Imperial Gold

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Original name:
Imperial Gold

Other name(s) used:
Crema Lumiere

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Light orange colored stone with white veining and black spotting.
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  • - Derek 05:27PM, Nov 27 2012

    Hello. You're closest to our Danbury, CT facility ( however, we have the Imperial Gold in-stock across all of our other locations except for Danbury at the moment. Next closest facility for you to visit would be Ridgefield Park, NJ. You will be able to view full slabs of Imperial Gold there and acquire free samples to take home with you. Best of luck!

  • dick kinney 09:32PM, Nov 26 2012

    do you have imperial gold in a location near 12550 zip code. need 25 sq. feet. also price per sq. ft.  could use remnent  as its a small space

  • - Derek 04:18PM, Oct 6 2012

    Hello there. You will need to reinforce the granite with extra support for such an overhang no matter what kind of granite it is. Any point over 12 inches in a stone countertop must have reinforcement. I recommend to install L brackets for the extra support, or a similar type of bracket. Best of luck!

  • Stachelt556 11:43PM, Oct 4 2012

    What is the strength of Imperial Gold granite?  I am trying to do an 18" overhang on an island.  I know that a normal overhang is 12". The overhang will come out 12"  on both sides to a curved 18" center.  Is this type of granite strong enough? Shoud I reinforce it?  How can it be reinforced for support?

  • - Derek 03:55PM, May 8 2012

    Hello. We are closed on Sundays. We're open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-3pm. We have Imperial Gold available in both of our NJ locations: 

  • Chubbyhazel 12:24PM, Apr 29 2012

    Hi, are there any granite yards with Imperial Gold open on Sundays in NJ? thanks

  • - Kinga 07:12PM, Dec 5 2011 Let us know what you end up picking!
  • Lgreen_redengine 06:25AM, Dec 5 2011 Thanks Kinga and Derek. I am going to go with the grey undertone and really appreciate your input about avoiding the too much caramel or gold.
  • - Derek 08:28PM, Nov 29 2011 After some thought, I agree with Kinga's vision very much, therefore going in the cooler and quieter route is my suggestion as the countertops and natural wood in the kitchen are already warm. I'd use a color with a grey undertone such as Benjamin Moore "Abingdon Putty" or "Elmira White".
  • - Kinga 05:09PM, Nov 28 2011 I would definitely avoid golds and caramels to avoid “everything looking the same” in the kitchen. I think off whites are definitely the way to go like Benjamin Moore’s “White Cloud”, “Minced Onion” or “Icicle”. Let me know what you think!
  • Lgreen_redengine 10:08PM, Nov 23 2011 Thanks. I really like the colors you suggested.

     I am considering off whites and neutrals - its just that everything starts to look the same:-) .  Since the room is sunny and the walls are somewhat crackled, I can either choose a little warmth/drama or go with cooler/quieter look.Some Kelley colors I considered: Portland Whitbed, Sand Dune.Also considered some others with more cream/yellow like HomeMade Biscuit.

    Is there any color/undertones that I ought to avoid?
  • - Derek 07:39PM, Nov 23 2011 Any wall colors shades that you've considered so far? My suggestions are Benjamin Moore "Nutmeg" and "Crossroads".
  • Lgreen_redengine 06:01AM, Nov 21 2011 I have a small kitchen that I am upgrading on a budget in a California bungalow style house. My countertop is Imperial Gold, cabinets are light oak color, new floors will be bamboo (woven toast) and the very small kitchen backsplash will be almond ceramic subway tile. Ceilings are bead board. Any suggestions for wall color? Since the kitchen flows into the dining nook, I will probably repaint that room as well.
  • Fanny 08:13PM, Nov 2 2010 What level is Imperial Gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:30AM, Nov 3 2010 Fanny: Single Silver.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:30AM, Mar 2 2010 ROSEMARIE: Imperial Gold is available at all three of our locations.
  • Colleen Butler 10:09PM, Nov 24 2009 do you have any work photos that you can post on this stone?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Nov 25 2009 Colleen Butler: Unfortunately we do not.