Key West Gold

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Key West Gold

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Key West Brown

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Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
This is a mostly consistent stone with dark gray and light coffee color speckles.
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  • Peter 04:51PM, Sep 5 2013

    Pauline, I have an exciting recommendation for you, take a look and let me know what you think,

  • pauline 01:02AM, Sep 3 2013

    hi, I have cherry cabinets , med brown hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and walls are painted a reddish color. I have a large island in the kitchen too. I love the Key West you think it will make a good match? One wall in the kitchen has a mural with colors of gold and green ...sort of a picture of vineyard in Italy...any suggestions will help..ty Pauline

  • Peter 05:57PM, Jun 10 2013

    We have this available at our South Plainfield, Ridgefield Park, and CT locations.

  • Ron 05:26PM, May 1 2013

    I don't think I saw this KWG in Danbury? where do you currently have slabs? We have Cinnamon cabinets, natural red oak floors, stainless appliances, neutral tan tile backsplash and paint. Also considering darker granite like " tan brown" ?

  • - Derek 03:21PM, Nov 13 2012

    Hi there. Let me start off by saying that the Ubatuba granite would actually give you the most contrast to offset the light maple cabinetry out of the choices you've mentioned. The reflective flecks in this choice offer an elegant contrast and are quite appropriate for your design. My second choice would be the Key West Gold that is featured on this page. I've also created a Comparison Chart of the choices for your easy side-by-side reference: Hope this helps!

  • Scdeabler 05:37PM, Nov 10 2012

    Hi, I have Pasedena Plank maple flooing the color is light amber maple in my kitchen. My cabinets are an amber on birch wood. I am having trouble deciding what granite to use for the countertops. I have tumbled stone called noce (Daltile) not sure which color to use and choices on the countertops could be uba tuba, new venetian gold, key west, tropical brown. The uba tuba looks sharp but I think I need more contrast????? I need help with grante and backsplalsh?

    Thank you, Sherry

  • - Derek 01:50PM, Jul 26 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Key West Gold out of the two choices because it's darker for a stronger, deeper contrast. I've created a Comparison Table for your visualization of these two side-by-side: For another recommendation, you can check out Boreal or Toffee. Hope this helps!

  • Phyllis 01:49AM, Jul 21 2012

    I have antique white cabinets with a carmel glaze over it and want a contrast with the countertops.. we have natural color hardwood (varigated color), all stainless appliances, walls are olive green with ivory trim. I am torn between Key West Gold and Santa Cecilia or maybe even a darker color... any suggestions. 

  • - Natalia 02:52PM, May 29 2012

    Hello! Both of those choices are absolutely fantastic. They are light enough to contrast your espresso wood and the garnet wine colored flecks in either slab will complement the wood at the same time.

  • Aeason12 12:01AM, May 26 2012

    We are doing a dark espresso cabinet and having a hard time deciding between the NVGold or the St. Cecilia granite. Any suggestions?

  • - Derek 09:42PM, Mar 22 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Santa Cecilia Light to keep the space airy and warm. However, I recommend to acquire a sample of both options and bring them home with you to put against the cabinets in the kitchen light to see which combination you are attracted to more. Good luck!

  • Judy 09:58PM, Mar 18 2012

    I have natural kitchen cabinets w/ some lgt gray highlights.  Kitchen is in center of house and does not get much light.  I am torn between St. Cecilia Light and Key West Gold countertops.  Any suggestions would be most helpful.  Thanks

  • - Derek 02:43PM, Mar 1 2012

    You're welcome Biana! I'm glad to be able to help you out.

  • Briana 02:30AM, Feb 27 2012

    Wonderful!!!!  Thank you so much for your help.

  • - Derek 07:47PM, Feb 25 2012

    That's a very unique and pretty tile full of richness and depth. I think you should use a lighter, warm color for the countertops since you have a dark cabinet and tile to brighten things up and to create an effective contrast. The pattern of the countertop should be consistent because you have movement in the tile. I'm leaning toward Giallo Ornamenta or New Venetian Gold. You can add Santa Cecilia Real into that mix of choices. Any one of those three would be lovely. Good luck!

  • Briana 03:09AM, Feb 24 2012

    I am having a hard time choosing a counter top color.  My cabinets are a darker brown with red undertones.  I have attached a picture of the kitchen tile, which you can see a little bit of the wall color.  Should I go with Key West or something light like Kashmere Gold, Giallo Ornamental, or New Venitian Gold.  Please feel free to suggest others.  Thank you so much for your input and help. 

  • - Derek 06:20PM, Jan 20 2012 Tropical Brown is a little darker and would create a stronger contrast. It's also quite appropriate for your set-up. I recommend to acquire samples of both choices and put them next to your cabinets in the kitchen light to see which color you're attracted more to. Make your decision by process of elimination this way. Good luck!
  • kristle 12:09AM, Jan 18 2012 Hi Derek thanks for the help.I want to ask what do you think about tropical brown with my cabinet color.Tropical brown or KWG.
  • - Derek 09:17PM, Jan 17 2012 I think it will look fine -- no need to worry. It's a warm compliment, you could of used a stone that was a little darker in tone for a deeper contrast, but the Key West Gold has golden undertones along with dark flecks for a happy medium. Just look at the picture I've attached, it's from the "Work Examples".
  • kristle 04:26PM, Jan 17 2012 I am getting cabinets that are shaker style nutmeg/maple.I chose key west gold for the countertop.The tile is going to be a light biege my appliances are stainless stell.Do you think the cabinet color is going to look good with key west gold.please help
  • - Derek 04:08PM, Dec 31 2011 For the floor tile, I feel like our "Shell" variety is also very appropriate for your design, take a look here: As for wall color, Kinga's suggestions are spot-on. Make sure to visit paint stores and bring various paint chip samples home to see how they look in the kitchen. Good luck and we wish you a Happy New Year :-)
  • - Kinga 05:05PM, Dec 29 2011 I like the idea of neutral and natural looking porcelain tiles like the Almond Spice or Mocca for your floor. For wall colors, I would recommend a warm paint like Benjamin Moore’s  “Old World Romance” or “Moonlight”. If you would like to add a splash of color, consider doing an accent wall in a bold and dramatic tone like BM’s “Red” or “Dark Celery”. Let me know what you think!
  • Cindy 03:49PM, Dec 29 2011 If I go with the New Venetian Gold for the countertops and the spice hickory for the cabinets, do you have a recommendation on flooring and wall colors? I've looked at some very neutral porcelain tile beige flooring.
  • - Kinga 09:19PM, Dec 27 2011 You are very welcome! Let us know what you end up choosing!
  • - Kinga 09:18PM, Dec 27 2011 I’m leaning towards Derek’s New Venetian Gold suggestion. It’s a warm, timeless and classic choice that will compliment your space very well.  This stone will brighten up your kitchen and give it a warm and inviting feel.
  • Cindy 09:08PM, Dec 27 2011 Thanks!
  • - Derek 02:37PM, Dec 27 2011 I'd use a lighter and warmer color such as New Venetian Gold or Key West Gold for your set-up. These choices would create an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, and they have some darker flecks to compliment the black appliances. Another factor for the light counters is the low natural light, you don't want the space to look dark and gloomy. To solidify your choice, you should obtain samples of these stones and put them next to the cabinets in your kitchen light for a final decision. Good luck!
  • Cindy 07:11PM, Dec 21 2011 I am getting hickory cabinets stained spice and beige porcelain tiles. The kitchen doesn't have a ton of natural light, and appliances are black. Paint color is yet to be determined. I'm deciding between Ubatuba, Baltic Brown, New Venetian Gold, and Key West Gold. Suggestions?
  • - Kinga 07:28PM, Dec 19 2011 If you give us more information on your preferences, we will be able to provide you with some beautiful suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • - Derek 07:47PM, Dec 15 2011 Any colors you're interested in so far? Do you enjoy movement in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern?
  • Bean38 02:58PM, Dec 11 2011 We have light oak cabinets in a fairly open concept kitchen.  We have an island and a long counter of 90".  Appliances are white and black.  We have a white floor with a little triangle of taupe.  Windows are in the breakfast area which is right off the kitchen.
  • - Kinga 09:11PM, Aug 1 2011 I completely agree with Derek, go for the full backsplash!  I really enjoy the look of a continuous flow of pattern. It's a lovely way to finish off the kitchen. Let us know what you decide!
  • - Derek 09:01PM, Aug 1 2011 I do not think Key West Gold is too dark to be used as a full backsplash along with the main countertop surface. It's a very warm color that will give off radiance in the design but is not overly busy and acceptable for use as the backsplash. It's wonderful that you're considering a full stone backsplash, not many people go in this path currently. It will be a nice continuous flow and pattern. Go for it!
  • Cassandra 03:05AM, Jul 30 2011 I have white cabinets, staniless steel appliances and a beige porcelain tile floor that has light grey and pinkish streaks through each tile.  I was considering a key west gold granite countertop and backsplash.  Do you think this color would go or be too dark to be considered for both the counter and backsplash, etc.?  Do you have any other suggestions?
  • - Derek 04:38PM, Jun 8 2011 Key West Gold is an appropriate choice for your set-up. This granite will compliment your travertine flooring nicely. Some other options are Giallo Vicenza, and Baltic Brown. Good luck!
  • Stephenwdunn 04:25PM, Jun 8 2011 We have white cabinets with a travertine floor with a hint of rose to it. We are looking for a granite to coordinate with it to allow us to get to a butterscotch wall. are we on the right track here
  • Bonnie 10:27AM, May 11 2011 We have cabinets in a honey oak colour - - very traditional looking -- am thinking of Keywest for the counter - - very plain tile floor - - have tended to go with dark colours in paint throughout house - - terra cotta, chocolate browns, etc. Do you think key West would be a good fit or do you have other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:33PM, May 11 2011 Bonnie: Key West Gold is a stunning choice and will compliment your design nicely, some other suggestions are Santa Cecilia, Giallo Vicenza, New Venetian Gold.
  • Rick 06:54PM, Oct 27 2010 We have Oak wood floors , Stainless Steel Appliances, Dark Taupe Wallls and Natural,Maple Cabinets We were thinking of Key West Gold Granite counter tops. What do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:17PM, Oct 28 2010 Rick: Key West Gold is an excellent choice for your setup. For more movement, take a look at Juparana Colombo.
  • Susan 12:39AM, Oct 22 2010 What tile is on the back splash behind the KeyWest Gold Granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Oct 25 2010 Susan: Unfortunately we do not have information on the tile used here, we just have information on the granite itself.
  • Oleta 10:16AM, Oct 15 2010 Our island ihas knotty alder lower cabinets (stained antique brown) with a chocolate colored sink. Other cabinets are painted cream with a brown glaze. Appliances are brushed stainless. Floor is a porcelain tile that resembles slate. Walls are painted Sherwin Williams, latte. Doors and trim are knotty alder, stained antique brown. I was thinking of Key West Gold granite. Will this be too peach? I also considered two different granites for contrast. A lighter granite on the island and a slightyly darker granite for the balance. If so, what do you recommend? I have also looked at New Venetian Gold and Santa Cecilia Real. Appreciate your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Oct 18 2010 Oleta: You could try two different colors, i suggest Santa Cecilia and maybe Yellow Fantasy for your island.
  • Craig 02:35PM, Sep 9 2010 We are thinking about Key West Granite for our kitchen. we have expresso color cabinets and a dark hickory wood flooring. Do you think Key West gold would be too dark? Also we are putting up a new backsplash so any ideas you may have please let me know. THANKS!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:52AM, Sep 10 2010 Craig : It's a good choice, but for more contrast I would opt for Santa Cecilia or Giallo Ornamental.
  • Niti 08:58PM, Jul 10 2010 We are thinking of remodelling our kitchen we have light colored cabinets kind of like a white wash oak cabintes they have a hint of pink in them.Do you think keywest gold would go with it.For the backsplash we are thinking of putting beige tumbled travertine.our floor tiles are liht cream color.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Jul 12 2010 Niti: You're absolutely on the right track, go for it! Another option might be Giallo Vicenza.
  • Alexis 02:28PM, Jun 2 2010 We are designing a kitchen that will have a wall of creme painted cabinets and a chocolate brown stained island, stainless steel appliances, and possibly sand colored tile flooring. Would Key West Gold work in this design?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:40PM, Jun 2 2010 Alexis: Absolutely.
  • Mar 04:25PM, May 11 2010 We are considering Key West Gold in an older kitchen that has cabinets that are light blond in color with a brown parkay floor. The wall is a sage green. The slabs we have seen look like your examples above with a fair amount of salmon pink and grey. You think KWG is a good choice or perhaps Boreal?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:29AM, May 12 2010 Mar: I'm leaning towards the KWG. It has more brown/salmon over the orange hue of Boreal.
  • Robin Jackson 10:30AM, Apr 28 2010 Debating between Tropical Brown and Key West Gold. We have honey oak cabinets, bisque appliances and a lot of natural light in our kitchen. Help!!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:42AM, Apr 28 2010 Robin Jackson: Either one will look nice. I'm leaning towards the Key West Gold, it has a little more life and color.
  • Cinda 09:29AM, Apr 25 2010 Do you know where I can get Key West Gold Granite color in Kitchen cabinet knobs?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:43AM, Apr 26 2010 Cinda: Unfortunately we do not have this information, sorry.
  • Sue 11:54AM, Mar 6 2010 Thanks for your quick response.
  • sue 09:47AM, Mar 6 2010 We are designing a kitchen with light cherry cabinets, either wood or tile flooring, and want to use blue and yellow accent pieces. We have a fair amount of light in the kitchen. Would Key West Gold granite work? Or what other colors would you suggest? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:40AM, Mar 6 2010 sue: You could also go a little lighter, some good suggestions would be Santa Cecilia, Tahoe, New Venetian Gold.
  • Barb 04:35PM, Mar 1 2010 We have Maple Cinnamin cabinets, white appliances, brazilian red wood floor and taupe walls. Key West Gold is what we have picked but I am still unsure. Will this go well with our cabinets & floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:59PM, Mar 1 2010 Barb: I'd go with a granite that provides a little more contrast with your cabinets. Try Tropical Brown.
  • Cori 08:29PM, Nov 17 2009 We have white cabinets and grey floor tiles. Do you think this would work as a color selection. The counter hangs over our med. wood colored laminate.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:07AM, Nov 18 2009 Cori: Yes.
  • Joanna 09:20PM, Oct 22 2009 Hi...I have a sample of Key West Gold and it looks a little pink/peachy to me, but the base colors above don't show that. When installed, does it look more of a brown, gray or more peachy? I definitely do not want peachy in my kitchen. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Oct 23 2009 Joanna: It differs between batches, sometimes its more peachy but usually its on the brown side. You have to inspect the very slab that will be cut for your kitchen, and and put your cabinet door next to it to see if you like how it looks.
  • Donna 09:36PM, Apr 21 2009 What colors for the walls will go with key west gold, med oak cabinets, and hard wood floors? Someone suggested sage green.??
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Apr 23 2009 Donna: Not a bad suggestion. Check out the base stone colors on the left of the photos. These are colors found in this stone. You can successfully use any of them as a wall paint color.
  • Nancy 07:14PM, Mar 28 2009 Do you think this color would match Medium Oak Cabinets? We have Almond ceramic tile floor. There is not a lot of light in the kitchen. But I already have a light color countertop and would like a change.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:54PM, Apr 3 2009 Nancy: The tile will pick up the lighter specs in the stone and the cabinets won't clash with the stone. The stone is dark as you have noticed but it'll bring more definition to your kitchen and definitely draw attention.
  • Kathy 08:51PM, Jan 10 2009 Please advise if this "Key West Gold" would go with chocolate oak cabinets ? Also would it complement a 8' x 10" exposed chicago brick wall in kitchen ? I will be doing a full backsplash and my flooring a tannish brown ceramic wood look floor ?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:46PM, Jan 12 2009 Kathy: I believe you have everything in the correct order. It should work out very well.