Desert Brown

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Desert Brown


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Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Consistent taupe colored stone with a fine grained black background.
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  • - Derek 05:07PM, Feb 6 2013

    Hello. I'm sorry for the late response. In regard to the smoothness of the edging, I'd say this has more to do with the workmanship and skill set of the fabrication in question. We use CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery to guarantee a smooth finish. 

  • Miztrader718 03:38PM, Jan 25 2013

    Is there any problem in fabricating smooth edges on Desert Brown granite.  I was told that because of the hardness/softness of the stone, there could be ripples in the finished edges.

  • - Natalia 06:32PM, Jun 11 2012

    Glad to be able to help! :-) Have you looked at this Antique Persia you've found in-person? What matters is that you pick the slab that will be used for the project in-person not by looking at pictures. Granite is natural stone and it may very well be that different deliveries of the Antique Persia may not look exactly the same, they may actually have quite strong variations in color tone and/or pattern over time. 

  • Dodges1234 09:22PM, Jun 5 2012

     Thank you ...We went back to the store and are now looking at lighter granite. You were right the contrast between the dark and light is very nice.We found this granite that was tagged antique Persia. But when i look it up its VERY yellow.Is granite that different from slab to slab?

  • - Natalia 03:59PM, May 29 2012

    How about going even lighter for an efficient contrast? Choices such as Santa Cecilia and Giallo Napoleone would look great. 

  • Dodges1234 09:10PM, May 26 2012

    Having a hard time picking out granite for my bath room.We have dark cherry cabinets.Every time i go to the granite store i pick desert brown,but every one says that it doesn't go with dark cherry.I don't want any thing to red..HELP

  • - Derek 02:52PM, Mar 30 2012

    The Desert Brown has subtle gray undertones, but it's mostly a warm brownish shade. I highly suggest to look at the full slabs in-person and acquire a sample to bring home and put against the design elements of the kitchen in the natural light of the space. Good luck!

  • Rnew3398 10:36PM, Mar 26 2012

    Is there any gray in the granite...I have chosen Boardwalk Gray tile

  • - Kinga 03:36PM, Oct 27 2011 I’m leaning towards the Tropical Brown for your setup as I feel the Desert Brown might be too bland in your space. The stone will give you a rich contrast against your cabinets.
  • - Derek 02:47PM, Oct 27 2011 We can also throw Tropical Brown in there for some further confusion. I've created a Comparison Chart for you that should be helpful: Personally, I'd use the Desert Brown or Tropical Brown, as there colors compliment the shades in your set-up perfectly. Make sure to look at the full slabs to make your final, educated decision. Good luck!
  • Irisho55 04:01PM, Oct 24 2011 I am going to have creamy white cabinets and have chosen desert brown granite.  I am thinking of making my "island" cabinets another color rather than the cream white.  I have oak flooring and black appliances.  Should I leave the island creamy white or choose another color for that...suggestions, please.
  • - Derek 02:00PM, Aug 30 2011 I'm leaning toward Bismark Brown as it's a richer and warmer shade of brown tones that will accentuate your design nicely. Let us know what you end up choosing.
  • - Kinga 10:08PM, Aug 23 2011 I feel the Desert Brown would look better in your setup as the Bismark Brown does tend to look slightly on the red in some setups. Another wonderful option would be the Tropical Brown as it would look stunning against cream cabinets providing you with a wonderful contrast and balance. Let me know what you think!
  • Laura 03:39AM, Aug 21 2011 I am trying to decide between Desert Brown and Bismark Brown for kitchen countertops.  The cabinets are cream with stainless steel appliances and the color theme in the kitchen is yellow with red accents. I also plan on doing glass tile backsplash which will be yellow and tan colors.  Which would you recommend?
  • - Derek 04:19PM, Jun 13 2011 I'm leaning towards Tropical Brown, it will look very warm against your honey oak cabinetry.
  • Greg 05:09PM, Jun 12 2011 We have honey oak cabinets and flooring with stainless steel appliances, a northern exposure and lots of recessed lighting. Do you think desert brown or tropic brown would work better?
  • vaish 12:26PM, Mar 1 2011 We have white color cabinets with stainless steel appliances. We are wondering if brown is a good choice. We are planning to go with either tropical brown or Dessert brown. We have enough natural lighting in our kitchen. Do you think it would be a good choice to go with. any other color suggestions. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:58AM, Mar 2 2011 Vaish: I think Tropical Brown would look very elegant in your set-up. Another option could be Imperial Coffee or Baltic Brown.
  • Marissa 10:22AM, Mar 30 2010 Looking all over the map at Desert brown or tropical brown, black pearl and kashmir white.
  • Marissa 10:21AM, Mar 30 2010 So, I am having a hard time finding a contrasting granite for our bright white cabs, stainless steel apps and honey hardwood. The kitchen is north facing so I am tempted to brighten it up with an all white look but as an open concept, the dining and living area are decorated with warm neutrals. Because it is an open-concept, does the kitchen have to be warm as well? Should I worry about the lack of light in the space if I choose dark granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:48PM, Mar 30 2010 Marissa: Your granite should also be warm and inviting. I recommend Tropical Brown. If there is minimal natural light, then I would consider an investment in recessed lightning, it really makes a big difference.
  • Maribeth 05:15PM, Mar 22 2010 I really like the desert brown granite. I am hoping that you agree that it would go well with a slate verigated floor( earth-tones), stainless appliances, and cherry cabinets with a chocolate glaze. I also am searching for a granite called Argentinian Rojo. Do you have any info. on that? Or if you think you have something similar?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:58AM, Mar 23 2010 Maribeth: Your set-up sounds good, although I'd go lighter on the countertop, perhaps Santa Cecilia or New Venetian Gold. The slate floor is an excellent idea, very durable. As for the Argentinian Rojo, we do not have this name nor have I ever heard of it.
  • Muk 10:56PM, Dec 9 2009 We have oak butterchotch floor with sorrel cabinets. Will Desert Brown be a good choice with this combination
    • All Granite and Marble 08:42AM, Dec 10 2009 Muk: Looks good, also check out Tropical Brown its very similar but a little darker.
  • Ed 12:57PM, Jan 27 2009 We have light oak cabinets, grey/white tile, black appliances, and maple kitchen set with a light cherry finish. I'm wondering which would be the best countertop, desert brown or tropical brown. Any recommendations?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:47PM, Jan 27 2009 Ed: These two stones are very very similar. I would speculate that choosing either one is impossible without seeing them in person.