Colonial Gold EX

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Original name:
Colonial Gold EX

Other name(s) used:
River Gold Extra, Millennium Cream

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold, Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A light beige granite with gray and gold veining and some burgundy spots.
Colonial Gold EX granite - Macro Photo Colonial Gold EX granite - CloseUp Photo Colonial Gold EX granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Derek 05:36PM, Oct 19 2012

    It's a very good idea to visit the location in-person to look at the full slabs so you can truly visualize the various choices and find out which ones you are attracted to the most. Our South Plainfield, NJ facility is closest to you: They have hundreds of unique colors and thousands of full slabs available for viewing. You will be able to take free samples home with you so take a couple and put them against your cabinets in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the various combinations. I recommend to check out White Fantasy as well. Best of luck!

  • Ndowney3 04:04PM, Oct 19 2012

    That's very helpful. Thanks. I Am planning a gray island. I like the colonial family on the lighter side but think maybe too much gold. Any other suggestions? I'm in south jersey. Have any slabs like that at your jersey locations. Not sure which is closest.

  • - Derek 04:10PM, Sep 18 2012

    Hello. The Colonial Gold is an appropriate choice to go against white cabinets for a light, neutral, yet warm kitchen style. I also recommend to look at the other Colonial family varieties of stone, such as New Colonial Dream and Colonial Cream. I enjoy the River Valley as well, but the Bianco Romano and Kashmir White may be too "cold" for your design. Hope this helps!

  • Ndowney3 12:29PM, Sep 18 2012

    I also was looking at bianco Romano, river valley and Kashmir but am not sure I like all the burgundy

  • Ndowney3 12:04PM, Sep 18 2012

    I have soft white cabinets, light grey island. Thoughts on softer granite? Would this work?

  • - Derek 04:43PM, Aug 29 2012

    The Colonial Gold EX is a more premium version of the regular Colonial Gold but it's rather more bland in my opinion. It does have a soft touch of radiance and the light, golden undertones would complement the cabinets very nicely. I still vote for the regular Colonial Gold as a better choice in this situation. 

  • Tanyam123 06:26AM, Aug 22 2012

    How would oak cabinets match??

  • - Kinga 11:27AM, Oct 20 2011 The both stones look different- different colors, veins and pattern flow.
  • Lisa 02:40AM, Oct 19 2011 What is the difference between the EX and the regular?
  • - Derek 01:31PM, Jun 23 2011 The Colonial Gold EX is a clean and soft choice that will not make the space too dark, but rather create a warm atmosphere. Another option that works nicely could be a variation of this stone called New Colonial Gold.
  • Martha 02:56AM, Jun 23 2011 I have natural maple cabinets with natural maple flooring and stainless appliances. I do not want to go dark or have too much movement or dark, will the colonial gold EX work?