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Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Rich golden highlights on a warm and light backround for a dramatic effect with deep veins throughout the slab.
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  • - Admin 06:49PM, Feb 23 2015

    In my personal opinion , the backsplash could be a Ceramic Tile Astral Sand or Beige Botticiona Marble. Please see the attachments. There are more commented posted below with other backsplash options as well. I hope this helps you.

  • Pam Johnson Martin 06:54PM, Jan 21 2015

    Can you tell me the name of the tile backsplash shown in the video showcasing the Solarius granite? I LOVE this granite & think the tile looks awesome with it. Thank you.

  • - Peter 06:15PM, Nov 21 2013


    Greetings, and thank you for your inquiry. I would highly suggest

    You're welcome, have a nice day.

    Best Regards,


  • Dona 03:55PM, Nov 21 2013

    Good morning. My cabinets are Rustic Beach with a toast finish and Vandyke Glaze. The island, a corner cabinet, and a dish pantry are knotty alder in an antiquity finish with distressing. I would like a warm, but light granite. I have been looking at Toffee, but prefer something a little lighter. Could you suggest a granite that would work? I've also been looking at Giallo Ornamental and Solarius. Does the latter also go by the name Soller? Thank you for your help.

  • - Adrian 01:55AM, Jun 6 2013

    Hi Karen, I think that your choice is good, Giallo Vicenza is a consist stone so it will not be too busy. Another option you can consider is Toffee, and perhaps Copa Gold. I recommend you look at the full slabs in-person and acquire samples to put against the cabinets in natural light of the space. I hope I could help !

  • Karen 04:50AM, Jun 1 2013

    Hi I have medium Oak Cabinets, sandy colored tile floor and a mild floral wallpaper in my kitchen with a creamy colored background and rose and blue floral tones. Could you suggest a granite that would not clash with the wallpaper and look to busy? I like the Giallo Vicenza but unsure if it would be to busy. Your help is appreciated.

  • - Adrian 04:18PM, Mar 25 2013

    Hi, you are absolutely on the right track in terms of design thinking. I think that Onyx sand tiles will match with Solarius granite also you can take a look at beige marble tiles or Shell Porcelain Tiles, which I attached you. Good luck !

  • NM 11:01PM, Mar 22 2013

    We are remodeling our kitchen, chose cherry cabinets, Solarius countertops...was wondering how Onyx sand tiles would look with these choices? Appreciate your thoughts/ideas

  • - Adrian 04:12PM, Mar 16 2013

    Hi Diane, if you are trying to bright up your kitchen, I would recommend you to go with neutral light colours like Baja Cream Travertine and Beige Marble. Please see the attchments with examples. Thanks to such colours your kitchen will look calm with soft feeling. I hope it will help !

  • Diane Tower 11:12PM, Mar 14 2013

     We are remodeling the kitchen, chose cherry cabinets (medium stain). We like the Solarius.  Hope to lighten/brighten dark kitchen. What color tumbled backsplash tile would provide some contrast yet bring out the best in the Solaris ? We chose SS appliances and the floor will be porcelain. Floor color(s) up in the air at this point.  Appreciate your thoughts.

  • - Adrian 05:48PM, Feb 27 2013

    Hi, Please accept pur depest apology in late respond. I was trying to find the link of Kinga's replying but I couldn't. In my personal opinion the backsplash could be a Ceramic Tile Astral Sand or Beige Botticiona Marble. Please see the attachments. I hope that I could help you.

  • Jnnhall9 11:33PM, Feb 21 2013

    Wasn't there just a reply from Kinga that was removed today that provided a link to a website with similar tile. I now can't find it. I looked at them several times but now can't find the link. Could I have the website name at least?

  • - Adrian 06:03PM, Feb 19 2013

    Hi, I really like your connection between Solarius Granite countertop, light travertine and cherry cabinets. You will get an express contrast which will give a personality to your kitchen. Please see our project with such a design: . Also I'm leaning towards Giallo Ornamental Stone and New Venetian Gold, find the examples in the attachments. The best way to be sure about your countertop is to go and see how do the whole slabs look like and take some samples to your home in order to compare with your cabintes and backsplash.

  • Dmarsalek 06:57PM, Feb 17 2013

    I have just had Bucak light walnut travertine (large Versailles pattern) installed in my kitchen.  Will the Solarius granite counter be too boring?  My cabinets are natural cherry but with 10 years of age they have darkened a bit. 

  • - Derek 01:43PM, Oct 3 2012

    The stone installed in that kitchen as the countertop is a lighter batch of Solarius. In regard to the backsplash tile, unfortunately we do not have information on the name of the tile used here. We only have information on the countertop that we fabricated and installed. 

  • SP 05:47PM, Oct 2 2012

    in photo 5 of 6 above what is the backsplash color and type of stone?

  • - Derek 01:49PM, Jul 27 2012

    That's a wonderful idea Jocelyn. Tell your architect -- good job! I recommend the weather gray cabinet shade to offset and contrast the color tones in the beautiful Solarius granite. This will in-turn make the countertop the focal point of your kitchen design!

  • Jocelyn 07:33PM, Jul 24 2012

    hello we are going with solaris countertops in kitchen w cedermos classic forge gold tile for floor an architect suggested we go with a sunbleached or weather gray cabinets to contrast with one another _ plz give opinion thanks

  • - Derek 02:27PM, May 14 2012

    Absolutely, go for it! A very rich and warm combination. 

  • Preetham05 08:36PM, May 6 2012

    We have oak honey cabinets. Will Solarius granite go with oak honey cabinets?

  • - Kinga 08:30PM, Apr 18 2012

    I love Derek’s paint suggestions. For flooring, check out Mocca and Tracia in either 12” or 18”. Hardwood would also look great. For backsplash, the classic tumbled travertine with accent tiles would finish off the design wonderfully. Let me know what you think so far!

  • - Derek 07:14PM, Apr 18 2012

    For the floor tile, I recommend African Slate 18" Porcelain tile in a Latte shade. I've attached a photo for your reference. In regard to the wall color, a warm but soft and neutral tone that would work nicely is Benjamin Moore Linen White or Barely Beige.

  • - Derek 07:12PM, Apr 18 2012

    I think a honey onyx mosaic would compliment the Solarius granite nicely, but it's too much of a match and make make the design too busy. My recommendation is a Mirabelle Collection smoky brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached a photo for your reference. 

  • tboll3 10:12PM, Apr 13 2012

    Forgot to mention, for backsplace, I like natural stone and just saw honey onxy and liked that too but not sure it would be too much going on????

  • tboll3 10:10PM, Apr 13 2012

    Hi, I'm thinking of using solaris for my new white kitchen cabinets.  Can you recommend backsplace and floor tile?  I like the look of slate and thinking of going porcelain in a tan/brown hue???  Really having a hard time here.  Also my house is a fairly traditional new england styled home...what do you think?  Any other suggestions for countertop would be welcomed as well..ALSO, suggestions for paint color..I'm not good at this!

  • - Derek 04:17PM, Mar 29 2012

    Sounds like the Solarius will bring warmth and a rich depth to your kitchen design by creating an efficient contrast against your white cabinetry and light subway backsplash. Go for it! We have Solarius as the countertop in our office and it's gorgeous.

  • Huettfarms 10:19PM, Mar 25 2012

    Iam trying to keep my white subways tiles....we are contemplating painting our medium stain Ash cabinets a soft these pictures of Solarius...will it work?  We also have a white sink and oiled rubbed bronze faucet as in your pictures.

  • - Derek 02:50PM, Mar 21 2012

    The Solarius is much richer and more interesting than the classic but consistent grained NVG. We have the Solarius installed in our office, and it looks stunning, so I am leaning toward this choice.

  • Rahanson 08:59PM, Mar 15 2012

    We are looking at solarius (a slab with a little more black in its veins) along with some medium oak cabinets.  Any thoughts?  Out backup plan is NVG.  The slabs look beautiful.

  • - Derek 03:44PM, Oct 14 2011 If you're talking about the "Work Examples" shown in this page in the box under the description of the stone, then all of those stones are Solarius. Hope this helps.
  • - Derek 03:43PM, Oct 14 2011 We may have Solarius that is long enough, my database tells me we have slabs that fit this size requirement at our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility. Please be aware that we do not sell by the slab, but fabricate the slabs into countertops.
  • Pat 03:34PM, Oct 14 2011 In your gallery of photos there is one photo of cherry and granite that appears to be solarius or saint cecilia?  It is in the slide show.  What is the name of the granite used? Thanks, Pat
  • Pj713s 03:30PM, Oct 14 2011 I am looking for Solarius but 115 by 74.  Do you think it is possible to find a slab that size?
  • - Derek 05:32PM, Aug 17 2011 If you are a fabricator looking to buy slabs, please use this website:
  • - Kinga 10:00PM, Aug 16 2011 Unfortunately, we do not sell slabs. We are a fabricator and we fabricate our own supply. However, if you would like us to do a project for you, please send over your layout and measurements for pricing. You can also use our online estimating tool
  • Sarah Taylor 08:49PM, Aug 16 2011 Do you have slabs of Solarius Granite 2cm available?  I am looking for approx. 10 slabs
  • - Derek 12:37PM, Aug 16 2011 I'd use a rich and warm color such as Gold Antique, New Colonial Dream, or Sanguine C. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person as my suggestions have plenty of movement with a lot of variation between the stones. Good luck!
  • Lori 10:30PM, Aug 13 2011 I am remodeling my kitchen with cupboards of cherry with a nutmet stain and and island of cherry with truffle stain.  I have oak floors with a natural stain.  What color of granite would you use?
  • - Derek 04:00PM, Jul 25 2011 For an estimate on the Solarius, please send over the measurements you require for the project to our sales office by email or fax. Information is in the "Contact Us" section of the website.
  • - Derek 03:59PM, Jul 25 2011 Call 201-440-6779 to find out about ordering the Oyster Mix Flamed, follow this link for more information on this tile:
  • Alex 08:37PM, Jul 23 2011 Hi Derek...can I order Oyster Mix Flamed travertine tile from you.  Or do you know where I can get it.  I would love the setup like the kitchen you have pictured.  How much do you charge for the solarius granite?  I need 87 sq ft.
  • - Derek 12:39PM, Jul 20 2011 You can still fill out an estimate request here: and an affiliated fabricator in your area may contact you.
  • - Derek 12:38PM, Jul 20 2011 I'd use the Madura Gold as it's a bit more uniform than the Solarius, and will be easier on the eyes. I agree with Kinga's suggestion of BM "Lighthouse Landing" for the wall color, that would be perfect!
  • - Kinga 03:48PM, Jul 18 2011 Unfortunately, we do not service your area.
  • Morfeo 03:43PM, Jul 18 2011 We are located in East Aurora, NY; east of Buffalo, NY
  • - Kinga 02:40PM, Jul 18 2011 Please provide us with the town the project is located in order for us to advise you if we service your area.  I like the Solarius for your setup. For paint color, try something neutral to keep the focus on your stone like Benjamin Moore’s “Fresh Air” or “Lighthouse Landing”.
  • Morfeo 09:05PM, Jul 17 2011 We're putting cherry vanities in master bath. Thinking of Solarius or madura gold for tub deck and counters with dark floor tiles, glass shower with light colored wall tiles. Any thoughts? Paint color? Do you ship to WNY
  • - Derek 02:31PM, Jul 11 2011 The tile in the picture looks like a ceramic that mimics the look of natural stone, in a subway brick pattern. My recommendation is actual natural stone, such as the Oyster Mix Flamed travertine tile. I've attached a picture.
  • - Kinga 09:55PM, Jul 8 2011 Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding tiles used in the project just the stone itself. You should try a ceramic tile that resembles a natural stone for a sleek, natural feel to the space (see first 2 attachments). Other suggestion would be tumbled Bottocino marble with accent tiles.
  • Alex 09:59AM, Jul 8 2011 With Cherry Cabinets and the Solaris Granite, what backsplash was used in the picture of the kitchen in your example?  It is beautiful. Do you have another suggestion as well?
  • eileen 09:23PM, Apr 2 2011 i was looking at a solarius slab, which was the reason i purichased new cabinets. unfortunately, the solarus i loved was the light one similar to your office picture. i could only find the solarius similar to the slab posted on your site. i just purchased hazelnut maple cabinets with chocolate glaze. haven't received them yet. the kitchen is small. 11 x 10. it is a fairly light kitchen. i was thinking about a very light porcelain floor with a light stone look backsplash. can you give me your opinion on the solarius with those cabinets, and any suggestion for floor and backsplash.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:52AM, Apr 4 2011 Eileen: Unfortunately that is the unpredictability of granite. Each delivery of stone varies in color tone and pattern. That is why you must pick the exact slab you want in-person. Something similar to the lighter version of Solarius may be Golden Beach. Let me know what you think.
  • Carole 10:38AM, Mar 12 2011 We have white cabinets, solarius granite and oak hardwood floors. Any suggestions on wall color? (Sherwin Williams?) Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:26AM, Mar 15 2011 Carole: Try Sherwin Williams "Bees Wax".
  • Ana 12:21PM, Dec 12 2010 Would this work with cherry natural color cabinets and hardwood floors?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:25AM, Dec 13 2010 Ana : Absolutely! The Solarius is gorgeous against cherry cabinetry and creates a warm set-up.
  • Doug 03:17PM, Jul 13 2010 We are looking at the solarius to go with white cabinets. What are your thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:25AM, Jul 14 2010 Doug: Absolutely gorgeous! The rich movement in the Solarius will bring your kitchen to life.
  • Joni Fregosi 07:55PM, Jun 30 2010 I am remodeling master bath and have maple cabinets in a chestnut stain with a chocolate glaze. The floor is done in an 18 X 18 travertine (noche) on a diagonal with a 4 in gold travertine insert. The shower is also done in travertine 18 x 18 56 inches high then bordered with a gold pencil above and below the listello (a fluer de lei design) with a 6x6 travertine above that. The travertine is very neutral and felt I needed a nice moving granite to give the bathroom some pop. Do you think the Solarius would go well or do you suggest something else. My sinks are a polished vessel oval travertine with rubbed oil bronze faucets. Need advice as my counter in 115 inches in length and want to make a wise choice. Another thought was Madura gold but I thought it was too subtle. with 4 in gold inset. The shower is
    • All Granite and Marble 09:51AM, Jul 1 2010 Joni Fregosi: Solarius looks like it has the warmth and movement to bring the vanity top to life. Another option I recommend is Atlantis. The golden veining will compliment the travertine tile nicely.
  • Maureen 09:36AM, May 13 2010 Thx - Just curious why not the solarius that's more golden/yellow? The coffee glaze tones down the honey maple color. Also is Solarius considered a higher end color? What price category. I appreciate all your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:28PM, May 13 2010 Maureen: Solarius is Single Gold. Really the best thing to do is get a sample of the Solarius and put it next to your cabinets, or the other way around and take a cabinet sample and put it next to a Solarius Slab. The coffee glaze does tone down the honey color in the maple but the overall design might still be too yellow in a darker slab.
  • Maureen 09:48AM, May 11 2010 Thx - how about the solarius that's not as dark - a "whiter one". I'm afraid to go dark. Have you heard of Golden Kaiman(sp)-will this work - do you have it?? or something similar? I don't want a granite that everybody else has i.e. st cecilia, giallo's etc
    • All Granite and Marble 09:49AM, May 11 2010 Maureen: This would fit better than a more golden/yellow lot of Solarius. Golden Kaiman looks similar to our Delicatus White.
  • Maureen 08:34AM, May 11 2010 How would this lighter solarius go with honey maple caninets with a coffee glaze & beige tile w/faint brown lines? Have you ever heard of Golden Kaiman(sp)? Do you have something similar? Thx I need a granite not too light but not too dark (with movement)for my smaller kitchen with low level of natural light. Thx
    • All Granite and Marble 09:41AM, May 11 2010 Maureen: A rich and warm pattern. It would compliment the cabinets nicely.
  • Maureen 10:09AM, May 10 2010 How would Solarius go with honey maple cabinets with a coffee glaze & beige/brown vein tile floor?
  • l sandell 03:22PM, Mar 20 2010 price for solarius for 65 foot countertop. rough price per sf please.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:48AM, Mar 22 2010 l sandell: For pricing please contact the sales office.
  • Patty 04:42PM, Feb 5 2010 Solarius comes in two "tones" I guess? One a little darker? I'm thinking about putting on stark white cabinets and a flat black island. More worried about the center stage island looking the best with the granite, and I think this will look fabulous with the black...not so sure it is dark enough for the white?? Any other suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:10PM, Feb 5 2010 Patty: Yes, different deliveries (batches) have variation in color and tone. I think you're on the right bath, the Solarius will compliment the black island and is dark enough to contrast the perimeter cabinets.
  • Chris Schuler 02:59PM, Aug 21 2009 I like the vein pattern and colors. My cabinets are natural hickory and the floor is a chocolate brown. Is Solarius a good match or should I look at darker vein patterns? I am also looking at Oro Fantastico and Desert River. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:31PM, Aug 21 2009 Chris Schuler: Solarius would work fine, its a very beautiful stone.
  • Susan R. 12:16PM, Sep 7 2008 How would solarius look with maple cabinets stained Caramel?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:20PM, Sep 25 2008 Susan R.: Pretty neat I think. Maybe a bit too close color-wise. But it really depends on the cabinets.
  • m. guillory 02:41PM, Jul 24 2008 any health risks from radon or radioactivity
    • All Granite and Marble 03:14PM, Jul 25 2008 m. guillory: We were expecting questions about this after the NY Times article cleverly misled customers into thinking that granite countertops are lethal. Here are a few facts for your consideration: National Safety Council says that "Trace amounts of uranium are sometimes incorporated into materials used in construction. These include, but are not limited to concrete, brick, granite, and drywall. Though these materials have the potential to produce radon, they are rarely the main cause of an elevated radon level in a building." Typical Contributions to Radeon Content of Indoor Air: 69.3% Soil around house; 18.5% Well Water; 9.2% Outdoor Air; 2.5% Building materials (including Granite); .5% Public Water Supplies. Using scare tactics to sway customers towards synthetic stone is what we're facing here. This is even more outrageous to us because we would never expect a publications such as New York Times to take part in this shady ordeal.
  • luke 10:36PM, Apr 16 2008 Do you think solarius is a better contrast with a lighter or darker kirchen cabinet?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:35PM, May 19 2008 luke: A darker cabinet will contrast more.
  • George 11:09AM, Dec 18 2007 Comparing with Madura Gold, does Solarius works better with Cherry Cabinet and SS appliance ?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Dec 22 2007 George: Depends what look you're going for. Solarius is more dramatic, while Madura will be more toned down.
  • Anna Desyatnikov 10:34AM, Nov 8 2007 I would like to know how strong solirius granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:14AM, Nov 8 2007 Anna Desyatnikov: It's average. Because this one has a lot of veining, it's more prone to cracking, but once laid flat on the cabinetry, it's not something to worry about.