Midnight Blue

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Midnight Blue


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Black, Blue
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Very consistent black and vibrant indigo blue stippling.
Midnight Blue granite - Macro Photo Midnight Blue granite - CloseUp Photo Midnight Blue granite - Slab Photo
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  • Marble.com - Jack 01:54PM, Jun 2 2014

    What do you think about this stone: http://www.marble.com/material.... It will be a good starting ground. Also, it would help if you sent us a picture.

  • Michael Simon 09:12PM, May 31 2014

    We are remodeling. We will have off white cabinets (biscotti) and midnight blue cabinets for an island and accent wall cabinets. We are clueless as to a good color granite... or 2 colors. The flood are dark wood.
    Any suggestions??

  • Marble.com - Derek 01:56PM, Jul 26 2012

    Coastal Azul is a deep, organic, natural-looking earth-tone shaded tile. I absolutely adore it! I am assuming you will use it for the floor application? I do not have any photos available of cherry wood along with Coastal Azul, but for the countertops I think granite such as Astoria or Santa Cecilia would look very nice. They are light enough to provide a deep contrast and I've attached photos of these choices against cherry-like colored cabinets. Hope this helps!

  • Sueamcd 03:06PM, Jul 21 2012

    I am looking at the coastal azul tile and natural cherry, also, and am in a quandry about the counters and backsplash.  I want the kitchen to feel warm and not too dark.  It is a 10x14 concourse kitchen with quite a lot of windows.  I will have an peninsula with room enough for 2 people to sit at, so there will be a fair amt. of counter area.  I am curious if you have done your space yet, and if so, do you have pictures?  I'd love to see the coastal azule tile with the cherry!  Thanks!

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:52PM, May 16 2012

    My recommendations for you to use if you'd like to pick up the beautiful floor tile is Azul Platino, Tropical Brown, or Giallo Antico. Hope this helps!

  • Ajorne 02:31PM, May 10 2012

    We are remodeling our home.  We have porcelain tile (Daltile Coastal Azul FS97)

    and stained cherry wood (light).  We are trying to decide what color granite countertop to use and also paint color.  Help.

  • Marble.com - Derek 08:33PM, Dec 20 2011 Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Any colors so far that have caught your attention? I'd use a granite such as New Colonial Dream, Delicatus, or Giallo Napoleone. Good luck!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 07:01PM, Dec 20 2011 Since your floors are so dark, I feel a lighter stone like Alaska Glacier, Bianco Antico and Colonial Gold would work very well. A lighter stone will brighten up the kitchen and make it feel visually spacious. Let me know what you think!
  • JStephen09 10:54PM, Dec 17 2011 Hello.  My wife and I are buying a home.  The floors in the kitchen and dining room are a midnight maple hardwood.  The walls are painted red.  The cabinets are a light brown oak.  We have white appliances.  We want to get granite countertops but unsure as to what color we should use.  Any suggestions?
  • Marble.com - Derek 02:34PM, Jul 27 2011 The blue flecks in this stone will make the design shine, and provide a strong contrast to the light perimeter cabinets, while adding depth to the island. You can keep this stone for the whole kitchen, or as Kinga suggested, use a lighter color on the island to offset the rich cherry wood. Good luck!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 03:03PM, Jul 26 2011 Jordyn,
    The Midnight Blue would look great against your cabinets. But have you considered using a different stone for the island like the Ambrosia White? I think it would be a beautiful center piece to use a wavy stone for the island to set it apart. Let me know what you think!
  • Jordyn 02:42PM, Jul 26 2011 We are remodling our kitchen with white base and wall cabinets, with a cherry island. Also, there will be a dark hardwood with reddish tone and stainless steel appliances. Would this countertop look good?
  • Sally 12:17AM, May 4 2010 Love midnight blue. I have dark wood floors and cabinets and stainless appliances. Will midnight blue match? Also what is the general price per square ft.? Would a white surround look ok if I use this also in the fireplace? What color would you paint your walls to match. Thanks, Sally
    • All Granite and Marble 09:18AM, May 5 2010 Sally: I'd paint the walls a light gray. And it would fit white fireplace beautifully. For pricing please contact the sales office.
  • connie 09:06PM, Apr 23 2009 hi I have beautiful honey oak cabinets that we do not want to replace and we are in love with this midnight blue counter top!!!! What color wood flors would you suggest for the "wow factor". Thank you connie
    • All Granite and Marble 10:54AM, Apr 24 2009 connie: You could go two ways, either a very light, neutral floor such as maple, or a darker than the cabinets floor (Mocha stained cherry?).
  • Mayerling 04:01AM, Jun 4 2008 I have a new construction and in the process of kitchen selections, I love this midnight blue for my countertop but can't decide which cabinetry and floor would go better with it. Any suggestions?.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:02PM, Jun 30 2008 Mayerling: If you want to go for the "wow's", pick a light wood color like maple. The floor could be a few tones darker.