinet color(s) in question here? Please describe a little your kitchen design and set-up. Thanks!

  • - Derek 02:40PM, Jan 16 2013

    It's a color tone difference -- the quality is the same. The difference in price is based on this -- the Blue Pearlvariety with prominently featured blue flecks is more expensive because the color blue is rare & premium in natural stone. I recommend to online order and use the AGM Daily Granite Cleaner for your daily maintenance needs:

  • Carmen 02:59AM, Jan 13 2013

    Dear Derek,

    HELP!  I want to use Blue Pearl for my center island but can not make a decision as to what other granite to use for the perimeter counter tops. Any suggestions?

  • Enid Pinsker 10:13PM, Jan 9 2013

    Some Blue Pearl Slabs have more blue irresdecent specs, yet other slabs of Blue Pearl have more silver gray specs. What's the real difference in quality, or is it only a color difference? Are they priced the same? What's the safest way to keep my future ounter top clean?

  • - Derek 02:32PM, Jan 8 2013

    Hello. I recommend to continue with the beautiful Blue Pearl granite for a cohesive and complete countertop design. This stone is very elegant with it's reflective metallic flecks and complements a cherry colored cabinet very nicely. 

  • Shaunsabol 01:54AM, Jan 3 2013

    I have 14 year old beatifully aged natural cherry cabinets, polished brass knobs, painted white wood trim, white appliances, natural clear select maple floors and white walls.  My counter top on the island is Blue Pearl Granite, the counter tops around the perimiter are glacier white corian with white 4" X 4" tile back splash.  My corian has cracked in three different locations and I was thinking of replacing it with either more Blue Pearl Granite or something else.  Any suggestions

  • - Derek 03:27PM, Dec 6 2012

    What are you choosing for the countertop? I assume it's Blue Pearl granite. Please confirm.

  • Tcollins 03:20AM, Dec 2 2012

    We have Natural Cherry Cabinets, with a Red Oak floor. We like the Blue Pearl but wonder on a backsplash and paint color

  • Tcollins 03:18AM, Dec 2 2012

    Natural Cherry Cabinets, with a Red Oak Floor. What do you suggest for a Backsplash and nominal Paint Color.

  • - Derek 05:13PM, Oct 22 2012

    Hello. For the backsplash, I have a few interesting recommendations that could be a nice complement to the Blue Pearl countertops. Take a look at 2" x 4" Calacatta marble tiles, Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic, and Tilecrest Eclipse series Eternity Linear Glass & Stone Blend. In regard to the flooring, I recommend a Mina Rustic or Oasis Beige travertine tile. I've attached photos of my recommendations for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Hao 03:29AM, Oct 21 2012

    My house is under construction now, I have chosen blue pearl
    countertop & center island, dark cherry (rousseau luminaire) cabinets,  I would love to get your suggestions for what’s
    the best color 18x18 porcelain /travertine for floor? The best color for backsplash?
    And the best color for kitchen wall please? Thanks!  ------Hao

  • - Derek 01:39PM, Sep 26 2012

    A light, neutral gray shade would be appropriate with a Blue Pearl countertop. Specifically, a shade such as Benjamin Moore series Gray Lake is a wonderful choice that you should take a look at. Best of luck! 

  • Piggyspen 06:40PM, Sep 24 2012

    We are remodeling our kitchen and will have white cabinets and Mazzari porcelain tile in "Rust" on the floor.  I am thinking of the Blue Pearl for countertop as the sample we saw has some of the browns or hues of the floor tile.  We have black appliances.  What color would you suggest on the walls?  I have been leaning toward browns but now thinking greys might be better? 

  • - Derek 02:20PM, Sep 21 2012

    Hello. You're on the right track with using Blue Pearl in your bathroom against a cherry colored cabinet. I've seen this combination done and it's absolutely stunning. Go for it! In regard to the type of tile to choose from, I am leaning toward your second choice of using a light tile with blue-grey color tones. Specifically, I would recommend something along the lines of Daltile series Desert Franciscan Slate Coastal Azul OR for a more egg shell white direction, take a look at Franciscan Slate Desert Crema. I've attached photos of my suggestions for your easy reference. Best of luck! 

  • Judyhoneycutt 08:12AM, Sep 21 2012

    I'm renovated and enlarging our main baithroom in the upstairs. I want some blue for a beachy or feeling of water. I have falling over with the Blue Pearl granite with all the beatiful flecks. I don't want a cold feeling room. I have a cherry vanity which will brushed steel, all facuets will be the same. Light fixters and most likely a silver framed mirror for lights to flanked the sides. My problem I'm haveing is whether to use a lighter blue tile on the floor and the same arround shower/tun. I don't want to be over whelmed by blue. The blue Pearl has flecks of brown that complimnet my cherry vanity. My other option I was considering was use a light floor with blue/grey but the strongest color would be an eggshell white or off white. And the for wall paint a light color tan  to bring that color in the graniite. This granite is very stunning and I don;t if it is in good taste to use such beautiful granite in a smaller bathromm 5/8. 

  • - Derek 01:25PM, Sep 17 2012

    Do you have an island? Usually a two-tone kitchen countertop design is incorporated by having the island be one granite color (usually a rich color with movement to show off the island as the centerpiece of the design) and the perimeter cabinets are a more practical and consistent patterned granite color (Blue Pearl would be acceptable for this).

  • Tom 07:23PM, Sep 15 2012

    I am thinking of a two-tone kitchen: I have white tile floors, and am thinking of BM Wedgewood Gray painted shaker cabinets below, and BM Sugar Cookie above (walls are BM Roasted Sesame Seed). I was thinking of Blue Pearl granite for the counters -- any thoughts, or other choices? I was going to go with a light green/blue glass subway tile backsplash.

  • - Derek 06:10PM, Aug 27 2012

    Hello Elizabeth! Sorry for the late response. I'll start off by saying that the light warm hues of your natural cabinets against the darker, elegant Blue Pearl granite offers a striking contrast to the design and an excellent decision! In regard to the wall color, you are on the right track in leaning toward a soft, calm, light shade that will balance the design with it's neutrality. Specifically, I have colors in-mind that are from the Benjamin Moore series and are called Barely Beige, Linen White, and Navajo White. Hope this still helps!

  • - Derek 07:28PM, Aug 24 2012

    Sorry for the late response. What are the granite colors that you are considering so far? If it's the Blue Pearl pictured above, then it's a stunning choice to go against cherry cabinetry. However, since the home is a beachhouse type of space, if you want to give it a beachy-like feel then the Blue Pearl may not be the best choice because it's a very modern-looking granite. Something that I kind in-mind that may be more appropriate for your situation and design are choices such as Astoria, Sunset Ivory, Ibere Crema Bordeaux, and Costa Esmeralda Italy. Let me know your thoughts on this direction I'm going in! If you feel it's not for you, please do not hesitate to tell me so!

  • - Derek 12:45PM, Aug 24 2012

    Sorry for the late response. Absolutely! The Blue Pearl looks lovely against light elements such as white subway tiles, especially in the bathroom. The wall color should be a cool, calm, and smoothing shade of blue-grey combination. Take a look at options such as Benjamin Moore series Glass Slipper or Lookout Point. Good luck!

  • Elizabeth in Dupont Circle 03:00AM, Aug 19 2012

    Dear Marble.Com Designers:  I am getting ready to install a new kitchen with IKEA Adel birch cabinets, Royal Blue Pearl granite countertops, Del Conca slate like porcelain tiles.  It's a relatively small U-shaped condo kitchen and it will open onto the living room, which I have painted in a creamy yellow tone.  (the former Pratt and Lambert color Naples Cream 2080)  What color do you think I should paint the kitchen?  I was thinking of going with a slightly more neutral tone than the warm hello Naples Cream.  Thanks for your advice!  

  • Wperry 04:16AM, Aug 17 2012

    I am in the process of remodeling our kitchen, it is a second home on the beach and was thinking of this granite for the counter tops. The cabinets are amrstrong crystal cherry. The floor, backsplash and paint colors have not been picked yet but I wanted to know what your recommendations are or if I should be looking at a different type of granite. I should also note that the floors in the dinning room and living room bordering the kitchen have cherry on them. Any help is much appreciated.

  • sparklebread 02:31AM, Aug 15 2012

    I am in the process of remodeling one of our bathrooms.  I have selcted a (white) cararra hex for the bathroom floor and white subways in the bath/shower surround.  Am I correct in thinking Blue Pearl will look nice in this room with a white painted vanity and chrome fixtures?  I would like to use glass knobs on the vanity and hang a small chandelier for a little bling.  Am I in the right track?  If so, what  Ben Moore paint and trim colors would you recommend?  I do not have an eye for color, so any suggestion will be VERY much appreciated!

  • - Derek 07:41PM, Aug 9 2012

    Hi Angie. My recommendations to complement the design, specifically to pick-up the floor tiles and such, would be BM series Dreamy Cloud and Whirlpool. Hope this helps!

  • angiechronicle 07:52PM, Aug 3 2012

    I am in the process of remodeling my bathroom and would like to know what color wall paint you would recommend. The tile size is 13x13 by Daltile, Veranda Solids Collection and the color is called Steel. The accent tile is a linear style and is also Daltile, Glacier Marble Blend. It has different shades of gray glass with marble in it. The vanity will be white with Blue Pearl granite. I have used Benjamin Moore paint before and have been very satisfied with their product so I would like to use BM for this project as well. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  • - Natalia 02:32PM, Jul 30 2012

    Hello Margie. Antique brass finished faucet would be an excellent combination to go with Blue Pearl granite. Although the brushed nickel complements the Pearl better because of it's metallic color tone, the antique brass finish is unique and elegant. 

  • Margie L 10:33PM, Jul 27 2012

    I am having blue pearl couter installed in my bathroom with white beadboard vanity cabinets and bead board on one wall. I typically lean to warmer colors, but just love blue and white in bathroom. Would antique brass faucets look good sitting on this granite, or should i choose brushed nickel? thanks for your help- i have read each of the posts and dont see this topic covered. I appreciate your support

  • - Derek 02:39PM, Jul 26 2012

    The particular variety of the BP granite featured on this page is very blue. For you, I recommend the Blue Pearl "SP" variant. I've attached photos for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Lindylamm2003 01:49AM, Jul 23 2012

    I love the blue pearl granite but was hoping it looked more greyish than blue since the color scheme of my kitchen is black and white and grey floors. Can you tell me if it looks more greyish than blue?

  • - Natalia 06:31PM, Jul 12 2012

    Hello! For your bathroom situation, I recommend to go with a warm yellow shade. Yellow is the color of sunshine. From buttercream to pale, Venetian gold, yellow always warms up a room that doesn't have enough natural light. Choose only the lightest shades for the best effect, and mix them with crisp, white trim. This shade would invite a person into the bathroom with warmth and coziness, to overcome the cool and neutral shades of the countertop and woods. Hope this helps!

  • Angie 01:55PM, Jul 6 2012

    I have a large bathroom that is L shaped.  I have blue pearl vanity countertop in my bathroom, have light to medium natural wood floors and white shutters, cabinet, tub etc. with silver fixtures.  Currently my bathroom is a periwinkle shade of blue that really doesn't match.  I am looking for a new wall paint color and need to find a way to warm up the room.  It is very cold and modern, neither of which is my taste.  Any ideas what I can do to fix this? Also, I was looking at silver metallic paint for part of my room to compliment the countertop but am thinking that is just as cold feeling.  Help.

  • - Natalia 03:39PM, Jul 5 2012

    Hello Patty. Was the Blue Pearl countertop installed by All Granite & Marble? (

  • Patty 04:53AM, Jun 30 2012

    I just had my granite countertop installed and there is a big piece in front of the sink that is not shiny like the rest.  Why?

  • - Derek 01:10PM, Jun 15 2012

    For the wall color a soft and subtle blue-gray shade such as Benjamin Moore line Snow White. Along with this an off-white subway tile with some decorative inserts of your choice.

  • - Derek 02:37PM, Jun 14 2012

    Hello Alana. I recommend to visit the following website: as it has a large collection of beautiful glass tile backsplash choices for you to consider as a complement against the Blue Pearl granite. Personally, I think a Tao Grey & White 1" x 2" Random strip glass tile would be appropriate for your design set-up. I've attached a photo for your reference. Good luck!

  • - Natalia 05:07PM, Jun 12 2012

    I recommend a soft and neutral shade such as Benjamin Moore series Limestone or Light Breeze. Hope this helps!

  • - Natalia 03:23PM, Jun 12 2012

    My recommendation for floor and wall tile for your design is Brancacci Windrift Beige porcelain tile. For example, on the wall you can have 9" x 12" field tile and decos, while on the floor a diamond pattern 12" x 12" filed tile. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • Carlene 01:15AM, Jun 11 2012

    I have purchased blue pearl for bathroom countertop with white cabinets.  What color walls and tiles would you recommend

  • Alana 12:16PM, Jun 9 2012

    Thank you.  What a
    marvellous site!  I have just ordered ivory coloured units for my 30 foot
    galley kitchen which has two Velux windows in the galley part then opens out
    into a dining-area with large windows which look out for miles as I am on a hill;
    therefore, the windows look out over the town to the sea and the river and
    glorious sunsets. 


    I have to find a stone or
    wood worktop as I have decided on installing a Belfast sink to give my extended
    cottage a more traditional look but I love to mix modern contemporary and
    Victorian together as I like to collect bits and bobs.   I’d love a Blue Pearl granite worktop and am
    trying to find tiles to compliment this. 
    These will replace my grey tiles, plus flooring to replace the silver
    Nairn vinyl flooring, paint to replace the bright yellow walls and the
    stainless steel look.  I wish to create more
    character in the kitchen and have a WOW feeling when I enter but also know that
    although I try to source good products, I can also do so at a reasonable cost, especially
    in today’s market.


    However,   I could probably now tile my wall in samples
    of pale blue, cornflower blue, bluebell blue, turquoise blue, metallic and
    white tiles and I still have not found what I’m looking for to make the most of
    a Blue Pearl worktop.    I was just about to change my mind about Blue
    Pearl and try other granite colours when I came across this site.    I
    have not thought about glass tiles – the Mirabelle collection tiles look very
    small – are there any other glass tiles, which would complement Blue Pearl, to
    tile the wall between the worktop and the wall units?


  • Lynn 02:49AM, Jun 7 2012

    Have blue pearl royale granite countertops, natural cherry cabinets, Arrmstrong Alterna grey,white brown floors and tan grey blue tile backspalsh with mini cracked glass subway tiles in white, blue ,brown and black in middle of tiles.  have no idea what color to paint the walls.  One person said white, another is talking more beige.  I have no clue !

  • Shelbuae 07:25PM, Jun 6 2012

    We are using the blue pearl as the counter top in our bathroom renovation.  We will be using a white vanity with brushed metal fixtures. I am having a hard time trying to pick out a floor tile that can also be carried into the new shower that won't cost a small fortune, i.e no marble tiles.  Our bathroom is small (6ft by 8 ft) so whatever I put on the floor I want to carry into the shower so it looks bigger.  Also, any suggestions on a paint color for the walls would be great.


  • - Kinga 08:21PM, May 15 2012

    If you use a neutral tile like Etolia, Tracia or the Almond Spice, it will definitely coordinate and compliment the entire space without overwhelming your home.

  • Mnteitell 11:18PM, May 13 2012

    Need some help with grand color scheme. Love the emerald pearl counter top. We have maple cabinets and kitchen is between family room and living room entry way. Both rooms have vinyard cherry wood laminate . I am looking for a complimentary porcelain floor tile that will coordinate with entire look. What do you think ?


  • - Kinga 08:01PM, May 11 2012

    Check out Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Lake”, “Ice Berg” and “Snow White”. However, I feel the blue walls combined with white cabinets and blue tiles may give your kitchen a cold feel. If you want to warm it up and really make the granite pop, check out BM’s “Lemon Ice”, “Cotton Tail” and “Counting Stars”. A yellow paint will warm up the kitchen while giving the counter the ‘pop’ it deserves. Let me know what you think!

  • - Derek 03:25PM, May 10 2012

    The cabinets must be either very light (a stark white) or darker and elegant such as a cherry color. I like the Camel Beige shade of the linoleum tiles you are considering. Are there any other specific colors in this line of floor tiles that have caught your attention?

  • - Derek 03:23PM, May 10 2012

    Yellow shaded wall color with Blue Pearl granite will make the room "pop" and make it a warm, inviting design. Benjamin Moore line Calla Lily is a very nice and appropriate choice for this. 

  • Linda46 04:00AM, May 10 2012

    I have a large kitchen, island in middle with cooktop, white appliances..getting blue pearl gt installed, currently my walls are deep blue, floors are italian blue stone, cabinets are whitewash ash, backsplash is 2x2 squares of beige tile..rough, not smooth...taking out about 2 to 3 inches of backspash..what could I put between the granite and beige tiles to make it pop...also thinkinging of painting my wall a shade of blue-gray..any suggestions on color..Thanks

  • - Derek 05:55PM, May 8 2012

    You're on the right track. I recommend the dark walnut stain for the hardwood flooring. For the backsplash, you could use a White Carrara marble tile or a Subway & Ming Glass Mosaic. I've attached photos for your reference. Good luck!

  • Lis 09:16PM, May 4 2012

    P.S. Forgot to mention that I'd love to introduce yellow and white in the VCT floor tiles and/or walls.  Love your previous choices of yellow wall colors.  Is their a color recommendation that would work?  Thanks for your insights...

  • Lis 09:00PM, May 4 2012

    Hello!  I have a 1906 bungalow with 9 ft ceilings and large windows that face east.  I'm redoing the kitchen and mudroom with painted "white" maple Kraftmaid cabinets that double stack to the ceiling.  The rest of the house has wood floors.  I like the white cabinet and black granite countertop look.  I'd like to introduce VCR Armstrong linoleum floors Imperial Texture in a checkboard or horizontal color block pattern (alternating between blue or black (depending on countertop choice) and white).  To tie in blue accents from rest of house, would Blue Pearl be a good option for kitchen countertops?  (or is there a better choice?)  If so, what Kraftmaid color of cabinets?  Which color of VCT tiles and layout would work for the floors?  I love your ideas on backsplashes and paints to compliment Blue Pearl, but with so much movement in countertops and flooring, I'm not sure how to round out the rest of the room.  You are angels!  Thanks for your tips!   

  • - Derek 05:49PM, May 1 2012

    Blue Pearl Royal GT is the premium version between the two choices but I feel either one would suffice and provide an elegant contrast to the white cabinetry while creating a striking atmosphere against the sand yellow walls. I say go for it!

  • Tricia Eastman 12:54PM, May 1 2012

    Hello we just purchased the blue pearl for our kitchen counters and island, now i am searching for paint color and stuck on wood stain. I was thinking a dark walnut wood stain for floors, we have white oak cabinets. What color wood stain do you think would be best with the blue pearl and white cabs and white subway tile? For the walls the room does get alot of sunlight so i'm thinking blue/grey but not too light so as not to get washed out by the sun. Any thoughts??

  • - Kinga 08:01PM, Apr 25 2012

    Your paint color sounds lovely. You can definitely use the Blue Pearl because the yellow walls would really make it pop. Other wonderful granite options are Blue Eyes and Azul Aran. However, I really enjoy the Blue Pearl against your warm walls. To bring the design together, consider using a backsplash like the Amber Tea Mosaic. Good luck!

  • toodles 09:57PM, Apr 24 2012

    I have sand yellow wall paint and white appliances and cabinetry in my kitchen.  I wanted to put in the blue Pearl or blue pearl royal GT granite countertops.  would that combination look good?  If not, can you suggest colors of granite to consider as I really love the wall paint (i know that sounds weird).  :)

  • - Derek 06:34PM, Apr 21 2012

    My recommendations are Sherwin Williams line Skylight and Poetic Blue. Good luck!

  • Donna 03:32PM, Apr 21 2012

     Thank you! :)

  • - Derek 03:14PM, Apr 21 2012

    If you want to add warmth and radiance into the design, the Little Angel by BM is a wonderful choice, otherwise the a cooler, more neutral shade such as the Glacial Mist can be used. I think it depends on the amount of natural light you have in the kitchen. If it's a little lacking, then I would lean toward the Little Angel. Hope this helps!

  • Nancy 07:05PM, Apr 17 2012

    What was the Sherwin Williams shade you used?  I too am having much trouble trying to match and my color scheme is pretty much the same.  I am looking for a beachy feel to a bathroom.  Vanity is linen white with beadboard look.  Granite is peral blue and the tiles are grayish brown with a slight hint of blue ( which only appears if you accent the walls with blue).  The accent in the tub wall is similiar to picture above recommended for a kitchen backsplash but it has natural mother of pearl, a greenish blue stone and then brownish tiles.

  • Donnazi 05:43PM, Apr 16 2012

    I've been struggling with wall color.  I have the blue pearl countertops, oak cabinets, and white/gray tile floors.  The previous owner had blue/pink flowered wall paper that looked horrid.  I'm going between a blue/gray color or a yellow.  So far I like "Glacial Mist" from Valspar.  It's more gray than the blues you have mentioned in this thread.  Can't find a yellow - wondering if Benjamin "Little Angel" will work.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!

  • - Derek 08:05PM, Apr 12 2012

    Are there any backsplash tile options you've looked at so far that have caught your attention? You could also consider doing a full granite backsplash out of Blue Pearl to the upper cabinets, that would surely be an elegant, continuous pattern. Just some food for thought. As far as tile suggestions, I am leaning toward glass such as Mirabelle Collection blue, grey, brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • Mivanusec 06:40PM, Apr 11 2012

    Hi Derek, We are doing blue pearl HQ in our kitchen, our wall cabinets are antique white and our island is a dark blue grey. flooring is a neutral tile that is kinda sandy with dark greys , browns, beiges's veined through. We have a 36" stove that I'd like to showcase with a beautiful backsplash. Any ideas?

  • - Derek 03:20PM, Apr 5 2012

    The lighter the better for cabinet color with your set-up. That would create an elegant contrast to offset the Blue Pearl. Most homeowners choose a white or off-white cabinet color to go along with the BP for a calming, contemporary feel.

  • Lhazen 04:02AM, Apr 5 2012

    I have been encouraged by your suggestions, as without seeing them before I had already chosen  white subway tile and soft grey flooring with striations of darker blue/grey to go with my blue pearl countertop. But, I am still undecided as to cabinet color. My walls are a fantastic shade my daughter found at Sherwin Williams that pulls out both the green and blue tones I have in some accent tile that is a mix of glass and marble. I want spa-like modern.

  • - Derek 04:58PM, Mar 29 2012

    A popular wall color to go along with white cabinetry and Blue Pearl counters is a soft blue-gray shade or something along those lines. However, if that is too cool and neutral for you, adding some warm with a light yellow could also be quite appropriate. My suggestions for you to consider are Benjamin Moore line Morning Light or Calla Lily. As far as a decorative mural behind the backsplash, that's really up to you as there are so many beautiful mosaics to consider. I'll give you a creative suggestion: Polly Jewel Glass backsplash, I've attached a picture for your reference. Good luck!

  • - Derek 04:30PM, Mar 26 2012

    To be honest with you, I've never seen this combination before so I cannot give you advise first hand. However, from experience I am not sure if this combination would work. If you want to use a pure black color for the cabinets, then it will be tough. If you can use a dark cherry or a shade like that then these options would compliment each other better. The only way it could work, as you've mentioned, is picking a lighter floor and backsplash tile, as well as wall color. It would also help if you have plenty of natural light and an open space. But these elements can't be too light as this would throw the design off. For example, you could use a white subway tile but with darker grout for the backsplash.

  • Abs 02:37PM, Mar 26 2012

    We're doing a kitchen renovation and we've fallen in love with Blue Pearl for the counter tops. Now we need to find an appropriate paint color and accent back splash for behind the stove. The cabinets are white and the floor is predominantly white with black detail. The new appliances are white and stainless steel (with the exception of the black and stainless steel stove top). We're installing a stainless steel hood over the stove. The room is quite large with a very high, barreled ceiling. The style is French country. The abutting sun room is periwinkle blue and white (with the same tile floor). Any recommendations for paint colors and a decorative black splash behind the stove? We were thinking a yellow might be nice, but we're open to lots of ideas! Thanks!

  • - Derek 09:50PM, Mar 22 2012

    You're welcome. Good luck!

  • Meggs Askew 01:14PM, Mar 20 2012

    Hello. I am working on the kitchen for our New construction. I am in LOVE with the blue pearl granite, but I am also strongly considering black cabinets. I really want both, but is there ANY way to pull this off without creating a "dungeon"? I have not chosen a tile floor, tile backsplash or wall color, so I do have the option to go light with these. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Warre 12:09PM, Mar 19 2012

     Thanks Derek!

  • - Derek 06:55PM, Mar 17 2012

    I have two backsplash tile recommendations: Thassos marble with Blue Celeste inserts, or a Mirabelle collection blue, grey, brown glass tile in a brick pattern. You could also go simple, elegant, and soft with a 2" x 4" White Carrara marble. I've attached pictures of my suggestions. 

  • - Derek 06:46PM, Mar 17 2012

    What photos are you referring to?

  • - Derek 06:45PM, Mar 17 2012

    I've attached a picture of Blue Pearl SP installed, it's similar to the regular BP but has more metallic reflective flecks as opposed to a blueish hue. Hope this helps!

  • Warre 06:55PM, Mar 14 2012

    Ok Gang, sprucing up my 1990's light grey Formica cabinets with some Blue Pearl Granite Counter tops and leaving behind white appliances for some new stainless appliances. I'm also changing out the grey plastic handles and knobs for some new stainless hardware. I tore out the Formica backsplash, and I'm now in need of some  tile ideas. The floor is a daker blue 12x12 tile with a lighter blue grout. I'm open for some ideas on paint also, currently a light grey Benjamin Moore.
    Any Ideas???


  • Jouellette7 04:09AM, Mar 14 2012

    Where are the attached photos?

  • Jouellette7 03:48AM, Mar 14 2012

    Would love a pic!!

  • - Derek 06:57PM, Mar 13 2012

    The Wythe Blue is very pretty, this shade will pick-up the Blue Pearl very nicely. I'd use Decorator White for the trim. 

  • - Derek 02:57PM, Mar 12 2012

    It's called Marine marble, I will be honest with you and say it's hard to find in the market right now. I recommend to send the picture to tile stores and search this way to see if they have this tile or anything similar. Good luck.

  • Bcd 2012 01:43AM, Mar 9 2012

     I honed in on a few others in the blue family with lighter gray hues because I have bisque/slightly yellow tones with a brick hearth in the family room which connects to the kitchen and want to make sure that one room flows into the other. So what do you think of wythe blue HC-143 or woodlawn blue HC-147, I'm leaning toward wythe blue? Trying to go more blue, less gray. Also is it better to go with a decorator white or super white for trim and ceiling given that the cabinets are a creamy off white.

  • - Derek 08:48PM, Mar 7 2012

    For darker blue gray options that would be a stronger shade to withstanding being washed out by the sun, I recommend for you to look at choices such as Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray, Pale Smoke, Pebble Beach. I hope this direction of colors will be more helpful to fit your design adequately. Let me know how it goes!

  • Bcd 2012 08:12PM, Mar 7 2012

    Derek, I have tried all these paint colors and they look so pale and white because where the paint goes is VERY Sunny so they get all washed out. What do you suggest? i'm in  time crunch because i need to paint next week. I'm looking at the darker blues on the Benjamin Moore First snowfall card but I'm still concerned because I do want it to be more blue than gray.
    Please advise.

  • blue pearl fan 01:05AM, Mar 7 2012

    Thank you Derek.  What is the name of the tile in the third picture?

  • - Derek 02:52PM, Mar 6 2012

    Some options that would surely compliment and pick-up the Blue Pearl granite beautifully are Marble marble tiles, Blue Celeste tiles, or a Mirabelle Collection blue, grey, and brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached pictures for your reference, good luck!

  • Bcd 2012 04:12AM, Mar 4 2012

    Derek, thanks I'm down to paint color Some of the options I thought, which you have recommened to others are:
    Lookout point 1646
    first snowfall 1618
    glass slipper 1632
    The gentle whites brochure showed the decorator white but I also saw lily white and silver cloud which I have never seen before.
    At first I was leaning towards first snowfall but it seems a little gray now and I really want to emphasize blue undertone much more than gray...any thoughts? in fact as little gray as possible because I want the eating area to be tranquil and serene and gray is sort of depressing. Thoughts? any other options ?

  • blue pearl fan 09:19PM, Mar 2 2012

    I love my blue pearl granite countertops.  I have creamy white cabinets (not stark white but not exactly eggshell either) and cherry-ish wood floor.  What backsplash tile would you recommend?  Looking for something more interesting than white/offwhite.

  • - Derek 05:29PM, Feb 25 2012

    If you enjoy the color tone and pattern of the Blue Pearl with it's metallic, reflective specks, then you should go for it and it will surely be a focal point of your kitchen. Another option I recommend would be Blue Eyes or Emerald Pearl.

  • - Derek 03:43PM, Feb 23 2012

    I love it! I think this will be a stunning, elegant combination. Go for it!

  • Shernon 10:46AM, Feb 22 2012 I have dark oat cabinets, would Blue Pearl work or what other color could you recommend me? Shernon
  • - Kinga 01:15PM, Feb 17 2012 What are you drawn to? Do you like movement like the Sanguine C or Canela Bouquet? Do you like tight pattern like Blue Pearl SP or Viscont White? If you could provide me with your likes and dislikes, I will be able to give you more stunning suggestions!
  • Naafiza 08:29PM, Feb 16 2012 I have cinnamon cabinets and light blue and gray floors, what color countertop would you recommend?

    Thanks Nafi
  • - Derek 05:18PM, Feb 16 2012 Blue Pearl is generally for a more contemporary kitchen design, and the rustic copper apron sink clashes with this design style. For the Blue Pearl, I recommend an under mounted stainless steel sink. As Kinga perfectly explained, stones with golden highlights are more appropriate for the copper sink.
  • - Derek 03:59PM, Feb 16 2012 Lynn, I've attached a picture that will give you an idea of this combination you're seeking. In the picture, the island is a dark cherry-like color, and a variation of Blue Pearl is used on the island. I hope this helps you visualize this set-up, unfortunately we do not have more pictures of this particular combination. Personally, I feel that BP and cherry cabinetry is a sleek, elegant, and transitional combination that compliments each other quite nicely.
  • - Kinga 12:27PM, Feb 15 2012 Although, I love the direction you are heading, I must say the Blue Pearl will not work well with the copper sink. I feel these two colors will clash and overwhelm the room. I would recommend Black Galaxy, Ambrosia Gold and Atlantis instead. If you are set on using the copper sink, I feel you should consider using a stone with deep orange/rust veins or flecks to compliment the sink and your design. Out of the three I suggested, the Black Galaxy is my favorite for your setup. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:40PM, Feb 14 2012 I like your idea of a 2" x 4" cut Calacatta tile for the backsplash, it'e simple and effective, without making the tile too busy. You should totally use that layout. I also cannot find any information on Calacatta Caramela, sometimes stores give a stone it's own name, so that might be what happen. You should acquire a sample of both choices and bring them home to see how you enjoy the combinations. Then use process of elimination to pick your final choice.
  • - Derek 02:29PM, Feb 14 2012 My paint color recommendations for you are Benjamin Moore line "Glass Slipper", "Antique Glassware", "Lookout Point", and "First Snowfall". You should acquire paint chips of these choices at a BM store and see how they look in your kitchen. Then you can use process of elimination to choose the color you're most attracted to. Good luck!
  • Sherrydtr 02:53PM, Feb 13 2012 I am in the process of finding a granite color that would suite my kitchen. I have an old style farmhouse and fell in love with the blue pearl. I have oak cabinets, oak floors and stainless appliances.
    I have been looking into the copper apron sinks and was wondering if the blue pear would compliment the sink. If not, what do you recommend?
  • Lynn 02:43PM, Feb 11 2012 Do you have pictures of the cherry cabinets with the blue pearl?  Everyone is telling me I should go with white, but I really dont want to but it is hard to find pictures with the cherry and blue pearl GT granite.
  • Bcd 2012 01:58AM, Feb 9 2012 Thanks Derek, Yes, using blue pearl granite and I'm trying to figure out whether to do  a basketweave or a simple 2x4 layout. I have four feet of 18 inch backsplash on either side of the sink (bay window above sink) which one sees first thing upon entering the kitchen. No backsplash on the island at all. I saw something in a store called Carrera caramela? But couldn't find that online! It's like the calacatta, with warm gold tones that complement the coastal white cabinets (which are creamy white and not stark white) and go well with the floors and some of the earth tones in the blue pearl GT (I rejected a bluepearl royale because it was too much blue and I wanted a little less iridescent) I'm just not sure whether the calacatta or the carrerra caramela (which I can't find online) will show up with too much veins and variation. Which do you think is better? and should I go for a simple 2x4 layout because I don't have that much backsplash in the kitchen? I also found a glass tile accent called lunar grey which I thought maybe nice to add. I saw it in the basketweave, which I think looks very busy and so maybe I can break up 2x4s with it instead?
    I also have a very traditional colonial and will be selling the house in a few years, so I want something that will have a universal appeal and low maintenance.
  • Angelks 11:49PM, Feb 8 2012 oh and I'd love a warmer gray or maybe a deep color to make the granite pop?
  • Angelks 11:46PM, Feb 8 2012 I have a blue pearl granite (actually called azul imperial) I have white cabinets and an espresso island but can't figure out a good paint color for the walls to compliment the granite.  Any suggestions?  I
  • - Derek 08:31PM, Feb 8 2012 Bcd2012, can you clarify what the Calacatta would be for in your design? In your previous post you were thinking about using Blue Pearl, and I'm assuming that you're questioning the Calacatta as the backsplash tile?
  • - Kinga 12:37PM, Feb 8 2012 The Calacatta marble especially from the Gold variety is absolutely stunning and definitely very interesting. Are you planning on using the Calacatta on your island or entire kitchen?
  • Bcd 2012 01:35AM, Feb 4 2012 also to give more details: I have a relatively large kitchen but the backsplash is only 18 inches high and the stove is an island so there is no backsplash above that as well.  My concern is that pure white is too stark , but I'm also wondering if the Calacatta is also not "interesting" enough?
  • - Derek 09:24PM, Jan 26 2012 I'll go in a different approach, and say my recommendation for wall color is Benjamin Moore line "First Snowfall" or "Lookout Point" if you'd like a cooler and softer wall color. For the floor tile, I'd use a shade such as our porcelain "Mocca" tile:
  • - Kinga 01:10PM, Jan 25 2012 Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s “Little Angel” or “Butter”. A warm yellow paint bring out the beautiful blue flecks in Blue Pearl. A hardwood floor or ceramic tile resembling hardwood like Terrace Walnut Tile or Santa Fe Sevil would finish off your design beautifully.  Let me know what you think!
  • Angelgirl6959 04:13PM, Jan 24 2012 We are re-doing our kitchen.  We got the blue pearl grante countertops, cherry cabinets & stainless steal appliances.  We're not sure what color to paint our walls & not so sure of the floor.  Any suggestions?
  • - Derek 02:56PM, Jan 11 2012 The slight, subtle golden undertones and highlights in the Calacatta marble tile are more appropriate for your design as opposed to the White Carrara. Although the Calacatta is more expensive, it's a solid buy and you should get it honed. You can use an accent such as Blue Celeste inserts to compliment the Blue Pearl nicely. You should visit tile stores and perform online searches to try out different combinations. Good luck!
  • - Derek 03:57PM, Jan 10 2012 Seems like you're on the right track for an organic feel for the kitchen. I'm leaning also toward the Blue Pearl as the reflective metallic flecks will make the granite countertop a beautiful centerpiece of your kitchen design. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 01:34PM, Jan 10 2012 Congratulations on your purchase! The Blue Pearl GT is a premium stone because of the intense blue flecks and flawless color. The Calacatta marble tile is widely available at most tile supply shops. You should contact a few local places for pricing and availability. I feel the Calacatta tile will work better in your space as opposed to the cool White Carrera because of your warm paint and cabinets. I would recommend a honed finish as it’s a classic and timeless choice for your space just like your countertop. Good luck!
  • woksawi 10:36PM, Jan 9 2012 We got the Blue Pearl GT (paid a lot more for GT but really wanted the blues). Where would I find the Calacatta marble tile?  Do you like that better than the Carerra?  (Paint is a yellow/tan Mythic Paint Seashell Beach).  Also - polished or honed?  And is subway the way to go now or squares on the diag with an accent that might pick up on the blue pearl?  Any suggestions for accents that tie into the Blue Pearl?  Thanks so much! love this board...
  • - Kinga 08:44PM, Jan 9 2012 It seems like your design has beachy flare to it, I feel the Blue Pearl granite is an appropriate choice. The stone will work great with your cabinets, backsplash and family room. I say go for it!
  • Gnahamel 05:44PM, Jan 9 2012 I have pure white cabinets and would like to do white carreras marble subway tile backsplash with either blue pearl or black pearl granite. Our kitchen opens up to family room which is painted a very pale beachy blue and our style is cottage and beachy. Any suggestions?
  • - Kinga 05:56PM, Dec 19 2011 I agree. A stainless steel sink is appropriate choice for the design. For backsplash, a Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic or Bianco Venatino in a Versailles pattern would be a beautiful and timeless finish to your design.
  • - Derek 04:44PM, Dec 16 2011 Generally, the more blue in the stone, the more expensive it is because blue is rare in granite and difficult to excavate/mine. For example, if you look on our website, the Blue Pearl SP is less expensive than the Blue Pearl GT because it has more silver/metallic flecks as opposed to blue flecks. I've created a Comparison Chart for your reference to see what I'm talking about, take a look here: Either one will look stunning against your cabinets and compliment the flooring nicely, and I recommend to just use a white subway tile or tumbled marble (carrara is a good choice) from the counter to the upper cabinet, and avoid the 4" granite backsplash. Hope this helps.
  • - Kinga 01:23PM, Dec 16 2011 I definitely agree with Derek. An Anatolia Marble Bianco Venatino Random Mosaic or the Anatolia Marble Berkshire Bianco Venatino Versailles backsplash would finish off the design gracefully. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 01:19PM, Dec 16 2011 In addition to Derek’s suggestions, take a look at Anatolia Bliss Iceland Linear Mosaic and Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Mosaic. Let me know what you think!
  • becky 03:42AM, Dec 16 2011 What is the difference in costs between the blue pearls? I found a royale and a regular blue pearl? I will be buying rock glen woodharbor coastal white cabinets, i have oak floors with a cherry stain in both family room and kithen  and will have brand new stainless steel appliances. The kitchen flows into a family room which has a large stone fireplace hearth and the colors include a tan brown couch, two bluish leather chairs (which will complement the blue pearl) and cherry coffee table.  Some of the granite slabs have more blue than others. Should I go with the most blue of the blue royale? Would that be too much of a contrast with the wood floors? Also, should I avoid a four inch granite backsplash and have all glass subway tile or carrera marble? (i was concerned about grout upkeep)
  • - Derek 03:59PM, Dec 9 2011 It's always wonderful to hear a fellow homeowner's opinion firsthand, especially since you have the stone yourself! Thank you for the contribution, I also agree that the Blue Pearl is a great choice for the kitchen.
  • - Derek 03:05PM, Dec 8 2011 That is indeed quite a warm paint color, and the eco-friendly aspects are a huge plus. I recommend to obtain a sample of the Blue Pearl and take it home with you to see how it looks combined with the elements in your design. Blue Pearl against cherry cabinets is a timeless and appropriate combination. If your heart is set on the Pearl, then I think you should go for it as I feel that you're on the right track and the reflective metallic flecks of this stone will make it a centerpiece of your design. You should brighten up the set-up with a backsplash such as Calacatta marble subway tile or a similar stone.
  • Guest 02:52PM, Dec 8 2011 I have it on m kitchen and love it. Darker granite are EASIER to clean, this specific kind is so hard, not porous at all, you barely ever have to seal it. As far as the yellow, it would probably complement it nicely. Go get your self a squre foot size sample. Best lighting is halogen lights, it brings the labradorescence out, it's phenomenal...
  • - Derek 08:52PM, Dec 7 2011 You can use the large Carrara tile as floor tile for the entryway, and small Carrara subway tiles for the backsplash. That's what I would do. Your kitchen design should come out very crisp, elegant, and clean. Good luck!
  • woksawi 04:31AM, Dec 4 2011 New construction - mountain home.  We have cherry colored maple cabinets, sapelli (like brazillian cherry) floors, stainless steel appliances, and soft yellow toned with tan undertone paint.  I painted before I fell in love with the blue pearl granite and others are telling me I'd be fighting with the yellow paint if I use it and it won't be as warm a look as if I used yellow/gold/brown granite.  And that darker granites are hard to clean.  But I love the blue pearl.  Any advice on whether this is a bad idea and if not, how to make it work best?  Like what backsplash would tie it all together for example?  The paint is Mythic Paint Seashell Beach 169-1 (this is the best eco-paint by the way! no financial interest, just like it)
  • amahny 05:04PM, Dec 3 2011 Wow, this website is great!  I am in a similar situation.  I have a blue pearl granite countertop in the kitchen and was thinking about changing the backsplash to a white carrera marble.  I was thinking of either using large tiles or large slabs to minimize the "busy-ness" as the countertop is pretty busy itself.  At the same time, there is a small entry way to our home that has ceramic tile that look a bit dated to me.  Can I use the same large carrera marble tile as a backsplash on the floor in the entryway?
  • - Kinga 09:01PM, Nov 29 2011 Also, consider using a honed White Carrara backsplash in a subway style to finish off the design!
  • - Derek 08:30PM, Nov 29 2011 Absolutely. Use a cool wall color with grey undertones to complete the look.
  • Kimfowlerhomes 03:26AM, Nov 24 2011 i have dark shade (walnut) cabinets and cream/beige/brown natural travertine tile. can i use blue pearl on the top of the counter top in my kitchen?
  • - Derek 06:33PM, Nov 23 2011 For a paint color suggestion with blue undertones to compliment Blue Pearl counters, take a look at Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper" and "Lookout Point".
  • - Derek 06:31PM, Nov 23 2011 Sounds good! How did the samples work out for you?
  • DW 04:00PM, Nov 19 2011 I am off to pick up samples of those yellows.
    Derek can you suggest any blues for me? I originally thought Stonington Gray would work but it had too much gray. I am looking for more blue such as is in the Calacatta floor tile..... it is a gray with a hint of blue. Or perhaps something more blue than even that.
  • DW 11:51PM, Nov 18 2011 Thanks Derek. I will get those samples and give them a try!
  • - Derek 06:33PM, Nov 18 2011 I'm very pleased to hear that you're on track and going in the right direction for your remodel. For the wall color, a shade of yellow that would look beautiful with the Blue Pearl granite is Benjamin Moore "Dalila" or "Early Dawn". Hope this helps!
  • - Derek 07:54PM, Nov 17 2011 If you're going to use paint, I'd use a shades such as Benjamin Moore "Lookout Point" or "First Snowball" for the first bathroom. For the vanities with cherry cabinets, colors such as Benjamin Moore "Linen White" or "Navajo White" are more appropriate. I feel as if the colors such stay light, soft, and calm. Hope this helps.
  • - Derek 02:19PM, Nov 17 2011 Two comments down, I attached an example of Subway tile with Blue Celeste inserts. How image and visualize those Blue Celeste accents replaced with Blue Pearl inserts. That is what I meant. I unfortunately do not have an actual example of this being done to show you, but I've seen it done before.
  • Lena 02:16AM, Nov 17 2011 why paint?  We have one bathroom with travertine tiles all the way up to the ceiling, it looks awesome!  Our second bathroom will be blue pearl granite on the walls around the tub and brushed or antiqued ivory travertine large subway tiles on all walls and on the floor. The vanity top will also be blue pearl granite. We're not set yet on the size of the subway tiles, maybe 8X16 or 6x12.  The ivory travertine is beautiful, it has some gray in it and complements the blue pearl granite perfectly.
  • DW 11:41PM, Nov 16 2011 I have had all kinds of problems redoing my bathroom, but I think I am back on track. I finally got my Blue Pearl granite which looks great, but they cut the sink opening too large for my chosen drop-in sink. They found me another which barely fits. It's OK, as only I will notice how tight the fit is as far as having very little overhang.  I had mentioned in another post that my new floor was too dark (gray) but I was making do. No longer am I making do!! It will be ripped out and a mostly white with gray streaks (calacatta) is going in. The walls are a beautiful shiny white tile with a strip of medium gray at the top at 54",  and again one third from the bottom These are very contemporary ceramica sant'agostino white body diamante 8X24 tiles. 
    Any suggestions on wall color? I had planned on blue to bring out the blue in the granite, but also considering yellow. I want a New York modern wow factor!
  • - Derek 10:07PM, Nov 16 2011 The stainless steel sink would surely be appropriate, as the metallic undertones in the Blue Pearl will compliment the stainless shade of the sink nicely. Stainless steel sinks also compliment a modern design style such as yours in a wonderful way. I'd go with the stainless sink as you cannot go wrong with this choice. As for backsplash, you could use a mixed mosaic of Subway tile and Ming glass.
  • Cindy 04:34PM, Nov 13 2011 We are re-doing all 3 of our bathrooms to various degrees.  The first bathroom will have taupe tile on the shower walls (7x7" square on bottom and 3x7" subway tile on top) and on the same taupe tile (14x14) on the floor, maple vanities and blue pearl vanity countertops.   What color do you recommend to paint the walls?  

    The second bathroom is the hall bathroom.  It will continue to have the 6 inch white tile on the bathtub surround and on the floor with the standards white bathrub and toilet.  The vanity though will be nutmeg cherry with the blue pearl countertop.  Do you have a suggestion for a paint color for that bathroom?

    The third bathroom is the main floor powder room.  The floor is maple hardwood, the vanity will be nutmeg cherry and the vanity countertop will be blue pearl granite.  Do you have a suggestion for a paint color for that powder room?
  • Cejones 02:39AM, Nov 13 2011 Sorry, I made an error on the size of subway tile--it is 2 x 6.  Also have a question about one of your other posts where you suggest using a 4 x 4 blue pearl insert with subway tile.  I cannot picture how that would be done--do you have a picture you could show?

  • Cejones 02:37AM, Nov 13 2011 We have white cupboards and are installing blue pearl countertops.  I have white appliances, blue grey walls, considering either white ceramic 3 x 6 subway tile or tumbled marble tile.  Am trying to make decision regarding the sink--white or stainless.  I do not have space for an undermount so whatever I choose will be a drop in.  I currently have a white drop in that looks almost new.  Would like your recommendation for type of tile for backsplash as well as the type of sink.

  • - Derek 02:01PM, Oct 11 2011 I think that it look just fine, don't stress! Upload a picture when it's all said and done so we can give our honest opinion.
  • - Kinga 12:05PM, Oct 10 2011 If you have any photos of the work in progress we would love to see!
  • DW 12:20PM, Oct 8 2011 Thanks Derek and Kinga.
    I totally agree that skipping the 4" backsplash is a good look, and that's what I will do in my kitchen when I eventually choose that granite.
    The Blue pearl is for an 84" countertop in my bathroom. What I ended up doing is having it measured with NO backsplash on the 2 ends. But on the long back part, I used the granite backsplash. The only reason I did this, is that there is a full wall mirror 84" there above the 84" BP granite. Unfortunately the mirror has a flaw on the very bottom, so the granite backsplash will hide that.Had I continued the tile which will be on the sides, it would be considerably lower than the 54" height of the sides. I hope it looks OK.
  • - Kinga 01:45PM, Oct 7 2011 Don’t do the 4” backsplash. A tile all the way down is a stunning choice. A honed White Carrara tile or tumbled marble with Blue Pearl or blue glass tile inserts would be a beautiful addition to your space. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 08:10PM, Oct 5 2011 Tile straight from the countertop to the upper cabinet is deal --- skip the 4" granite backsplash. That's the current trend and I feel like it will be timeless.
  • - Derek 07:52PM, Oct 5 2011 Adding blue colored inserts on a light subway tile would be perfect for your design. Take a look at the suggestion I've attached, it's Thassos marble with Blue Celeste inserts.
  • - Kinga 09:51PM, Oct 4 2011 For a warm look, a tumbled marble with Blue Pearl tile or blue glass inserts would look fantastic. For a cool, contemporary feel, a honed White Cararra tile in a subway style would look fantastic. A mixed mosaic is always a great choice. Let me know what you think!
  • DW 09:29PM, Oct 4 2011 I bought the tile on Saturday and they are measuring tomorrow (Wednesday). It will be installed 8 days later. Another place where I didn't act fast enough had a shorter turnaround time. But yes, the large (huge) place would have me waiting about 2 weeks just to measure.

    Should I do a 3" or 4" backsplash on the 3 sides that all touch walls, OR IN YOUR OPINION, WOULD a tile look nicer (same tiles that will be 52" from the floor all around the whole bathroom???
  • Raj 09:00PM, Oct 4 2011 I have a kitchen with Maple cabinet's, stainless appliances and cream floor tiles. I am looking for suggestions for the back splash as it is the only thing left to update after my blue pearl granite is installed today..any help would be appreciated.
  • - Derek 05:49PM, Oct 4 2011 That's great news! It's interesting that the smaller, local dealer has a shorter turnaround time than the larger place! Our turnaround time is down to a science and we're able to fabricate the countertops in just 2-3 days. It would be wonderful if you could post a picture of the installer countertop. Again excellent choice on the Blue Pearl and good luck with the remodel.
  • - Derek 05:34PM, Oct 4 2011 I'd use a light, simple and clean design for the backsplash. My suggestions are a Bianco brick mosaic glass tile (1st picture) and 2" x 4" Calacatta Marble tile (2nd picture). Let me know what you think!
  • DW 08:08PM, Oct 2 2011 Yay! i finally found my Blue pearl. I am pretty sure it is GT. It is not the lightest of the Blue pearls which in my opinion looks quite gray with small amount of blue. It is either Royale or GT, and has a lot of blue. I found all 3 varieties in a large place, and was about to get it there, but decided to check back with a smaller, local place that I had been to before. I was lucky as they had just received 3 pieces and I think it will be perfect. It will be installed in about 10 days. The larger company had a turn around time of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • paulette 04:17PM, Oct 2 2011 I have maple cabinets, white appliances and porcelain tile -very light taupe/cream/white . I am putting in blue pearl granite but not sure about the backsplash.  Any suggestiion would be most appreciated. Paulette
  • - Derek 07:43PM, Sep 28 2011 There are no set rules as to where you should get your granite. What is important is the experience and professionalism of the company you're dealing with. You want an experienced fabricator to create your countertop so the workmanship is top notch, as well as the quality of your slabs. I would recommend to find 1 1/4" thick Blue Pearl, that's the thickness of countertops we fabricate for kitchen application.
  • DW 10:36PM, Sep 27 2011 One of my favorite paints is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. To me it is more bluish than gray, and I have a bright blue bedspread in the room with it. The other colors I mentioned (Steel and Hearthstone) are Pratt and Lambert and, although the names sound like gray, they are a steel blue shade.

    I am still searching for Blue Pearl granite. I saw it in a kitchen place but it is only 3/4" thick. Does anyone know the difference in getting it there rather than from a granite stone yard?
  • - Derek 06:55PM, Sep 27 2011 DW gave some excellent suggestions. I recommend Benjamin Moore 'Glass Slipper'.
  • - Derek 01:57PM, Sep 27 2011 I'm sorry that your remnant was sold -- keep on looking! Blue Pearl is a quite popular and standard stone in most slab yard's inventories. Some places, such as us, only charge for what you use, not the whole slab, so you may not always have to pay for the whole slab if you need a smaller piece. I'm happy that you've chosen Blue Pearl, it's an elegant piece that will accent your design perfectly :)
  • - Derek 01:55PM, Sep 27 2011 I agree -- the various versions of Blue Pearl can be quite confusing, just take a look at how many batches we carry:
  • DW 03:12AM, Sep 27 2011 I have a lot of blue in my house. I have some blues known as Steel or Hearthstone or Stonington gray.
  • Ashb018 03:57PM, Sep 26 2011 I just recently bought a new home and the kitchen has the blue pearl granite which I love! But the kitchen is in serious need of paint, the cabinet are white with light gray doors and the floor is the light creamy porcelain tile. What do u suggest for color??
  • DW 01:45PM, Sep 26 2011 I made up my mind, finally, that I really want the Blue Pearl. But when I went back to get it, the remnant had been sold! So now I have to wait, or look elsewhere, since I am doing a vanity and do not want to buy a whole slab.  I need an 82" piece, but unless I find a remnant, the slab prices are twice as expensive. I should have acted faster. The good news is I now know exactly what I want! Thanks for your input, and I agree the Blue Pearl is beautiful, and light enough.
  • - Kinga 12:49PM, Sep 26 2011 You should bring samples of the Blue Pearl home and see them in the room. I’ve seen different variations of the Blue Pearl and most of them are on the lighter side compared to the Emerald Pearl which is generally dark. If you like a sample of the Blue Pearl you bring home, make sure to indicate to your fabricator this is the exact shipment you would like to use. I feel the Blue Pearl is a fantastic and durable choice for your space. Let me know how everything turns out!
  • DW 04:03PM, Sep 23 2011 The online pics of azul aran look too gray for me, but thanks. They look close to the floor tile. (I admit I am not happy with the floor tile, not exactly what I thought it would look like, but it's there, so I need to work with it!  Part of my problem could be I have always had white tile floors. ) Yes there are metallic reflective flecks in the Blue Pearl I have seen and I like it a lot. I just don't want to make further mistakes as I did with the floor. But I have seen different versions of the BP, such as GT and others. Some look so different. My contractor actually showed me Emerald Pearl and told me it was BP. It's a lot darker and I initially rejected it. Then seeing BP in another place, and liking it a lot,  I realized something was confusing me.
  • - Derek 02:23PM, Sep 23 2011 The Blue Pearl should not be so dark that it is black in color tone or shade. The stone has beautiful metallic reflective flecks and would be a stunning addition to your bathroom set-up. However, if you're only finding darker batches, perhaps a color like Azul Aran would be more appropriate. Let me know how things turn out!
  • DW 02:29AM, Sep 23 2011 My bathroom floor tile is already in and I feel it is quite dark,  medium gray 8X24 tiles staggered. The vanity is white. Will Blue Pearl granite be too dark? The samples I've seen look black.
  • - Derek 07:17PM, Sep 20 2011 You could use 3/4" slabs of Thassos marble for the walls, floor, ect although that would get pricey, it would look absolutely clean, crisp, and stunning without grout lines. However, a simple & light subway tile will also get the job done and fit your design nicely as known on the attached image. Hope this helps.
  • - Derek 06:32PM, Sep 20 2011 My recommendations are Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper" and Donald Kaufman "DKC-44". I've attached pictures of the colors in that order.
  • guest 06:06AM, Sep 20 2011 help!!! I am struggling with tile choices for my master bath shower. We will be using either blue pearl granite on the countertops or bahia blue. I want to use a pretty porcelain tile. I like subway tile, but am concerned with all of the grout lines and keeping things clean and crisp. Any suggestions?
  • - Kinga 03:53PM, Sep 19 2011 Buzz, 
    Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s “Snow White”, “Gray Lake” and “In Your Eyes”. I feel all of these paint colors would compliment your setup and work well with the style of the kitchen. Let me know what you think!
  • Buzz 04:27PM, Sep 17 2011 My kitchen is in an older home with glacier white maple shaker cabinets and the blue pearl countertops. The backsplash is white porcelain tile with a steel listello. My apron front sink and appliances are stainless steel.  The floor is finished in white tile with tiny black squares. What color walls would you suggest?
  • - Derek 06:45PM, Sep 13 2011 Seems like you're right on track with your overall design visions and you've accented the beautiful Blue Pearl granite perfectly. For wall color, try something in the color shade of Benjamin Moore "Rich Cream". This color gives off the right vibe that will not add any more cooler grayish elements that you have so far (that's not a bad thing, it's just that a warm wall color is needed right about now). I've attached an example of my suggestion for your reference, let me know what you think!
  • Ficottage 09:01PM, Sep 9 2011 In my kitchen redo I installed pearl blue granite countertops. Love it!  I have white cabinets and pale gray tile floor. For a backslash I put in hand painted 4x6 ceramic subway tile in a bluishish-grey.  It contrasts nicely with the white cabinets.  To complement the sparkles in the granite I did a big insert over the cooktop in glass pebbles in shades of blue and clear tones.  Looks like seaglass!  I am at a loss for wall color. It's an interior kitchen and I want to paint the kitchen and family room the same color.  Do you think I could go with awarm beige? My family room rug has earthtones and brick color in it. Thanks!, I tried a medium grey but it blended too much

  • - Derek 05:57PM, Sep 7 2011 Try "Silver Crest" Benjamin Moore line or a similar shade for the cabinet paint color. I've attached an image of the color for your reference. As for the tile, I'd use a simple & white subway tile throughout the bathroom, perhaps with a dark grout. This will create a clean and streamlined look. I've attached an image of a bathroom tiled this way also. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 11:05AM, Sep 6 2011 To bring more attention to the backsplash, consider using a Blue Pearl accent tile with the White Carrara as it would tie the space wonderfully!
  • Paulinatawil 01:04PM, Sep 4 2011 I have chosen the blue pearl for our bathroom countertops. I would like a blue gray cabinet. Any suggestions for the right color? Also what tile should I use for the floors and shower?
  • - Derek 03:47PM, Sep 1 2011 Blue Pearl will look fine against white cabinets, and it's a stunning choice for your project. It's a durable stone and the reflective flecks are sure to make it the centerpiece of your kitchen design. It would create a warm beach feel/theme and it feels like that's what you're leaning to. For a backsplash suggestion, take a look at 1" x 1" Celestial Titanium Glass Mosaic for that open feel and to make a statement. For a more traditional suggestion that is classic and timeless to fit Blue Pearl just right, you can use White Carrara marble in a mini brick mosaic. I've attached the images of my ideas for your reference. Just some food for thought.
  • Laura 02:55AM, Aug 29 2011 I am in the beginning stages of redoing my kitchen in a condo we own on a lake. We have decorated the rest of the condo in a nautical theme in the colors of light blue, navy, red and yellow. It is light and cheerful. The kitchen is quite small and we will be using white cabinets. I am wondering about a blue granite for the counter and will either use wood pine floors (to match the rest of the condo) or a cork floor. I will also need a backsplash. What are your recommendations for the counters and backsplash? Do you think the blue pearl would look better with a medium stained shaker cabinet? Thank you!
  • - Derek 01:18PM, Aug 27 2011 My recommendation is a 2" x 4" Calacatta tumbled marble tile. This would add some spark into the backsplash design instead of a stark white subway tile.
  • - Kinga 03:48PM, Aug 26 2011 Have you considered using a honed White Carrara or honed Calacatta Gold? A light gray slate would also be a fantastic choice for your setup. If you really want to make a lasting and timeless statement, a full granite backsplash will be a show stopper in any kitchen. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 08:45PM, Aug 24 2011 The Typhoon Gold is a fantastic choice for your setup! The stone would tie your floor and design elements together so my vote is for the Typhoon Gold.
  • spike1 12:18AM, Aug 22 2011 What would you say to Typhoon Gold instead?
  • - Derek 12:44PM, Aug 11 2011 Where is the Carrera marble tile going? I'm trying to visualize your layout better, and need some clarification.
  • - Derek 01:45PM, Aug 10 2011 My recommendation is a soft and calm porcelain tile, our 'Pompei Coral' variety is appropriate and would compliment your design very nicely.
  • sean 04:15AM, Aug 10 2011 Hi, we are having a tough time selecting a granite.  We are going to have white inset cabinets with carrera marble tile and hard wood floors, possibly brazilian cherry.  Any thoughts on a granite color?  Honed vs, Polished?
  • - Kinga 09:57PM, Aug 9 2011 Consider using a light grey porcelain or grey limestone tile to tie the space together. Blue Pearl looks very nice against grey and since your backsplash is silver, a grey floor would be an appropriate choice for your design. A grey limestone does tend to have grey and blue veining in it which would look fantastic with your countertop and backsplash. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 09:25PM, Aug 8 2011 I recommend a white subway tile in a brick pattern, I've attached an image for visual reference. As for wall color, a soft grey-blue tone is a nice compliment, take a look at Benjamin Moore 'Silver Mist' or 'Antique Glassware'.
  • John 07:15PM, Aug 8 2011 Thanks Kinga. Yes, hardwood would be the way to go but not possible. There's hardwood everwhere in the house and the SO wants tile in the kitchen. Can't talk her out of it. Any tile sugestions that won't clash with the backsplash?
  • - Kinga 06:07PM, Aug 8 2011 Have you considered hardwood? I feel a hardwood floor would bring warmth to the space without clashing with your design elements like a light Brazilian Cherry floor. Let me know what you think so far!
  • John 02:41PM, Aug 8 2011 Hi, I'm going with Blue pearl countertops and nickel silver tile backsplash with honey spice stained Cherry cabinets. What recomendations do you have for floor tile? Thanks for your help.
  • Anne-Marie 07:37PM, Aug 6 2011 Hello! We are at the stage of choosing paint and a tile backsplash to match the beautiful blue pearl granite for our kitchen... our cabinets are natural maple and the floors are grey tiles. What would you recommend so that the countertops remain the focal point? Thank you!
  • - Kinga 05:18PM, Jul 27 2011 I agree! Blue cabinets do not give the stunning Blue Pearl enough of contrast.
  • - Derek 03:31PM, Jul 27 2011 The Provence blue is surely a good match, but you don't really want the stone to look like the cabinet. One of the cherry stains may be more appropriate to go against the Blue Pearl.
  • Gamizleon 02:23AM, Jul 27 2011 hi i am having a little problem i am going to be putting blue pearl granite on my custom fish tank stand but i am having a hard time deciding which stain color to use i was thinkng about using a provence blue stain but am not sure i am going to post a link to  sherwing williams web site  please help
  • - Kinga 04:11PM, Jul 25 2011 Unfortunately, pink and blue do not go well together. The two colors (pink and blue), even if the pink is light, will clash. You should consider using a stone with same color tones like your tile. Take a look at Shivakashi Pink, Juparana Colombo and Ivory Gold. I feel stone like these stones would be more appropriate for your setup. If you are willing to change your tiles to something more neutral like a tumbled marble, the Blue Pearl would work perfectly. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 03:57PM, Jul 25 2011 Blue Pearl looks very elegant and rich against a cherry wood color. That's my choice, go for it!
  • spike1 08:20PM, Jul 23 2011 I have cherry cabinets and white ceramic floor tiles with soft pink and grey tones in them.
    I really like the blue pearl or artic blue for a counter top.
    Your thoughts.
  • - Derek 12:45PM, Jul 20 2011 I think the stunning Blue Pearl will look fine with almond colored sinks, it's a rich stone that will be the centerpiece of your design and take the eyes off other aspects of the bathroom. But i'm a little confused, are the sinks vessel shaped or a different variety?
  • - Kinga 01:22PM, Jul 19 2011 I’m assuming the sinks you purchased are undermount sinks which is a big plus. You won’t see the sinks much when you enter the bathroom until you’re actually in front of the vanity. However, the sinks would look best if the toilet bowl was also almond in color. Otherwise, consider adding an overhang into the sink to mask the "almond" to bring the space together. The Blue Pearl looks great with any type of sink so go for it!
  • Guest 07:34AM, Jul 19 2011 I purchased two Kohler bathroom sinks in "Almond" for our master bath remodel but then changed to vessel sinks.  Since it's too late to return them, I would like to use them in our main bathroom remodel.  My first choice for the bathroom counter is blue pearl, though.  What do you think of Almond sinks with a blue pearl counter?
  • - Derek 03:16PM, Jul 15 2011 Kinga's suggestions are spot on. I'm leaning towards the Golden Summer. This color will be complimented nicely by your yellow paint.
  • - Kinga 12:45PM, Jul 15 2011 Take a look at Golden Summer, Jaguar and Lapidus Gold. All of these stones have a hint of blue & grey as well as nice yellow & golden tones to compliment your walls and existing island. Let me know what you think!
  • mulerider 04:04AM, Jul 15 2011 We have white kitchen cabinets, a blue pearl island, and soft yellow walls.   Can you suggest a second countertop to coordinate with the island?
  • - Derek 01:44PM, Jul 12 2011 Can't go wrong with Petra Cardosa/Cardoso. It's strong and durable, perfect for a floor tile.
  • Masterkey94 09:44PM, Jul 9 2011 I'm looking to use blue pearl as the counter top for my outdoor kitchen but can't decide on a patio slate to go with it... Any suggestions?
  • - Derek 07:55PM, Jul 8 2011 Blue Pearl is an elegant choice, and it's metallic flecks will spice up your design and compliment your backsplash nicely. No other suggestions really, seems like you're on the right track. Make sure to take a sample of the stone and place it against your cabinets in your home to see how all the various aspects tie in together.
  • Nancy 02:48PM, Jul 7 2011 I have Colorado birch wood floors, white beadboard cabinets, and tumble stone backsplash with beach scene accent tiles.  My current countertops are brown Corian Canyon which I think looks washed out.  Would installing blue pearl granite countertops give it the pop that I need?  Are there any other "minor" fixes you would suggest?  Also, I have all bronze hardware.  Should I change it out to go with the blue pearl?  Thanks.
  • - Kinga 09:15PM, Jun 30 2011 Congratulations on your finished project! If you have photos, we would love to see!
  • - Derek 05:30PM, Jun 29 2011 That's wonderful! I'm glad to be of service. Wish you plenty of entertainment in your new remodeled kitchen.
  • - Kinga 04:53PM, Jun 29 2011 White Carrera or a Bianco Carrera tile with Blue Pearl tile inserts would look absolutely stunning in your setup. If you want a warmer feel to the backsplash, try a tumbled marble also with Blue Pearl tile inserts.
  • Samkork 03:01PM, Jun 29 2011 Derek,

    Contractors finished installing the counters yesterday and grouted the tile today.  I went with the cream subway tile as you suggested and it looks fabulous!  Thank you so much for your advice.  Samantha
  • - Derek 01:45PM, Jun 29 2011 Have you thought about using the Blue Pearl as a full backsplash up to the upper cabinets? That would really make a statement and compliment your design aspects nicely. As for tile suggestions, a White Carrera honed marble 3 x 6 Subway Tile is an excellent option in my opinion.
  • Jojo1968 09:01PM, Jun 28 2011 Could you please recommend a backsplash color/design/tile to go with blue pearl gt, natural cherry cabinets and a grey tiled floor.  Did I give you enough information?  Thanks
  • - Derek 03:50PM, Jun 24 2011 A white or a light gray cabinet would be appropriate go to with sage green wall color and Blue Pearl counters. For backsplash, I recommend a simple and clean subway tile in a light tone, with blue pearl inserts thrown in the mix. For the floors, are you considering tile or hardwood?
  • Jiggylu 01:46PM, Jun 24 2011 We just painted our kitchen a sage green and are putting in new countertops. We love the blue pearl look. We need new colors for the cabinets, a backsplash and putting in new floors as well. Do you have any suggestions? I was leaning towards grey cabinets but unsure if that will look good,
  • - Derek 04:40PM, Jun 16 2011 Perhaps Lagos Azul limestone tile? Should compliment the taupe tones nicely without being too busy.
  • RBerkala 04:07PM, Jun 16 2011 Hi Derek-I am planning on keeping the black dining room floor-I like the idea of the Topo Azul limestone tile, but am worried about the flow from the black tile dining room into the kitchen,(my living room has bamboo flooring, so it will be 3 different surfaces flowing into one another).Do you have any ideas of something along the same lines as the Topo Azul that might be a little more blue grey while still bringing in the taupe to tie in the dining room?
  • - Derek 01:53PM, Jun 16 2011 A soft and calm backsplash should be used. You can go with a light tumbled marble or a creme subway tile.
  • Samkork 09:41PM, Jun 15 2011 Hello. I am getting new countertops in the Blue Pearl color. I have light oak cabinets and a polished stone floor that is a taupe color. What color would you recommend for the backsplash?
  • - Derek 01:31PM, Jun 15 2011 For the floor, I recommend Topo Azul limestone tile. As for backsplash, how about a white subway tile with inserts of 4x4 blue pearl pieces? That would look really nice.
  • RBerkala 08:19PM, Jun 14 2011 I am redoing my kitchen with white shaker cabinets, all black appliances and want to use blue pearl as my counter tops. It is a small space 10 and a half by 8 feet.-The dining room leading into the kitchen has 8 by 8 beveled black tile which they do not make anymore and the dining room walls are a faux finished burnt sienna color-What would you recommend using for the kitchen flooring and would you recommend an all subway tile white back splash or a 4 by 4 blue pearl back splash?
  • Kaycee 11:41AM, May 6 2011 Great forum for specific advice! We are doing Blue Pearl GT in our kitchen with maple cabinets in a chocolate fininsh, floors will be rectified porcelain in a dark grey (almost slate looking). Walls are a blue/grey. We are going for a transitional look with a touch of contempary/industrial. Very open and bright kitchen. Looking ahead to the backsplash, we really wanted to something in a glass mosaic or glass with stone. Any suggestions or colors we should avoid in the backsplash with Blue Pearl GT?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, May 9 2011 Kaycee: I have an idea on what you could do -- a 4" glass tile with inserts of blue pearl granite.
  • KaP299 11:25AM, Apr 15 2011 I have an entire kitchen of Blue Pearl I wish I could put a picture in here. I have a 6 seat octagon bar with bar top and bottom, along other side of kitchen, around stove, sink and side...It is absolutely gorgeous. The kitchen is 400 square feet with very light blue side walls and a bit darker end walls but faint blue but noticable. Pops of red really give it a great look!! Cherry hardwood floors with maple cabinets...modern look.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:26AM, Apr 19 2011 KaP299: That sounds beautiful. Was the kitchen installed by us?
  • Melanie 10:21AM, Apr 14 2011 It's actually our bathroom. It's not a huge space -- long and narrow. Full bathtub on the left side with a closet on the left, and the vanity/toilet on the right (double sink vanity about 8 feet long). We have one window at the end. The gray tile is actually a lighter gray with some beige-ish mixed throughout. Yeah, I know the colors are a huge difference -- I like them both! Am thinking of the gray/blue paint with white trim/wainscot. Thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:29AM, Apr 14 2011 Melanie: Sorry I overlooked you saying bathroom in the original message. As I've stated before, definitely the gray tile. It will compliment the Blue Pearl nicely. But for the wall color...I'd use the lighter color, "Creamy". You should get samples of the paint to help ease the decision.
  • Melanie 07:52PM, Apr 13 2011 We are remodeling our bathroom (ranch style house), long bathroom. I am looking at the Blue Pearl for our granite counter top, with a darker maple wood stain -- I'm confused as to what to do for the floor. Do I do a ceramic tile with cream/beige or one with gray? I was leaning towards gray, but am nervous of it being "too dark" -- Also, paint color, looking into SW Storm Cloud or SW Creamy -- So confused! I like cozy colors -- not a fan of brights -- more autumn/fall.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:01AM, Apr 14 2011 Melanie: How is the natural light in your kitchen? And is it a decent sized, open space? If so, I don't think using a gray tile for the floor would be too dark, and it would compliment the Blue Pearl granite nicely. Big difference between the two paint choices -- I'm leaning towards "Creamy" to brighten things up.
  • laurel 11:13AM, Apr 9 2011 I recently saw Blue Pearl kitchen countertops with straight edges and I loved the shiny metallic flecks on the surface but noticed that the edges of the countertop and backsplashes seem duller and did not show the shiny metallic flecks. Is this to be expected with metallic granites like Blue Pearl?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Apr 12 2011 Laurel: The edge should be smooth, shiny and without any bumps that matches up in color tone to the surface of the countertop.
  • hadibase 09:02AM, Mar 29 2011 im doing my home and was looking to do my 200 meter saloons from this granite... i was wondering, if its too dark for such a large space, and is it close to absulote black cause my friend has it in is home and gets dirty very fast
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Mar 29 2011 Hadibase: No, Blue Pearl is not like Absolute Black. Personally, I think it would look stunning over a large space, but it may be a little too much on the eyes for some people as the reflective metallic flecks can be quite shiny.
  • jim Wood 05:38PM, Mar 5 2011 I am doing a large outdoor countertop sit an undersink. Is this material non-pourous, would it be relatively low maintenance and would it be good for the outside? Also is there a list of non-pourous Granite options for the outside?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Mar 7 2011 Jim Wood: All granite is porous to some extent, so they require sealing every few years. The most bulletproof granites I recommend are Ubatuba or Absolute Black.
  • itltrot 10:12AM, Feb 24 2011 I am redoing a masterbath and doing a medium to dark wood tile floor with white or off white cabinetry and chrome faucets and lighting. I am really leaning towards blue pearl granite counters but stumped on shower tile color and paint color. Please advise.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Feb 25 2011 Itltrot: The Blue Pearl is a gorgeous granite choice for the bathroom. As a wall color, I'd use a color in the blue gray family to compliment your granite. Try Benjamin Moore "Polar Sky" or "Fresh Water". As for tile, keep it light. A botticino marble tile will look very nice.
  • Cgbern 06:15PM, Feb 13 2011 I am renovating my large kitchen and taking out a wall. I will have approximately 100 feet of counter space between various back counters, side counters, L shape work area and island. I will have dark walnut floors, snow white (blue white) cabinets. I would like to use carrrara marble but I am concerned about not having an indestructible workspace. I was thinking of using the carrara on all counters but using blue pearl on my island. Do you think this would work.?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Feb 14 2011 Cgbern: That is a wonderful idea and will look absolutely stunning with your cabinet color and hardwood floor. Just be aware that the Carrara marble will stain and etch overtime, and accept that as the natural aging process of the marble. If the island is going to be your main workspace, then the Blue Pearl will hold up well over the Carrara. You could also use a stronger stone that looks like marble on the perimeter, take a look at Classic White.
  • espo 05:29PM, Feb 8 2011 We have Blue Pearl Counters. Its time to replace the kitchen table and I'm considering placing a slab on top 68x44. Our cabinets are a honey maple with white frosting. Can you recommend a compllimentary stone for the kitchen table or should I match my Blue Pearl? Also what will the slab weigh?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:26AM, Feb 9 2011 Espo: A nice color for the table that will tie-in the design nicely could be Ubatuba. As for the weight of the granite, this table could weigh up to four hundred pounds.
  • Megan 10:30PM, Jan 15 2011 I have blue pearl granite counter tops and am looking to finish off a dry bar area in my great room. What I'm looking to do is use blue pearl tile for the small flooring area to tie it together. Do you have granite blue pearl tiles? Thanks1
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, Jan 17 2011 Megan: Unfortunately we do not carry Blue Pearl tiles, we are a countertop fabricator.
  • sylvia perez 11:10AM, Jan 9 2011 I am redmodeling my kitchen I have put brazilan walnut hard wood floors in my kitchen it has different hues of brown and grain in wood. I purchased the Marine blue cabinets from Thomasville. I am condersidering using the Verde Butterfly by sensa for my countertops and white subway tile for the backsplash.. My appliances are all white. What do you think.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:37AM, Jan 10 2011 Sylvia Perez: You're on the right track, the marine blue cabinets are a unique touch that will compliment the Verde Butterfly granite nicely, go for it!
  • Jen Barbs 03:59PM, Jan 5 2011 I have a brand new kitchen i am trying to pull together. I like darker ( speckle free granites) like Blue pearl or Black Pearl. My floor is a san color tile with a small hue of grey in it and my cabinets are white beadboard. I am planning painting my walls a blue ( a blue grey probably - either Brewster Gray or Nantucket Fog) Can you tell me if this is coming together? I want a nice simple clean open look. Some day i will do a better floor and add subway tile a sa back spalsh. I feel like i have too amny colors with granite, cab's, floor and paint - does it seem all over the palce?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:02PM, Jan 6 2011 Jen Barbs: The Black Pearl is neutral and will offset your light cabinets nicely, that's what I would use.
  • Lori 01:19PM, Nov 17 2010 Opinion needed on blue pearl with Merillat Natural Oak cabinets and natural oak floors. What wall paint also would be suggested?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:56AM, Nov 19 2010 Lori: It's a gorgeous combination and will fit your design nicely. For wall color, something in the family of Benjamin Moore "Polar Sky", or "Enlighten Mint".
  • dominika 09:19PM, Nov 13 2010 I am considering to order blue pearls granite to my contemporary espresso kitchen cabinets and stainless steel tile.Is this really more blue how it look like with stainless steel and ivory?and is it only one kind or its dark and light?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:20PM, Nov 15 2010 Dominika: I think the Blue Pearl granite will look very attractive against your dark espresso cabinets. The metallic color tones in this stone will also compliment your stainless steel tile very nicely, go for it!
  • Susan Manning 11:50AM, Oct 18 2010 Putting in granite countertops. Have maple kitchen cabinets. Have fallen in love with pearl blue granite. Will it work? If yes, should I use light or regular? Can you give me another choice for the countertops? Thanks so much.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:49AM, Oct 19 2010 Susan Manning: Blue Pearl is a beautiful granite and will bring a cool contrast to the warm cherry cabinets. Another option is to go lighter. Santa Cecilia goes very well with cherry cabinets.
  • Kay Hughes 03:20PM, Sep 28 2010 My son is putting in White cabinets and wants to use pearl blue granite for the counters. He is considering Subway tile either in white or gray. What would you recommend for the floors?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Sep 29 2010 Kay Hughes: I recommend a slate tile floor with this set-up.
  • Alex 12:39PM, Sep 22 2010 Hi, I am redoing my kitchen floor and putting in granite tiles. I have blue pearl countertops with maple praline cabinets, with sky blue walls. What color(s) should I be looking at to match the kitchen? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:20AM, Sep 24 2010 Alex: Some good suggestions for your floors based on your design are: Imperial White, Kashmir White, Sira Grey, Castle Grey.
  • damor 01:42PM, Sep 7 2010 Hi, We are renovating our kitchen and will have creamy white cabinets. I am trying to decide what colors to use for countertops, backsplash and floor tiles. I am drawn to the blue pearl and emerald pearl granites. The kitchen is open to the living room with gold walls and the dining room with cranberry walls. Would either of these granite colors be a good choice for the kitchen countertop? Could you also recommend a type of backsplash and floor tile? I appreciate your help - thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Sep 8 2010 Damor: There beautiful stones with their blueish metallic flecks are an excellent choice against white cabinetry. For backsplash, I recommend a light subway tile and floors can be done in slate.
  • bventi 09:13AM, Aug 31 2010 Hi, I have cherry cabinets with blue pearl granite counters in our bathroom. The tiles are white, and resemble Carerra marble. There are no windows, this is a condo. What color to paint???? We are stumped here, these are not color choices of mine, they are previous owner....not my style at all, I tend toward warm colors! Also does the bathroom have to match the master bedroom? It's beige. Thanks for any help you can give!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:03PM, Sep 3 2010 Bventi: You might have to use a cool wall color to match the blue pearl granite. Try Benjamin Moore "Polar Sky" or "Polar Ice".
  • sandra 12:26PM, Aug 20 2010 hi. we are renovating the kitchen in our new house and have chosen white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, java hard wood floors. The kitchen will be open to the dining room which will have light yellow walls. do you think blue pearl will go well or have other recommendations and what type of backsplash to compliment everything? also, is this in your ridgefield store, we may come in to look at it. thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:57AM, Aug 23 2010 Sandra: The Blue Pearl would be a great choice for your set-up. It will offset the light cabinet wood. For backsplash I suggest a simple off-white subway tile with some 4x4 blue pearl inserts, or you can go darker with a slate backplash. This stone is available at Ridgefield Park, NJ facility.
  • robin 02:08AM, Aug 17 2010 Hello, I just had bllue pearl granite with a 6 inch backsplash installed in my kitchen. I have all white cabinets and the floor is a italian tile which is brown clay colored earthone. What colors would you recommend for tile above the backsplash? Thanks!!jahg
    • All Granite and Marble 10:31AM, Aug 17 2010 Robin : For backsplash I recommend an off-white subway tile, simple and elegant.
  • robin 06:48PM, Aug 15 2010 Hello, I just had bllue pearl granite with a 6 inch backsplash installed in my kitchen. I have all white cabinets and the floor is a italian tile which is brown clay colored earthone. What colors would you recommend for tile above the backsplash? Thanks!!jahg
    • All Granite and Marble 08:14AM, Aug 16 2010 Robin : A clean and elegant, off-white subway tile would fit your design nicely.
  • Margaret White 12:38PM, Aug 5 2010 I have a Delft inspired kitchen ... white cabinets, white appliances,, blue and white checked curtains, and a brick red tile floor. I am considering replacing my blue countertops with Blue Pearl granite.. Is this "dooable" or will it look too busy?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:20AM, Aug 6 2010 Margaret White: You're on the right track the Blue Pearl is a gorgeous choice for your design, go for it!
  • marty 10:51PM, Jul 18 2010 hi, i have blue pearl countertops and am trying to figure out what to put for a back splash. the cabinets are natural maple, the floor is natural ash, the appliances and sink are stainless, the walls are yellow. I wanted to use glass tiles but I can't figure out what will look good unless it is all up. any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:53AM, Jul 21 2010 Marty: I suggest to use a white glass subway tile with blue pearl inserts.
  • Lisa 09:51PM, Jul 17 2010 We have sea foam green tiles about a third of the way up the walls in the bathroom where we are putting in a new cabinet. The base is painted white Shaker style. Will Pearl blue work for the countertop?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Jul 21 2010 Lisa: Absolutely! Gorgeous combination.
  • Christine 10:50AM, Jul 14 2010 We are using blue pearl for our bathroom countertops. We don't get many choices for tile so have chosen a beige with blue glass inserts. Will that tie in enough with the blue pearl to make it work? Also we are thinking of putting the blue pearl as the seat in the that a good idea and will the granite be okay with all the steam a shower gets?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:13AM, Jul 14 2010 Christine: You're on the right track, the blue pearl is a strong and durable granite it can be used in the shower safely, and the beige tile will compliment the blue tones in your design nicely.
  • Nancy 07:42PM, Jul 13 2010 I would like to incorporate some 2" x 2" blue pearl tiles into my back splash design.. What is the best way to cut or find 2' x 2" blue pearl tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Jul 14 2010 Nancy: Most tile stores can cut to size, it's not a do-it-yourself job.
  • Ann 12:41PM, Apr 26 2010 I'm considering Blue Pearl for the kitchen counters in home I'm buying next month. It's a very open custom designed contemporary design home built in the late 1970s with white cabinets, hardwood floors, white appliances, and lots of natural light. The kitchen opens directly into the dining area (which in turn opens into the living room). My dining room furniture is a maple or light oak and the fabric on the chairs a smoke blue. I'd like the area to retain is warm inviting feel...and look fairly sophisticated at the same time. Would Blue Pearl be a good choice
    • All Granite and Marble 01:14PM, Apr 26 2010 Ann: Absolutely! You're on the right track. What are you doing for backsplash? Maybe incorporate some blue pearl colored accents into the tile design.
  • maureen 04:40PM, Apr 5 2010 I have ligt cherry cabinets and a natural oak floor. I love blue pearl granite, however im not sure this will tie together well. Any thoughts here?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:07PM, Apr 6 2010 maureen: It will create a rich and very elegant atmosphere. If it's a decent amount of space, and you have good natural lightning coming in, then this combination would look stunning.
  • Michael 11:23AM, Mar 28 2010 We have ordered a very blue pearl countertop with the 4" backsplash,and white painted shaker cabinets, and a blue/grey tile floor. Our appliances are stainless steel and we age getting a white cast metal sink. We are looking at a white, grey, blue, black 1" glass tiles as a backsplash. We are trying to picture whether this would be too busy or look nice. What do you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:06PM, Mar 29 2010 Michael: Perhaps it's too busy. Keep it simple -- I suggest to go with a light subway tile.
  • Elaine 11:21AM, Mar 20 2010 Can you clarify which has more blue--Blue Pearl or Blue Pearl GT? I'm confused by the responses to Nancy and Hank. They seem conflicting or am I misunderstanding? Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:47AM, Mar 22 2010 Elaine: Blue Pearl GT has a little more blue. It also has more pronounced flecks of black. It's also more expensive. Blue Pearl has more of a metallic shade. It's less expensive. I went to look at them carefully. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Tracey 10:08AM, Feb 28 2010 Hi there. We have white cabinets and are interested in installing Blue Volga counter tops. We are having trouble deciding on back splash. Interested in mosaic glass tile, but is that too "busy" for the blue volga? Should we go with a more subtle ceramic gray tile? If mosaic tile, thoughts on color combinations? Trying to go for a modern, italian kitchen look... Thanks@!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:21PM, Mar 1 2010 Tracey: Indeed a gray subway tile would be a cleaner choice, try "Heather Gray" as the color.
  • hank 11:46AM, Feb 26 2010 I need a cut slab 51" x 31.5" and I am pretty sure I have Blue Pearl and not Blue Pearl GT. The slab will not be right up against the existing one[s] if I'm wrong will there be a huge difference?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:50AM, Feb 27 2010 hank: Blue Pearl GT should have more blue. Take samples of both stones and compare.
  • bella 03:30PM, Feb 24 2010 we have white cabinets with a a white island and backsplash has blue and beige mix, we are thicking of putting blue pearl counter top and have the wall creamy white with one big accient wall of blueish gray colour...are kitchen is not too big so we only wanted 1 wall to have the grayish colour to tie everything together since we are adding blue pearl..are floor is a tile blueish gray colour and i am thinking to add few accients of yellow, whould do u think with all the colours we are using, will it go together pls help!!!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:56PM, Feb 24 2010 bella: Absolutely! You are on the right track, it looks like you do not need much help :-) It will look gorgeous.
  • Nanc 07:42PM, Feb 22 2010 Thanks for the clarification, I was told the GT has more blue, which is what I am looking for, and also more expensive. I will change to Blue Pearl. Thanks!
  • Nancy 06:13PM, Feb 20 2010 Can you please tell me the major difference between blue pearl and blue pearl gt. Which is the better granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:04AM, Feb 22 2010 Nancy: It's just the reflection of blue. Blue Pearl has the most of it.
  • Laura 02:42PM, Feb 19 2010 We're building a new home and we were in your showroom yesterday and I fell in love with the blue pearl for our counters and island. I was planning to go with maple cabinets, a honey color, but I just don't think the blue pearl compliments it. I don't really want white cabinets. What color scheme for cabinets and backsplash would you suggest? The builder's choices for backsplash are beige, beige or beige! We will have tons of windows with southern exposure so the kitchen will be very bright.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:07PM, Feb 19 2010 Laura: Blue Pearl looks beautiful with a darker cherry, very sleek. But if you want to use light cabinets, a yellowish oak also looks good.
  • Becca 04:25PM, Jan 25 2010 I'm building a new house and have a very open first floor. i want to do blue pearl countertops and breakfast bar, stainless appliances and white beadboard paneled cabinets. should i do a backsplash or just have the blue pearl come about 4 inches onto the wall and paint an accent color behind? also, do i need to choose either black or brown for furniture, or can i mix them? would silver and grey be too cool of accents, or would it look nice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:16AM, Jan 26 2010 Becca: Tile will tie-in the Blue Pearl better, perhaps a tumbled marble with inserts of stainless steel and blue pearl itself. I'd go with all brown furniture, no need to mix them.
  • jean 01:13PM, Jan 18 2010 No, we love the blue pearl. We are only replacing wood floors in the kitchen with porcelain tile due to water damage and need advice on tile color. Kitchen is open to family room with oak flooring, so tile will butt up against that.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:37PM, Jan 18 2010 jean: A tile in a grayish tone would fit best with the Blue Pearl.
  • Jean 11:29PM, Jan 17 2010 We have blue pearl countertops and backsplash, yellowish oak cabinets, stainless applicances,burgandy walls with charcoal faux finish. Replacing damaged wood floor with porcelain is open to family room with oak floors,should we go light or dark? lots of oak in rooms.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:30AM, Jan 18 2010 Jean: You're replacing the Blue Pearl? Or are you asking on what kind of floor tile to use.
  • Kevin 02:46PM, Dec 23 2009 I want to install blue pearl counter tops in my kitchen with new shaker birch light colored cabinets. I thought I'd use some medium red-tan porcelain tiles for the floor and drk gray-black slate tile for the backlash. Do you think those colors would clash (the walls are off white). Thanks, Kevin
    • All Granite and Marble 04:40PM, Dec 23 2009 Kevin: That sounds like an excellent combination, you are on the right path. I'm be cautious about adding reds to the floor, maybe more tan.
  • Headaman 01:46PM, Nov 16 2009 Looking for flooring ideas: I have a small master bathroom (30sqft of floor). I have Carrara Marble in the shower, Blue Pearl on the vanity, white sink, white toilet, half way up the wall is 60's style white 4"x4" w/tiny blue, grey and navy specks (hardly noticable). Want to paint the walls a midlevel blue grey, what tile or color should I put in for the flooring? I have samples of a Silver Grey Quartz but not sure if it's too similar to the Blue Pearl. Or a black slate?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Nov 17 2009 Headaman: The granite should compliment the floor, I think the gray quartz will look fantastic.
  • Julie 03:53PM, Nov 14 2009 What is the difference between Blue Pearl Granite and the Blue Pearl GT Granite? I am considering this for my kitchen...
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Nov 16 2009 Julie: Blue Pearl has more rarity out of the two, because it has blue flecks, while the GT has metallic colored flecks.
  • Christine 03:51PM, Nov 10 2009 Rennovating our masterbath. Our cabinetry is vanilla with a pewter glaze. We picked Blue Pearl for the vanity top and Silver travertine tile for the floor and bottom half of the walls. The upper half will be painted in a Silvery light blue. What color tile would you suggest in the shower? The same Silver travertine? Also, for the showerhead/faucets I was thinking of either an aged pewter or brushed nickel. What are your thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:05PM, Nov 11 2009 Christine: The silver travertine will work nice. And i'm leaning towards the brushed nickel.
  • Lisa 04:31PM, Nov 2 2009 What do you think about granite shield? Is it worth it? And does it really last?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Nov 3 2009 Lisa: I am not familiar with granite shield, but looks like a gimmick to me, a high quality water-based sealer reapplied once a year is all you need.
  • jennifer 06:44PM, Oct 29 2009 I have Blue Pearl caounter tops with cherry cabinets my flooring is a grey blue flooring. I'm looking for a back splash. thinking mosiac tile in blue, grey and black any suggestions
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Oct 30 2009 jennifer: That's a wonderful idea, you might also want to consider tumbled travertine or marble to create lighter accents.
  • Lisa 12:10PM, Oct 24 2009 In small bathroom we installed multi-colored slate on the floor and blue pearl granite vanity. Tub and toilet are white, with antique white tile in the tub surround. We like deep, rich color for the wall but don't want too much blue in the bathroom, is there a complimetary color for the granite and slate that will make them pop without being in the blue family? What deep,rich color would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Oct 26 2009 Lisa: Try a Raffia Cream.
  • Patty 01:18PM, Oct 19 2009 I fell in love with pearl blue granite; I have honey maple cabinets and white appliances; light oak floors. Back wall is pretty very light tan/gold tile. Sample looks really nice but I'm unsure to make the commitment. Selling house in 2 years so I want to be sure it will have appeal to prospective buyers.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:04PM, Oct 19 2009 Patty: Blue Pearl is a stunning and sought-after stone, it will look beautiful in your home.
  • Steve 09:29PM, Oct 17 2009 We're going to go with the Blue Pearl. The guy doing our kitchen has suggested a white deckle square backsplash, mostly on the 45 (except maybe the top row sqaure) with small double row of hand-painted blue little medallions by Pratt & Larson for interest (maybe even set off with pencil line). Any thoughts on the white backsplash with white cabinets? Will the deckle give enough depth / interest? Any other suggestions? And what about wall color? Thanks so much--you have a very helpful site!
    • All Granite and Marble 02:44PM, Oct 19 2009 Steve: A white blacksplash with blue inserts would would look nice, added with your favorite shade of light blue as wall color :-)
  • chastity 12:20PM, Oct 15 2009 what is the diferane between BLUE PEARL and BLACK PEARL
    • All Granite and Marble 01:56PM, Oct 15 2009 chastity: They are two very different stones, only similarity is the name.
  • Steve 12:01PM, Oct 11 2009 We're getting new countertops for our kitchen. We have white Merillat cabinets that look new, wood floor. We're tearing down a wall between kitchen and dining area, both of which are relatively small (10 x 10 or so), and we're adding a peninsula between them. The kitchen / dining room face north, but get good light through the day. We're trying to decide between Super White, Azul Platino, and Blue Pearl granite. Any comments about the different feels we'd get with those three choices? We'd like a something that looks sort of snappy and fresh, if that makes sense, although part of our problem is that we don't really know exactly what we're going for. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Oct 12 2009 Steve: Blue Pearl looks very crisp with light cabinets, the Platino will make the kitchen boring and too salt-n-pepper, while Super White will be too light, go with the Pearl if you can afford it.
  • Sam 08:40PM, Sep 21 2009 What do you think of dark/black sleek modern cabinets with blue pearl granite and a gray tile backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:09AM, Sep 22 2009 Sam: Very contemporary, go for it!
  • Kendra 10:49AM, Sep 4 2009 With the pearl blue countertops, light blue painted cabinets, what would be some good options for flooring and backsplash? We will have brazilian teak hardwood flooring throughout house and not sure whether to have it in kitchen as well?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:54PM, Sep 4 2009 Kendra: My mistake, in your earlier post I thought you were asking about wall paint not cabinet color, definitely do not do a blue cabinet color, a light blue wall paint is what you need. Cabinets should be hardwood white if you like light or even cherry. Light colored Subway tile for backsplash and hardwood floors.
  • Kendra 09:39AM, Sep 4 2009 My husband and I are really interestted in the blue pearl countertop. What color paint options would we have for our cabinets? I'm thinking either grey or blue of some sort?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:56AM, Sep 4 2009 Kendra: You are correct, a light accent of blue to compliment this beautiful granite is what you need.
  • ryan 07:21PM, Aug 26 2009 Im looking for a 41" x 21" vanity countertop. White sink with a single hole for the faucet. How much and how long to get to twin cities mn?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:12AM, Aug 27 2009 ryan: We only service the northeastern Tri-State area.
  • Brian 07:36AM, Aug 6 2009 I am putting blue pearl counters, with asian black tile on the floor (continental slate - Daltile) and have painted the cabinets a slight gray (50%repose grey - Sherwin Williams) with a backsplash of white subway tiles mixed with a 1x6 light blue glass tile running through the back splash. the trim throughout will be snowbound (white - sherwin williams). i am looking for a happy kitchen. what color would your recommend for the walls and cieling?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:40AM, Aug 6 2009 Brian: I would paint the walls a very light shade of blue.
  • Alex 01:01PM, Jul 15 2009 One salesman told me that blue pearl is much dencer grinite and more resistent tostains vs blue valley stone. Is it correct?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:24PM, Jul 15 2009 Alex: Granite is granite, it is one of hardest natural stones. Our granite is polished and sealed therefore it is resistant to stains with normal usage.
  • Alex 07:25AM, Jul 15 2009 What is a better choice for master bathroom vanities (countertop): blue pearl or bross blue/valley blue?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:30AM, Jul 15 2009 Alex: Blue pearl consists of metallic, very shiny speckling while the valley blue has veining, it is simply a matter of preference, both are beautiful stones.
  • Mike 02:46AM, Jul 11 2009 Have light sand tile flooring, Wendy's Frostee color walls, dark/cherry mahogany cabinets new penny finish copper pulls/sink with blue pearl counter. Would a honey or golden iridescent glass back splash look good for pop or should I go more copper colored to blend with cabinetry pulls/sink? Any other suggestions?
  • Steven 11:01PM, Jun 26 2009 If this was my counter in my kitchen, what would be a good tile (material and color) to go with it. Were thinking a light ccolored latte paint for the wall and medium dark brown cabinets. Suggestions? would that cabinet work?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:03AM, Jul 1 2009 Steven: The cabinet would be ok. This stone works well with lighter, warm wood, like maple.
  • Rita 08:17AM, Feb 25 2009 Would Blue Pearl Granite go well with Dark Brown Cabinets, Black appliances and a black floor. What would you do for the backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:05PM, Feb 27 2009 Rita: Good contrast. I would add a bit of warmth with some travertine tile with glass inserts.
  • All Granite and Marble 12:30PM, Feb 5 2009 O'Malley:
  • All Granite and Marble 12:30PM, Feb 5 2009 O'Malley: I'm sticking to the slate. It should enhance the contrast.
  • O'Malley 02:28PM, Feb 4 2009 Oh I also have a fireplace in the kitchen (I know its odd) and I wanted an idea on what color would go good with the floor and also make the fireplace standout. Currently it's a beige stone
  • OMalley 02:14PM, Feb 4 2009 I have white cabinets blue pearl granite and a greyish blue wall color. I'm looking for suggestions with the flooring.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:28PM, Feb 5 2009 OMalley: Try a blueish slate or something similar. Worst case scenario, white will match.
  • Ellen 07:04PM, Feb 2 2009 Do you know what volga blue is?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:54AM, Feb 4 2009 Ellen: Yes. Stone ID#530
  • Ellen 07:53AM, Jan 8 2009 what would be the best profile edge for this granite in my white kitchen
    • All Granite and Marble 01:54PM, Jan 12 2009 Ellen: If it is a modern design, I would go with a straight or a beveled edge. For traditional, victoria, or old world style I'd use a more ornate edge.
  • Ellen 05:00PM, Jan 5 2009 I see that a lot of houses use shades of brown and brown granite Is the white kitchen with the blue pearl granite passe. I need something that is elegant and timeless.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:43AM, Jan 6 2009 Ellen: Well, it really depends on what YOU like. For most people, kitchen is a room that centralizes the family. It is associated with warmth. That's why you'll see the majority of kitchen designs using warm colors. But that shouldn't stop you. Blue Pearl is a beautiful stone and I think you can have a very elegant kitchen.
  • Ellen 07:29PM, Jan 4 2009 You mentioned that my kitchen would seem a bit cool what could I do to warm it up but keep the elegant look
    • All Granite and Marble 08:37AM, Jan 5 2009 Ellen: Use a lot of warm accents. Probably golds would be suitable.
  • Ellen 02:06PM, Jan 1 2009 We are building a new house. The kitchen is approx. 13x13 with a skylight. The appliances are stainless steel. There is a raised breakfast bar overlooking the great room. Would blue pearl granite go with white cabinets, hardwood floor tinted grey and white carrera tumbled marble backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:51AM, Jan 3 2009 Ellen: Yes it would. It would make the kitchen seem a bit cool but still very elegant.
  • Aly 12:19PM, Nov 22 2008 I forgot to also ask if you think a beige tile would be better as a backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Nov 24 2008 Aly: I like the idea of a stone backsplash better.
  • Aly 12:17PM, Nov 22 2008 We are building a new house. We have a beige tile floor with natural hickory cabinets.We were thinking about doing stacked stone as a backsplash.Would blue pearl go well with the cabinets and everything else? If not, do you have a suggestion? Thank you :)
    • All Granite and Marble 09:14AM, Nov 24 2008 Aly: Well it would certainly pop really nice. Is that what you're looking for?
  • Jennifer 10:33PM, Nov 16 2008 Our kitchen has a blue slate floor and blue roman blinds. Want the blue counter tops. want to reface cabinets. what color paint would work on the walls and cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:37PM, Nov 21 2008 Jennifer: If the cabinets are maple then a natural wood color would be very nice. If you're painting them, some sort of a off white with a hint of warm yellow would do as well.
  • Gina 12:21PM, Oct 17 2008 We are getting Blue Pearl Granite for all our counters we have all stainless steel and hardwood floors and the cabinets are a cherry glaze not to red.. have no idea for wall color or back splash I want to do glass mosaic
    • All Granite and Marble 10:08AM, Nov 19 2008 Gina: If you're going with a glass mosaic, I would use an array of colors used throughout the kitchen.
  • thicks 06:48PM, Oct 3 2008 We're installing a Blue Pearl counter in the Laundry Room. The floor is 12x6 black slate in a running bond pattern. The walls are English Gray (hint of blue) and the cabintes are currently off-white. I'm thinking of a light grey glass or slate backsplash. Think this would look good?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:54PM, Oct 8 2008 thicks: Awesome combination. Very interested to see the results!
  • Jennifer 02:54AM, Oct 1 2008 Would light blue glass tile as the backsplash go well with blue pearl countertops? Haven't seen too much about glass tile??
    • All Granite and Marble 12:41PM, Oct 8 2008 Jennifer: I think if it was used as an accent, it would work well.
  • Manticore 05:10PM, Sep 27 2008 What kind of mortar is recommended for the installation of blue pearl floor tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:41AM, Sep 30 2008 Manticore: We don't specialize in flooring. Sorry.
  • Nic 11:24PM, Sep 26 2008 I'm thinking of blue pearl granite countertops, would it look alright with teal and white toned mosaic tiles for the backsplash, any recommendations??
    • All Granite and Marble 11:36AM, Sep 30 2008 Nic: Not sure about the teal. What is the rest of the kitchen like?
  • Carrie 09:19PM, Sep 11 2008 We are also getting blue pearl in the kitchen. I've seen lots of questions on backsplash and flooring - what about wall color? Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:32PM, Sep 25 2008 Carrie: Offset with warm pastel yellow or gold.
  • Cindy 09:13AM, Sep 1 2008 In our masterbathroom we have a white vanity with a blue pearl top and the walls are a darker blue. Any suggestions what color the floor and shower tiles should be? Would a chococlate mousse color look good?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:59PM, Sep 25 2008 Cindy: Not sure about that. I was thinking more along the lines of warm beige or gold.
  • Andi S. 07:47AM, Aug 23 2008 Have a blue pearl countertop in my kitchen with honey maple cabinets w/stainless steel appliances with a white/gray ceramic tile floor. Putting in a matted off white/gray tile backsplash. Had 4 x 4 blue pearl tiles cut and will add them to the backsplash. Getting Blue Pearl switchplates also. Looks great!
  • Mary 08:29AM, Aug 16 2008 We are going to do re-facing of our kitchen but keeping out blue pearl countertop. What color will be best fit for cabinets, backsplash and walls? The appliances are stainless. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:30PM, Sep 19 2008 Mary: Warm beiges and golds will compliment the stone very nicely.
  • Sue 12:18AM, Aug 9 2008 Backsplash? Have nutmeg glazed cabinets blue pearl counters,stainless appliances. light yellow walls. contractor recommended glazed tile over tumbled marble. 4 x 4 squares not diaganol. suggested tile with a few deco accents. I''m lost what color will go well. I have seen online off white and am not excited. Suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:20AM, Sep 19 2008 Sue: I guess your contractor was right. You don't have to go off white. A hint of gold/yellow will complement the stone nicely.
  • Carol 03:24PM, Jul 23 2008 With blue pearl countertops, white cabinets and white tiled floors, what in the world colors for walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:02PM, Jul 25 2008 Carol: From your description it sounds like it's a very cool color scheme. By cool I mean cold. How about breaking it up with some warm yellow?
  • Judy 11:42AM, Jul 19 2008 Our kitchen will have natural finish cherry perimeter cabs and a medium stained cherry island. If we do blue pearl on the perimeter, what would work on the island (I'd like a 'wow' factor.)
    • All Granite and Marble 12:08PM, Jul 21 2008 Judy: Try Amidala Gold or something similar.
  • Peggy 09:48AM, Jul 13 2008 Which color cabinets would go well with the blue pearl granite, honey maple or dark cherry? Also, what color tile for floor & backspash?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:31PM, Jul 17 2008 Peggy: Again, Honey Maple is the one.
  • blanche 11:55PM, Jun 24 2008 we have white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances and plan on having blue pearl counter tops but can not not decide what color of floor tile and back splash...any suggestions
    • All Granite and Marble 03:36PM, Jul 17 2008 blanche: For the flooring, slate tile will look great. For the backsplash, a white or off white.
  • CB 09:44PM, May 28 2008 We are thinking about master bath using Blue Pearl countertop with Kohler Vapour Blue sinks. Can't figure out what the rest of the room should look like so that it doesn't take away from the beauty of these 2 major items. Any ideas re:vanity, tile surround, flooring?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, Jun 25 2008 CB: For the vanities you could go white or light maple. Tile can be any off white or cream.
  • Paula 09:30AM, May 14 2008 We are ordering the Blue Pear countertop - what would be a nice match for the island if we went with a different color? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:04PM, Jun 6 2008 Paula: Black or gold.
  • Beatie 07:44PM, May 9 2008 We are getting blue pearl counter tops and island top. I had no idea how hard it is to find a backspash to go with the granite. We'sre looking a white ceramic tile and then doing some light blue accent tiles, but I am waiting until the granite is installed.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:44AM, Jun 6 2008 Beatie: White with blue accents sound good.
  • Peter 10:34AM, Mar 18 2008 This a beautiful granite, would to go well with natural Maple cabinets that have aged to a golden color?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:22AM, Apr 4 2008 Peter: Absolutely! Gold and blue are perfect together.
  • Joseph 01:15PM, Mar 3 2008 Would Blue Pearl GT go with Honey Spice Cherry cabinets? We want to do a nice backsplash that is easily cleanable also, what is a good recommendation?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:33PM, Mar 6 2008 Joseph: It will depend on how red the cherry is. The less red, the better. For the backsplash, you can do nice ceramic or porcelain tile.
  • Kathy 07:56PM, Feb 26 2008 Will the Blue Pearl bring out more yellow/orange from the oak or help to tone it down. I have a sample and it looks great with the antique red brick. I like the look with the cabinets, but just want to insure that it doesn't make the cabinets look more orangey/yellow..
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Feb 29 2008 Kathy: That's hard to say. It might accent the yellow a bit. I think it's not to an extent you should worry about.
  • Kathy 10:28PM, Feb 21 2008 Would Blue Pearl GT go with yellowish oak cabinets (autumn gold stain)? I also have a wall in the kitchen with Chicago Brick, would that go with the Blue Pearl GT ? If not, what colors would you recommend ?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:56PM, Feb 22 2008 Kathy: It will be great with the cabinets, not sure about the brick though. If it's just one wall, it should be ok.
  • PTM 09:48AM, Feb 20 2008 I can't tell from the pics - are there reflective pieces in the stone that sparkle when the light hits them?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:19AM, Feb 21 2008 PTM: Yes. They sparkle blueish silver.
  • Mike 04:49PM, Jan 30 2008 We using 2"x2" slate. The color is called Gobi, which has blue/gray tiles, some with like a rust on them. The manufacture is Rush River/Stone Studios. We think it looks great with the Blue Pearl granite counters.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:59AM, Jul 13 2009 Mike: Ther are copper colored glass mosaics you might want to try that?
  • Jan Wolf 04:23PM, Jan 19 2008 How does blue pearl countertops look with 12" blue pearl tiles in diagonal pattern as backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:50AM, Jan 22 2008 Jan Wolf: It would be extremely hard to pull this off. The two stones (tiles and tops) are usually cut from different part of the rock. That's if they come from the same quarry. And chances of that are minimal. They will look "off". Like you tried to match them, but didn't really succeed.
  • Todd 06:45PM, Jan 1 2008 What backsplash would go nice with blue pearl countertops and a darker cherry cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:33PM, Jan 3 2008 Todd: Slate will look pretty good with this.
  • Mike Callas 08:44PM, Oct 24 2007 we have blue pearl countertops white cabinets and white appliances what backsplash would look nice?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:14AM, Oct 25 2007 Mike Callas: A light slate tile might be a nice addition. If you want to go into warmer tones, then you could do a travertine tile.
  • David 03:37PM, Sep 28 2007 Tubmled marble or travertine are hard to clean, particularly near the cooktop area, aren't they? Do you have a picture of blue pearl countertop to show us?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, Oct 1 2007 David: If you're concerned about the cleaning, then definitely go with ceramic tile. Unfortunately we have no pictures of Blue Pearl in a kitchen.
  • gsd 12:49PM, Jul 17 2007 If you had blue pearl countertops what granite would look nice as a backsplash. I have natural oak cabinets and black appliances.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:36PM, Jul 17 2007 gsd: I would use the same blue pearl on the backsplash or do tiles on the backsplash. Tumbled marble or travertine would look nice if you want to bring some lighter accents.