Virginia Mist

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Original name:
Virginia Mist

Other name(s) used:
Virginia Black, American Black, Virginia Mist

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Country of origin:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Deep gray colored stone with light grayish veining.
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  • Maeve 02:52AM, Aug 19 2014

    I had Antique jet mist installed over a week ago. The counters were sealed by the fabricators prior to installation (DuPont sealer) with a lifetime guarantee. Shortly after installation I noticed a small oil stain from butter that was left on the counter. A few days later our appliances were installed while I was away. I came home to see a fairly large oil stain with prints on the island (which could be from plumbers putty). I also see fingerprints which I am constantly spraying with the DuPont cleaner they provided. I chose the leathered surface because my kitchen designer said both the honed and polished finish would be problematic for fingerprints. Initially, I thought I wanted the counters enhanced but decided against it in the end. Had I known enhancing would prevent fingerprints and oil stains I would have proceeded with it. Again, I didn't think stains or prints would be an issue. Also, my designer never had a client use the enhancer before so she didn't know anything about it. I should have done more research on this. Now I have an appointment with someone this week to address my questions/concerns. I read on the garden web that someone with honed jet mist had an oil stain removed with acetone and then had the enhancer applied. She didn't have any more problems after that. I am hoping I have the same option. My counters will be darker in color but will require less maintenance. The only other option I may have is to try another application(s) of sealer which worked for someone else.

  • - Jack 05:16PM, Aug 1 2014

    Although honed stones provide a contemporary finish and are easier to maintain in regards to etching they are prone to fingerprints and oils if not taken care of. However, the Jet Mist stone is a stone that has a multiple hues of black which helps conceal fingerprints and oils you are worried about. A lot of our clients go with the Jet Mist stone and I have not hear many complaints. The Absolute Black stone which has a uniform pattern is more difficult to maintain. Granite is one of the most resilient stones for kitchen use, as long as you maintain it (Seal and clean) you shouldn't worry. I would recommend taking a few samples home, sealing them and conducting a few tests of your own to see if they meet your standards.

  • Remy 02:08PM, Aug 1 2014

    I've read so many opposite opinions on the internet regarding honed vs. polished granite, including for Virginia Mist. People who've had it for 3 years with no fingerprint/stain issues and love it, others who curse the day they installed it because of fingerprints and stains and unable to stop it from always looking "dirty." I understand you have to seal honed more frequently than polished (maybe twice a year?) but if you use the sealant, does it still have the fingerprint and stain issues of a less frequently sealed polished finish? I am looking for a soapstone alternative (grey natural look, not the deeper black tone that happens when polished) and not fond of the high gloss look for my ivory cabinet kitchen. I originally wanted a New Kashmir White granite (polished would have been fine) but read repeated comments saying it was the most stain-prone granite of all even when polished. I'm almost ready to give up on granite! Mine is a working kitchen with lots of food and spills by kids who don't wipe-up when I am at work all day. Any insight you can provide?

  • - Jack 11:26AM, Jul 11 2014

    Our Ridgefield Park, NJ location stocks this stone.

  • Remy 01:55PM, Jul 10 2014

    Do you currently have honed Virgnina Mist in any NJ locations?

  • Karen 12:18AM, Mar 20 2014

    Do you have jet mist or virginia mist in Stroudsburg. I would like to see it this weekend.

  • - Peter 05:41PM, Mar 19 2014

    Yes they are all the same.

  • gayle 03:42PM, Mar 18 2014

    Is Virginia Mist the same as Ebony Mist?

  • - Adrian 03:47PM, Mar 2 2013

    Hi Maria, I'm leaning toward Calacatta Caldia and Calacatta Gold. I think that Callacata Oro could be too busy and has other veins then Virgina Mist. The best way to choose to exact stone is to see the slab in natural light and compare to each other. Good Luck !

  • Maria 09:43PM, Mar 1 2013

    Does Virginia Mist look good with Calacatta Caldia or Oro?  Or is there another white marble you can recommend as a complement?

  • - Derek 05:41PM, Jun 29 2012

    We have three (3) slabs of Virginia Mist available at the moment at our Deer Park, NY location according to my inventory. The lot number is 311 in the yard for the slabs. Hope this helps!

  • Dlenzer 05:37PM, Jun 25 2012

    Do you have any Virginia Mist slabs currently available at your Deer Park location?

  • - Derek 02:15PM, Apr 10 2012

    The backsplash should be simple, light, and elegant in my opinion. My recommendations are the following options: Cielo Crystal 2" x 2" tile, Subway & Ming Glass from Somertile Reflections, or Paperwhite 3" x 6" bricks in a honed & pillowed finish. Hope this helps!

  • Jkperkins 01:16AM, Apr 7 2012

    any suggestions for a backsplash with jet mist and off white cabinets???

  • - Derek 08:09PM, Apr 4 2012

    We Virginia Black in-stock at our Ridgefield Park, NJ and and Deer Park, NY locations which is very similar to Virginia Mist. We have the Mist in-stock at our Deer Park, NY location only. It's a polished surface finish, but the stone can be honed during fabrication which leaves a soft, matte finish.

  • Mary 02:22PM, Apr 1 2012

    Do you have Virginia/jet mist in stock and do you finish it antiqued?

  • - Derek 02:02PM, Jun 16 2011 We have Virginia Black (same stone as the Mist) in-stock at our Ridgefield Park NJ and Deer Park NY facilities. For an estimate, please contact our sales office.
  • Gswoodruff 02:35AM, Jun 16 2011 Hi. I am wondering if you currently have any Virginia/Jet Mist in your inventory and, if so, what is the price per square foot. Thanks!
  • Johanna 09:55PM, Nov 16 2010 Do you have Virginia Mist and Jet Mist (honed) in stock? How many pieces do you have in each. I would like to see them this weekend.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:09AM, Nov 17 2010 Johanna: We have a large stock of Virginia Black at our Ridgefield Park, NJ location. It is the same stone as Virginia Mist.
  • Gi na 05:31PM, Oct 8 2010 I am looking for Virginia Mist honed. Do you have this available?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:58AM, Oct 11 2010 Gi Na: Take a look at Virginia Black, it's the same type of stone.
  • Vivian 09:56AM, May 12 2010 Thanks for your response. Will it be available any time soon?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:52PM, May 12 2010 Vivian: I'm working on an answer for you.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, May 12 2010 Vivian: Unfortunately it is not.
  • Vivian 02:37PM, May 11 2010 Hi. Is this back in stock yet?
  • Lisa Pass 09:03PM, Apr 13 2010 Do you have Virginia mist slabs in stock? Can I get it honed?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:47AM, Apr 14 2010 Lisa Pass: Sorry, currently it's out of stock.