Colonial Cream

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Original name:
Colonial Cream

Other name(s) used:
Millennium Cream

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Gold, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Semi-consistent light gray stone with a sandy texture, along with golden yellow highlights and black speckling.
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Colonial Cream Photo
Colonial Cream Photo
Colonial Cream Photo


  • Peter 05:38PM, Aug 29 2013

    I think that this will look Excellent!

  • Patti 11:00AM, Aug 28 2013

    I love this Mirabelle Collectin smoky brown glass tile. We are looking to get the Santa Cecilia granite countertops for our kitchen. Do you think this tile would look good as a backsplash with the Santa Celicia countertops?

  • - Natalia 03:20PM, Sep 19 2012

    Hi Lynn. I would accentuate and show off the large island as a centerpiece of your design with a darker stone to contrast the light perimeter countertop that is rich in color and movement. For example, choices such as Altair, Amazon Tiger, or Brown Alpine could be very appropriate. Hope this helps!

  • Lynn 01:14PM, Sep 19 2012

    We have dark stained cabinets with colonial cream perimeter in the kitchen.  Looking for suggestions for another granite color for a large island that would go well with the cc.  Thanks,  Lynn

  • - Natalia 04:50PM, Jul 27 2012

    Hello! Are there any granite colors you've look at so far that have caught your attention by any chance? I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of granite's you're attracted to so I can give you accurate suggestions. Personally, for your design set-up, I'd use colors such as Netuno Bordeaux, Canela Bouquet, or New Colonial Cream. Let me know your thoughts on these! :-)

  • suescig 10:51PM, Jul 26 2012

    Hi..replacing formica counter.  I have white cabinets and brushed stainless appliances with a light oak floor.  I like the light earthy tones.  Can you recommend a few?  THanks!

  • - Natalia 03:54PM, Jul 5 2012

    For an all glass tile my recommendation is Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern. For a glass & stone mosaic, take a look at Piano York Glass & Stone. If you want to go even lighter for a sharp, clean, modern look, there is Subway & Ming Glass mosaics.  I've attached photos for your reference.

  • Vamsi Deepak Gadey 06:06PM, Jun 29 2012

    Suggestions for backsplash with Millenium Cream granite over dark brown (almost black) cabinets with stainless steel. Prefer glass tile backsplash, perhaps with a bit of stone/quartz. 
    Attached are sample pictures

  • - Natalia 03:40PM, May 23 2012

    The Solarius is also a great choice, but it's very rich in movement and veining. As you've said, the Colonial's are a little softer and calmer in movement. So that is the decision you must make (if you want a busy or calmer look for the counters). In regard to color tone, they are all appropriate for your set-up. 

  • tgsparks 12:32PM, May 23 2012

    Thank you--those are better colors.  As an option, what do you think of Solarius? I really like that granite, but Colonial Gold might be a more conservative approach. 

  • - Natalia 02:00PM, May 22 2012

    Hi There! You're on the right track, but I think a different variation of the Colonial family of stone would be more suitable to complement the fireplace colors. I have in mind the following: New Colonial Gold or New Colonial Dream. You can look them up in the search bar on the upper right hand side corner of the page.

  • tgsparks 05:17PM, May 20 2012

    I am replacing my counter tops in my small kitchen and am thinking about putting in Colonial Creme, thinking that a lighter color will help make it look larger. However, the bar area is adjacent to our large stone fireplace and I am concerned about choosing a granite color that compliments the stone in the fireplace, which includes golds, brown, reddish brown, tans.  I have attached a picture and would appreciate your advise. 

  • - Derek 08:43PM, Mar 8 2012

    For the backsplash tile, my recommendations for you to consider are 1" x 2" sized Azteca Blank Pinwheel travertine, as well as Mazia Beige travertine with glass inserts. I've attached pictures for your reference. For the wall color, take a look at Benjamin Moore line Jicama. It's a rich and creamy shade to compliment your design nicely. Good luck!

  • - Derek 03:09PM, Dec 27 2011 For a little more warmth, you can take a look at New Colonial Dream or Golden Dream. However, the Colonial Cream should also be quite appropriate if you find the right slab for you. That's why it is imperative that you look at the full slabs in-person before you make your final decision. Good luck!
  • Scubadiva747 01:05AM, Dec 24 2011 We have oak flooring, stained woodwork and kitchen cabinets in a colonial "fruitwood" stain and brass hardware on cabinets. All appliances have matching wood front.  Room is painted Navajo White.  Do you feel that Colonial Cream has enough warmth for all of our woodwork?  I am looking for a warm, beige tone but want something that "pops" out as well.  Thank you!
  • All Granite and Marble 03:46PM, Jun 6 2011 Barb: We have free samples available for pick-up at our sales office locations.
  • Barb 03:44PM, Jun 6 2011 how can I obtain a sample of Colonial Cream Granite Internet ID:1429
  • barb Still 02:26PM, Mar 8 2011 We have natural Hickory cabinets with natural wood floors. Wondering iif colonial cream will work or too much movement for hickory cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:33PM, Mar 9 2011 Barb Still: The Colonial Cream has pretty subtle veining so it should work. But for a calmer choice, try Astoria.
  • Sunil Kumar Lalwani 01:42PM, Feb 3 2011 Liked the colonial cream color. Can you please tell me the pricing category of this stone and its avaliability in Vadodara Guj India
    • All Granite and Marble 01:53PM, Feb 3 2011 Sunil Kumar Lalwani: We only service the tri-state area of the continental United States, sorry.
  • Mara 08:39PM, Oct 31 2010 Installed colonial Cream granite counter tops with med cherry wood cupboards. Stuck on backsplash, any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:05PM, Nov 1 2010 Mara: I suggest to try a tumbled noce travertine tile.
  • Josh 08:49PM, Aug 15 2010 Can you please tell me the pricing category of this stone? (ie. blue, double blue, etc.) thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:09AM, Aug 16 2010 Josh: Double Silver.
  • Jessica 07:46PM, Aug 13 2010 Found Colonial Cream slads we are going to use for countertops. Putting them with paint grade white cabinets. Any reference to the white used in the pictures above?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Aug 16 2010 Jessica: Unfortunately we do not have any information on the cabinetry used here, just the countetop itself.
  • Joyce 12:20PM, May 20 2010 I have tried to post this question in the regular contact form & can't get onto live chat, so thought I'd try here. I am buying a maple farm table 60"x30". They suggested in addition to the 3 1/2" apron all around, additional vertical & horizontal support under the table top. Will this be sufficient to carry the weight of granit this size?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:38PM, May 20 2010 Joyce: Without seeing the table, it's impossible for me to say this for sure, but it seems like your base should be sufficient. Based on simple math, your granite top would weigh around 220lbs (17lbs per sq foot at 3cm thickness). While the weight of the top itself is enough to keep it in place, the apron is definitely a welcome addition. The main question rests with the legs. They should easily be able to withstand the weight alone, but the question is, can they withstand lateral forces, such as someone leaning on the side of the table or trying to push it. That's where the supports come in. For safety and peace of mind, I would invest in the lateral support.
  • Joyce 03:54AM, May 20 2010 Cream cabinets with polished nickel hardware & natural oak floors. Will this be too bland?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:01AM, May 20 2010 Joyce: It would be a warm and airy feel, not much contrast though. For some darker choices try Crema Bordeaux, Golden Beach.
  • Pat 06:03PM, Aug 1 2009 Is this a good choice for oak stained (builder installed) cabinets? Want something in the cream family. Any other suggestions I might consider? I have a very large galley kitchen with an island.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:36AM, Aug 3 2009 Pat: Maybe take a look at Crema Cariri, Crema San Marco, or Golden Crema EX.
  • karen Corrigan 03:33PM, Mar 20 2009 I am looking for a countertop for chestnut brown cabinets and wood floor.What do you think of this stone or juparana golden vyara or madura gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:05AM, Mar 25 2009 karen Corrigan: All are good choices. I like the Colonial Cream the best because it would contrast the cabinets very well.
  • Kathy 03:50PM, Nov 13 2008 Any recommendation for the best granite to complement red oak cabinets and flooring?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:01PM, Nov 21 2008 Kathy: You're heading in the right direction. Any type of a light gold should be just perfect.
  • Margie 11:13PM, Sep 10 2008 Can you recommend a granite for a kitchen with white cabinets and medium-dark wood floors? Stainless appliances and provencial blue and yellow accents. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:31PM, Sep 25 2008 Margie: Try to match the yellow.
  • Sandy 01:09PM, May 8 2008 Also is there a granite called new colonial cream?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:42AM, Jun 6 2008 Sandy: Probably yes. Different quarries/importers use different names.
  • Sandy 01:06PM, May 8 2008 My kitchen cabinets will be Crystal snowflake antique sand-off with black or dk bronze hardware. The center island will be black antique sand-off. Medium brown character oak floors.What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:42AM, Jun 6 2008 Sandy: I think you're onto something marvelous!
  • phoebe 08:50PM, Feb 10 2008 I am waiting for this granite to be installed in my new kitchen -- perimeter cabs are maple cream with mocha glaze and cherrywood on the island with Stainless appliances.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:35AM, Feb 15 2008 phoebe: Nice and toned down look on the perimeter cabinets (especially with ss appliances) and a nice contrast for the island - great job!
  • Carol 12:05AM, Feb 4 2008 I was thinking of using this color with my maple mocha glaze cabinets. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:29PM, Feb 7 2008 Carol: Very nice choice, especially if your appliances are stainless steel.