Giallo Fiorito

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Original name:
Giallo Fiorito

Other name(s) used:
Giallo Veneziano Fiorito, Amarello Venecia Florido

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Semi consistent light peach stone with orange tones and black background.
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  • - Admin 06:29PM, Mar 4 2015

    There are some beautiful backsplashes below that may be perfect.

  • Frances 07:37PM, Feb 26 2015

    I have the Giallo Fiorito countertop im about to install tomorrow, however i cant seem to find a backsplash to match it, here is a pic of the kitchen, any help please?

  • - Jack 12:41PM, Jun 30 2014

    Can you please resubmit the picture, nothing is displayed.

  • Medina 08:14PM, Jun 26 2014

    Here's the picture.

  • Medina 07:53PM, Jun 26 2014

    Below is a picture of the application

  • - Jack 06:41PM, Jun 24 2014


    Send us a picture so we can visualize your application better.

  • Medina 04:34PM, Jun 22 2014

    Hi, I just purchased the Giallo Fiorito countertops and I have Coco Glazed cabinets with gunstock wood floors. My cabinet hardware is oil rubbed bronze and I have stainless steel appliances. I was thinking of a light grey subway tile for the backsplash. Do you think this is a nice contrast? What would you recommend?

  • Noreen 02:22PM, Mar 10 2014

    Hi, I have cherry cabinets walls are beige thinking of buying Giallo fiorito I have stainless appliances any suggestion on backsplash and do you think the color granite will go with my cherry cabinets?

  • - Adrian 06:31PM, Mar 25 2013

    Hi, I don't really know your preferences about the backsplash. Although I think that you might go with a busy Mosaic as a backspalsh because you have a consistent countertop, I attached you Piano River Glass and Stone Mosaic Tile and also Grey and Brown Glass Backsplash. If you don not like such a variations then you can take a look at Baja Cream Travertine or Ivory Travertine. Good luck !

  • Cindi 02:40PM, Mar 25 2013

    I just ordered Giallo West granite countertops. I am stuck with golden oak cupboards. Stainless appliances and knobs, beige ceramic tile flooring. Ideas for backsplash tile?

  • - Adrian 03:24PM, Mar 5 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with light tiles to bright up the countertop and get nicely and warm contrast. Regarding to floor I have found you a Beige Porcelain Tiles with gold lines, please see the attachment. However for the backsplash I would use Champagne Glass Tiles or Beige Travertine Tile. I hope I could help you !

  • - Walter 07:03PM, Feb 25 2013

     The combination of the floor and counters is very busy. The cabinets are similar in tone, which makes the whole bottom half of the room brown. What this needs is a contrasting backsplash that is not busy. My suggestion would be large white or off white subway tile with a brown glass accent strip or diamonds.

  • Sassybean 09:45PM, Feb 23 2013

    We need serious help picking backsplash tile. Looking for something simple since flooring & Giallo Fiorito countertops are busy. Any suggestions? Wall color is pale warm yellow. Thank you so much for any help! Accenting wth touches of red

  • - Adrian 06:34PM, Feb 19 2013

    Hi, Giallo Fiorito has a lot of black, brown and gold colours. However when looking at the whole slab you will see peach tone of the colour. If you are not able to see the whole slab, maybe they can send you the pictures of the whole slab as they are on our website. Every stone of the same name can have different tones of colours, so I will recommend you to see pictures of the exact slab that you would like to purchase.

  • Tsher3 03:00PM, Feb 19 2013

    We are redoing our kitchen and have found a giallo fiorito granite that we like for the countertops. When I look at pictures online, sometimes I am seeing pink undertones. We are, unfortunately, not able to see large samples of the granite, just the small 12x6 inch sample at the store. We do not want pink. Should we be concerned or confident that what we purchase will actually match the store sample which is more orange and gold? Thank you.

  • - Derek 06:05PM, Feb 7 2013

    Hello Arsus. Please accept my deepest apologies for the delay in replying to you. I think that a glass backsplash is an excellent idea as it adds a sharp, contemporary touch to the design. My recommendation for you to consider would be along the lines of a Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern. It's a light color with hints of gold to complement the counters while the base of the tile adds a contrast. I've attached a photo of my idea for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 05:59PM, Feb 7 2013

    Hello there. I'm sorry for the late response to your question. For the backsplash, I'm leaning toward a warm tumbled natural stone. Specifically, colors such as Oro Ancient Travertine in a Mini Versailles pattern or perhaps Noce Tumbled Travertine in a 2" x 4" mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. 

  • arsus 04:34AM, Jan 27 2013

    I have a small, newly redesigned kitchen, with giallo fiorito granite countertops, medium brown wood cabinets with gold undertones, stainless steel appliances and polished walnut travertine flooring.  The wall color is Sherwin Williams Sand Beach.  I'm having a difficult time choosing a backsplash tile.  Any suggestions?  If glass, do you suggest keeping the Sand Beach color behind the backsplash, or choosing another color to show thru the tile? 

  • Aeades16 01:22AM, Jan 27 2013

    We have black appliances ans putting this granite in as our island with distressed black base, and then contrast with black pearl side counters and off white distressed cabinets. Any suggestions on back splash and wall color?

  • - Derek 04:57PM, Dec 6 2012

    Hello. Unfortunately the photo did not attach / upload to your comment. Can you try again? You can also email me directly and discreetly to [email protected] with the photo and your complete question. Thanks!

  • Shoebox4 02:22PM, Dec 3 2012

    Hi there, I am hoping you could help. Here's a picture of my kitchen partially done. I need to install granite countertops and island. We like the Giallo Fiorito but not sure if the constrast is strong enough for our light colored cabinets and light floors? What would you suggest would look better if it's not Giallo Fiorito?

  • - Derek 07:14PM, Aug 15 2012

    Sure! We can fabricate a small piece for you. This would be a pick-up order. For an estimate, please contact the closest sales office to you: 

  • Alex 03:32PM, Aug 9 2012

    HI!, I have Giallo Forito on my counter and backsplash, I add a new cabinet and I would like to know if you can just sell me the piece of granite that I need. The measure is 20" x 8 1/8".  Thanks

  • - Derek 02:24PM, Jul 17 2012

    Sure! I recommend to check out Mocha Travertine in a Split-Faced Versailles pattern. It's a warm but not overly busy natural stone and the pattern is very interesting. In addition, also check out an Island Brown 1" x 2" sized Travertine mosaic. I've attached a photos for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Karenaheber 03:00AM, Jul 11 2012

    I just ordered Giallo Fiorito granite and the new yorker series cabinets with my existing laminate wood floors and new stainless steel appliances, can you select a nice backsplash option and where I can purchase it?

  • Rosiemedeiros 04:34PM, Jun 21 2012

    Thank you.

  • - Derek 03:19PM, Jun 20 2012

    We sell stone care and maintenance products at our affiliate website and they have a product that may be helpful for you. It's called the DuPont StoneTech Polish.

  • Rosiemedeiros 12:47AM, Jun 15 2012

    I remodeled my kitchen and purchased giallo fiorito granite for my counters and island.  I love the color but it is hazy with many dull spots, it looks dirty when I look at.  Is there anything I can do to make it shine and remove the dull spots and the haze.  I didn't buy for your company.  Please help if you can.  Thanks

  • - Derek 03:40PM, May 29 2012

    You're welcome! I'm glad to have helped.

  • TheRedSnapper 09:07PM, May 26 2012

     Thanks so much. We decided to go with a Grecian Sage. We think the colors blend perfect with our granite and draws in the light blue from the wall. I think it's in the same ballpark as your suggestions. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. Cheers!

  • - Derek 02:46PM, May 17 2012

    I recommend either Capadoccia Glass & Tumbled Travertine for an interesting mosaic or Anima Beige Travertine with Blue Glass inserts to pick-up the wall color. I've attached both suggestions for your reference. Good luck!

  • TheRedSnapper 08:05PM, May 16 2012

    Hello, I have Giallo Fiorito granite countertops with Schrock cider colored cabinets, lucia maplewood floors, black appliances, and light/medium blue walls. I was wondering what you would recommend for a backsplash to match this combination? Thanks!

  • - Derek 02:16PM, May 14 2012

    For the walls, I recommend neutral shades with a hint of warmth such as Benjamin Moore line White Vanilla or Lemon Ice. In regard to the backsplash, take a look at Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached a photo for you to see. Good luck!

  • Need Ideas! 04:19PM, May 6 2012

    We are wondering what color to paint kitchen walls. We are installing Giallo Florita granite have natural oak cabinets and gunstock wood floors. Also what kind of glass tile for backsplash.

  • - Derek 05:06PM, May 2 2012

    Sounds like these are two variations of the same stone. Santa Cecilia is a popular color that has some variations in color tone and pattern which can make the fabricator give the various shipments slightly different names. We specifically do not carry the name "Santa Cecilia Flower" and I am not familiar with how it looks like compared to the regular SC.

  • - Derek 04:48PM, May 1 2012

    I do not think espresso colored cabinets are too dark to go against Giallo Fiorito, rather it could be a nice compliment. Unless the space receives minimal natural light, you should not have a problem here. I'd use a warm neutral as the wall color, such as Rich Cream by Benjamin Moore and an Autumn Mist tumbled stone mosaic for the backsplash. Good luck!

  • Mommywithsix 02:46AM, Apr 28 2012

    What is the difference between Santa Cecelia Flower and Santa Cecelia?

  • - Derek 09:29PM, Apr 27 2012

    For budget granite options that will look elegant against your natural cherry wood, my recommendations are New Venetian Gold, Giallo Antico, and Santa Cecilia Classic. I've created a Comparison Chart for you for an easy visual reference. Hope this helps:

  • Hawk62 05:13PM, Apr 24 2012

    I an remodeling my kitchen and purchased Giallo Fiorito for my counters and Ivory, chiseled, french pattern travertine floor tiles.  I am leaning toward expresso colored cabinets.  Do you think that would be too dark?  What would you suggest for a backsplash?

  • Jlberkiskemmerer 03:37PM, Apr 23 2012

    We are remodeling our kitchen.  We will have a large Island and 3 walls of cabinets.  Natural Cherry finish, black appliances.  Lighter tile flooring.  We have 83 sq. ft. to cover.  What resonable price granite would you suggest?

  • - Derek 02:06PM, Apr 21 2012

    You're looking at warm browns which is the correct direction to go in. In addition to these fantastic choices, take a look at Toffee and Giallo Vicenza. The Giallo West (I think we call it Key West Gold) is my favorite for your design set-up from your potential choices so far. Hope this helps!

  • Grevpa 02:52PM, Apr 16 2012

    I am updating my kitchen. I am so undecided about which granite and flooring. I have oak cabinets with fruit wood stain and black appliances. I am considering either a duraceramic or a wood laminate as my kitchen has a lot of activity. I liked Giallo West, golden nugget and portofino but it is so hard for me to envision the finished countertops. Any suggestions would be great! One of the laminates I have looked at was a french plank maple.

  • - Derek 02:12PM, Apr 10 2012

    It seems the golden undertones in the Fiorito would be a very appropriate compliment to pick-up the shade of the gunstock hardwood. Another option I recommend you can consider is called Amarello Boreal. Good luck!

  • - Derek 01:50PM, Apr 10 2012

    Was the granite installed by our company?

  • Mcguiredavis 12:45AM, Apr 7 2012

    We are installing savannah butterscotch cabinets will giallo fiorito granite be a good compliment with gunstock wood floors or do you have a better granite in mind?

  • dc522 04:01PM, Apr 6 2012

    We had a new home built and ordered Santa Cecilia granite based on the samples they had for us to look at. However, what was installed looks more gold in tone.  We borrowed the granite samples for Santa Cecilia and Giallo Napoleon from the home sales office and placed them on top of our countertop and the Giallo Napoleon looked like a dead-on match, with the Santa Cecilia sample much lighter.  When we asked about it, we were told that the Santa Cecilia that was coming out now was a little more gold in tone and the way to tell the difference was that one of them (I can't remember which now) had burgundy flecks in it and the other did not.  Can you tell me how I can really tell the difference? 

  • - Derek 07:04PM, Apr 4 2012

    Have you tried oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls? That would compliment the cabinetry as well as the granite and be an elegant addition.

  • Lxj228 02:09PM, Mar 30 2012

    I just had Gallo Fiorito granite installed, and I love it!   I kept my existing cherry cabinets, white ceramic 6x8 tile backsplash, and 8x8 white tile floor (grout lines are graphite).  My appliances are black.  Can you recommend some cabinet hardware?  I have been all over the board, and nothing seems to really speak to me.  I did come home with pewter knobs yesterday, and that seems to pick up the black in the granite, and the grout in the floor, but my husband doesn't think that the pewter goes with cabinets (we currently have simple brass knobs on the cabinets, so this would be a contrast).  Do you have any other suggestions?   Thanks very much. 

  • - Derek 08:31PM, Mar 28 2012

    My recommendation for you to consider is the Mirabelle Collection golden brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached an image for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • sabrinas 07:35PM, Mar 24 2012

    I have giallo fiorito countertop and wondering what color glass backsplash should I use without it looking to busy.

  • - Derek 03:27PM, Mar 21 2012

    Giallo Fiorito is an appropriate choice with it's warm highlights. Another option you can consider is Toffee. Good luck!

  • - Derek 02:52PM, Mar 21 2012

    The Fiorito varies between deliveries, this particular ID (1578) I do not think has too much peachy undertones or highlights, it's more of a warm brown shade. Go for it!

  • Maureen 07:34PM, Mar 16 2012

    I am redoing my kitchen. I have thomasville natural maple cabinets with white appliances and a tan mixed floor. would the giallo-fiorito granite be a match?


  • Mary 01:05AM, Mar 16 2012

    Would this look okay with hickory caramel colored cabinets, light tile floor, stainless appliances, or is it too peachy?

  • - Derek 09:43PM, Feb 28 2012

    Perhaps you could consider a little lighter of a shade, take a look at options such as Santa Cecilia Real, Giallo Napoleone, or New Venetian Gold. Let me know your thoughts on these! For the backsplash, if you use a lighter counters as I've suggested, I recommend a darker brown tile such as 2" x 2" sized Pietra Antica tumbled Noce travertine. If you use a darker counter, 2" x 2" Mediterranean Ivory tumbled travertine. 

  • - Derek 09:35PM, Feb 28 2012

    Sorry for the late response. I feel that the Fiorito would look stunning against your cherry cabinetry. It's too dark or too light -- it's a middle ground and a warm color. I've created a Comparison Chart for your reference: 

  • Leslie 03:03AM, Feb 26 2012

    How does a Giallo Fiorito countertop look with cherry cabinets with a whiskey black finish? Appliances in the kitchen are stainless with black accents. Flooring will be hardwood but still undecided (leaning toward light color). Also looking for backsplash ideas...Thanks!

  • Sasrph 10:40PM, Feb 21 2012 Hi!  I am doing a total kitchen remodel with Canyon Creek cherry cabinets with cayenne stain.  Can't decide on granite.  I like rich, warm very traditional look.  Our granite guy suggested a light granite but I keep leaning towards the darker ones.  I really liked a sample of fiorita yellow I saw.  All appliances will be stainless and only 1 window letting in natural light although we are adding spots, cabinet lights and pendants on island.  I would love some suggestions for granite and possible paint colors.  I'm really bad at this!
  • - Derek 04:24PM, Feb 18 2012 Cindy, can you upload a picture of your Giallo Fiorito countertops? Please remember that it's natural stone and each shipment has variation that can amount to a change in color tone and pattern. I can say that Giallo Fiorito is a very durable and strong granite that has a timeless and classic look.
  • Cindy 05:25PM, Feb 14 2012 I recently had Giallo Fiorita put in my kitchen.  When I ordered had a yellow goldish background.  The granite is very carmel or butterscotchy color not yellow.  I am disappointed and do not understand why it has so much orange?  Can you comment please and make me feel better about my choice.  When I picked it was displayed on a island countertop and it looked beautiful.  :-(
  • - Kinga 02:45PM, Feb 14 2012 Actually both stones would look fantastic in your kitchen. The Ubatuba will give you a dramatic contrast while the Giallo Fiorito would provide a soft, easy on the eyes look without overwhelming the space. So if you like the Giallo Fiorito, go for it!
  • - Derek 09:37PM, Feb 7 2012 Options such as the Fiorito and Vicenza are sharp & elegant, yet have a dark enough shade to contrast and offset golden oak cabinets. You're on the right track that's for sure. Some other recommendations you could consider are Giallo Antico, Toffee, and Tropical Brown. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 04:46PM, Feb 6 2012 I really like the Giallo Fiorito for your setup. This stone will definitely give you the look you are after. Make sure to see the slab in person and bring a sample home to ensure you are happy with the stone. Otherwise, I say go for it!
  • Littlesusie4 08:13PM, Feb 2 2012 I like the look of consistancy. What color granite would work well with golden oak cabinets.
    I like the colors as follows Giallo vicenza and Giallo fiorito but am open to suggestions. We have black appliances and I like a matchy match look insteand of contrast. I like to use decorating pieces for contrast. Any suggestions
  • - Derek 08:09PM, Jan 12 2012 I'd use the Ubatuba or a similar dark stone to contrast and offset the maple cabinetry. The Giallo Fiorito is also an appropriate choice because it has warmth yet still enough contrast in my opinion, so you should look at the full slabs of both choices and pick the one you like best. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 02:29PM, Jan 12 2012 Ubatuba looks fantastic against maple cabinets as does the Green Gold and Butterfly. A darker shipment of the Giallo Fiorito will work well with your cabinets. A sharp and dramatic contrast is appropriate for many designs so don’t be afraid to go dark!
  • Gstemp3 06:31PM, Jan 11 2012 Hi,
    We have maple cabinets in our kitchen.
    We are looking for granite countertop.
    Please help us with our decision:
    We are not sure whether a total contrast like UbaTuba will look good, or a giallo stone will look good.
    We like the Giallo Fiorito stone, but not sure whether it will look good on our kitchen.

  • - Derek 02:46PM, Jan 4 2012 Kinga's suggestions are superb. I'd like to add a few more you could consider. Take a look at Ubatuba, Golden Jade, and Imperial Coffee. I've created a Comparison Table of these stones for you:
  • - Kinga 03:17PM, Jan 3 2012 The granite pictured above would be a great choice with your cabinets as well as Bahia Brown, Green Gold and Black Pearl.  I feel a dark, dramatic contrast would look stunning in your space while complimenting your tile. Let me know what you think!
  • Tskreagent 10:28PM, Dec 31 2011 I have selected American Woodmark cabinets in Charlottesville Mocha Glaze. Which granite do you think would go good with the cabinets. Also I have beige floor tile with a round mosaic piece in the tile with browns, blacks and off white stoneand granite pieces right by the sink area. Also the paint in the kitchen is going to be yellowish color.
  • - Derek 08:25PM, Dec 20 2011 I agree with Kinga's suggestion, a porcelain or ceramic tile imitation of natural stone is a great choice, but if you have the budget for it, nothing can beat a real natural travertine tile. I've attached images for your reference.
  • - Kinga 12:34PM, Dec 19 2011 I’d use a ceramic tile that resembles a natural stone like Durango Ivory as it’s warm, neutral and easy to maintain. A decorative tile like Daltile Fashion Accents Shimmer Copper Blend Harlequin used as a boarder would spice things up. Let me know what you think!
  • Inardone 08:36PM, Dec 17 2011 I am using Giallo Fiorito in my bathroom.  My cabinets are butterscotch with a chocolate glaze.  Any suggestion on tile for the floor and shower area.  Thanks for any leads.
  • Mike 07:51PM, Nov 29 2011 Hi,
    We recently ordered maple cognac cabinets for out kitchen remodel. We're struggling with the granite countertop. We like the giallo fiorito and veneziano
    but not completly sold on either. We have not picked out our flooring or backsplash as yet. Any suggestions for this indecisive couple would be greatly appreciated.
     Most likey will tile the floor and the backsplash.
  • - Derek 07:09PM, Nov 11 2011 Do you have a picture of the Scabos tile? I found one that matches your description, I'll attach it to my response and let me know if that's the one you're using. If it's so, then I feel like it's a solid choice although it may look a little busy, but it has color tones that compliment the Fiorito perfectly! As for wall color, I'd keep it soft, light, and on the neutral side. Take a look at Benjamin Moore "Navajo White" or something similar like that. Good luck!
  • Sbruce02 12:54AM, Nov 10 2011 We chose Scabos random mosaic travertine & crossing our fingers it doesn't compete with the Fiorito.  Now to choose a paint color for the walls... 7 days and counting...
  • - Derek 09:24PM, Nov 2 2011 My suggestions are an Oro Ancient tumbled mosaic (first image) and a Sienna Gold polished mosaic (second image). Both of these choices are cut in a 1" x 2" pattern. Let me know what you think.
  • - Derek 08:54PM, Nov 2 2011 Take a look at a SomerTile Reflections Subway Amber Glass stone mosaic. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • - Kinga 12:36PM, Nov 2 2011 A tumbled Durango travertine with accent tiles or accent Pebble tiles for a fun look would give you the warmth you are looking for while keeping its classic and timeless look and feel. Tumbled marble is also a beautiful option for your space. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 12:30PM, Nov 2 2011 Check out Anatolia Bliss Cappucinno Linear Mosaic and Anatolia Bliss Bamboo Linear Mosaic. I feel these suggestions capture the look you are after and tie the space together. Let me know what you think!
  • Sbruce02 11:23PM, Oct 30 2011 We are installing new Giallo Fiorito countertops and black appliances with our existing walnut cabinetry and mushroom colored floor tile.  I'm looking for a warm tile backsplash.  Ideas?
  • Sheila_ford 01:32PM, Oct 29 2011 I have black appliances and just chose Giallo Fiorito as my stone. I need a backsplash suggestion. I have maple hardwoods and right now, white cabinets. I would like something neutral with a strand of skinny rectangular glass tiles to add some fun.
  • - Kinga 05:06PM, Oct 28 2011 Check out Anatolia Bliss Cabernet Mosaic, Anatolia Bliss Bamboo Linear Mosaic and for something really cool and unique take a look at Folia Accent Glass in Silver Maple. Although, my suggestions do not have black glass tiles, the chocolate brown accents would tie your design elements together while giving your backsplash that ‘pop’ you are looking for. Let me know how you feel about my suggestions!
  • Nancy 04:26PM, Oct 28 2011 I have maple cabinets with a taffy finish.  My countertops are a premium giallo fiorito, my appliances are stainless steel and I would like an idea for my backsplash, which I would like to somehow incorporate black glass tiles but I'm not sure of a design that will give everything a nice pop.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • - Kinga 02:38PM, Oct 6 2011 I agree with Derek. Go for the Giallo Fiorito! The stone will compliment your kitchen very well while providing a beautiful and inviting contrast.
  • - Derek 04:51PM, Oct 4 2011 The Giallo Fiorito is very nice, the darker flecks will compliment your black sink nicely while the brownish tones will provide warmth for the design. Go for it!
  • Kcraigmyle 02:45AM, Oct 2 2011 We are really liking the Giallo Fiorito or the Giallo Fiorito Dark.  Thanks so much for the suggestions though.
  • - Derek 01:16PM, Sep 30 2011 Absolutely! You should check out options such as Kosmus, Cosmic Black, Amazon Tiger. For a calmer pattern, take a look at Ubatuba, Ocean Black, Black Pearl, and Imperial Coffee.
  • Kcraigmyle 12:54AM, Sep 30 2011 Thank you Derek, but I failed to mention that the appliances will be changing to stainless steel, and new floor, lighting, paint and cabinet hardware to probably a stainless steel color.  I would really prefer something that has more of a black rather than brown tone because I will be getting a black granite sink too.  Any suggestions that would incorporate more black rather than brown?  Thanks.
  • - Derek 02:50PM, Sep 29 2011 First off, I'd like to compliment you on a very warm looking kitchen. It truly has plenty of character and richness. As for my suggestions, I'd use a darker color for an elegant contrast, such as Tropical Brown, Butterfly Antique, or Tan Brown. Let me know what you think about these choices!
  • Karen Craigmyle 08:28PM, Sep 28 2011 I am trying to decide on a granite for my kitchen countertops.  I have honey-colored oak cabinets.  What would you suggest?
  • - Derek 06:25PM, Sep 7 2011 Bev, you're surely on the right track. I'm happy the Giallo Fiorito installation went well, and wish for you to enjoy the granite for many years to come! As for floor tile options, some rich and darker colors for you to consider are Daltile 'Dal-Gres' series "Noce" and "Russet" colors. I've attached pictures of these two choices for your reference. The first one is Noce, the second one is Russet. Good luck!
  • Bev 05:25PM, Sep 5 2011 I just got the Giallo Fiorito granite installed and it looks great with the cabinets.  I looked at the slab first to be sure it was a little darker and not as much gold.  I am leaning more towards tile for the floor.  I will need ~ 425 tiles. If I go with your suggestion of the tumbled Botticino marble for the backsplash, this will pull the lighter colors from the granite so I am thinking a darker color for the floor to pull some of the dark from the granite.  What suggestions do you have?  Thanks
  • - Kinga 01:57PM, Aug 24 2011 Unfortunately, we do not know of any tile suppliers in your area. Have you considered purchasing directly from the internet? Many websites can sell you a sample tile so you do not have to purchase a bundle to find out you do not like it.
  • Kathy 06:43PM, Aug 21 2011 Thanks guys. Is good to know that you agree with my accent tile. My only problem is I cannot find it anywhere! So sad... but I'll keep looking. Do you guys recommend any places I could go? I live in Maryland.
  • - Kinga 09:59PM, Aug 17 2011 Kathy,
    I love the accent tile. I feel it will compliment your deign very well. It’s so pretty and the colors will tie the space together wonderfully. Go for it!
  • - Derek 05:53PM, Aug 17 2011 That's a very pretty backsplash idea. The golden and amber diamond pieces will compliment your granite perfectly. I would use this as an accent piece/insert, and do the actual tile in a 'Noce' travertine tile.
  • - Derek 05:02PM, Aug 17 2011 I don't see the backsplash example you've found anywhere in your attached pictures, but I do see that your kitchen is coming along nicely. It looks like a warm and cozy feel, the Giallo Fiorito granite will offset and contrast the sleek white cabinetry, and pick up your beautiful hardwood floor. See my above comment for backsplash recommendation.
  • - Derek 01:35PM, Aug 17 2011 I recommend a 'Noce' travertine tumbled backsplash, in a fun pattern such as the Versailles. That would be a very warm and appropriate choice for your set-up. As for wall color, you can use a shade such as Benjamin Moore 'Healing Aloe'. I've attached images for your reference. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 02:15PM, Aug 16 2011 Debbie,
    Unfortunately, I do not have any information on the backsplash. You can print the photo and bring it to a local tile shop or e-mail it to them and they should be able to tell you if they have it or at least something similar in stock. As far as the granite, that is the New Venetian Gold.

    Tumbled marble with glass inserts is a solid choice for your setup. If you make any decisions, I would love to know!
  • - Kinga 02:08PM, Aug 16 2011 Kathy,
    Unfortunately, your photos did not attach. Can you try again?
  • - Derek 12:34PM, Aug 16 2011 Congratulations on a solid choice! You will surely enjoy the granite
    very much. You should keep the backsplash light and simple as the Giallo
    Napoleone granite has plenty going on in the design. I suggest
    something like 'Baja Cream' Tumbled marble tile and you can add a
    decorative border. I've attached my ideas in my response.
  • Debbie 01:08AM, Aug 16 2011 Thank you so much Kinga!  I really like the tumbled tile with the glass inserts.  Do you know the name of the tile in the kitchen picture?  Also, what granite is that?  Thanks again!
  • Debbie 12:52AM, Aug 16 2011 Thank you so much Kinga! I really like the tile. I do like the tumbled tile.  I like the idea of the glass inserts. Do you know the name of tile in the kitchen picture?  Also do you know the granite in the picture? Thanks!
  • Kathy 12:24AM, Aug 16 2011 Here you go.
  • Kathy 12:22AM, Aug 16 2011 Hi Kinga,

    I have dark hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.  See attached pictures. 

    I also found the following backsplash glass tile that I really liked but not sure if it goes well with the granite color.  I liked it because it introduces the blue in the color scheme so maybe this way I could paint the walls a gray blue color??? The problem is that I do not know the name or where to get it?  What do you think?
  • - Kinga 09:16PM, Aug 15 2011 Kathy,
    What kind of floor do you have? Hardwood or tile? It’s important we understand the type and color of your floor because it’s an important element to compliment when choosing your backsplash. If possible, a photo would be great!
  • - Kinga 08:32PM, Aug 15 2011 If you want a warm feel, a tumbled marble with added glass inserts paired with Benjamin Moore’s “Fresh Air” or “Calla Lily” would finish off the design nicely. If you want a splash of color, Benjamin Moore’s “Polar Lights” or “Sweet Caroline” would complement the granite well. Let me know what you think!
  • Debbie 01:21PM, Aug 15 2011 Just wanted to add that the giallo Napoleon looks more like the ID 155 on your website. Thanks!
  • Kathy 01:47AM, Aug 15 2011 I'm actually looking for the same suggestion.  I have the giallo fiorito countertops with the butterscotch sierra vista painted maple cabinets and I have no idea what kind of tile to use for backsplash. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Plus before seeing the counter together with the cabinets I thought of painting the kitchen a grayish blue but now I'm not sure.  Can anyone give me any ideas?
  • Debbie 04:49PM, Aug 13 2011 Thanks Derek and KInga for your suggestions.  I think I decided to go with the Giallo Napoleon per Dereck's suggestion to consider it.  I have the honey oak cabinets with a little darker floor.  I want to do new backsplash. I currently have a white one. What color of tile would you recommend?  I'm also going to repaint.  Any suggestions?  Thanks again!
  • - Kinga 01:11PM, Aug 11 2011 My vote is for the Crema Marfil. The soft creamy tones would tie your space together wonderfully!
  • - Derek 08:10PM, Aug 10 2011 I recommend to use a marble tile. Colors such as Botticino Fiorito, Crema Marfil, and Diano Reale are excellent options that would compliment your design perfectly. Good luck!
  • Trev 03:30AM, Aug 9 2011 I'm redoing my bathroom and using a Giallo Fiorito granite top for the vanity.  I've decided I'd like to use 12' x 12' polished granite tiles for both the floor and the shower walls, but I'm not sure what will match.  The vanity and medicine cabinet are cinnamon cherry, so does anyone have any suggestion what kind of tiles would match what I have so far?  Also maybe some help with wall (paint) color?  Very tough to put it all together with a complete lack of taste!  Thanks in advance!
  • - Derek 12:31PM, Jul 19 2011 Sounds good! :)
  • - Kinga 11:32AM, Jul 18 2011 Helen,
    It’s our pleasure to help you. Once you make your final decisions, we would love to know!
  • Helen 04:50PM, Jul 15 2011 Thank you.  We will go with Giallo Fiorito then!
  • Helen 04:48PM, Jul 15 2011 Thank you so much.  You guys made my decision much easier!!
  • - Derek 03:49PM, Jul 15 2011 My vote also goes for Giallo Fiorito. It's a very warm choice that will bring life into your design. Another option I recommend to take a look at is Florence Gold.
  • - Kinga 03:33PM, Jul 15 2011 I think the Giallo Fiorito would work much better with your setup as opposed to the Venetian Pearl. Your kitchen would feel bland and visually uninteresting using a stone as light as the Venetian Pearl. If you like the colors of the VP, take a look at Santa Cecilia and Giallo Napoleone as both stones have darker variations in them which would give you a nice balance in the space. You have to decide which stone you are going with before you can decide your stain color. Hope this helps!
  • Helen 02:54PM, Jul 15 2011 We are thinking about getting Giallo Firoito for kitchen countertop.  We have cream colored cabinets installed.  Do you think the contrast would be too drastic?  Or should we stay with Venetian Pearl?  If we go with Giallo Firoito, what color should we stain the hardwood floor? Thank you in advance.
  • - Derek 01:22PM, Jul 15 2011 This is why it's essential to look at the slabs of NVG in-person that your local fabricator has before you make a decision. It's also recommended to pick the actual slab that will be used for your project. Each delivery of NVG may vary slightly in color tone, shade, or pattern, so it's good to know exactly what you're getting. NVG is a timeless and classic choice, and i'm confident it will radiate warmth inside your kitchen for years to come once it is installed!
  • - Kinga 08:29PM, Jul 14 2011 Natural stone will vary in look depending on which portion of the mountain it was mined from. Chances are you will never get the same look as your neighbor or others who use the NVG. That’s one of the many reasons why natural stone is truly unique to each homeowner. You will be very happy with the NVG so go for it!
  • Debbie 04:12PM, Jul 14 2011 The sample of NVG that I brought home is very similiar to the sample I have of Santa Cecilia.  Both samples have some white it them. I do have white appliances but one day hope to change to stainless steel but not  for many years. My neighbors have NVG in their kitchen but it looks very different than my sample.  Theirs is more taupey which I didn't like with my cabinets. I would love to find a darker santa cecilia but no such luck. NVG is my front runner now.  Thanks for your help!
  • - Derek 01:10PM, Jul 14 2011 I agree that Golden Collection has too many orange undertones for a honey oak cabinet color. New Venetian Gold is a lovely and appropriate choice. Another stone you can look at is Giallo Napoleone.
  • - Kinga 05:47PM, Jul 13 2011 I think the NVG is a solid choice for your setup.  The Golden Collection may look quite orange in your space. How do you like the NVG against your cabinets?
  • Debbie 06:46PM, Jul 12 2011 Thanks for the help.  I'll look for the dark Santa Cecilia.  I picked up a sample of the NVG and San Marino. What do you think about those? What's the Golden Collection you are refering to? I've ruled out the brown fiorito. It looks too yellow in my kitchen.  My kitchen is big with a lot of cabinets. Thanks again.
  • - Derek 12:58PM, Jul 12 2011 Giallo Fiorito has has quite strong (depending on the delivery) golden undertones, make sure it does not "match" the cabinets in any way, because that's not good. It's best to have a contrast and offset the cabinet color. As for backsplash, I recommend a tumbled Botticino marble tile, in a 4x4 or 6x6 pattern. The floor is an open concept, are you leaning towards tiles or hardwood?
  • - Kinga 03:22PM, Jul 11 2011 Debbie,
    Does your supplier have a dark shipment of the Santa Cecilia? I feel it would look great with honey oak cabinets as would the Golden Collection. Take a look at both stones and let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:36PM, Jul 11 2011 Giallo Fiorito is a rich and warm choice, should pick-up the golden tones in your cabinetry very nicely. Depending on the batch, this stone may have quite strong golden undertones, so make sure to look at the slabs in-person. You don't want the countertop color to be too "matchy" to the cabinets.
  • Debbie 06:27PM, Jul 9 2011 I wrote previously about wanting to use giallo fiorito in my kitchen with honey oak cabinets and floor.  I can't find giallo fiorito at any granite suppliers around my area.  What would be another suggestion?  I picked up a sample of brown fiorito.  It looks very similiar but with no dark specks.  Very confused right now!  Thanks for any suggestions you have.
  • Bev 03:40AM, Jul 9 2011 I have honey oak cathedral cabinets and just purchased Giallo fiorito granite countertops.  I have about 70 sq ft of counterspace.  Do you think this color will go well with these cabinets?  What backsplash do you recommend?  What color and type (tile or wood) floors do you recommend.  I have all stainless steel appliance.  Kitchen is ~24x30 plus a continuous dining area. Suggestions welcome??? Thanks
  • Debbie Pierce01 01:24PM, Jul 8 2011 We're putting in granite countertops. Our kitchen has honey oak cabinets and wood floor.  I want a countertop that adds color and contrast.  I like the giallo fiorito.  What do you think or do you have any other suggestions?  What about paint?
  • - Kinga 09:26PM, Jun 30 2011 I agree with Derek. Don’t use the same stone, you need variety! The Giallo Fiorito would look lovely as would the Florence Gold. Bring samples home to see how the colors will look in your space.
  • - Derek 05:27PM, Jun 29 2011 I don't recommend to use the same exact color, variety and uniqueness is a good thing! Take a look at Giallo Vicenza, Santa Cecilia Real, and Giallo Napoleone. The Giallo Fiorito that you've mentioned is also a sound choice. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person!
  • Tbillmaui 02:29PM, Jun 29 2011 We are trying to figure out what color granite to put with our white Kitchen cabinets and do not want to go dark.  Our kitchen had venetian gold in it and we may go back to the same color or look for a little more contrast with Giallo Fiorito Dark or a darker version of the New Venetian Gold.  Our floors are a light maple color.   Any suggestions??
  • Jeff 10:33PM, Apr 28 2011 We are installing granite countertop (fiorito), cherry cabinets, light tan terrazzo floor (just polished) and need help with backsplash and wall paint color. Appliances all stainless, ceiling white...Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Apr 29 2011 Jeff: For backsplash, try tumbled Mocha travertine tile, and as a wall color I recommend Benjamin Moore line "Barely Beige".
  • Janet 07:16PM, Apr 24 2011 Hi- need help with choosing a granite countertop. I have Shenandoah cherry chocolate cabs and a cedar slate floor, with black appliances. We like the giallo series. Can't decide between Venezia, Tracomal, or Fiorito. Walls were already painted Mesa Sand(lowes) and matches the floor/cabs perfectly. Biggest concern is clashing of floor/counters. Also, can you recommend a backsplash to go with your choice of countertop? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:29AM, Apr 26 2011 Janet: I recommend a softer color tone such as the Giallo Veneziano or Giallo Venezia. As for backsplash, a tumbled "Noce" travertine tile is appropriate. Hope this helps.
  • Erica 07:37PM, Apr 22 2011 Hi. I'm looking for a granite countertop that's a warm brown. We have a white oak floors with a natural finish. The cabinets are a creamy / buttery yellow. Any recommendations? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:26AM, Apr 23 2011 Erica: Try Giallo Feranza and Copa Gold.
  • Donna 07:38AM, Apr 14 2011 I have maple auburn glazed cabinets with gunstock oak floors would you choose baltic brown granite or giallo florito granite? what about backsplash? same granite? and last which paint color would you you use. Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, Apr 14 2011 Donna: I'm leaning towards the Baltic Brown. Depending on the batch, the Fiorito may come off as a little orange, and that would not go with your cabinets. For backsplash, you can use a tumbled Mocha or Noche travertine tile. As for wall color, try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige". Good luck!
  • Maureen 08:34AM, Mar 29 2011 I have either Giallo Vocenze or Fiorito whichever has peach/pink tones with brown & black as my countertops over maple coffee glazed cabinets. I installed those last summer. Now I can afford to add my Island with stools which will not be too near the other counters/appliances but off to the side in my breakfast nook area. The island will be a deeper wood (maple with auburn glaze). Can I do my island is another color? I was thinking Black Galaxy (with copper/brown specks). Will this go or should I stick with the same granite? Thx
    • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, Mar 29 2011 Maureen: Yes, you can do your island in another color. Two color kitchen countertop combination's are becoming more popular. The Black Galaxy with it's copper flecks will be a wonderful addition, go for it! Compliments the cabinets nicely.
  • Gail 04:27PM, Mar 21 2011 I just installed the Giallo Fiorito granite counters and I have cocoa glazed cabinets and saddle colored hardwood floors. I need help with the paint colors and back splash. Thanks, Gail
    • All Granite and Marble 10:35AM, Mar 22 2011 Gail: For backsplash, I recommend Oyster Mix Flamed travertine tile: As for wall color, try Benjamin Moore "Putnam Ivory".
  • Bruce 04:11PM, Mar 13 2011 I am thinking Giallo Fiorito on natuaral maple with bronze glaze cabinets, a cinnamon oak floor (a little orange rust in color) and golden toned walls...thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:10AM, Mar 14 2011 Bruce: Great choice, the Fiorito will tie into your design nicely. Another option could be Giallo Vicenza.
  • Shana 04:52PM, Feb 4 2011 I am getting this granite!!! So excited!!! We are pairing this with Maple Chocolate Hand Carved Hardwood flooring and an Expedition Green wall paint from Behr! The dining room is going to be a golden color called Banana Nut!!!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:13PM, Feb 7 2011 Shana: That sounds like a gorgeous combination! We are so happy for you and your soon to be installed Giallo Fiorito granite countertop!
  • Debbie 07:06PM, Jan 13 2011 I just got this giallo fiorito installed and have maple toffee color cabinets need paint color ideas and backsplas floors are real light off whie color please help!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, Jan 14 2011 Debbie: Perhaps you can add some color and use a warm yellow shade. Try Benjamin Moore "Lemon Grass" or Behr "Bicycle Yellow".
  • Stan 08:37PM, Dec 5 2010 we have creme maple cabinets and cappuccino dark marble floor, and consider using Giallo Fiorito granite for counter tops. Would that has sufficient contrast? What backsplash would you recomend? Thanks, Stan
    • All Granite and Marble 12:44PM, Dec 7 2010 Stan: Excellent choice with the Giallo Fiorito. For backsplash, try a tumbled travertine tile.
  • Danay 02:45PM, Nov 22 2010 Hello, I need some help, I am remodeling my kitchen, I have Hickory Cathedral Cabinets, Giallo Fiorito counter tops to put in, I did the floor a few months ago and I installed Spanish Valencia Porcelain Tiles (I am not sure if you know which one it is). I will have stainless steel appliances. Well my question is, what kind/color of backsplash do you recomend. How do you think is going to look the Giallo Fiorito with the cabinets. Any comments or ideas will help me. Thanks, Danay
    • All Granite and Marble 10:36AM, Nov 23 2010 Danay: For backsplash, please consider a tumbled Jerusalem Gold tile.
  • Rosanne 11:57AM, Nov 2 2010 I am leaning towards purchasing this granite for my countertops. I have a small kitchen, total granite I have to buy is about 26sqft. I will be reusing my cabinets by staining them. I am stuck on a backspash and floor color to go with this granite. I was thinking of painting the walls a tan color. I will be using stainless steel appliances.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:31AM, Nov 3 2010 Rosanne: For backsplash, I recommend a tumbled noce travertine tile.
  • Vicki 02:08PM, Nov 1 2010 I just purchased Cherry Bordeaux cabinets (will be getting stainless steel appliances soon) and am thinking of purchaing Giallo Fiorito for my countertops. Do you think Giallo Fiorito would look good with Cherry Bordeaux cabinets? If not, what would you recommend? Also what ideas do you have for paint color and tile color to go with the combination? Would appreciate as quick a reply as possible. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Nov 2 2010 Vicki: Yes, Giallo Fiorito is an excellent choice, another option could be Boreal. For backsplash, I recommend a simple tumbled marble tile.
  • charn 10:12PM, Oct 21 2010 Hi , I have honey oak cabinets. Counter space is very small approx 33 sq feet. Black appliances. I am leaning towards gialo fiorito, gialo vicenza. Will it look too busy? I was looking at new venitian goldd. Will that look washed out. Please help me picking the right granite color...
    • All Granite and Marble 10:58AM, Oct 22 2010 Charn: Giallo Fiorito shouldn't look to busy, but its all up to personal preference. New Venetian Gold is a little more safer choice.
  • Jocelyn 10:47PM, Oct 4 2010 Hi, I have antique white cabinets and am considering getting giallo ornamental countertops and was wondering if this will look too "washed out". if not, what color paint would go well with this combination?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Oct 5 2010 Jocelyn: I'm leaning towards the Giallo Ornamental. For paint, try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige".
  • Vivian 03:46PM, Jul 27 2010 Hi, I have cherry cabinets in my kitchen and white fixtures. What color granite should I use for the countertops? Thanks for your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:39AM, Jul 28 2010 Vivian: Try Kashmir Gold.
  • susan 05:36PM, Jul 8 2010 Hi, i had granite countertops installed that were called Giallo West, they look almost identical to the Fiorito that has the more beige and taupe colored stones, not so orange. What color and kind of backsplash should i have installed. I like the warm honey tones, my appliance are almond (will be stainless in the next year) and my floors and cabinets are honey colored oak.. Thank you for your help!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:35AM, Jul 9 2010 Susan: Try botticino tumbled marble as it would compliment your design nicely.
  • Stacy 07:15PM, Apr 23 2010 Hi I'm deciding between Giallo veneziano granite, with kind of a pink tone to it, and this stone. I know they are pretty different. My kitchen cabinets are a red/orangey color with light colored tile.....but the hard wood floor that borders the kitchen is a red sangria. All appliances are stainless steel. What is your opinion? Sorry the descriptions are so vague.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Apr 24 2010 Stacy: I'm leaning towards the Giallo Veneziano, the Fiorito stone might have too much orange undertones for your set-up.
  • Kim 01:40AM, Apr 2 2010 I have honey-tea color tile floor that looks like travertine, gray cabinets, white wall. What granite countertop colors would work?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Apr 2 2010 Kim: I recommend to use a color in a golden tone, perhaps Persa Gold, Kashmir Gold, or Golden Fantasy.
  • LindaH 11:46AM, Apr 1 2010 I just found out that I can't get Giallo Vincenza in my area. Would Santa Venetia be a good backup?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:10PM, Apr 1 2010 LindaH: Yes.
  • LindaH 10:21PM, Mar 31 2010 Hi, I thought I left this message earlier today, but maybe not. I'm thinking about Giallo Vicenza instead of Fiorito. How do you think that would work with Maple Honey Spice cabinets? I have a large peninsula, black & SS appliances, nd 8ft. ceilings.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:14AM, Apr 1 2010 LindaH: Giallo Vicenza is a better choice than Fiorito in your situation, it's more brown than orange. It will compliment the cabinets nicely and highlight the black in your appliances.
  • LindaH 06:36PM, Mar 30 2010 I am installing Maple Honey Spice cabinets w/Mocha Glaze. I like the drama of the Fiorito, but the live chat person said it might come out too orange. Haven't set floor/wall colors yet. He mentioned Tropic Brown, but it's too uniform for me. Any thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Mar 31 2010 LindaH: You could go a little lighter -- try Santa Cecilia. For a dramatic stone with beautiful movement, perhaps Crema Bordeaux.
  • Linda C 10:07AM, Mar 29 2010 I am looking for a wall color that will go great with the Giallo Fiorito. I like the base stone color you show (barley corn), but is there another name for it in a benjamin moore paint? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:30PM, Mar 29 2010 Linda C: Try Benjamin Moore "Lenox Tan".
  • sue 07:43PM, Mar 11 2010 Re: backsplash, I forgot to add that appliances are SS and paint color is tan but can be changed.
  • sue 07:41PM, Mar 11 2010 Can you suggest a backsplash to go with this stone (actually a lighter fiorito)and medium brown maple cabinets with a mocha glaze? I'm looking at travertine, not sure of the shade. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:12AM, Mar 12 2010 sue: Use a tumbled travertine tile that matches the lightest shade in your Fiorito.
  • Courtney 09:03PM, Feb 20 2010 I am looking at either a hickory cabinet with a light stain OR a maple cabinet with a saddle color stain. Would you recommend this granite to go with either of those cabinets or a different color granite? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:40AM, Feb 22 2010 Courtney: Giallo Fiorito will look beautiful with the saddle colored maple cabinets.
  • rozzie 10:00PM, Jan 21 2010 could u help me select a granite stone med dark,not too course with nice silvery crystal in the A or B price i like mororo/c.treasure/blue perl but is too pricey
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Jan 22 2010 rozzie: Perhaps Azul Platino, or you want more brown tones?
  • arlene chaplin 01:06PM, Nov 26 2009 Do you have this available in 18"x18" tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:44AM, Nov 27 2009 arlene chaplin: No.
  • deb 08:08PM, Oct 20 2009 What the difference between giallo fiorito #150 and #151? Just the conistiency?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:57PM, Oct 21 2009 deb: Yes, just a different batch, so they look slightly off.
  • Paula 02:34PM, Jul 28 2009 Hi! Now that I've decided on my stone, my choice of wall color, cabinets and appliances, I have one huge dilemna....choosing a backsplash *Sighing Heavily* Help please!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:27PM, Jul 28 2009 Paula: Backsplash is something that is very customizable, only you can decide what color is right for you. I would do tumbled mosaic tile in an earth tone.
  • Paula 12:04PM, Jul 27 2009 I believe I've just purchased this stone. Because there appear to be different fiorito stones, I hope this is the one. :-) I aslo have light maple cabintes with black appliances. I've chosen to go with Ralph Lauren "Cork" paint color for my walls.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:11PM, Jul 27 2009 Paula: It's just different batches of the same stone. I think it will look nice with the set-up you described :-)
  • jason 01:24PM, Jul 17 2009 looking for a web site to view cabinet and countertop pictures. have giallo fiorito t0ps and maple spice cabinets
    • All Granite and Marble 01:35PM, Jul 17 2009 jason: You found it here! Check out the "Kitchen Countertops" tab on the main page of for finished kitchen countertops.
  • Andrea C 03:23PM, Jul 7 2009 Amazon Tiger? That's too strong. :-) I would like something with goldish, red and/or burgundy tones. There is little natural light in the kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:03PM, Jul 8 2009 Andrea C: Didn't mean to scare you ;) In that case, try something like Crema Bordeaux.
  • Andrea C 12:56AM, Jul 7 2009 I'd like something to set off my Spice Maple cabinets with black appliances. My kitchen is small and I want the countertops to pop. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:31AM, Jul 7 2009 Andrea C: Go with a strong pattern. Try Amazon Tiger.
  • bilc2 06:08PM, Feb 5 2009 My kitchen has brazilan cherry floors, and the cabinets are cherry with a cinnamon wash. What color granite would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:37AM, Feb 6 2009 bilc2: You're on the right track. Also see Indian Mahogany for a different look.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:46AM, Nov 19 2008 PAINT COLOR: Seems like this is a though one! I would be leaning towards really soft pastel colors. As Cheryl suggested, the pale peach could be an option here, although my initial reaction would be to go with a more yellowish hue. Alternatively you can completely offset the countertops with dark paint in a brown tone.
  • Jeannie 07:34PM, Nov 11 2008 I have white cabinets, black appliances and dark wood floors. I love this rich color. Will it work. My walls are a palamino beidge. I really like this. Jeannie
    • All Granite and Marble 12:47PM, Nov 20 2008 Jeannie: Yes, it should work well.
  • Cheryl 09:12PM, Oct 15 2008 re color to paint, I found a creamy pale peach did well here with the baltic. or pale pink with the black, to go retro, think poodle skirt of the 50's. I currently am using 'green tea' with copper accents with the black, after ten years of the pale cream peach hues ;)
  • Terrance 12:06AM, Oct 15 2008 I also purchased this stone for my kitchen. The cabinets are glazed maple and the appliances are black. This stone has a combination of colors that I like but I'm not good with matching color. I looking for a paint color that's gonna bring it all together. What color would you recommend?
  • Belle Terre 06:38PM, Oct 12 2008 I'm in the process of purchasing this stone. The problem is finding a paint color that works for me. I have practiced with different shades of colors thatis in the stone, but I don't like the way it looks. I've also considered Venetian Plaster, but the available choices don't go well with the stone. What should I do?
  • Krista 12:38AM, Sep 24 2008 I have white cabinets, black appliances and light oak floor. I want to use a red paint for the walls, what granite colors would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:01PM, Sep 26 2008 Krista: Try Crema Bordeaux. Might also want to consider black.
  • Kate 06:19PM, Sep 13 2008 I have purchased this stone and have it in my kitchen with black appliances, any suggestions on paint colors?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:34PM, Sep 25 2008 Kate: Pastel yellow?
  • Cindy 09:05PM, May 4 2008 Any opinions on Giallo Fiorito with light honey-toned maple cabinets? We keep coming back to this or Baltic Brown for more contrast.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:27AM, Jun 6 2008 Cindy: And good thing that you are. I'd lean towards Baltic brown though. It has less of the yellowish/orange in it which should set it apart from the cabinets a bit more.
  • Melanie 11:52PM, Apr 26 2008 Hi, Im about to purchase natural maple cabinets with a chocolate glaze. Do you think this color granite would go well with it? I'm putting in a medium/dark colored wood floor to contrast the lighter cabinets. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 04:03PM, May 19 2008 Melanie: Somewhat of a tone mismatch.. It's hard to say anything definitively without seeing the cabinets and floor.
  • Lana 01:17PM, Apr 10 2008 How would rich med toned red oak mission style cabinets look with this color granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:42PM, Apr 16 2008 Lana: They would look contrasty and warm. In other words - perfect.
    • All Granite and Marble 06:04PM, Apr 4 2008 LAURALEI M,: We do not sell tiles.
  • Terri M 01:15PM, Mar 10 2008 I am having a hard time finding granite to go with my pickled (somewhat pink) oak kitchen cabinets. Would this work and/or do you have any suggestions i have white appliances with red oak hardwoood floors. thank Terri M
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Mar 11 2008 Terri M: Too close. You'll need something darker. Try either the Fiorito #150, or Vicenza #170.
  • Cathy 04:13PM, Feb 8 2008 Please confirm Giallo Fiorito is a Double Blue price category.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:08AM, Feb 15 2008 Cathy: Call the office please.