Crema Bordeaux

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Original name:
Crema Bordeaux

Other name(s) used:
Pompei, Juparana Crema Bordeaux, Cream Bordeaux, Ibere Crema Bordeaux

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold, Gray, Green, Red, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Medium gray colored stone with lots of deep burgundy, and tope veining, along with dark grey quartz deposits.
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  • Sandy Thomas 11:11AM, Oct 29 2014

    I have picked out Crema Bordeaux granite and my cabinets are Cherry with a black glaze from Brookhaven. I am at a loss for the flooring. I had picked out a tile from American Olean Highland Ridge in Autumn HR51 but it is discontinued. I need suggestions on flooring. I think I want to pull out the grayish-blue tones of the granite. I have looked at Florida tile Legend in Magna but I can't vision what that would look like. HELP!

  • Jori 08:51PM, Jul 11 2014

    The color is ok for the backsplash. Not sure about the shape though. Do you think the crema Bordeaux is too busy for my kitchen? I've seen so many different versions of it online ... some which are much more subtle and creamy with red veining, others which are really busy with lots of brown and red. Is this common with this stone? I like how it brings out both the crème and the cherry, and like having movement ... just wonder if its too busy. Thanks!

  • - Jack 04:37PM, Jul 11 2014


    Regarding backsplash ideas for Crema Bordeaux I found a subtle tile that will offset the busy tones and movement of the granite. Please let me know what you think.

  • Jori 03:19PM, Jul 11 2014

    Hi. I am renovating my kitchen and will be having crème cabinets on the perimeter, with a cherry island. My floor is oak in a butterscotch color. I am currently looking at crema Bordeaux, but wonder if it will be overwhelming. I'm also looking at Netuno and Blanco Romana. Certainly open to other ideas. I'm also wondering what to do with a backsplash. Thanks for your help!

  • - Peter 07:14PM, Jan 6 2014

    Upon looking up this backsplash color, I think it will be an excellent choice to complement this beautiful granite specimen. I think it's definitely the way to go.

  • Tammy Ross 05:11PM, Jan 4 2014

    Hello, this is Tammy. I have glazed creamed cabinets and island in 3/4 part of my kitchen. My floors are a light brown tile with hints of a taupe color. There is a deep brick wall in the remain part of my kitchen where the ovens are and a arched area for the stovetop. I have chosen Crème Bordeaux for my countertops since the colors seem to coordinate well. My question is about the backsplash. I have been advised by many to use a Scabos tumbled tile for my backsplash because it will compliment the countertops and bring together the brick wall and cabinet colors. However, I was told by others not to use this tile for fear it will be too busy and you can't be sure what colors will come out of the box. What do you suggest? Are there any other ideas or is the Scabos tumbled tile the way to go? Thanks Tammy

  • Peter 03:49PM, Sep 5 2013

    Sylvia, you don't want to match the colors, you want to select a color which will contrast and complement your accessories. I don't think you could have picked a better granite, as this is one that I would have chosen myself. It has deep burgundy tones which would go perfect with your cabinets, and regardless of what you go with the floor this granite has a little bit of everything to complement your kitchen.

  • Sylvia 10:13PM, Aug 28 2013

    Hello, I am having Medallion Mapel Brandywine cabinets installed in my kitchen. I am trying to decide what color granite would go with this color of cabinets. I was told for my space, that a lighter color would be better than just black. Don't want a granite with too much yellow. Floor has not been decided yet, but could either go with a tile or hardwood (Brazilian Cherry). I have looked at everything from White spring to Giallo Ornamental (which some says will match and other says will not match). Don't want something too dramitic. Walls are painted White Shadow by Duron. Any suggestions? Thanks Sylvia

  • - Adrian 05:52PM, Jul 25 2013

    Hi MaryAnn, I also recommend you to take a look at Ouro Brasil and Giallo Ornamental. These granites are similar to Peter's recomendations. The best way to choose the exact stone is to go to one of our facility and take a look at them. You will be able to take the sample to home and compare at your kitchen.

  • Peter 01:20PM, Jul 24 2013

    For a more contemporary look I would recommend this New Venetian Gold Leather

  • MaryAnn Chupella 10:27PM, Jul 23 2013

    Thanks Peter. What if we wanted a more contemporary look? Is there another one you can recommend? MaryAnn

  • Peter 01:56PM, Jul 22 2013

    MaryAnn, this granite would not be too contemporary nor too dark, it is a perfect blend of natural tones which will highlight your cabinets perfectly and give you a real classic look. Best Regards, Peter.

  • MaryAnn Chupella 07:53PM, Jul 20 2013

    Hello, we are installing natural bamboo cabinets in a new Florida home and are thinking about the Crema Bordeaux countertop. May go with hardwood or tile floor. Would this be a contemporary look? Or would it be dark? The piece we looked at had more grays and peach than burgandy. Any other suggestions? Thanks, MaryAnn

  • Peter 04:43PM, Jul 8 2013

    You might want to try a nice gunmetal or battleship grey for your hardware. You could go either way with the Butcher block Island, if it's not that big it might look funny if it is too much of a different contrast, if it's small you might want to stay with the same consistent look. If the Island has a decent size to it then go for a different color to contrast and accent it. Hope this helps, thanks Valencia!

  • Valencia 07:15PM, Jul 5 2013

    Hello....we are having Crema Bordeaux countertops installed in Kitchen...white cabinets to be refreshed a cream color.. stainless steel sink & cream Plantation Shutters.... my question would be... have a small center Butcher block Island ..( black/wood )...should the Butcher block top be left as an accent in Kitchen or go with refacing with same Granite as above for a consistant look in room. also with all these elements in kitchen what color Cabinet Hardware /doors & Drawers work best.
    have Black & Stainless Steel Appliances & couple of Wood Antique pices of Furniture also in room/staying with the "French Country" feel if possible?

  • Peter 07:29PM, Jun 7 2013

    If flowing is your fancy rather than spotty than this is the stone for you, beautiful veining and striation, a very gorgeous stone indeed!

  • Peter 07:26PM, Jun 7 2013

    Hey Sharon, sounds like you would have a very nice contemporary yet classic look! Go for it!

  • Sharon 09:50PM, May 14 2013

    We're looking at the Ibere Crema Bordeaux for our shore kitchen - light maple cabinets and light blue walls with light/regular oak floors how would this look?

  • Barbara 06:55PM, Apr 30 2013

    My pictures did not come out. cabinet is maple ginger snap with espresso glaze....floor off white tile with muted white and off white marble look. Thanks for your help.

  • Barbara 06:52PM, Apr 30 2013

    I would like help selecting granite to go with this cabinet and tile floor. I do not like a spotty granite...rather more flowing. Please suggest some stones.

  • - Natalia 03:16PM, Jan 8 2013

    Sorry for the late response. I've received your pictures. Look for my response in the comment below.

  • - Natalia 03:16PM, Jan 8 2013

    Have you thought about Golden Rock? It has the color tones to complement your beautiful floor tiles nicely, and green highlights that add elegance to the design that would husband probably like. Another option, a little lighter and subtler for more contrast, could be Ivory Fantasy. The choices like Sunset Ivory that you've mentioned are also quite appropriate for your set-up. For choices with green as the primary color, you have selections such as Niagara Green or Imperial Green that can be considered, or perhaps Green Jadeite if you really want to impress. Hope this helps.

  • Karen 09:25PM, Jan 7 2013

     I like crema bordeaux for the swirls. I had picked out a granite first. I never got the name of the
    granite but it had grey, black and burgundy
    in it with some swirling probably a shavarski ?? of some name. Then I picked a floor tile that looked good with cherry cabinets and the sample of granite or so I thought. The
    italian porcelain tile in rosso has a lot a variation in it that I did not expect.  Now that
    granite looks too dramatic and seems to want to vie for attention with
    the floor. Cannot get a picture that shows the whole kitchen.  The
    backsplash will be the same tile in smaller size as the floor. The
    island and the L shape area between the refrigerator and wall oven will
    be in the same granite. Mind you this kitchen has a cathedral ceiling in
    tongue and groove cedar that is the same shade as the cherry cabinets
    and a large skylight. So I do not want to create a black/brown cave. The
    floor has some grey, some beige and some grey/green tiles as well as
    the predominant rosso tiles. Many have reddish vein lines and some
    black, tan specks.  Will get a new refrigerator and stove top at some
    point but will stick with black appliances.  A family room and the
    kitchen open onto each other and the flooring goes into the family
    room.  The family room has a simple black fireplace with grey/black
    slate tiles around the black metal opening.  The floor looks great with
    the cherry cabinets.  But I think Crema Bordeaux is too dramatic.  Hubby
    would like some green as a complement to the red but I cannot see a
    green that I think would work and most of what I see now as a
    possibility is tame like crema astoria, sunset ivory, or a vyara gold
    that it pretty muted but has some streaks that look like the rosso.  I
    probably need to be pushed to think outside my normal comfort of beige.

  • Karen Christian 06:48PM, Jan 3 2013

    trying to enclose a picture a jpg and it keeps saying it has a problem.  What type of picture am I suppose to send

  • Karen Christian 06:34PM, Jan 3 2013

     The rosso tile has a lot a variation in it.  I never got the name of the granite that I had first picked out but it had grey, black and burgundy in it with some swirling probably a shavarski ?? of some name.  Now that granite looks too dramatic and seems to want to vie for attention with the floor. Cannot get a picture that shows the whole kitchen.  The backsplash will be the same tile in smaller size as the floor. The island and the L shape area between the refrigerator and wall oven will be in the same granite. Mind you this kitchen has a cathedral ceiling in tongue and groove cedar that is the same shade as the cherry cabinets and a large skylight. So I do not want to create a black/brown cave. The floor has some grey, some beige and some grey/green tiles as well as the predominant rosso tiles. Many have reddish vein lines and some black, tan specks.  Will get a new refrigerator and stove top at some point but will stay with black appliances.  A family room and the kitchen open onto each other and the flooring goes into the family room.  The family room has a simple black fireplace with grey/black slate tiles around the black metal opening.  The floor looks great with the cherry cabinets.  But I think Crema Bordeaux is too dramatic.  Hubby would like some green as a complement to the red but I cannot see a green that I think would work and most of what I see now as a possibility is tame like crema astoria, sunset ivory, or a vyara gold that it pretty muted but has some streaks that look like the rosso.  I probably need to be pushed to think outside my normal comfort of beige.

  • - Derek 02:09PM, Oct 22 2012

    Excellent! In regard to backsplash tile options, the backsplash should be light and subtle to offset the rich colors and movement in the Bordeaux countertop. I have in-mind tiles such as Durango Classic in Diamonte Grande pattern, or a Palladium Travertine Stacked Mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Grahaman 09:14PM, Oct 19 2012

    Thanks!  Now installed and it is beautiful!!  Now I need help with a backsplash.....any suggestions?

  • - Natalia 03:19PM, Oct 19 2012

    Hi Karen. Is it possible for you to take a picture of the floor tile as well as your kitchen as a whole and upload it in a comment on here? This would be helpful to give you accurate suggestions. What is the name of the other stone that you were considering before but no longer feel is a good choice? From what you're describing, the Crema Bordeaux would indeed be an appropriate selection as the lively bursts of color in the slab as well as the darker highlights should pick-up the shades of your tile nicely. In addition, the Bordeaux looks great against a cherry cabinet as it's a warm complement. It is important that you look at the full slabs in-person to truly visualize the stone so you can see how it would look in your kitchen. Also, acquiring samples to put against the cabinet and floor tile in the kitchen light is very helpful. Another color that I feel you could maybe consider is called Exotic Gold, and for something unique & interesting that is a darker shade with green hues along with burgundy veins, take a look at Eucalyptus. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • Karen Christian 03:08PM, Oct 18 2012

    Kitchen with medium cherry cabinets and black appliances with an island with sink and L shaped wall with stove top flanked by built in refrigerator on one side and double wall oven on other side.  Cathedral ceiling is tongue and groove cedar - same shade as the cabinets  Picked a floor first that I thought would go with some granite samples that had some green and burgundy veining. Floor is Italian porcelain tiles in a light Rosso color but has some grey-green shading and cream shading.  Same tile in smaller size for back splash. The granites I picked before no longer look like the best choice.  I like granite with veining or river swirls not spotty.  I like the crema bordeaux when you see the burgundy veining.  Now it is hard to decide what to pick as countertops because the floor came out with more color variation than I thought it would so it seems I need to tone down the counter top.     

  • - Derek 02:48PM, Oct 8 2012

    Hello. Crema Bordeaux is one of my favorite granite colors because of it's rich movement and beautiful veins. This stone looks every elegant against a darker cabinet shade and would complement a warm tavertine tiled floor quite nicely. Unfortunately we do not have any photos of this combination to share.

  • - Derek 01:41PM, Oct 8 2012

    Ann, just to clarify and confirm, your cabinet color is very light, correct? I've attached a photo of a maple canvas with cocoa glaze cabinet that I am aware of. Please confirm this is pretty much the cabinet color that you have. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. I've given you a few suggestions in my previous response to your other comment you wrote recently. I suggested that you should go a little darker for a contrast. For example, the Crema Bordeaux featured on this page is an excellent choice, specifically I also think the Ibere Crema Bordeaux would be quite appropriate. 

  • Grahaman 03:38AM, Oct 6 2012

    We are rebuilding, new kitchen with dark cabinets....we chose crema bordeaux as the granite with a travetine floor......what are your thoughts?  I have not been able to find any pictures of the combination, do you know of any pictures out on the web?

  • ann 11:23AM, Oct 5 2012

    I forgot to mention, big mistake, the cabinets are maple but canvas color with cocoa glaze.  I have a light tuscany chablis floor.  One room flows to the other.  I was looking for something light and beachy looking, but others tell me to go dark.  I need the two slabs, but I don't want it to look dull.  I am a little worried about a seam.  What do you think??  Aghhhhhh, I hate picking out granite.  You had suggested Juperana Vyera before any other suggestions..or do you still pick that with ivory cabinets?  I appreciate your thoughts.

  • - Derek 08:50PM, Sep 7 2012

    If you do not enjoy lots of veins and movement in the stone, and want to have the seam fit "seamlessly" and nicely, then I agree that you should pick a consistent colored granite for a safe choice and to have peace of mind. Specifically, I have in-mind colors such as Giallo Ornamental, Ouro Brasil, and Santa Cecilia Classic. Good luck!

  • - Derek 08:47PM, Sep 7 2012

    To keep the kitchen design, style, and atmosphere light and beachy, my recommendations for you to consider are Netuno Bordeaux and Juparana Vyara. Hope this helps!

  • Shanley46 10:21AM, Sep 3 2012

    I just purchased the Kraftmaid Veranda Maple cabinet with cocoa glaze.  I know the thoughts are to go dark with a countertop, but I want to keep the kitchen light and beachy.  Is there a light countertop that would go with these??  I know I will have seam, is it true I should pick a constant granite to avoid the seam showing.  I do tend to like the veins...desperate

  • Shanley46 10:18AM, Sep 3 2012

    Please tell me what you decided...I ordered the same cabinets...I wanted to keep the kitchen light and beachy though...

  • - Derek 02:59PM, Aug 27 2012

    Sorry for the late response. Have you made a decision? I am not familiar with the White Reef stone but it sounds very elegant indeed. I also found a picture of it online for my reference. In my opinion, I am leaning toward the Crema Bordeaux because this stone has colorful highlights that complement the wood nicely and keep the countertop as the focal point of the design. Hope this helps.

  • - Derek 07:10PM, Aug 21 2012

    Hello! Slabs with movement and veins such as the choices you've mentioned are a bigger challenge to align the seams. Consistent patter stones, like for example New Venetian Gold or Giallo Napoleone look better with seams. Check out those two choices if you'd like an almost invisible looking seam. They are light with warm highlights for a deep contrast. Hope this helps!

  • CheriN 05:18PM, Aug 21 2012

    We are in middle of kitchen Reno. Our cabinets are cherry with a chestnut finish... The floor is a slate style floor with grey, green and browns. All appliances are SS and so are the all the lights that we already have and don't want to replace. The hardware for the cabinets are also satin nickel/SS. Would one of the crema bordeaux slabs go? We LOVED the slab of Delirium, but was told by others we might not like how it seams up. Any thoughts?

  • mmeyer32 09:15PM, Aug 18 2012

    We're upgrading our kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances.  We're keeping our cabinets because they're high-quality wood throughout--walnut color with honey tones.  Our floor is large neutral-colored (slight hints of rose) stone tile.  We can't decide whether to go with the Crema Bordeaux for the counters or White Reef (a granite from Australia: it has a white marbled look with white sparkles as well as faint green, gray and brown flows).  We thought the White Reef would present a great amount of contrast compared to the cabinets and give the kitchen a more elegant look.  We also thought the Crema Bordeaux would complement the gold tones in the cabinetry and would pull it all together.  I don't know which of these 2 granites is more durable because I can't find much online about White Reef.  Id be grateful for your advice.

  • - Derek 03:18PM, Aug 6 2012

    Both of these colors go in opposite direction in terms of design elements. The Bordeaux is rich with movement and veins while the Ornamental is an overall consistent pattern. In regard to durability, both choices are at a similar level. They will need to be resealed once a year to stay stain resistant. 

  • Cks 03:05AM, Jul 30 2012

    I am trying to decide between crema bordeaux and giallo ornamental for our new kitchen.  Is one stronger or less prone to fissures or staining than the other?

  • - Derek 03:54PM, Jun 5 2012

    I think the Crema Bordeaux is a terrific choice for you! This attractive stone rich in movement and veining will surely be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Go for it!

  • Tallmank 12:24PM, Jun 2 2012

    We are considering putting the crema bordeaux in our kitchen.  We have 90 sq. feet of counter space with butterscotch walls on 3 sides and red on the other.  We have a light cream tile for flooring.   Wondering if the granite would look ok or we have too dark of walls to make the granite stand out?

  • - Derek 02:26PM, May 14 2012

    Well, granite is your best option as it's the strongest and least porous natural stone with the flowing designs that you enjoy. The Bordeaux family of granite are my favorite colors, so I absolutely feel that you're on the right track! My recommendation is to look at the full slabs in-person of the various choices because it's impossible to truly visualize them by looking at pictures. These stones have plenty of movement and veins which change in color tone & pattern with each delivery. That is the beauty of natural stone but at the same time it makes it a little unpredictable. Acquire samples to bring back home with you and make a decision this way. Personally, I think the Fire Bordeaux would fit your design nicely. Also, the aqua/blueish shade is very rare in granite so you would be going in a totally different direction if you wanted a stone with that color shade.

  • - Derek 06:06PM, Apr 20 2012

    I feel that the Crema Bordeaux will be rich in movement and a focal point already as it is for the vanity top, therefore a neutral tile would be most appropriate, in a warm shade. 

  • - Derek 06:01PM, Apr 20 2012

    Since there are so many colors and accents going on, would it be possible to snap a photo of your kitchen and upload it on here as a response so we can give you the best possible suggestion? Let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

  • Kristy 07:28PM, Apr 15 2012

    We are gutting our master bath.  Have jacuzzi tub, 9 foot vaniety, seperate shower with fiberglass stall (removing) and seperate toilet area.  We have selected Creama Bordeaux for the vaniety.  Should I use the granite for a 6" backsplash (with full wall mirror above) or one of the mosaic's you have suggested in the threads below?  I plan to use a neutral porcelain tile on the floor and around the tub and toilet area.  The granite, light fixtures and faucets will be the wow factor.  Just wondered if the granite backsplash would be too much granite.  Thank you!

  • Sapphiresqueeze 06:46PM, Apr 15 2012

    I'm doing a "budget" kitchen remodel, repainting old cabinets white with antique bronze hardware and faucet. Sink and stovetop are white, floor is a neutral beige tile.  My colors throughout living area are light pumpkin (Laura Ashley) with deeper color-washed coral/orange shade in entry.  Kitchen wall color is currently Benjamin Moore Quartz Stone, a light green-blue. My accents are turquoise, green/blue shades, and orange (kind of a Santa Fe look), and Mexican talavera plate and tile collection.  I was considering a terracotta color porcelain tile for countertops, but am now thinking granite.  Crema Bordeaux seems to p/u some of my colors; would it be too busy for my multi-colored accents?  Also thinking about the deeper red/orange Bordeaux granite.  Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • - Derek 02:21PM, Apr 10 2012

    Yes I agree the Imperial Coffee might be a little too dark for your particular design situation (same with Bahia Brown, I was going to recommend it also but went against my first thoughts). I've created a Comparison Table for you so you can see all of my original suggestions next to each other:

  • Coolrabit 10:22AM, Apr 7 2012

    Thanks for your great suggestions.  The only colors I was able to view were the tropical brown and the toffee.  The other 2 gave no results.  The warm browns and blacks is what I was thinking but then I was worried they would be too dark and not warm enough, but they are pretty.  The few places I went to recommended imperial coffee, coffee brown and crema bordeaux  (at times that made me think a little southwestern, but pretty)  The imperial coffee concerns me that it can look grey, not the look I want.  What do you think.  Thanks

  • - Derek 03:34PM, Apr 6 2012

    Hello. Based on your design information, I have a few warm choices that you can consider. Take a look at Toffee, Giallo Vicenza, Tropical Brown, and Giallo Antico. Let me know your thoughts on these suggestions and we'll see if this is a direction you're interested in going in.

  • Coolrabit 11:31AM, Apr 6 2012

    This is coolrabit again.  Thought it would help to say I like a traditional home.  My kitchen opens up to family room with richbrown leather sectional and mahogony furniture.  Carpets throughout are taupe.  Some old world flair mixed into family room. Lots of cherry furniture in living room and dining room.

  • Coolrabit 11:28AM, Apr 6 2012

    I have just ordered kraftmaid maple canvas with cocoa glaze on the piermont style door from home depot.  I have a bright kitchen and have no idea where to begin with granite.  stainless steel appliances, no floor choice yet. Please help. 

  • - Derek 03:52PM, Feb 25 2012

    Could you possibly provide me a website link to the picture of your tile? Or upload a picture of the tile as an attachment to your response in this discussion? This way, I would be able to visualize the combination of these design elements and give you my honest opinion & thoughts on the matter. Thank you.

  • - Derek 03:33PM, Feb 25 2012

    A match of the cabinetry and countertops is not a sound design choice. Contrast is preferred to offset these two elements from each other because this creates a striking atmosphere that makes the granite a focal point of your kitchen as well as helps the stone stand out. I'm leaning toward the Crema Bordeaux, not just because it's one of my all time favorite stones, but because it has a rich pattern and exciting movement with a very interesting combination of color tones. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person and pick the ones you want to use for the job as this stone may vary in color tone and pattern between shipments. Good luck!

  • - Derek 04:58PM, Feb 23 2012

    That's a tough question. The I assume the tiles will not be aligned together as if take straight from a slab of Crema Bordeaux to make the pattern flow perfectly, and since the Crema Bordeaux has various color tones in it, plus every shipment of this stone is unique in color tone & pattern, therefore this is a tough question to answer. You should try out different combinations, and I recommend to try and make it match as much as possible, in my opinion. As for the backsplash, I'd use a soft, neutral, and clam backsplash tile such as perhaps 2" x 2" Baja Cream tumbled travertine or a similar tile to this shade. I've attached an image for your reference. Good luck!

  • Suec487 09:15PM, Feb 21 2012 I am redoing kitchen in J Creama bordeaux. The floor tile I am looking at is 14/14. It is  very neutrel on the beigh/white side with very light hues a peach every now and then. do u think it will be too much with counter
  • Preppypink06 08:53PM, Feb 21 2012 We are redoing our kitchen with new lights, red oak hardwood floors. stainless steel and black appliances. We will be adding an island with a black slidein downdraft stove. My question is in regards to the color selection for our granite countertops.We are using our present cabinets which are are a honey maple color. We were considering madura gold as it matched perfectly but I wonder if it is too much like the cabinets and floor plus the black stove in the island might stand out(could go with another color for the island). So Creme Bordeaux has been  suggested instead for wall countertops and island.. Which choice do you think would be best? Also what is your opinion of using textured paint walls as a backlash? Thank you.
  • mkp 03:24AM, Feb 20 2012 We live in a log house and have new hickory cabinets and the pulls are hammered oil bronze.  Our countertops will be crema bordeaux but we have tiles rather than a slab - what is the best color grout to use and what would be a good backsplash for this combination?
  • - Derek 04:45PM, Feb 18 2012 The bench and saddle do not have to be the same material as the vanity top. The Crema Bordeaux could just be used as the vanity counter. For the bench and saddle, you can use a strong, neutral colored marble such as Crema Marifl or Botticino Fiorito.
  • Lorw3 09:35PM, Feb 15 2012 I just ordered a dark vanity for my bathroom with Crema Bordeaux countertop.  The tiles are grayish/green.  We tiled the entire bathroom and have glass shower doors.  We installed a shower bench.  Should I match the top of the bench with crema bordeaux also?  And what about the saddle going into the bathroom?  Same?
  • - Kinga 01:12PM, Feb 15 2012 I agree with Derek. It’s important to see the slabs in person to determine if the colors work for you and your space. I’m confident you will be able to find a shipment that will work wonderfully with your space. It’s definitely an appropriate choice for your design so go for it!
  • - Derek 02:36PM, Feb 14 2012 I recommend for you to look at the full slabs of Crema Bordeaux in-person, as we have multiple shipments of the stone and the slabs can vary between deliveries in the color tone and pattern. This stone has richness and depth in color, but it's hard to name the specific colors it has, you must see it yourself. I think you can use this stone as it's very beautiful and attractive.
  • - Derek 05:24PM, Feb 11 2012 I have not been aware of the opinion that the Crema Bordeaux is a porous and fragile stone. It's a strong granite, although it's many veins could be considered as weak spots within the stone. If you seal the granite once a year then it should not stain. As far as literally "scratching" the stone, there is a higher chance you would dull your knife before visibly scratching a real granite. Hope this helps.
  • - Kinga 07:11PM, Feb 10 2012 If the stone is not properly sealed, it may stain after a lengthy exposure to the spill. To scratch your granite, you will need to use something denser than granite such as topaz or diamonds. You can also scratch your stone with granite such as tossing sample against your countertop. If you seal it and clean it  , you shouldn’t have any problems. Both stones are beautiful and durable, you just have to pick the one that appeals most to you and your design. Hope this helps in your decision!
  • Michele 01:27AM, Feb 9 2012 Does the Crema Bordeaux have a lot of peach and mauve.  I have 16 year old mauve laminate countertops I will be replacing with possibly Crema Bordeaux but I am afraid it will remind me of the old countertops which I am very tired of.  We are getting new white cabinets and we have honey oak parquet flooring which we will not replace.  The other choices we are looking at are St Cecilia and New Venetian Gold.  The rest of our house has gold, red and sage in it.
  • Anila 06:00PM, Feb 7 2012 Hi I heard from an installer that Crema Bordeaux is not a durable granite and if you spill coffee etc it stains easily and scratches , whats your take on this.
    My second choice is Black Galaxy which is more durable
  • - Derek 08:00PM, Jan 31 2012 Since the granite is quite busy and rich in pattern, the floor tile should be neutral and low maintenance. Take a look at our porcelain tile in "Pompei Coral" shade:
  • - Kinga 02:37PM, Jan 30 2012 I like the direction you are taking. I would recommend going light and natural on the floor to showcase the cabinets and granite. I would recommend a porcelain tile for easy maintenance so check out a Tracia or Etolia. I attached 2 tile pattern ideas for you. I would recommend laying out the tiles without thin set to play around with different patterns until you find the one you love. Let me know what you think!
  • Jobeader 04:03AM, Jan 28 2012 we are building new home and are planning spice cherry cabinets with a chocolate glaze,crema bordeaux granite counter tops and black appliances.need help on tile floor color and instalation pattern.
  • - Kinga 02:06PM, Jan 26 2012 The Crema Bordeaux is a wonderful choice for your space. Go for it!
  • - Derek 09:17PM, Jan 25 2012 The Crema Bordeaux seems like a perfect choice for your set-up. The rich pattern and deep veining within the stone create an inviting atmosphere. The stone will contrast your light perimeter cabinetry, while picking up the Bordeaux tones in your island. Make sure to look at the full slabs to pick your favorite one, as with the range of movement within this granite, it can change quite drastically between shipments. Good luck!
  • Ksouthard 10:46PM, Jan 22 2012 Thinking of using Crema Bordeaux in my new kitchen where I will have cream distressed cabinets on perimeter and a bordeaux red distressed island with hardwood floors. Is this granite a good choice for this scenario or is there a better suggestion?
  • - Derek 01:59PM, Jan 10 2012 The Crema Bordeaux granite will offset and contrast your light cabinets nicely. For the backsplash tile, a soft and calm option should be used so it does not fight with the movement in the stone. My recommendations are tumbled Rhine travertine, and Oyster Mix Flamed travertine.
  • - Kinga 02:01PM, Jan 6 2012 The Crema Bordeaux would look great against white cabinets paired with a tumbled Bottocino marble. You can even add some accent tiles to spice it up a bit!
  • Ashley 01:39AM, Jan 6 2012 I love this, what about with white cabinets? And what's a good color for the backsplash? I also have wood floors.
  • - Kinga 09:57PM, Dec 16 2011 The Crossville Bella Via Ivory honed travertine is a fine choice for a backsplash as is the Esq Bengali Beige Mosaic Brick. Good luck!
  • - Derek 05:02PM, Dec 16 2011 The backsplash tile is a simple tumbled marble with accents from SouthCypress - Marazzi Romance collection.
  • - Kinga 01:12PM, Dec 16 2011 You can find this and other beautiful accent tiles at specifically Marazzi Romance collection. Good luck!
  • Lmmrainey 11:41PM, Dec 10 2011 Love the small brown and the tile next to it.  What are the names of these two tiles?
  • Lmmrainey 11:29PM, Dec 10 2011 Thank You.  I went to your web site, granite, Crema Bordeaux and saw the video.  This is exactly what I want and I love the backsplash. Would you be able to give me the name of the backsplash tile. I see a number of different Crema Bordeaux
    I want the same as the video shows. Are the two above the one on the video?
  • - Kinga 09:58PM, Dec 9 2011 The Crema Bordeaux is a perfect choice to enhance the stainless steel appliances and add warmth to the design. Consider using a neutral tile like a tumbled marble with few accent pieces to finish off the design. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 08:00PM, Dec 8 2011 I recommend to not use the Crema Bordeaux granite as your backsplash material. This stone is quite busy with a deep, rich pattern, therefore for the backsplash tile I recommend a choice such as Crossville Bella Via Ivory honed travertine. I've attached an image for your reference, which is cut in a 2" x 2" hexagonal pattern. Hope this helps!
  • - Derek 06:27PM, Dec 8 2011 Since you have white cabinets, it's quite an open design plan and either of these choices would be wonderful. However to pick-up and compliment your stainless steel accents, I recommend to use the Crema Bordeaux. Since this stone varies quite drastically between deliveries, try to find a stone that has some gray undertones to pick-up the stainless. Hope this helps!
  • Randy 02:51AM, Dec 6 2011 Redoing kitchen, Rich Walnut cabinets. Ordered Crema Bordeaux granite. Do I stop at rear wall? or go up with granite a few inches?  What do I do with back Splash?
    Any suggestions will help.. Thanks
  • Mrainey 12:27PM, Dec 5 2011 I have white cabinets and 12x12 square beige tile. I am looking at creama bordeaux,
    juperana tier and juparana jurassic granite. Which one would you suggest to enhance the stainless steel appliances and what type of backsplalsh would enhance it?
  • - Kinga 05:35PM, Nov 30 2011 I agree. White cabinets will provide a sleek and elegant contrast in the space. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 09:57PM, Nov 29 2011 A tumbled marble or travertine backsplash with accent tiles paired with a hardwood floor will definitely pull off the design . Another easy to maintain and beautiful option for flooring are ceramic tiles resembling hardwood. I feel going neutral on the backsplash will bring more focus to your beautiful granite. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 09:09PM, Nov 29 2011 Also, using light tiles on the floors and walls to finish off the design will brighten up the space as well.
  • Citation23 03:34AM, Nov 26 2011 I am redoing my kitchen with cherry honey cabinets, stainless steel appliances.I am thinking of the creams Bordeaux granite but I am not sure how to pull it together with a back splash and floor can you suggest anything, am I on the right track or way of base?
  • - Derek 06:51PM, Nov 23 2011 Emerald green granite against dark cherry cabinetry creates a traditional and elegant style. To make the space look less dark, bright up the bathroom with a lighter wall color such as Benjamin Moore "Silken Pine" or "Ivory White".
  • Jpbloom50 03:02PM, Nov 19 2011 I'm redoing my small (long and narrow) bathroom. The porcelain floor tile has shades of beige and red/rust, with swirls of green in it, and my cabinet is dark cherry. There is a high ceiling, and quite a lot of wall space, which will be painted a light color, still unchosen. I have fallen in love with an emerald green granite for the top, but am a little concerned that it is too dark. What do you think?
  • - Derek 08:23PM, Nov 17 2011 I'm leaning toward the white cabinetry for an efficient contrast to offset the darker and busy tones of the Crema Bordeaux granite.
  • Spedro 02:26PM, Nov 15 2011 i'm building a home and would like to use crema bordeaux as my granite, what would you suggest for cabinets white or a maple with black glazing???
  • - Derek 09:28PM, Nov 9 2011 I feel as if Crema Bordeaux pictured on this page would surely be too busy with your tigerwood flooring. Options such as Paradiso or the Sanal Wood are more appropriate. The Black Galaxy does not seem to "fit" in the design for me. Some other recommendations are Cosmic Black and Kosmus. Make sure to look at the stones in-person as full slabs before you make your final decision!
  • Mary Beth 11:23PM, Nov 5 2011 Hi, We are creating a new kitchen.  We will have tigerwood flooring and white cabinets, not the brightest white, but more white than cream.  We are struggling with what countertop to choose.  Paint colors can be anything.  My biggest concern is having a busy countertop and busy floor.  We are considering silver paradiso, sandal wood, crema bordeaux, and black galaxy.  I know we are all over the place.  Any thoughts?
  • - Derek 07:06PM, Nov 3 2011 I'm happy you found a color shade that you're enjoying. Let us know if you ever have any other questions! :)
  • - Derek 07:05PM, Nov 3 2011 For the Crema Bordeaux, it might be in fact a little too much. The Bordeaux is already rich in color tone and has deep veins throughout the stone. Have you considered a 4" small Bordeaux backsplash and then perhaps use a tumbled natural stone tile to the upper cabinets such as Noce travertine? Let me know what you think.
  • - Derek 07:03PM, Nov 3 2011 My suggestions are Benjamin Moore line "Barbados Sand" (first image) and "Sundial" (second image).
  • - Kinga 04:14PM, Nov 3 2011 Thank you for the input, Jam50! It may be easier for Hokeoverland to make the final decision with the help of others who already have a full granite backsplash installed. Do you have photos of your finished kitchen?
  • Jam50 11:09AM, Nov 3 2011 We have a full granite backsplash in Crema Bordeaux and it is gorgeous. I don't know if your contractor mentioned it, but you will have to redo your electrical boxes on the wall to accommodate the depth of the granite. It's not difficult, there are several ways to get it done. I agree, go for it!
  • - Kinga 09:48PM, Nov 2 2011 Wonderful choice! If you have any photos of the finished job, we would love to see!
  • - Derek 08:06PM, Nov 2 2011 For the wall color, I feel like Benjamin Moore line "Malton" or "Lighthouse Landing" are quite appropriate.
  • - Derek 08:03PM, Nov 2 2011 I'd use a soft and calm natural & tumbled tile choice as the Crema Bordeaux is already rich in color. Try a Durango travertine or Emperador Light marble as your backsplash. Good luck!
  • Andrea 11:22PM, Nov 1 2011 Thank you.  This was very helpful.  What color paint would you use for the walls with the granite, oak cabinets and stainless appliances.
  • Gtansino 05:05PM, Nov 1 2011 We went with alittle more neutral/warm. We used Benjamin Moore Jonesboro Cream.  Looks beautiful.  Thanks.
  • - Kinga 04:54PM, Nov 1 2011 Check out Benjamin Moore’s Lancaster Whitewash, Chatsworth Cream and Limestone. I feel you should go earthy and neutral instead of bright to keep the focus on the countertop. Since you are planning on doing a full granite backsplash, the kitchen may feel somewhat busy so neutral walls will help offset that. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 04:27PM, Nov 1 2011 A full granite backsplash is a popular choice I see done quite often. The Crema Bordeaux is a beautiful choice as a full backsplash so go for it!
  • - Kinga 04:22PM, Nov 1 2011 A light tumbled marble or Noce tumbled travertine with accent tiles would be a classic and timeless choice. Let me know what you think!
  • Hokeoverland 12:47AM, Nov 1 2011 You know i should have mentioned on more thing. We are considering going with a full height matching granite backlash. Is this too much of a good thing? Do you see that done often?
  • Hokeoverland 12:33AM, Nov 1 2011 We just found your forum. What a great service. We are going with a Cream Bordeaux granite, black quartz sink, stainless appliances and natural cherry cabinets. We are looking for a couple of options for warm paint colors. Any ideas? Bright or earth tones are both great. Thanks for your thoughts.
  • Andrea 05:32PM, Oct 28 2011 I am having crema bordeaux installed for my kitchen cabinets and island.  I have oak cabinets and oak wood floor.  What would you suggest for backsplash/tile?
    Thank you.
  • - Kinga 07:30PM, Oct 26 2011 The ogee edge gives the stone a beautiful finish without overpowering the overall look.
  • - Derek 06:45PM, Oct 26 2011 Crema Bordeaux is on the busy side with it's rich movement and deep veins. A classical and timeless edge on the softer side such as half bullnose would fit this granite nicely.
  • Jovanna Lemonda 05:40PM, Oct 22 2011 We decided on crema bordeaux and found the right slab....can you offer thoughts on edges. I think that certain granites look better with certian edges.
  • - Derek 07:14PM, Oct 19 2011 I'd use a wall paint color such as Benjamin Moore "Healing Aloe". I've attached an image for your reference, let me know how you feel about his color.
  • Gtansino 02:19PM, Oct 18 2011 We have Decora Brandywine Cherry cabinets with crema bordeaux  granite countertop.  Need suggestions for paint colors?
  • - Kinga 02:41PM, Oct 6 2011 Let us know what you end up picking. If possible, provide us with some photos once you’re done. We would love to see them!
  • Jovanna Lemonda 06:07PM, Sep 30 2011 I agree....the right slab with regard to color and especially pattern will compliment both the floor and the vintage white cabinets.
    Thanks....we also will consider New Colonial Dream and Golden Valley.
  • - Derek 05:57PM, Sep 30 2011 The Crema Bordeaux is one of my favorite stones! It's richness and depth is unparalleled, it's a beautiful choice that will make your kitchen come to life. However, you must pick the right slab, as each delivery of this stone varies quite a lot. If you can find the right balance in the colors and pattern to compliment your tile nicely, then I think this would be a stunning decision.
  • Jovanna Lemonda 05:30PM, Sep 30 2011 What are your thoughts on Crema Bordeaux?
  • Jovanna Lemonda 04:05PM, Sep 30 2011 Thanks so much....New Colonial Dream and Golden Valley are two possibilities....I also would like your thoughts on Crema Bordeaux. (Paradiso Bash looks too much like our floor and Kosmas has too much black)
  • - Derek 01:40PM, Sep 30 2011 Thanks for the information, that is helpful. I suggest to consider colors such as Kosmus, Paradiso Bash, New Colonial Dream, and Golden Valley MG/KG for your set-up. Let me know what you think!
  • Jovanna Lemonda 01:02PM, Sep 30 2011 It  more closely resembles 255 at this point with slightly less movement. (It was more grey when it was first purchased but with 15 years on the floor in the kitchen it did darken a bit). This is a tough one but we cannot go through the expense of changing the floor. We had black absolute on the counters and backsplash previously, but we do not want black again.
  • - Derek 06:20PM, Sep 27 2011 We have Crema Bordeaux in-stock at our Stroudsburg, PA facility (773R) and it's in the Double Silver price category.
  • - Derek 05:17PM, Sep 27 2011 Juparana Colombo varies quite drastically between batches and deliveries, click on my Comparison Chart of this stone and tell me, which "ID" of the Colombo does your tile most closely resemble?
  • Brad Eisenhower 10:30PM, Sep 24 2011 Do you have this at your Stroudsburg store and what price category does it fall within?
  • Joge 02:07PM, Sep 24 2011 We have a floor with Juparana Columba granite tile floor which we are not changing. Our new cabinets are creamy white which goes well with our floor. We find many granite colors that complimnent our cabinets but need to find one that will compliment our floor.
  • - Derek 06:32PM, Sep 8 2011 In addition to Crema Bordeaux, which is an excellent choice for your set-up, you may also want to consider the following options, I've created a Comparison Table so it's easier for you:
  • Sharon 04:38PM, Sep 8 2011 Boy, could I use your help!  My kitchen is a traditional dark cherry hardwood with a lovely light gold flecked ceramic tile backsplash and gray ceramic floor tiles with a very faint rose coloration running through it (all that I'd like to keep).  I was thinking the Crema Bordeaux might tie the two together -- but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions?
  • - Derek 06:41PM, Sep 1 2011 I don't want to make the final decision for you! It's your kitchen that you will be looking at every single day, so you have to love every part of it and feel an attraction to it. However, if this was my kitchen, I would pick the Crema Bordeaux granite with Ivory Classic Fontane tumbled travertine in a 2" x 2" cut size. Make sure to look at the slabs of granite in-person and pick your favorite one, as the Bordeaux granite varies wildly between deliveries because of it's natural richness. Hope this helps.
  • Tyeseconstantino 03:24AM, Sep 1 2011 Thank you soooo much for your suggestions and pictures--I love them all.  Now I'm having a hard time making a decision.   I need you to make the decision for me!  In your opinion, which of the granites that you have suggested would make a more traditional/transitional statement with my black glazed cabinets, handscraped wood floors, and some type of travertine backsplash?  Sorry if my description of my style isn't very descriptive.  My colors in my house are the Tuscan colors-golds, rusts, black, brown, olive green, some burgundy.  My style is not modern and contemporary.  Thank you again!
  • - Derek 02:38PM, Aug 31 2011 Crema Bordeaux is one of my favorite stones, so I'm drawn to it and think it would look beautiful in your set-up. Another variation that would look very nice against your dark cabinets is Ibere Crema Bordeaux, and Jungle Green. For backsplash, take a look at Ivory Classic Fontane tumbled travertine. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • - Derek 01:24PM, Aug 31 2011 The 'Bordeaux' family of stones from Italy are all beautiful and rich with their dramatic veining and warm appearances. The Crema Bordeaux is one of the most popular varieties, and would surely compliment your design nicely. Go for it!
  • - Kinga 01:07PM, Aug 24 2011 The Crema Bordeaux is timeless choice which has been trendy for many, many years and seems it will continue to soar in popularity. It is widely used in many different designs from smaller kitchens to gourmet and magazine-style designs. It’s a stone you can’t go wrong with. To compliment the wonderful features of the Crema Bordeaux, consider using a tumbled Crema Marfil tile and a mosaic behind the stove or sink. Even a patterned design would be a wonderful addition. For your sink, have you considered using a black undermount sink to make a statement? An always safe choice is to use a stainless steel sink to compliment your appliances. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 12:43PM, Aug 24 2011 Take a look at the Furacan Bordeaux, Bordeaux Delicato and Siena Bordeaux. Remember, Crema Bordeaux is always a classic and timeless choice you just can’t go wrong with!
  • Tyeseconstantino 04:30AM, Aug 22 2011 We are having our kitchen cabinets painted black, flooring will be medium tone handscraped hardwood, ss appliances with an apron front sink, walls are Behr Mushroom Bisque, thinking of Crema Bordeaux countertops.  What are your thoughts for countertops, backsplash and sink material?  Your help is much appreciated!
  • DC 02:41PM, Aug 21 2011 Love the Bourdeaux's...we have light colored cabinets that have a "pickled",  almost a lavender, lilac shade...We had found a Hawaiin Bourdeaux but can't seem to locate this anymore.  The Crema is very close and has many of the Creme/purples/greys  that we really like.  Should we be looking at other's?
  • - Derek 05:59PM, Aug 17 2011 Take a look at Ibere Crema Bordeaux, I feel this stone is rich enough to make your design flow nicely. As for suggestions with more blueish tones in them, the Emerald Pearl, Quati Blue, and Blue Pearl GT are superb options. Good luck!
  • Janice harris 04:05AM, Aug 17 2011 We are trying to decide which granite to use in a kitchen with natural maple cabinets and saltillo terra cotta floor tiles.   The room is bathed in bluish light reflecting from Puget Sound--and the blue does funny things to its compliment!  Easy to turn oranges and rusts to a beigy mud!   Would Blue Pearl or other greys be a poss?
  • - Kinga 04:21PM, Aug 9 2011 I agree with Derek. The Crema Bordeaux would look simply stunning on such a large island. My vote is also for the Crema Bordeaux!
  • - Derek 03:16PM, Aug 9 2011 Delicatus can have some peachy spots depending on the delivery, it's best to look at the slabs in-person. The Crema Bordeaux will look amazing in your set-up, especially on the large island as a focal point of your design. Go for it!
  • Jvmay 04:53AM, Aug 8 2011 I like the idea of the variations after looking at the choices. Actually, because my 40x72 island is the focal point and the center of the room, I think it will make a better choice. I love both the bordeaux choices. Does delicato get a bit peachy in spots? I think I'm leaning toward the crema.
  • - Derek 09:33PM, Aug 1 2011 Thank you for the warm compliments on our website. We work hard to keep it updated for you! As for suggestions, I'll go in a different path from Kinga. You could use a darker color for a contrast, for example take a look at Tropical Brown and Tan Brown. These are consistent, clean choices without the busy movement. Let me know what you think.
  • - Kinga 04:01PM, Aug 1 2011 Do you want a stone with lots of veins and variations or do you prefer a more consistent look? For the ‘veiny’ look, the Crema Bordeaux and Bordeaux Delicato would look fantastic. A nice consistent look for your setup would be the Dakota Mahogany and the Tan Brown. Let me know what you think so far!
  • Jvmay 12:29PM, Aug 1 2011 What a wonderful forum. What granite would you recommend. I have natural maple cabinets and reddish oak hardwood. It's called butterscotch, but it's not the orange butterscotch I've seen. I would appreciate your suggestions for both granite and backsplash.
  • - Derek 02:25PM, Jul 27 2011 This tile is not too busy for the Crema Bordeaux -- quite the contrary, it's a warm compliment! The pattern you're thinking about laying out may however make the stone look a little busy. Perhaps it's best to just lay it out in an even pattern such as 18x18.
  • - Kinga 12:31PM, Jul 27 2011 Thank you for the link. I found the photo of your tile and I have to say it is not too busy.  I will attach the photo of the tile so everyone could see it. The tile has nice hints of red that will tie the floor and the granite together quite well. I feel you are going in the right direction so go for it!
  • Lacelia Henderson 10:16PM, Jul 26 2011 In regard to my question about the spicy almond floor I forgot to say that the crema bordeaux I have chosen is dark.
    LaCelia Henderson
  • Lacelia Henderson 10:06PM, Jul 26 2011 I recently wrote you about my kitchen.  You asked me for a picture of the floor tile called spicy almond.  It is a new tile by Mohawk and is in a collection called Villarreal.  It is very hard to find on the internet but I did find it at  It is the first tile on the seventh row.
    Thank you for your help.
    LaCelia Henderson
  • - Kinga 09:31PM, Jul 21 2011 I looked online but I cannot find a picture of the tile you are referring to. Can you please attach a photo for our review?
  • - Derek 03:08PM, Jul 21 2011 That sounds like it may be a bit too busy -- can you upload a picture of the tile for review?
  • Lacelia Henderson 04:56AM, Jul 21 2011 I am gutting my kitchen and will have traditional custom made cabinets stained brown  with a black glaze.  I like the crema bordeaux granite but am wondering if the tile I have chosen for the floor might be too busy with the crema bordeaux.  It is made by Mohawk and is called spicy almond.  I would like to have it laid with 13 inch and 20 inch tiles in an off set pattern which also makes it a little busy.  The tile is neutral with some rust and gray in it.  What do you think?
  • - Kinga 03:10PM, Jul 20 2011 Crema Boredeaux is such a beautiful stone, it will look stunning in your kitchen. It’s a warm and inviting choice, so go for it!
  • - Derek 02:26PM, Jul 20 2011 Absolutely! The Crema Bordeaux is a rich stone that will look great against your honey oak wood elements, and the stone will offset your black appliances nicely.
  • Kimbroughton 06:14PM, Jul 19 2011 Have honey oak cabinets and oak wood flooring with black appliances.  Would crema bordeaux be a good choice for our new granite countertops?
  • - Kinga 08:47PM, Jul 14 2011 Derek’s suggestion would look amazing in your space!
  • - Derek 04:33PM, Jul 8 2011 Sounds like you're on the right track. I envision your kitchen to be warm and cozy, but at the same time, exciting and a little dramatic. The Crema Bordeaux is one of my favorite stones, and I feel just like Kinga: it will fit your design perfectly. This stone has plenty of variation with the rich veining throughout each slab, so if the option is available, you should pick how exactly you want the countertop cut on the slab. Good luck!
  • - Derek 04:31PM, Jul 8 2011 I've attached an image of your tile for reference.
  • - Derek 04:28PM, Jul 8 2011 I've found the tile you're using, thanks for the description. The Crema Bordeaux would be a dramatic and inspiring choice for your kitchen, and will compliment your dark cabinets and floor tile nicely. Another option, albeit similar, is the Ibere Crema Bordeaux variety which might pick-up the warm tones in your tile a little better.
  • Jmore 01:49PM, Jul 7 2011 btw, cabinets are a sable finish with honey glaze.   Thanks
  • Jmore 01:22AM, Jul 6 2011 I have Naxos Pietra Sacra Arx tiles (beige with bit of salmon undertones-in certain lighing and grey spekes)tiles, darker cherry cabinets and considering Crema Bordeaux.  I do not have a picture of tiles. Thank you
  • - Kinga 09:38PM, Jul 5 2011 Debby,
    One word: ABSOLUTELY! The setup you described sounds amazing and totally timeless. The Crema Bordeaux looks stunning with cherry cabinets and the tumbled marble is the perfect touch to finish up your designer space. The colors you described will play off of each other without clashing. I would LOVE to see photos of the finished space because it will be stunning!
  • Debby 09:15PM, Jul 5 2011 I am considering Crema Bordeaux with med (DarK Honey) cherry cabinets. I am looking at light tumbled marble (4/4) backsplash with 1 row straight, with the rest on the diagonal separated w/trim of tumbled marble.  Also a picture frame w/2X2 tumbled marble & medallion in the center of frame over stove. Kitchen is fairly large w/open breakfast area and good lighting. A red brick framed fireplace w/honey colored mantel and surround on wall opposite of kitchen. Floors are red oak stained a colonial maple  but can be refinished if necessary. The slab we have picked has a large vein of gray blue, very pretty. Does this combination work?
  • - Kinga 09:01PM, Jul 5 2011 Please describe the tile you are using or attach a photo for our reference in order for us to provide you with our opinion.
  • Jmoresco 07:21PM, Jul 5 2011 arx tile with  crema bordeaux counter and dark cabinets? thanks
  • All Granite and Marble 03:35PM, Jun 6 2011 Melody: Try Crema Beach, Costa Esmeralda, or Four Seasons.
  • Melody 02:50PM, Jun 6 2011 Hi. We are replacing countertops and I love the look of the Crema Bordeaux slabs. That being said, we have "French Quarter Cobblestone" ceremic tile on the floor - tiles of varied blue, light maroon/ pink, gold colors. I am worried adding this coutertop will be way too busy. We have medium honey oak cabinets. Any suggestions of a less busy countertop? Thanks
  • Colleen 12:53PM, May 24 2011 We are building a new home & have chosen cherry cabinets with a burgundy stain and St. Cecilia granite. I think light tile will look good, but am wary since we have 3 kids and a messy dog. Any suggestions for tile?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:23PM, May 24 2011 Colleen: A nice light beige ceramic tile would look great and they aren't that difficult to maintain.
  • Gary 07:48AM, May 8 2011 We are getting a new kitchen this summer. We pick toffee oak cabinets and River Bordeaux granite , Ivory colored walls and gray carpet. Would this look good together.... Next year I am installing the backsplash myself. We pick out Tubbled Botticino marble tile.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, May 9 2011 Gary: Sounds like you're on the right track, that's a beautiful combination.
  • christine pincince 05:06PM, Apr 14 2011 cream brodeaux runs about how much round figures instualled. thanks a lot
    • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, Apr 15 2011 Christine Pincince: For an estimate on the Crema Bordeaux, please send over the measurements you require to our sales office.
  • Debbie 08:52AM, Apr 3 2011 We are planning a kitchen with toffee oak cabinets with Verde Maritaka granite and gray carpet. Do you think the colors we picked would look nice together.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:28AM, Apr 4 2011 Debbie: Absolutely.
  • Gumbolou 07:41PM, Mar 19 2011 We are installing Crema Bordeaux on maple cabinets. I see that you recommend tumbled botticino tile as the backslpash. Do you recommend the brick style?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:56AM, Mar 21 2011 Gumbolou: Yes, the prick pattern may be used.
  • donna 01:36PM, Mar 9 2011 we are getting a new bathroom vanity in a piscacio glaze, almost a sage color. would you reccomend this crema bordeaux or any suggestions on a granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:16AM, Mar 10 2011 Donna: The Crema Bordeaux is an excellent choice for your cabinets. You can even use a more muted color like Typhoon Bordeaux.
  • Emily Irwin 01:55PM, Mar 4 2011 Having our small kitchen remodeled. Cabinets refaced in cherry w/med brown stain (so will have a slight reddish hue). Floors are bamboo (natural, unstained). Kitchen opens to breakfast nook and a medium sized great room. The crema bordeaux slabs we're considering have reds, coppers, golds in them. (1) Do you think the CB would work, and (2) What type of backsplash? Thinking it probably needs to be neutral in color but can/should it be marble? Glass? Other?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:03AM, Mar 8 2011 Emily Irwin: The Crema Bordeaux is a stunning choice with rich veins that will compliment your cherry cabinets. I agree that the backsplash needs to be calmer to offset the busy granite, I recommend a tumbled botticino marble tile.
  • Daisy 11:28AM, Feb 22 2011 I have light maple wood kitchen cabinets and light gray porcelain floor. Please help me find the right granite top for my kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:14PM, Feb 22 2011 Daisy: Any particular colors that have caught your attention so far? Are you leaning towards a darker color for contrast or a lighter color to compliment your cabinets? Do you like a speckled, consistent pattern in the granite or a more dramatic veining? These questions will help me help you find the right granite!
  • Billy in Maryland 11:36PM, Feb 6 2011 Evening. I have remodeled my small kitchen. To include Maple Cidar cabinets Creme Bordeaux counter tops and Brazilian cherry flooring which has not turned yet. I am struggling with the back splash and have bought several different samples. Any suggestions on what type or style of back splash to use??? and help is greatly appreciated...Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 12:18PM, Feb 7 2011 Billy In Maryland: What backsplash samples have you looked at so far? I would keep it simple and on the neutral side as the Crema Bordeaux granite is quite busy. I'm thinking a tumbled botticino marble tile for backsplash.
  • Jake 12:54PM, Jan 29 2011 We have purchased maple cabinets with a burnished ginger finish and was wondering if Crema Bordeaux would compliment the cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:49PM, Jan 31 2011 Jake: The Crema Bordeaux is a great choice, the vivid pattern will compliment your cabinet color nicely. Another option could be Crema Beach.
  • Karen 10:51AM, Jan 4 2011 Hello. I have a kitchen with dark cherry cabinets, crema bordeaux counters and natural oak flooring. The walls are painted with Behr popcorn ball and now I am trying to find a backsplash to go with everything. What would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:55PM, Jan 4 2011 Karen: I recommend a tumbled marble tile, perhaps the Botticino variety would offset the busy Bordeaux granite.
  • Shelley 09:38AM, Dec 5 2010 we just had the crema bordeaux installed. I chose a tumbled travertine tile and have started tiling. The travertine ended up being multi-colored variations of the tan/cream color. I can't decide if that is too busy for this counter top. Do you stack the tiles? I have been tiling in a brick pattern.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:48PM, Dec 7 2010 Shelley: It might be a little too busy, but you can offset this with a neutral floor and wall color. I'd tile the backsplash in a brick pattern.
  • keri 10:52AM, Dec 3 2010 Hi.. we have the tan brown for our counters and we wanted to do an you thing the crema bordeaux would look good? The video looks like that color would blend and still have the lightness we want...thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 11:24AM, Dec 3 2010 Keri: The Crema Bordeaux is a gorgeous choice that will compliment your design nicely, go for it!
  • Jaime 02:34PM, Dec 1 2010 Hi, We live in a log home. Our cabinets are painted a muted green and our island is a darker harwood. Our floors have madi gra tile which are shades of gray, and brick. We really love the crema bordeaux. When I look at this granite I see shades of green to it. Do you think it would look nice with our cabinets? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 11:29AM, Dec 3 2010 Jaime: The Crema Bordeaux varies between deliveries and each slab, so you must look at the stone in-person. I'm confident you will find a slab with beautiful green tones in it, go for it!
  • Mike Z 03:32PM, Nov 27 2010 We are considering Crema Bordeaux for new countertops and for an island. Flooring is natural hickory and cabinets will be natural oak. Kitchen is 12x14, but open to the dining area. What is your opinion regarding this choice of granite. Also, what are your thoughts on a full backsplash of Creme Bordeaux or color/style of a tile backsplash. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:40AM, Nov 29 2010 Mike Z: The Crema Bordeaux is an excellent choice for your set-up. The rich pattern and warmth of the stone makes it an attractive choice. However, using it as a full backsplash might make the design a little too busy. I recommend to use a tumbled travertine or marble tile for the backsplash.
  • vicky 09:56AM, Nov 21 2010 we are remodeling the kitchen. the floor tile selection is Tagina "factory red", cabinets are a warm praline w/mocha highlights (not too dark, medium color). we were thinking of cremea bordeaux for countertops and island. Would this be too dark or is there another granite you can suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, Nov 22 2010 Vicky: I do not think the Crema Bordeaux is too dark, it's a rich and warm color with beautiful movement in the stone. Another option that is similar and fits your design well is Four Seasons.
  • Karen 11:33AM, Nov 19 2010 We are building and have an open floor plan with the kitchen opening up to a great room. We would like to use crema bordeaux for our 5x8 island. Will absolute black or another color work on the perimeter countertop surfaces? Cabinets are alder wood, The backsplash would be noce travertine with light green glass, and warm tone travertine flooring..... Do you recommend another perimeter top color?? Our slab is the last one.... Thank you!!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:37AM, Nov 22 2010 Karen: An Absolute Black granite for the perimeter is an excellent idea. The Crema Bordeaux is busy patterned but gorgeous stone and will be the center piece of the kitchen. Some other suggestions besides Absolute Black are Cosmic Black, Brazilian Black, and Ubatuba.
  • Karen 02:52PM, Nov 18 2010 I am thinking of using Crema Bordeaux. We have med/dark oak cabinets and a large peg planked oak floor, also a med/dark oak. What would you suggest? Thanks, Karen
    • All Granite and Marble 10:28AM, Nov 19 2010 Karen: The Crema Bordeaux is a rich and gorgeous choice for your design. Another option could be "Four Seasons".
  • Joe Simone 05:49PM, Nov 17 2010 I have dark cinnamon glazed cabinets with ss appl and natural wood floor i'm thinking of crema bordueux walls are painted a brandied apple from behr what kind of backsplash would you recomend
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Nov 19 2010 Joe Simone: For backsplash, I recommend a light subway tile to break up the busy pattern on the granite.
  • RonM 07:36PM, Nov 15 2010 I have cherry cabinets with a paprika stain, The floor is tile in a light tan color with accent 3" dark emperador marble on every other tile. What colors of granite will work for my countertop and backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:35AM, Nov 16 2010 RonM: I recommend a lighter granite, take a look at Giallo Ornamental, and Gold Antique.
  • jcclipper 08:10AM, Oct 31 2010 We have a fairly large kitchen with white cabinets. The appliances are white also. We will be putting in a stainless cook top and stainless sink and fawcett. We picked out a very excotic Juparano Crema Bordeaux for the counter top . The floors are oak with a honey color. The back splash will be made of Tumble tile with glass inserts. Do you think this will be ok....Thanks...Joe
    • All Granite and Marble 12:55PM, Nov 1 2010 Jcclipper: You're on the right track. It sounds like an excellent combination, go for it!
  • Cheryl 06:24PM, Sep 14 2010 I'm using the Crema Bordeaux for bathroom vanity. What colors should I consider for the sink and faucets? I'm probably going to choose a vessell sink. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:43AM, Sep 15 2010 Cheryl: I'd use a light colored sink combo, perhaps a biscuit/creme color.
  • Karen 02:06PM, Sep 8 2010 I am considering Crema Bordeaux for my kitchen My cabinets are a light almond color, my floors are white tile, the surrounding walls are beige with white trim., and the appliances are stainless. What wall tiles would you suggest over the new counters? (also, if you don't think this would look good, please suggest another granite for my color combination, thanks.)
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Sep 10 2010 Karen: Try a tumbled botticino marble tile. It's a soft look and will fit your design nicely.
  • Martina Burns 11:29AM, Sep 3 2010 Could you please make any granite suggestions that would go well with "Sienna Rope" kitchen cabinets, ss and gunstock hardwoods
    • All Granite and Marble 12:09PM, Sep 3 2010 Martina Burns: Good suggestions are: Kashmir Gold, Giallo Ornamental, Astoria.
  • Swn_Sng 03:40PM, Aug 17 2010 Thank you for your suggestion but....with the cabinets being bright white I hesitate to use a creamy color like botticino. Also, cream on the wall against the bright white might also be a problem. What other color/stone might you suggest? With the room being large both in dimension and height it could carry a darker color I think. Your Thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:07PM, Aug 18 2010 Swn_Sng: For a darker tones I recommend a copper slate backsplash, or tumbled noce travertine.
  • Swn_Sng 07:31PM, Aug 16 2010 We are thinking of purchasing Crema Bordeaux for our kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are white. The floor is a soft taupe ceramic tile with a slight pinkish tint. The kitchen has 12 ft. ceilings.The walls in the adjoining living area are a smoky mauve, nearly milk chocolate in color. I've used a lot of teal throughout the house and plan on using it in the kitchen as well. What would you suggest for the back splash....wall color as well?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:08AM, Aug 17 2010 Swn_Sng: For backsplash I recommend a tumbled botticino marble tile and perhaps continue in a creamy tone for the wall color.
  • Nettie 11:01PM, Jul 24 2010 Does Crema Bordeaux hold up to kitchen counter use. It seems to have a lot of irregularities in it. Is it co mo. For it to have some cracks and large quartz crystals in it? Does it need any special care treatments or sealing?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Jul 26 2010 Nettie: The Crema Bordeaux has a wild pattern but thats the beauty of it. The stone does have quartz crystals and usually some hairline fissures because of it's veining. Make sure to inspect the slab that you will be buying for any serious damage. The stone needs to be sealed every 1-2 years.
  • Terri 05:51PM, Jul 20 2010 I would like to use crema bordeau with cherry cabinets. We like the idea of glass tiles because they would add light to our small kitchen. Do you think glass tile with a sea green tint would work?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:27AM, Jul 21 2010 Terri: Absolutely! Make sure the set-up does not look too busy however.
  • Nettie 09:10AM, Jul 14 2010 I am purchasing Crema Bordeaux that is full of color and movement. My cabinets are painted canvas with a cocoa glaze. The floor is a soft reddish granite colored tile. Appliances and all metals are stainless or brushed nickel. I am going for a French Country look. What type of backsplash will look best? I have found a man in Texas who makes beautiful French high relief tile backsplash in many colors and finishes. They are not the painted tiles but look like architectural carvings. They make kind of a raised panel relief behind the range. Problem is what color to do backsplash so I can order the panels. I lean toward some soft simple neutral color for the backsplash. What is your idea? Any help would be appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:40AM, Jul 14 2010 Nettie: A light and neutral beige shade of backsplash would compliment the creamy tones in the bordeaux granite.
  • JAMIE 02:40PM, May 24 2010 We're considering red dragon on our large black "rubbed " L-shaped island and then crema bordeaux on the perimeter w/ cherry (bourbon noir) cabs. Will try to find pieces w/ lots of movement and colors for island and pieces with more rusty tones ( like the dragon ) for perimeter. What do you think ?? Any backsplash ideas??? Haven't even started looking for those.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:52PM, May 24 2010 JAMIE: Two different stones and cabinet colors is a hard design to pull off, but you are on the right track. It seems like everything is coming together nicely. For backsplash, try a tumbled travertine tile. Nothing too busy as your design is already rich in color.
  • MJ 04:19PM, May 13 2010 I have a crema bordeaux countertop and dark cherry cabinets. I am having a hard time choosing backsplash tile. I did find a small glass subway tile that is the gray/green in the granite. But, I'm afraid of my kitchen looking red/green. I am open to any suggestions for color style and size of tile for the backsplash. My kitchen is large, bright and open.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:58AM, May 14 2010 MJ: I suggest to go with a simple backsplash as the Crema Bordeux is already rich in color and quite busy. Try a tumbled bottocino marble or travertine tile.
  • Jaycee 12:11PM, May 12 2010 what is its specific gravity?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:53PM, May 12 2010 Jaycee: 2.60 - 2.70 (gm/cc) on average.
  • Becky 10:37PM, May 7 2010 We have golden oak cabinets and are considering crema bordeaux..Do you think this will look good>
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, May 8 2010 Becky: Absolutely. Rich and vibrant pattern while providing good contrast to offset the golden oak.
  • Laura 02:55PM, Apr 28 2010 I should also have noted that our kitchen has good light and I really like it to feel open and airy; not closed it. Thanks again.
  • Laura 02:53PM, Apr 28 2010 We just put in crema bordeaux granite in our new kitchen and I am struggling with backsplash. I have medium brown maple shaker style cabinets and a creamy color ceramic tile floor. There is so much movement in the granite, I don't want the backsplash to feel too busy or that it breaks the flow too dramatically. The granite is stunning Help...I don't want to mess this up. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 04:23PM, Apr 28 2010 Laura: Take a look at tumbled botticino marble tile. It's neutral and would fit the design well.
  • Debbie 03:53PM, Mar 27 2010 I have ordered creama bordeaux granite but have time to cancel. My cabinets are being made in natural maple but this kitchen is somewhat dark because it has only one window and open into the living room which is dark logs. I want the top because I love burgundy. Any ideas for back slash and floors. Can I lighten up the place with floors? This is a very large kitchen with center island. The island will take a whole slab. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:16PM, Mar 29 2010 Debbie: You can use botticino marble tile to brighten things up. I think the Bordeaux will look gorgeous with natural maple. It's not that dark of a stone.
  • Anita 05:44PM, Mar 24 2010 Should also have noted that our kitchen has a moderate amount of light and the cabinets are in a darker cherry stain with black accents.
  • Anita 05:43PM, Mar 24 2010 We are remodeling our kitchen. Have chosen cabinets in a rustic cherry, considering tigerwood floors and looking at Crema Bordeaux for the granite. We have stainless steel appliances. Will it be too busy? Also, what would you recommend for a backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:45AM, Mar 25 2010 Anita: It will compliment your cherry cabinets beautifully. But it's a rather dark look so it will look best if you have good natural light in the kitchen and an open area. For backsplash, lighter tiles (tumbled marble/travertine) with darker, reddish accents to bring out the Bordeaux.
  • Carol 07:30PM, Mar 8 2010 We installed Crema Bordeaux 18 months ago and have been struggling with a backspash color and type ever since. The granite has lots of light green and even lt. blue flecks in it and I like the look of tumbled glass but what colors? Cabinets are an orange oak color but will be replaced next year.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:29AM, Mar 10 2010 Carol: Use the lightest color tones you see in the stone for the tumbled glass.
  • Peter 07:21PM, Feb 27 2010 Cabinets will be an off white and we are considering painting the island black
    • All Granite and Marble 12:32PM, Mar 1 2010 Peter: Perhaps a cherry island will look better with Crema Bordeaux, but the white cabinets are an excellent choice. Plenty of contrast and a rich pattern in the stone.
  • Peter 12:03AM, Feb 21 2010 We are considering crema bordeaux on an island and using a contrasting base granite on the rest of the counters that would highlight the island. Any suggestions on a darker base counter. I have a maple wood floor
    • All Granite and Marble 11:44AM, Feb 22 2010 Peter: What color are the cabinets?
  • Jeanine 10:19PM, Feb 20 2010 I am considering Crema Bordeaux for my counter top in a log home. The cabinets are natural pine, and the appliances are black. Do you think this is a good choice or can you suggest something else
    • All Granite and Marble 11:43AM, Feb 22 2010 Jeanine: It will look very rich and warm while providing the needed contrast, go for it!
  • Kathy 08:21PM, Feb 16 2010 I am going to use Crema Bordeaux and am having the cabinets stained a shaker maple color. My floors are tera cota tile so the granite goes well. Question do I use a full back splash of the same granite. I have a LOT of cabinet and a large wall where the stove top is. My kitchen is open and large but I don't want to over power it with too much granite. Help and thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:30AM, Feb 17 2010 Kathy: Just use the granite for your countertop. You don't want to make the kitchen too busy. I would use something simple on the backsplash, perhaps subway tile.
  • Jim 12:16PM, Feb 15 2010 We just installed off-white cabinets with a black distressed look. Our floors are a hand-scraped brown with black in it. We really like the crema bordeaux with it; do you think this is a good look?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:58AM, Feb 16 2010 Jim: Plenty of contrast and a warm, rich choice in the Crema Bordeaux. Go for it!
  • Liz 11:06AM, Feb 13 2010 remodeling kitchen. natural maple cabinets, cherry island with a chestnut finish and crema bordeaux granite on counters and island. What color composit granite sink would work best?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:41AM, Feb 16 2010 Liz: The Crema Bordeaux will look stunning! Great choice.
  • Jen 05:40PM, Feb 12 2010 We recently remodeled our kitchen and now have cherry/saddle cabinets and crema bordeaux countertops, the florrs are done in a grayish blue slate. It all flows weel together but I am having problems deciding of backsplash colors and also paint. I need so insite desparetly..
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Feb 13 2010 Jen: Perhaps a tumbled Noce travertine tile for the backsplash, and go simple with the wall color, a light taupe or neutral beige.
  • Kitty 06:22PM, Feb 7 2010 I would add that amidst the L-shaped kitchen counter and there is going to be a slim island (22" x 48")as a half-way service surface (running parallel as in a sandwich)) between the stove (on South wall) and the fridge on the North wall. What color countertop would be just perfect? Antique Cream? Biscotti? ? ? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:31PM, Feb 9 2010 Kitty: Antique Cream.
  • kitty 05:03PM, Feb 7 2010 We have selected Juparna Crema Bordeaux slab for counter top. Kitchen is bright with special walnut stained oak floors...same as the adjacent family room and dining rooms. Please suggest a few choices for the color (paint or stain) for the cabinets. And what style of cabinets are appropriate. The back splash would be my next question :-)
    • All Granite and Marble 12:30PM, Feb 9 2010 kitty: Traditional, face-frame honey oak or a medium maple cabinets will look well with your set-up. And for backsplash, perhaps a tumbled copper slate tile.
  • Edna Marie 02:12PM, Jan 23 2010 using crema bordeauxon for counter in a bathroom have dark cherry cabinets I have a walk in curved shower, a lot of the exterior wall is exposed to the rest of the bathroom. I would like a tile with a rich color for the inside and outside of the shower, rather than a natural color. I would like a Tuscan or Mediterranean feel. Please advise on color for the whower tiles.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:02AM, Jan 25 2010 Edna Marie: Perhaps terracotta tile.
  • Julia 02:24PM, Jan 20 2010 In an open kitchen how would crema bordeaux work with knotty alder cabinets and hickory flooring? What backsplash would work?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:35PM, Jan 20 2010 Julia: Thats an excellent combination. For backsplash keep it simple, a light tumbled marble tile would tie-in nicely.
  • Liz 10:05AM, Jan 19 2010 I would like to hear from anyone with this countertop as to its durability
  • marie 07:53PM, Jan 17 2010 Creama bordeaux, cream cabinets, ORB hardware, SS appliances, Koa(tiger wood) floor. Looking at tumbled Travertine in 3x6 for backsplash. Would mojave work? what color Travertine do you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:29AM, Jan 18 2010 marie: Mojave sounds great. A different direction to consider could be Noce travertine.
  • jules 09:47PM, Dec 7 2009 how will crema bordeaux countertops work with knotty alder cabinets and natural hickory flooring? what backsplash colors would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Dec 8 2009 jules: You're going in the right direction. Backsplash should be neutral -- perhaps travertine tile.
  • gary 09:02PM, Dec 5 2009 What price group is this in. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:54AM, Dec 7 2009 gary: For pricing please call the sales office.
  • Ashley 12:34AM, Nov 29 2009 In a previous comment you mentioned Crema Bor should work in a smaller kitchen if there is natural light. I only have 1 window that is fairly big, but isn't in direct sun light. Will it still work? We really like the stone. Do you think it would be better to use an antique cream cabinet instead of cherry? We are doing the kitchen from scratch so any cabinet/backsplash/floor is doable. I am trying to pick the stone first. I like beige, gray, hints of burgandy, tan, cream, but do not want anything that reads too yellow/orange/cream. Is there another stone that is better if Crema is too busy for a smaller kitchen?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:05AM, Nov 30 2009 Ashley: You should definitely get recessed lights. An antique cream cabinet will look better with Bordeaux than cherry because there is more contrast, and the Bordeaux will stand out.
  • Ashley Kechter 01:36AM, Nov 28 2009 We have a small kitchen and are considering crema bordeax with cherry cabinets. Will this work in a small kitchen. How can we find a slab that is less red and more creamy/gray?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Nov 28 2009 Ashley Kechter: It's a busy stone, if you have plenty of natural light you should be alright. The Crema Bordeaux varies greatly between batches. Make sure to put a sample of your cabinet against the very slab you are using, so you know how the final product will look like.
  • Fred 10:09AM, Nov 24 2009 We are renovating our kitchen. Stainless appliances autumn haze cabinets with glaze. Will Crema Bordeau be to dark?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:12AM, Nov 25 2009 Fred: The Crema Bordeaux differs between batches quite drastically, make sure to put a cabinet sample on the slabs in the yard to see how it looks. For something a little lighter, there is Siena Bordeaux.
  • Renee Strange 02:26PM, Nov 7 2009 The crema bordeaux actually compliments stainless steel appliances, which is rare in my opinion. It's a gorgeous stone.
  • Phillis 04:06AM, Nov 4 2009 I am considering using the crema bordeaux granite. I have a large open kithen with a lot of natural light. My cabinets are painted white, black appliances, koa (tiger) wood floors. The walls are a very light taupe. I have one brown accent wall. I have also considered new venetian gold, but it seems too yellow next to the white cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:38PM, Nov 4 2009 Phillis: The Bordeaux will look very warm, go for it!
  • wayne 02:03PM, Oct 22 2009 We are planning to put autumn mist slate on our patio floor and are doing a outdoor kitchen. Would crema bordeaux be a good choice and could you recommend for a backsplash? Thank You for your time.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:55PM, Oct 22 2009 wayne: A tumbled travertine would look good and natural.
  • WAYNE 03:51PM, Oct 20 2009 I am building a outdoor kitchen and I plan to use Ada stone and used red brick on the sides of my modules . Would Creams Bordeaux work with this theme and could you suggest a backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:17PM, Oct 20 2009 WAYNE: The Bordeaux would certainly tie-in the colors nicely, it would look beautiful, especially in an outdoor setting.
  • shelly 02:36PM, Oct 14 2009 I have the crema bordeau and I love it. My island is cream with a cocoa glaze and my cabinets are maple with same cocoa glaze and the counter looks great! tumbled travertine back splash looks very nice with this granite.
  • Liz 08:05AM, Oct 11 2009 We have a small kitchen and chose crema bordeaux for the counter top. We were thinking of doing the backsplash in the same granite. Do you think it would be too much?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:04AM, Oct 12 2009 Liz: I think it would be too busy -- you want to have a simple backsplash with this stone. Maybe tumbled travertine.
  • Kathy 09:53PM, Oct 8 2009 I am remodeling the kitchen with woodmode cabinets stained in a vintage lace{off white]. I was thinking of using the crema Bordeau but not sure how it would look with the cabinets? Have not picked out my floor tiles or backsplash yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Oct 9 2009 Kathy: Bordeaux will look good with light cabinets. You want to go simple with the backsplash as the granite is busy. Maybe tumbled travertine.
  • Joe 07:19PM, Oct 3 2009 What backsplash style and colourshould I use with a crema bordeaux granite countertop?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:29AM, Oct 5 2009 Joe: You can go with a natural looking tumbled marble tile.
  • Julie 01:16PM, Oct 2 2009 Can you recommend a glass back splash tile for this granite
    • All Granite and Marble 12:14PM, Oct 3 2009 Julie: Take a look at a copper tone glass tile backsplash, it would look very modern.
  • Jules 08:33PM, Sep 28 2009 we are building and have an open floor plan with the kitchen opening up to great room and dining area: will crema bordeaux work with natural cherry cabinets, hickory flooring, and potentially an island w/ antique pale green stain? also what color/style of tile should we use for a backsplash? thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Sep 29 2009 Jules: Crema Bordeaux will look very rich and warm next to the cherry, a beautiful stone. For backsplash consider mosaic tile, or glass.
  • Terry 10:56PM, Sep 27 2009 My Wife and I are seriously considering the Creama Bordeaux. We have Harvest Bronze Glaze Burnished Cabinets. We are looking to dress it up with a travetine tile backspash with reddish accents. We have a Oak Hardwood Floors. SS appliances. Will this work?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:23PM, Sep 28 2009 Terry: It will look great. The colors compliment each other very nicely.
  • Carole 08:28AM, Sep 13 2009 I have Biscotti cabinets, no floor yet w/white appliances and am considering Crema Bordeaux for countertop. What color floor tile would look best. Walls can be changed. Have light oak dining room set.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:44AM, Sep 14 2009 Carole: A varied tile would look nice. Something that looks like travertine.
  • Donna 09:12PM, Sep 10 2009 Went to pick out my granite and after looking 3 times chose the crema bordeaux. I have honey oak cabinets which have aged to look almost pecan in color and are knotty. I have brown tile (marbled) on the floor. Hubby has me second guessing my choice. I have ss and black appiances. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:44AM, Sep 11 2009 Donna: It would work, this is a very beautiful stone.
  • Geez 01:25AM, Sep 1 2009 My fabricator installed one granite slab for counter tops and back splash and broke the second island slab.....orig seller has sold out of remaining series.. now what? any ideas? crema bordeaux
    • All Granite and Marble 10:23AM, Sep 1 2009 Geez: You could try matching the batch of Crema Bordeaux in your installed counter to what other fabricators (like us) have in stock.
  • wally 02:01PM, Aug 30 2009 How would crema bordeaux granite look in an open kitchen with cider oak cabinets? The kitchen opens to the dining room and living room where we have furniture with dark brown wood finish.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Aug 31 2009 wally: It would look very rich, and from the sound of it you have a large open space which is good for a busy stone like this, go for it!
  • streck 10:47AM, Aug 29 2009 what size tile do you recommend for the wall with this stone. we have a very rich piece of this granite that has black, terra cotta, copper and small amount of grey tones. I don't want to get tile that will be fighting with this. Any suggestions you have would be very helpful. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:49AM, Aug 31 2009 streck: Go with a simple subway tile as this granite is very busy..use some shades of burgundy/red in the tile.
  • Donna 02:17PM, Aug 27 2009 Looking for a bathroom counter. Vanity is chocolate/burgandy color. Floor tile has light to medium tones of browns, reds and golds. Is this too much? If so, can you recommend a couple alternatives. Your company recommended and installed my kitchen counters, and I love them!! Can't wait to hear back
    • All Granite and Marble 03:38PM, Aug 27 2009 Donna: It might be a little too much, take a look stones from the Giallo family.
  • Joseph Fernbaugh 07:46PM, Aug 12 2009 Do you sell Creme Bordeaux in square tiles, to use for an inlay table top?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:53PM, Aug 13 2009 Joseph Fernbaugh: We do not sell this stone in tile.
  • sharon 04:43PM, Aug 11 2009 How would this look with honey maple cabinets, black hardware, stainless steel appliances. Just saw a slab and it was beautiful...but I hear they vary a lot? Also like the Giallo Vicenza and Santa Cecelia Classic. Any suggestions? We have tuscan red walls.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:46PM, Aug 11 2009 sharon: They do indeed vary alot so make sure to put a sample of the cabinet against the slab that's going to be cut to make sure you like the dramatic pattern.
  • Trudy 01:34AM, Jul 21 2009 Hello--we are starting our kitchen remodel. We have light/medium hardwood maple floors that we will be keeping. We have chosen a med/dark cherry modified shaker cabinet. It is called burnt sugar with a black glaze. Unfortunately we have to keep (for now) our fairly new appliances & they are bisque/biscuit color. We are having a very hard time finding a granite that will go with the cabinets & appliances. Will Crema Bordeaux work for us? Do you have any other suggestions? Absolute black was our first choice for the cabinets, but it will not work with the appliances. Thanks you so much!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:52AM, Jul 21 2009 Trudy: Crema Bordeaux would work, different batches vary so make sure to put a sample of your cabinets against a slab. I think the Bordeaux would look fine too, it's similar to Crema.
  • Gee 04:15AM, Jul 19 2009 How will crema bordeau look w/brown walnut color cabinets, (toning down the red) and a travertine century floor and brushed nickel hardware? Lots of sun in this room? worried cabinets too dark and floor and granite to much movement?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Jul 20 2009 Gee: Crema Bordeaux differ from batch to batch, so you would have to actually see the slabs to pick which bath you like, there is also other (lighter) stones in the "Bordeaux" family, maybe try Bordeaux Bahia?
  • Kris 03:47PM, Jul 11 2009 I have bleached oak (pickled)cabinets and medium hazelnut hardwood flooring. We have decided to put Black Galaxy Wave on the countertops and a Crema Bordeaux top on the Island. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:03AM, Jul 13 2009 Kris: I think it would be wery nice combination between thes two stones.
  • Andrew 10:34AM, Jul 2 2009 Can you help me "lot numbers" The CB lot I like is 9321 base on online photos and the one the fabricator says is in my budget is 9026 not available on vendors web site. Are these standard lot numbers or vendor specific?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:45PM, Jul 2 2009 Andrew: I believe they are vendor specific.
  • Julie 10:03PM, Jul 1 2009 floors went in they are beautiful cherry wood with a perfect red match.The red in the crema bordueax also works. Still worried about the movement eventhough i love it. what back splash and what glass in cabinets to complement.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:36PM, Jul 2 2009 Julie: If you're worried about too much movement, definitely keep the rest uniform. You say you love the stone. That's the no. 1 criteria.
  • Deanna 10:15AM, Jun 29 2009 Considering putting Crema Bordeaux with light ginger glazed maple cabinets and a black island; Think it will look okay together?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:08PM, Jul 1 2009 Deanna: I don't see any issues. Light maple is a great match. Black will be neutral so it's ok too.
  • Cathy 11:44AM, Jun 16 2009 We have Maple Cabinets with coffee glaze, what granite do you think would look best? We are thinking of medium to dark wood flooring.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:50AM, Jun 17 2009 Cathy: Well, there are about 1000 or more to choose from. Hard to name just one. I would look into the Giallos for the more popular/generic choices. How much contrast do you want? What are the other colors? Any favorite themes?
  • julie 06:46PM, Jun 13 2009 I am putting in natural cherry flooring. It has many different color variations. I have existing burgundy stained cabinets. Do you think this is a good color choice
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Jun 15 2009 julie: It depends exactly how the two reds will look together. I would suggest taking a few samples of the Bordeaux and bringing them home.
  • Nila 04:42PM, Jun 5 2009 How do you think white cabinets with a brown glaze on them and what color floor would you get with the creme bordeaux?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:28AM, Jun 6 2009 Nila: Cabinets are not an issue here. Floor... maybe Noce Travertine or just plain travertine. You could also look into slate.
  • Zoe 04:08AM, Jun 2 2009 Hi, How will this granite look on dark cherry cabs stainless steel with a bit of black appliances, crema backsplashes and saltillo( pinkish and orange natural and sealed mexican) tiles on floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:01AM, Jun 2 2009 Zoe: Somewhat busy. Well, partially. The cabinet/countertop combo is superb! Rich, elegant, evocative. The floor could cause a problem though as it would really fight for attention.
  • Cindy 10:56PM, May 26 2009 We are building a house and picked Crema Bordeaux today to go with our medium to dark stained cabinets. Do you think if we used it also for the backsplash it would be too dark or busy? I was looking in some kitchen magazines and they are showing a lot of granite for the backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:45AM, May 27 2009 Cindy: It might get busy. I suppose it also depends on the size of the kitchen and how open it is. The more room to breathe, the bolder the backsplash can be.
  • sue 11:58PM, May 11 2009 Ok, now I saw a "leather " feel Cr Bord. which is better? The normal one(polished look) or the new one thats 3" thick with Leather feel?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:19AM, May 15 2009 sue: That's up to you really. Keep in mind that while the leather finish is really something unique and cool, it's not necessarily the most practical thing in the kitchen. Polished surfaces clean easier and look a bit more colorful.
  • sue 01:05AM, May 11 2009 cherry cabinets,blk appliances,stainlees hood, cream colored 18'18 tile floor.How would Creme Bordeaux look?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:36PM, May 11 2009 sue: prfkt!
  • Scott 09:42PM, Apr 22 2009 Does Crema Bordeaux come in 122" slabs?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Apr 23 2009 Scott: Yes, we have several slabs in our Ridgefield Park location that measure 123".
  • trish 09:42PM, Apr 10 2009 We had picked out a cherry cab. with a merlot finish. Would that work?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:44AM, Apr 11 2009 trish: Definitely, this combination is my personal favorite.
  • Trish 10:59PM, Apr 9 2009 We are building a new home and love the crema Bordeaux. We do not have a color for the cab yet. Or the floor tile. what goes best with the stone?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:08PM, Apr 10 2009 Trish: Cabinets: Cherry (medium or dark), Tile: Light Slate or beige/cream with some design.
  • annabanana 04:50PM, Mar 19 2009 hi again! i just wanted to pass along some information to others who are going CRAZY like i was!!!! maniscalco has PERFECT glass tiles for crema bordeaux granite. it's the simpson desert glass. it looks GREAT! i have hazelnut maple cabs, and stainmaster golden sienna luxury vinyl tile flooring. hope this helps someone!!!!
  • MJ 09:25PM, Mar 17 2009 I am considering crema bordeaux for my countertop and 42" round tabletop with cherry finished maple cabinets. What do you think? I like a rich, warm look.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:18AM, Mar 18 2009 MJ: Rich and warm – that's exactly what Crema Bordeaux is. Don't catch yourself with too much red though. It may look a bit overpowering.
  • renee 02:03AM, Mar 10 2009 we have maple floors & cabinets stainless steel appliances, would it be to muc to put creama bordeaux countertops with a full backsplash, small open kitchen with a 3 seat countertop eating area also, I would like to put same granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:25AM, Mar 11 2009 renee: I don't think it would darken the room that much, but it will be busy. Busy is a subjective term though.
  • Maia 11:28AM, Mar 3 2009 How will Crema Bordeaux on surrounding honey toned maples surrounding cabinets look with a verde maritaka island? The floor and backsplash are a light tumbled marble look pocelain
    • All Granite and Marble 11:46AM, Mar 9 2009 Maia: I'm afraid that's not the best match. Green + Red in the kitchen hardly every look good.
  • annabanana 08:33AM, Feb 28 2009 thank you! the cabs and granite DO go well together, thanks! i was COMPLETELY relieved! now, when this granite is correctly sealed, will it be smooth, or will you feel some texture? thanks for your advice on the tile. the granite pattern IS pretty dominant.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Mar 2 2009 annabanana: Sealing doesn't really affect the polish. You might find some pitting in this stone, but that's absolutely normal. So while you may feel the dimples or pits under your fingers every now and then, the overall feel will be very smooth. Glad I could be of assistance.
  • annabanana 09:23PM, Feb 24 2009 i have hazelnut maple cabs and am having crema bord. installed. will the crema be to rosy for the "orangy" hazelnut cabs? what do you think about backsplash? i LOVE glass tiles.... thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:03PM, Feb 27 2009 annabanana: Glass is ok for the backsplash, just don't make it too busy. The stone is rather dominant in its nature and will fight for attention. As far as the cabinets go, I think it should be ok. There is quite a bit of orange in the stone.
  • roxanne 06:01PM, Feb 16 2009 I will need approximately 50 sq. ft. of this granite. crema bordeaux.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:24AM, Feb 17 2009 roxanne: You can get an order by calling our sales office.
  • Margaret 12:06PM, Feb 15 2009 How would crema bordeaux look with pickled oak cabinets and a of white porcelin tile floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:32AM, Feb 16 2009 Margaret: Very nice contrast. The creme in the stone should match the cabinets quite nicely.
  • Nicole 11:19PM, Jan 29 2009 We are remodeling our kitchen and have selected Kraft Maid Biscotti with cocoa glaze cabinets and a glass mosaic backsplash in shades of bordeaux. We will probably go with the crema bordeaux countertop. What color floor tile would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:30PM, Jan 30 2009 Nicole: A varied tile would look nice. Something that looks like travertine.
  • Steve 08:48PM, Dec 28 2008 We are considering using Crema Bordeaux to reface our fireplace and are wondering how it will look with a Black Mantel and Golden oak floors.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:28AM, Dec 30 2008 Steve: It will look very well in there. It has both colors in itself.
  • Christy 04:18PM, Dec 12 2008 I have pecan oak kitchen cabinets, light taupe floor tile and walls, and an open floor plan. Redoing the kitchen island in rubbed-through black. I think Crema Bordeaux blends well, but would it be too busy for cabinets and island? If so, could you recommend a contrasting color for the island? (anything without yellow)
    • All Granite and Marble 06:00PM, Dec 16 2008 Christy: Two colors of wood and two colors of granite... hard to pull off and I think that would be even busier than Crema Bordeaux alone.
  • James 08:04AM, Dec 9 2008 Hi, I have cherry cabinets with cinnamon stain with shine. I like to have Crema Bordeaux stone on my island and countertop. Because I like how the organic pattern flows. What backsplash would complement with that?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:33AM, Dec 9 2008 James: I think just a tumbled marble tile would do. It has a similar color to the cream in the stone.
  • Ellen 09:25PM, Nov 21 2008 I love the Crema Bordeaux and it looks great next to my light vanilla maple cabinets. But when I place a sample on counter against the wall it buts with a cream tile backsplash and looks dull. What color backsplash would make this stand out more.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Nov 24 2008 Ellen: I doubt it's really dull. Maybe it blends a bit more than against the cabinets, but it should still have plenty of contrast. If it really bothers you, I'd go with a whiter backsplash.
  • Mary 07:10PM, Nov 16 2008 If considering crema it! I have maple cabinets w/cherry stain and over-sized stone floor...compliments the granite with beige and gray specks and it is stunning! And no one has the same's unique, too!
  • Sue 03:34PM, Nov 3 2008 I have Kraftmaid Honey Maple Spice Cabinets, floor is Daltile's French Quarter "Mardi Gras" all different earthtones, the appliances are Stainless with black. My walls are dark burgundy. How will this granite look?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:42PM, Nov 19 2008 Sue: It would fit right in with the walls and floor. I'm just a bit worried that it might get too busy in there. But if that's what suits you - go ahead!
  • Sher 01:02PM, Oct 21 2008 We have clear hickory shaker cabinets, med oak floors, SS appliances. Would Crema Bordeaux work with this, we plan on backsplash as point on point light 6" tiles.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:13AM, Nov 19 2008 Sher: Certainly a very good choice.
  • VICKIE 02:31PM, Sep 20 2008 crema bordeaux being installed tomorrow. What electric switch and outlet covers would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:52PM, Sep 25 2008 VICKIE: There are quite neat Faux painted ones. Basically the artist comes to your house and paints them to "complete" the hole in the granite. Otherwise I would consider Black.
  • Ilene 10:27PM, Sep 12 2008 I have maple cabinets on wall with coriander coffee glaze, antique bronz island (sort of ivory). We saw this stone in your yard and loved it. Do you think it would be too dark? The floor is Jeruselum Bone Stone. I wanted a light look but I liked the pattern and color on this granite slab
    • All Granite and Marble 05:33PM, Sep 25 2008 Ilene: Well, color-wise it fits. Might get a bit busy in the room but not too crazy. Give it enough light and you should be fine.
  • Tina G. 09:47AM, Jul 31 2008 Will Crema Bordeaux look good with cream glazed maple cabinets (black accents t/o), brazilian cherry floors and ss appliances? The Giallos just aren't doing it for me. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 06:01PM, Aug 11 2008 Tina G.: Yep, you're on the right path.
  • michelle 07:36PM, Jul 24 2008 what type of backsplash would match maple toffee colored csbinets and the creama bordeaux countertop
    • All Granite and Marble 03:19PM, Jul 25 2008 michelle: Lighter tiles (tumbled marble/travertine) with darker, reddish accents (glass tiles maybe?).
  • Joanne 09:11PM, Jul 20 2008 Can you recommend a modern back splash (kitchen) with creema borbeaux granite and maple cabinets? Small subway style colored glass???
    • All Granite and Marble 12:15PM, Jul 21 2008 Joanne: That could do. Perhaps some nice porcelain tile to fill.
  • Marilyn 10:18AM, Jun 21 2008 We are getting the darker cherry cabinets, small kitchen bi level home, what the wow of granite but dont want the kitchen to look to dark or small. What granite do you suggest. Will tile floor and backsplash lighter to look not too dark.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:29PM, Jul 14 2008 Marilyn: Your answer is a light stone with a very strong pattern. This one just makes the cut (that's as dark as you'd want it).
  • Agnes 03:52PM, Jun 13 2008 Very nice stone
  • Dolores 08:39PM, Jun 4 2008 the granite has such an inconsistent pattern- what happens at the seam if patterns/colors do not match? Any suggestions to avoid or overcome this?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:17PM, Jun 30 2008 Dolores: We will show you how the pieces will look at the seams. There's no guessing involved. Your input is vital at that stage of fabrication.
  • Stella 06:02PM, Jun 3 2008 In your opinion, will this granite look better than Golden Persa with medium oak cabinets and a neutral tile floor? Thank you in advance.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:00PM, Jun 30 2008 Stella: They're both stunning pieces. I call it a tie.
  • Kathy 12:45AM, Jun 1 2008 I have a pretty good sized kitchen with a large snack bar, honey oak cabinets and distressed hickory vintage floors, white walls that will be changed depending on color of granite countertop. I love the burgandy color in the creama boreadux. Do you think it would go with these wood tones?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Jun 25 2008 Kathy: It's not too bad of a combo.
  • Lee 01:18PM, May 18 2008 Can you recommend a complimary stone for a backsplash for the Crema Bordeaux? We just had this color installed and love it but are having difficulity finding something that will blend in or not detract. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:56PM, Jun 18 2008 Lee: I think you should be fine with a natural looking tumbled marble tile.
  • Jay 09:01AM, May 5 2008 How would Crema Bordeaux look with cider oak cabinets and deep rose walls. Floor is white vinyl with beige/taupe. No windows and small space.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:30AM, Jun 6 2008 Jay: Seems like it would compliment the rest of the kitchen nicely.
  • Melanie 12:28PM, May 4 2008 Hi Moderator, see previous post. Going for a bit of a dramatic look. I'm kinda artsy and would like to go a bit "out of the ordinary" but am a little apprehansive. Any other granite color I should consider with a medium light cabinet? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 11:25AM, Jun 6 2008 Melanie: Like I said below, it definitely will become the centerpiece of the design, but shouldn't be too strong. Good choice.
  • Melanie 11:23AM, May 4 2008 I have a small kitchen, I have selected Maple Sandlewood, light/med. cabinets with a chocolate glaze, SS appliances, and a medium wood floor. I MAY go with a plain tumbled marble backsplash. Which granite would look most interesting Giallo Fiorito or Crema Bordeaux? Can you put a veiny granite in a small area? Do you have another suggestion?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:24AM, Jun 6 2008 Melanie: Since the rest of the kitchen will be rather light, Crema Bordeaux would work just fine. Its pattern is mellow enough that it should overpower the room, but rather become a strong element in the whole design.
  • Mary 10:34PM, Apr 16 2008 I am debating between crema bordeaux and solarius, I have light maple cabinets, in your opinion which would look better, more appealing?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:35PM, May 19 2008 Mary: More of a personal preference. Both will be stunning.
  • Tom 09:49PM, Apr 14 2008 Are there any pictures of crema bordeaux with like maple cabinets? How will it look? Enough contrast?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:59PM, Apr 16 2008 Tom: Yes. Enough contrast. No pictures though. Sorry.
  • Jay 09:27PM, Apr 9 2008 We have rose/terracotta walls with honey oak walls. Crema Bordeaux seems to have these colors. What is your advice?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:34PM, Apr 16 2008 Jay: Decide what the dominant piece will be. When you have too many things of the same or similar coloring, it tends to look busy.
  • Doug Oliver 06:19PM, Feb 21 2008 What price group is the Crema Bordeaux in? I received a quote from your firm but it just had the five groups, and did not specify the price
    • All Granite and Marble 02:53PM, Feb 22 2008 Doug Oliver: Please call the office.
  • lori 12:19PM, Jan 16 2008 do you have any finished pictures of creama bordeaux in a kitchen? I would like to see it finished.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Jan 22 2008 lori: Not of this particular one, but check out the other Bordeaux stones.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Nov 15 2007 BARBARA: Yes, just like every natural stone. This one should be ok for about 2 years before you need to reseal it.
  • Jannette 11:34AM, Nov 12 2007 How will this granite look with a light maple cabinet?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:20PM, Nov 12 2007 Jannette: It will look stunning!
  • Vincent Sireci 11:53AM, Aug 5 2007 I would like a quote for the attached Crema Bordeaux Stone (112) for a patio and stair treads: Patio: Width = 15ft Length = 12 ft 6 Step Treads : 15 ft wide x 1 ft deep Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:10AM, Aug 11 2007 Vincent Sireci: fax the above with a drawing to us.
  • tatiana 10:48PM, Jul 24 2007 how will this granite look with cherry color cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:34PM, Jul 25 2007 tatiana: It will look great. It has enough cherry color in it to complement the cabinets and is lighter having enough contrast. Very organic, natural look. Excellent choice.
  • Bridgette 12:50AM, Jul 19 2007 Is Crema Boudeaux available in tiles? Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 04:14PM, Jul 20 2007 Bridgette: You may check with our sales office for the latest update on available tiles 201-440-6779.