Ubatuba Gold

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Original name:
Ubatuba Gold

Other name(s) used:
Verde Ubatuba Gold, Verde Amazonas

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Brown, Gold, Green
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A variation of the Brazilian granite Ubatuba, Ubatuba Gold is a dark green/brown stone with a nice consistent speckling of gold.
Ubatuba Gold granite - Macro Photo Ubatuba Gold granite - CloseUp Photo Ubatuba Gold granite - Slab Photo
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  • Beth 03:06AM, Jan 25 2014

    How would I go about getting a sample of this type of granite?

  • Marble.com - Derek 05:02PM, Feb 12 2013

    You're welcome! :-)

  • Mantou 02:18AM, Feb 6 2013

     Thanks so much for your input Derek. I like the porcelain tiles you recommended, particularly the lighter color. Thanks again!

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:18PM, Feb 5 2013

    Hi Mantou. Please accept my deepest apologies for the delay in responding to you. In regard to the pendant light attached photos, I'm enjoying the rectangular shaped lights. For porcelain floor tile choices, the Daltile series is popular and durable. Specifically, colors such as Fidenza Dorado and Continental Slate Egyptian Beige are appropriate for the design. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Mantou 06:57PM, Jan 23 2013

     Hi Derek,

    Thank you so much for your very informative response. When I was provided with the sample, I was told it is Ubatuba and never thought I am getting a different stone. But I like the color. I'll separately email you for photo request. Thanks in advance!

    Thank you also for the suggestion of backsplash and wall color. I'll check them out.

    For floor tiles, I am thinking of porcelain.

    For lights, I attached a couple of pictures. Please let me know your thought. Also, do you think these lights might work with Tan Brown and cherry cabinets?

    Thanks again Derek. You're an asset of your company and an invaluable help to customers like myself.

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:26PM, Jan 23 2013

    Hello Mantou. I will try my BEST to help you, I know these important decisions can be quite difficult! Let me start off by saying that the stone you've chosen with the 018R lot number (I think 018P is a mistake -- that does not exist) is called Alpine Green not Ubatuba. They're quite similar but unfortunately we do not have photos of Alpine Green up on the website at this time. You can email me at [email protected] with a photo request and I can have slab photos taken and emailed over to you if you wish so -- just let me know please. I think it's an appropriate choice for your design set-up and will complement a cherry colored cabinet nicely. In regard to a backsplash selection, there ere a few unique directions you can go in for the tile choice. I suggest to take a look at a warm Mocha Split-Faced Versailles pattern Travertine tile, or perhaps a more interesting mosaic mix such as Anatolia Bliss Bamboo Glass & Stone Linear Blend. I've attached photos to my response for your easy reference! In regard to the wall color, I'm most familiar with the Benjamin Moore series of colors, but I'll try and give you some appropriate Behr line suggestions. I'd actually go with a light and subtle neutral, in my opinion, such as Behr Oat Straw or perhaps Gobi Desert. In terms of floor tiles, are you leaning toward a natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain? Lastly, It's difficult to say if the specific lights you're referring to above the island would fit the set-up without seeing pictures of the product in question, although pendant lights usually enhance the kitchen and are a gorgeous addition. Let me know your thoughts on this! :-)

  • Mantou 09:32PM, Jan 18 2013

    After visiting your Ridgefield yard, I got a sample of Ubatuba (018P) which has no greenish color and only black and brownish grain with golden sparkle. It looks more like Black Galaxy to me and it costs more (Double Blue category) than the normal Ubatuba (tried to post a picture and succeeded last time but couldn't do it this time). I have stainless steel appliances and also plan to buy cherry or maple cognac cabinets to create an overall contemporary style. Can you please suggest 1) backsplash 2) floor tile 3) wall color (preferably Behr color if you are familiar with that brand) and 4) if it's ok to use crystal or glass lights above kitchen island (or is it too contemporary?). Thank you so much for any input!

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:30PM, Jun 20 2012

    Hi there. Are there any granite choices you've looked at so far that have caught your attention? Do you enjoy veins and movement in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern?

  • DJDL7405 02:19PM, Jun 15 2012

    We have brandywine base cabinets, a pearl (not stark white) wall cabinet with brandywine crown molding, a light/med ceramic floor, what granite color would you suggest?  <having a="" choosing="" color!="" hard="" right="" the="" time=""></having>

  • Marble.com - Kinga 05:13PM, Apr 12 2012

    Our South Plainfield, NJ and Deer Park, NY facilities carry this stone. This stone falls into the “Single Blue” or the least expensive price group on your estimate. If you have not received your estimate yet, please use our online estimate tool or simply send your layout and measurements to one of the facilities for pricing. Good luck!

  • Chrys191 08:11PM, Apr 11 2012

    what price range is this granite in

  • Marble.com - Derek 09:18PM, Jan 17 2012 We have Ubatuba in-stock in all of our locations with full slabs you can view and free samples available for pick-up: www.marble.com/locations
  • Hmeier4799 06:23PM, Jan 17 2012 do you have ubatuba gold in stock and if so can I get a sample
  • S1korine 04:11AM, Jun 2 2011 Hi
    We have taracotta tiles, linen cabinets with brown glaze,and a cherry island, a copper sink, what will be a good color for the countertop,
    Thinking , Red diamond or ubatoba gold ?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:05PM, Jun 2 2011 I would definitely go with the Ubatuba Gold.
  • Mary Dean 03:17AM, Jun 2 2011 We are using Ubatuba gold on our vanity and have cream color white cabinets. Would like suggestion for backsplash and floor tiles and shower tiles.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:03PM, Jun 2 2011 How about noce travertine tile for backsplash and Calacatta marble for floor tiles.
  • Linda Lurie 08:23PM, May 26 2011 I have gunstock floors. Am installing whickey black cabinets. Think of the ua tuba gold I don't want green to show
    • All Granite and Marble 10:43AM, May 27 2011 Linda Lurie: We have a wide variety of Ubatuba slabs, some more green than others. I would suggest viewing our choices in person to get the right one.
  • Patti 02:08PM, Apr 14 2011 I am conflicted on the color of granite for my Kitchen remodel. We are keeping our Kraftmaid craftsmans style cabinets in a honey spice (slight orange tinge) color and have medium oak floors. I am debating between Uba Tuba, Verde Peacock and Magma Golc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Apr 15 2011 Patti : I'm leaning towards the Verde Peacock, also known as Butterfly / Butterfly Jade with us. It's a warm compliment to your cabinets and would fit the design perfectly.
  • Joanna 10:46AM, Feb 27 2011 Hi! My cabinets are Kraftmaid biscotti color and my island is sage I was thinking of using ubatuba granite for the counter tops and a brazilian cherry hardwood floor. What is your opinion on this design and what color backsplash? I was leaning towards a stone cream, colored subway tile, and a stone square outline of sage and cream,and stainless colors above the stove around the pot filler. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also there is alot of natural lighting!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:44AM, Feb 28 2011 Joanna: You're on the right track and seem on top of your game design wise! The Ubatuba granite will be an elegant contrast to offset the biscotti perimeter cabinets but will compliment the sage colored island. Cherry hardwood floor also works well with Ubatuba. As for backsplash, I'd use a tumbled botticino marble tile.
  • John 12:40PM, Feb 7 2011 Could you also recommend a backsplash? Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:53PM, Feb 7 2011 John: A tumbled travertine for backsplash would fit best. I recommend the Noce variety.
  • John 06:04PM, Feb 6 2011 We are installing butterscotch glazed maple cabinets. Would ubatuba gold granite be a good choice? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:19PM, Feb 7 2011 John: Absolutely. The gold little veins in this variety of Ubatuba will compliment your cabinet color nicely while the dark tones in the granite will create a sleek contrast. Go for it!
  • j.santoro 11:56AM, Jan 24 2011 Thank you. My cabinets are a rich honey maple- the same color as the gold in the main granite (peacock gold)
    • All Granite and Marble 03:06PM, Jan 24 2011 J.Santoro: My recommendation is to use Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, or Giallo Ornamental.
  • j. santoro 07:34PM, Jan 20 2011 I have installed Peacock Gold which is very similar to the colors of Ubatuba Gold, just the pattern is a bit different. I have a steel cart as an island that I want to top with a piece of granite. I cannot find a matching piece of Peacock Gold. Can you recommend a color that would compliment Peacock Gold? I was thinking to go with a light granite as a compliment since I think a dark granite would compete. Can you give me a suggestion?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:45AM, Jan 24 2011 J. Santoro: You're on the right track, a lighter granite will compliment the darker perimeter stone. What color are your cabinets?
  • alison 12:13PM, Jan 8 2011 I purchase the woodmark alexandria maple cabinets with a mocha glaze...i am going to do a tuscan stone in a slightly bronze color... need to pick out granite. would ubatuba gold or coffee imperial be too dark? (Its a 10 x 10 kitchen) with black appliaces. (1 window)
    • All Granite and Marble 09:19AM, Jan 10 2011 Alison: I'm leaning towards the Ubatuba, it's slight golden tones will compliment your cabinet color nicely. Another option could be Butterfly Antique.
  • alice 02:33PM, Oct 20 2010 Would ubatuba gold look good with honey oak cabiniets and would it look brown or black as an overall color. I am wondering just how much gold it has in it.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:38PM, Oct 20 2010 Alice: Ubatuba would look great. We have several variations of this stone. Some have more gold than others and some are darker than others.
  • Barb 01:27PM, Mar 31 2010 I am so undecided. I have changed my mind at least 5 times. And we are on pause because of the granite color. I have gunstock oak floors, my cabinets and small island are going to be off white with a dark brown glaze (Somewhat like the kraftMaid Vanilla Bean) I have stainless appliances ( the stove has a black front) I have 1 window. It's not really well lit and I don't want it to be dark in there. My kitchen is not very big either. But I love the darker granite but am leaning toward giallo portifino. Any advice will be helpful! Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 03:09PM, Mar 31 2010 Barb: I suggest to use Giallo Veneziano or Giallo Ornamental.
  • Kathy 08:58AM, Mar 28 2010 A company that bid for our granite installation is guaranteeing the "pre-sealed" ubatuba for 15 years, what do you think? Has anyone had trouble with ubatuba etching or staining?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:03PM, Mar 29 2010 Kathy: Ubatuba is a durable stone, generally it does not need to be resealed for a VERY long time.
  • kathy 08:47AM, Mar 27 2010 We are buying a 20 year old home with whitewashed cabinets and white oak floor, would ubatuba look good? I want something dark for contrast, what would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:53AM, Mar 27 2010 kathy: Yes! Beautiful contrast and a sleek look.
  • Donna 06:50PM, Feb 4 2010 Our cabinets are maple with a teak finish he wants ubatuba gold or coffee imperial I'm just confussd
    • All Granite and Marble 03:21PM, Feb 5 2010 Donna: Either one will work great, up to you on the final decision whether or not you want to add any green tones with the Ubatuba.
  • Randi 01:07AM, Nov 27 2009 what are some options of granite would you recommend to go with natural cherry cabinets and tigerwood flooring. Tend to like the dark color ones but am open for suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:47AM, Nov 27 2009 Randi: Anything from the Ubatuba or Butterfly family will look beautiful.
  • Ginger 08:12PM, Apr 8 2009 We are thinking about using ubatuba for granite as we redo our kitchen. We currently have medium oak floors & black appliances that will be staying. We are putting in cherry cabinets -- would the ubatuba work with those, or would we be better off with a lighter color?
    • All Granite and Marble 07:56AM, Apr 9 2009 Ginger: Since Ubatuba is green in the most part, it will go well with cherry. It's almost a natural look for any green stone. But having such "heavy" (dark) stone might bring down the whole kitchen. Take a look at Crema Bordeaux, it's still somewhat dark but it looks beautifully with cherry cabinets.
  • lynn westbrook 01:06PM, Apr 10 2008 I have a verde ubatuba from a distance it looks black. This looks nothing like it for the estimator what number would I enter
    • All Granite and Marble 12:42PM, Apr 16 2008 lynn westbrook: As I mentioned before, this photo was shot in direct sunlight and the gravel reflected in the slab. Uba Tuba definitely is dark and tends to look black from far.
  • Ben 10:11AM, Apr 5 2008 Swirls in the floor contrast this stone; it's the greens that may clash. Been looking at the platinum bahia as alternative, any other dark brown stones, not to busy but still interesting, that you might suggest? thank-you.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:53AM, Apr 5 2008 Ben: Platinum Bahia would be the no. 1 choice for me. There aren't really any other stones that are dark brown yet warm and consistent. Tan Brown is a popular choice, but it's not a jaw dropper by any means.
  • Ben 02:48AM, Mar 19 2008 Looking for granite to complement a cork tile floor, burled pattern with slate stain(olive to mostly teal greens with swirls of taupe to dark brown.Thinking of going wtih a light to medium amber cabinet in maple or cherry.What would you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:25AM, Apr 4 2008 Ben: Since the floor and the cabinets seem to be medium in tone, you should probably choose either a light or a dark color. Not sure how Uba Tuba would work with all of the swirls on the floor.
  • Theresa 12:30PM, Mar 9 2008 Is there a Uba Tuba that is a dark green with speckles of black and gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, Mar 11 2008 Theresa: You just described most of the Uba Tuba's. This photo shows a light reflection of the ground.
  • Madi Mantell 09:45PM, Jan 20 2008 We really wanted ubatuba gold for our countertops, but this doesn't look like it has much gold in it;is that true and do you have a blackish stone with gold flecks in it?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Jan 22 2008 Madi Mantell: There are various Uba Tuba batches that we have. Some have more gold than this one. Also, there are other stones that are dark and have gold in them.