Imperial Coffee

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Original name:
Imperial Coffee

Other name(s) used:
Cafe Imperial, Brown Pearl, Coffee Imperial, Marrom Perola, Mokka

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A consistent dark brown granite with tight speckling.
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  • - Admin 05:18PM, Feb 23 2015

    Imperial coffee sounds like a nice combination. Here are some lighter options for your consideration as well. Granite - Granite - Granite - Granite

    We highly suggest coming into a location. It definitely makes it easier to select a stone when seeing it in person along with a sample of your cabinets and/or flooring.
    Here is a list of our locations so you can see which one is most convenient for you.

  • Rashmi D 12:30AM, Feb 2 2015

    I am in process of getting granite countertop for my kitchen with natural/honey colored maple cabinets. They were natural but they are old so resemble honey color. Tiles are ceramic 18" natural color with some terra cotta lines. How will imperial coffee look? Or a lighter countertop will look better and if so which

  • - Peter 09:58PM, Dec 17 2013

    Dear Sg,

    They are not, here is a link to Coffee brown, -

  • sg 09:10PM, Dec 13 2013

    Is Imperial Brown granite the same as Coffee Brown Granite ? thanks

  • Peter 07:43PM, Aug 26 2013

    It is your personal preference, granite is generally more durable.

  • Ziya 07:38PM, Aug 12 2013


    The hall of our house is about 8 squre meter. What we can use for the floor. I meen marble or granit Which of them is convenient for this floor.

    Thank in advance

  • Peter 01:08PM, Jun 21 2013

    Dear Angela,
    I think that the St Cecelia Real would be one of the best choices. It will add a nice contrast to your cabinets and will lighten up your kitchen nicely. Going with some of the other darker granite choices might make the kitchen too dark looking. Check it out, let me know what you think!

  • Angela 11:57AM, Jun 21 2013

    We have just installed KM toffee colored
    cabinets. We are leaning toward a medium to dark colored tighter grain granite. We are considering Imperial coffee, ubatuba gold or St Cecelia Real. We have a cappuccino colored tile. What do you think would be our best choice?

  • - Derek 02:34PM, Sep 21 2012

    In that case, it possibly may be. For a more traditional feel, I'd use the Tropical Brown as it does not have those elegant, reflective flecks. In regard to the backsplash tile, you can use a beautiful mosaic tile, for example there are choices such as Nova Caste Crema Marfil & Thassos White & Emperador Light mosaic, or Tilecrest Eclipse series Espresso Linear Glass & Stone blend mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Let me know your thoughts on these! (not sure if these feel too busy for you).

  • Ccollison 02:26PM, Sep 21 2012

    Thank you for the advice Derek!  The house is on the traditional side with hardwood flooring and wooden beams running through the ceiling of the adjacent dining room ... do you think the imperial coffee will be too elegant of a look?  Any recommendations for a backsplash?

  • - Derek 01:04PM, Sep 21 2012

    You're on the right track, for a modern, elegant contrast to offset the light natural cabinetry! I am leaning toward the beautiful and reflective Imperial Coffee for your situation. In addition, another color I recommend to check out is called Bahia or Platinum Brown. Hope this helps!

  • Ccollison 05:56PM, Sep 20 2012

    We are in the process of a kitchen renovation and I am having such a hard time finding just the right granite colour!  My cabinets are being painted Benjamin Moore White Down.  It is a large open space with a huge bay window, but unfortunately due to a large covered porch, natural light is limited.  We are going for a timeless look, nothing ornate ... would you recommend Imperial Coffee, Tropical Brown, or Antique Brown granite?

  • Leslie 03:29AM, Sep 13 2012

    Thanks. Our kitchen is very small but open with medium natural light.  Thanks for the suggestion of ivory travertine!

  • - Derek 07:40PM, Sep 12 2012

    It's a little dark of a combination but I think you will be able to pull it off if you have a medium to large kitchen with plenty of open space and natural light. A light backsplash tile for contrast will help, I recommend to look at options such as tumbled Ivory travertine. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • Leslie 07:15AM, Sep 9 2012

    Hi, we have honey stained cherry cabinets and are considering Imperial Coffee granite with a light stacked stone backsplash.  Do you think this combination will work together?

  • - Derek 04:42PM, Aug 29 2012

    A strong and deep contrast! The Imperial Coffee's reflective flecks will surely keep the countertop as a centerpiece of your design. I really like this combination as the darker granite offsets the warm, lighter cabinets. 

  • - Derek 01:18PM, Aug 24 2012

    Sorry for the late response. In regard to your question, it's a very elegant and contemporary combination, but rather dark. That is my only concern. The creme backsplash would be an appropriate contrast, as well as painting any open wall space a light, neutral shade such as Benjamin Moore series Linen White or Navajo White. You should acquire a sample of the Imperial and put it against your cherry cabinet in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination. Then, make a final decision from there. Hope this helps!

  • Tanyam123 06:16AM, Aug 22 2012

    hi how do you think imperial coffee will look w/ honey oak cabinets?? 

  • CarolBrandy_h 12:02PM, Aug 16 2012

    How would Imperial Coffee countertops be with Cherry cabinets and a cream backsplash

  • - Derek 04:56PM, Aug 15 2012

    The Imperial Coffee is a stunning choice! This color will deeply offset the light cabinets which will highlight the countertop as the centerpiece of the design. Another option I recommend is Labrador Antique. Hope this helps!

  • Anneli 01:35AM, Aug 8 2012

    We have new white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and warm oak floors. Would imperial coffee be a good choice for the countertops? I am mostly concerned about it clashing with the warm tone floors. We are going to tile the backsplash but the color will depend on the countertop selection.  Any suggestion for a nice brown granite?

  • - Derek 01:14PM, Jul 24 2012

    We have a granite called Caledonia (Internet ID: 80). It's in-stock only at our Deer Park, NY facility:

  • Ashley 11:01PM, Jul 18 2012

    Thank you so much, Derek!  Also now looking at a granite called New you guys carry this?

  • - Derek 01:45PM, Jul 16 2012

    Honestly, both the Imperial Coffee and Bahia Brown are elegant and wonderful choices. I also recommend to take a look at Kosmus. For the backsplash, I'd use a lighter choice such as an interesting mosaic like the Nova Cascade Emperador & Crema Marfil marble tile. I've attached a photo. Hope this helps!

  • Ashley 04:51PM, Jul 10 2012

    I also just looked into Bahia Brown which is recommended to many people here and that seems to be a nice option as well.  Again, have not seen either in person.  Which would you recommend or either?

  • Ashley 04:46PM, Jul 10 2012

    We are renovating a small kitchen and purchased maple coffee glaze cabinets.  We are looking for a granite counter top with some contrast either dark or light.  We think we are leaning towards dark to highlight the glaze in the cabinets.  We have not seen Coffee Imperial in person yet but it seems to look nice online.  We are doing a copper/cinnamon color on the walls for paint.  Do you think this would be a good choice with our cabinets and color?  Any other suggestions?  Any suggestions for tile?

  • - Kinga 12:55PM, Dec 19 2011 I agree. The Coffee Imperial would provide you with a sleek and elegant contrast. Once you see the slab in person, it will be much easier to decide. Remember to bring samples home!
  • - Derek 08:57PM, Dec 7 2011 Depending on the delivery, the Coffee Imperial may have some pinkish undertones and hues, but it's really mostly a reflective brown color. You should look at the slabs in-person. I think it would provide an excellent contrast for your cabinet color though, you should go for it!
  • Alissa 09:44PM, Dec 3 2011 I have kitchen cabinets from 1993 that are the pale pinkish color that was popular then.  Imperial Coffee looks like it has some pink in it.  Will that work?
  • - Derek 08:20PM, Nov 29 2011 You can also use a dark, elegant stone with slight green undertones, such as Ubatuba, Butterfly Antique, and Monterry Green. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 06:27PM, Nov 29 2011 I feel the Imperial Coffee is a wonderful choice for your space. The stone will provide your cabinets wonderful contrast and balance. Also check out Brown Bahia and Maron Bahia for other beautiful options.
  • SMJ 03:43PM, Nov 23 2011 i have  new antique white cabinets (more towards the white side) raised panel,  new gray porcelain 16 x16 floor tiles on diagonal thinking about imperial coffee  granite counters  older basically u-shaped cabinet area open to LV RM with oak floors what do you think? (small kitchen 50's cape)
  • - Derek 08:45PM, Sep 21 2011 Excellent choice. The Coffee Imperial is elegant and reflective. It's surely to be a centerpiece of your kitchen design. Go for it!
  • - Kinga 05:45PM, Sep 21 2011 Absolutely!
    The Coffee Imperial would look stunning against your cabinets as would Bahia Brown, Black Galaxy and Blue Dakota. Let me know what you think!
  • DB 01:44PM, Sep 21 2011 I have wet bar with Diamond Shiloh maple cabinets in wheat.  I'm considering imperial coffee for the countertop.  Do you think this would work?  Any other recommendations?  The wet bar is in a rec room with dark wood furniture, leather couch, etc. and decorated in a mission/arts & crafts style.  Thanks.
  • - Derek 05:27PM, Sep 7 2011 Take a look at Tropical Brown and let me know if that's going in the right direction for you. Good luck!
  • SaltedBagel 05:03AM, Sep 3 2011 Hello, I planned on having a white cabinet, black granite countertop, contemporary kitchen.  Unfortunately, my new cabinets do not look white in my home.  I have canvas-colored cabinets, decorator white walls and walnut flooring.  I do not like a busy pattern for my countertop.  What countertop do you recommend for a contemporary feel?  Thank you for your help.
  • - Kinga 06:37PM, Jul 21 2011 A cream subway tile would look amazing with Imperial Coffee granite and white cabinets. Go for it!
  • - Derek 02:09PM, Jul 21 2011 Imperial Coffee looks classy and elegant against a light vanity and dark trim, you're on the right track. For tile, I'd use a creamy subway tile or something along those tiles. Good luck!
  • JM 10:31PM, Jul 20 2011 I am thinking about using imperial coffee in a small powder room with white vanity and dark trim.  would that work and if so what color tile would you recommend? thx.
  • Doug 12:39PM, Apr 2 2011 We have Aristokraft Oakland Spice cabinets. The plan is to get all new stainless steel appliances with the Imperial Coffee granite tops. There is some natural light coming from our patio door that faces west. Would this be a good choice and do you have any suggestion for what type of wood floor that would compliment the countertop choice.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:04PM, Apr 2 2011 Doug: Imperial Coffee is a stunning choice to go against spice cabinetry. Another option could be Bahia Brown. For flooring, I recommend a natural travertine tile.
  • Jenny 04:13PM, Feb 10 2011 Hello, My husband and I just remodeled our kitchen. We chose maple "Canvas" colored cabinets by kraftmaid, which is an off white and we have red-oak flooring, natural finish. Our Kitchen is small and doesn't get much natural light. I was thinking a light stone like giallo ornamental but my husband wants to see contrast. I was thinking that impreial coffee would be a good option where is's not too dark for me. We are both concerned about our kitchen having a "universal" appeal, just in case we ever have to sell down the road, we don't want to pick anything thatis too busy / loud. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:22AM, Feb 11 2011 Jenny: The Imperial Coffee is a solid choice for an excellent contrast. My other recommendations are Ubatuba, Bahia Brown, and Golden Jade.
  • Toni 07:48PM, Feb 8 2011 Thank you for your suggestions. But can you also tell me how to get samples of these to bring home
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Feb 9 2011 Toni: We have free samples available for pick up at any of our five locations. We do not mail them out.
  • Toni 12:43PM, Feb 8 2011 Thank you for your suggestion of getting a sample of the Imperial Coffee. Since you have a concern about there not being enough contrast, can you give me any other suggestions that might work? By the way, how can I go about getting a sample?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:37PM, Feb 8 2011 Toni: Well, some lighter options for your design could be Giallo Ornamental, Astoria, Amba Gold, and Colonial Gold. But I'm not saying the Imperial Coffee is a bad choice. An elegant and darker color like Imperial Coffee will create warmth in your design. I recommend to get samples and bring them home to see how they look in your kitchen.
  • Toni 11:03PM, Feb 7 2011 Hi, I have a small kitchen, american walnut flooring, light walnut cabinets and black appliances. Gets sunlight in the afternoon. Any suggestions? Would Imperial Coffee work with this?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Feb 8 2011 Toni: The Imperial Coffee will surely compliment the natural walnut wood in your design. I'm concerned that there is not much contrast but if you receive plenty of natural light then it should not be a problem. Get a sample of the Imperial Coffee and check how it looks in your kitchen set-up.
  • Karen 05:35PM, Jan 20 2011 Hii My cabinets are a shefield maple with a harvest bronze finish.. The floors is large tiles sand/baige.. Kitchen is 10 x 16 with some natural light..; All stainless appliances.. What do u think about imperial cofee or can you reccommend another choice ?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:46AM, Jan 24 2011 Karen: The Imperial Coffee is a sleek and elegant granite that will exceptionally compliment your maple cabinets. Another option could be Bahia Brown.
  • Nancy 07:35PM, Jan 8 2011 I have honey oak cabinets with white appliances. My kitchen is 11X12, and gets no natural light. I'll pick a floor and backsplash after getting the countertops. I like both Tropical Brown and Imperial Coffee. What do you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Jan 10 2011 Nancy: I'm leaning towards Imperial Coffee for more contrast and an elegant feel.
  • Marina 08:30PM, Oct 15 2010 I have a brindle birch cabinet with noce travertine tiles. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:08AM, Oct 18 2010 Marina: I think that combination would look excellent.
  • amyc 01:53PM, Sep 3 2010 I have a maple wheat color cabinet. Look for the dark brown countertop without busy pattern. Is this one good? Also, what group of pirce it is? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Sep 8 2010 Amyc: Imperial Coffee is a good choice. It's price group is Single Gold. Another option is Bahia Brown.
  • david 08:13PM, Apr 24 2010 how would this look with honey spice maple with stainless steel appliances? is there another granite you could also recommend with those. thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:18AM, Apr 26 2010 david: Imperial Coffee is a rich, elegant choice. Another option could be Ubatuba.
  • Jay 01:11PM, Mar 2 2010 How would this look with honey oak cabinets in a small kitchen that has white appliances?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:01PM, Mar 2 2010 Jay: Excellent. Plenty of contrast.