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Kodiak, Juparana Delicado

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Brown, Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Off white colored stone with sun yellow bursts and light gray quartz deposits.
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  • - Jack 06:44PM, Jul 29 2014

    Personally, this style stone is one of my favorites. This match is elegant and simple maintaining the contemporary-esque look.

  • Kim 06:08PM, Jul 29 2014

    The homeowner advised me that the granite is Delicatus White and the backsplash is Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble. Would these be a good option for my smaller kitchen or do you have other ideas I should consider?

  • - Jack 05:53PM, Jul 29 2014

    From here, that stone looks like Bianco Antico a stone with a classic look and feel.

  • Kim 03:53PM, Jul 29 2014

    Hi Jack, thanks for your input. I find that I lean more towards a transitional style and the fantasy brown has more of a modern feel to me. Here's an online kitchen I liked in case this helps with additional ideas.

  • - Jack 03:40PM, Jul 29 2014


    What do you think about Fantasy Brown as a stone? You want the look and the sparkle I think that stone incorporates both those characteristics including the cabinet color. For starters, I chose Benjamin Moore "Wild Rice 2097", what do you think?

  • Kim 03:39PM, Jul 29 2014

    Another kitchen pic

  • Kim 03:37PM, Jul 29 2014

    Java stain

  • Guest 03:37PM, Jul 29 2014

    additional kitchen pic

  • Guest 03:36PM, Jul 29 2014

    Another kitchen pic

  • Guest 03:23PM, Jul 29 2014


  • Kim 03:22PM, Jul 29 2014


    I am excited about revamping our kitchen with granite, backsplash and new paint (I have attached some before pics). We will also update all appliances with SS, lighting fixture with something in a brushed nickel and replace the floating floor (perhaps a light colored rectangular tile). We are going to stain the oak with General Finishes gel stain in java (I attached a pic of how it should turn out). The granite I have gravitated towards with the dark cabinets in mind are ipanema white and delicatus (haven’t seen a live sample yet). For backsplash in our small kitchen, we are thinking we should go light and simple: subway or diamond pattern tile.

    What are your suggestions for the following: granite (perhaps something with a few “sparkle” pieces that catch the eye and will help open up our small kitchen with the dark cabinets), backsplash (white, offwhite, etc and semigloss, gloss, glass, etc), wallcolor paint and soffit paint?

    Thanks so much in advance,


  • - Peter 02:34PM, Nov 12 2013


    The Delicatus would look excellent with off-white cabinets!

    Best Regards,


  • Krista 09:01PM, Nov 8 2013

    I have natural knotty alder cabinets as of right now. My center island and an accent cabinet are almost espresso. I might stain the cabinets are natural color with a licorice stain to white, not sure yet. Now to the point, I am replacing my center island granite slab to be 100x55. I am considering café crème or Alaska. Do you think that café crème would also look good with off-white or white cabinets? What about Alaska. Probably not so good with the natural color I have now, although it would with the dark.

  • - Peter 02:07PM, Oct 21 2013

    Here is what we carry Dana,

  • - Peter 07:19PM, Oct 17 2013

  • Dana 05:34PM, Oct 17 2013

    The travertine floor tile is beautiful! I looked around for some pricing on it but I wasn't able to locate anyone who carried Navona Giallo travertine. Is that something that you carry or do you recall where that sample came from?

  • - Peter 05:26PM, Oct 17 2013


    It looks like you're on the right track, everything looks great. I would recommend doing a full backsplash along with the granite.

    Best Regards,


  • Dana 07:18PM, Oct 16 2013

    We are remodeling our kitchen and want to use delicatus granite for our counters. We are struggling with the floor and the backsplash because we are concerned about things looking too busy. We have a farmhouse style house (dark wood beams across the ceiling and likely an apron front sink) so we like to maintain a modern farmhouse kind of look. I've attached a picture of what our cabinets will look like (first picture) and a picture of our cabinet (top), counter (middle), and floor (bottom) we are considering. We are concerned the floor might be too busy for the granite, especially once we add a backsplash. Should we go darker on the floor since our cabinets are relatively or maybe something simpler? Do you have a backsplash recommendation?


  • - Adrian 03:25PM, Apr 20 2013

    Hi, regarding to your references about your bathroom I'm more leaning towards Bianco Romano. It is an elengant and interesting stone with beautiful movements. Also the exclusive greyish veins will match to your cabinets and floor. The best way to choose the exact stone is to go to one of our facility, see the whole slab, take the sample to home and comapre with your staff. Good luck !

  • Eggberj 05:35PM, Apr 19 2013


    We are trying to decide on granite color for our bathroom. We have espresso cabinets and light gray floor tile. Finalists thus far are Delicatus, Bianco Romano, (and possibly Luna Pearl or New Caledonia which are selections from the builder's standards). What do you think will go best?

  • - Derek 02:27PM, Jan 9 2013

    My recommendations for you are Merola Cobble Polar Ceramic Subway tile or perhaps a Stratford Place 2" x 2" Ceramic Blend for a little more color. I've attached photos of my suggestions for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Maurepu9 12:13AM, Jan 4 2013

    I love the look of ceramic subway tiles.  The granite is so busy that I want to keep the backsplash simple.  I have looked at several colors from Mercury Mosaics and Heath Ceramics but have not found exactly the right shade or color combination yet.  I'm thinking darker than the cabinets (which are KraftMaid "canvas") but light enough not to compete with the granite.

  • - Derek 04:03PM, Jan 3 2013

    Hi there. Is there any particular design direction you'd like to go in for the backsplash? For example, are you leaning toward a mosaic of perhaps stone and glass or a true tumbled natural stone tile? Or maybe a sleek and modern glass tile? Let me know your thoughts!

  • Maurepu9 01:38AM, Dec 31 2012

    I have beautiful delicatus granite countertop with creamy white cabinets and dark walnut bamboo floors.  Any suggestions for backslash? 

  • - Derek 03:31PM, Dec 17 2012

    Yes, Mina! I think that's an excellent & elegant combination. Instead of the Bianco Antico, you could perhaps also use White Spring or Delicatus. Just some food for thought. However, the cherry cabinetry will look rich against your countertop selections. Best of luck!

  • mina 02:41PM, Dec 14 2012

    i need suggestion about countertop color. i want to install granite in bianco antico color in the rest of kitchen countertop  and the island in Maroon cohiba.would the two look good together. we have cherry colored cabinets and wooden floor.

  • - Natalia 05:28PM, Aug 31 2012

    Excellent! This should be a unique and stunning combination! However you are correct in being worried that some aspects could clash because you have two different cabinet AND countertop colors now which is not the easiest feat to achieve. The design must have continuity with a flowing, concise set-up that is not too busy. However, I think you're on the right track. The Tropical is a consistent stone with a tight pattern and it's dark base contrasts the creme perimeter cabinets. The island top would be made out of the beautiful Delicatus with it's rich movement to make it the focal point of the kitchen. It's light base will contrast the dark, black island cabinet. It seems to be all put together nicely and the combinations play off each other for an elegant atmosphere. Go for it!

  • Linda 07:48PM, Aug 27 2012

    I currently have Tropic Brown granite counter tops with cream colored cabinets and thinking about changing the island to Delicatus. The color of the island is a painted distressed black finish. Will the pattern in Delicatus clash with the pattern of Tropic Brown? I am scared it might look too busy.

  • - Derek 08:22PM, Jul 18 2012

    You're absolutely right in your description of the two. However, you absolutely MUST see the full slabs in-person before making a final decision as only then you are able to truly visualize both options and find out which one you are attracted to more. At this point the decision is up to you as either one (Cecilia or Napoleone) is a warm, classic, and ever-so-popular choice for your kitchen set-up. They are both quite similar in color tone and pattern so when you see them you can pick one of the two. Good luck!

  • Marcieocd 03:52PM, Jul 18 2012

    Thank you!  Would you recommend one over the other?  They seem very similar to me with perhaps the Cecilia having more gray and the Napoli more gold.  Any thoughts?

  • - Derek 01:16PM, Jul 18 2012

    The Santa Cecilia Classic and Giallo Napoli or Napoleone are timeless choices with warm hues and highlights that would complement your design nicely while bringing an efficient contrast to offset the mahogany wood. Go for it!

  • Marcieocd 04:43PM, Jul 16 2012

    I'm really confused about a granite to use in this bathroom.  I am concerned about the cabinet color with the Delicatus and would rather not spend quite that much.  I was told that Santa Cecelia Classic or Napoli granite would look nice with both the tile and cabinet color.  My cabinets are stained a Red Mahogany but I see more brown in them than red.  I am anxious to make my decision and get this done.  Any advice you could give would be appreciated...I don't want to make a poor choice.

  • Marcieocd 11:10PM, Jul 12 2012

    Derek - I appreciate your reply and assistance.  I am also looking at Saint Cecelia Classic.  Hope the pic helps....

  • - Derek 03:52PM, Jul 11 2012

    Can you snap a photo of the bathroom in it's current state and upload it on here for me to review? I would be able to give you more accurate suggestions and thoughts.

  • Marcieocd 11:13PM, Jul 3 2012

    I am installing granite countertops in our master bathroom.  I am considering Delicatus Brown. I have floor tile in a beige with gray veins, same tile in shower with gray/black/cream glass mosaic accents, mahogany cabinets and SW Believable Buff on walls.  The shower tile was recently done and I feel it's a little busy.  My current countertops are Silestone Ivory Coast and have absolutely no black or gray in them which clashes.  I am hoping that adding granite will help the new shower tile flow with the rest of the bathroom.  Help please!! :)

  • - Derek 03:48PM, Jun 20 2012

    They're similar in color tone and pattern but not exactly the same stone. I think a very dark cabinet would be very elegant against a lighter granite such as Delicatus or Alaska White and provide a sharp contrast. 

  • Brandi 05:38PM, Jun 16 2012

    Is Delicatus White and Alaska White the same thing? What works best with Alaska White, dark or white cabinets? I have a tudor style home-built in 1973, small and dark kitchen. I like the wood, I am debating whether or not to paint?!*^ What is a good backsplash with white cabinetry and dark cabinetry with Alaska White.

  • - Kinga 08:37PM, May 11 2012

    Depending on the travertine you choose, it may have some red/orange tones. I would recommend a tumbled marble for your backsplash instead as its warm and timeless choice that works with many different designs. To spice it up a bit, you can use decorative borders and accent tiles. For flooring, I would recommend Int Azteca Bruno or Luminor Bianco Mosaic depending on the shipment of the Biano Antico you chose.  It’s best to bring samples home and compare them to ensure you are happy with the way everything looks together. Let me know what you think!

  • Candies030 02:50AM, May 10 2012

    hi there we purchased cappachino cabinets & just ordered bianco antico granite i am having a hard time with floor tile and backsplash any suggestions on what color i should go with or type if tile like travertine

  • - Derek 04:14PM, May 2 2012

    Well, we recommend the Cotton Wood mosaic for granite choices such as Delicatus or White Spring regularly here, so you're absolutely on the right track! I do not think the design will be too cold -- rather these elements will create an elegant, contemporary white kitchen feel. 

  • Jhuntercrna 05:11PM, Apr 27 2012

    I'm just starting to plan a kitchen remodel. I'm thinking of a taupe quartz on the perimeter with off white cabinets.  I would like to do a granite island with darker cabinets.  I was thinking of white spring or dilicatus with antonia bliss cottonwood linear mosaic tile backsplash.  The kitchen opens to a living room with a limestone fireplace.  Are these colors too cold?

  • - Derek 05:45PM, Apr 20 2012

    I think the Delicatus granite would compliment mocha colored cabinets very nicely. Also take a look at Bianco Antico. In regard to floor tile, a beige with grey such as Navona Giallo travertine tile is appropriate. For the backsplash, a soft and neutral choice such as Crema Marfil tumbled marble or Baja Cream tumbled travertine could work well with the design. I've attached photos for your reference. 

  • Gloria 03:08PM, Apr 15 2012

    I'm redoing my kitchen and I picked out Mocha Glaze cabinents by JPD Kitchen's would this look good with Delicatus granite? What color porclin floor do you suggest (beige/with grey, just beige/brown)? As well as a back splash? My kicthen is "L" shaped with a window over the sink, but doesn't get a ton of natural light. Black or stainess steel appliances?

  • - Derek 01:23PM, Mar 15 2012

    Absolutely! Fabulous combination and I think the Revere Pewter would compliment the Delicatus granite quite nicely. 

  • MCDonohue 05:40PM, Mar 11 2012

    We recently painted our cabinets a warm gray color (Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter). We have been looking at the Delicatus granite for our countertops. Do you think that this would work with our cabinet color?

  • - Kinga 12:28PM, Feb 17 2012 Instead of a honed finish, have you considered a leather or antiqued finish? It’s a stunning look against the rich Delicatus that would compliment your space very well. I have Silver Pearl Leather and Black Peal Antiqued here in Danbury. Both look absolutely amazing!
  • - Derek 04:41PM, Feb 16 2012 It's a good idea you're thinking about using a dark, durable, and consistent pattern stone on the perimeter to offset the beautiful movement on the Delicatus island. Personally, I recommend Black Pearl or Silver Pearl. The Absolute Black Honed is also very interesting, for an unique, matte finish that gives a soft touch to the design. You should acquire samples of these choices and bring them home with you to put them against the cabinets in the kitchen and see how you enjoy the various combinations. Good luck!
  • Darlapearson25 11:52PM, Feb 12 2012 I fell in love with Delicatus and plan to use is on my center island, black rub through finish. It is a busy pattern, so I want something more subtle on the perimeter cabinets winchester finish on cherry wood.  I have considered, Absolute Black honed or not, Black Pearl, Brown Pearl, Brown Pearl honed and others.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  • - Derek 06:40PM, Feb 4 2012 Absolutely. Delicatus is a very appropriate choice with it's neutral tones and an effective contrast. Also you can take a look at White Spring and Bianco Antico. Good luck!
  • Debbie Bator 03:16PM, Feb 1 2012 I have sage green cabinets will delicatius be a good choice for counter tops
  • - Derek 09:50PM, Jan 24 2012 The New Venetian Gold is a timeless and classic choice, it's a safe and warm option that you cannot go wrong with when you have natural oak cabinets. Same goes for Giallo Napoleone.
  • t4n 12:28AM, Jan 22 2012 Will the New Venetian Gold be a better choice for this combination? The kitchen flows into the great room with a knee wall in between them. We will be replacing the top of the knee wall with this granite. The New Venetian Gold has cognac colored flecks in them. The furniture in the great room is made of cognac leather.
  • - Derek 04:33PM, Jan 21 2012 Sounds like an appropriate choice, but perhaps it would be nice it include some golden veining and highlights in the granite to compliment the tones in the cabinetry. In addition to the excellent Delicatus, you may want to look at choices such as New Colonial God, Colonial Cream, and Cielo De Oro. Just some food for thought!
  • t4n 12:18AM, Jan 21 2012 Hello - I currently have natural oak cabinets, oak hardwood floor and stainless appliances. 
    I am considering delicatus for the countetops with off-white tumbled travertine backsplashes. What do you think?
  • - Derek 02:57PM, Jan 4 2012 The Delicatus Brown is a rich granite with depth and movement that will make it the centerpiece of your design. You can surely add more of the stone throughout the home as granite is always timeless, classic, and an excellent investment. For the wall color, shades such as Benjamin Moore Line "Linen White" or "Honeyed Almond" could be appropriate. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 03:27PM, Jan 3 2012 I don’t think that would be too much granite. People do it all the time! For wall color, I would suggest something light and warm like Benjamin Moore’s Cream Silk and Old World Romance. Let me know what you think!
  • Lynn Evans 11:23PM, Dec 31 2011 Hi I have oak cabinets and just purchased delicatus brown granite for my counters. The backsplash is done in a mottled cream yellow color and the floors are off white tile.  The kitchen is large and very bright natural light.  Could you suggest a color for the wall.  I also have a dining room off of the kitchen and was thinking of purchasing a delicatus top for a cabinet. Would that be to much of the same granite.
  • - Kinga 03:42PM, Nov 29 2011 I feel the look you are trying to achieve is beautiful, timeless and very popular. I don’t think you need to go dark on any of the cabinets because it might take away from your stunning granite. For other options, check out Bianco Romano and Ambrosia White. Good luck!
  • - Derek 08:03PM, Nov 23 2011 The newest delivery of our Delicatus granite (ID: 1527) on display above has a gorgeous reddish tint and slight undertones that adds elegance to the design. For a white kitchen style, the Delicatus is perfect for stark white cabinetry. Another option could possibly be Bianco Antico. Good luck!
  • Sshartlage 12:12PM, Nov 22 2011 Love the delicatus white granite.  Wanted to lighten my kitchen by painting existing cabinets white or off white with a glaze.  Will there be enough contrast?  I have hardwood floors and stainless/black appliances.  Another option painting the bottom cabinets a dark color and upper cabinets a light color.  I having been trying to decide on granite color for weeks now.  Thanks for all your help.......
  • - Kinga 05:27PM, Oct 18 2011 I’m definitely leaning towards the matte finish for your space. Derek’s backsplash suggestion is marvelous! Another great suggestion is a glass tile combined with honed Emparador Light or Dark Marble in a subway style- see attached. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 05:15PM, Oct 18 2011 I agree that matte finish is more appropriate in your design. The Bianco Antico will look very elegant and sleek against a dark cabinet color such as yours, must say it's a lovely choice! As for the backsplash, a marble and glass brick pattern mosaic might look nice and have the colors you're looking for. I've attached a quick example I've found for your reference.
  • Snowcountry 04:39AM, Oct 15 2011 Hi, 
    We are in love with the bianco antico and planning on dark expresso cabinets
    Can you suggest if the finish on these cabinets should be matte or the grain lines should show?? Someone suggested that the grain lines would look too busy on the granite...
    Ps.  can you suggest any backsplash that has the off-white undertone as the granite with splashes of dark expresso color in between??? Would glass go or subway tiles??? Our concern is that we don't want to mask the beauty of the granite in anyway...but complemnet it with our choices of backsplash and cabinets.....CONFUSED....HELP!!!!
  • - Kinga 03:05PM, Jul 20 2011 That's a stunning tile, Derek!
  • - Derek 01:41PM, Jul 20 2011 An excellent glass tile suggestion for your design is Xen BERMUDA BEIGE Glass Mosaic. I've attached an image. Let me know what you think!
  • Nandachelle 03:14PM, Jul 19 2011 It is  not necessary to have glass tile BUT that is what I love. I see so much tile in my home. I wanted a different look.
  • - Derek 01:40PM, Jul 19 2011 Is it necessary for the backsplash to be a glass tile? I suggested the Capadoccia Glass tile in my previous post, but if you're concerned that the Delicatus is busy (good point) then I recommend to just use a tumbled marble tile, such as the Botticino variety.
  • Nandachelle 04:31AM, Jul 16 2011 Please Help! I had my tile installed 4 years ago its called Morphos I believe its by mercer, I painted my cabinets an expresso color and my granite is Delicatus it has a lot of cream and mushroom with spots of black here and there. I cannot figure out what backsplash to use. I have brought home light colors on the glass tile and they almost pick up a green contrast. I think the granite and tile are busy so I cant decide what will make it all flow without clashing....suggestions please
  • - Kinga 02:40PM, Jul 11 2011 Derek,
    I like Astoria and Canela Bouquet for Haley’s setup. I feel the colors of the stone and cabinet would play off of each other wonderfully. They’re soft, easy on the eyes and elegant for the space.
  • - Derek 01:51PM, Jul 11 2011 I'm leaning towards the choices with some brownish tones to pick up the cabinets, such as the Sucori Brown and Juparana Gaivota. Some other options that might work well are Astoria and Canela Bouquet.
  • Haley 12:42AM, Jul 8 2011 we are installing Karaftmaid maple praline and are stumped on the granite.  We've looked at both Sucuri brown and grey, delicatus, and juparana gaivota, among others. We have natural oak hw floors...any thoughts?  Should we try to contrast or be more monochromatic?  Stumped!
  • - Derek 04:49PM, Jun 13 2011 I'm leaning towards the Mystic Beige, this color will compliment your chose of Delicatus for the countertop.
  • MrsKiwi 12:42PM, Jun 13 2011 Help! We have armstrong Maple with Brown Toffee Glaze Cabinets and chose Delicatus granite for a contrast. We are stumped on paint color for the walls. Considering BenjMoore Latte or Mystic Beige..Any suggestations?
  • vicki 10:45AM, May 15 2011 Help! My delicatus white granite, installed one year ago, has developed large spots of pink that were not there originally. Did we not seal it enough? Can it be removed? Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:42AM, May 17 2011 Vicki: Send detailed pictures of the spots to [email protected] along with description of the problem for an in-depth inquiry and recommendation on what to do.
  • Jill 09:36PM, Mar 28 2011 I love delicatus, but I really didn't want to spend that much money.... Is there a similiar granite at a more affordable price?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:37AM, Mar 29 2011 Jill: The look that Delicatus has is reserved for more expensive stones , but some affordable choices to consider would be Kashmir White, Ambrosia White, and Azul Platino.
  • Kristin 07:38PM, Mar 23 2011 I have dark cherry cabinets and Delicatus granite. I am needing a threshold to marry my kitchen tile floors with the hardwoods in the next room. Should I use Delicatus as my threshold?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:14AM, Mar 24 2011 Kristin: You surely can. That's the best possible match!
  • Henri 08:25PM, Mar 22 2011 How do you think delicatus white will look with olive colored cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:45AM, Mar 23 2011 Henri: It's a wonderful choice as the creamy veins in the Delicatus will compliment your cabinets nicely and the movement in the stone will make it the centerpiece of your kitchen.
  • Lamia 03:03PM, Mar 10 2011 Does delicatus granite or shivakashi or bianco antico for counter top go with chocolate on birch kitchen cabites. which one better With delicatus what would you recommend for backsplash, floor tiles, paints colour for walls if I go with bianco antico or delicatus. Thanks in advance
    • All Granite and Marble 08:52AM, Mar 11 2011 Lamia: I'm leaning towards Bianco Antico with Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" wall color and a white subway tile. For flooring, I recommend Noce travertine tile.
  • Cody 05:59PM, Oct 29 2010 I have white cabinets with satin nickel fixtures and delicatus for my granite and stainless steel appliances. what backsplash would you reccommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:30AM, Nov 2 2010 Cody: For backsplash, you should keep it simple with an off white subway tile.
  • Jody 11:47PM, Oct 25 2010 Oh, and I forgot to tell you .... my appliances are BLACK :)
  • Jody 11:42PM, Oct 25 2010 I have fruitwood stained oak cabinets, off white ceramic tile flooring and pumpkin spice walls. I want a warm granite and love: * bianco antico * delicatus and *typhoon bordeaux .......... I also want to use 2x4 subway tiles for the backsplash with copper accent tiles behind the sink. Which of the above do you think would work best ... or would you suggest another granite??? thanks so much!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:15AM, Oct 26 2010 Jody: I'm leaning towards the Bordeaux family of stones. The rich and warm pattern will fit your design nicely.
  • Tom 08:17PM, Apr 12 2010 We're looking for a beautiful granite which would look stunning with antique white cabinets with cocoa glaze. We like Delicatus. How do u think it would look? Any other suggestions. We're deciding between dark walnut wood floors or possibly traverine
    • All Granite and Marble 12:52PM, Apr 13 2010 Tom: Delicatus is an excellent choice. Another one is Bianco Antico.
  • Tom 03:17PM, Apr 11 2010 We're looking for a beautiful granite which would look stunning with antique white cabinets with cocoa glaze. We like Delicatus. How do u think it would look? Any other suggestions. We're deciding between dark walnut wood floors or possibly traverine.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:05PM, Apr 13 2010 Tom: Delicatus is an excellent choice for a beautiful white kitchen. Another suggestion is Bianco Romano.
  • Carla 03:57PM, Apr 5 2010 I was told that White Spring and Delicatus are the same stone. Is this true?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:59AM, Apr 6 2010 Carla: Similar, but not the same.
  • Rita 05:35PM, Mar 2 2010 My new cabinets will be cherry wood with Peppercorn stain (Kraftmaid) which is a very dark brown/black. Will Delicatus White contrast well?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:28AM, Mar 3 2010 Rita: Yes! Excellent contrast and a beautiful, dramatic pattern to bring the kitchen to life.
  • mary 04:46PM, Mar 1 2010 What do uou think a average price is for 2 slaps of delicatus thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 05:00PM, Mar 1 2010 mary: We do not sell slabs, we are a granite fabricator.
  • aroline 02:32AM, Feb 28 2010 do you think Cream/taupe undertone cabinets with Porcelain off white.(limestone grey tiles)will be too white for Delicatus white granite.Beige royale on walls1/2 st??
    • All Granite and Marble 12:50PM, Mar 1 2010 aroline: I think it would be a beautiful white kitchen. Nothing to worry about. Unless you already have plenty of natural light in the kitchen and it's a large area then something darker like Bianco Antico will be more appropriate.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:27PM, Mar 1 2010 VICTOR: I'd go with the alder wood for more contrast between the granite and cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:18PM, Mar 1 2010 rosemary cortez: Absolutely.
  • Cathy 10:55AM, Feb 23 2010 We have antiqued ivory cupboards and Light Travertine (filled and honed) floors. could we use Delicatus supreme for the countertops with the travertine floors?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:26AM, Feb 23 2010 Cathy: Absolutely! It will look gorgeous.
  • jackie 10:21AM, Dec 17 2009 I have natural cherry cabinets, tile floor (cream, tan, brown mix),brown/creme tumbled marble backsplash, stainless appliances, warm red walls. Is Delicatus too white/grey? Is there something else you can recommend with a similar pattern but with more cream/brown in it?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:28AM, Dec 17 2009 jackie: Delicatus Gold :-)
  • Theresa 05:13AM, Dec 9 2009 I have medium to dark oak stained cabinets with an off white tumbled travertine backsplash. My floor is off white ceramic tile. What color should I paint my walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Dec 9 2009 Theresa: Perhaps a light gray. Take a look at Classic Gray OC-23.
  • Lyn 12:47PM, Nov 3 2009 GALLEY kitchen here..Are you familiar with"SUCURI"? It's similar to this, yet a bit heavier brown/tan. My Pickled Oak cabinets have a pinkish hue.ONLY thing I am not changing. Darker tile, lighter tile? Afriad of making it tunnel like?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, Nov 4 2009 Lyn: I'm not familiar with Sucuri but it does look similar, not the same however. You should go with light tile.
  • Marcy 11:11PM, Sep 26 2009 Kitchen is 13'X14' with a 7'X4' island. Natural light is from 1 north window as well as open to 21'X30' great room. Love the delicatus... another option we also like is Giallo Vincenza. Your thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:15PM, Sep 28 2009 Marcy: The Delacatus and Giallo Vicenza (170 and 168) would work great in this layout.
  • marcy 07:49PM, Sep 25 2009 I have med oak cabinets & golden hardwood floors, all with significant grains. Will delicatus be too busy? Any suggestion for wall color?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:53AM, Sep 26 2009 marcy: It is a spacious kitchen? How is the natural light? I don't think it would be too busy though, wall color should be a neutral earthtone.
  • Anne 10:18PM, Sep 12 2009 Can you please tell me the difference between Colonial Cream and Delicatus White. I have a sample of each and they appear to be the same. How would they look in a large kitchen with reddish cherry cabinets and whiteish grey ceramic tile floor? I'd like to warm up the kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:38AM, Sep 14 2009 Anne: They are very different when you compare the two full slabs, probably the small sample pieces look similar to each other. I think the Delicatus would look richer with your set-up.
  • Elle 02:36PM, Sep 2 2009 I have honeystained hardwood floors/stainless/black appliances/cream cabinets and blonde paint. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:01AM, Sep 3 2009 Elle: If you are thinking about going with Delicatus it would be an excellent choice.
  • Ramona 06:40PM, May 7 2009 I have med oak stock cabinets and golden oak floors. Would this look good or would the busy oak grain be too much for this pattern?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:38AM, May 8 2009 Ramona: Color wise it's a good match. A lot of healthy contrast there. The pattern might fight for attention though. Ultimately, it would really depend on how busy the wood is.
  • Lisa 09:33AM, Apr 22 2009 I have cherry wood cabinets with a cinnamon stain. This granite looks stunning against the cabinets. I can imagine it would bring out any color.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:36AM, Apr 23 2009 Lisa: Absolutely! It's great for cherry. Tons of contrast.
  • Susan 10:47AM, Apr 6 2009 I have oak cabinets and want to replace my white formica countertops with delicatus granite. Uba Tuba was suggested for something different, but I think that would be a heavy combination. I assume I should go with a darker, more dramtic floor color to contrast with the delicatus. I will use a tumblestone backsplash also.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:20AM, Apr 6 2009 Susan: Delicatus is a light stone and it will contrast with the oak without a problem. It will open up the room and make it more welcoming. Ubatuba would create a formal closed in look which is also good but it all depends on what people like. It's a good idea to break up the lightness with a darker floor. Make sure it's not busy so it won't clash with the veins in Delicatus.
  • Cheryl 11:28AM, Mar 14 2009 I have white antique (more cream than white) cabinets, greyish taupe walls, travertine flooring, stainless appliances. Will this look too washed out with my cabinets? Also, I don't want my cabs to start looking yellow... What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:14PM, Mar 16 2009 Cheryl: Washed out? With this dramatic pattern? I don't think you could make it look washed out if you tried ;).
  • cindy 11:56AM, Feb 21 2009 I have hazelnut stained cherry cabinets. The floor is large porcelain tile (cream). Will this granite be enough of a contrast? Haven't picked backsplash either. thought?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:50AM, Feb 24 2009 cindy: Absolutely yes! The dramatic pattern and lots of white in the background will make it stand out.
  • Gloria 07:12PM, Jul 28 2008 I have natural cherry cabinets and black appliances and sink with Tuscan bronze faucets and a copper range hood. I am considering delicatus for the countetops with off-white tumbled travertine backsplashes. what do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:54AM, Aug 11 2008 Gloria: Stunning combination! The cherry cabinetry should really present themselves well with Delicatus.