Moon Night

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Moon Night


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Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A marble with a white base and shades of gray and dramatic gray veins.
Moon Night marble - Macro Photo Moon Night marble - CloseUp Photo Moon Night marble - Slab Photo
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  • Stacy 12:43PM, Aug 24 2014

    Do you install in Massachusetts? And I'm looking for a marble countertop that is very classy looking clean but has noticeable lines in it for the kitchen what do you recommend ? What is the average price per sq ft around ?

  • Peter 03:32PM, Jun 10 2013

    But take a look at our white fantasy we have at Ridgefield Park and South Plainfield

  • Peter 03:31PM, Jun 10 2013

    We have this stone which is very similar take a look

  • Peter 03:29PM, Jun 10 2013

    We measure, cut, fabricate, and install all for you in 3-5 day turn around.

  • Peter 03:28PM, Jun 10 2013

    We are all sold out

  • Annie 10:28PM, Jun 7 2013

    Do you have the Moon Night in the DeerPark store still

  • Annie 10:26PM, Jun 7 2013

    Do you actually cut it to measurement and seal it too
    I want a countertop

  • - Adrian 08:59PM, Mar 4 2013

    Hi, unfortunetly we don't have it.  As Derek wrote in the bottom the similiar stone is White Fantasy and it is still available in Ridgefiled Park location.

  • yosi 07:41PM, Mar 4 2013

    Do you have the moon night in stock now in Ridgefield Park, or near by?

  • yosi 07:40PM, Mar 4 2013

    Do you have the moonlight in stock now in the Ridgefield Park location?  or near by?

  • - Derek 08:16PM, Feb 8 2013

    Hello Mary. We do not, sorry. We have a similar stone called White Fantasy in-stock at both of our NJ locations:

  • Mary 11:16AM, Jan 31 2013

    Do you have Moon Night now?  I'll travel to any of your locations to see it, but I am closest to Vestal.

  • - Derek 04:44PM, Nov 12 2012

    Unfortunately we are out of stock on the Moon Night at this time. A similar stone that we have stocked at both of our NJ locations is called White Fantasy. Best of luck.

  • Anitaw 04:08AM, Nov 9 2012

    Do you still have some in stock?

  • - Natalia 02:41PM, Sep 20 2012

    Thank you for the wonderful in-depth personal experience! This will surely be helpful to many homeowners.

  • Gschles 09:42PM, Sep 19 2012

    We have had it installed in our kitchen for a year (with 3 kids: 3, 5, and a 12 year old) and we are red wine drinkers. We have never had any stains and have sealed it 2 times. BUT we have had etching. Our stone is honed though so you really can't see the etchings unless you look in a certain light and it's pointed out. 

  • - Derek 02:36PM, Jul 17 2012

    We have a few slabs in-stock of the Moon Night currently at our Deer Park, NY location: 

  • Laurenhurlbrink 08:22AM, Jul 11 2012

    do you have any in stock?

  • - Derek 05:02PM, Jul 2 2012

    My inventory tells me that we have three slabs at our Deer Park, NY facility:

  • Bob peterson 11:08PM, Jun 26 2012

    at what locations do you have moon night? I need two slabs>

  • - Natalia 02:08PM, May 24 2012

    You should order a sample of this stone and test it out for yourself! That's honestly the best way to check if you will like the maintenance on a stone that would be your countertop. Live with it for some time and try to stain it (after sealing it) and damage it. Check out the results & decide for yourself! :-)

  • - Natalia 02:07PM, May 24 2012

    Technically the Moon Night is closer to granite in terms of durability and strength. It has been used in kitchens with a level of success. you still have to reseal the stone at least once a year to so it's stain resistant. 

  • Figlady444 07:20PM, May 23 2012

    Has anyone had a problem with the super white. or moon night as it is called.  want to do a kitchen table and am afraid of stains and cuts.  thank you

  • Figlady444 07:18PM, May 23 2012

    Is the super white a granite or marble.  does it scratch and stain.  thank you

  • - Kinga 08:12PM, May 15 2012

    Unfortunately, we do not have either one of the stones you mentioned in stock at our Danbury facility. We do; however, have the Classic White and Mountain White Danby.

  • Vipdmr 10:13PM, May 13 2012

    Does your Danbury CT location carry White Fantasy or Moon Night?

  • - Derek 03:41PM, Mar 29 2012

    We have White Fantasy in-stock at both of our NJ locations where you can see full slabs and bring free samples home with you: I recommend to contact one of those on size availability and pricing:

  • Lor1226 01:51PM, Mar 25 2012

    We are looking to do a bathroom vanity, just 37 x 22 with a backsplash.  Would you have any left over pieces of either Moon night or White fantasy that would be able to be used?  We would want a drop in sink.  We live near the Stroudsburg store, but can go to any of the shops.  Would you recommend granite or marble for a bathroom vanity, and what is the difference?

  • - Derek 07:11PM, Mar 17 2012

    Yes, the Moon Night will have more grey veins and highlights in the stone. Also take a look at White Fantasy. Good luck!

  • Tommyfu Shop 12:27PM, Mar 14 2012

    I saw the classic white in person and it was a little too white.. Is Moon light more gray in overall tone

  • - Derek 08:25PM, Dec 15 2011 Moon Night = approx. 67" x 112" (Deer Park, NY)
    White Fantasy = approx. 67" x 122" (Ridgefield Park, NJ)
  • Littlefamily 07:46PM, Dec 13 2011 Can you tell me the size of the largest slabs you have in stock of either moon light or white fantasy? Thanks!
  • - Derek 09:06PM, Nov 2 2011 You really have to see the slabs in-person to visualize the differences. The White Fantasy has more sporadic, small veins while the Moon Night has larger clusters and it's overall on a grayer background although it's hard to tell from pictures. Hope this helps.
  • Karen Angelbeck 01:46PM, Oct 30 2011 How does this super white compare to the white fantasy? From the photos, they look very similar? Also, How do they compare to white spring as to porosity? Is there much of a difference?
  • - Derek 03:37PM, Jul 25 2011 No, the Stroudsburg, PA store does not have any white granites with grey veins. If possible, visit one of our other locations, or Stroudsburg, PA has hundreds of other colors in full slabs for you to view and free samples to take home. I'm confident you would be able to find something else that you will enjoy.
  • beth 08:11PM, Jul 22 2011 Is Moon Night or something similar available in the Stroudsburg PA yard?
  • erin 01:11PM, Feb 16 2011 moon night, white fantasy and white vermont look similar. which one do you think would be the best for a kitchen countertop? and also, whihc one looks the most like marble?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:22AM, Feb 17 2011 Erin: You would really have to look at the slabs in-person. We have used these stones in a kitchen setting with success but you still have to be careful with spills and such as they're more porous than stronger granites.
  • Sammy 05:36PM, Oct 26 2010 What is the porosity and hardness of moon night? does it need to be sealed?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Oct 27 2010 Sammy: Moon Night is stronger than marble, but is not as bulletproof as some darker granites like Ubatuba. It can be used for a kitchen countertop. The stone needs to be sealed once a year.