Siena Bordeaux

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Siena Bordeaux

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Sienna Bordeaux

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Black, Brown, Gold
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A busy yellow granite consisting of white, brown, black, and beige colors.
Siena Bordeaux granite - Macro Photo Siena Bordeaux granite - CloseUp Photo Siena Bordeaux granite - Slab Photo
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  • - Jack 03:09PM, May 31 2014

    What about this "Crema" backsplash. It has a quite tone and brings out the subtle colors of the stone. Let me know what you think.

  • Anjal 12:50AM, May 31 2014

    this post is interesting and thought of joining while I was looking for ideas for my Kitchen. I'm leaning towards Siena Bordeaux granite counter for my kitchen.The slab has a lot of movement (mostly rust, yellow, beige)Need help in deciding tile floor and backsplash. There's so much to look for and I'm overwhelmed by the choice available in stores. Have cherry cabinets and kitchen is southern facing allowing lot of natural light in. Hope someone can help me please!!

  • - Peter 04:05PM, Oct 2 2013

    Neil, I would recommend something that will give you a nice contrast while complementing the color tones of your cabinet.
    Best Regards,

  • Neil 01:52AM, Oct 1 2013

    Hi, I have natural wood cabinets. Which granite would you recommend for this cabinet?

  • Peter 03:50PM, Sep 10 2013

    Pauline, I'd like to see some pictures, if you have any that you could upload that would be great.

  • pauline 09:39PM, Sep 7 2013

    Hi. I have cherry wood cabinets , med brown hardwood floors with a lot of grain showing...and stanless steel you think this sienna Bourdeau would work in my kitchen...I have an 12 foot island also in the kitchen. Do you think this granite will be too busy...oh, my walls are a reddish color, or I could paint a different color. I need your opinion..ty

  • Peter 12:59PM, Jun 27 2013

    Dear Ven, the Sienna Bordeaux looks fabulous after installation! Going with a full backsplash using the same tone gives you a dramatic look which will surely impress!

  • Ven 03:22PM, Jun 26 2013

    I recently selected Rutledge Armstrong Maple Mocha cabinets and Siena Bordeaux countertop for my kitchen. These are for my new home. Can anyone let me know how this looks after installation.
    Also please suggest me the better backsplash and tiles.
    Thanks in advance for your comments

  • - Adrian 04:36PM, Mar 4 2013

    Hi Penny, It all depends on your dimensions of your kitchen and how much light is it inside ? If it's a quiete big with a lot of light I think that then backsplash will match with countertops and cabinets, however if you've got a small kitchen then I'm more leaning toward lighter backsplash, like in the attachment. Please let me know what do you think ?

  • Penny 05:45PM, Mar 3 2013

    I am updating my kitchen with a backsplash against Sienna Bourdeau countertops.  My cabinets are natural cherry, stainless appliances and natural brazialian teak hardwood flooring.  I'm wondering if 3X6 slate tiles are too dark for the room?

  • - Derek 04:33PM, Aug 29 2012

    Yes, the Siena Bordeaux is a lovely choice for your kitchen set-up. Another color I recommend that would add elegance is called Typhoon Bordeaux. I recommend a soft and neutral wall shade such as Benjamin Moore series Linen White. Good luck!

  • Peter 02:27PM, Aug 21 2012

    I am doing a complete kitchen remodel.  The perimeter cabinets are off white (white with chocolate glaze) and the island cabinets are called denim blue but look more like a somewhat muted or stained green and the floors are ceramic to look like like slate with varied color and design.  Do you think Sienna Bordeaux will look good with this combination?  If so, any wall paint color recommendations?
    Thanks you,

  • - Derek 12:30PM, Jul 23 2012

    I'd use the Siena Bordeaux as the vanity top to make this piece the focal point of your bathroom. If you used the Siena on the walls and / or floor then it would be too busy and distracting. For the shower walls you could use a travertine wall tile such as Arizona Beige. I've attached a photo for your reference. The floor tile could be more rustic and pick-up the veins in the Siena granite. I recommend to take a look at American Olean Kendall Slate 12" x 12" in Carlisle Black. I've attached photos of my ideas for your reference. Good luck!

  • Liz 02:45AM, Jul 17 2012

    We're  looking to have Sienna Bordeaux installed in our master bathroom shower with oil bronze fixtures, but can't find enough of the stone....My shower walls are 8 feet tall and it is estimated that we'll need at least 21/2 slabs for the shower alone....We also wanted to use it as the vanity top....Is this too much? What product could be use on the floor of the shower? I know we could use the Sienna Bordeaux, but floor pan is very expensive to do in granite...

  • - Derek 05:35PM, Mar 31 2012

    I unfortunately do not know where specifically you can find the size you're looking for, however please understand that it's possible to cut the tile to the size you require and your tile setter perhaps can do this with a wet saw. In addition, I think the Botticino marble would look very elegant against your Siena Bordeaux granite, so you're going in the right track. Good luck!

  • - Derek 06:23PM, Mar 27 2012

    I do not think the Siena Bordeaux is too busy for your design, rather the deep rustic veins will make the granite countertop a focal point of your kitchen. Go for it!

  • celle 04:23PM, Mar 20 2012

    I saw siena bordeaux at a home show this weekend and loved it.  I have nnatural oak cabinets and natural oak wood floors...the "ship deck" look with dark pegs in the flooring.  The cabinets and flooring are in perfect shape.  Would this granite be too busy?

  • - Derek 02:48PM, Mar 15 2012

    Since the Siena Bordeaux has a rich pattern with deep, rustic veining throughout the slab, I'd use a softer and calmer backsplash tile. My recommendations for you to check out are Bursa Beige marble in a hexagon pattern, Bianco Glass tile in a brick pattern, or a Botticino marble Split-Faced mosaic. Let me know your thoughts on these as I've attached pictures for your reference. 

  • mae 05:16PM, Mar 12 2012

    my husband and i are presently remodeling our kitchen.  black distressed cabinets with sienna bordeaux  countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a tile floor that has swirls of brown, black, beige-y tones. what do you suggest for backsplash? 

  • - Derek 06:06PM, Dec 23 2011 I feel you can pick up the tones in the Siena Bordeaux and spice up the design with a tile such as 2" x 2" Melograno Marble Mosaic. I've attached an image for your reference. If you'd like something calmer and softer, then you can use a Tumbled Botticino Fiorito marble tile. Hope this helps.
  • - Kinga 08:08PM, Dec 20 2011 Have you considered using 2 x 2 tumbled Crema Marfil marble tile with accents? A beautiful combination like Ballet France would also be a stunning choice for your space. For walls, I would keep them light and neutral like Benjamin Moore’s “Ivory Tusk” or “Lighthouse Landing”.
  • Veness 06:17PM, Dec 20 2011 Need advise on backsplash (tile color, size & shape)  for kitchen with sienna bordeaux countertops, mahogany stained cabinets and white tiled floors (18x18).  I have flexibility on paint color, too, if you have suggestions on what to consider.
  • - Kinga 06:38PM, Jul 21 2011 A Crema Marfil tumbled marble tile would be a perfect addition to the space.
  • - Derek 03:01PM, Jul 21 2011 The Siena Bordeaux is a rich stone that will be the center piece of your bathroom and attract the eyes to the counter, therefore the tile should be soft and calm. A white subway tile or a light marble tile is very appropriate for this set-up.
  • JM 10:34PM, Jul 20 2011 Pls disregard previous post.  What I meant to say was I am thinking about using siena bordeaux in a main bath with white vanity and dark trim.  would that work and if so what color tile would you recommend? thx.
  • - Derek 01:18PM, Jun 17 2011 Absolutely! You're on the right track, the Siena Bordeaux has warm golden veining that will compliment the aspects of your design nicely. It also has clusters of a burgundy and raspberry color that will pick-up your wall paper and island tones.
  • - Kinga 12:55PM, Jun 17 2011 Ellenlane,

    I think the Siena Bordeaux would look lovely in your setup. The warm tones would play off of each other very well and the wine red in the stone would tie in the raspberry wall paper in the breakfast nook. The Siena Bordeaux is definitely a great choice for your kitchen. The pattern is very interesting and rich, you will enjoy this stone for years to come.
  • Ellenlane 03:03AM, Jun 17 2011 Would siena bordeaux work in a kitchen with toffee colored cabinets, gold/tan walls and wall paper, mottled brown floor tiles? We also have a raspberry colored wall paper in the breakfast nook just under the chair rail and are planning to paint the center island the same color.