Viscont White

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Original name:
Viscont White

Other name(s) used:
Viscount White, Bianco Viscont White, Madanapalle, Madanapalle White, Madanapalli, Madanapalli White, Mandana Pali White, Mandana Palli White, Wiscont White, Visconte White, Viskont

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Black, Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A gray granite made up of a consistent speckling of black and white.
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Viscont White Video
Viscont White Video
Viscont White Photo
Viscont White Photo
Viscont White Photo


  • Elaine 08:30PM, Oct 19 2014

    Is this currently available in Ridgefield Park, plan on going next weekend?

  • - Jack 08:45PM, Mar 26 2014

    Both stones would work well. The Viscount White has more subtle tones to it while the Bianco Antico has slightly more depth and movement. I would recommend visiting one of our yards and bringing some samples home to see how they look inside. Ridgefield Park just received a new shipment of Bianco Antico.

  • Rob 08:29PM, Mar 26 2014

    Hi! My wife and I are doing an all white kitchen. Cabinets to ceiling and ss appliances. Brown hardwood floor. Can't decide on viscount white or bianco antico? Any suggestions. Photo is very similar.

  • - Peter 02:11PM, Dec 18 2013


    Unfortunately, it is not.

  • angie 02:12PM, Dec 17 2013

    Is this available in South Plainfield?