Ice White

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Ice White


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Black, Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace
Grayish white stone with light veins, quartz deposits, and burgundy garnet flecks.
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  • Eileen 08:48PM, Apr 1 2015

    We have seen some white with rustic/yellow marks (some are pretty large area) inside white ice slab? Is it normal or just not a very good quality slab?

  • Lisa 08:47PM, Dec 17 2014

    Thank you.

  • 08:44PM, Dec 17 2014

    It is typically in Single Gold

  • Lisa 08:35PM, Dec 17 2014

    can you please tell me what price category Ice White falls into?

  • albfoto 12:06AM, Mar 2 2014

    I love the Ice White...I have seen this before called White Ice but although it looked like it had blue in it, it was black and white/grey. Do your slabs have blue in them? That is what I'm looking, white, grey. Thank you. Anita

  • - Peter 02:30PM, Dec 2 2013

    Yes it sure is! Come on by for a visit!

  • angie 11:01PM, Nov 30 2013

    Is this available at the S. Plainfied location?

  • Peter 07:32PM, Jun 7 2013

    Travertine would work wonders.

  • - Nick 01:20PM, May 16 2013

    It is possible that a supplier or quarry gave this stone an alternate name. This happens quite frequently.

  • Mrs.K 11:29PM, May 15 2013

    I will have this in our remodeled bathroom but in choosing my color someone called this river bed granite, what is riverbed?

  • - Derek 08:33PM, Aug 9 2012

    I recommend the WHITE Schott glass - ceramic cook top for your kitchen design. I've attached a picture of this cook top recommendation for your easy reference.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Lakelady8713 04:37AM, Aug 4 2012

      We, too, are thinking of using White Ice granite.  We have white cabinets and I wanted an all white kitchen, but are being encouraged to use stainless appliances because it is more modern.  And, I see lots of designer photos with stainless appliances and white cabinets.  But, if I use white appliances, what color cooktop is recommended?  I've read that white ones turn yellow and are too hard to clean.

  • - Derek 02:51PM, Jun 22 2012

    You can try a White Carrara marble tile, perhaps in a 2" x 4" cut size. It's soft and neutral and would complement the design nicely. I've attached an image for your references. Hope this helps!

  • Robyngee55 07:20PM, Jun 18 2012

    I have selected ice white for kitchen- white cabinets , white appliances, porcelain tile floor - slate like colours.
    Thinking of going for smoky taupe paint- benjamin moore cc490
    need  backpalsh idea that won't take away from the beautiful granite

  • - Kinga 08:51PM, Dec 28 2011 Another great choice is the Anatolia Bliss Norwegian Ice Linear Mosaic or the ICL Glass and Metal Mix Tiles. Good luck!
  • - Derek 03:59PM, Dec 28 2011 Thanks for the clarification. For the backsplash tile, I'd use a White Carrara mini-brick mosaic or Somer Tile Reflections Subway Ming Glass mosaic to complete the "white kitchen" modern look and feel you're trying to achieve. I've attached pictures for your reference. Good luck!
  • Devorah 03:40PM, Dec 28 2011 Yes, I am going to  use it for my counter top in the kitchen. Thank you.  Devorah
  • - Derek 07:33PM, Dec 23 2011 Are you going to use the Ice White granite as your countertop material? Just trying to clarify that point before I give you backsplash or paint color suggestions. Thanks.
  • Devorah 02:00AM, Dec 21 2011 I have white formica cabinets. What backsplash would you suggest fore this tile? Also do you have a suggestion for painting the walls?