Yellow River

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Original name:
Yellow River

Other name(s) used:
Bordeaux River

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Brown, Gold, Gray
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Golden colored stone with lots of gold, dark and coffee brown with black diagonal streaks.
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Yellow River Photo
Yellow River Photo
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Yellow River Photo
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  • Deano 11:15AM, Aug 19 2014

    Hi I just had yellow river granite similar to ID 473 installed in a small apartment kitchen with stainless steel appliances and sink. My walls are tan and I have a off white tile floor. Could someone recommend a paint color for the cabinets

  • Kitti 06:16AM, Feb 18 2014

    I am redoing a small kitchen and putting in a medium wood floor, white cabinets, stainless appliances and I would like to use granite on the counters. I'm looking for a predominately white granite with gray and beige veining. I love the carrerra marble look and would love a granite similar look but with beige. Any suggestions?

  • - Peter 02:46PM, Nov 22 2013

    You are correct. The honed surfaces will always be a little more difficult to clean since the surface is not as smooth as the polished finish. Most stones also benefit from increased stain resistance with fully polished finish.

    As to why people choose the honed finish, I'll say that on some stones, like Black Absolute or many of the white marbles, it's a classic look that enhances the overall design of the room.

    Hope this helps!

  • Patt Vaughan 11:45PM, Nov 21 2013

    We are redoing our kitchen and are considering a honed yellow river granite. We have seen negative comments on honed granite. My husband is leaning toward the honed, but I like the polished. Do you have an opinion on this granite? (I know that is a loaded question.) Is the honed yellow river difficult to maintain? Are your customers generally satisfied with it? Thanks for your help. Patt and Weldon

  • Peter 06:50PM, Aug 2 2013

    That certainly looks like it would cool it off, Claudia, you could even go with the Rock Candy if you have stainless appliances.

  • Claudia 02:49PM, Jul 31 2013

    We are redoing our kitchen and great room. We have chosen yellow river granite with cognac cabinets and stainless appliances and a chocolate brown composite sink. Everything in both rooms are a warm color. I am looking for a paint color that would cool it off a little. I am leaning towards a sherwin Williams color called misty #6232. How do you think that would work?

  • - Adrian 05:00PM, Mar 11 2013

    Hi, please let me know what would be the exact colour of your cabinets because Hickory has got different types, please see the attachment how could they look like. Also we don't have Santa Silvia stone could you let me know if you meant Santa Cecilia:  ?

  • Lady101797 03:38AM, Mar 10 2013

    Trying to decide on Yellow River or Santa Silvia, have Hickory cabinets and going to get stainless steel appliances and wood flooring, any suggestions

  • cabinets 04:06PM, Feb 21 2013

    you should have stayed with one color cabinet in such a small kitchen instead of two tone

  • - Derek 07:19PM, Aug 30 2012

    I recommend to inquire at the facility where you will be choosing granite to see the actual slabs of Yellow River in-stock at the moment. Maybe they have the slight grayish undertones you are seeking. Another option I would recommend to consider is perhaps African Beige like ID 492 or Juparana Classico. Hope this helps!

  • Pat 02:13PM, Aug 23 2012

    Can you suggest any stone that has a gray tone to it like a gray-tone Yellow River pictured above?  When I locate these stones they always seem to be  reserved.  I have a 13 X 13 kitchen with natural oak floors, stainless appliances, black glass cooktop, and wood upper cabinets painted BM Navajo White/lower cabinets natural birch.  The natural birch doesn't seem to pair well with the yellower color of some Yellow River.

    What would you suggestion?  And should I stay with an open pattern granite with this size kitchen?  Is the Yellow River pattern scale too large? 

  • - Derek 09:01PM, Aug 9 2012

    Hello. We have many shipments of Yellow River throughout our locations and they can vary quite greatly in color tone / pattern between lots. From a quick search at our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility, I was able to find out that we have 3-4 different deliveries of Yellow River right there in our yard. I think this granite is a wonderful choice to go against your birch cabinetry. For a darker suggestion that would as a plus pick-up the floor tile, you can perhaps check out Crema Bordeaux. In regard to backsplash tile, it should be soft and neutral. I'm thinking about a marble mosaic backsplash -- maybe Emperador Light marble. I've attached a photo for you to check out. Good luck!

  • Fgallin 11:15PM, Aug 4 2012

     Just visited your Ridgefield Park, NJ location....found a Yellow River granite.  Unfortunately it had already been reserved.  It was lot 637L.  Any suggestions on your other locations that might have this slab?  My cabinets are natural birch.  My floor tile is a greyish white
    ceramic.  Is this a good color granite for me?  I like pieces with a little interest.  What other color granite would you suggest -- staying away from grey
    since that's what I've been looking at for years.  Also, what color
    backspash would you suggest.

  • Carol 05:16PM, May 22 2012


  • - Derek 02:25PM, May 22 2012

    We do sell a small selection of backsplash tiles. The Oyster Mix Flamed would also work great in your situation: As for my original suggestions, they are from various websites from tile stores I found online.

  • - Kinga 08:16PM, May 21 2012

    Research your local tile suppliers and call around to find out what kinds of tile they carry. You can even email some tile suppliers with photos of what you are looking for and they can tell you if they carry it. Unfortunately, we do not have a website that shows tile patterns. However, I do encourage you to use your creative side (everyone has it!) and draw out some ideas you may have. Ask for feedback from friends, family and even professionals. Feedback can really help you create the perfect pattern, giving your kitchen the ultimate custom look and feel. I will attach some ideas I have played around with so hopefully this will inspire you to come up with better ideas for your dream space. If you do come up with something, we would love to see it. Hope this helps!

  • Carol 07:29PM, May 21 2012

    Where can you buy the stone tile?  And do you have a web site for patterns?  Thanks for all you help.

  • - Derek 03:19PM, May 21 2012

    I recommend a tumbled natural stone tile such as a Durango 2" x 2" mosaic or Crema Marfil marble. I've attached photos for your reference. Good luck!

  • Carol 08:37PM, May 18 2012

    Thanks Derek!  Now, what do suggest for the back splash?

  • - Derek 03:00PM, May 17 2012

    You can always go stainless steel for a timeless and classic feel (that rhymes!) However, for an elegant contrast, oil rubber bronze faucet and a composite black granite sink would look very beautiful. Good luck!

  • Carol 01:31AM, May 17 2012

    What color faucet and sink will go best with the bordeaux river granite?  

  • - Kinga 11:26AM, Sep 6 2011 Have you considered using a more consistent stone like Giallo Napoleone or Santa Cecilia?
  • - Derek 05:15PM, Sep 1 2011 That is a beautiful but rather busy floor tile. The Yellow River is a solid choice, just make sure to pick a slab with the least movement. The softest and calmest slab will be ideal in this situation, other than that, everything will compliment each other nicely. Good luck!
  • Kerri 02:15PM, Aug 30 2011 I've attached a picture of my flooring along with the color of our walls. We have off-white cabinets. We are really leaning towards the yellow river. Do you think this will be a good fit? Keep in mind that we also have dark chestnut brown laminate wood flooring and the granite is going to be in the kitchen that is also open to the living room and dining room, with no dividing walls separating the 3 rooms.
  • - Derek 09:22PM, Aug 1 2011 Kathy, since you have a specific cabinet color, it would be very helpful if you can take a picture of the cabinet and upload it for your reference before we give out suggestions. Let us know if this is possible. Thanks!
  • - Kinga 03:48PM, Aug 1 2011 I was trying to find a photo of your cabinets online but; unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Would you be able to attach a photo for our review? Without knowing exactly what your cabinets look like, we won’t be able to provide you with advice.
  • Kathykat98 04:40PM, Jul 31 2011 My cabinets are maple with a chestnut frost finish and am finding they don't go well with alot, particularly the marrons bring out pink. lt has a cowboy western look to it and leaning towards cream and tan combo, but not too speckley. Your thoughts?
  • - Derek 02:08PM, Jul 12 2011 Kinga explained the options perfectly. If the appliances are dark, go with the anthracite sink color. If they're light, the boscotti sink will be a better choice. Let us know what you choose!
  • - Kinga 03:42PM, Jul 11 2011 I feel the silgranit anthracite sink would be an appropriate choice for your setup if your appliances are stainless steel or black. However, if your appliances are in the biscotti color family, you may want to consider the biscotti colored sink instead. Hope this helps!
  • lily 02:40PM, Jul 11 2011 Thanks for the suggestion. I agree! Any ideas on a sink that would work with yellow river? We are leaning toward a silgranite anthracite or biscotti color. I am so torn between the two colors. Any suggestions?
  • - Derek 02:02PM, Jun 15 2011 Going with the warm Yellow River across the board is a good choice. A tumbled Botticino marble tile for the backsplash would look wonderful.
  • lily 02:42AM, Jun 15 2011 Hi and thanks. We've actually decided to just do yellow river everywhere. Seems like it is a no brainer. Any ideas on a backsplash? Thank you.
  • All Granite and Marble 12:53PM, Jun 6 2011 Take a look at Caesarstone line colors of "Carmel" and "Chocolate". These choices would compliment the Yellow River quite nicely.
  • Lily 09:20PM, Jun 3 2011 Hi - I just installed yellow river on my island. Looks gorgeous with my white cabinets and tan tile floor and tan walls. I would like to put quartz on the perimeter of my kitchen. Can you recommend a color that would blend with yellow river?
  • Laura 07:21PM, Mar 6 2011 OH! And we're thinking around a medium-lower price range.. THANKS!
  • Laura 07:20PM, Mar 6 2011 We are currently refinishing our cabinets with red mahogany stain and currently have tan walls, cream tile floors and white appliances... Any suggestions??
    • All Granite and Marble 10:30AM, Mar 7 2011 Laura: My recommendations are Santa Cecilia Real, New Venetian Gold, and Kashmir Gold. Let me know what you think!
  • Mary 11:03PM, Feb 17 2011 Hi, I love the Yellow River, do you think it would go with washed oak cabinets? Is Yellow River on the higher end with price like some of the Bordeaux's?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Feb 18 2011 Mary: The Yellow River is similarly priced to the Crema Bordeaux. It's Single Gold price category. I think this granite would look very beautiful against your cabinet color.
  • Nikki 11:32PM, Jan 23 2011 Hi- I love yellow river but was wondering if you can recommend a stone that is brighter and would have more gold colors in it. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:56AM, Jan 24 2011 Nikki: Try Atlantis, Gold Antique, and Kashmir Gold.
  • Kate 11:19AM, Oct 27 2010 Thanks to you "moderator" - I love the suggestions you made, however these choices are amongst the most expensive, I would be grateful if you could give me some ideas at the low-mid price range please. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 12:49PM, Oct 28 2010 Kate: Florencia Bordeaux, magma Bordeaux, Sanguine are equally beautiful and reasonably priced.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:21AM, Oct 26 2010 Kate Parkinson-Gee: Some excellent suggestions for your set-up are: Bianco Romano, Delicatus, Crema Bordeaux.
  • jean 12:30PM, Oct 15 2010 i have white cabinets, creamy w/tan tile on the floor, ss appliances, and a sauteed mushroom (med warm brown ) color on my walls. I love the movement in this especially since I have an open-type bar counter. Would this look ok with my colors?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:10AM, Oct 18 2010 Jean: I think your color scheme works very well with this gorgeous stone.
  • Tonja 01:48PM, Oct 14 2010 I have picked this of Santa Ceclia dark to go with our cherry vanity. My tile is on the darker side of brown but with tumbled marble and glass tile decorative accents. My shower will be cultured marble in a cream color with the same tumble marble and glass accents. My wall colors are a brown mocha color. Wondering which would go better, yellow river or santa ceclia dark?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, Oct 18 2010 Tonja: I prefer Yellow River, it has wonderful movement and will look great.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:41AM, May 12 2010 tammy: I'm leaning towards the Alexander Black.
  • tammy 06:09PM, May 11 2010 would this go with hickory cabinets (yellow river)or is it too busy? it seems like it would bring out the color of stainless steel too. my floor is gray and beige and gray walls. would just plain black be a richer classy look like alexander black?
  • Vic 04:54PM, May 2 2010 How would this look with white cabinets? I have narrowed down to this and
  • Tommy 05:58PM, Jul 31 2009 I keep finding different granites that I like. How would this go with Maple cabinets ina coffee or palimino color with SS appliances?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:56AM, Aug 1 2009 Tommy: Don't worry decision changing happens to everyone when it comes to picking a color ;-) I suggest you visit our yard and bring a sample of the cabinets with you so you can put it against the slabs and see what you like best. Yellow River would look nice with maple cabinets also.
  • ruby 11:21PM, Mar 3 2009 this is really beautiful granite, i think that the colors go really well together and if i had the money i would definetly spend it on this, and i would definetly not be wasting my money