Juparana Crema Bordeaux

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Juparana Crema Bordeaux


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Brown, Gray, Red
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A pinkish Juparana granite with hints of purple, creme, gray, and white on a visually textured surface.
Juparana Crema Bordeaux granite - Macro Photo Juparana Crema Bordeaux granite - CloseUp Photo Juparana Crema Bordeaux granite - Slab Photo
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  • Marble.com - Jack 07:23PM, Apr 23 2014

    I would suggest bringing paint samples from your local paint store. Paint small sections of the wall and it will be easier to gauge what will work for the entirety of the kitchen. Feel free to e-mail me pictures when you have the paint samples on the wall.

  • joyce 06:18PM, Apr 22 2014

    we have picked the juparana creama Bordeaux granite and have white glaze cabnets with a dark porcilin floor and can not deceide what cololr to paint walls light or dark purplelight or dark, greyor light or dark rust copper HELP has anyone seen this and have a suggestion all appliances are bisque and faucet is oil rubber bronze pedelium are also oil rubbed brone as r handle on doors any suggestions

  • Marble.com - Adrian 04:12PM, Mar 4 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with warm and light colours to your backsplash and floor. Then your kitchen will get a nicely contrast. Please see the attachments with Beige Marble or Cream Travertine as a backsplash and Cream-Beige Porcelain as a floor. I hope I could help you ! Good luck !

  • Glenaslater 03:48PM, Mar 3 2013

    I meant juniparana for countertops.

  • Glenaslater 03:47PM, Mar 3 2013

    I am renovating my kitchen. I have chosen hickory stained cabinets with Juniperana crema bordeaux for cabinets. Appliances are all stainless steel. Can you recommend a good flooring and backsplash to accent .

  • Marble.com - Derek 06:14PM, Feb 7 2013

    Hello Greta. On behalf of our company, we thank you so much for the warm and kind words. We're very happy that you are enjoying your experience with us so far. Let me know how things go! :-)

  • Greta Yaeger 11:21PM, Jan 27 2013

    Doing a remodel of our kitchen, really a huge job looking at so many slabs of granite. We started local in our town, but found your Mr. Stone in Danbury Ct. So glad we went, so much to choose from and the staff was very pleasant and easy to work with. Fell in love with Typhoon Boudeaux and have now decided on Colonial/ Millenium Cream. Our house is a post n beam with solid wood cabinets. So excited to get started!

  • Marble.com - Derek 07:24PM, Aug 27 2012

    Hello Ruth. Congratulations on going on a unique path with granite countertops that consist of purple highlights. That is very exciting to say the least! In addition to the stunning choices in the Bordeaux family of granite that you're contemplating so far, I also recommend to take a look at Champagne Florencia, Dakota Mahogany, and Deep Purple. Good luck!

  • Ruth 04:21PM, Aug 20 2012

    Hello...I am remodeling my master bathroom and would like to put in granite with purple tones.  I have looked at Crema Bordeaux, Furacan Bordeaux, Juparana Bordeaux, and Typhoon Bordeaux.  Are these the only colors that contain purple tones or are there others?

  • Jean 08:08PM, Aug 14 2012

    Hello... I like your suggestions, and need your help.  I am remodeling my master bath.  I have an older Kohler Jacuzzi color French Vanilla, WC and shower, which I will not be replacing since they are in excellent shape.    I will need 2 granite tops... 1 for the master sink, and one for then second  vanity.  I was leaning towards a darker stone, with golden /yellow highlights to contract against the french vanilla.  I have yet to choose the tile.  What color would you suggest for the granite counter tops, and color pallete to choose for the tile?  Thanks so much for your input.  Jean

  • Marble.com - Derek 01:46PM, Mar 13 2012

    I'm enjoying your possible selection of Juparana Crema Bordeaux. It's a very warm stone and the burgundy highlights would compliment your cabinets quite nicely. Another option that I recommend to consider is Golden Rock. In addition, we have a stone called Altair that is also known as Magma Gold, however I am not sure that is the color you are referring to. You can take a look here: 

  • Anna Maria 10:51PM, Mar 7 2012

    Hi, I really like the juperana bordeaux I've seen at a friend"s house and I guess is not thet same as the one above.  I need some help in narrowing down my selection for the kitchen. I have pickle color cabinets and my island will be refinish in a brown stain to match the floors. I have dark hardwood floors. I like movement in a stone and im leaning towards the warm tones with burgundy accents. I dont want to make it too busy, however I'm looking for a dramatic, wow effect...The other stone I really like was the magna gold, but I dont think you carry that one.  What color would you suggest doing my walls? I was thinking on a burgundy?
    Please help!

  • Marble.com - Derek 07:31PM, Jan 12 2012 Also, you should take samples home of your favorite choices to put them against your cabinets in your kitchen light to see how you like the various combinations!
  • Marble.com - Derek 03:55PM, Jan 12 2012 After reading this comment that you're steering away from gray tones in the granite, I'd say Madura Gold with deep and rich browns such as ID: 304 or 306 would compliment your design nicely with warmth and overall excellent appeal.
  • Marble.com - Derek 03:39PM, Jan 12 2012 I also feel the other Bordeaux stones from this family that have a darker base would be a little more appropriate. My choice is the Ibere Crema Bordeaux. Of course, the key is for you to look at the full slabs yourself and make the final decision.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 03:59PM, Jan 11 2012 When you do visit, make sure to bring your cabinet door along with your layout and measurements for an instant estimate. Keep in mind you will see hundreds of stunning stones so keep an open mind and have fun. We will help you with pleasure!
  • Tom 03:39PM, Jan 11 2012 I am going to visit the yard when I get the chance.

  • Marble.com - Kinga 03:21PM, Jan 11 2012 Solid choice! Will you be purchasing from us?
  • Tom 02:57PM, Jan 11 2012 Yes ID:306
  • Marble.com - Kinga 01:23PM, Jan 11 2012 I like the Madura Gold with your cabinets as long as you pick a darker shipment to make sure there is enough of contrast. Have you seen one you like so far?
  • Tom 11:16PM, Jan 10 2012 I am not very fond of the greys in the Crema Brodeaux. I tend to lean a little toward the red/rose that are in the Juparana Crema brodeaux. What about the Madura Gold?
  • Marble.com - Kinga 09:39PM, Jan 10 2012 The Juparana Crema Bordeaux would work with your cabinets but I’m leaning more towards Crema Bordeaux or Bordeaux Delicato. My concern with the Juparana Crema Bordeaux is that it may blend too much with your cabinets. I feel my suggestions will provide you with a sharper contrast and wonderful balance in the space. Let me know what you think!
  • Tom 08:38PM, Jan 10 2012 I am replacing my kitchen countertops. I have maple spice cabinets. Would the Juparana Crema Bordeaux wok well with them?
  • Marble.com - Derek 02:37PM, Jul 5 2011 My suggestions that you may want to take under consideration are "Straw Hat" and "Summer Lime". Benjamin Moore Line. A warm tone for the wall color will pick-up the color in your design nicely.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 01:42PM, Jul 5 2011 I feel a nice warm tone like Benjamin Moore’s “Crème Brulee” or “Lemon Grass” would highlight your cabinets and beautiful granite. Yellow tones compliment reds wonderfully and provice a nice contrast so I feel you should go in the yellow family. You should pick the shade based on your preference. Let me know what you think!
  • Shirley 05:58AM, Jul 5 2011 I am having my kitchen done - mahagony cabinets, juperana crema  bordeaux granite countertops, stainless steel sink  and facuets.  My floor tile will be changed-larger floor tile 16x16.  What color would you use for the walls?
  • Donna Nappi 12:03AM, Jul 19 2010 I am doing a kitchen w/cherry cabinets - juparana crema bordeaux granite and a pinkish-beige backsplash and floor - I am also using bronze accents in the backsplash - What color would you use for the walls and window treatments
    • All Granite and Marble 01:05PM, Jul 20 2010 Donna Nappi: Try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" for wall color.
  • Laura 09:21AM, Mar 29 2010 What is the difference between Crema Bordeaux and Juparana Crema Bordeaux?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:27PM, Mar 29 2010 Laura: Two different variations of the Crema Bordeaux, very similar.
  • Emma 02:39PM, Jun 11 2009 I have white cabinets and an oak floor. Would creme bordeaux work and what color paint would compliment the walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Jun 12 2009 Emma: It should work well. For the walls, I'd go with something rather toned down, a sandy color perhaps.