Ouro Brasil

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Original name:
Ouro Brasil

Other name(s) used:
Ouro Brazil, Amarelo Ouro Brasil

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A variable brown granite with consistent speckling of white, beige, grey, black, dark brown, and gold colors.
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  • Peg 03:05PM, Mar 15 2015

    Is Stilestone quartz a lot more than granite? Someone told me double. Wonder if it is worth it in the end?

  • Peter 04:18PM, Sep 26 2013

    Thank you.

  • Peter 04:18PM, Sep 26 2013

    Sherri, I think this is an excellent choice, come on by and take a look at the fill slab. Also you may get some samples to take home.

  • Sherri 03:22PM, Sep 21 2013

    Forgot to mention the color is Ouro Brasil.

  • sherri 03:20PM, Sep 21 2013

    Redoing my countertops and thinking of this color. The cabinets are white, island is black. the walls are butter yellow with a light green (Limey) backsplash. All of my appliances are black. Looking to accent those appliances. The floors are beige tile. The kitchen is very well lit and large.

  • Marble.com - Adrian 06:23PM, Jul 25 2013

    Hi, I think that your choice about the granite is absolutely on the right track. Also I recommend you to take a look at Giallo Napoleone and Giallo Ornamental. Regarding to your floor and wall I have found you some concepts. Please check the attachments with Bruce Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring and Mint Chocolate Chip from Benjamin Moore Paints. Good luck !

  • Kitchen Conundrum 05:00PM, Jul 22 2013

    I am building a house and have selected the Ouro Brasil Granite counters to pair with Aristrokraft Winstead Collection Saddle color cabinets. Now I am not sure what floor color to go with. i want to do an engineered wood floor of some type. Also, I was thinking a khaki green wall paint, but now I am not sure. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

  • Peter 01:53PM, Jun 24 2013

    Try some warmer toned paints in the golden, yellow, orange, reddish tones to highlight the kitchen, the natural light coming in reflecting off these kind of tones will really brighten up the kitchen and give it a lively look! Contrast is the goal, ideally what you want to go for is tones that are not close to the granite that you have, a whole wheat color sounds like it would be to close of a color to the Ouro Brasil. Thanks! :-)

  • decorating dilemma daughter! 06:01PM, Jun 22 2013

    Hi-I just had ouro brazil granite installed in my large kitchen-originally I loved the granite, but now am questioning what color paint, ceramic tile and/ or backsplash I would use to complement our dated, but still in good condition orangey honey oak cabinets. The room is airy, has 9 ft celings, has a lot of natural light coming in, and the room is very open to my great room. Am also open to painting a small wall a different color to accent the room. Really am in a quandary as to what color I should use b/c I had someone from SW suggest Whole Wheat in my great room, and it looks like split pea soup? We put samples on the wall, but they didn't really give a true picture of when it would be all painted. I am hoping you can help! So now I am afraid to make another huge mistake.Thank you!!!!

  • Marble.com - Derek 01:52PM, Oct 2 2012

    Hi Chari. It's a solid and safe choice. The Ouro Brasil is a timeless looking granite with warm highlights and an overall consistent, light base. Some other similar options you can look at would be Santa Cecilia Classic and Giallo Napole. You can also go in a darker direction for a contrast to offset the natural oak wood -- I have in-mind colors such as Tropical Brown or Butterfly Antique. Best of luck to you!

  • Chari 12:49AM, Oct 2 2012

    My cabinets are natural oak. Would this be a good choice for the countertops?

  • Marble.com - Derek 05:33PM, Aug 7 2012

    Absolutely! The Ouro Brasil is not a perfect match, but you don't want that. You want to contrast and offset the granite from the cabinets a little. This is a gorgeous combination. Go for it!

  • Batch 02:46PM, Jul 30 2012

    Would Ouro Brasil match our cabinet color - brown, shaker style. I'm attaching an image of it.

    Also been told that Ouro Brasil is the same as New Venetian Gold - is that the case?

  • Marble.com - Natalia 04:17PM, Jun 26 2012

    Hello Stephanie. I like this choice much better than the Venecia Gold in your previous question. The Ouro Brasil is a timeless and classic choice with some warm brown-beige hues and subtle grey undertones that would look stunning against your cherry cabinetry. Go for it!

  • stephanie 03:24PM, Jun 22 2012

    We are installing Holiday Kitchen cabinets: Cherry with an Autumn finish. We also have hardwood floors(oak). Would this granite look OK? Or do we need more of a contrast with all the wood tones? My husband is leaning towards something with more grays and browns in it and I prefer something with browns in it but a lighter background. Any suggestions for granite counters are welcome!

  • Marble.com - Kinga 09:54PM, Nov 7 2011 I agree. Doing darker is a fantastic solution for your setup. I’m leaning towards the Tropical Brown and Black Pearl. Let us know what you think!
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:50PM, Nov 4 2011 I'd go a few shades darker on the granite if you're using a golden colored cabinet and wall color. Take a look at Tropical Brown, Tan Brown, and Amarello Boreal.
  • LBowen 01:50AM, Nov 4 2011 would this granite go with a lighter gold color cabinets with golden yellow paint?  Looking for something with some of the gold color along with the darker color for contrast.  Any other recommendations?
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:03PM, Oct 26 2011 I'm leaning toward the Ouro Brasil for a warm and effective contrast. Here is a comparison of the two stones for your reference: http://www.marble.com/material... In addition, I'd also check out stones such as Santa Cecilia Real and Giallo Napole. Good luck!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 06:16PM, Oct 24 2011 I’m leaning toward the Ouro Brasil against cherry cabinets. I feel it’s a richer combination which will provide you with a beautiful balance and contrast in the space. Let me know what you think!
  • Good925 01:20AM, Oct 23 2011 also was considering the gallo ornamental but was told the granite was too brown ... cherry
  • Good925 01:18AM, Oct 23 2011 I have cherry shaker cabinets looking at ouro brasil or portofino for the granite counter top