Silver Waves

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Original name:
Silver Waves

Other name(s) used:
Monte Rosa, Montana Gris, Indran, Eiskristall

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A black granite with a wide spread of wavy gray and white veins.
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  • - Peter 06:42PM, Jan 3 2014

    Hi Carol,
    It ranges between double blue and single silver.

  • Carol Hansen 03:45AM, Jan 3 2014

    What is the price catagory for Silver waves?

  • - Walter 06:32PM, Jun 3 2013

    I'm sorry Francesca, but we do not work outside of the USA.

  • Francesca 10:26PM, Jun 2 2013

    Hi, i am wroting from Italy, Naples. I need 1 pièce 30x30x37cm of Silver wave. Is it possibile?fr

  • - Adrian 08:54PM, Feb 22 2013

    Hi, I'm leaning towards the stone like silver Waves, you get a nice contrast between your countertop and cabinets. Also I was trying to find you something similar and you can try with Jet Mist: . Regarding to the backsplash  I would recommend you  white-grey glass tiles, please see the attachment. Please let me know what do you think ?

  • Pcitrano3 10:45PM, Feb 21 2013

    What color counter top and back splash would go good with  cordovan brown glaze cabinets from Armstrong? Any suggestions of exact names, please let me know. I am lost trying to decide. I don't want something to dark yet to light.

  • - Derek 03:42PM, Dec 28 2012

    Thank you SO MUCH for the warm compliments! We are extremely happy for your new countertops and wish you many years of cooking, dining, and health with the counters. We would be very grateful if could also write about your experience in the installations section of our forums so more clients can read about your experience with us! :-) The link to the forums is here: Thanks again and on behalf of I wish you Happy Holidays and a GREAT New Year!

  • Yourmagesty 08:55PM, Dec 22 2012

    We looked at a lot of stuff before landing on silver waves for our low cost kitchen redo.  total cost of counters, appliances, sink, backsplash, etc was $6k.  Rest was my own labor! 

    The great price from got us the finishing luxurious touch we wanted and more counter space to boot.  All we had to do was take of the remove the tops and reposition the cabinets how we wanted them. 

    Then we had the template, selected our stone after several visits, and finally picked our slab and picked where from the slab each piece came from.  Two days later, we were done!
    We love how it turned out and the guys at Ridgefield park were very helpful during selecting, ordering and templating.  As were the install crew, who had to make some last minute adjustments to the wood moulding in the kitchen as well as made sure it fit perfectly with the new sink and also made sure that the adjustments were made for accounting for the backsplash that wasnt in yet.

    Pictures are before during and after.

  • - Natalia 07:01PM, Jun 13 2012

    What a lovely success story! If it's not too much trouble, All Granite would truly feel honored and be forever thankful if you could possibly write a review of your experience at one of the large business review portals on the internet. Feel free to contact by email ([email protected]) if you're interested and Derek will give you the details. Thank you & wishing you many years spent with the beautiful Silver Waves granite! :-)

  • Blackjacker 06:55PM, Jun 8 2012

    We used both of your NJ locations. :)

    South Plainfield handled everything for us, but didn't have the slabs of Silver Waves that we wanted when we were ready to pick them out, so after they templated we went to the Ridgefield Park location to pick out our slabs, then they sent those to South Plainfield for the cut and install.

  • - Kinga 05:40PM, Jun 8 2012

    Wow! Your project looks absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for your kind and warm remarks. We love to hear such positive and uplifting comments as it makes us feel like we have done our job right. Each project receives personal attention from our project managers to ensure each aspect of the project is done to perfection and according to our valued customers’ requests. Would you be so kind to share with us which facility serviced this gorgeous project? They definitely deserve recognition for another beautiful project well done! We are very passionate about what we do and it definitely shows with amazing projects like yours! Thank you again for your post- it definitely put a BIG smile on my face :-)

  • - Kinga 03:50PM, Dec 30 2011 You are very welcome! I am so happy and excited about your stunning kitchen. You absolutely have great taste! See you on your next project! =)
  • Lin82965 11:00PM, Dec 29 2011 Thanks so much Kinga...we soooo love it!  The granite is just so little drop of water and we're wiping..LOL  Thanks for the website, because I was just talking about a cleaner.  Thanks again! :)
  • - Kinga 02:04PM, Dec 29 2011 Wow! Look at this amazing design! This kitchen looks like a something one would see in a magazine. It’s great that you watch home improvement shows because they are very helpful in some aspects of your renovation. You can absolutely touch your granite! It’s durable and easy to clean but always make sure to seal it twice a year and clean it with the AGM daily cleaner from Good luck with your stunning kitchen!
  • Lin82965 12:13AM, Dec 29 2011 Hi, Thanks for your help and comments.  The glass tile also has slate in it to match our kitchen floor. :)  We watch too many home improvement shows LOL.  The Granite is so beautiful, I don't want to touch it!! :) Thanks again for a great job!!
  • Lin82965 11:45PM, Dec 28 2011 I didn't even notice, are the pictures.....!!
  • - Derek 02:47PM, Dec 28 2011 I've approved your pictures from the administration panel. I will delete the other times you uploaded them and keep this post to avoid confusion. The glass mosaic backsplash looks beautiful and compliments your Silver Waves granite nicely. The warm cabinets offset the darker counters and create an elegant contrast. To me this feels like a contemporary design with a traditional touch. Excellent job and great visionary outlook!
  • - Kinga 01:56PM, Dec 28 2011 Would you mind sharing which location did your job? I’m so happy you love your kitchen! =)
  • Lin82965 11:23PM, Dec 27 2011 I hope these pictures work now...I'm trying it again.  We are just so excited and thrilled with the way everthing came out!
  • Lin82965 11:10PM, Dec 27 2011 Hello, I tried posting some yesterday, but I don't see the post or the pictures.  We are completely thrilled.  Pictures don't even do it justice!  The Granite looks unbelievable!!  You guys did a fantastic job!
  • - Kinga 08:48PM, Dec 27 2011 Please post a photo of the finished kitchen! I’m so excited for you! This is a fantastic choice, I’m glad you went with it. Can’t wait for the pictures!
  • - Derek 02:44PM, Dec 27 2011 That sounds very exciting! How did the install go? Patiently waiting for the picture, I'm sure it looks very beautiful!
  • Lin82965 11:30PM, Dec 21 2011 I'll post a picture when everything is complete...(backsplash project day after). :)
  • Lin82965 11:28PM, Dec 21 2011 So, we ended up picking out this one and we are so excited.  It wasn't even one we picked online until we went to the yard and it just stood out! Very pretty and different!! We are getting it installed tomorrow.  I wish I didn't have to go to work because I'm gonig to be dying all day to get home and see it!  My husband said he'll take a pic. when they're done!!  I'll keep you posted. :)
  • - Derek 08:11PM, Dec 20 2011 Kinga's suggestions are wonderful, I also recommend lighter and warmer colors for a rich contrast such as Astoria, Sunset Ivory, and Giallo Ornamental. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 07:43PM, Dec 20 2011 Take a look at Cosa Esmeralda, Ice Green and Surf Green. I feel a nice green stone will pick up the green hues from your sink. It’s very important you bring samples home to see them in the space to make sure you like it in your own light. Let me know what you think so far!
  • Kevin 03:50PM, Dec 17 2011 Hello...  We are looking for a top to our small bathroom vanity about 2' x 2'    the vanity is an espresso color..... we have a vessel glass sink with a slight green hue.... the floor is travertine tile.... the walls are a beige color stone with a glass block shower wall....since you have so many colors and styles to choose from it is hard to you have any recommendation for what i described
  • - Derek 03:07PM, Jun 8 2011 You're welcome. I know it's a difficult decision, just trying to make it a little easier!
  • Gee_wiz 04:35AM, Jun 8 2011 Thank you for your input. I think that I was a little nervous about going with dark countertops because I was afraid it might make our small kitchen look even smaller, but I also think the contrast will be more striking and at the same time more neutral so that we won't be locked-in to a certain color scheme. Thanks so much for helping me to narrow down my choices.
  • - Derek 04:16PM, Jun 7 2011 The darker choices you're now leaning towards will certainly provide enough contrast, and are appropriate colors for your design. I'm leaning towards the Black Galaxy as a more modern choice that will reflect the copper flecks beautiful and compliment your set-up nicely. Hope this helps.
  • Gee_wiz 07:10AM, Jun 7 2011 Hello. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Our tiny galley kitchen has off-white cabinets. On one side there is a tin backsplash, and a red & black brick wall on the other, and our walls are painted a light tangerine. I intially thought a countertop such as juparana gem with copper veining or possibly santa cecilia might look nice, but now I'm feeling drawn to something like your silver waves or black galaxy. What would you recommend?
  • brian 11:57AM, Feb 13 2011 I have white cabinets with hardwood floors and ss app. like silvers ways any other suggestions, if silver waves what back splash? in danbury store
    • All Granite and Marble 10:16AM, Feb 14 2011 Brian: Since the Silver Waves granite is quite busy, I recommend a calm and neutral backsplash. A tumbled botticino marble tile is an appropriate choice. I think an option like the Golden Juparana is also a wonderful choice for your design.
  • Ryan 04:33PM, Oct 21 2010 Just bought a house in Westport, CT. Like granites #'2 782 Silver Waves, 771 Classic White (with black veins) and 938 Ocean Black. Anyone in the area carry these?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:53AM, Oct 22 2010 Ryan: Our Ridgefield Park location has all three of these stones. Please contact our sales office for more information.
  • Adam 08:40PM, Oct 17 2010 What coclor cabinets and floow would you recommend with this granite? How durable is this for a kitchen?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Oct 18 2010 Adam: I suggest white or gray cabinets and possibly a nice tumbled botticino marble for your floor. Granite is the ideal stone for your kitchen and is very durable.