Golden Persa

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Original name:
Golden Persa

Other name(s) used:
Golden Persia, Persa Gold, Yellow Exotic

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Beige off white colored classical stone with large quartz bits.
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  • - Peter 02:46PM, Nov 12 2013


    It would be really hard to say without seeing it. If you could send over some pictures it would be much appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  • mm 01:00PM, Nov 11 2013

    I just had Persa gold counter installed I love it when the lights are on but when the sun hits the counter tops it is dull in places, is this the norm?

  • - Peter 08:21PM, Nov 7 2013

    R. Liebe,

    I would recommend this,

    Best Regards,


  • - Peter 08:19PM, Nov 7 2013

    R. Liebe,


    Best Regards,


  • R. Liebe 07:34PM, Nov 7 2013

    What would you recommend? Thanks again.

  • R. Liebe 07:33PM, Nov 7 2013

    Hi there, we ordered Kemper Cabinets, maple with palomino you think this golden persa countertop would look nice?Thanks!

  • - Adrian 05:20PM, Apr 2 2013

    Hi Mary, I think that you are absolutely on the right track in terms of design thinking. Golden Persa is a classic stone which will give you elegant atmoshpere to your elegant atmosphere. Good Luck !

  • Mary D. 09:56PM, Mar 28 2013

    I am getting 2 different wood cabinets top is cherry wood bottom cabinet are a soft light cream with a butterscotch glaze my backsplash is a cream, b
    black, cream, bronze and golden beige small glass tiles how would the golden persa. Do you think it will be too busy . Thanks for your help Mary D

  • - Derek 09:41PM, Jan 25 2013

    Hi Michelle. You're on the right track and you're way of thinking makes sense in this design situation :-) For the perimeter, I'm leaning toward a timeless choice that is on the budget side in terms of pricing. It must be durable and have a low porosity level as the perimeter is usually the work space of the kitchen set-up. You should go with a stone that has a more consistent pattern as opposed to the Golden Persa which has rich movement that accentuates the island as the centerpiece of your design. I recommend to check out the following colors: Copa Gold, Ouro Brasil, Tropical Brown, Ubatuba Gold, Giallo Vicenza, and Santa Cecilia. Hope this helps!

  • Michelle 06:37PM, Jan 22 2013

    I have white cabinets , and was planning on using golden persa on my island. what are some other solid colors I can use on the rest of my countertops.  that wont clash or become to busy/  cant affor to use golden persa on the whole kitchen. I want to pop the island.

  • - Derek 03:25PM, Jun 19 2012

    I'm leaning toward American Cherry wood cabinets to go against the warm Golden Persa granite.

  • Prkaur 07:23PM, Jun 14 2012

    i have 10 x 12 kitchen and ready for remodelling. I like this stone and want to know if Shaker Maple or American Cherry cabinets will look better? 

  • - Derek 02:49PM, May 16 2012

    I recommend Mirabelle Collection smokey brown glass tile in a brick pattern, or if you'd like to go neutral & light -- a Bianco glass tile is appropriate. I've attached photos for your reference. Good luck!

  • junkyarddog 09:45PM, May 9 2012

    I have golden persa counter tops and was looking at glass tile for a backsplash.  Which color would be good?

  • - Derek 06:24PM, Mar 17 2012

    You should look at the Golden Persa slabs in-person before making a decision on the color tone of this granite, as each delivery is unique. There are darker batches of the Persa with deep, rustic brown and golden veining that would be appropriate against your design elements and make the countertop a focal point of your kitchen. However, some darker recommendations for you to consider would be Azteca, Golden Noir, and Brown Alpine. Good luck!

  • Kbeatrice 02:54PM, Mar 13 2012

    i have maple cabinets in a wheat color, light oak floors.would  golden persa look good? or do i need a darker color?

  • - Derek 02:31PM, Mar 12 2012

    Since the Golden Persa granite is on the busy side with it's rich golden brown veins and highlights, my recommendation for backsplash tile is on the soft, neutral side with options such as Botticino Fiorito 4" x 4" tumbled marble or Ivory Classic Fontane 1" x 2" tumbled travertine mosaic. 

  • Esther 02:27PM, Mar 6 2012

    I'm doing kitchen renovation.
    I changed my cabinet color into ivory white and ordered golden persia as a countertop.
    the foor tile is white and wall is pastel green tone.  I have not decided the backslash tile yet.  what color would be good?  

  • - Derek 09:26PM, Jan 25 2012 That's wonderful to hear Lynn! Wish you many more years of entertainment in the kitchen with your beautiful Golden Persa granite counters.
  • Lynn 08:53PM, Jan 25 2012 I have had this now for 3 years in my kitchen - and its still gorgeous..and very durable - no chips - cracks or missing pops onn the top or edges. I love it..I have a pretty medium cherry cabinet - on the warm side - not reds. I love the way the light plays off the quarts and metalic flecks. It appears to have fossils in it also.. just beautiful
  • - Derek 08:22PM, Dec 8 2011 Absolutely! The Golden Persa is a very warm stone with deep golden highlights and hues but has a light background to provide flickers of excellent contrast. Go for it!
  • Dknestor 09:54PM, Dec 6 2011 We are installing cherry cabinets- color is amatetto with a java glaze. Do you think Golden Persa is a good choice?
  • - Derek 12:30PM, Oct 27 2011 Perhaps something a bit darker would create the needed contrast and offset the natural oak in your design. Options such as Amazon Tiger, Brown Alpine, Verde Sequoia, and Desert River may be a little more appropriate for this situation, but let us know how you feel about our suggestions so we can gauge your reaction and adjust our thoughts if need be. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 12:03PM, Oct 25 2011 Although, the Golden Persa is a stunning stone, I’m afraid it may blend too much with your oak cabinets. The Madura Gold would work if you go for the darkest shipment. If you want your granite to ‘pop’, you should keep in mind the colors of the stone and cabinets should not match, you need contrast. Take a look at Bordeaux Delicato, Desert River and the always popular Ubatuba. Click here for a comparison table Let me know how you feel about these suggestions!
  • Welch76 04:15PM, Oct 23 2011 I have oak counter tops and oak hardwood floors. Would golden persa compliment the oak? I also like madura gold. Any recommendations?
  • - Kinga 01:03PM, Oct 18 2011 The Stroudsburg, PA location has 3 slabs left. For pricing and availability, please contact the location directly. You can e-mail or fax the layout and measurements to Stroudsburg and they will be able to provide you with a quote. The different internet ID #s are photos taken of different shipments. Each lot of a stone will look similar while each shipment will vary. You would have to visit the yard in person to see what the stone looks like there. Hope this helps!
  • Linda 01:20AM, Oct 18 2011 Do you have Golden Persa in stock at your Stroudsberg, PA location?  What is the difference between the same item but different internet numbers (i.e. 187 and 542)?  Also, what is your square foot price for this item?
  • - Derek 03:26PM, Jul 11 2011 Golden Persa is a granite stone which is very durable and suitable for kitchen application. It will not crack or chip with regular use. Just make sure to reseal the stone about once a year to keep it stain resistant.
  • Hiranthacker 07:42PM, Jul 8 2011 As the Golden Persa stone is natural, it is not even all through out. Does that mean that it can chip and crack during every day wear and tear in the kitchen? Please advise
  • Janet 08:39PM, Jan 31 2011 I like Golden Persa & Juparana Gem. I have a 12' x 11' kitchen. The 12' wall is where the cabinets & counters are. On the 11' wall is the pantry & refrig. I have stainless appliances. The sink is blanco cafe brown. Going to add island for storage & 2 person seating. Not sure if I should use white, cream or espresso color shaker style cabinets. Or mixed colors of 2. Dining room has espresso furniture w/golden yellow walls w/white crown moulding. I believe these granite colors would go with any of them. Haven't decided on flooring or backsplash, or wall paint, any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:04PM, Feb 1 2011 Janet: I'd use a very light color cabinet, and a tumbled travertine backsplash & Benjamin Moore "Montgomery White". As for the granite, i'm leaning towards Juparana Gem, it's just so full of life and exciting, it will be the focal point of your kitchen design.
  • Sherri King 10:52PM, Jan 4 2011 thinking of this in my kitchen with creme glazed cabinets and mocha travertine floors
    • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, Jan 5 2011 Sherri King: Gorgeous choice, go for it! The radiant warmth of this stone will surely compliment your cabinetry and travertine floors.
  • LYNN 04:37PM, Mar 23 2010 I have this in my kitchen - it is gorgeous.
  • Owner of Remodeled Kitchen 09:20PM, Mar 19 2009 We just had this installed - unbeliveable grain - we've spent hours staring into it -the quartz is amazing as well as the mica. This stone is very diverse! We decided to do a Chiseled edge on the island - very exciting!
    • All Granite and Marble 02:18PM, Mar 20 2009 Owner of Remodeled Kitchen: Congratulations!
  • Young 10:24PM, Aug 2 2008 We are ordering Cherry BC1 cabinet. Do you think this granite is a good match? Thx.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, Sep 19 2008 Young: Looks great to me.
  • Penelope 05:05PM, Mar 15 2008 This is a beautiful stone and the quart bits give it a shimmer in places