Portofino Classico

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Portofino Classico


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Black, Brown
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A consistent speckled granite consisting of brown, black, beige, and white colors.
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  • Marble.com - Adrian 04:41PM, Mar 11 2013

    Hi, I think that with Portofino and Santa Cecilia you will get a warm contrast to your cherry cabinets. However the Portofino has got more black spots, so if  you don't have too much light inside it might be too dark. I'm leaning toward Santa Cecilia which will bright up the kitchen and give stonger contrast. Please see our porfolio with similar project as yours, I hope it will help you : http://www.marble.com/material... . Good luck !  

  • Carol 12:03AM, Mar 10 2013

    I have cherry cabinets with heart pine flooring. Would the portofino be too dark? I cannot decide between the portofino or the santa cecilia premium. I also have some stainless appliances and some black with stainless.

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:37PM, Jan 8 2013

    Thanks for the photos. The Porfotino granite looks like an appropriate complement for the design. It has darker hues to contrast the light wood but also warmer tones that complement the overall kitchen design. Another option I would perhaps recommend to consider is Ouro Brasil, but really you're on the right track with the current selection. Go for it!

  • Bob 04:24AM, Jan 3 2013

    We have mission style quartersawn oak cabinets in a light cinnamon color, hand scraped hickory floors in a medium cinnamon or amber tone, near white painted trim, and my wife has picked BM twilight gold for the kitchen walls and BM fresh clay for two accent walls in the breakfast area. Also stainless appliances. For granite, we started out thinking tropic brown, then have considered giallo vicenza (a bit too peachy), new venetian gold, and are now leaning toward Portofino. We have really good lighting and with the lighter cabinets, we like the contrast of a a bit darker stone. We're also thinking the slab would look much warmer in our kitchen with the 2700K lighting than in the warehouse. Thanks so much!

  • Marble.com - Natalia 02:04PM, Nov 12 2012

    Sorry for the late response. I recommend a warm yet neutral tumbled travertine tile to go against the busy and darker Portofino countertops. Specifically, take a look at colors such as 2" x 4" tumbled Noce travertione or a 2" x 4" Ivory Travertine Split-Faced Brick Mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Sandy 02:39AM, Oct 27 2012

    I was wondering what tile you would recommend for back splash. I have cherry paprika cabinets and portofino gold counter tops

  • Marble.com - Natalia 01:32PM, Sep 19 2012

    Hello Sandy. I am leaning toward the Portofino granite to go against cherry colored cabinets for a warm complement. This stone will accentuate the countertop and make it the focal point of your design. Go for it!

  • Sandy 06:59PM, Sep 18 2012

    I am having Cherry paprika cabinets installed and Alterna Tuscan Path Antique Gold flooring. I really like the Portofino Gold granite. Someone suggested Verde Butterfly, but I'm now sure about the green in it. What do you think?

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:32PM, Jul 9 2012

    How about using the lighter Santa Cecilia on the dark island and the darker Portofino on the lighter perimeter cabinetry? Just some food for thought. For the backsplash, I'd use for example an Ivory Travertine Honed Random Strip Mosaic. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • CBgirls 02:52AM, Jul 2 2012

    I have white cabinets, a dark chocolate colored center island that is 24" x 90", stainless steel appliances and medium colored oak floors.  We are debating on something like Portofino Gold or Santa Cecilia.  Would Portofino Gold be too dark, Santa Cecilia too light?  What do you think about backsplash?  

  • Marble.com - Derek 06:15PM, May 1 2012

    My recommendations for a soft and neutral backsplash tile with warm undertones would be Mediterranean Ivory tumbled travertine from Datile and Oyster Mix Flamed travertine tile. I've attached photos for your reference. In regard to the wall color, Kinga's suggestions are on-point but I'll add in two more you can consider: Barely Beige and Honeyed Almond by Benjamin Moore. Good luck!

  • Marble.com - Kinga 04:48PM, Apr 25 2012

    Since you have a neutral setup, you can bring in beautiful greens to compliment the space like Benjamin Moore’s “Sweet Celadon”, “Handmade Paper” or “Peaceful Garden”. If you want to stay away from greens, check out “Stoneware”, “Skipping Stone” and “Cake Batter”. For backsplash, check out Crema Marfil Classico Split Face Mosaic, brown slate, or City Lights Paris. I feel all of the backsplash suggestions would look wonderful in your space. Let me know what you think so far!

  • AR 04:37PM, Apr 25 2012


  • Marble.com - Derek 05:38PM, Mar 31 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Portofino Classico pictured on this page as the stone has darker undertones but also warm brown highlights for a happy medium and a nice compliment to your wood color. Hope this helps!

  • Schernejd 02:29PM, Mar 27 2012

    Remodeling my kitchen with cream colored cabinets with brown glaze and restrained gold paint on walls. Would verde labrador granite or portofino granite look ok with these colors? 

  • Marble.com - Derek 04:26PM, Mar 26 2012

    They're different stones, but I agree that they have similarities in color tone and pattern. Out of the two shipments I am familiar with, the Portofino is a little darker overall. I recommend to acquire samples of both choices and bring them home with you to put against the cabinets in your kitchen light and see which one you're attracted to more. Personally, I'm leaning toward the Giallo Napoli. Hope this helps!

  • Skipppyt 04:06AM, Mar 20 2012

    Kitchen remodel using cashew stained maple Medallion cabinets with brown glaze.   Dark distressed hickory flooring.  Considering either Giallo Napoli or Portofino granite.  They are so close in appearance...we cannot tell the difference between the two.  Are they the same, just named differently?

  • Marble.com - Derek 01:43PM, Mar 15 2012

    You're on a wonderful track with your kitchen set-up! My recommendations for the countertops stay on the lighter side in your situation, so the Santa Cecilia is very appropriate with it's warm honey undertones. Another option could be Giallo Napoleone. Hope this helps!

  • JD 10:15PM, Mar 11 2012

    I am remodeling my kitchen.  Toffe colored maple cabinets, stone subway tile backsplash.  Walls are dapper tan and basket beige (dark & light tan).  Dapper goes to the green, basket goes to the gold.  I am considering Santa Cecilia Classic or Portofino.  Which would you recommend.

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:30PM, Mar 1 2012

    Is this Maria? I believe we've set up a service call for this issue with your correspondence in email. Let me know if this is the same situation I am thinking of. 

  • Mpm129 02:35PM, Feb 27 2012

    Thank you. Sorry for the delay, but yes and only 6 months ago. Does the chip repair kit work well. Do I have to do it myself, or would someone come to my house and do it? Also, would resealing it after that help at all. 

  • Marble.com - Derek 04:57PM, Feb 16 2012 Well, the Portofino is a little darker and busier than most Santa Cecilia shipments. However, the SC seems like a warmer stone, and I feel that would compliment your design better, so I'm leaning toward the SC granite for your set-up. Another option that could be appropriate is Giallo Napoleone.
  • Marble.com - Derek 04:06PM, Feb 16 2012 Mike, did you receive the sample from our company?
  • Emailclaudia71 06:59AM, Feb 13 2012 My cabinets are going to be a cherry color and I have a peanut butter on my kitchen walls with an oregano spice (green) wall in the living rom, which is visible from the kitchen. I am undecided between portifino and st. cecilia lt. Granite. What do you recommend?
  • Mike 06:46PM, Feb 11 2012 I got a sample of Portofino and it seems more brittle than the other samples I've seen. Is this something to worry about for my kitchen countertop?
    I like the way it would tie into my clear maple cabinets and light brown oak floors.
  • Lgm2005 07:19PM, Feb 5 2012 We have gutted our kitche.  The cabinets will be medium alderwood (I think its a walnut finish) but not dark almost looks like a cherry in color.  Looking for a warm granite.  Thinking Santa Selina or a Portifino (?).  I have always leaned towards a darker counter but not sure which to go with.  Kitchen is 14 x 17 with two windows.  Also looking for tile and backsplace.  Can you help?
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:01PM, Feb 4 2012 Was the countertop installed by our company?
  • Marble.com - Kinga 05:09PM, Feb 3 2012 Some stones may chip easier than others. Because granite is a natural rock, it may be prone to chipping. You can fix it quickly and easily using MrStone.com Chip Repair Kit http://www.mrstone.com/stone-c... . You can also watch a video that explains in great detail how to use the product. Good luck!
  • Mpm129 03:16PM, Feb 2 2012 I love the way my portofino classico counter looks, but I keep finding little chips in places. Not only on my edge (where I have 1) but in other places. Why is this happening? I feel it has to be something with this granite. It never happened with my other granite counter tops and we are not at all rough with our counter. 
    Why is this happening so often and how can I fix it?
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:13PM, Oct 26 2011 Surely a tumbled marble tile! The Portofino has depth and is quite busy as is. Take a look at 2" x 2" Emperador Light or 2" x 4" Crema Marfil polished mosaic.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 11:42AM, Oct 25 2011 For a modern or contemporary look, I feel a tan subway tile would complete the look quite well. If you are looking for a traditional or classic feel, a tumbled marble with decorative tiles would be a perfect combination. Let me know what you think!
  • Good925 01:30AM, Oct 23 2011 I have Alder cabinets with a Cherry stain looking at putting Portofino classico in my kitchen (also considering oro brazil (think it's too dull), new vent. gold or kashmir gold)... also open for other suggestions of granite colors that will look really nice with the cabinets.  I really love the giallo ornamental but was told it was too brown for the cabinets... But I think we are all sold on the Portofino   ... Also what type tile and backsplash would work with the portofino
  • Marble.com - Derek 02:21PM, Oct 21 2011 Cheryl you make an excellent point -- the white subway tile might be too modern, stark, and neutral looking for the rich and deep tones in the Portofino Classico and the warm shade of Maria's cabinet color. My "warm" suggestion for her design would be a 1" x 2" Sienna Gold polished mosaic.
  • Marble.com - Derek 02:14PM, Oct 21 2011 If you are considering a classic, white subway tile but want to spice it up a little bit and have the tile looking not so stark, take a look at SomerTile Reflections Subway & Ming glass mixed mosaic. I've attached an image for you to see.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 11:33AM, Oct 21 2011 Have you considered using a tumbled travertine backsplash? Another great and popular option is a full backsplash made of the same granite. Let me know what you think!
  • Cheryl in MASS 10:05PM, Oct 20 2011 Maria, I have similar kitchen colors. We were thinking subway tile, but it was too contemporary. We went with a paver tile from Dal Tile. It looks like brick. It comes in three colors, reddish, brownish, and I forgot the other color..lol. If I remember correctly, all have hints of white. One of them sounds like it would go with your cabinets.  We were looking for a  warm look.
  • Maria 06:35PM, Oct 20 2011 I recently had you put the Portofino Classico in my kitchen and love it! I have hickory cabinets with a very slight white wash to them and I am trying to figure out what to do for a backsplash. Was going to stick with white subway tile, classic look due to white trim on windows, doors, etc. Thinking a light grey wall, to make buttery cabinets pop a bit - Do you have other suggestions for this counter for backsplash? Thank you.
  • Marble.com - Derek 08:34PM, Aug 17 2011 Ah okay, that makes sense. To answer your question, Portofino does have flecks of golden bursts in the stone. It's best for you to look at the slabs in-person, then you really get a feel for what the stone looks like. Pictures really give these beautiful pieces of nature no justice. Portofino would pick up and compliment your black sink beautifully, go for it!
  • Cheryl in MASS 07:44PM, Aug 17 2011 Thanks for the prompt reply!   I do like the black undertones in the Portofino. I have on order a black granite apron sink w/a copper front.  What I was curious about is if the Portofino has any flecks of gold/copper in it. I looked at Black Galaxy and Cosmos, but they are too black.
  • Marble.com - Derek 06:08PM, Aug 17 2011 Take a look at New Venetian Gold and Giallo Napoleone. The Portofino has a lot of black undertones.
  • Cheryl in MASS 01:34PM, Aug 17 2011 The sample I picked up has flecks of gold. It is does not have any yellow/honey/or burgundy in it to be "St. Cecilia "
    Does this Portofino have gold flecks in it? If not, what similar granite would have it? Thanks!
  • Donna 02:17PM, Apr 11 2011 Hello again. I do not have any proper measurements yet. I do not want to rip off the existing countertops without an approximate price. I just want to make sure I can afford same. Ballpark, please?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Apr 12 2011 Donna: Our pricing is not set per square foot and is individual for each project. We do not have a "ballpark" price. You can contact our sales office and they can give you an idea on where the price starts, but we need some simple measurements of what you will require for an actual estimate. Give our sales office a call. Hope this helps.
  • Donna 11:16AM, Apr 11 2011 Thank you for your reply. Please let me know the price per sqare foot. Thanks again.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:48AM, Apr 11 2011 Donna: For an estimate on this stone, please send over the measurements you require to our sales office. We do not have set per square foot pricing.
  • Donna 11:55AM, Apr 10 2011 Counrty of origin???? I have oak cabinets, light beige appliances and a white tile floor. Want the cabinets to blend and the granite to pop. Is Portfinio Classico #978 a good choice. Any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:46AM, Apr 11 2011 Donna: Portofino Classico is from Brazil. It's a stunning choice for your set-up. Another option could be Amarello Boreal.
  • Phil 09:47AM, Mar 27 2011 Redoing kitchen, maple cabinets with cognac finish, white appliances. Hard time deciding, Portofino Classico, Imperial Coffee or Copper Gold. Any visible paint is planned to be Warm Caramel. Floor still undecided. Any ideas? assistance?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:38AM, Mar 29 2011 Phil: I'm leaning towards the Portofino Classico pictured on this page. It's not too dark and not too light, a warm balance. The Imperial Coffee may be too dark for white appliances.
  • Jonathan 09:20AM, Jan 8 2011 We are having Portofino installed next week and are trying to decide on a floor tile. We are thinking of a saltillo porcelain tile . Our cabinets are honey and our kitchen walls are painted burnt sienna with a colorwashed gold accent wall . dou you think this type tile will work or have any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:26AM, Jan 10 2011 Jonathan: The saltillo tile will compliment the Portofino granite and your wall color beautifully, go for it!
  • julie 08:48PM, Aug 12 2010 My new kitchen cabinets will be maple with a chocolate glaze. My island will be maple in espresso. Our wall color is Kansas City Wheat (a light golden color) and our floors are natural oak. Wood work is white. We are trying to decide between the Tropical Brown or Portofino Classico. Which would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:00AM, Aug 13 2010 Julie : Julie : I'm leaning towards the Portofino Classico, it has a richer pattern and combines light with dark flecks to offset the cabinet wood.
  • evelyn king 01:54PM, Aug 4 2010 My kitchec cabnets are maple, appliance black, kitchen floor white ceramic tile. Do you think the portofino classico will be a good choice for the counter top?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:53AM, Aug 5 2010 Evelyn King: Absolutely! It's darker enough to provide some contrast and the color tones compliment your design nicely.