Ivory Fantasy

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Original name:
Ivory Fantasy

Other name(s) used:
Ivory Fantasia, Ivory Phantasy, Ivory Exotic

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gold, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Golden colored stone with black and gray waves.
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Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo
Ivory Fantasy Photo


  • Marble.com - Peter 04:03PM, Oct 31 2013

    I suggest Bianco Antico, it would go nicely with white uppers and expresso lowers.
    Best Regards,

  • Erinjoy 03:46AM, Oct 30 2013

    We are considering ivory fantasy or bianco antico in our two tone kitchen of white uppers and espresso lowers. Which would you recommend? Or would you consider a different one altogether? Thank you!

  • Peter 05:49PM, Jun 10 2013

    how do you feel about http://www.marble.com/material... ?

  • Barbara 11:53PM, May 1 2013

    I am redoing my kitchen in a maple cabinet..ginger snap with espresso glaze. I am have difficulty selecting granite. I want a light granite with some movement and brown tones. I welcome any suggestions.

  • Marble.com - Adrian 06:13PM, Apr 9 2013

    Hi, Please accept my depest apology in delay of responding. I think that both stones are similar to each other, however Sunset Ivory is more sandy with ivory and black veins. On the other hand Ivory Fantasy is greyish with twister movements. Regarding to your cabinets I'm more leaning towards Ivory Fantasy because then your kitchen will get a distinct character. The best way to choose the exact stone is to go again to South Plainfield location and compare whole slabs with your door of the cabinets. Good luck !    

  • Cjm1024 11:12PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hello.  I am trying to figure out the difference between Ivory Fantasy and Sunset Ivory.  I picked up a sample of Sunset Ivory from So. Plainfield and really love it but see many pictures of Ivory Fantasy on your website that look beautiful.  Can you explain the main difference between the two?  I am getting cream colored perimeter cabinets with a hazelnut glaze and an espresso island.  thank you

  • Marble.com - Adrian 08:31PM, Feb 22 2013

    Hi Lisa, I really like your choice about the white cabinets and white appliances with creamy veins on the countertop, you will get a lot of light and calm in your kitchen. Also you can try to go with New Colonial Dream, Sunset Ivory or Colonial Gold countertop. The best way to choose the exact stone is to go to one of our facilities, see the slabs of the stones, take some samples home and compare with all your staff in the kitchen. Regarding to the backsplash I would recommend you to go with natural tiles like marble or travertina. I have found you some samples of a backsplash: Cream Marble, more creative: Beige Marble or Cream Travertina. I hope it will work !

  • Lisa 01:19AM, Feb 21 2013

    Hi. I have natural oak floors, white cabinets and white appliances. Would you recommend ivory fantasy for the counter top? If so, any backsplash recommendations? If not, what other granite color do you suggest? Thanks! Lisa

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:03PM, Jan 18 2013

    Hi Ann. I'm leaning toward a lighter stone choice to contrast and offset the darker cherry spice wood cabinetry. The Ivory Fantasy has a cool, subtle color tone and some veining so I think it's an appropriate choice. I would also recommend to consider options such as Astoria and Sunset Ivory. However, going with a Butterfly stone is also not a bad idea -- it's elegant and adds a contemporary touch. I think what would make it or break it is the amount of natural light in the kitchen. If there is not a lot of natural light, then I'd stick with the lighter countertop choice. Since the kitchen is not very large, a lighter countertop right now seems like a better idea to brighten the space up and not make it feel smaller with a dark stone. Hope this helps.

  • Ann 07:58PM, Jan 14 2013

    hi  I have custom cherry spice cabinets ordered,  I need to find a granite countertop.  My husband likes ivory fantasy because it is light and our kitchen faces north and is not super large --13 by 18 feet.  I like the contrast of butterfly antique gold.  I would think that it would be hard to get a backsplash to work with the ivory.   Please help! 

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:14PM, Jan 3 2013

    Hello. Yes, we have multiple shipments of Ivory Fantasy that vary slightly in color tone and pattern. The quality of the slabs is all the same. If you use the Online Estimate Tool (www.marble.com/estimate) for a price, then this price is valid and accurate, just as if you would of received it at one of our sales offices: www.marble.com/locations 

  • Ellen 02:47PM, Dec 30 2012

    Ivory Fantasy samples have several variations. Do grades vary too? If I chose it and my square footage is 17sqft how close can i expect your estimate to be to the one I will recieve at your showroom?

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:53PM, Dec 17 2012

    Hi Lynne! Congratulations on your brand new Ivory Fantasy countertops! Since this stone has a soft and subtle pattern, perhaps you can use a mosaic for the backsplash. I recommend to consider tiles such as Walnut Tumbled Travertine w/ Glass Inserts or a 2" x 2" Startford Place Ceramic Blend. I've attached photos for your easy reference. 

  • Lynne 10:48PM, Dec 12 2012

    Need a little help. Your guys just installed Ivory Fantasy in the kitchen. It looks great. Now I have to decide on back splash. Cabinets are mable and the floor is ceramic tan on the darker side. Suggestions for back splash and wall paint colors?


  • Marble.com - Derek 07:42PM, Feb 25 2012

    The Ivory Fantasy has a soft, flowing pattern that is calm but it has bursts of warm highlights and veins at the same time. I think it's an excellent choice and I am leaning toward this choice over the Kashmir Gold. Another option could be Sunset Ivory. 

  • Mary 12:03AM, Feb 24 2012

    I need help on choosing colors to consider - I have golden oak kitchen cabinets, and floors the same.  I don't want anything that is too yellow. I would like to keep it on the a light side or mid tones.  what do you think of Ivory Fantasy or Kashmir Gold. I like granite that has the waves -- thank you

  • Marble.com - Derek 05:20PM, Feb 4 2012 The Ivory Fantasy as undertones and highlights that very nicely compliment the color of your cabinetry, plus a light base that promotes contrast in the design. It's a very appropriate choice and I feel you should stick with your gut feeling and use this stone. However, make sure to look at the full slabs and chose your favorite one from the bunch. Hope this helps!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 04:26PM, Feb 2 2012 I really like the Ivory Fantasy for your setup. The soft and classic tones would be a fantastic way to compliment your cabinets. I like that over the Ubatuba or Seaweed Green as I feel the contrast may be a bit too dramatic for the look you are trying to achieve. So my vote is for the Ivory Fantasy!
  • Lily 09:25PM, Jan 31 2012 I have Kraft Maid Cherry Autumn Blush Cabinets, which are a rich looking warm brown toned wood cabinet, with kitchen floor tiles that look like crema marfil in color with brownish and greyish veining. I haven't done the blacksplash tiles yet but am considering matching them to the floor color.  I am going for a timeless, elegant look. I am looking for a granite countertop that will either blend in with my color palette or pop out like a dark granite.  I am trying to stay away from the yellow and orange tones as my walls are Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige, a cool beige. My kitchen is large, and gets lots of light. I am considering Ivory Fantasy, Typhoon Bordeaux and Juparana Flamingo for blending in OR Seaweed Green and Uba Tuba for a contrast, but am leaning towards Ivory Fantasy...Any thoughts? I am very confused which way to go...
  • Marble.com - Kinga 09:13PM, Jun 30 2011 Nutsie55,
    If you want to make a bold statement, check out Nero Marquina. Do you have a favorite or specific color in mind? More information would be more helpful in giving you best advice. :)
  • Marble.com - Derek 04:58PM, Jun 30 2011 Just a few questions before I give suggestions, have you been considering a dark color for a strong contrast, or a warm, softer shade of stone? Also, do you like the consistent, speckled look or do you like the stones with movement and veins in them?
  • Nutsie55 11:55PM, Jun 29 2011 I'm trying to add some color to a basically all white bathroom. All fixtures are white including the vanity with shiny silver faucets and knobs. The floor is a white tile with grey marbeling. What would be the best color vanity top to bring some pop into this almost sterile bathroom?
  • joanne 02:40PM, Apr 29 2011 would you use Ivory fantasy in an open concept kitchen where the wall color is terra cotta? Cabinets up for discussion... :) but likely a grey green......
    • All Granite and Marble 01:05PM, May 4 2011 Joanne: Sure! Sounds like a very warm and lively design.
  • Guest 11:27AM, Mar 17 2011 We are remodelling our kitchen and would like to know which granite looks better. The cabinets are Aristokraft maple autumn and flooring is Mohoawak Laminate Natural American cherry strip. We want either Ivory fantasy or Kashmir gold granite with same backsplash. Can you suggest which one will look better and has better maintenance? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:58AM, Mar 18 2011 Guest: I'm leaning towards the Kashmir Gold granite. It's warmer and would compliment your design aspects nicely. Both stones are low maintenance.
  • Doug 06:44PM, Dec 7 2009 Ivory Fantasy has two different Sone ID #s - 234 (this one) and 651. Are these really the same stone? They look extremely different.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:26AM, Dec 8 2009 Doug: Believe it or not, it's the same stone name. However you are correct they look extremely different. They are different batches (deliveries) of the stone, sometimes from various quarries. As you mine forward the color or pattern of a stone may change. This shows why it is important to "pick" your actual slab to use, as saying "I want Ivory Fantasy" might bring an unexpected surprise.
  • Helen 10:50AM, Apr 17 2009 how much would it cost for 19x31 with a back splash under mount white bowel Ivory fantasy
    • All Granite and Marble 03:02PM, Apr 17 2009 Helen: Please send requests for prices to our sales dept.