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Starry Night, Cosmos

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Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A busy brown granite consisting of a tumultuous blending of taupe, brown, and dark brown veins and specks.
Kosmus granite - Macro Photo Kosmus granite - CloseUp Photo Kosmus granite - Slab Photo
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  • Peter 01:14PM, Jun 12 2013

    This stone has some brown tones which would pick up your cabinet tones, be sure to check out our cabinet tool above, it will allow you to pull up a cabinet closest to the color of yours and allow you to compare it with our granite. Check it out!

  • Joy 03:25AM, Jun 12 2013

    Would this go with light oak cabinets?

  • Marble.com - Adrian 05:11PM, Apr 17 2013

    Hi, I think that Kosums granite against white will reflect style at your kitchen. It is busy stone however your cabinets and floor will be calm and neutral so it will catch the eye with elegant atmosphere. Good luck !

  • Bibsey45 01:19AM, Apr 11 2013

    Is kosmus too much of a contrast with white cabinets. I'm just starting out doing my kitchen over so far all I have is white shaker cabinets. I will be getting hardwood floor. Can you tell I am confused

  • Marble.com - Derek 04:07PM, Jan 8 2013

    Hi Paulette. I think you're on the right track. Kosmus is an elegant and appropriate selection for your design. I also recommend to perhaps consider Golden Noir and Hurricane. Best of luck!

  • Paulette 09:30PM, Jan 4 2013

    I have a patterned ceramic tile floor.It is  beige,  light  brown . and dark brown. it is a large pattern. My cabinets are dark brown wood. Do you think Kosmus would look good with that.

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:48PM, Jul 26 2012

    You're on the right track. However, could you possibly provide me with a website link to a picture or snap a photo and upload a picture of the cabinets that you are using for this project? That would be quite helpful. Let me know if this is possible! Thanks.

  • Lahanlon 03:14AM, Jul 24 2012

    I have Brookhaven, Andover recessed panel door style, maple in alpine white finish. In remodeling my kitchen by keeping my existing cabinets, but improving it with upgraded range top and adding large corbels to my center island. My floor is a porcelain tile also light in color with very light grey and cream undertones. Work is in progress, but I'm driving myself crazy choosing a granite. I'm drawn to Kosmus (both silver and gold). I like movement in the stone. I also like Typhon Bordeaux as long as it doesn't have much burgundy in it. Can you offer any suggestions?

  • Marble.com - Kinga 12:20PM, Feb 17 2012 What a great setup! And you are absolutely right, you cannot go wrong with this granite. Like Derek said, we would love to see some photos!
  • Marble.com - Derek 04:34PM, Feb 16 2012 That sounds like a stunning combination. It would be lovely if you snapped a pictured and uploaded it on here for us to see!
  • Suzy 01:56AM, Feb 12 2012 I have Kosmus counter tops in my bathroom and closet/laundry room and absolutely love it. I have rich brown cherry cabinets, light caramel porcelain tile floors and chose silver hardware and faucets to bring out the silvery speckles. Can't go wrong with this granite.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 05:35PM, Nov 28 2011 In addition to Derek’s wonderful suggestions, check out Bahia Bown, Desert River and Black Pearl. Let me know what you think! http://www.marble.com/material...
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:49PM, Nov 23 2011 Take a look at Imperial Coffee, Brown Alpine, and Metallic. I've created a Comparison Chart for your reference: http://www.marble.com/material... Hope this helps!
  • Angela 05:31PM, Nov 21 2011 We currently have Labrador Antique on Hickory cabinets and like the look but are hoping to find something a little less uniform for our new home, where we are also using hickory cabinets. We fell in love with Kosmus but have heard that it is fragile and hard to work with. We have young kids and need something durable. We have a muted brown porcelain floor tile and are looking for something that will not make our kitchen look too busy since we have a busier cabinet. We want brown tones and something on the darker side. Do you have any suggestionss? Thank you!
  • Marble.com - Derek 08:50PM, Oct 19 2011 Gorgeous combination. The Kosmus has a richness and depth that will look very elegant against a cherry wood. Go for it!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 12:12PM, Oct 19 2011 This stone would look absolutely stunning against cherry cabinets and oak floors. Consider doing a light backsplash like a tumbled Durango travertine to keep the focus on this wonderful granite.
  • Hrlloyd 08:12PM, Oct 18 2011 We are changing our counter tops and want to know how this might look against cherry cabinets and an oak wood floor
  • Gretchen 05:27PM, Apr 15 2011 We are building a bar and would like if you can tell me how this might look against cherry cabients and a grey slate floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:29AM, Apr 19 2011 Gretchen: Very sleek and elegant. This stones pattern is rich and existing. Sounds like a nice combination for a cherry wood bar and slate floor.
  • Beth 12:33PM, Mar 26 2011 Can you tell me where this stone is from?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:46PM, Mar 26 2011 Beth : Working on an answer for you.
  • stacey 11:48PM, Dec 28 2010 Can you tell me if this color granite is as strong as others? I've been told that the Kosmus is more delicate than others and can scratch and be chipped easily.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:32AM, Dec 29 2010 Stacey: Kosmus is less durable than for example a bulletproof stone like Ubatuba. Therefore it's a little more high maintenance, you have to be careful and not drop heavy objects on the stone, as well as seal it once a year to keep it nice and stain resistant. Just follow normal usage and you will be fine with Kosmus.
  • danielle 07:05AM, Nov 29 2010 Hi! i have krafdtmaid cabinets in the color canvas with cocoa glaze and a deep red on the walls would this color blend? thanks :)
    • All Granite and Marble 09:20AM, Nov 29 2010 Danielle: Absolutely! The Kosmus is a beautiful choice to go against your cocoa glazed cabinets.
  • s mingrone 12:36PM, Aug 8 2010 What color cabinets and floors would look great with this granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Aug 9 2010 S Mingrone: A lighter wood cabinet, for example maple, would look gorgeous with this color to create a rich contrast.
  • Christie McClurg 09:12AM, Jul 24 2010 I also forgot to ask what color of paint color in the kitchen I described would go great with this granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:13AM, Jul 24 2010 Christie McClurg: Try Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond".
  • joe hobler 06:05PM, Jul 23 2010 possible to get this granite in florida need size 119x72 close to daytona beach
    • All Granite and Marble 11:13AM, Jul 24 2010 Joe Hobler : We do not service FL.
  • Lisa smith 09:29PM, Apr 15 2010 what locations have this stone?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Apr 16 2010 Lisa smith: Ridgefield Park, NJ.
  • Patricia Clemons 10:29PM, Mar 18 2010 Can I buy this granite in tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:31AM, Mar 19 2010 Patricia Clemons: Unfortunately we do not carry tiles.