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Labereda, Juparana Lapidus, Giallo Lapidus

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Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
This granite features strong veining of taupe, amber, white, and brown colors. It also has beautiful black streaks throughout.
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  • - Admin 03:36PM, Feb 23 2015

    A hardwood floor always looks great with Lapidus!

    Slate flooring has also become a popular option that can really bring out your granite as a focal point. Its a nice balance between a modern and classic look.

  • Linda 04:48PM, Feb 22 2015

    I have lapidus granite counter tops, maple cabinets stained in Roberto chestnut in kitchen and utility room. I need a tile natural or man made for flooring. The kitchen and utility are joining to openings with rooms that have Anderson heritage engineered scraped hickory autumn color. I want the granite to be the focal point. A recommendation for flooring that would compliment the granite would be appreciated.

  • leslie 12:16AM, Oct 25 2014

    We have orange oak bathroom cabinets and Marazzi Artea Porcelain tiles in color Avorio. We are thinking about Lapidus granite and need suggestions for appropriate wall colors . Thanks

  • - Derek 03:52PM, Jan 4 2013

    Hmmm, that's a very good question. I do not have too much experience with stainless steel backsplashes, but the idea sure is unique and sounds extremely sleek, contemporary, and elegant. I recommend to acquire a sample of the stainless steel tile and put it against your Lapidus counters and cabinets in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the combination. If you decide to go in the creme route (which is totally appropriate) then I recommend to look at options such as perhaps a Durango Cream 2" x 4" Tumbled Travertine or an Ivory Fontane 2" x 2" Tumbled Travertine. I've attached photos of these suggestions for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • Mortimerhouse 01:00PM, Jan 2 2013

    Would a stainless steel backsplash work with a Lapidus counter in a modern kitchen?
    Would a cream colored tile be better?

  • - Natalia 01:32PM, Sep 20 2012

    Hello! I recommend a warm travertine tile for the bathroom tub and walls. Specifically, something like tumbled Azteca would look very nice as a complement to the design. In regard to a floor tile choice, please take a look at the porcelain selection from the Daltile series. For example, I suggest Fidenza Bianco or Fidenza Dorado for more golden hues. I've attached photos of my recommendations for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • Rachelanderso48 04:09PM, Sep 19 2012

    We are installing Alder cabinets with a Van Dyke glaze on them.  we have picked lapidus for our granite in the main bath.  What kind of tile should we use with it?  We will need tub, backsplach and flooring.

  • - Derek 01:25PM, Aug 27 2012

    Yes! The Lapidus is a lovely choice that will contrast the cherry island while providing a nice complement for the perimeter wood. I am leaning toward a natural stone mosaic such as Botticino Fiorito tumbled marble. I've attached a photo for your reference. Good luck!

  • Rbt 06:18PM, Aug 17 2012

    My kitchen cabinets are a creamy beige and the island is cherry.  Would lapidus look good with this, or what would  you suggest?  What about a backsplash?

  • - Derek 01:13PM, Jun 15 2012

    Wow that is ironic indeed! I guess Natalia did a good job with her suggestion :-)

  • Paula 07:04AM, Jun 11 2012

    This is hilarious.  I was just wondering the same question, except for Hickory cabinets.  Yesterday we went and picked up samples to take to our fabricator tomorrow, and one of them is Scabos travertine subway tile.  Thanks!!!

  • - Natalia 03:59PM, May 21 2012

    My suggestion is a Scabos travertine in a subway tile. See attached photo. 

  • - Kinga 11:51AM, May 21 2012

    Since your granite is quite busy, I would recommend a soft backsplash like Shrimp & Grits or Honeyrose. Let me know what you think!

  • T S Mcmillan 02:00PM, May 20 2012

    I have dark cabinets (almost black) with lapidus granite. What backsplash would you recommend?

  • - Derek 09:37PM, Mar 7 2012

    We do not have a picture of a full backsplash Solarius granite. However, I can tell you that this combination would be quite a busy pattern with plenty of movement, so that's my only concern. I'd go on the safe side and use a neutral natural tile such as tumbled Noce travertine, as the Solarius countertops will already have plenty of veining in the stone. Hope this helps!

  • Wotring1 10:51PM, Mar 4 2012

    Looking at Solaris granite for countertops and wondering what it would look like with backsplash done as well. we are looking at 42 sq ft backsplash. Cannot decide to do entire kitchen in solaris or backsplash in tiles, etc

  • shelby 08:29PM, May 11 2011 We just had lapidus installed. The backsplash we bought does not look good at all! What would be a good choice of tile (natural or man made doesn't matter)? We are having a hard time picking a color. My husband this the backsplash needs to match the floor which is a light cream ceramic, but we like the darker tiles for the backsplash. What to do...
    • All Granite and Marble 01:17PM, May 12 2011 Shelby: What backsplash do you have now?
  • Judy Allen 07:17PM, Apr 26 2010 I would like to know what flooring would go with lapidus dark. Slate or travertine? What color?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, Apr 27 2010 Judy Allen : Perhaps a jerusalem gold travertine tile.
  • Tamara 02:58PM, Feb 15 2010 We have red cherry with black glaze cabinets and plan on going with travertine looking tiles on floor. Would lapidus be a good granite choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Feb 16 2010 Tamara: Yes. It will compliment the cherry beautifully with it's golden hue and dramatic pattern.
  • Jane 08:58PM, Feb 13 2010 We have write kitchen cabinets and oak floors and are trying to decide between Juparana Juparana Yyara and lapidus. Can you hlep
    • All Granite and Marble 09:21AM, Feb 16 2010 Jane: Excellent choice, very rich and inviting.
  • Jack Andrejko 07:13PM, Feb 7 2010 Do you have any finished kithen photos using this granite (484R lapidus)?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:36PM, Feb 9 2010 Jack Andrejko: Unfortunately we do not.
  • Roseann 10:10AM, Feb 5 2010 We are doing our kitchen in a Maple cabinet. Color is Vanilla bean with a Tuscan glaze. Any suggestions on what color granite. We are doing counters and all the way up to the above cabinets.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:33PM, Feb 5 2010 Roseann: Try Tropical Brown.
  • Gary b 06:32AM, Jun 21 2009 Would lapidus look ok with cherry cabinets and white appliances?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:35PM, Jun 22 2009 Gary b: Absolutely!
  • redisgn 07:24PM, Mar 14 2009 I am changing the color of my cabinets to black, do you think that the golden lapidus would be a good countertop choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:16PM, Mar 16 2009 redisgn: Absolutely!
  • Lauren 10:15AM, Feb 22 2009 We have the same golden oak cabinetry it is funny we also went and got a sample of the lapidus and felt the same way it blends right into our cabinets and floors which are the same oak color. We have stainless steel appliances what stone do you think would be the ideal. Is Uba Tba a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:01AM, Feb 26 2009 Lauren: While uba tube would definitely stand out, it's a color that really ties you to a specific color scheme for the long run. Unless you're absolutely "in love" with the dark green, I would look for something a bit more neutral color-wise.
  • Martha 12:29PM, Jan 19 2009 Ariete is a color for a travertine like natural stone. It's beige with brown, black and gray veining.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:29PM, Jan 19 2009 Martha: That just reaffirms my position. Both are good choices and if you are looking for someone to decide which one is better, I'd say that my personal choice would be Lapidus (It's far less common).
  • Martha 05:05PM, Jan 17 2009 Our master bath has maple cabinets with a burnished glaze finish. The floors and shower are ariete tile. Would Lapidius or Creme Bordeux be okay for the counters?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:30AM, Jan 19 2009 Martha: Although I was unable to find any samples of the tiles, I can say that the match with the cabinets is very good for both stones.
  • Bob Coffman 04:52PM, Jul 12 2008 We are looking to do our vanities and one bedroom countertop. if I sent you the carpentry demensions could I get a quote
    • All Granite and Marble 06:29PM, Jul 17 2008 Bob Coffman: Fax them over Bob!
  • solution 01:06AM, Jun 23 2008 I have golden oak cabinetry. Is Lapidus good color match for it? How about backsplash? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:14PM, Jul 17 2008 solution: Lapidus would be an ok match in most cases. The colors in the stone are very similar to oak and because of that, the two elements might blend together too much.
  • Jamie Shahan 09:30AM, Dec 24 2007 I am looking for about 20 square feet of lapidus granite tile. Do you have tile and do you sell it in small quantities like this?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:04PM, Jan 3 2008 Jamie Shahan: Sorry, we do not sell tile.