Santa Cecilia

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Original name:
Santa Cecilia

Other name(s) used:
St. Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Santa Cecilia

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Very consistent light yellow colored stone with honey highlights and burgundy bursts.
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Santa Cecilia Video
Santa Cecilia Video
Santa Cecilia Video
Santa Cecilia Photo
Santa Cecilia Photo
Santa Cecilia Photo
Santa Cecilia Photo
Santa Cecilia Photo
Santa Cecilia Photo


  • - Admin 03:46PM, Feb 23 2015

    Here are a couple of videos featuring Santa Cecilia for inspiration &

  • Shannon Mueller 12:11AM, Feb 22 2015

    Tumbled Travertine looks beautiful in both 12"X12" subway tiles and12"x12"- 6" tiles

  • KHershey 12:05AM, Feb 22 2015

    Hi! Looking for help with a backsplash idea. We have Santa Cecilia granite and cabinets as shown in this pic:

  • 06:11PM, Dec 29 2014

    Contact [email protected] they will be able to help you.

  • Jeannie 06:26PM, Dec 22 2014

    I need help with choosing which faucet finish would look best with my new bathroom vanity. The vanity has a dark Santa Cecilia counter top on a cream, off-white wood base. The floor in the powder room is Brazillian Cherry. The wall color will be gray.

  • - Jack 12:02PM, Jun 16 2014


    This is the first idea that popped into my head, what do you think about this?

  • Debi 06:23PM, Jun 14 2014

    I have Santa Cecelia as my master bath counter type. What coordinating tile would you recommend for the adjacent shower?

  • - Jack 01:57PM, Jun 2 2014

    I would suggest Pampas Benjamin Moore 2110:

  • DF 04:50PM, Jun 1 2014

    I have cherry cabinets, black spec granite counters and beige ceramic tile flooring already in my master bathroom. i need suggestions on wall color. It is a bright sunlit room.

  • - Jack 06:33PM, May 13 2014

    I would suggest Benjamin Moore - Sepia 1116. What do you think?

  • KT 03:13PM, May 10 2014

    We just had Dynasty by Omega Cherry cabinets (Burgundy stain) installed, Santa Cecilia Napoli Granite, blond color wood flooring - B
    Backsplash suggestions? Paint color?

  • - Jack 07:39PM, Apr 7 2014

    I personally feel that Mosaic style backsplash's would complement this countertop well. Some beige colors with off white to set a contrast. Something not to busy since the granite makes a bold statement.

  • Maggie 02:18PM, Apr 7 2014

    I need help in choosing a backsplash for my kitchen. I have Santa Cecilia granite, espresso cabinets and SS appliances. I'm looking at a Manhattan subway tile (Brand Bedrosian color Silk). Any other suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.

  • Kathy 05:06AM, Mar 9 2014

    Hi I have santa Cecilia counter tops with off white cabinets..Flooring is golden oak hardwood. What are your suggestions for backsplashbacksplash

  • Sue 05:21PM, Jan 8 2014

    I have St cecilia granite counter top with dark espresso kitchen cabinet. Flooring with Timeless Marazzi. Its a open kitchen that opens up to dining and living area with plenty of sunlight. Can you please suggest backsplash for my kitchen?

  • - Peter 05:57PM, Nov 8 2013


    How long ago did you have this installed? Were they purchased here? We might be able to match the originals depending on whether we have the stone or not.

    Best Regards,


  • Carol 08:54PM, Nov 7 2013

    I have St. Cecilia granite on my kitchen counter tops and island. We recently installed a beverage center (small fridge for wine, water, soda) on a small wall, with the same cabinets. We have a wood top on it and wish to change it to granite. Should we try to "match" the St. Cecilia granite, or go with a solid such as Black Pearl?

  • Peter 08:00PM, Aug 26 2013 Try this color here.

  • Doug Denyer 03:55PM, Aug 17 2013

    Hi. I just had st. cecilia installed in my kitchen. I have cherry cabinets and black appliances. The floors are a neutral beige tile. Could you suggest some paint colors for the walls, please? Thank you!

  • Kev-ttu 02:58PM, Jul 16 2013

    Hi, we are getting Santa Cecilia countertops in our kitchen (kitchen/ family room) with honey oak cabinets. I am not sure what type of color backsplash or flooring will look nice and complement this granite. The room is about 600 sq. ft. , which also includes a fire place.

  • - Adrian 02:28PM, Apr 20 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to use a lighter paints just to make the atmosphere warm and inviting. Also thanks that you will bright up your kitchen. I've attached you Antique White and Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise for your references.

  • - Adrian 04:18PM, Apr 17 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you to go with some calm, warm and soft feeling colour. Please take a look at Winter Sky 2163-70 of Benjamin Moore or the Ivory like in the attachment. Good luck !

  • Hfodera 08:05PM, Apr 16 2013

    We are getting Santa Cecilia countertops in our powder room with dark brown maple cabinets, but unsure what color paint for walls.  We are using brushed nickel fixtures

  • - Adrian 05:59PM, Apr 9 2013

    Hi, Please accept my depest apology in delay of responding. In terms of design thinking I would recommend you to go with some black granite like Black Pearl, Black Galaxy or Absolut Black. Santa Cecilia has a black spots, so it will get a nice contrast with black countertop. Also the kitchen will not be too busy and will get an elegant atmosphere. I hope I could help !    

  • Kwaghorne 05:56PM, Apr 2 2013

    We have santa cecilia countertops and want to add an accent granite as a table top to an exising table.  What other color granite have you used with santa ceciia

  • - Adrian 05:15PM, Mar 19 2013

    Hi, Santa Cecilia stone is a classic choice of granite. I would recommend you to go with a warm tumbled natural stone tile such as  Baja Cream travertine or Beige Marble Tiles. I've attached photos for your references. Good luck !

  • Cookg 03:58PM, Mar 18 2013

    Hi!  I am thinking about going with santa cecilia countertop and I have cherry wood cupboards built in 1982.   What backsplash do you recommend?  My son says to just get the 4" granite backsplash and keep my off-white laminate backsplash.  I would like something with a little more "eye appeal".  Any thoughts?

  • rahul 06:04PM, Mar 5 2013

    Hello FriendsGood to see the comments and the quality of slabs at the website.  i was wondering whats the price you are paying for these slabs as these would cost around 1.5$ per sqft in india and many use superior quality of flooring for houses, superior in sense above 4 to 5 $ range,  as granite is widely available in india, just want to know the cost at various countries.  The names might differ but the final product is the same

  • rahul 06:03PM, Mar 5 2013

    Hello FriendsGood to see the comments and the quality of slabs at the website.  i was wondering whats the price you are paying for these slabs as these would cost around 1.5$ per sqft in india and many use superior quality of flooring for houses, superior in sense above 4 to 5 $ range,  as granite is widely available in india, just want to know the cost at various countries.  The names might differ but the final product is the same

  • - Adrian 07:37PM, Mar 2 2013

    Hi, I think that you match everything really nicely. You will get a warm contrast in your kitchen, also I recommend you to check the Giallo Napole stone: . I hope I could help you !

  • Sgokey 12:58AM, Mar 2 2013

    I'm building a home in florida and i chose 17x17 tile for the floor in alabastrino blanco,
    The cabinets are maple in cafe licorice,The counter top is granite in santa cecilia and my appilances are black. I'm a single man with little design talent. do you think this will look good

  • - Adrian 03:25PM, Feb 27 2013

    Hi, I really like your choice about the Santa Cecilia and Dark Espresso Cabinets, you will get a nice contrast. Regarding to backsplash I would recommend you go with  Multi Colour Travertine Mosaic or White Marble tiles, please see the attachments. The walls could be in some beige or creamy but not too yellow. I've attached you the colours of the walls that I have found for you: Cream & Beige Porcelain or Sand Beige. I hope I could help !

  • Awojton44 02:27AM, Feb 27 2013

    Hi - I would love your advice... I am installing Santa Celicia Granite and Dark Espresso Cabinets.  Any suggestions for a back splash and wall color?  

  • - Adrian 05:49PM, Feb 12 2013

    Hi. I think that the bluish paint walls with creamy cabinets and yellow colored stone creates unusual eye catching kitchen design which is innovative and elegant. I made you some rough drawings in order to show you how it could be look. I was thinking also about the backsplash I think that it could be in the same colour as countertop.  If you decide to have blue walls color as your background to match your cream cabinets, then you have to put some basic ideas in order to get the great finish as you desire. You should bring in some of colors for painting as stainless steal products which can be good stimulating. Good luck !  

  • Jhanson 02:46AM, Feb 9 2013

    We are thinking about doing santa cecilia granite and ivory/creamish cabinets but we are having problems picking out a paint color. Have you ever seen a bluish paint paired with the santa cecilia? Have any thought?

  • - Derek 03:30PM, Jan 8 2013

    What's your countertop material?

  • - Derek 02:40PM, Jan 8 2013

    Hi Kathy. Unfortunately we do not know the specific name of the color of the cabinets used in the video. We only have information on the countertops that we ourselves installed. 

  • Scott 09:26PM, Jan 4 2013

    we are looking at a a backsplash for our kitchen to go with our off-while cabinets (island is expresso), floors are dark wood, SS appliances.  I like the glass/stone mix mosiac tile, but not sure if this will be too much.  We have 10 foot ceilings.  Help?

  • Kmhawley 02:13PM, Jan 3 2013

    I like the color of the shown cabinets in your first video with Santa cecelia granite. We are choosing colors for our new condo design. Cabinets are dynasty omega. I am thinking of either maple with mocha coffee stain, or ginger. Can you tell me the cabinet color shown (which is the lighter) .

  • - Derek 03:49PM, Nov 30 2012

    Hello Andrew. It's difficult to diagnose such a description without seeing the countertops in-person. Was the Santa Cecilia installed by our company? (All Granite & Marble).

  • Andrew 03:58AM, Nov 29 2012

    Just have counter replaced with Santa Cecilia, it has small crack and pits all over the top, is this normal, how can they bring this stone to a smooth surface

  • - Natalia 01:59PM, Nov 12 2012

    Sorry for the late response. I found the hardwood floor color you're considering (River Ridge Nantahala). I think it's a warm complement to the Santa Cecilia granite, however for a little more contrast I'm leaning toward River Ridge Ocoee. I've attached photos for your reference. 

  • A D Burney 09:53PM, Oct 26 2012

    Ok thank but what do you think about the floor??
    Do you think it will be risky to go with nantahala (river ridge) flooring
    I don't want it to look uniform

  • - Natalia 05:15PM, Oct 26 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Santa Cecilia countertops for your set-up. Also, you can take a look at other similar appropriate choices such as Giallo Napolone and New Venetian Gold. Best of luck!

  • A D Burney 05:03PM, Oct 26 2012

    The wood is from river ridge.. There is another
    Color floor also nantahala.

  • - Natalia 03:16PM, Oct 26 2012

    Hi. What are the specific names of the tile floor choices you're considering? I'm interested in looking up the pictures online to see what they look like. Santa Cecilia I feel is the safer and more popular choice in this situation, it's a timeless color that is quite appropriate for your design set-up. Plus, the Cecilia would provide an efficient contrast to offset the Autumn Brown colored wood cabinetry. 

  • A D Burney 04:11PM, Oct 25 2012

    We have autum brown cabinets and are torn between two decisions
    We are undecided on whether we should go with Ming gold or santa cecila. The floor is
    Still up for grabs also in between ocoee or etowah.. Please help!! Thanks

  • - Derek 04:04PM, Oct 22 2012

    Hello. I recommend to purchase and use our famous and highly effective AGM Daily Granite Cleaner: It even has a little bit of sealer in it, so each time you clean the countertops, they are sealed little by little. This helps prevent the staining of natural stone. Best of luck!

  • Crystalboone 01:53AM, Oct 21 2012

    what kind of solution can I use to clean my counter tops ?

  • - Derek 02:27PM, Oct 16 2012

    Please see my response below.

  • - Derek 02:26PM, Oct 16 2012

    Hello Keya. I feel that the café colored cabinets will contrast and offset the Santa Cecilia granite that is full of warm hues which is the correct design style to go in. I am also leaning toward the River Ridge Etowach Birch colored natural wood flooring. Another option in addition to the Cecilia that would look very nice as a countertop choice could be Giallo Napolone. Hope this helps!

  • keya 02:22PM, Oct 15 2012

    Also the kitchen has a lot of natural sunlight.. So are cafe cabinets good or should we go with autum brown?

  • keya 02:13PM, Oct 15 2012

    We chose santa cecilia as our counter top and wanted to know how will it look to have cafe cabinets with either light wood floors or etowah(river ridge) hardwood floors? We were also considering grit stone for backsplash. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

  • - Derek 03:15PM, Oct 4 2012

    Hello there. That's quite an open design / floor plan, and there are many directions to go in regarding the countertop and backsplash choices. You should settle on the granite countertops before choosing a backsplash tile. I want you to answer a few questions so I get a feel for what kind of colors of stones you will like: do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern? Are you leaning toward a dark or light countertop color? Are there any granite's you've looked at so far that have caught your attention? Thanks!

  • Diannesmi 08:08AM, Oct 4 2012

    I just moved into a house and I'm replacing my counter tops and backsplash. My cabinets are whitewashed what do you recommend?

  • - Derek 03:57PM, Sep 25 2012

    That's a gorgeous Santa Cecilia countertop piece. Congratulations! In regard to an appropriate backsplash tile, I recommend a subtle yet warm tumbled natural stone tile such as Emperador Light marble or Baja Cream travertine. I've attached photos for your reference. Best of luck!

  • - Derek 02:08PM, Sep 25 2012

    I would recommend to install a granite on the island that does not have a tight grain or pattern, but rather subtle, light, flowing veins. Specifically, I have colors in-mind such as Astoria or Sunset Ivory. Additionally, you can also go in a different direction and add contrast with a dark granite such as Ubatuba or Imperial Coffee. Hope this helps!

  • riceel 05:21PM, Sep 24 2012

    I just put i saint celcilia cabinet tops and I am looking for a backsplash What do you suggest. Here are pics of my kitchen I also have to change the knobs on my cabinets too. I need help with backsplash. thanks

  • Nancy 05:36PM, Sep 23 2012

    I used Santa Cecilia granite in my L-shaped kitchen including 40 x 30 island and it looks too busy.  What granite would you recommend to replace the island granite?  My cabinets are light maple color 

  • - Derek 07:30PM, Sep 12 2012

    My recommendations to go against the Santa Cecilia granite are light neutral tumbled natural tiles such as Ivory travertine and Baja Cream travertine. For a little more color, I also suggest to check out the Autumn Mist tumbled slate mosaic. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Good luck!

  • - Derek 02:54PM, Sep 11 2012

    The Santa Cecilia is a classic and timeless choice that would fit your design nicely. I also recommend for you to check out Ouro Brasil and Giallo Napole. Good luck!

  • Amanda 03:43AM, Sep 9 2012

    We are renovating our kitchen with a mocha colored ceramic tile on the floor, light maple cabinets with a coffee glaze that adds a touch of dark brown to all of the detail work, and most likely santa cecilia for the granite.  The appliances will be stainless steel.  Can you recommend a backsplash?  There is a large window that runs the length of the wall so the room gets a good bit of light.

  • DW76 05:48PM, Sep 5 2012

    Hello.  I am looking at a kitchen remodel.  Flooring is light ivory-yellow  w/taupe veining  ceramic and ivory grout.  Appliances are white with black accent, cabinets are medium oak--10 years old but no direct sun exposure so minimal fading.  I'm leaning toward Santa Cecilia similar to your photo set #567.  Thinking dark sage green paint for the backsplash area with a lighter green on breakfast nook wall.  Will that look okay or is there another granite you would suggest?  Still in the planning stages so granite and wall color can change.  

  • Gulfia 01:26PM, Sep 4 2012

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  • - Derek 04:35PM, Aug 29 2012

    This looks like a natural imperfection not an actual crack and should not get worse over time. While having such as imperfection may mean that the slab may not be of the most premium quality, it's not a problem to install it as a kitchen countertop surface. 

  • - Derek 01:00PM, Aug 24 2012

    Hello. What is your question?

  • - Derek 12:54PM, Aug 24 2012

    I feel that a warm, deep brown color would be appropriate and complement the design nicely. For example, the Havana - Truffle shade from Armstrong is the general idea I have in-mind. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • Tammy 02:36PM, Aug 21 2012

    Derek - We are having our Santa Cecelia installed in a little over a week; however, I am now concerned with the slab we have chosen because of this post from Mary. What is your professional opinion of the slab we are using? It, too, has a large "vein".

  • Guest 12:57PM, Aug 15 2012

    The appliances are stainless steel if that helps! Thanks.

  • Guest 10:33AM, Aug 15 2012

    We are in process of remodeling our kitchen. We chose Santa Cecelia gold granite and a medium stained Cherry cabinet.  The walls are beige with a hint of yellow. What color flooring would you recommend?  It will likely be resilient/vinyl floor. 

  • - Derek 05:36PM, Aug 7 2012

    I am leaning toward the Giallo Ornamental granite with a natural tumbled marble or travertine backsplash. Specifically, I have in-mind suggestions such as Noce travertine in a Versailles pattern or Tawny Beige 2" x 4" marble tile. I've attached photos for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • guest 03:32PM, Jul 30 2012

    We are in the process of remodeling our 1980's ranch and are removing a wall to open up the kitchen to the family and dining areas. The kitchen cabinets are maple, and the color is ginger with a mocha glaze. For granite, we are considering Santa Cecelia or Giallo Ornamental with tumbled stone or subway tile for the backsplash. Our house is shaded by oak trees and does not get a lot of direct sunlight. Which granite and backsplash would you recommend?

  • Guest 03:41PM, Jul 26 2012

     send it back and reorder from a reputable company! Santa Cecilia shouldn't have lines like this in it.

  • - Derek 03:35PM, Jul 26 2012

    Dear Mary, in my honest and professional opinion, this does not look like a premium quality slab. We have our slabs inspected before delivery and would not accept a slab with this kind of irregularity. I do not know if it affects the structural integrity of the stone (that can only be checked in-person), it could just be a stress line and not a crack therefore it would not get worse or break. However, it does not look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Overall, Santa Cecilia is what we call a "consistent" pattern stone and this line does not follow the usual consistency of the stone's design and pattern that I am aware of. Hope this helps.

  • Mary 07:53PM, Jul 23 2012

    We are building a house and selected Santa Cecilia for our kitchen counters.  I was so excited about it until we saw the a slab today.  There is a major dark black vein running through the center of the slab.  I love the look and variations in granite, but a long black straight line looks like a crack or seam and makes it look really cheap.  Does a vein that is so straight and long indicate the stone has been compromised in some way? Have you seen this in Santa Cecilia?  Is it the vendor?

  • - Natalia 04:38PM, Jul 13 2012

    Please click here:

  • - Derek 03:44PM, Jul 11 2012

    My recommendations for you to use are Benjamin Moore series Simply Irresistible and Mellowed Ivory. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 03:06PM, Jul 11 2012

    Go for it! But I'd use a little bigger sized pieces. I recommend, for example, 2" x 2" sized Emperador Light Marble tiles. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • Myaddietude93 11:56PM, Jul 9 2012

     I really like this tile but can you tell me where to buy it at, I have searched the internet and cant find any that i like

  • Juberogers 04:37AM, Jul 3 2012

    We've ordered Santa Cecilia granite for our kitchen remodel. It's a  U shaped kitchen with stainless appliances. We're doing a stainless backsplash behind the stove and glass tiles over the sink side of the U. I'm trying to pick paint colors and I'm leaning toward grays/silvers and cream to go with oak cabinets. Any suggestions?

  • sam 01:14AM, Jul 3 2012

    We are going to have (slightly dark) Santa Cecilia granite countertop, 
    Auburn Glaze cabinets, very light yellow (creamy) paint wall. What 
    backsplash would you suggest? Is 
     1" x 1" sized natural Beige marble going to work?

    Many thanks

  • - Natalia 03:08PM, Jun 26 2012

    I recommend a marble mosaic of Emperador Dark & Light & Crema Marfil. I've attached a photo for your reference. This combination would look very stunning and elegant!

  • Frances 04:00PM, Jun 20 2012

    We are adding new dark brown cabinets, St. Celilia granite countertops and have light ceramic tile floors in our kitchen with stainless steel and black appliances.  My question is what backsplash would work? The walls are Benjamin Moore Stone House.

  • - Natalia 02:49PM, Jun 13 2012

    The strength of the yellow hues in the stone depends in the slab installed and the variety / shipment of the stone. There are multiple variations of Santa Cecilia granite and some are lighter or darker, some have more or less yellow undertones. You should look at the countertop in-person and decide if it's appropriate by seeing if it's light enough to provide an efficient contrast and not overly yellow. The color should be a warm golden hue with creme and ivory undertones. 

  • - Natalia 04:10PM, Jun 12 2012

    I recommend a light and warm backsplash made of tumbled natural stone such as a 2" x 4" Ivory Split-Faced travertine mosaic. I've attached a photo for you to check out. Good luck!

  • patti 07:55PM, Jun 7 2012

    We're purchasing a spec home that has Cherry wood cabinets & St Cecilia granite. The appliances are s.steel, cream tile & light colored walls. I like all shades of brown for the entire house, but doesn't the st.cecilia have alot of yellow to it? It will go with cherry cabinets? I like brushed nickel & modern. This will work? thank you.

  • Thomas 11:08PM, Jun 6 2012

    I have mocha (mid-dark brown) colored cabinets and santa cecilia granite (mid Mediterranean tint to it). Can you recommend an affordable backsplash to give with that combination for a city rowhome?


  • Dunaway99 05:38AM, May 11 2012

    Thank you for your suggestion. I think it will be a great finishing touch for our kitchen!

  • - Derek 04:05PM, May 10 2012

    Sorry for the late response. I'd recommend a natural tumbled stone tile such as Mediterranean Ivory or Baja Cream. 

  • - Derek 04:04PM, May 10 2012

    We can do this. For an estimate and to place the order, please contact the location closest to you by phone:

  • Gracemarie827 01:51AM, May 5 2012

    Need a top for a console table that is 48" wide by 18' deep.  It is next to our kitchen counter that is Santa Cecilia granite with a quarter round edge.  Can you make a slab d with the 4 edges done in quarter round? 

  • Dunaway99 06:16PM, Apr 22 2012

    Please share where you found this mosaic tile. I love it!

  • Dunaway99 10:13PM, Apr 21 2012

    We have have St Celia countertops and dark cherry cabinet with black hardware and porceline tile (Piazza Castello). We are at a loss for what backspash to choose. Any suggestions?

  • - Derek 07:55PM, Apr 19 2012

    I recommend a warm brown porcelain tile for the floor with a Merola Cobble Polar Ceramic Subway tile or Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern for the backsplash. I've attached photos for your reference. In regard to wall color, Benjamin Moore Linen White is quite appropriate for a soft and neutral choice. Good luck!

  • Theresa 01:18PM, Apr 14 2012

    We are thinking of St. Cecelia for our white cabinets.  Can you recommend a floor and backsplace...and wall color for that matter?  I like tudor slate look and natural stone but don't want natural stone for the floor due to maintenance.

  • - Kinga 04:28PM, Mar 29 2012

    I feel that if you use a small border of the mosaic as an accent in the shower and around the tub, it will look stunning in the space. What other tile were you planning on using as the main tile? Great combination by the way!

  • - Derek 03:44PM, Mar 29 2012

    I've been trying to find this mosaic tile online to no avail. Hopefully newvaresident can provide us with the name.

  • - Kinga 04:52PM, Mar 28 2012

    I agree with Derek. The Santa Cecilia is a fine choice for your space. I feel it will compliment the wonderful design of your home and your kitchen. Go for it!

  • - Derek 08:29PM, Mar 27 2012

    Sorry for the late response. Have you made a decision so far? The Black Galaxy and Titanium are both darker choice, while the Veneziano is going in a different, warmer direction. I'm enjoying the stunning veining on the Titanium picture you've attached, and I feel this stone would look very nice against your cabinet color. 

  • - Derek 08:27PM, Mar 27 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Santa Cecilia for a warm, cozy, and light choice. 

  • - Derek 08:26PM, Mar 27 2012

    Take a look at BM Concord Ivory. This is a warm, saturated golden-yellow with a quiet apricot undertone. 

  • Cindy J Haines 02:10PM, Mar 25 2012

    Hi!  I also am updating my master bath in the exact colors you described & have been searching for the perfect glass mosaic accent.  Please share the name of this & where you found it. 

  • Mary A Whiting 04:55PM, Mar 21 2012

    LOL! I thought I saw it on your website. Here's a pix. The amber in the white streaks makes it match the honey oak cabinets. The only hestitation that I have is that my honey oak cabinets are so heavily "grained" that I'm afraid this may look to "busy" with the graining in the titanium granite. But I really loved it when I put my cabinet drawer against it.   I think I've narrowed it down to Black Galaxy with the copper flakes that wold look awesome (which you have),  Gallio Veneziano or Titanium. I never thought I'd be so indecisive but granite is not something you change once it's down.

  • Steve 04:43PM, Mar 21 2012

    We are exploring granite countertops for our kitchen.  We have light oak cabinets and black appliances.  The options we are considering are Santa Cecilia, Giallo Fiorito, and Golden Crystal.  I should also mention our house is on a heavily wooded lot so it tends to be pretty dark in the house.  Which countertop would you recommend of the three mentioned?  Or do you have other suggestions?

  • TammyD 04:31PM, Mar 21 2012

    I was thinking of a color, because the rest of my house is very neutral.  Something warm.

  • - Derek 03:11PM, Mar 21 2012

    I will be honest with you: I am not familiar with what Titanium looks like. However, it sounds really interesting, like it would be a focal point of your kitchen design. The Giallo Veneziano is also a very warm, timeless, and classic choice. Your'e on the right track. 

  • - Derek 07:19PM, Mar 17 2012

    You can go in other directions such as a warm yellow or rich golden color, a soft, neutral gray or a rich burgundy or something like that to pick up the wine colored flecks in the Cecilia. Do you have any specific paint color(s) in mind so far that have caught your attention?

  • - Derek 02:24PM, Mar 15 2012

    It's also an attractive choice, but I am still leaning toward the timeless and classic Santa Cecilia. In addition, another option worth checking out is called New Venetian Gold. 

  • Anita 04:52PM, Mar 14 2012

    I also have Santa Cecilia and have been looking for glass tile to compliment. I love this glass tile. Can you please tell me what this is called?

  • TammyD 02:13PM, Mar 14 2012

    Thanks.  What if I didn't want the color to blend in so much with the tile, what would you recommend? 

  • - Derek 01:55PM, Mar 14 2012

    I recommend shades such as Benjamin Moore Rich Cream or Simply Irresistible. These colors are soft neutrals that would infuse your kitchen space with understated style.

  • - Derek 06:55PM, Mar 13 2012

    I think this mosaic would actually compliment the Santa Cecilia vanity countertop very nicely. Go for it!

  • - Derek 01:51PM, Mar 13 2012

    My recommendations for your wall color are Benjamin Moore line shades such as Cayman Islands, Sand Dunes, or Lighthouse Landing. An accent wall shade would be a color such as Beach House Beige. Hope this helps!

  • Roshni_kan 04:35PM, Mar 12 2012

    Derek,  thank you very much for your reply.  I am now thinking about brazil gold--any thoughts?

  • - Derek 03:09PM, Mar 12 2012

    Yes. It's a good contrast while the stone has warm highlights and undertones to compliment the design style. With regard to the yellow tones of the Cecilia, it really depends on the shipment of the stone. A particular slab may offer more creme shades and less yellow. Personally, I feel that the Santa Cecilia Real style would be more appropriate. 

  • - Derek 02:51PM, Mar 12 2012

    I agree with Kinga's suggestion that Santa Cecilia, or another similar warm color such as Giallo Napole, would be most appropriate to go against your cabinet wood for a nice compliment and efficient contrast. Hope this helps!

  • TammyD 05:58PM, Mar 9 2012

    And my sink is the Kohler cast iron in black n tan. 

  • TammyD 05:55PM, Mar 9 2012

    I have Maple Auburn Glaze cabinets, Santa Cecilia granite, oil rubbed bronze fixtures, travertine 3x6 beveled polished subway tile in Sandalwood Essex from Tile Shop, versailles pattern travertine floor in Bucak Light Walnut from Tile Shop, and black appliances, what color wall PAINT?  

  • Skidoos4us 11:05PM, Mar 7 2012

    I have Rustic Alder cabinets with a mocha glaze and want to go with Santa Cecelia gold for counter tops. Acacia darker flooring, what would you suggest for paint colors? I'm thinking neutral and MAYBE an accent wall.

  • - Derek 09:07PM, Mar 7 2012

    I found one that would be perfect. It's called Cobble Subway Noce Ceramic Mesh-Mounted Mosaic, from Merola line. It seems to be available on the Home Depot website. I've attached a picture for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Mary A Whiting 06:40PM, Mar 7 2012

    I was playing around with the 2d room planner, and the darker shades did look better with the honey oak cabinets. I'm even thinking of maybe Blue Pearl granite now, I have extra of a grey/beige mix slate look tile with fancy decos tile of blue/grey/beige glass  from another room that may be the backsplash if I choose Blue Pearl with my cabinets. My floor is a beige armstrong vinyl that looks like tile.  Thanks for the advice. Darker is definitely the way we'll go. Although I think my husband has his mind set on Santa Cecelia, we will just go for the darker shades.

  • - Kinga 05:11PM, Mar 7 2012

    I feel the Santa Cecilia would work if you pick the darkest shipment of that stone. The key to picking the right stone for your space is to see the slabs in person and bring samples home. Make sure to bring a cabinet door and lay it against the slab to get an idea of the overall look. Sometimes people change their mind completely once they see the full slab or cabinets against the slab. Samples will help you find the perfect stone for your space. So before you make any decisions, see the stones in person.

  • - Kinga 04:55PM, Mar 7 2012

    I really like the direction you are taking with your design. I feel it’s such a lovely combination, so go for it! If you cannot find a specific tile you are looking for, I would recommend e-mailing a photo of it to your tile supplier who can possibly help you locate it.  Hope this helps!

  • Mary A Whiting 02:03PM, Mar 7 2012

    This picture goes with Mary Whiting's comment. Here's a picture of my Golden Oak Cabinets and the old formica that I want to replace with either Gallio Veneziano or Santa Cecelia. Which one matches the cabinets  better?

  • Mary A Whiting 02:00PM, Mar 7 2012

    Here's a picture of  my golden oak cabinets  with the old formica countertops that I'll replace with the new granite.

  • Roshni_kan 05:29AM, Mar 7 2012

    Will santa cecilia classico look ok with expresso colored cabinets, cream tile and oil rubbed bronze fixtures and ss sink? With tumbled travertine backsplash?  I am afraid the espresso colored cabinets may be too dark and the whole kitchen may be too dark, the santa cecilia classico too yellow and the whole look may appear dated/old--also have only 2 tiny, tiny windows.

  • Mary A Whiting 09:30PM, Mar 6 2012

    I am trying to decide what matches a medium golden  oak cabinet better Santa Cecelia or Giallo Veneziano?  My tile store person told me that darker woods go better with Santa Cecelia and since I have a honey oak cabinets the match is better with Giallo Veneziano.  I'm just wondering he is correct as my husband likes the Santa Cecelia but we've never seen a big slab of  either. I don' want to install and then realize the tile store person was correct.

  • - Derek 02:55PM, Mar 6 2012

    You're welcome Rebecca!

  • - Derek 02:45PM, Mar 6 2012

    I really like the rich color tone of your hardwood floor. A nice, complimentary granite that will create a timeless and classic atmosphere would surely be Santa Cecilia Classic, Gallo Napole, Ouro Brasil, or New Venetian Gold. Make sure to look at the full slabs in-person before making a final commitment! 

  • Rebecca Paden 11:27PM, Mar 2 2012

    Thank you so much. You were very very helpful!

  • Dattachandrima 05:50PM, Mar 2 2012

    I have honey oak cabinets with new kempas hardwood floors ...what granite to go hv a timeless decor

  • - Derek 09:31PM, Mar 1 2012

    That's a really beautiful natural slate flooring. I'm leaning toward the larger tile pattern that is simple, because the tile already has rustic and dark coloring that has beautiful movement. 

  • - Derek 07:47PM, Mar 1 2012

    A light but warm backsplash is appropriate. Natural stone is best, tumbled variety. My suggestions would be 2" x 4" sized Tawny Beige marble or 2" x 2" sized Mediterranean Ivory travertine. I've attached pictures for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • - Derek 04:19PM, Mar 1 2012

    To be honest, I feel that the red tone is a good accent and interesting shade. However, going in a different direction, I would recommend options such as Benjamin Moore line: Concord Ivory, Roasted Sesame Seed, or Audubon Russet.

  • - Derek 09:56PM, Feb 29 2012

    I recommend a calm, neutral, and soft wall color. I'm leaning toward shades such as Benjamin Moore line Linen White or Lighthouse Landing. Let me know your thoughts.

  • - Derek 09:30PM, Feb 28 2012

    I'm actually leaning toward the hardwood because it matches the cabinet without being too dark. Hardwood flooring is very classic and timeless, if you have the means of using it I highly recommend to do so!

  • - Derek 09:27PM, Feb 28 2012

    Hi Laura. I recommend to use the Marazzi Tile Imperial Slate Glazed Ceramic Tile 12" x 12". 

  • Rebecca Paden 04:59PM, Feb 28 2012

    What backsplash would look best with this combo?

  • Peter 06:00PM, Feb 27 2012

    We just put Santa Cecelia granite in our kitchen and now we are trying to pick out the right paint color for the walls.  Our living room is pretty neutral, so we wanted the color in the kitchen to pop a little.  The red was there before we moved in and we've never liked it, but again, we're looking for something bold to replace it.

    Any suggestions?!??

  • Wbeattie 12:37AM, Feb 27 2012

    I am having Santa Cecelia granite countertops installed in my kitchen. My cabinets are a medium oak which brings out the gold in the granite. The sink will be a black granite and my appliances are stainless steel. What do you suggest for wall paint color?

  • Sarah Minchew 01:39AM, Feb 26 2012

    Love that tile!  I don't have a link, but attached is the picture I took at the design center showing a sample of the granite, cabinet, and hardwood.  Do you think this will work nicely or should we just go with tile?
    Thanks so much for your advice.

  • Laura 01:38AM, Feb 26 2012

    I am deciding on granite countertops to go with spice/mocha glaze cabintes.  My home has an open floor plan with a bar overlooking the dining and living room. The shared wall is painted a deep red, with accents of the same color throughout the home (pillows, window seat, lamp shades,,,)   I also have alot of rustic wood and metal throughout as well.  I am leaning towards Santa Cecelia as I know the decor will bring out the red flecks in the granite.  The problem I am having is the tile floor.  I was looking at a ceramic slate with a coordinating backsplash in hopes that it will bring out the blacks/browns in the SC granite.   What do you think??

  • - Derek 07:54PM, Feb 25 2012

    Great combination! The Santa Cecilia is a timeless and classic stone that will surely stay the focal point of your kitchen for many years to come. I'm not familiar with that hardwood option, do you have a website link to the picture of this wood color? For floor tile, my recommendation would be possibly Alfagres line 18" x 18" sized Mocca color porcelain tile. I've attached a picture for your reference.

  • - Derek 07:19PM, Feb 25 2012

    I'd use a cherry wood cabinet, that's for sure. It will compliment and pick-up the occasional garnet/wine colored flecks in the SC while creating a stunning, warm contrast. For a Tuscany look, you should use either real travertine flooring, or porcelain tile that looks similar. For the porcelain suggestion, I recommend Alfagres line Shell color in 18" x 18". I've attached a picture for your reference. 

  • - Derek 04:19PM, Feb 25 2012

    The hardwood floor looks like a very elegant and rich, dark color. The Santa Cecilia is a classic, solid choice that would compliment this design quite nicely. Some other options I could recommend are Giallo Napoleone and New Venetian Gold. Hope this helps!

  • Sarah Minchew 03:53AM, Feb 24 2012

    We have chosen Santa Cecilia for our countertops and maple cabinets with black glaze..will this be a good combination? Also, trying to decide between hardwood flooring versini/eucalyptus 5 in planks in kitchen or if we decide to go with tile what would you recommend?


  • Rebecca Paden 03:07PM, Feb 23 2012

    I have selected Santa Cecelia granite for my small kitchen. We are replacing the cabinets, backsplash and flooring.I have stainless steel appliances. I have some picture frames in that room that are cherry but can easily be changed. It seems my style is the tuscany/wine bottles/grape vineyards look. What is your suggestion? Thanks so much

  • - Derek 02:14PM, Feb 23 2012

    I'm sorry for your ordeal with a broken countertop. Mistakes happen, and it's so unfortunate that your countertop was ruined. Hopefully the service company will pay for their mistake. I recommend to visit a slab yard to look at the shipments of Santa Cecilia in-stock. Bring samples home to put against your existing countertops and see if you can find the closest match. Good luck!

  • Ann 06:53AM, Feb 22 2012 I am remodeling and will have painted  maple (kilim beige) cabinets with an antique glaze.  The  flooring will be Bella Cera Milan Acacia Wood.  Would Santa Cecelia granite go well with these choices?  Many thanks
  • Katie 05:55PM, Feb 17 2012 We installed the Santa Cecelia granite on our countertops and island 8 months ago. We have natural cherry cabinets, natural stone tile floors, 2 x 2 natural stone tile backsplash plus our home is a post & beam redwood home.  All all walls & cathedral ceilings are natural redwood .  The granite choice was fantastic, it looks great.  My problem is ...yesterday a service repairman for our Jenn-aire stove broke our granite on the island!  Split the back piece completely while trying to yank out the stove!  What are my chances of finding another piece of  Santa Cecelia that will look good?  Our original kitchen was 79 sq. ft. and was all cut out of one slab.   I am heartbroken that this happened because the granite was the highlight of our kitchen.
  • - Derek 03:14PM, Feb 14 2012 You can keep the same flow of the Santa Cecilia throughout the kitchen, it's a very warm and classic granite that compliments the whole design nicely. For your backsplash, my recommendation is a 1" x 2" Baja Cream polished mosaic travertine. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • - Derek 02:03PM, Feb 14 2012 Dear Patti, for the paint colors I recommend to look at the Benjamin Moore line of shades, specifically tones such as Straw Hat. I've attached a picture of the color to show you my vision.
  • - Kinga 01:35PM, Feb 14 2012 I would suggest doing the same granite to a nice flow in the space. I would suggest a walnut tumbled travertine for your backsplash to tie the space together. If the walnut feels too dark, you can mix it with noce tumbled travertine. You can also add some decorative accents for visual interest. Hope this helps!
  • - Kinga 01:28PM, Feb 14 2012 Check out “Lancaster Whitewash” and “Cotton Tail”. I suggested light paints to keep the focus on the granite without overwhelming your space with too many colors. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 05:21PM, Feb 11 2012 Rustic Alder cabinets are timeless and would compliment the traditional feel of your country home and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Another option could be possibly be honey spice hickory cabinets. As for the countertops, are there any colors that you have been attracted to so far? Do you enjoy veins and movement in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern?
  • Luciloo 06:47PM, Feb 9 2012 Hi,

    We have chosen white cabinets with santa cecelia granite. We have a dark walnut hardwood floor. Not sure what tile to go with for the backsplash, please give some thoughts.

    We also have a breakfast bar do you think we should keep the santa cecelia on there or go with different granite just for the breakfast bar?

    Thank you.
  • patti 02:28AM, Feb 8 2012 hi, i have just completed a kitchen renovation.  siena bordeux granite countertops, primrose cherry cabinets, aventino sand/beige tile floor and coordinating tile blacksplash.  confused on paint color.  we have taken down the wall between kitchen and dining room so it is one large room.  i like warm neutral colors, any suggestions. thanks patti
  • Dfischer 05:19PM, Feb 7 2012 We are going to build a house and I want super dark expresso colored wood floor. Wood: Carlton Monterey Maple - stained in the color "Balor"  What color kitchen cabinets and granite countertops would go well with this dark of a finish? 
    I was considering rustic alder cabinetswith natural finish and a glaze that would tie it to the darker floor. The house is going to be out in the country.   What  kind of cabinets would not become dated as fast?
  • - Derek 09:25PM, Jan 26 2012 It depends where you are located. If you're on the East Coast, fabricators use 1 1/4" thick granite for countertops. On the West Coast, 3/4" is more common but a plywood base must be underneath the thinner granite for extra support. Hope this helps!
  • - Kinga 01:12PM, Jan 25 2012 Do you mean the thickness? If so, an inch and a quarter is an appropriate thickness for a kitchen countertop. However, three quarter thick stone is just fine to use on a bathroom vanity or tub surround.
  • - Derek 06:37PM, Jan 24 2012 Sounds like it's not just a good combination -- rather an excellent combination! The Santa Cecilia's light and warm undertones will contrast the dark cherry cabinets, while the garnet colored flecks throughout the stone will pick-up the shades in the cabinet at the same time. Go for it!
  • - Derek 06:36PM, Jan 24 2012 Sounds like it's a stain. Can you upload a picture of this "green" area?
  • Paulbrozyna_paul2 05:55PM, Jan 24 2012 what is the proper depth for granite ?  One vendor has 3/4 in.  and another has 1 and 1/4 in granite for a counter top .  what is the standard.
  • Shele 06:43PM, Jan 21 2012 Hi , I have been mulling over St. Cecilia for a couple of years - for my kitchen.
    I have dark cherry cabinets - dark tile floors with browns, reds it's a ceramic slate.
    I was wondering if you think this is a good combination!
  • Mc2122005 05:44AM, Jan 14 2012 Hi, I have a great issue. I had a granite installer come to my home and install St. Cecilia granite countertops. Now there is a green stain on the backsplash of my countertops. He claims that its because natural stone changes color and that the green is just bleeding through. But I've checked online and it states that green is not a St. Cecilia color, that it is a stain. How can we remove that stain?? It's right about 1/4 inch away from the joints. PLease please help!
  • - Derek 03:28PM, Dec 28 2011 Upload a picture! It would be wonderful to see the wall color against the countertops and other elements of your design. Either way, congratulations on a well chosen color!
  • Kwinkle97 12:41AM, Dec 28 2011 We have SC in our kitchen and used Baked Scone from Lowe's.  It's a beautiful soft golden color... really pretty and have gotten lots of compliments
  • - Derek 03:46PM, Dec 23 2011 Were you able to pick out the exact slab that was used for the fabrication of your new countertop? If not, then you should have been given that option, we provide this option and feel it's very important for the client. My recommendations to alter the wall color and make it fit your Santa Cecilia granite nicely would be Benjamin Moore "Papaya" or something similar to that. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • Abyrd0405 11:38PM, Dec 19 2011 Hi there and Merry Christmas. I am in desperate need of some help..I researched the granite for 3 months. Time and time again loved SC. The slab they had that day I chose was golder and busier than I had previously picked out. I went with it hoping for the best. Now that its in my kitchen I'm freaking out it was a bad choice. My kitcen is small and I'm afraid its too gold and busy for my kitchen. Please help. What are some suggestions of some paint colors that will help flow with the granite. Thank you so much!!
  • - Derek 04:37PM, Dec 16 2011 Your kitchen will be very warm and inviting, that's for sure. How about going even lighter with the cabinets and painting them white? For the backsplash, you can diversify it a little by adding more browns and reds, such as the 2" x 2" cut Melograno marble mosaic, or something similar. I've attached an image for your reference. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:29PM, Dec 16 2011 That's a wonderful combination, and is even recommended by Benjamin Moore as an attractive mix of colors. Go for it!
  • Vanessa 02:40AM, Dec 16 2011 Hi--

    We are remodeling our kitchen. We have decided on Santa Cecilia granite counters and will be painting our maple cabinets a cream color( unknown exactly what color, and open to suggestions if that does not sound good). Our floors are light tan/beige set in a cobblestone pattern. What do you think would be best for our backsplash?

    We were thinking of 4x4 natural stone set on a diagonal for the backspash. This concerns us because everything would be beige/tan in the kitchen with stainless appliances. What do you think? Thank you!
  • Caroline 05:57PM, Dec 14 2011 I was considering Benjamin moore's Sherwood tan (1054) in the kitchen and barley (199) on an adjacent wall and hallway.  do you think these colors will work as well?  thanks so much for your input!
  • - Derek 07:31PM, Dec 13 2011 Hi Caroline. Take a look at suggestions such as Benjamin Moore line "Powell Buff" and "Rich Cream". I've attached the references for you to visualize.
  • Caroline 07:30PM, Dec 9 2011 Hi, We are remodeling our kitchen and have just installed Saint Cecilia granite countertops.  We have a lot of white kitchen cabinets and beige/sand tile flooring.  What colors do you recommend for wall paint?  We have black sink and appliances. I am concerned that too light paint color will not look good with white cabinets, but like neutrals.  Thanks and love your blog!
  • - Kinga 12:53PM, Dec 2 2011 Checkout Cappucino Linear Mosaic for a soft, complementing  look or Cabernet Linear Mosaic for a dramatic contrast. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 12:50PM, Dec 2 2011 Santa Cecilia is a spot-on choice for your kitchen. Checkout Benjamin Moore’s “Olivetint” and “White Marigold” in addition to Derek's great suggestion.
  • - Derek 08:35PM, Nov 29 2011 Hi Emily. You can use options such as 1" x 2" Baja Cream polished mosaic travertine to keep the kitchen design light and airy, or add colors and depth to the backsplash in tune of Mazia Beige travertine with glass inserts. Hope this helps!
  • - Kinga 09:51PM, Nov 28 2011 Check out Marazzi Vesale Stone Moss Diamond Mosaic. If you rather the always classic tumbled marble, check out Ballet France combination by SouthCypress. Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 09:40PM, Nov 28 2011 In addition to Derek’s spot-on suggestions, check out Benjamin Moore’s “Fresh Air” and “Icicle”. Let me know what you think!
  • Emily 04:16AM, Nov 24 2011 Our countertops look closest to #392. Thank you!
  • Emily 04:09AM, Nov 24 2011 Hi.  My name is Emily, and I have read through most of the comments on this page.  We are in the process of building a new home, and we are at that decision time to decide on countertops/backsplash.  We decided to go with the St. Cecilia granite tops, and we are really struggling with what to do in terms of a backsplash.  Our cabinets are Maple...and the stain is sable (darker).  Any suggestions you have would be so helpful.  Our center island will be a cream finish.  Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  • - Derek 07:58PM, Nov 23 2011 For a soft yet warm wall color that will compliment your set-up nicely without making the design dark is Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond" and "Barely Beige".
  • Bobbie 08:59PM, Nov 21 2011 Forgot: We also have an espresso sink in the mix.
  • Bobbie 08:28PM, Nov 21 2011 We are about to paint and I'm having problems finding what we'd like. We bought Saint Cecilia (haven't gone to pick out our slab yet) Natural hickory cabinets that have various shades and a glass tile for backsplash called sunrise. Paint ideas? We're going from white cabinets to the hickory so we're somewhat worried about how dark we'll make the kitchen.
  • - Derek 07:57PM, Nov 17 2011 A Honey Onyx polished mosaic as a backsplash tile would not give off these green undertones. I've attached an image for your reference. Hope this helps.
  • Mtg1moma 11:55PM, Nov 13 2011 I had Santa Cecilia granite installed with a Emser Honey Gold glass tile backsplash.  The backsplash looks green!  Any suggestions on a better glass tile?
  • - Derek 05:39PM, Nov 10 2011 As Kinga has suggested in her wonderful suggestions, a tile with glass inserts creates a timeless and contemporary feel. My addition to the discussion glass & stone mosaic strips in neutral, organic tones. I've attached an image for you to see.
  • - Derek 09:54PM, Nov 9 2011 Sounds like you're on the right track. You don't want any pinkish hues or highlights with a maple cognac cabinet shade. For the paint color, I recommend a tone such as Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond". I've attached an image for your reference. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 01:36PM, Nov 9 2011 I think it’s great you’re exploring other backsplash options. Check out Anatolia Bliss Cappucinno Linear Mosaic, Esq Bengali Beige Porcelain Mosaic Brick or Glacial Glow Penny Round paired with Interglass Black Penny Round border. Let me know what you think!
  • Ann 02:33AM, Nov 8 2011 Thanks Kinga and Derek for your valuable feedback!!  I wasn't sure if it's too boring.  There are so many choices, ARGH.  Don't yell but to make sure, what would you recommend for a more modern timeless look (instead of my current rustic look)?  

    Thanks in advance for your patience.
  • sw 02:20AM, Nov 7 2011 Hi, I am now thinking of switching my granite color from Giallo Veniziano to the Santa Cecilia.  I will have maple cognac cabinets and gunstock hardwood floor.  The slab of the Santa Cecilia is very close to ID: 392 and 567.  The slabs availalbe for the GV were too pink.  Also,  what color paint would  you suggest for the kitchen?
  • - Derek 06:30PM, Nov 4 2011 I don't like the one with the orange tones, the one on the left or in the middle would compliment your cabinets very nicely and pick up the tones in the Santa Cecilia granite.
  • - Kinga 06:28PM, Nov 4 2011 I love it! It’s such a beautiful and fun combination! I really like the middle mosaic as the main tile and the border is just stunning. It’s not too light and it’s not too dark. I think it’s literally perfect. Great job picking it out! Go for it!
  • - Derek 06:27PM, Nov 4 2011 I've approved Ann's photo and her post is now visible, it's above these posts.
  • - Derek 06:03PM, Nov 4 2011 I'm all for the SomerTile Reflections Subway Amber Glass mosaic (image attached) or the suggestion Kinga has recommend below is also wonderful. As for wall color, take a look at Benjamin Moore "Linen White". Good luck!
  • - Kinga 02:24PM, Nov 4 2011 Unfortunately, your photos did not attach. Are you considering adding a glass tile border? Have you thought about a Pebble border? It's a fun new trend!
  • - Kinga 01:35PM, Nov 4 2011 Check out Anatolia Bliss Cappucinno Linear Mosaic paired with Benjamin Moore’s  “Gray Mirage” or “Dried Basil”. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 06:28PM, Nov 3 2011 If you'd like to stick to a travertine but lighter in shade, another option could be 2" x 2" Ivory Classic tumbled travertine mosaic. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • Ann 02:46AM, Nov 3 2011 Attached backsplash image again.

    Please let me know if these choices are not good.  We have to make decision soon :(

  • Ann 02:30AM, Nov 3 2011 Thanks Kinga for your response.

    I like travertine, marble, and any other natural stones.  Just that overall noce travertine seems to 'dark'.   I like tumbled Botticino marble and thinking needing to add some accents.  What do you think of the attached backsplash choices for natural maple cabinets and santa cecilia classic?

    Please help.  Much thanks.
  • - Derek 09:00PM, Nov 2 2011 I'd use Benjamin Moore "Blond Wood" or "Navajo White" with "Nutmeg" as an accent wall color for behind the vanity.
  • - Kinga 08:54PM, Nov 2 2011 Since you are not a fan of the travertine, have you considered a tumbled Botticino marble? It’s light, neutral and will work very well with your Santa Cecilia granite. Let me know what you think!
  • Cdenn 03:39PM, Nov 2 2011 We picked expresso cabinets and Giallo Ornamental granite and large cream tile floors. What color backspash would you suggest and what color paint? We are going for a modern contemporary look with stainless appliances and large stainless bar knobs
  • - Kinga 01:36PM, Nov 2 2011 Neutral and warm paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s White Marigold and Marble Canyon are beautiful choices for your space. Check out Morning Dew and Gray Cashmere for grey options that would work well in the space. However, since you are possibly considering something edgy, have you thought about painting one wall a bold color like Rustic Brick paired with the Gray Cashmere? Another fun combination is BM’s Rendezvous Bay paired with Gray Lake. If you do decide on a bold accent wall, consider painting the wall behind the vanity to make it pop. Let me know what you think!
  • Ann 02:00PM, Oct 31 2011 Thanks Derek.  Boohoo.  My husband doesn't like the tumbled noce travertine, thinking it's a bit too dark and brown for overall look; and he doesn't like the grout line to be too thick.  He pointed out or likes a lighter beige smoother-matte (not shiny) finish travertine laid in subway pattern with mixed marble/travertine band inserts; however, I'm seeing a peachy/pink undertone with this lighter cream travertine color :o(   Do you have any other suggestions, e.g., lighter or more contrasting backsplash, that would look GREAT with Santa Cecilia and natural maple cabinets?

  • Poorep 07:55PM, Oct 29 2011 We picked out Santa Celia for our teenage boys bathroom. Big 72" slab w double white sinks. Expresso cabinets and neutral warm cream tile for shower and floor. Brushed nickel fixtures. Traditional house. I've seen some wonderful ideas here for warm neutral or yellow walls. 1. Any specific gray color you'd suggest? 2. Any other color you'd suggest we consider? I'd like it to really pop with the marble and look ask edgy/modern as possible while still going with a traditional home.
  • - Derek 03:25PM, Oct 28 2011 Sounds like there should not be any issues with this combination. Do you have a picture of the floor tiles you can upload?
  • Lkj 02:05AM, Oct 28 2011 Remodeling kitchen.  Maple cabinets with a cream color finish.  Santa Cecilia grantie, HOWEVER, the slabs on reserve are more cream and gray with some tones of gold.  I would like to put in a charchol grey flooring with a plank style tile.  Do you have any comments regarding dark floors in a kitchen with light cabinets and santa cecelia?
  • - Derek 07:26PM, Oct 26 2011 The Santa Cecilia will look wonderful, that's a great choice! As for backsplash, you have many options and the world is open to you. Kinga has given some excellent suggestions. My addition to the discussion will be something a little different and more unique. It's called Desert Sand in a stripe pattern tiles. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • - Derek 06:48PM, Oct 26 2011 Some other suggestions you may want to look at, other than the stunning Santa Cecilia, are New Venetian Gold and Giallo Napoleone. Any of these three choices would fit your design perfectly, take a look at a side-by-side comparison of these stones:
  • - Kinga 11:48AM, Oct 25 2011 I feel the Santa Cecilia is a great option for a French country kitchen. The stone has a rich but easy on the eyes look that will compliment the style you are after. Go for it!
  • - Kinga 11:44AM, Oct 25 2011 Santa Cecilia is a classic and timeless stone that works with many different designs. I feel your combination would be lovely! Since you are doing a classic stone, I feel you should do a classic backsplash like a tumbled marble or Noce travertine with accent tiles to finish off the look. Let me know what you think!
  • Littlebitnky 03:21AM, Oct 23 2011 i am remodeling my kitchen. i am ordering dark oak cabinets and have selected the santa celica as my granite.  do you think that will look nice together.  I am somewhat wondering what do do with the backsplash.  Do you have any ideas?
  • Nurse614 07:49PM, Oct 22 2011 we are remodeling out kitchen with a french country motif, we are getting maple cabinets  in a vanilla color, our walls are a very light yellow and sand color porcelain floor.  what do you think about santa cecilia for our counter tops
  • - Derek 02:19PM, Oct 21 2011 It's disheartening for me to learn that the contractor (or the fabricator, warehouse, whatever it may be) will not allow you to choose your slab, that's a very important part of the whole process. Since you're paying for the countertop, you should have the choice to know exactly what you will have installed. By saying you're receiving "Santa Cecilia", that really does not mean much, as there are so many varieties and batches of this ever popular, timeless, and classic time. I'm still confident that you will love the counters, as Santa Cecilia is universally very beautiful, but I'm just letting you know that you should of had that option.
  • - Kinga 10:06PM, Oct 20 2011 You will love the Santa Cecilia. Although, it would be a fun experience to pick your own slab and each section of your project, the Santa Cecilia is a beautiful, very popular and durable stone that many people choose for their designs. Since it’s a neutral stone, it will work well with most designs should you wish to redecorate your kitchen one day. Let us know how everything turns out!
  • Figaro30 07:37PM, Oct 20 2011 Thank you so much.  I'll go with the Santa Cecilia and hope that I get a good slab.  Unfortunately there is no way for me to pick my slab because it's the builder doing all of it.  So whatever they get I'm stuck with.  The NVG is $900.00 more than what included which is the Santa Cecilia.
  • - Kinga 03:44PM, Oct 20 2011 Derek’s explanation regarding different shipments is 100% on point. The Santa Cecilia will definitely work with your cabinets so go for it. Even the NVG would compliment them very well!
  • - Derek 02:30PM, Oct 20 2011 I'm not familiar with a greenish tint for the Santa Cecilia, but your builder probably showed you two different deliveries/batches of Santa Cecilia granite. That is the beauty in "natural" stone, no two deliveries are the same. Each slab is organic and shaped by nature. To give you an example, take a look at a Comparison Chart of Santa Cecilia shipments that our company offers, it's all the same stone:
  • - Derek 01:31PM, Oct 20 2011 I feel like perhaps a paint color in the shade of Benjamin Moore "Victoriana" or something similar would compliment the kitchen nicely and provide the look you're seeking. I've attached a picture to show you by vision.
  • Figaro30 10:02PM, Oct 19 2011 I'm building a house with Aristokraft Maple Cocoa glazed cabinets and was wondering if this Santa Cecilia will complement them.  It's in the level 1 category but the sample they showed me had a greenish tinge to it.  I then saw New Venetian Gold which is a higher Level with the builder and liked that better.  But then she showed me another large sample of Santa Cecilia and that sample didn't look greenish at all.  Is the greenish tinge out of the ordinary for Santa Cecilia or more of a regular occurence? 
  • - Kinga 12:35PM, Oct 19 2011 I recently came across a photo (which I can no longer find) of a design that seemed very similar to what you described and the wall color they used was this beautiful purple that was close to Benjamin Moore’s “Grape Ice” or “Amethyst Cream”. The purple complimented the space so well I was amazed! The Santa Cecilia looked absolutely stunning against a purple paint and cherry floors (very similar shade to yours). If you aren’t afraid of adding this color, try buying small paint samples before you purchase enough to cover the desired area to see how to color works in your space. Let me know what you think!
  • Chirodoc08 10:41PM, Oct 18 2011 We just put in Santa Cecilia granite in our large galley style kitchen and need to repaint our walls. I would love to have your input on paint color.  I hoped to update our cabinetry, but cannot afford it.  We currently have cabinetry that is sort of antique white, decent light in the kitchen from windows (we are in the process of adding under cabinet lighting as well as can lighting to brighten the space significantly), stainless steel appliances and cherry laminate flooring by Mohawk.  The surrounding rooms that are off the kitchen have a gold and burgundy color palette.  I would like to pull the red flecks out of the granite, but am not sure if that will make the kitchen too dark.  One wall half of the  galley kitchen is gold so I would like to bring some color in and not do anymore neutral.  Suggestions???  Thank you.
  • - Derek 01:52PM, Oct 6 2011 You're very welcome! I'm glad that you enjoy the backsplash suggestion. It does indeed look very classic and elegant in the Versailles pattern. I feel like a grey shade of paint would be very appropriate for the living/family room. Go for it!
  • Ann 04:49AM, Oct 6 2011 Thank you Derek for your valuable feedback!  Before you'd replied, I was thinking of laying the backsplash travertine (honed) in subway pattern with a band of some sort of glass tiles to add some color, interest.  But I like your idea of Versailles pattern better, more timeless classic.  What would you suggest for the kitchen floor?  I'm thinking smooth, polished travertine tiles in similar Noce color, also lay in Versailles pattern?  I hope travertine floor is ok in the kitchen.

    My kitchen is adjacent and open up to family room which has chocolate hickory hardwood flooring and mainly brown furnitures.  Do you think grey paint in family room would go with the proposed kitchen coloring scheme/flooring?

    Appreciate your feedback!
  • - Derek 05:23PM, Oct 4 2011 First, I'd like to tell you that you're on the right track. The warmth of Santa Cecilia against natural maple cabinetry is an excellent combination. For the backsplash, a tumbled Noce travertine backsplash, for example in a Versailles pattern, would be perfect. As for wall color, try Benjamin Moore line 'Barely Beige'. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • Ann 02:12PM, Oct 2 2011 We are remodeling our kitchen and keeping the natural maple cabinets.  We're thinking of doing Santa Cecilia Classic for countertops, some sort of travertine for backsplash (??), replacing our flooring with travertine (not sure what shade), not sure what paint color would go with this mix.  I'm having trouble 'visualizing' the space.  Help?!
  • - Derek 06:27PM, Sep 29 2011 No problem Carie! I'm glad to help.
  • Carie 05:52PM, Sep 29 2011 Thanks Derek!  You're the best.  I appreciate all your input.  :)
  • - Derek 04:57PM, Sep 29 2011 This backsplash tile looks beautiful! The darker inserts will compliment your cabinet color while the light tones offer an excellent contrast. Go for it!
  • Carie 03:30PM, Sep 29 2011 Ooops, forgot the picture.
  • Carie 03:26PM, Sep 29 2011 Oooh, I love it.  It matches the light in the granite perfectly!  Thank you!  Thank you!  How about this for a backsplash?
  • - Derek 03:15PM, Sep 29 2011 I don't think the darker tile will create a combination that is too dark, rather the atmosphere will be warm and inviting. Great idea on using a lighter paint color on the walls to brighten things up, try Benjamin Moore "Mayonnaise". I've attached an image for your reference.
  • Carie 02:59PM, Sep 29 2011 Thanks so much for your input Derek!  It's so hard picking from small samples.  I actually reversed the names of the tile.  The darker one is the brown shell which is the one I was leaning towards.  My only concern is I don't want it to be too dark and look too brown throughout the house.  Do you think it's ok to have the dark tile with the dark cabinet?  Perhaps lightening it up with paint and a lighter backsplash will help.
  • - Derek 02:53PM, Sep 29 2011 I'm leaning towards the darker tile option, Willow Branch shade. The color tone of this tile will pick up your granite very nicely while not being overly "matchy-matchy". By the way, the Giallo Napoleone and dark cherry wood combination you've created is just wonderful, they compliment and offset each other at the same time very nicely for an elegant balance. Good luck!
  • Carie 01:01PM, Sep 29 2011 We are building a house and have Giallo Napoleone granite with Aristokraft Briarcliff Cherry Java Glaze Cabinets.  We are struggling with which tile to go with on the floor.  We have narrowed it down to Mohawk Pantego Bay Brown Shell (Image 1) or Daltile Stratford Place Willow Branch (Image 2).  We have dark espresso hardwoods in the dining room and hallway leading into the kitchen.  The kitchen/breakfast area where the tile will go it quite a large space.
  • - Derek 01:30PM, Aug 31 2011 I enjoy the tumbled finish because the natural and rustic look is very interesting. I don't like how in honed travertine, the holes are filled with resin and such. You're on the right track, use the tumbled travertine!
  • - Derek 12:44PM, Aug 30 2011 Both colors are very warm and inviting. Another option you may want to consider is Giallo Napoleone. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person and bring samples home with you to put against the cabinetry in your kitchen light. This helps you visualize the space and eases your decisions. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 01:35PM, Aug 24 2011 A tumbled travertine would definitely compliment the style of your home. Tumbled travertine only comes honed (dull finish instead of polished) which I feel is a fantastic look for your setup.
  • - Kinga 09:34PM, Aug 23 2011 Generally, the NVG and the Santa Cecilia are both on the warmer side. However, each shipment of the stone may vary giving you that ‘cold’ feel. Some Santa Cecilia and NVG shipments have some grays in it as well as brown, honey beige, cherry/red flecks and sometimes even black veins. You should see both slabs in person because the shipment you choose will make a difference in the cold vs. warm feel in the space. You should bring samples of both stones to compare in the room to get the best idea of the feel it will emanate. For other great options, check out the Giallo Napoleone, Santa Cecilia Real and Giallo Icarai. Let me know what you think!
  • Mike Anderson 03:03PM, Aug 21 2011 you like the tumbled travertine vs the honed?  any reason why?  i have a 1930's bungalow (imperfect) and am thinking that a tumbled 3 x 6 travertine might be more comfortable to look at vs. a honed (perfect) travertine.  am i on the right path?
  • Jararr 04:02AM, Aug 20 2011 I'm trying to decide between Santa Cecilia and New Venetian Gold for kitchen counters.  We remodeled to replace the red oak floors with a greyish-light tan  ceramic tile.  In the process our granite counters were damaged, so we started to look for a replacement.  New Venetian Gold seems a fairly close match to what we had before, but the room looks colder now with the tile vs. the wood.  Our cabinets are Alder, with a light brown (cherry maybe?) finish.  Does Santa C. have a warmer color pattern than NVG?   Should we consider some other types?
  • - Derek 12:24PM, Aug 16 2011 Sounds like a warm combination, make sure to look at the slabs in-person and put a cabinet door against the slab to see how you like the combination. The Giallo California can vary between deliveries quite strongly.
  • - Kinga 06:35PM, Aug 15 2011 Would you happen to have a picture of the lot you are considering? I tried to find it online and found several distinctively different photos.  Please attach a photo for our review in order for us to provide you with our opinions.
  • Jean 02:18AM, Aug 13 2011 Help! We are remodeling our master bathroom; glazed maple cabinet is in, noce floor tile, oil rubbed bronze faucets & door pulls. I don't know what color granite should go on countertop.  I am considering Giallo California which is brown/black/beige.  Any ideas?  Also, what should we do for backsplash.  Need to make a decision right away as we (I've) delayed too long.
  • - Derek 04:32PM, Jul 27 2011 As in my previous response, I recommend a full Santa Cecilia granite backsplash, or a tumbled travertine tile preferably in the Durango or Noce variety.
  • - Kinga 12:45PM, Jul 27 2011 A tumbled Durango travertine would look lovely in your setup. If your Santa Cecilia has a lot of the red fleck, consider using a red glass tile accents in the backsplash. If your granite has a different color fleck, pull it out on your backsplash using accent tiles. Use your favorite tile pattern behind the stove or cooktop for visual interest. Hope this helps!
  • - Derek 12:14PM, Jul 27 2011 I'm also leaning towards the Santa Cecilia and cognac finish cherry wood combination. The Santa Cecilia has some cherry flecks in the stone that will pick up the cherry wood beautifully and create a warm atmosphere. Good luck!
  • Mcalise1 04:59AM, Jul 27 2011 Hi. I'm remodeling my kitchen and I'm struggling with backsplash ideas. We've gotten cherry chocolate glaze cabinets,san cecilia grantie, a light beige tile, and stainless steel appliances.  Any advice on back splash colors, patterns, tiles, etc? Thanks!
  • - Kinga 04:28PM, Jul 25 2011 If you want a timeless feel, go for the cherry cabinets with a cognac finish and the Santa Cecilia granite. If you want a more modern look, the cherry with rouge finish would definitely fit that category paired with the Tan Brown. However, I would suggest using a light stone on both cabinets for a nice contrast and visual balance in the space. For other countertop options, check out Astoria, Giallo Napoleone and Giallo Ornamental C. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 03:45PM, Jul 25 2011 I'd also keep the wall color light - try Benjamin Moore "Linen White" or "Navajo White".
  • - Kinga 01:46PM, Jul 25 2011 The subway tiles will look fantastic with your setup!
  • vejay 03:48AM, Jul 24 2011 Hi we are
    purchasing a new house and are trying to decide on counter tops and the cabinets.

    We are trying to
    decide between Cherry Cabinets in Rouge from Briarcliff and santa Cecelia and
    Cherry Cabinets in Congac also from Briarcliff and santa Cecelia or tanbrown
    counter tops any suggestions
  • Jennifer Adams Otto 02:55AM, Jul 23 2011 The vanity is walnut and we haven't decided on a wall color.  Thanks so much for the suggestions.  I think subway tiles would be gorgeous.
  • - Kinga 02:29PM, Jul 22 2011 Because granite is a natural product, the colors and patterns may vary even if the same stone is used from a different lot. In your case, you most likely got the Santa Cecilia but from a different shipment (only your fabricator can verify that). If a shipment sells out, the chances of getting one that looks exactly the same are unlikely.  The overall look may be similar but not the same as you can see the different variations right on our website.  You should embrace the natural beauty of your stone.
  • - Derek 02:22PM, Jul 22 2011 That's a specific characteristic of natural stone! Each delivery, even of the same stone "name", may vary in color tone and pattern. I always recommend everyone to look at the slabs that will be used for your project in-person and approve them before it's cut and installed. If you look on this Santa Cecilia page, we have seven different ID's of Santa Cecilia, and these are the various batches (deliveries) of the stone. The fabricator should of made sure that the island will come from the same batch as the rest of the countertops. Hope this helps.
  • Mttsheridan 10:43PM, Jul 21 2011 We hd Santa Cecelia granite counter tops, brown in color, installed in our kitchen when our house was built. Before closing we negotiated in an island that was later to be installed. The granite that came with the island was the same Santa Cecelia top that our other counters were, so the builder and stone guys say, but it is of a different color. Can the color variation of this same stone vary so widely that my counters look brown while this island is light tan/ gray?
  • - Kinga 03:23PM, Jul 20 2011 Try large Botticino marble tiles for the floor and subway style for the shower. What color is your vanity cabinet and walls?
  • - Derek 02:44PM, Jul 20 2011 What is the color of the vanity cabinet? I'd use light subway tiles for the shower tile and wall tile, and a Noce travertine tile for the floors.
  • Jennifer Adams Otto 08:13PM, Jul 19 2011 We are remodeling our bathroom and selected St Cecilia Real for the counters and tub surround.  There will be approximately 40sqft of granite in an 11x11 bathroom.  We are having a hard time finding a shower tile, floor tile and mosaic.  Any suggestions???
  • Cbh1952 11:33PM, Jul 15 2011 Try  "golden den".  It is beuatiful on the wall, much nicer than a paint chip or in the can.  Yellows can be very tricky and this is a great "neutral" in the yekkom/gold family
  • - Kinga 02:30PM, Jul 14 2011 For your floor, take a look at a red oak stain (first attachment) or Brazilian Cherry (second attachment).  For your kitchen walls, I would keep them light and neutral like Benjamin Moore’s “Wood Ash”,  “Cookie Dough” or “Soft Satin” to keep the focus on the stone.  For your bathroom, if you want to add a formal feel to the space check out BM’s “Barley Harvest” or “Baby Turtle”. If you want to create a soft, spa-like feel, check out BM’s “Citroneé” or “Pale Moon”. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:03PM, Jul 14 2011 If it's such a difficult choice, then I recommend to use a simple, light but warm, and neutral wall color. For the kitchen, Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" is appropriate, or you can a light shade of yellow, such as BM "Lemonade". For the bathroom same concept, try BM "Wood Ash".
  • Csutherland16 06:33PM, Jul 13 2011 I am pulling my hair out trying to determine paint colors for my kitchen and master bath.  The kitchen will have white cabinets, a cherry island, santa cecelia granite and stainless appliances.  I haven't picked out the stain for the hardwood yet; but I prefer a darker shade.  

    The master bath has a heritage brown and chocolate glaze vanity with golden flower granite.  The tile is a neutral beige/ light brown.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  • - Derek 02:04PM, Jul 12 2011 I'm also having trouble locating the star burst mosaic! You can just provide us with the website link to a picture, if you have that. As for a creative design to go behind the range, let me know if you like the image I've attached. I can provide you with the website for those kinds of designs, I think they are beautiful and may fit your set-up nicely!
  • - Kinga 02:13PM, Jul 11 2011 Skdelain,
    I cannot find the mosaic you are referring to. Would you be able to attach a photo of it for our reference? At this time, without knowing exactly what you are working with, it’s difficult to provide you with design ideas for your space.
  • Skdelain 10:58PM, Jul 10 2011 Breaking ground this Monday!  We have been looking for unsuccessfully for a backsplash that will match our Santa Cecilia Granite.  We have light colored (pull red a smidge) maple cabinets and a dark maple floor..... it's called "Grapa maple"

    We were thinking Home Depot's lovely light yellow star burst mosaic, but wanted to know if the noce tumbled travertine would be too dark to accent around it.  Our kitchen is rather large and there will be enough backsplash.  I had wanted the mosaic for my mini bar area and a large square coordinating design behind the range... Any ideas???? : )
  • - Derek 12:43PM, Jul 5 2011 I agree with Kinga that Mustard Yellow is a very strong shade of yellow paint and perhaps something just a little calmer would be more appropriate in this situation. My suggestions that you may want to take under consideration are Benjamin Moore "Lemonade" and "Bicycle Yellow". With regard to backsplash, do you mean brick style (subway) layout or actual brick?
  • - Kinga 09:03PM, Jun 30 2011 Crystal,
    Pick your backslash after you have your granite installed so you know exactly how the stone looks in your space and which colors are the most dominant. Santa Cecilia has beautiful flecks of reds, browns or a mix of both depending on the shipment. Whichever color is present in your countertop, pull it out in your brick backsplash to tie the space together. For your wall color, I feel a Mustard Yellow tone may be a bit intense. If your kitchen is small, such a bold color may make it feel even smaller. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s “Lighthouse Landing” and “Happy Valley”. I feel these colors would compliment your stone wonderfully with their soft, easy on the eyes tones. Because you may be using a brick backsplash, you should consider using lighter paint for your walls to bring attention to your stone and unique backsplash. Hope this helps!
  • Crystal 01:21AM, Jun 30 2011 Bulinding a house soon and need help with kitchen paint color.  We picked out Santa Cecilia granite, dark brown cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  We are thinking about brick backsplash so I need a brick that will compliment the granite as well as a paint color for kitchen.  We are thinking mustard yellow for color paint?!
  • - Derek 04:55PM, Jun 27 2011 Since the Santa Cecilia has quite a busy pattern of flecks, a softer tumbled limestone mosaic such as the Yellow Princess variety would be ideal. I've attached an image of my vision.
  • helen 10:21PM, Jun 25 2011 kitchen just remodled, with santa cecelia counter tops and having problem with back splash colors. tile is a off beige/carmel. what color and stone to use for the backsplash. need suggestions for stone and colors
  • - Derek 01:29PM, Jun 24 2011 The best way to spice up the design and bring it to life would be to incorporate a creative and warm backsplash. A colorful mural as a decorative aspect is a good idea, I've attached some examples. Your color palette should be in the earth tone shades such as reds, greens, golds, browns.
  • Roberta 10:23PM, Jun 23 2011 looking for life in my kitchen with light maple cabinets, santa cecelia granite, stainless steel appliance.  Any suggestion on bright colors that will also compliment granite?
  • - Kinga 04:40PM, Jun 23 2011 I feel that you should pull the wall color from the living space into the kitchen. For example, if your living room has green walls, I would do a very pale green (like Benjamin Moore’s “Hint of Mint”) or a pastel yellow (like BM’s “Cotton Tail”) to compliment it. So the question is what color is the living room? If you don’t want to add a slight splash of color, I would do a neutral tone like Benjamin Moore’s “Icicle” or “Chatsworth Cream”.

    Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 04:14PM, Jun 23 2011 If your appliances are white, I would keep the sink white as well. For backsplash, take a look at the Oyster Mix Flamed tile. A glass tile inserts or patterned design of the tile would create a lovely finishing touch.

    Let me know what you think!
  • - Kinga 04:08PM, Jun 23 2011 I would recommend tumbled marble or travertine with a design or pattern behind the stove or sink. Tumbled marble and travertine has a very classic and timeless look that works with many different designs. A design or pattern behind the stone or sink would add more visual interest to the space.

    Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 03:18PM, Jun 23 2011 A warm color such as Benjamin Moore "Lemonade" or Martha Stewart "Ivory" would compliment the walls beautifully. Let me know what you think.
  • mike 02:36PM, Jun 23 2011 we are doing our new countertops in santa cecilia classic granite with a 4 inch back splash. we have white appliances and the cabinets are english chestnut. what would be a good color to paint the walls of our kitchen which is open to the living area?
  • - Derek 02:41PM, Jun 22 2011 My suggestion is a white Blanco sink, that would look very nice with your granite color choice. For a backsplash, you may use a tumbled travertine and glass mosaic mix. Our Tumbled Capadoccia Glass tile is a good option. I've attached an image for your review.
  • - Derek 02:34PM, Jun 22 2011 Take a look at Esmer Tile "Dorado Classic" travertine backsplash. It's rich and warm and sure to compliment your Santa Cecilia granite very well. You can do it in 4x4 squares, and perhaps add a splash of color with ruby colored glass tile inserts. Good luck!
  • Rrsmith1 03:05AM, Jun 22 2011 redoing our kitchen. Have white appliances and oak natural cabinets Picked out Santa Cecelia granite. What color for a kitchen sink( I was thinking white) and what to use for a backsplash?
  • Teambergin 11:38PM, Jun 21 2011 Hi, I am redoing our kitchen. I will have stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and Santa Cecelia gold as the granite. The floor tile will be a lighter beige with some of the rusty brown color of the santa cecelia granite. I am hoping it will all match OK! But I cannot figure out what type of backsplash to put it. There will be about 53 square feet of granite--and the floor space is about 265 square feet. I would like something warm or with a little pizazz, but I do not know if that would overdo it? What opinions do you have for a backsplash? I like a warm southern kitchen feel! Thank you!
  • - Derek 01:39PM, Jun 20 2011 A warm and neutral paint color will pick up the honey tones in your cabinet, take a look at Benjamin Moore "Fennel Seed" and Sherwin Williams "Blonde". Good luck!
  • becky 11:50PM, Jun 17 2011 Any suggestions on what paint color would compliment honey maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances and santa cecilia granite?
  • - Derek 12:22PM, Jun 10 2011 A darker wood color is appropriate in your situation, for example a dark cherry or mahogany stain. Make sure to "sample" a part to see how it looks first against the Santa Cecilia granite. Good luck!
  • All Granite and Marble 07:06PM, Jun 9 2011 I agree with the wood option (refacing maybe?), but if not, then I would probably try something medium/dark reddish brown or mahogany to pick up the brown /red spots in the stone. That should give you plenty of contrast while the reddish tone should squash the pinkness of the floor. Everything pretty much stays in warm tones so you shouldn't have any clashes. Let me know what you think.
  • Chefstacie 08:40PM, Jun 8 2011 Hi,

    We bought back a house that we had previously owed, and the owners put St. Cecilia countertops in the kitchen. The problem is that they matched the granite to the paint which was already there, buttercream yellow, and left the cabinets stark white as they were, and then added a cream and pink taupe tile on the floor. It look HORRIBLE to say the least, but my husband won't let me replace the 9,000. granite. Your sample 567 is the closest. I have spent 2 years trying to find a paint/tile that will work for the backsplash and the floors. We have finally decided to use a "copper" tin back splash. My question is what color would you suggest for the cabinets? This granite just screams that it needs wood, but new cabinets are not an option, so what color would you paint them?
  • - Derek 01:22PM, Jun 8 2011 Try a tumbled travertine tile, it's classic and timeless. I've attached an image of our Oyster Mix Flamed variety that would fit your design nicely.
  • Sgomaley 09:24PM, Jun 7 2011 Hi, I have Santa Cecilia counter tops installed in my florida house. Can you help with a color for my backsplash? The appilance are stainless steel, cabinets are maple with a glaze of cinnamon and the floors are tile with a brown stone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • All Granite and Marble 01:17PM, Jun 6 2011 The Santa Cecilia granite is a classic and timeless choice that looks warm and cozy with medium colored wood and will compliment a cherry hardwood floor nicely. I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's also a great choice for the bathroom vanity.
  • Brittany2k 03:46AM, Jun 4 2011 My husband and I are redoing our kitchen at home. We are doing St Ceceilia granite counters, brazillian cherry hard wood floors, a medium color cabinet that matches the floors and stainless steal appliances.. After picking everything out I am starting to get a little nervous and wonder if this will actually turn out well.. Do you think this would turn out nicely? Also, what you do think of the same St Ceceilia granite counters and medium color cabinets in a bathroom with bronze fixtures- faucet, shower head, etc? We want to make this a future project..
  • Iradorno 12:56AM, Jun 1 2011 I just put Santa Cecilia granite countertops, I have maple cabinets, floors are ceramic light beige and getting stainless steel appliances. Any ideas on backsplash? I still can't decide on that or paint color, because I removed wall that divided the dining and kitchen and put the counter granite to sit. So the rooms now wall one wall connected. Any ideas on the kitchen paint and backsplash would be very helpful..Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:24PM, Jun 1 2011 I think a nice light cream color for the wall and a light honed travertine for a backsplash would fit nicely.
  • Bonnie Salazar 11:37AM, May 17 2011 Thanks for your help and alternatives, you didn'lt say whether you thought the Santa Cecilia was a good choice.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:40AM, May 17 2011 Bonnie Salazar: The regular Santa Cecilia is an appropriate choice, I just think that the "Santa Cecilia Real" variety of this family of stone would be the best choice, take a look at it, the ID is 1426.
  • Bonnie Salazar 10:35AM, May 17 2011 I also wanted to mention that the Kraftmaid honey spice cabinets are made of maple . Also even though I want something compatabile, I don't want to get too yellow. Thanks.
  • Bonnie Salazar 10:10AM, May 17 2011 I have Kraftmaid Honey Spice cabinets ( couldn't find them in your cabinet sample) and black appliances. I may change appliances later to stainless. I want to use a tumbled marble for a backsplash. Floors are a light beige tile. Would this granite be good or what others could you suggest in my kitchen. I have a large kitchen with an island in it.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:21AM, May 17 2011 Bonnie Salazar: Take a look at the Santa Cecilia Real variety. That would be a nice match. Some other options could be Giallo Napoleone and New Venetian Gold.
  • bonnie 10:33AM, May 11 2011 the sample pictures are lovely with the dark cabinets - - I have a honey oak colour of cabinets - - would this granite work with that? suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:32PM, May 11 2011 Bonnie: Yes. It's a very warm combination, go for it!
  • Lynn Silvestrini 06:27PM, May 9 2011 We are building a new home. Our cabinets are a distressed grey, the island black and the flooring brown brick pavers. I think I need color possibly yellow. I am looking for granite in a low to mid price range any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:03AM, May 11 2011 Lynn Silvestrini: My recommendations for you are Kashmir Gold, Astoria, and Yellow River. Good luck!
  • Greg Flyte 09:17PM, Apr 27 2011 we had St Cecelia granite installed in our new home and paid extra as this was an upgrade through the builder. We are very unhappy with the quality of the stone as it has lots of pitting (writing on our island yields many paper breakthroughs!) and the finish is dull and appears spiderweb like when looking at it closely. I am considering putting in a complaint with the BBB against both the builder and the granite contractor as neither have agreed to do anything about it. I have seen this granite in other peoples homes as well as in some local restaurants and have not seen the poor quality stone that I somehow got. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with their granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:57PM, Apr 28 2011 Greg Flyte: That is very unfortunate and I sympathize with your ordeal. The stone should not have so much pitting on the surface and this is a sign of low quality commercial grade stone. Occasional pitting is acceptable, but what you're describing sounds to be unacceptable. You're taking the right steps by contacting a consumer protection agency and filing a complaint. Good luck.
  • Scott 05:22PM, Apr 26 2011 We have Dal Tile Salerno Marrone Chiaro for our floor tile and toffee glazed maple cabinets. Would Santa Cecilia be a good choice? Light, dark, classic, etc?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:23PM, Apr 28 2011 Scott: My suggestion is Santa Cecilia Real. It's one of our newest batches of Santa Cecilia and looks beautiful. Would fit your design nicely.
  • Anne 09:08PM, Mar 17 2011 Wow, we did the same thing as most. We loved the Santa Cecilia then installed the tumbled marble and it is pink. I don't like it and I am debating on ripping it down. However, our local stores do not have tumbled mocha or noce travertine tile and I am nervous about purchasing over the internet and then not liking it. Does anyone have any pictures of a successful Santa Cecilia countertop with a tile backsplash combo?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:14AM, Mar 18 2011 Anne: I suggest this video:
  • Melanie 04:34PM, Mar 16 2011 We have light oak cabinets and our tile floor has some terracotta colour to it. We just recently had Santa Cecilia (Dark) Granite counter tops installed. Our walls are painted light beige. We were thinking of going with a chocolate brown subway tile backsplash. Do you think this is a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:13AM, Mar 17 2011 Melanie: Excellent choice. The darker chocolate brown tile will offset the light countertops and wood, go for it!
  • Jill 09:53PM, Mar 12 2011 We have honey maple cabinets that have wainscoting door fronts with antiqued black lines, ss appliances, and medium color wood floors. What granite would you recommend? Looking for a French country look and are considering paint the or antique whitewash? Plan to add subway tile backsplash. Thanks for your opinion!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:45PM, Mar 14 2011 Jill: I recommend Santa Cecilia Real or Giallo Napoleone granite. For more movement, try Crema Bordeaux or Typhoon Bordeaux. I'd paint the island a dark color. Hope this helps.
  • Cindy Solomon 09:41PM, Mar 5 2011 We have a slab of juperana terra nova on hold and have selected a tile floor that has much the same colors and flow as the granite. Our appliances are stainless steel as is the sink. The cabinets will probably end up being a medium cherry, shaker style.. We are thinking the tile backsplash needs to be very subtle but would still like to have some kind of accents. We're looking at chiara tile. What size tile would be less busy and would black and/or stainless steel keys be OK accent pieces if used sparingly? Thank you for your input! the multitude of options are confusing at best!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:40AM, Mar 7 2011 Cindy Solomon: You're on the right track, seems like everything is coming together nicely. I agree that the backsplash should be calmer as the Juparana Terra Nova is a beautiful but busy stone. I'd make the chiara tile 4x4 or 6x6. The accent pieces is a great idea.
  • Mary 10:29AM, Feb 28 2011 I have oak cabinets, santa ceclia countertops (sample 392 is closest) and a porcelian tile that looks like travertine on the floor. I want to put up a glass tile backsplash but can't decide on a color. Should I go with one color, like beige, or a combination of colors? What about black glass?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:34AM, Feb 28 2011 Mary: The Santa Cecilia has a quite busy pattern with the different flecks of colors, so I'd use a muted backsplash. Perhaps a beige glass tile but with darker inserts to break up the all beige.
  • Digapocialo 05:56AM, Jan 17 2011 You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material
  • marshall driver 04:28PM, Jan 7 2011 We have just about completed our remodel. We went with ventage oak floor, Light Maple Cabinets and Santa Cecilia counter tops. My wife picked a must have Blanco cafe brown granite composite sink (She Loves). We are having trouble with the backsplash. She brought home a toumbled marble in an off white that looked pink with the surroundings. I want to go darker she wants to stay light. HELP
    • All Granite and Marble 09:34AM, Jan 10 2011 Marshall Driver: Do you know what the marble tile is called? I recommend to use a tumbled botticino marble tile. For a darker suggestion, a tumbled Noce travertine would look great. You just have to decide on the dark vs. light backsplash as either direction is acceptable in your set-up.
  • Cathy 11:43AM, Dec 5 2010 We have Kincaid maple Autumn cabinets, almond appliances, and light, beige colored flooring. We are picking out counter tops and leaning towards Santa Cecilia. Will it work nicely? What paint would you recommend to tie all these together? Another counter top choice is Giallo Fiorito, but not sure if it’s a safe choice. We are looking for a wow factor, and also resale value as we plan to sell next year. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:48PM, Dec 7 2010 Cathy: The Santa Cecilia is a popular choice that has the warmth for your set-up. Another option could be New Venetian Gold. For wall color, try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige".
  • Jenifer 09:08PM, Nov 17 2010 I have dark cabinets and dark cherryish floors. I am looking for a backsplash to compliment my Santa Cecelia countertops and stainless steel appliances. Nothing too busy, but something that goes with reds and greens without being too Christmas-y. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:34AM, Nov 19 2010 Jenifer: Take a look at tumbled mocha or noce travertine tile. That would compliment the Santa Cecilia nicely.
  • devon perkins 11:16PM, Nov 3 2010 i need to get price
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Nov 5 2010 Devon Perkins: For a price, please use our Online Estimate Tool or contact the sales office.
  • Terri 10:46PM, Oct 9 2010 I have dark walnut cabinet with a cherry finish, ST. CECILIA GOLD granite counter tops. I found beautiful moaic tile - merolat title, mosaic mocha (brown) that I wish to use for back splash, however I think it may be too busy. I would like to break up backsplash with something more neurtal and have splashes of the mosaic tile. Could you suggest a neutral tile that would complement the granite. For flooring I am using oak hard wood floors with a golden hue stain. Thanks for you help
    • All Granite and Marble 10:00AM, Oct 11 2010 Terri: I recommend a tumbled botticino marble tile.
  • Brandy 10:42AM, Sep 29 2010 Mr. Moderator: Would you be able to share the name of the tile and paint paired with the Santa Cecilia in the Cabinet Tool photos?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:50AM, Oct 1 2010 Brandy: Unfortunately we only have information on the granite countertop itself.
  • Madge Griffin 07:18PM, Sep 27 2010 is st cecillia and santa cecillia the same thing
    • All Granite and Marble 09:39AM, Sep 28 2010 Madge Griffin: Yes.
  • Kim M 09:00PM, Sep 19 2010 I have cherry cabinets and Santa Cecilia (dark) granite. I cannot decide on a floor tile (porcelain) or wall color. I don't want the tile to compete with the countertops but I don't want something too light in color either. Suggesstions on flooring and paint?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:04AM, Sep 20 2010 Kim M: Try a mocha travertine tile for the floor, and Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond" for wall color.
  • sandy 03:14PM, Aug 26 2010 I am using Santa Cecilia granite in the master bathroom I want to paint my bathroom wall dark red. Do you think this will go?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:00AM, Aug 27 2010 Sandy: Absolutely. The Santa Cecilia has some wine colored flecks that would compliment the wall color nicely.
  • Jennifer 03:23PM, Aug 25 2010 I'm looking for a granite remnant for my butler pantry to complement the Santa Cecilia in my kitchen. There is a wall between the two spaces. The walls are deep red and the cabinets are a Saddle brown with oil rubbed bronze hardware. Suggestions? I know I can get a remnant a lot cheaper than the same size Santa Cecilia top.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:18PM, Aug 27 2010 Jennifer: Can you get a remnant of Santa Cecilia? Some similar options are Giallo Ornamental or New Venetian Gold.
  • E thorne 12:56AM, Aug 8 2010 We just had cabinets refaced and Santa Cecelia Dark granite countertops installed. We are have a very difficult time with the backsplash. walls are a deep emerald green. Stainless steel appliances. Please help.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Aug 9 2010 E Thorne: I recommend a tumbled noce travertine tile.
  • Doug 10:22PM, Aug 5 2010 Choosing Granite to Complement Flooring We are building a new home in Florida. The kitchen is large with perimeter cabinets on two sides and a large island. The cabinets will be walnut stained with a light cherry stain. The island will be off white. Out floor tile is Panaria Vitalyty Fire. This is a pretty busy floor tile and we are wondering how busy we should be with the perimeter granite. For the island and the raised breakfast bar we think we will use Ocean Black or Black Galaxy4xe1. Some of the granites we are considering are Santa Cecilia, Giallo Napolean and New Venetian Gold (to name a few). We want something in the golds and browns to complement the floor tile but are concerned about picking a granite that will compete rather than complement the floor. We have samples of the floor tile and cabinets. We're just nervous since this is a huge decision that will make or break the kitchen. Any suggestions ot help would be appreciated. Even a suggestion of other granites that may work.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Aug 6 2010 Doug: You're in the right color tones for the perimeter, but perhaps the pattern of the stones like New Venetian Gold or Santa Cecilia is a little too busy. Try Astoria or Colonial Cream.
  • Katie 03:08PM, Aug 3 2010 We liked the Giallo Ornamental, but thought it was too "matchy-matchy" with our cabinets and floors. Nevertheless, do you think SC dark would be more creamy and a better fit?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:55AM, Aug 5 2010 Katie: Absolutely.
  • shana 06:13PM, Aug 1 2010 Hi. We recently installed Cherry Spice cabinets with Santa Cecilia counter. We are thinking of tumbled chiaro
    oce backsplash. I am having a very hard time with the floor. I would like something with a little variation as it is high traffic area but don't want anything too busy. Thanks for your help!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:41AM, Aug 2 2010 Shana: Try noce travertine tile for the floors.
  • KatherineM 11:29PM, Jul 30 2010 I just had St. Cecilia countertop installed and am trying to decide on a backsplash. I have white cabinets and white applicances with a fairly dark hardwood floor. Walls are beige. I am going for a light and airy French country look overall. I don't want a beige backsplash but am worried that a pure white backsplash will clash with the St. Cecilia. Can you suggest a material and color for a backsplash that would pull together the countertops and the white cabinets with a light and bright effect overall?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:27PM, Jul 31 2010 KatherineM: I suggest a natural stone backsplash. A tumbled noce travertine or botticino marble would fit your design nicely.
  • Katie 01:52PM, Jul 28 2010 We are having antique white cabinets installed with a chocolate glaze. The floors are knotty pine. After originally thinking dark, we are leaning toward Santa Cecilia Light for the counters. Will this be a good combo? Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Jul 29 2010 Katie: It's a rather light set-up. Perhaps something a little more creamy like New Venetian Gold, or Giallo Ornamental.
  • Janet 11:47AM, Jul 21 2010 I'm trying to choose between St Ceilia and new venetian gold but i can't seem to see a difference when I look at samples online. Is there a difference between the two.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Jul 22 2010 Janet: It's best to look at the stones in-person. It varies between each batch/delivery of slabs, and the difference is subtle. The Santa Cecilia usually has a tighter pattern and the NVG is a bit more creamy/beige.
  • Guest 11:03PM, Jul 19 2010 I have selected the St.Ceilia Gold for my kitchen counter tops and Florida Tile Horizon Temple gold as my floor tile. The cabinets are a honey glazed color. I have also selected wheatgrass (sherwin williams) as the wall paint color. I am having difficulity picking out a backsplacsh. What are your thoughts on the selections already made and do you have any suggestions for the backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, Jul 20 2010 Guest: For backsplash I suggest to try a tumbled marble tile or use a simple and light subway tile.
  • nicole 06:43PM, Jul 19 2010 we just installed santa cecilia tops on existing gunstock stained oak cabinets. we're having issues picking out the wall , backsplash and floor colors. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:48AM, Jul 20 2010 Nicole: Nicole: For backsplash I suggest a tumbled noce travertine tile, and Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond" for wall color.
  • Helaine 08:55PM, Jul 18 2010 We just installed cream painted cabinets (no glaze) and Santa Cecilia granite. It was stunning. I then had the backsplash done in tumbled marble/Chiaro color with an enhancer sealer that totally changed the color to a beige/brownish! It's even got some pick undertones. I am so upset when I see the yellowish tone granite against that beige tile thinking it may clash. Have you seen this combination done w/ success?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:58AM, Jul 21 2010 Helaine: Send a picture of how this looks to [email protected] so I can give you a better opinion.
  • Vivienne 12:28AM, Jul 16 2010 I am using Santa Cecilia in my kitchen. Our cabinets will be painted white with lines. What color floor tile & wall paint would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:25AM, Jul 16 2010 Vivienne: For the walls try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige" and use a travertine tile floor.
  • Teresa 06:19PM, Jul 13 2010 I am purchasing a new home and have selected a carmel color maple cabinet. The standard granite colors available are Ubatuba and Santa Cecilia. I feel one matches well, but there's no drama. The other gives drama but is so common. Are there any other recommendations you can offer.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:03AM, Jul 14 2010 Teresa: Are limited to these two choices? I'm leaning towards the Ubatuba for an excellent contrast. Another option is Butterfly Antique or Tropical Brown.
  • shelly 01:40PM, Jul 12 2010 I have a dilemma! We are building our house and chose the Santa Cecilia granite. We were a little leery as the gold undertone seemed difficult to match. We went with oil rubbed bronzed hardware and fixtures, a medium brown composite sink, mahogany + chocolate (kind of like the ones in the picture) with a Brazilian cherry floor. My husband is unsettled with this decision - but we still have time. My questions are: A. what do you think about the current combination and B. what if we went with Vicenza? Thanks for your help in advance!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Jul 13 2010 Shelly: I'm leaning towards the Santa Cecilia for better contrast and a timeless look.
  • Colleen 12:08PM, Jul 12 2010 We have oak floors,mahogany/medium cherry stained birch cabinets and black appliances and we are looking for a countertop that will pull it all together. Have considered Santa Cecelia, but we're only going to do this once ,so need to get it right. Definitely don't want it to end up looking run-of-the-mill, typical 2000s builder kitchen. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:01AM, Jul 13 2010 Colleen: The Santa Cecilia is an excellent choice, another option might be New Venetian Gold.
  • Nettie 11:25AM, Jul 3 2010 Just saw my actual cabinets at the builder last evening. They are a soft ivory with cocoa glaze. I was going with Santa Cecelia after agonizing back and forth between Tropical Brown and St. Cecelia. The cocoa glaze lines are much more pronounced than I had anticipated. Do you think the St. Cec will be too busy with all the doors and drawers glazed so prominately? Do you have another suggestion. I like lighter look for a kitchen but know I need some contrast. SS applicances, {pinkish toned} brick colored tile floor. Wall color can be done whatever when I finally make my granite countertop choice. I am growning desperate as decision must be made right away. I was going for a lighter French Country look.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:59AM, Jul 5 2010 Nettie: Perhaps Kashmir Gold, it has a very soft and subtle grain.
  • Mike 10:13PM, Jun 29 2010 We just ordered Yorktowne Maple Toffee cabinets and are trying to choose floor, granite, and backsplash colors. We like the Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, and some of the Gialo variants. Can anyone make a suggestion on floors especially? I have samples of Daltile Portenza Terra di Sienna (PZ04) and Mohawk Pantego Bay Brown Shell. My walls are Sherwin Williams Blonde but paint is the easiest thing to change. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:41AM, Jun 30 2010 Mike: The Terra di Sienna is a rich and warm color, but you might want to tone it down a little with a color like Avorio Antico. Your granite choices have quite a busy pattern.
  • Bryan 11:40AM, May 25 2010 What price point is the Santa Cecilia at installed?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:13PM, May 25 2010 Bryan: It's one of our lower priced offerings. For an estimate, please contact the sales office or use our Online Estimate Tool located on the main page.
  • Carrie 12:36AM, May 11 2010 Thanks for pointing us in the direction of neutral, simple and light. You are so right that Santa Cecilia is quite busy. What tile would you suggest?
  • KathrynM 01:56PM, May 10 2010 In my kitchen, I have honey oak cabinets, stainless/black appliances, plan to put in a neutral backsplash and have neutral non-descript floor tiles... what color should I paint the walls?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:43AM, May 11 2010 KathrynM: Try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige".
  • Carrie 03:09PM, May 9 2010 We have St Cecilia (Gold) granite, Chocolate cabinets (lots of them), Whole Wheat paint and are having trouble selecting flooring. We have two in mind, but are not sure whether to go lighter or darker, neutral or a bit bolder with more color variation.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:13AM, May 10 2010 Carrie: I'd go with a neutral, simple and light tile. The Santa Cecilia is quite busy already.
  • Tirzah Woolf 11:14AM, Apr 28 2010 Thanks... But with the Santa Cecilia granite and cherry sable cabinets, should i go with a lighter floor for contrast or a honey, beige colored floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:19PM, Apr 28 2010 Tirzah Woolf: The lighter floor for contrast. Your cabinets are overall a dark wood and the granite is medium color, so more contrast is needed in your design.
  • Tirzah Woolf 05:12PM, Apr 27 2010 I am buying a new house. Love Santa Cecilia. Picked light carpets and light floors... not white... but cream.. cherry-sable cabinets. just wondering if i should have chosen a more beige floor. My decorator told me that the lighter tile is more neutral and makes the santa cecilia pop.... contrast. Plus going to bring out the honey, burgundy and yellow in the furniture and window treatments... so floor is a cream... is that okay? What do you thing?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, Apr 28 2010 Tirzah Woolf: It's excellent! Your kitchen will look beautiful. Another option could be New Venetian Gold.
  • mary 09:35AM, Apr 22 2010 I forgot to mention i will have stainless appliances and I'm not 100% on espresso cabinets with the Tigerwood hardwood - not sure if it will be too dark - the kitchen has a double sliding glass door and no windows
  • Mary 06:36AM, Apr 22 2010 We are building a new townhouse and have selected espresso cabinets and mannington tigerwood umber hardwood floor. Thinking of santa cecilia granite - thoughts and ideas for backsplash appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:07AM, Apr 22 2010 Mary: Try a noce tumbled travertine tile, or keep it simple with a subway tile in tan/gold tones.
  • Tom 11:43AM, Apr 15 2010 We want a porcelain tile floor that is not too light (colorwise), due to heavy traffic thru the kitchen (2 boys and our dog) Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Apr 16 2010 Tom: Try the Daltile line "Plaza Nova" color Beige Haze.
  • Tom 11:33AM, Apr 14 2010 I like the Bianco Antico. Do you have any suggestions for colors for tile floors and backsplash? Kitchen is 15' x 12'. Full sun thru south side door. Adjoining living room is painted cocoa with grey/taupe/brown berber. thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:06AM, Apr 15 2010 Tom: Keep it simple -- subway tile for the backsplash. Do you want tile or hardwood for the floors?
  • Tom 05:14AM, Apr 14 2010 I have shaker style espresso cabinets. Can I get away with white appliances? What color granite would complement both? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Apr 14 2010 Tom: Try Bianco Antico, or Delicatus.
  • Justin 03:05PM, Apr 6 2010 We have Maple Spice cabinets and natural oak floor. Now we are trying to decide on a good granite color. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:31PM, Apr 6 2010 Justin: Try Tropical Brown. Another suggestion is Butterfly Antique. As you see, I'm leaning towards darker colors for contrast.
  • Anna 12:53PM, Apr 5 2010 I have natural maple cabinets in a mission style. All of my countertops are Santa Cecilia; I am adding additional cabinets in a separate part of the kitchen. Do the countertops need to match or can I contrast with a different material>
    • All Granite and Marble 11:52AM, Apr 6 2010 Anna: I'm leaning towards having the counter match, unless the new addition is separated by a wall, or it's an island.
  • Ann 01:16PM, Apr 3 2010 I have white kitchen cabinets and will get all stainless steel applicances. I want to know if Saint Cecilia will look good with white cabinets and a biege backsplash? I have small samples of the granite but it is so confusing to look at such a small piece and vizualize the complete look. The samples I have looked at has creme, browns, black and some either light gold or green in the sample. I need help to decide if that will look good overall.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Apr 6 2010 Ann: You must inspect a full slab! With that being said, Santa Cecilia is a very nice choice to lightly contrast the white cabinets and compliment the beige backsplash.
  • Barbara 04:31PM, Mar 28 2010 We went to pick out our granite slab yesterday only to return home confused. I have washed oak cabinets & light wood floors. Both pros are steering us to Santa Cecelia (which we like). But we also sort of like the Tropical brown. They say too dark. Opinion? Kitchen is painted sage green. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:10PM, Mar 29 2010 Barbara: I do not think it's too dark. The more contrast the better!
  • Cindy 09:59PM, Mar 24 2010 What color and size of tumbled marble do you suggest? Does travertine or stainless tile work? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:26AM, Mar 25 2010 Cindy: I was thinking about Botticino tumbled marble. Travertine would also look great, take a look at Scabos or Noche (noce).
  • Cindy 01:30PM, Mar 24 2010 We have honey maple cabinets and natural maple floor. We like harmonious and modern feeling kitchen. Thinking about Santa Cecilia or Juparana Vyara for coutertop and island, which one look better? Also need suggestion for backsplash. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:45PM, Mar 24 2010 Cindy: I'm leaning towards the Juparana Vyara, it has a richer pattern. For backsplasha, a tumbled marble tile would look very nice.
  • Yvonne 10:30PM, Mar 23 2010 I have white kitchen cabinets. Would the Santa Cecillia or Kashmir Gold be a good choice.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:12AM, Mar 24 2010 Yvonne: Absolutely! I'm leaning towards Kashmir Gold as it has some light veining.
  • Marsha 07:28PM, Mar 22 2010 New construction, cherry cabinets with a cider stain, warm honey wood flooring, Santa Cecelia granite on counter tops and large island. What color for backsplash? Also, with a fairly large kitchen open to a morning room and family room, will Santa Cecelia seem too busy?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Mar 23 2010 Marsha: Perhaps a tumbled travertine tile for backsplash.
  • Shin 12:55AM, Mar 21 2010 We have natural oak cabinets, natural oak hardwood floor and white appliances. The kitchen opens up to the living room and the wall is light beige color. Do you think Uba tuba is too dark? How about Santa Cecilia, Tropical brown, Baltic brown, Giallo Florito? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:38AM, Mar 22 2010 Shin: Tropical Brown would be an excellent choice.
  • Andrea 11:22PM, Mar 20 2010 We are remodeling our kitchen and are keeping our warm brown w/gold undertones flooring. We would like St Cecelia countertops. What color cabinets and backsplash would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:37AM, Mar 22 2010 Andrea: Go with a light, perhaps almond colored cabinet and either a tumbled travertine or light subway tile for backsplash.
  • Sheila 07:29PM, Mar 5 2010 What paint color do you suggest? I was thinking some shade of yellow.
  • Sheila 08:27AM, Mar 5 2010 My kitchen appliances are black.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:34AM, Mar 6 2010 Sheila: Try Benjamin Moore line "Lemon Grass" or "Lemon Merinque".
  • Sheila 08:26AM, Mar 5 2010 I have golden oak cabinets and santa cecilia countertops. My kitchen is open to my den. My den has oak hardwood floors with a Provincial stain. I need a backspash color/pattern and a floor tile to pull my kitchen together. Any ideas for my backsplash and floor tile?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:19PM, Mar 5 2010 Sheila: Perhaps a light subway tile for the backsplash, and noce travertine tiles for the floor.
  • celeste 12:22PM, Mar 1 2010 Hi, in my kitchen I have hardwood floors with a red tint, cream cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze knobs,green accent wall, there is not a ton of natural light in the mid-size to small kitchen. I am looking to buy granite countertops, but can't decide if I should go for a light or dark color. The light ones suggested to me are santa cecilia or giallo ornamental. I don't want beige and creme overload though. help!
    • All Granite and Marble 02:28PM, Mar 1 2010 celeste: Try Tropical Brown, or Tan Brown.
  • Courtney 12:04AM, Feb 27 2010 Would you recommend santa cecilia granite with wheat colored hickory cabinets? or do we need to consider a darker colored granite to give more contrast? What color granite would you recommend? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Feb 27 2010 Courtney: More contrast. Try Tropical Brown.
  • liz 06:50PM, Feb 22 2010 I checked Tropical Brown that looks great. What type of backsplash would you suggest and in what color. Thanks for all your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Feb 23 2010 liz: A tumbled marble tile will look nice with this design.
  • Hassan 12:46PM, Feb 22 2010 I am getting dark chocolate colored cabinets and want to know which granite would be recommended between new venetian gold or santa cecelia.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:29PM, Feb 22 2010 Hassan: Go with the NVG, it's warmer.
  • Deb 12:22PM, Feb 22 2010 Thanks for the advice. I'll check the paint color. This site is sooo helpful!
  • Deb 08:11PM, Feb 20 2010 I have a neutral cream with brown travertine shower and used emperador dark (but it is not so dark) travertine deco for accent. I have ordered a St. Cecilia granite counter top and planned on using the emperador deco as backsplash. When I saw the granite piece I thought there was enough beige/brown to pull it off. Now I'm stressing out about how gold the granite will be. Yikes! Cabinets are oak with spice stain. I'm open to refinishing cabinets - Can I tie this together with a paint color?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:30AM, Feb 22 2010 Deb: Do not panic. Make sure you get to pick out the exact slab of Santa Cecilia that will be used on your countertop, as different deliveries have changes in color tone. Try Benjamin Moore "Honeyed Almond" for paint.
  • Kate 04:09PM, Feb 20 2010 I have santa cecelia grantite and am toying with the idea of painting my cabinets a sage green and distressing them. Thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:56AM, Feb 22 2010 Kate: Excellent idea, this will bring life to your kitchen design and offset the granite nicely.
  • liz 12:07PM, Feb 19 2010 Black Galaxy shows fingerprints. Would Santa Cecilia, Giallo Ornamental or NVG give me a great look and reduce pink/peach tones or can you recommend a granite in the low $ range?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:05PM, Feb 19 2010 liz: Try Tropical Brown. The ones you've mentioned are quite yellow, might blend in with your cabinets a little too much.
  • liz 12:40PM, Feb 18 2010 We have honey maple cabinets which have a pink/peach tone. Applicances are s/s, beige tiled floors no backsplash yet. No sure what granite will tone down the pink/peach cabinet colors. Have looked at Santa Cecilia, Giallo Ornamental and Black Galaxy. Looking for a wow but also for resale. Help- color tone handicapped.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:35PM, Feb 18 2010 liz: I'd go with Black Galaxy, sleek and plenty of contrast.
  • Karen 02:46PM, Feb 16 2010 We have white cabinets, white appliances, and a white ceramic tile floor. We are looking at venetian gold, amarillo boreal, and santa cecilia. Currently our walls are painted a bright yellow. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:27PM, Feb 16 2010 Karen: The darkest (amarello boreal) will look best in this situation. It creates plenty of contrast and offsets the yellow paint.
  • Jackie W 10:27AM, Feb 16 2010 Awesome, I did order the natural maple cabinets. I didn't think the cider would go as well. Thank you! Great website, spent HOURS looking at your gallery!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:30AM, Feb 16 2010 Jackie W: Thanks for the kind words :-)
  • Jackie W 07:05AM, Feb 14 2010 Hi, I've chosen Santa Cecilia gold for my countertop. I'm ordering the cabinets tomorrow (sale ends) and have two choices, natural maple or maple in a cider finish. I can't decide which would look better but am leaning toward the natural maple. Will do a travertine backsplash; oil-rubbed bronze faucet and handles. Which cabinet finish would look the best? Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:22AM, Feb 16 2010 Jackie W: I agree with you, natural maple is warm and inviting. It will look nice with the Santa Cecilia. Go for it!
  • Terry 06:51PM, Feb 13 2010 I just installed Santa Cecelia Royal (aka Extra, I believe) and will be using noce tumbled stone for the backsplash. Now my oak cabinets seem orange. Any paint color suggestions that will help blend? Prefer Sherwin Williams, if possible.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:21AM, Feb 16 2010 Terry: A light, neutral gray should offset the orange tones, try SW6204 Sea Salt.
  • Dolores Lloyd 04:27PM, Feb 13 2010 I emailed you several weeks ago on a travertine color for Santa Cecilia granite and you recommended noce. I found a sample of it online and it goes really well with my granite. Can you recommend a color of grout that will work with the noce and what steps you need to do when installing. since we will be doing it ourselves.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Feb 16 2010 Dolores Lloyd: You should choose a grout color that will compliment or almost match the tile. It will make the floor look even and uniform overall. As for installation, we specialize in fabrication and installation of countertops, not floor tile. I cannot help you in this, sorry.
  • Jessica 04:10PM, Feb 13 2010 We have dark cherry cabinets with Santa Cecilia granite and stainless appliances. I have a mosaic tile for the backsplash that has gold, brown, and stainless in it. Completely stuck on what color floor to go with. Help! :)
    • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Feb 16 2010 Jessica: Try noce travertine tile.
  • Daisy Giuffrida 10:24PM, Feb 9 2010 I am interested in pricing the santa cecilia. i would need 46 square feet and want an estimate. can make appt. for a free estimate
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Feb 11 2010 Daisy Giuffrida: Contact the sales office for pricing.
  • Jennifer 10:22AM, Jan 26 2010 I'm getting new cabinets - cherry with a Cabernet stain. I have a light gold laminate floor. I'm looking at Santa Cecilia for the countertops. I want something lighter than an Uba Tuba since it is a fairly small galley style kitchen and with the darker cabinets I don't want to suck all the light up. Thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:14AM, Jan 26 2010 Jennifer: Excellent idea, Santa Cecilia will simultaneously offset and compliment the cherry cabinets.
  • Deb 09:38AM, Jan 26 2010 Help!I was advised to install Santa Cecelia with white cabs. I'm not too pleased. Help with paint color & backsplash color that would blend. Thankyou
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Jan 26 2010 Deb: I'm sorry that you are not pleased with your countertop. For backsplash do subway tile or tumbled marble. Wall color could be a warm shade of yellow, perhaps Benjamin Moore "Lemon Grass".
  • Larry 09:38PM, Jan 24 2010 We have red cherry cabinets and a marbled dark green floor. What granite would work best? We are considering NVG, St. Celia. The room has lots of light. We are going for "warm and cozy" Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:23PM, Jan 25 2010 Larry: Either one will tie-in beautifully, but the New Venetian Gold gives off a better "warm and cozy" vibe.
  • Kristen M 02:38PM, Jan 21 2010 Im putting in very dark cabinets and I cant decide between venetian gold and santa cecilia, would the st cecilia be too dark with dark cabinets?? thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 04:34PM, Jan 21 2010 Kristen M: It wont be took dark, there will be plenty of contrast.
  • Rozzie 09:03PM, Jan 20 2010 i am remodeling my kitchen with granite counter tops, i have light golden oak cabinets and hardwood floors and black appliances i am thinking about n venetian gold, st cecilia yellow, or g. fiorito which is better
    • All Granite and Marble 08:14AM, Jan 21 2010 Rozzie: Giallo Fiorito has more black to contrast the cabinets, i'm leaning towards that.
  • chrissy 10:55AM, Jan 17 2010 we have santa cecelia granite countertops now but are adding a kitchen island and dont want to go with the santa cecelia island top what color would look good with the santa cecilia?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:22AM, Jan 18 2010 chrissy: What color are your cabinets?
  • Holly 09:31PM, Jan 14 2010 I am getting St Cecilia. I have cherry cabinets, darker tan walls. I want to go with a tumbled stone backsplash. What color should I get?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:38AM, Jan 15 2010 Holly: Take a look at Noce Travertine.
  • lisa 04:45PM, Jan 13 2010 what is the difference between St. Cecilia and Santa Cecilia?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:22PM, Jan 13 2010 lisa: Same thing.
  • Katie 01:38PM, Jan 12 2010 We're doing a kitchen remodel with ivory glazed cabinets and the santa cecilia granite a darker wood floor. I need advice on backsplash and wall color. I'm thinking a travertine herring bone pattern for the backsplash with a border of glass tiles and a light brown color for the walls.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:08PM, Jan 12 2010 Katie: Looks like you don't need any advice :-) You're on the right path.
  • Leo 05:59PM, Jan 11 2010 My cabinets is white and floor is brunt mocha. will it look good if i choose santa cecilia counter top and island top? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Jan 12 2010 Leo: This scheme should work well.
  • Jamz 08:40PM, Jan 5 2010 We are currently in process of remodeling our kitchen to a galley. We're losing a lot of light to the area. We really like the Santa Cecilia. Our dilemma is cabinetry/flooring contrast and keeping granite in perspective. Looking at Cardell Classic in Wiley Brown (Beech or Maple), Milano w/ glaze (Birch), or other suggestions. Where should we focus on the contrast. Dark cabinet...santa...lighter floor (and how light...gunstock or natural)? Oh...and we have white appliances. Any guidance would be a huge help.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:00AM, Jan 6 2010 Jamz: Lighter cabinets to contrast the granite as much as possible, and darker floor to compliment & tie-in the granite.
  • Pat 11:07PM, Dec 31 2009 Installing cabinets lacquered with a parchment color and finished with a caramel-colored glaze. There are some accents done in walnut with a clear sealer. Could you suggest three granite options and tell me which of those is your favorite for this application? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:52AM, Jan 4 2010 Pat: Take a look at Tropical Brown, Giallo Fiorito, or Giallo Napoleone. I'm leaning towards the Tropical Brown, good contrast with a clean look.
  • Deborah 11:07PM, Dec 29 2009 Need suggestions...In the process of remodeling kitchen. I have all white cabinets, countertops and appliances and want to remodel with the Santa Cecelia for the countertops and island. I want to remove the wallpaper and paint using a yellowish-brownish color. (any suggestions?) Also, any ideas for a backsplash? I have hardwood floors. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:12AM, Dec 30 2009 Deborah: Sounds good, for backsplash I would do a tumbled travertine, or maybe glass tile in a brick pattern with colorful inserts.
  • Shelly 06:28PM, Dec 28 2009 looking at remodeling our kitchen with new granite countertops...cabinets are painted cream with brazilian cherry hardwood floors. looking at Santa Cecilia for the granite or Portafino Gold...which would look best? Also, our existing backsplash is New Orleans moss tile in a grayish/greenish color...would this be able to work with the Santa Cecilia? (I know it would not work with the Portafino Gold.)
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Dec 29 2009 Shelly: The yellowish/beige Cecilia with it's neutral tone will tie-in the backsplash better than the orange Portafino. It should look good.
  • al 10:18PM, Dec 15 2009 I have maple cabinets (ginger colored) with sable glaze, light beige cream floor, urban camaflouge glass tile back splash (different shades of green, grey and brown) and green walls, not sure what granite countertop to go with. Don't want it too busy or to make the room too dark.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:53AM, Dec 16 2009 al: The Santa Cecilia pictured above, or New Venetian Gold.
  • Kathi 04:52PM, Dec 14 2009 I have modern kitchen cabinets (much like the modern kitchen you have in your video except a shade darker, more like teak), walls almost exactly the driftwood color shown here, white appliances and a cream floor with driftwood colored accent tiles. Would Santa Cecilia be a good color for me? Also, I want to use it for both the counter tops and back splash but I'm worried the pattern is too "regular" and would look boring and too speckled as a back splash. Should I look for something with more movement or will Santa Cecilia look good as a backsplach?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:01AM, Dec 15 2009 Kathi: The Santa Cecilia will be excellent for your countertop, however the backsplash should be a neutral tile, perhaps travertine.
  • Heather 01:19AM, Dec 7 2009 We're thinking antique white cabinetes with the santa cecilia (yellow) counters, large copper farmhouse sink with oil rubbed bronze fixtures... and I have always dreamed about a dark reclaimed terra cotta stone floor. Also, ceiling has exposed beams. Is this too busy? We love each of the features individually just not sure if they will come together well... ??
    • All Granite and Marble 01:38PM, Dec 7 2009 Heather: It sounds beautiful, will not be too busy.
  • PENNY 11:02PM, Dec 5 2009 How would natural oak cabinets look with santa ceclia? My floors are a medium wood cololr called sienna.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:09AM, Dec 7 2009 PENNY: Santa Cecilia is beautiful with light colored cabinets. A rather neutral country-style look.
  • Elizabeth 12:05PM, Nov 24 2009 I have antique white cabinets, santa Cecilia granite. What do you think about a travertine split face tiled backsplash in beige?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:15AM, Nov 25 2009 Elizabeth: Excellent idea.
  • Maria 11:58PM, Nov 16 2009 Hello, we have all white cabinetry with hardwood floors. Love the colors in Santa Cecelia and Venetian Gold but would like to see more movement/veins in the stone. Most of the pictures I've seen of these two colors show the patterns to be mostly speckled. Thank you in advance for your reply.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Nov 17 2009 Maria: The pattern indeed is rather consistent & speckles. For more movement take a look at stones from the "Juparana" family.
  • Karen 01:10AM, Nov 16 2009 I am putting Santa Cecelia Dark counters in my great room kitchen. Ceilings are 9 feet, floors and cupboards are natural maple. What tiles would look good for a backsplash, without looking too busy? Any wall color suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:57PM, Nov 16 2009 Karen: Tumbled marble is a great choice. Wall color maybe a yellow tone.
  • Lori 04:23PM, Nov 6 2009 Probably darker. I neglected to mention that I will have white appliances. Possibly bronze fixtures?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:57PM, Nov 6 2009 Lori: Take a look at Giallo Veneziano.
  • Lori 08:31PM, Nov 5 2009 New construction will have white oak cabinets with clear finish, grey w/some med brown tile floors, and gunstock window trim. Need to have the walls a sage green color. Please recommend a granite that will work with all of the above.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:15PM, Nov 6 2009 Lori: Do you want to go dark or lighter?
  • Becky 03:34PM, Nov 5 2009 We have Oak Cabinets, Fruitwood so it has a slight read tint, and the same color oak floor. Would you recommend Santa Cecila, New Venetian Gold or Tropical Brown? Is the Santa Cecila too big of a "pattern" for the oak cabinets where you can see the wood grain? Also, I am having a hard time seeing the difference between the Santa Cecila and NVG. The guy at the warehouse said that the NVG has less pattern and might be better where two walls meet up at a 90 degree due to direction.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:13PM, Nov 6 2009 Becky: Maybe you should go with Tropical Brown -- the more contrast the better.
  • Catherine 02:54PM, Nov 5 2009 One more question, i have purchased a brushed nickel faucet, i have brushed knickel knobs now, but was thinking of changing them to a rust or faux finish. will this go with the room? Our stainless appliances will be delivered soon. should i purchase a different faucet?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:01AM, Nov 6 2009 Catherine: You should be fine.
  • Catherine 07:30PM, Nov 4 2009 HI, we have white cabinets and medium wood floors. We are getting stainless steel appliances and have picked out santa cecilia as our color granite, is this a good choice? also, we would like a bone colored sink, what do you think?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, Nov 5 2009 Catherine: Excellent choice on the granite and sink.
  • All Granite and Marble 11:46AM, Nov 2 2009 Renee': Either NVG or Santa Cecilia.
  • Renee' 10:49PM, Oct 31 2009 I have light oak cabinets and a pinkish terracotta tile. My main choices are Venetian gold, santa cecilia, tropic brown, uba tuba. I have also been quoted a Mascarello. Which would be best?
  • nl 10:18PM, Oct 24 2009 we are getting antique white cabinets and are between granite santa cecilia gold or giallo fiorito we have brazilian cherry floors in the kitchen. which granite would you recommend? we were also considering tan brown granite but think it would be too dark
    • All Granite and Marble 09:22AM, Oct 26 2009 nl: Giallo Fiorito is darker overall, I would go with the darker stone for more contrast.
  • Michele 03:56PM, Oct 12 2009 We just got medium cherry cabinets with a black acient rope trim, very pretty. I want to get the Santa Cecilia granite but are puzzled at the color sink to purchase. My husband doesn't like ss or white. Our appliances are black with some white trimming. Ee have a bone colored tile floor. He says black to bring out the rope trim but I just don't know. Please help.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:04PM, Oct 12 2009 Michele: The black sink would look fine, especially with the black appliances & trim.
  • Jill 01:21PM, Oct 2 2009 I have Santa Cecelia Granite, gold/tan walls and white cabinets. Can you rec. a cermaic floor tile color.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:23PM, Oct 3 2009 Jill: Anything that looks like travertine.
  • babs 08:06PM, Sep 21 2009 what about a backsplash? Santa Cecilia granite, cherry cabinets, berkshire cherry laminate and a kinda golden "suede" paint. so far so good....i don't want to mess this up here @the end. Thanks!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Sep 22 2009 babs: Take a look at tumbled mosiac.
  • Lizzy 10:58PM, Aug 10 2009 I have oak cabinets with a medium oak stain and white appliances. I am planning to install a Travertine Noce ceramic floor and have been trying to find a granite countertop that will pull everything together. I like the New Venetian Gold and also the Gaillo Florenza but cannot decide if they are the best choice. Kitchen is large, and I don't want something dark. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:02AM, Aug 11 2009 Lizzy: I would go with the NVG.
  • Julie 05:58PM, Aug 8 2009 We have a natural maple Parsons table and shaker style cabinets. How would Santa Cecilia work? Any suggestions for appliance color? floor tile? Going for a modern/transitional look with an eye to re-sale. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Aug 10 2009 Julie: Is it a spacious kitchen? How is the lightning? are going to have maple cabinets?
  • diane 09:35AM, Aug 8 2009 one other question for you, are there other granites you would recommend that we consider besides the Santa Cecilia (with cherry red cabinets, golden oak floor, stainless appliances)?
  • diane 08:51AM, Aug 8 2009 thank you so much for your quick response. so helpful!santa cecilia is what my gut tells me will look the best too..
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Aug 8 2009 diane: New Venetian Gold is nice, also Giallo Ornamental.
  • diane 06:12PM, Aug 7 2009 i have cherry red cabinets and golden oak flooring. new stainless appliances. i am debating between santa cecilia light (slab has nice red garnets) or black galaxy granite. any thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:45AM, Aug 8 2009 diane: I would go with the Santa Cecilia.
  • CariA 04:25PM, Jul 30 2009 We are doing new construction and really like the santa cecilia, but wondered how it would look with our cabinets. They are hickory with natural finish. Also we are looking at porcelain wood tile for the flooring - will that be too much of a contrast? Thanks so much!
    • All Granite and Marble 04:35PM, Jul 30 2009 CariA: Santa Cecilia varies between batches, so make sure to put a sample of the cabinetry and/or floor next to the stone and see how it looks. Take a look at New Venetian Gold it's similar but a little darker.
  • stephanie 12:35PM, Jul 20 2009 We have an average size of single family house, kitchen & family room are wide open. We have white cabinet & island in kitchen, natural oak hardwood floor in 1st floor. We are thinking about Sienna Sand from Duron as main color in almost whole house. What color of granite and backslash would you suggest us? Would Santa Cecilia work or would you suggest another? Santa Cecilia Light means "light yellow colored stone with honey highlights" or means "white stone with touches of sand colored flecks"? Thanks for the help!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:59PM, Jul 20 2009 stephanie: Santa Cecilia light has more white speckling in it while Santa Cecilia is more yellowish, I would go with Santa Cecilia in your set-up.
  • Blake 09:57PM, Jul 18 2009 We have light colored oak cabinets and light oak wood flooring. Will the Santa Cecillia clash?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:34AM, Jul 20 2009 Blake: Might too much of the same. Try a darker color, maybe Santa Rita? (stone id# 738).
  • Chris 10:08AM, Jul 13 2009 My santa cecilia granite is turning green around the seam. What could this be from and how do I remove it?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:52AM, Jul 13 2009 Chris: I am not sure why it would turn green the best way is to contack your fabricator and let hem know whats going on.
  • Janine 10:09PM, Jul 11 2009 What a relief/surprise to find this site! I have med/dark stained oak kitchen cabinets and white appliances in my rental property. Looking at Santa Cecilia granite (good price!) but worry about the appliances sticking out. Cannot replace cabinets - should I refinish and if so, what am I going for?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:09AM, Jul 13 2009 Janine:your white appliances wouldint stand out at all with that stone.
  • Wendy 04:43PM, Jul 9 2009 In our Kitchen/Family room we are putting down mahagany colored wood flooring, white painted cabinets with a coffee glaze... would Santa Cecilia be a good choice or too light?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:22AM, Jul 13 2009 Wendy: Santa Cecilia would be a nice match for you and its not too light.
  • Ty 09:34AM, Jul 5 2009 We are remodeling our small galley kitchen and little breakfast nook off the end of the kitchen. We'll have white cabinets and painted walls and are leaning toward St. Cecilia granite and a warm beige ceramic tile floor (we can't afford wood floors). How do you think that will look? We were orginally thinking of a black granite countertop, but thought that might be a little stark after seeing the black and then St. Cecilia, which is much more warm... and we couldn't decide what color floor tile to do with a white/black combination. Also we felt the St. Celila would be better for resale as we plan to sell within the year and it seems like neutral stone colors are trending more popular now than black. Any input would be appreciated- thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Jul 7 2009 Ty: You're right. The more neutral colors are far more suited for resale. It leaves the new owner room to play around with the rest of the kitchen. I think your design is on the low contrast end, but still works well.
  • Kim 09:13PM, Jun 29 2009 I have natural hickory cabinets, santa cecelia countertop and I am having trouble picking out a backsplash tile. Could you help with any suggestions on a color for the tile? Our santa cecelia is on the dark side, kind of gold.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:40PM, Jul 2 2009 Kim: How about tumbled marble or travertine?
  • Sarah 11:30AM, Jun 28 2009 We've just torn out everything in our kitchen in our 1960's style ranch home. Cabinets are expresso and countertops are santa cecilia. The kitchen and dining room are wide open. We've added prarie style french doors in that lead to the deck from the dining room, so everything is wide open. I cannot pick a paint color in the kitchen/dining room for the life of me. Pale yellow is too yellow with the counter-tops and eveything else I pick just doesn't seem to fit. The floors will be mid-dark hardwood. Can someone help with a paint color or two?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:52PM, Jul 1 2009 Sarah: Why not play on the darker colors already in the room? Espresso stain on the cabinets and the darker wood floors could go really well with a somewhat washed out brown paint. It doesn't have to be really dark at all. Seems like you would have enough light to pull it off too.
  • karen 10:47PM, Jun 11 2009 Just bought new construction. I'm definitely an amateur in picking out kitchens. Picked st. cecilia granite, maple merlot cabinets, and gunstock wood floor. How do you think that will look?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:21PM, Jun 12 2009 karen: Very nice. I like the contrast.
  • Bill 07:55AM, Jun 6 2009 Hello. I have hickory cabinets in natural finish (just gloss), lots of lighting in kitchen, and need to choose a granite finish to go with the lighter cabinets. We have looked at Giallo Ornamental and Santa Cecilia. Do you recommend any others? We will also be re-doing the backsplash, and are leaning towards tumbled stone tiles. Thanks you !
    • All Granite and Marble 09:34AM, Jun 6 2009 Bill: Also try New Venetian Gold and Colonial Gold if you want more of a vein.
  • Tommy 02:04PM, May 22 2009 We chose to use Santa Cecilia on our cabinets in kitchen for remodel job. Granite is beautiful. Now we must decide what to do for cabinets, currently pickled oak. Tumbled stone backsplashes, fig colored walls. What should we do to cabinets to keep them from looking so washed out? Black stain, paint white? Help please
    • All Granite and Marble 09:49AM, May 26 2009 Tommy: Something like a white with mocha glaze would be nice.
  • Colleen 05:04PM, May 18 2009 What price catagory does the santa cecilia fall in? Would you recommend it to go with distressed black cabinets, or would yo suggest another variety? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:47AM, May 20 2009 Colleen: Santa Cecilia is on the lower end of the price range. It should compliment the dark cabinets quite nicely!
  • Julie 06:03PM, May 17 2009 We just had Santa Cecelia granite counters installed a few days ago. When you look at the counters on an angle, it almost appears as though there are water marks on the counters (not smooth and shiny as they appear when you look directly down at them). Could there be a problem with the way in which they were sealed, or is this typical for Santa Cecelia?? Thanks so much!!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:02AM, May 18 2009 Julie: There are many things that could cause such problems. If it is a water mark, you should be able to clean it with a razor blade.
  • Deke 01:42AM, May 8 2009 We have medium oak colored cabinets and floor. Would Santa Cecila work or would you suggest another. I am worried that it will blend too much. We have good light but live in a overcast area. Our floor has a little dark coloring.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:46AM, May 8 2009 Deke: It may depend on the particular lot of the stone. Not all are as golden as the one pictured here. Most of the time they are a bit more pale (much like in the photos below). In that case, it could be a good match. Always get a sample and compare to the cabinets in the kitchen.
  • mary 01:53PM, May 7 2009 builder installed santa ceclia and at seam grain going in different directions, looks awful and seam is so visible as they used a dark grout. what can i do? builder refuses to do anything.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, May 8 2009 mary: There is only one explanation for this: cost. By aligning the pieces like that, he probably didn't have to cut from another slab. As far as the industry standards, there is nothing that says it can't be done. But it speaks volumes about the business though. Trust me when I say, NO reputable shop would cut and install this way. Not much can be done other than ripping the whole counterop out and replacing it with a new one. Do you know who the builder used for the countertops?
  • Sonia 10:02AM, May 7 2009 Remodeling kitchen. I have maple, mocha glazed kitchen cabinets, oak hardwood floors and will be putting in stainless steel appliances. The kitchen opens up to the living and dining room. (Wood furniture in these rooms is similar to the kitchen cabinet color). Kitchen will have an island with raised counter seating for 4. Also considering tumbled marble stones (off-white, beige and tan) for the backsplash. Recessed lightning throughout kitchen and hanging lights over island. Haven't decided on wall color yet. Any ideas? Considering Santa Cecilia for the granite countertop. Does this work well? Please provide other granite suggestions that would also be a good complement. Thanks! Great website.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, May 8 2009 Sonia: Yes, it's a good match. As for the wall color, check out our new tool, the Base Stone Colors. These are the colors that this stone is composed of. They usually work well as paint color suggestions. You might also want to check out New Venetian Gold.
  • Beth 04:00PM, May 5 2009 I have glazed kitchen cabinets that are a honey color. Knobs and faucet are a rubbed bronze. Am trying to decide between santa cecelia and emerald pearl countertops. Floors will be a medium wood. Which do you think is better?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:14PM, May 6 2009 Beth: It would depend a lot on the available lighting. Emerald Pearl will need a lot of light. Otherwise it can look almost black.
  • Elaine 08:15PM, Apr 28 2009 For my masterbath we have cherry cognac cabinets and light porcelain tile that looks like tumbled marble. Brushed nickle faucets. Spanish red on the walls. I'm thinking of Santa Cecilia or tropical brown on the counters. In other words, light or dark granite counters?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Apr 30 2009 Elaine: Light. Bathrooms are generally darker and smaller than kitchens so a light color usually helps. And since the cabinetry is a medium/dark cherry, a light stone will contrast nicely with it.
  • Laurie Shellie 08:21AM, Apr 16 2009 Thanks so this website, it has been very helpful!!
  • Laurie Shellie 10:12PM, Apr 15 2009 Simon I sent you an email with the pics. of my kitchen
    • All Granite and Marble 07:13AM, Apr 16 2009 Laurie Shellie: Going back to the original question. I would save the molding since it adds to the beauty of the cabinets. If possible just get rid of the counter and when you will get close the molding try to separate the top from it. This way you can just insert the granite in the place of the old top, without making big edges, etc. I think the molding is only glued to the countertop edge, try running a sharp knife between them. If I am right the finishing nails should be on the bottom of the molding and the top would be glue or silicone. If that works, then make sure the new countertop is measured and cut perfectly because it has to go exactly between the molding and the wall without any gaps. Hope everything works out!
  • Glenn Diebler 04:57PM, Apr 15 2009 We are going with Santa Cecilia countertops and maple cabinets stained cherry. We are considering a neutral light almond wall paint. Is brazilian cherry laminate flooring too dark?? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 07:03AM, Apr 16 2009 Glenn Diebler: Both cabinet and stone have cherry accents which go with the Brazilian cherry floor. It will be a great contrast if the floor is very dark, but the lightness of the cabinets will break it up.
  • Laurie 09:38PM, Apr 14 2009 I have 5 yr old white cabinets. We are replacing the current countertops with 2 cm granite. Current tops are strip laminate on top of plywood with a white painted wood molding surround. Am concerned with removing the molding since I will most likely have to touch up the paint which will never match or repaint cabinets altogether. We have an option to cut out the center of the countertops and install granite on top using a demi bull nose which will cover about half the molding. Was wondering your thoughts on whether or not we should pursue this avenue or bite the bullet and remove molding completely knowing we may have to touch up or repaint.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:48AM, Apr 15 2009 Laurie: Could you email me a picture of the counter? It will help me make a better suggestion. [email protected]
  • Shellie 04:24PM, Apr 13 2009 What is pitting?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:29AM, Apr 14 2009 Shellie: Pitting describes very small holes in the stone surface, they're 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch big. This are usually covered with a special coat by the quarry, but it all depends on the quarry and how many of the pits there are. Usually there a very few of them and almost undetectable.
  • missy 04:15PM, Mar 31 2009 we have an open kitchen with warm colors in the family room.. which the kitchen opens to by way of a bank of lower white cabinet on kitchen side and a cooktop island and another bank of cabinets with overhead cabinets..all white...the floor is beige with taupe gout. I want to redo our coutertops with granite... what to do? warm colors like the rest of our home. All white applicances.. and kitchen is visible from foyer and living room by way of pass way with bank of cabinets in kitchen and wall with columns on living room side and walk way on either side of living room into kitchen. Help.. have been looking a NVG and Giallo Napoleon and Santo Cecilia..I think NVG is too yellow with my beige floor and taupe gout.....
    • All Granite and Marble 01:57PM, Apr 3 2009 missy: Take a look at Colonial Gold.
  • Cathy 08:51AM, Mar 24 2009 I am using mocha cabinets, stainless steel appliances, santa cecelia granite. I have an open kitchen, dining and great room. What color paint would go well with this combination.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:56AM, Mar 25 2009 Cathy: Some sort of a pastel gold/yellow would match for sure.
  • MOki51 12:18PM, Mar 21 2009 I just have installed santa cecilia granite countertop, but the surface is not smooth as a mirror, it has dentation, chips etc. The installed said is a problerm with Santa cecilia, Is that true? can be fixed?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Mar 25 2009 MOki51: Pitting is very common in this stone. Chips however are a whole different story. That could be a sign of a inferior quality slab (aka commercial quality). Pitting cannot be fixed. It's a natural characteristic of the stone. Chips can be filled.
  • Lori 05:09PM, Mar 17 2009 I am building a new house and I'm considering putting in Santa Cecilia granite countertops with cherry bordeaux cabinets. My backsplash and tile are a pale gray and I'm also considering putting in burgundy tile inlays into my backsplash. My fixtures are all brushed nickel with black appliances. Any thoughts/suggestions for how this will look? Do you think anything needs to be changed?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:14AM, Mar 18 2009 Lori: I think you're well on the way to a great looking kitchen! I like your design.
  • terri 11:07PM, Mar 15 2009 i have maple mocha cabinets oak floors and santa cecelia granite,any suggestions on backsplash? having a hard time
    • All Granite and Marble 09:44AM, Mar 17 2009 terri: A pale travertine tile would work.
  • Teresa K 11:28AM, Mar 11 2009 in my kitchen remodel, the bottom cabinets are distressed black and the uppers are cream with an antique glaze. would santa cecilia dark or galio ornamental look better? i really can't tell the difference
    • All Granite and Marble 11:51AM, Mar 11 2009 Teresa K: Because there isn't a significant one. When you look at the slabs in person you'll be able to see slight difference in tone and pattern.
  • bigdave 06:54PM, Mar 2 2009 we have cherry cabs w/a slight stain. Originally thought sapphire blue, but love S.Cecilia NVGold, Giallo Venenzia. floors natural red oak. Would SC or the others be too similar to the floor and cabs. Torn between light monochromatic look and a pop!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:44AM, Mar 9 2009 bigdave: I don't think SC would be too similar. It has quite a different tone than cherry.
  • Tamra 11:03PM, Feb 28 2009 Opinion? I am planning on maple cabinets with mocha glaze & ubabtuba granite. Will this achieve the warm, rich look I am going for? Any suggestions on floor or backsplash with these colors?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:51AM, Mar 2 2009 Tamra: With Uba Tuba it would be rather dark and gloomy (unless you have a very open layout with tons of light). I would suggest golds.
  • Pat 05:12PM, Feb 11 2009 I have white cabinets, black appliances and wheat color walls. I plan to change the floor. I want a timeless, classic look that won't have to be changed in two years. What do you think of Santa Cecilia for my small kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, Feb 12 2009 Pat: It's a very good choice. It's rather neutral without looking bland.
  • Cathy 10:56AM, Feb 11 2009 I am going to put in mocha cabinets, stainless steel appliances and natural hardwood floors. What color granite would you recommend for the countertops?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:00AM, Feb 11 2009 Cathy: Light golds and yellows are sure to compliment the cabinets.
  • Melanie 01:15PM, Feb 4 2009 Thanks for this site. Love the great advice! I'm looking at Giallo Napoleon, New Venetian Gold Dark, or Santa Cecilia. My fave is the Giallo Napoleon, which seems to have larger crystals. Wlll that affect the stone's durability in comparison to the others? thx.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:20PM, Feb 5 2009 Melanie: No, they are all very similar to each other.
  • Jessica 12:16PM, Jan 31 2009 I have autumn blush finish cherry cabinets, and was wondering if santa cecilia or uba tuba would look better. I can't decide if i want a lighter color or a darker color granite for my counter tops.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:12AM, Feb 2 2009 Jessica: Santa Cecilia will give you more contrast, and the warm color will tend to compliment the cabinets more.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:42PM, Jan 27 2009 Yo: Yes. It will be a contrasting color (which is good) and will add some warmth.
  • Richard 08:03AM, Jan 23 2009 I was thinking of using a mocha color cabinet with Santa Cecilia granite, do you think this would go with white appliances or should I go with a cafe color. My walls are a soft yellow.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:04AM, Jan 27 2009 Richard: While the mocha cabinets would suite the granite better, they will also make the white appliances stand out like a sore thumb. I would go with the brighter color for the cabinetry.
  • jack 08:16AM, Jan 20 2009 would santa cecilia look better with maple spice or natural oak cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Jan 22 2009 jack: I would lean towards the oak.
  • yoli 08:03AM, Jan 20 2009 my cabinets are cascade maple spice w/ gunstock oak floors. Should i do ubatuba or st.cecilia for granite ctp
    • All Granite and Marble 09:04AM, Jan 22 2009 yoli: With Uba Tuba you'll get a lot more contrast than with St Cecilia. Both stones work, but it's a question of whether you want a quiet, toned down kitchen, or something that pops.
  • JoAnn 05:36AM, Jan 15 2009 I have maple w/coffee glaze cabinets med. brown/yellow/red hue flooring. Do you think this is a good choice of counter?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Jan 15 2009 JoAnn : If the maple is light, then yes.
  • kim 02:05PM, Jan 14 2009 I recently had St Cecilia counter tops installed in my galley kitchen (which is open into my living and dining). I currently have white painted oak cabinets,white appliances and honey oak plank pergo floors. Any suggestions for paint colors for the walls and cabinets. I have looked at tumbled stone for the back splash but am open to any suggestions.Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, Jan 15 2009 kim: For the cabinets, I would keep the color white. Maybe go to a warm white if they are a cool one now. Then I would add some glazing in a mocha color. As far as the walls go, the tumbled stone is a good idea.
  • Adrian 11:47PM, Jan 9 2009 We are planning on natural maple floors, espresso cabinets and Santa Cecilia countertops. Your thoughts? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 02:31PM, Jan 12 2009 Adrian: Very nice combination.
  • Susan 08:35AM, Dec 12 2008 I have a huge kitchen with a huge island. Ihave reddish brown cabinets,walls are brown glazed and travertine flooring. Going for the old world look. We have chosen peacock green for counters but want to do the island a different color. Thought about Santa Cecilia. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 05:38PM, Dec 16 2008 Susan: Santa Cecilia is a decent choice. For truly Old World style try Bianco Romano or Bianco Cardinale.
  • Lisa 10:29AM, Nov 23 2008 I am just beginning a master bath remodel and the only pieces I am commited to are the oil-rubbed bronze faucets. The master bedroom furniture is a mixture of antique white and medium maple pieces and an iron bed. What suggestions to you have for the bathroom counter (cabinet, walls and floor tile, too?) Thanks in advance!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:48AM, Nov 24 2008 Lisa: Keeping up with the bedroom colors, I would go with a off white vanity (the more detail the better) and for the top Bianco Romano. Very classy stone. It's a neutral color combination that will let you use almost any tile for the bathroom.
  • David 08:42AM, Nov 2 2008 We have honey spice light maple cabinets and were wondering what color granite would look best to compliment them.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:36PM, Nov 19 2008 David: Something a bit darker like baltic Brown.
  • Diana 09:57AM, Nov 1 2008 I have Santa Cecilia granite tops in my kitchen, but there is a green stain on the edge in one area. Is this normal, does Santa Cecilia have green in it or is this something I should be concerned about. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:26PM, Nov 19 2008 Diana: Some odd coloring sometimes exists in natural stone. But that is a sign of a commercial quality slab (nothing to do with strength of the stone, just how "clean" the slab is).
  • Tony 10:33AM, Oct 29 2008 Hi I have maple cabinets, hardwood floors. How do you think Santa Cecilia would look?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:49PM, Nov 19 2008 Tony: It will depend on the maple wood itself. It tends to come very close to the color of this stone. You generally do not want the two to blend together.
  • Michelle 09:33PM, Oct 27 2008 I have chocolate colored cabinets, with an off white floor, I am considering using Santa Cecelia Gold as countertops, would that be okay. What kind of backsplash would you suggest.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:48PM, Nov 19 2008 Michelle: Yes, the color choice is spot on. As far as the backsplash goes, I'd keep it neutral, tumbled marble perhaps.
  • Jim 08:05AM, Oct 15 2008 I have selected standard maple cabinets, and would like to use a Santa Cecilia granite for countertops. Can you suggest a specific tile color (brand)and wall color to tie the counter and cabinets together?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Nov 19 2008 Jim: Not much will be needed because they will already be very close in color. Some kind of a light brown tile would set some needed contrast in the kitchen.
  • Diane 02:56PM, Oct 8 2008 Can you tell me what price group this falls under?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:42AM, Nov 5 2008 Diane: For pricing questions please call our sales dept.
  • Druroplub 08:36PM, Oct 5 2008 How i may contact admin this site? I have a question. iijiivei
    • All Granite and Marble 01:07PM, Oct 8 2008 Druroplub: Write an email using the contact page.
  • Townley 01:08PM, Sep 30 2008 I have oak cabinets with a medium/dark stain (tobacco color). My floors are also the same color. Stainless appliances. I am looking at New Venetian Gold or Santa Cecilia. Will either of these provide the contrast I need for the kitchen?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:34PM, Oct 7 2008 Townley: Both should fit perfectly.
  • Dan 12:59PM, Sep 29 2008 I have standard maple cabinets, and would like to use a Santa Cecilia granite. I am considering an autumn mist slate tile backsplash. A.) Does St. Cecilia look ok with Maple if the backsplash is contrasting. B.) Will the backsplash I have in mind be too busy?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:49AM, Sep 30 2008 Dan: You should be ok, provided that the backsplash will be significantly darker. On its own, St. Cecilia might be too close to the wood.
  • Rebecca 11:12AM, Sep 25 2008 I have a dark merlot stained cabinets, Santa Celia Granite and ceramic tile backsplash and floor. My tile is not nearly as gold as the granite, closer to a taupe. I can't find any neautral paint that looks good with both! Which is more important to match, the tile or the Ganite?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:19PM, Sep 26 2008 Rebecca: You can go either way but matching the tile would create a smoother look.
  • Terri 05:51PM, Sep 6 2008 We have espresso cabinets, santa cecilia counters and light maple floors.. any reccommendations for backsplash?? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:20PM, Sep 25 2008 Terri: Pale travertine.
  • marci 12:05AM, Sep 5 2008 I have mexican tile (terra cotta) tile floors, khaki walls and oak cabinets painted white. I need help finding a granite. brazilian cherry floors complement throughout the open floorplan
    • All Granite and Marble 02:31PM, Sep 25 2008 marci: Golds are good. Try New Venetian Gold.
  • Kay 09:14PM, Aug 28 2008 Remodeling kitchen, chose Santa Cecilia granite. Trying to pick a backsplash. Walls are deep gold, cabinets soft white with chocolate glazing. Picked a soap stone tile, very rustic and rough, colors are gold tones with brown and cream, very rich, brings drama to the kitchen...BUT,is it to much...your thoughts? Very small kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:53PM, Sep 25 2008 Kay: I don't think it's too much seeing that you have light cabinetry.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:44PM, Sep 19 2008 JOHN: That's a lot of warm yellows. Maybe too much? How about going with a darker stone. Giallo Vincenza maybe?
  • Daria 04:55PM, Jul 25 2008 BTW.. I grew up in RP (if that is the location you are answering from) and think it is crazy that this was the first website that showed up on my search.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:29AM, Jul 26 2008 Daria: In that case, Hello Neighbor!
  • Daria 03:20PM, Jul 24 2008 We are trying to find a tile backsplash for St. Cecilia countertops. Tumbled stones (off white, beige, tan) don't look great. Any bold ideas?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:17PM, Jul 25 2008 Daria: As with most design elements, you need some contrast to distinguish the individual pieces. Try going a little darker (perhaps matching some of the browns in the stone).
  • Camille 03:01PM, Jun 17 2008 We are having birch cabinets in the color of "Saddle", kind of a medium caramel color. We like the Santa Cecilia granite, but have you ever heard of Santa Sylvia granite. It is quite similar only more of a beige. Or do you know it by a different name. I don't see it on your website. This forum is so nice, btw.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:06PM, Jul 8 2008 Camille: It's more of a comment box that turned into a forum ;) It might be a variation of St. Cecilia or St. Clara. Either way, as long as it's not too close to the color of the cabinets, you should be fine.
  • Celeste 11:09AM, Jun 16 2008 I currently have white cabinets. I am going with Santa Cecilia granite countertops. What would be a good color to paint my cabinets and what color for my walls? Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 02:02PM, Jul 8 2008 Celeste: If you're going to change the color of the cabinets, I would go much darker than the stone. Perhaps a mahogany color. Wall can be a nice pastel color.
  • Jim 12:14PM, Jun 13 2008 We have light cherry cabinets and cream walls, gunstock wood floors. Would Venetian Gold Light work for granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:55PM, Jul 8 2008 Jim: Yep. Good contrast.
  • Cheryl G 12:26PM, Jun 10 2008 I have chosen white cabinets for the kitchen. The floors will match the original oak flooring with mahogany inlays. I found the peacock green shows streaks so I am leaning towards something lighter I am looking at santa cecilia or giallo ornamental. The island will be a contrasting dark wood. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:47PM, Jun 30 2008 Cheryl G: What makes your combination work is the island. Without it the room would be rather bland I think.
  • Liz 08:56AM, Jun 8 2008 I have chosen Maple Honey Spice cabinets for our kitchen and we are thinking of St Cecilia countertops, is that a good match? We haven't decided on floor yet, but most likely it will be tile.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:26PM, Jun 30 2008 Liz: Might be too close color and tone wise to the cabinets. In other words, it would blend too much.
  • Lynnk 11:03PM, May 24 2008 kitchen walls are cedar logs,1 wall behind stove is sheerock,floors are red oak,cabinetsare hickory-spice.need to keep the counters lighter vs. dark. Thinking of using St.Cecilia light. I Read that this stone was porous Is this a Problem compared to other granite? Any suggestions on color and type of granite Help I dont know anything LynnK
    • All Granite and Marble 04:58PM, Jun 24 2008 Lynnk: In general, lighter stones will be more porous. It's not a significant difference though. Don't worry.
  • Michele 05:21PM, May 21 2008 We are planning on antique white cabinets, tumbled marble backsplash with oil rubbed bronze accents and Santa Cecilia for the counters. We also have an island that we plan to do in a cherry color cabinet. Should we stay with Santa Cecilia for the island or is there a contrasting darker color granite that you would reccomend? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:49PM, Jun 24 2008 Michele: Stay with one color. It's extremely hard to successfully mix two cabinet colors with two different stones.
  • Kathy 12:46AM, Apr 29 2008 I'm very interested in the Santa Cecilia. My cabinet is called "warm sienna" -its almost like cherry but more brown than red. What color floor and wall tile looks best with Satna Cecilia?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:09PM, May 19 2008 Kathy: SOmething off white/cream/beige. Basically tumbled marble.
  • Lyn 09:40PM, Jan 22 2008 Thanks so much for your response, Mr/Ms (?) Moderator. If you had a store down here, we would have hurried over there so fast and hired you guys. You have an awesome business and website.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:14AM, Jan 23 2008 Lyn: Thanks Lyn :D And it is Mr. Moderator.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Jan 22 2008 Mark:
  • Lyn 08:47AM, Jan 19 2008 Hi--It's me again. What a great website you have! So far, I love the Shiva Kashmir Pink and St Helena (or was it Mt Helena?) I don't know what to do...I also like Santa Cecilia and NV Gold.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:46AM, Jan 22 2008 Lyn: All will work with your cabinets. Get samples, look at them in your home, then decide.
  • Lyn 08:26AM, Jan 19 2008 We are gutting out our Florida pink kitchen and replacing it with antique white cabinets and Rosello (beige w/brown veining) porcelain tiles. We would like to keep our white appliances. What color granite would look good??
    • All Granite and Marble 09:45AM, Jan 22 2008 Lyn: Too many options to list. Since your cabinets are light/white, you can really choose a lot of different stones.
  • Steve 07:41PM, Jan 18 2008 We have antique white cabinets and natural oak flooring. Would St. Cecelia look good and give enough contrast?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:42AM, Jan 22 2008 Steve: Yes, it would. Light contrast, but with antique cabinets, that's all you need.
  • tim 01:31AM, Jan 18 2008 I have stainless appliances black granite sink. My cabinets are male with a chery finish, soo they are brown. Dark but not too dark. Kitchen has lots of light and I like Sta Cecila, any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:34AM, Jan 22 2008 tim: If you like it, go for it! It fits your color scheme very well.
  • Laura 09:39PM, Jan 17 2008 Would Santa Cecilia or NVG look better with a medium honey stained oak? Any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:33AM, Jan 22 2008 Laura: Both are very close to the wood color (which is rarely a good thing). Try the other Santa Cecilia (ID:391).
  • Karen 05:53PM, Jan 4 2008 I am debating between NVG and Santa Cecilia counter tops. I have cinnamon-colored cherry cabinets and light yellow/gold walls with gold/red window treatments. I have heard that NVG runs very un-uniformly. Any thoughts between the two?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:45AM, Jan 8 2008 Karen: Both can be found in many varieties. I think in your case it will have to come down to the actual slabs. Once you see what the slabs of each color look like in person, it will be much easier for you to decide. But both are good choices.
  • Brian 08:49PM, Dec 9 2007 We have minimally stained cherry cabinets and Brazillian cherry floors throughout the house. The kitchen has tons of windows and lights. The walls are pale gold in an open floorplan kitchen area. Which granite would you suggest between Santa Cecelia, New Venetian Gold, or Giallo Ornamentale?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:02AM, Dec 11 2007 Brian: I would pick the one that has the most color in it. So probably NVG.
  • Jackie 10:50PM, Oct 15 2007 We have cherry cabinets with quite a bit of a red tone to them. Do you think Santa Cecilia will be a good complement? The other granites we are considering are Giallo Ornamental and New Venetian Gold. Would either of these be a better match?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:49AM, Oct 16 2007 Jackie: All three are good. This santa cecilia is my favorite though.
  • Kat 09:31PM, Oct 5 2007 I have a medium tone of cherry cabinets with an off white with bronze glaze island. Bone colored travertine floors. How do you think that Santa Cecilia (yellow) would go. The other one that I like is New Ventian Gold any other suggestions? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:28AM, Oct 9 2007 Kat : That's a stunning combination, especially with the white island! Either of the two stones will look great!