New Colonial Gold

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Original name:
New Colonial Gold

Other name(s) used:
New River Gold, Millennium Gold

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A light tan granite with sporadic gold, gray, and brown speckling.
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  • - Derek 03:48PM, Feb 23 2012

    Are you saying that you want a reverse color for the perimeter than what you have on the island? If so, then a darker color to contrast the design is what I recommend. My suggestions are possibly Black Galaxy, Ubatuba, and our new arrival Azteca. Let me know your thoughts!

  • Rose Amborn 07:15PM, Feb 18 2012 I have an island in New Venetian Gold and now want to do the outer part of the counter.
    I am redoing the cabinets and want to pick out the granite first.  What would you recommend to go with the Venetial Gold.  What I am thinking is a reverse of my island.  I would like to keep my cabinets an off white or cream color.  HELP!!
  • cathy 09:06PM, May 4 2011 That is why I am so confused. Getting too many opinions. I like the New Venetiam Gold but was told it may be too much of the same color. The cabinents came out a darker oak that I thought, Not sure too go with a dark ( like black ) or lighter.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:38AM, May 5 2011 Cathy: I recommend to bring samples of darker and lighter choices home with you to see how they look against your cabinets and in the kitchen light.
  • cathy 08:27PM, May 2 2011 Would like look good with honey oak cabinents?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:13AM, May 4 2011 Cathy: The Colonial Gold pictured on this page would very good against honey oak, but it depends on which direction you're going in. Do you want a light or dark countertop? For some more lighter but a little warmer choices, try Colonial Cream, Astoria, and New Venetian Gold.
  • Ally 01:36PM, Jun 19 2008 I am remodeling my master bath,I like this color, what color cabinets will look good with this granite and what kind of tile on the floor will look good? I like the look of travertine floors. Do you carry travertine?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:26PM, Jul 14 2008 Ally: Yes we do carry travertine (not tiles though). White cabinets should be perfect. If you feel more daring, go with a red cherry.