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Many Variations: Juparana Bordeaux, Florence Bordeaux, Golden Bordeaux, Crema Bordeaux

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Black, Brown, Gold, Red
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace
Terracotta pinkish stone with gray quartz and white calcite deposits.
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  • Peter 07:51PM, Aug 26 2013

    I would recommend Rose Dale or Soul Mate.

  • Mary 03:39AM, Aug 16 2013

    We are building a new home with natural hickory cabinets and a walnut hardwood floor in the kitchen/dining room. Our appliances are black and stainless and there's plenty of natural light. The countertop we recently selected is sienna bordeaux granite - I love it but am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be compatible with the cabinet/floor combination (we just didn't want dark granite countertops or the maintenance of soapstone). I have some good leads on neutral backsplash designs/colors based on other messages in this thread. So my one remaining big decision is paint color. I have plenty of neutral color elsewhere in the house (specifically Clark and Kensington Pebble Creek) and am wondering if I might be able to pull off a little more color - maybe something like PPG Canyon Stone or Benjamin Moore Drenched Sienna? Thoughts/recommendations/advice welcome. Thanks so much.

  • Peter 06:31PM, Jun 28 2013

    The Santa Cecilia does have Burgundy Garnets embedded within it which might pick up your red tones. Check it out! It's a must see in person!

  • karen wells 05:05PM, Jun 27 2013

    thanks for your granite idea, I think I should incorporate the red of the pavers in the countertop though, the Santa Cecilia has more grey, any ideas?????

  • Peter 01:35PM, Jun 24 2013

    Hi Karen, it really depends on what color you end up refinishing your cabinets to, for a darker countertop I would suggest a lighter granite, a Santa Cecilia is always a nice choice for darker cabinetry.

  • Karen wells 08:01PM, Jun 21 2013

    I have pavers on the floor and the cabinets are oak, which I want to refinish to a darker color. Any suggestions for a counter top, so I don't end up with brown, red all over

  • - Derek 03:38PM, Jan 11 2013

    Hello. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having after Hurricane Sandy. On behalf of All Granite & Marble, our hearts go out to you and your family during this difficult time. In regard to the renovation project, let's start with the backsplash first. Since the Typhoon Bordeaux has plenty of movement and veins within the stone, I am leaning toward a subtle and simple tile selection such as the 2” x 4” cut Noce Tumbled Travertine, or our Oyster Mix Flamer Travertine. Lastly, you can also check out a mosaic such as the Philadelphia Travertine  w/ Glass Inserts.In terms of the wall color, is there any specific color direction you’ve thought about going in? Perhaps a darkish burgundy to accentuate the colors in the granite? Or do you want to stay in a warm yet light neutral color tone? Let me know your thoughts! :-)

  • LQ 12:59AM, Jan 6 2013

    We are putting our kitchen back after Sandy. I love the Typhoon Bordeaux granite. My cabinets are maple (honey color) and oak wide plank floors, also lighter honey color. Any suggestions for wall paint and also backsplash tiles? We have an open floor plan, no furniture to match so I can go in any direction. I tend to gravitate to the warmer colors though. Any help would be appreciated! thank you

  • - Derek 01:50PM, Sep 26 2012

    Where are you located? Generally 2cm slabs are used for countertops on the West Coast. From what I know, for 2cm countertops, plywood planks must be underneath the granite for extra stability and support. You can still have a 12 inch overhang but you must install extra support for the overhang such as corbels or brackets. 

  • JR 02:51PM, Sep 25 2012

    After looking for some time, I have found Firestorm Bordeaux slabs that I like. The problem is that they are 2 cm and not the 3 cm that I had hoped for. Other than the seaming necessary for the demi bullnose, what is the downside of using 2 cm slabs? Will it compromise the 12" overhang counter? Tks

  • - Derek 07:27PM, Aug 9 2012

    Hello! Do you enjoy veins and movement in the stone, or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Do you envision your countertop a dark or light color? Are these any stones so far that have caught your attention? I am asking you these very important questions because you have quite an open floor design plan and I want to find out what kind of granite you enjoy to give you the most accurate recommendations. Thanks!

  • Fgallin 07:47PM, Aug 3 2012

    My cabinets are natural birch.  My floor tile is a greyish white ceramic.  What color granite would you suggest -- staying away from grey since that's what I've been looking at for years.  Also, what color backspash would you suggest.

  • - Natalia 03:44PM, Jun 26 2012

    Both of these colors are quite similar, however the Typhoon has rich bursts and hues of burgundy veining running throughout the slabs. On the other hand, the Siena has deep rustic brown veins rippling throughout the slabs. Either one will look spectacular against a white cabinet shade. In regard to backsplash, I'd use a neutral and calm tile, such as Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass in a brick pattern or a Crema Marfil tumbled marble. 

  • Aih97 11:54PM, Jun 21 2012

    We are currently redoing our kitchen.  We have picked out white shaker style cabinets.  And are torn between which type of granite we should put on them...Sienna Bordeaux or Typhoon Bordeaux.  But the biggest matter is picking out the backsplash any suggestions that could work for both or for either??

  • vz 04:30PM, Feb 9 2012 I am installing  Giallo Ornamental countertop in bathroom. What tile shades look nice with this. Also, painting the vanity...and open to colour suggestions.
  • - Derek 04:00PM, Feb 9 2012 The Giallo Ornamental and Santa Cecilia are classic and timeless choices, full of elegance and warmth to compliment your design kitchen. However, they're safe choices, and you can add New Venetian Gold, as well as Giallo Napoleone to that. Any one of those four would be a solid and appropriate countertop. If you'd like more movement to make the granite a focal point of your kitchen, I recommend to also take a look at Sanguine C, Shalimar Gold, New Colonial Dream, and Colonial Cream. Hope this helps!
  • - Derek 03:44PM, Feb 9 2012 It's in neither, it's in higher categories on the estimate: Single Gold.
  • - Derek 03:39PM, Feb 9 2012 Are there any colors that have caught your attention so far? My recommendations are choices such as Peregrine C, Solarius, Typhoon Gold, and Sanguine C. Let me know your thoughts on these!
  • - Derek 03:34PM, Feb 9 2012 I'd use a very light cabinet color with a hint of creme warmth such as the buttercream shade for an excellent contrast. Also a granite such as Imperial Coffee would look very nice with this set-up. Hope this helps!
  • Devora 01:14AM, Feb 9 2012 Is this availablem in Ridgefield Park or in your site in Suffolk County? Devora
  • Devora 01:11AM, Feb 9 2012 Is this available in the Ridgefield Park location? Devora
  • - Derek 08:28PM, Feb 8 2012 Fire and Ice backsplash tile is quite popular with dark, elegant stones such as Black Galaxy. I've attached pictures to illustrate what I mean. Hope this helps!
  • - Derek 06:49PM, Feb 4 2012 Unfortunately that's outside of our area of service, we operate in the northeastern Tri-State area. However, you may fill out an estimate request here: and a locally affiliated fabricator in your area may contact you.
  • - Kinga 01:39PM, Feb 3 2012 I’m leaning towards the Sienna Bordeaux as well as the Typhoon Bordeaux. Both stones would compliment your space magnificently. For backsplash, I would recommend a simple white subway tile backsplash or SomerTile Quarry White Gloss Porcelain mosaic tile to keep the focus on the glamorous granite without overpowering the design. Let me know what you think!
  • Pcherian 03:35AM, Feb 2 2012 Thank you so much! We live in Vienna, VA. Do you have a place you deal with here?
  • - Derek 08:12PM, Feb 1 2012 We have Kosmus available if you'd like to take a look, it's ID 976. It's an interesting and rich choice, for other suggestions that will make the island a focal point in your kitchen design, take a look at Brown Alpine, Hurricane, and Amazon Tiger. Hope this helps!
  • Pcherian 01:51AM, Jan 30 2012 We are renovating our kitchen. We plan to have white-beige floor tiles and our cabinets are cherry dark tan (butter nut)in the periphery and a dark brown(sable) on the island. WE PLAN TO HAVE JUPARANA BORDEAUX FOR THE COUNTERTOPS IN THE PERIPHERY and are looking for a very striking unique granite for the island. will something like a Cosmo (Kosmos) be too busy ? ( we also hear it may not be sturdy in certain areas of the slab) Any ideas will be greatly welcome. Pam and Zac

  • - Derek 06:21PM, Oct 4 2011 I'm not familiar with what Fashion Bordeaux looks like. The Bordeaux family of stone has dozens of variations. I believe it's similar to Crema Bordeaux, if so, then it's a stunning choice and you should totally go for it!
  • Bjbjsfour 03:32PM, Oct 3 2011 Thank you.  What do you think of Fashion Bordeaux.  I loved the Sienna Bordeaux but thought it was too white for the creamy white cabinets.
  • - Derek 06:41PM, Sep 27 2011 The Siena Bordeaux, as well as Typhoon Bordeaux, would compliment your set-up nicely and I recommend either one to be used for your kitchen. For backsplash, my suggestion is a tumbled Botticino marble split-faced mosaic. I've attached an image for your reference. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 11:57AM, Sep 27 2011 I am not sure what the Fashion Bordeaux looks like but the Siena Bordeaux would be a wonderful choice for your space. A tumbled marble backsplash like a Crema Marfil with accent tiles would be a sold choice for your setup. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 11:26AM, Sep 27 2011 Unfortunately, the Stroudsburg, PA yard do not carry the Bordeaux but they do carry the Crema Bordeaux and Ibere Crema Bordeaux. Each location has hundreds of colors to choose from so it’s best you visit the yard in person and pick up a few samples to bring home.
  • Bjsfour 02:16PM, Sep 26 2011 I am remodeling my kitchen.  The cabinets will be a creamy white with a glazing to match a cherry island.  I am thinking of going with either Fashion Bordeaux or Sienna Bordeaux.  Which will work better?  Can you also recommend a color and type of backsplash.

  • Brad Eisenhower 09:39PM, Sep 24 2011 Do you have this at your Stroudsburg store?  If not, can you get it in?  Also, what price category does it fall into?
  • - Derek 10:42PM, Sep 14 2011 You're welcome! Good luck.
  • Thank you! 10:03PM, Sep 14 2011 Thank you so much!  I ordered samples and we'll work from there.
    I appreciate the help!
  • - Derek 09:13PM, Sep 14 2011 Indeed it's a wonderful match and your choice does pick up the tones in the Crema Bordeaux nicely. Adding a softer accent border with a neutral marble tile such as my suggestion of Crema Marfil (Botticino is another option, as well as Statuary marble, Durango, Baja Cream travertine ect) is an excellent idea. You're on the RIGHT track!
  • Thank you! 04:22PM, Sep 14 2011 Thanks so much Derek!  We love the granite!!  Here's a photo of the mosaic.  However, I like your suggestion in going with something more neutral. We thought the mosaic might be nice as the stone that is in it matches the crema perfectly. And, although it's a bit altered due to viewing on the monitor, but the lighter accent pieces of glass match our paint color.  What do you think about adding some sort of "accent" border within the 2x4?
  • - Derek 09:44PM, Sep 13 2011 I don't see an example of the glass & stone mosaic tile that you're considering in this post, there are two pictures attached. However, the Crema Bordeaux that you've installed is just gorgeous, I just have to compliment you on this stone. How do you feel about a light, creamy, simple, soft, and neutral tumbled marble tile? The countertop stone is busy so this is the route to go in regard to backsplash tile. For example, a 2" x 4" cut and polished Crema Marfil mosaic.
  • - Derek 07:36PM, Sep 13 2011 My recommendation for your design is a soft and simple backsplash tile mix such as a SomerTile Reflections subway & ming glass mosaic. I've attached a picture for you to see. Best of luck!
  • Gucci03 12:20AM, Sep 10 2011 Hi, I have typhoon bordeau countertops. Cherry Sangria cabinets and a gray slate floor. I need desperate help with the backsplash. I need to go with something very simple because the countertop is busy and the floor has highlights in it that makes it busy. Thanks
  • - Derek 06:29PM, Aug 31 2011 The backsplash should be calmer and softer as the Crema Bordeaux is a rich pattern. My recommendation is a Baja Cream polished marble mosaic. Let me know what you think!
  • Raj 02:30AM, Aug 25 2011 We have maple cabinets and bamboo floor. We are planning to go with creme bordeaux.Which tiles do you recommend for backspash?
  • - Derek 04:48PM, Aug 17 2011 That travertine pattern seems a bit too busy for my taste when used with a rich color such as Crema Bordeaux, perhaps a travertine tile such as a 2x2 sized Walnut Fontane Tumbled Mosaic would be a more appropriate choice. I've attached a picture for your reference. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 09:54PM, Aug 15 2011 I feel the travertine would work well if you used the large tile paired with the medium subway style. If you use the large tile on the bottom and the subway style on the top, it won’t feel busy and the colors will tie the space together very well.
  • Thank you! 04:30PM, Aug 15 2011 We have installed crema bordeaux countertops in our kitchen.  We have light (white oak?) cabinets and a neutral paint color.  We are really having trouble with the backsplash material!  Didn't use the granite as it was 3 cm thick and didn't want to pay the $$$ to cut and polish it (and we thought 3cm was too thick).  Do you recommend a glossy finish on the backsplash with granite, or matte?  What about travertine?  I see it recommended by some folks here, but is it very practical re: cleaning?  We are not going all the way up the wall - just 5".  We thought about the travertine in the picture attached, but think it may be too busy with all the grout lines.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  • - Kinga 01:42PM, Aug 11 2011 The Crema Bordeaux you are considering is definitely a great choice for your space. Derek’s backsplash suggestion would finish off the design wonderfully as would a tumbled travertine. Let us know what you think!
  • - Kinga 01:18PM, Aug 11 2011 It is my pleasure! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Jack 11:48PM, Aug 9 2011 Thank you, your recommendation is greatly appreciated.
  • - Derek 02:48PM, Aug 9 2011 The Bordeaux done as a full backsplash looks gorgeous and you can actually see an example of this in our 'Work Examples' box. I've also attached an image for your reference. The continuous flow and pattern fits a kitchen setting very well, and your dark cabinets will be an elegant compliment. Another recommendation, also from the Bordeaux family of stones, is Ibere Crema Bordeaux. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 01:28PM, Aug 9 2011 Great choice! This color is vibrant and will breathe strong life into your design. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person and pick exactly the one you like. My other suggestions would be Four Seasons, Ibere Crema Bordeaux, and Golden Rock. The backsplash should be softer and calmer, our 'Oyster mix Flamed' tumbled travertine tile is a perfect solution.
  • - Derek 01:22PM, Aug 9 2011 The Crema Bordeaux is one of my favorite stones and the colorful movement will make this granite a center piece of your kitchen design. I also highly recommend the Crema Bordeaux, but you must look at the slabs in-person and pick the actual slab that will be used for the project, as they can differ quite considerably between deliveries.
  • - Kinga 12:43PM, Aug 9 2011 I like the Crema Bordeaux for your setup because the stone has a rich feel with vibrant veins and great colors that will tie your space together.  My vote is for the Crema Bordeaux!
  • siri 04:03PM, Aug 7 2011 Hi, We are redoing our kitchen.
    We selected Shenandoah Maple with Auburn glaze(dark) cabinets . Our floor will be polished porcelin in light beige color. Our appliances are stainless steel.

    I like Bordeaux granite family. I  am also thinking of backsplash with same granite. I
    am wondering which  Bordeaux / similar will  suit  our kitchen specially we are doing whole kitchen with peninsula and Bar area. I like darker  colors ... Please suggest me which granite will suit our kitchen.
    Thank you
  • Rjrsky 02:44PM, Aug 7 2011 Our cherry cabinets are stained to a medium brown.  Our floor will be a natural color cherry.  I am attracted to the bordeaux #632.  Do you think that choice is sound?  And, are there other granites you suggest we look at before making a final decision?  Also, kindly offer a backsplash suggestion.
  • Jack 12:46AM, Aug 7 2011
    Hello, we are redoing our kitchen. The kitchen is not small but it is considered a galley kitchen  The cabinets that we selected (American Woodmark - Maple Cognac) are medium in darkness and has a reddish tone them. The floor will be porcelin tile that is on the lighter side. White based with various tones to it (baige). For the granite, we were thinking either the creama bordeaux or the tan brown. What do you think?

  • stella 10:14PM, Apr 3 2011 i have white kitchen cabinets with green ceramic tile floors, thinking about using crema bourdeaux, what do you think
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Apr 4 2011 Stella: The Crema Bordeaux is a wonderful choice. Another option I recommend is Golden Rock.
  • Debera Verlinda 10:46AM, Mar 13 2011 I have spiced cherry cabinets and love the bordeaux granite for countertops. Our floors are a much lighter hardwood, do you think this choice would work? Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:31PM, Mar 14 2011 Debera Verlinda: Excellent combination. The Bordeaux granite will provide the needed warmth against your spice cherry cabinets, go for it!
  • Suzanne 08:16PM, Dec 5 2010 I am having fruitwood stained cabinets installed with a Sand colored porcelan tile. I was thinking of going with the Butterfly Granite but wasn't sure if a Bordeaux would be better. Any suggestions as to what would look good with the fruitwood and the lighter floor? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:47PM, Dec 7 2010 Suzanne: I'm leaning towards the Butterfly Antique for a sleek and elegant design. The Butterfly will compliment your fruitwood cabinets nicely. For the flooring, try a travertine tile.
  • Matt 11:45AM, Sep 6 2010 I have Glazed Hickory Cabinets. I was thinking of a terracotta tile floor and bordeaux granite counter tops. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:08AM, Sep 8 2010 Matt: I recommend the Crema Bordeaux, it will compliment your terracotta floor nicely.
  • Carolyn 05:23PM, Aug 16 2010 I have ordered crema Bordeaux granite for the counter and backsplash, it will be put with light stained hickory cabinets, my appliances are stainless steel and we are thinking of doing our floor with light colored wood and maybe a cream colored paint. Do you think that this will look too busy? I thought the cream colored paint would bring out the tan color in the granite so that the burgandy won't look so bold. What do you think about the whole thing?.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:31AM, Aug 19 2010 Carolyn: You're on the right track. For pain, try Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond". The Crema Bordeaux for backsplash and counter will create a rich and warm pattern that will be the highlight of your kitchen.
  • Fran 09:57PM, Aug 15 2010 I have almond bisque cabinets, and a new Siena Bordeau granite countertop. My appliances are stainless steel, with black sides and cook top. Wondering about a backsplash, and floor.ideas
    • All Granite and Marble 08:08AM, Aug 16 2010 Fran : I recommend a tumbled stone tile for backsplash -- specifically a light travertine or botticino marble.
  • Kris 05:13PM, Jul 5 2010 I have cream cabinets with a coffee glaze on the outside of the kitchen and dark stained Alder wood on the 10' x 5' island. I was thinking of either putting a colonial cream on the outside cabinets and the typhoon bordeaux on the island or switching them or even making the whole kitchen typhoon bordeaux...any suggestions
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Jul 6 2010 Kris: I suggest to stick with one color for the whole kitchen as the Bordeaux family of stones has a busy grain with rich color. Go with the typhoon bordeaux or siena bordeaux.
  • jg 08:53PM, Mar 9 2010 Considering typhoon bordeaux or st. cecilia gold with oak cabinets ??
    • All Granite and Marble 09:07AM, Mar 10 2010 jg: Typhoon Bordeaux, it will be the highlight of your kitchen.
  • Teresa 09:53AM, Mar 4 2010 I have bleached oak high gloss cabinets, Giallo Venetian counter top and back splash, and am interested in purching granite tiles for my floor. Any color suggestions would be appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:13PM, Mar 4 2010 Teresa: Try terracotta tile.
  • Carol 07:22PM, Mar 1 2010 We took your advice to heart and are looking for a lighter long veined stone to contrast our medium cherry cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:34AM, Mar 2 2010 Carol: That's good. Some suggestions to look at would be: Colonial Cream, Bianco Romano, Juparana Colombo, Kashmir Gold, Shiva Kashmir White/Pink.
  • Ginny 04:58PM, Feb 28 2010 I have a white bathroom vanity. Thinking of using bordeaux. Is it appropriate? Compliments on your great web site.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:30PM, Mar 1 2010 Ginny: Absolutely! A colorful and exciting choice.
  • Gee 08:12AM, Feb 17 2010 I really like the Bordaux but not sure how it would look with a Praline color cabainet. thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:35AM, Feb 17 2010 Gee: It would look very nice, not too much contrast though.
  • Carol 08:41PM, Feb 15 2010 Would one of these bordeaux's work with my slightly darker than medium cherry cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:14AM, Feb 16 2010 Carol: Yes, although there won't be alot of contrast.
  • jean 11:40AM, Jan 31 2010 looking for a granite in the brown family to use in the kitchen with nautral oak cabinets. I like Bordeaux 58 and Ubatuba Gold 552. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:30PM, Feb 1 2010 jean: Perhaps Tropical Brown, it's a safe choice. But the Bordeaux would look gorgeous.
  • Lisa 04:05PM, Dec 21 2009 I have an amaretto creme cabinets with a brown glaze. Will this work well with it? what other granites will you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:22AM, Dec 22 2009 Lisa: Any dark stone will look good with your light cabinets, really. Contrast is the key.
  • Rosemarie 11:07PM, Nov 26 2009 I live in Central Florida. Do you service here? I would like an estimate for this granite, per ft.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:44AM, Nov 27 2009 Rosemarie : Unfortunately we only service the northeastern tri-state area of the US.
  • vinuta 08:13PM, Aug 26 2009 If I go with poplar mahagony or Brazil nut cabinets with Bordeaux counter tops will it look good? If I go with Colorado Clay colored kitchen paint , will it be too dark? How does the Brancacci BC01 Aria Ivory colored tiles for the floor , will it look good? Thanx
    • All Granite and Marble 09:39AM, Aug 27 2009 vinuta: Poplar Mahogony color cabinets would tie-in with the burgundy and reds of the Bordeaux better. If your kitchen is spacious with plenty of natural light I do not think the wall paint is too dark - you can break it up with a light backsplash and the tile you picked.
  • vinuta 02:16PM, Aug 26 2009 what color cabinets and flooring will look good with this granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:48PM, Aug 26 2009 vinuta: Light-colored cabinets, but cherry would look very warm also.
  • vinuta 03:41PM, Aug 25 2009 Hi, We are building a new home, i've picked up Bordeaux for kitchen counter and I've an island. The cabinets are Poplar Mohagony and the flooring would be tiles and the color is Brancacci BC 01 ,and the kitchen/breakfast paint would be Colorado clay. Do they get along with eachh other..?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:14PM, Aug 25 2009 vinuta: Yes - everything ties in nicely, a very warm look.
  • karen 07:45PM, Jul 20 2009 I need a large slab of honed granite for an island @ 4 1/2 ft x 9 ft
    • All Granite and Marble 09:50AM, Jul 21 2009 karen: Please use our "Free Online Estimate" tool on the main page or contact the sales dept. for pricing and availability.
  • Tara 09:54AM, May 11 2009 I asked your opinion previously about this granite...but wrong tone this is definitely the color family - to compliment ginger cabinets with ebony glaze, copper paint and subway tile black appliances or do you think stainless? stuck on the wall color dont wanna go lighter like the cameo but dont know about the copper walls???
    • All Granite and Marble 05:45PM, May 11 2009 Tara: I like the idea of copper but perhaps you can experiment a bit with shades of it. Going 2 or 3 shades lighter should take some "edge" off the paint and let the beautiful stone take the lead in the race for attention.
  • GJ 12:47PM, May 7 2009 Excellent, It is hardwood floors. This made our decision easy, as we were thinking about natural maple ourselves.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:18AM, May 8 2009 GJ : Glad I could help.
  • GJ 12:52PM, May 5 2009 Looking for suggestions on the floor color to go with this countertop and Burgundy cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:03PM, May 6 2009 GJ : Are we talking tile or hardwood? For tile I'd suggest something rather plain. A pale travertine-looking tile for example. For wood, maybe light maple?
  • Carol S 08:00AM, Apr 30 2009 New construction. Our floor plan is open with the kitchen flowing into the hearth room on one corner and the breakfast nook and great room on the other. We are planning for cherry cabinets with med/dark stain. We don't like the contrasting look of really light granite on a cherry cabinet and don't like the very dark look with the blacks in granite. We would like a medium shade of granite. We are thinking bordeaux but is it too much color? Is it going to look "pink"? We will have stainless appliances and sinks. Is this a color that we will get tired off? Are we making a mistake not going with something more neutral that would be easier to decorate around?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:58AM, Apr 30 2009 Carol S: The good thing about granite is that there are usually a lot of variations of the same stone, depending on the source. Check out Crema Bordeaux and Ibere Crema Bordeaux. Those don't have the pinkish/orange hue. And there is no such thing as "too much color". It only depends on how much you can take ;) Sure, you could take the easy way out and get Giallo Vicenza and call it a day, but that wouldn't really be fun. The beauty of stone is in the variety. Check out my suggestions and get back to me.
  • dino 07:09PM, Feb 10 2009 I have natural hickory cabinets on a natural oak floor. I was thinking about this bordeaux, but was also considering golden beach. What would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:07AM, Feb 11 2009 dino: Bordeaux will give you more contrast than Golden Beach. Golden Beach is still a nice option for a more toned down kitchen. The decision is up to you.
  • Vicki 01:52PM, Nov 12 2008 Would this color go well with deep red chery cabinets. What other colors would you suggest I look at? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 02:58PM, Nov 21 2008 Vicki: This is a sort of orange color. Not sure how well that would match with rich red cabinets. Perhaps something like Tobacco or Multicolor red would be better. Or try Crema Bordeaux.
  • Leigh 09:17AM, Jul 23 2008 I have a very large kitchen in the construction phase,mahogany cabinets with medium cherry finish.Lots of light with tall ceiling height.Tuscan style home. Would this granite color be too dark or would a lighter stone look best? S/S appliances,nickel faucets, stone flooring.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:01PM, Jul 25 2008 Leigh: Seems like a very good match. I wouldn't go lighter (it tends to get too orangy).
  • Sl 03:16AM, Jul 20 2008 can this be used for countertops?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:09PM, Jul 21 2008 Sl: Absolutely.
  • Bo 10:33PM, Jul 13 2008 I love the Bordeaux granite. My cabinets are a light cherry wood and my floors are cherry hardwood. It looks very rich!
  • June 11:40AM, Jun 23 2008 We are installing Bordeaux (ID 56) in our bathroom. The cabinets will be antique white. Do you have any suggestions for the wall color that would lood good with this granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:16PM, Jul 17 2008 June: White will work for sure...
  • Melody Turpin 04:12PM, Apr 16 2008 Thank you so much! I think I will reconsider.
  • Melody Turpin 12:20PM, Apr 11 2008 I have white appliances, a medium to light stain that has some walnut in it and cream colored floors with some grey veining in them. Will this granite, Bordeaux, work? Do you think this color will go out of style quickly?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:46PM, Apr 16 2008 Melody Turpin: It would work. Take into consideration that this very strong red won't allow you to do much else for the rest of the kitchen. It is very dominating.
  • justin 01:38PM, Apr 9 2008 would golden persia, or giallo fiorito go well with our cupboards and khaki color? or would it be a wash out
  • justin 07:06AM, Apr 9 2008 thanks guys
    • All Granite and Marble 12:32PM, Apr 16 2008 justin: I don't think either of the two stones would be as "dramatic" as the bordeaux. They would be more of a toned down look.
  • Justin 11:40AM, Apr 7 2008 hey guys question for you, we are doing a kitchen remodeling, our cabinets are maple with a toupe stain, floor will be decided once counter top is chosen. we are leaning to a khaki colored paint but possibly a rustic orange also. kitchen is on the smaller end but good amount of light. would bordeaux be a fit?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:39PM, Apr 8 2008 Justin: Should work. Just don't go too crazy with the orange walls. You'll be better off with the khaki color.
  • Jacqueline 09:22PM, Apr 1 2008 We are renovating and live in Australia. We are installing a solid Tasmanian Blackwood timber kitchen. Any colour suggestions for the granite top Island bench?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:11PM, Apr 4 2008 Jacqueline: Depending on the color scheme, I would go with a medium to light toned granite.
  • Lori 10:06PM, Mar 21 2008 Hi, We are looking for a piece of granite for an island we do not want a seam in. L=136 inches and w=68in? We like this, is that available?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:44PM, Apr 4 2008 Lori: Call our office to check availability of slabs that would fit.
  • Terri 05:05PM, Feb 29 2008 I am looking to have granite countertops installed in my kitchen. The cabinets are a pickled (pinkish tone)oak with white appliances. could anyone give me a suggestion i am having the hardest time trying to find granite to go with these color cabinets
    • All Granite and Marble 10:49AM, Mar 3 2008 Terri: Bordeaux is a nice choice. The key thing in your situation is not to overexpose the pink but rather compliment it. This stone seems to do just that.
  • terry 12:16AM, Feb 12 2008 we are currently planning a kitchen reno. I have chosen the crema bordeaux w/ cherry cabinets stained in a 'medium/dark' brown called smoke/java. What color would you go for the tile floor? I have searched many tiles shops and find this granite to be very hard to work with due to its wide color range, variances, and busy pattern.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:01AM, Feb 15 2008 terry: Well, you are correct. This isn't the easiest granite to match to. I would say, try a warm medium brown (see photo 37/196 in the kitchen gallery).
  • Dawn Freeman 03:07PM, Feb 4 2008 I have white cabinets with SS appliances, how would this granite look?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:31PM, Feb 7 2008 Dawn Freeman: Very very intense. The contrast between white and red can be overwhelming.
  • Mark 05:21PM, Feb 2 2008 We are renovating our kitchen. We are getting Cherry cabinets (autumn blush), stainless appliances and have good natural light (skylights, sliders & highhats). We love the Bordeaux but worry it may be too dark, what are your thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:24PM, Feb 7 2008 Mark: Absolutely not! While it might look a bit darker once installed, the pattern makes it very interesting and even with less than perfect lighting, it doesn't change into a dark blob.
  • sue 07:35PM, Jan 20 2008 would Bordeaux be a good choice with cherry cabinets. My cabinets are cherry red. I have a white tiled floor. which Bordeaux would be good? juparana?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:55AM, Jan 22 2008 sue: Not sure how the two reds would go together. It is hard to make them match.
  • Cathy 10:43AM, Oct 12 2007 I need help with colors. We are going to have sunset teak hardwood floors in the kitchen with colonial cherry cabinets and haven't decided on the granite yet. I'm just afraid we will make this kitchen too dark without enough contrast. Are there any colors you would recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:48AM, Oct 15 2007 Cathy: You're right about the lack of contrast. Try colors that don't have so much red in them.
  • Scotland 12:23PM, Jul 29 2007 would it be possible to get a sample of this?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:55PM, Aug 2 2007 Scotland: Unfortunately we do not mail samples of our stones. If you live close to on of our facilities you are welcome to stop by and pick it up.
  • Kimberly 01:12AM, Jul 29 2007 I am looking forward to renovating my kitchen. How much would this stone cost per square foot?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:54PM, Aug 2 2007 Kimberly: Please contact our estimating department at 201-440-6779