Delicatus White

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Original name:
Delicatus White

Other name(s) used:
Cream Delacatus, Kodiak

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gray, Red, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace
A light grayish brown granite with inconsistent black specks and veins creating a textured look.
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  • - Peter 04:15PM, Jan 13 2014

    A glass mosaic tile would complement this granite very nicely, I recommend the bamboo flooring, it's a great choice.

  • Cat 09:51PM, Jan 11 2014

    I have Thomasville Dover cabinets on the perimeter and a chocolate island. I just picked out delicatus white granite for my countertop. I have yet to pick out a backsplash and flooring. I was thinking of a bamboo floor. Any suggestions on the backsplash and color of flooring?

  • - Peter 04:26PM, Nov 4 2013


    Absolutely, I think Delicatus is an excellent choice for a timeless and elegant looking kitchen.

    Best Regards,


  • Terri 01:36PM, Nov 3 2013

    I a have dove white cabinets and around perimeter of kitchen with a calcatta gold subway backsplash. Center island is a black peppercorn cabinet. Floors are dark stain hardwood. Is white delicatus the best granite selection to create a timeless elegant kitchen? Or do I need more warmth? Thoughts on a light golden beach granite?

  • - Kinga 04:37PM, May 16 2012

    Have you considered using the same hardwood flooring in the kitchen? It’s a warm look that will not overwhelm the space. Since the kitchen is opened to the dining room, it’s very easy to overpower the space with too many design elements. However, if you are set on using tile, consider a light and neutral tile like the Tracia. Let me know what you think!

  • Annettemaynard 02:11AM, May 15 2012

    I am renovating and installing a new kitchen in a 1920 home. I like the Delicatus granite. I have picked out ivory cabinets with java stain overlay and a maple wood island. I am having difficulty finding flooring. The kitchen will open to the dining room which is the old golden colored pine boards (central Florida) any suggestions?

  • - Derek 09:04PM, Nov 2 2011 My vote goes for the standard Delicatus. It's a stunning contrast and the stone has burgundy colored highlights that would pick-up your cabinet color beautifully.
  • - Kinga 03:06PM, Nov 2 2011 I’m leaning towards the Golden Beach as it will provide you with a beautiful contrast against your cherry cabinets. What floors and backsplash do you have?
  • Cb3212 06:26AM, Oct 30 2011 i have cherry wood cabinets and i like delicatus brown or golden caramel or golden beach....what are your thoughts
  • - Derek 12:56PM, Jul 12 2011 If you're going to use the mocha colored tiles, then a color like Typhoon Bordeaux or Delicatus White might be a better choice over the Bianco Antico, because they have some brown and golden veins that will pick up the tile. If you're going to use slate tile, then I'm all for the Bianco Antico.It fits your design of light perimeter cabinetry and darker island perfectly. Good luck!
  • Melissa 02:34AM, Jul 9 2011 We are getting warm white cabinets (not cream, but not bright, stark white)  more like an antique white and a dark brown/espresso-colored wood island;  thinking about slate gray colored or mocha floor tiles.  Having a hard time deciding bet.Bianco Antico due to the variations in slabs or Typhoon Bordeaux or  Delicatus White.  Any suggestions to help decide?  They are all so beautiful!
  • karen 02:31PM, Jan 14 2011 hi, I've got natural cherry colored cabinets on my kitchen including island(warm honey colored). My questions is if this granite would look good with this cabinet and also if I should do FULL backsplash with this granite. would it be too overwhelming? or should I use somekind of tile backsplash? would glass tiles be good? or stay with travertine?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Jan 18 2011 Karen: A full backsplash might be too busy, i'd use a calmer and softer tile for the backsplash, perhaps a tumbled Noce travertine or a glass subway tile.
  • Adrienne 07:05PM, Oct 13 2010 I am considering Delicatus White for my kitchen countertop. I have oak cabinets and white (bisque) appliances. Do you think it is a good match? I am also replacing the floor. What would be a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:13AM, Oct 18 2010 Adrienne: It is a wonderful match. To tie in well with the Delicatus White, i suggest something like tumbled mocha travertine for your floor.
  • Gabrielle 03:24PM, Sep 26 2010 I have light birch wood floors and "Dover" cabinets. Dover is a greyish white. The cabinets are simple, no glaze. The kitchen was designed for a true black granite, but I am fearing to cold of a look. Would this work instead?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:47AM, Sep 28 2010 Gabrielle: It's a different direction, not much contrast but it will be a warm choice.
  • katie 04:28PM, Aug 9 2010 i am looking for a delicatus with a mostly white background overall. would you be able to accomodate and if so how much per sq foot
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Aug 10 2010 Katie: Try our regular "Delicatus". For an estimate contact the sales office.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:17AM, May 12 2010 Maureen: I do not think so. The Delicatus would bring good contrast and warmth into the design.
  • Maureen 09:59AM, May 11 2010 Is this too light for honey maple cabinets with coffee glazing?
  • Rita 03:21PM, Mar 3 2010 We are remodeling our kitchen with cherry wood cabinets with a dark brown/black stain (Kraftmaid Peppercorn). I was wondering if Delicatus White would contrast well with them.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:42AM, Mar 4 2010 Rita: Absolutely! Excellent contrast to offset the cherry.
  • barb 10:08PM, Jan 28 2010 We have creamy white painted cabinets (2 with paned glass doors), stainless steel appliances with black accents, black stools for the island/bar, oil-rubbed bronze faucet and red oak floors stained warm chestnut. Would this be a good choice for both counters and island, which is cherry stained wood? My other favorite is Persian King. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:22AM, Jan 29 2010 barb: It will look stunning, but perhaps Persian King is a better choice as it has more gold undertones to compliment the cherry.