Mountain White Danby

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Original name:
Mountain White Danby

Other name(s) used:
White Georgia, White Cherokee, Pearl Grey, Solar Grey, Antique Silver, Etowah Fleuri

Internet ID:
Country of origin:
Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor
A consistent white marble with gray hues and gray to black veining
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Mountain White Danby Video
Mountain White Danby Photo
Mountain White Danby Photo
Mountain White Danby Photo
Mountain White Danby Photo
Mountain White Danby Photo


  • - Jack 03:00PM, May 20 2014


    Stone names do not have an industry standard. What is misleading is when distributers name the stone on their liking. What we are doing is eliminating the ambiguity with stone classification in the stone industry by allowing the customer to view different stone names correlated with that specific lot. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Ilyria 03:52PM, May 19 2014

    I'm curious as to why it says that "other names" for this marble include Georgia, Cherokee and Etowah, which are marbles that come from completely different quarries than the Danby. It might mislead folks to think they are all the same, when they are not.

  • - Derek 02:55PM, Jan 9 2013

    Hi there. We have Mountain White Danby in-stock at our Ridgefield Park NJ, Danbury CT, and Deer Park NY facilities at the moment: My inventory says that the slab size is adequate and large enough for your island. 

  • Arlenebdm 02:05PM, Jan 5 2013

    Does Mtn White Danby come as large as 60" x 120"? I am trying to do a kitchen island.

  • - Derek 03:38PM, Sep 27 2012

    We do not recommend any marble for outdoor use. It will definitely become damaged over time.

  • Tmann 09:53AM, Sep 27 2012

    Is Danby marble suitable for outside use? Will the UV ray or rain affect the smooth finish over a period of time?

  • - Natalia 07:59PM, Jul 27 2012

    Hello Cynthia! At the moment, All Granite & Marble has Mountain White Danby stocked at their Ridgefield Park NJ, Deer Park NY, and Danbury CT facilities:

  • Cynthia 07:53PM, Jul 27 2012

    Where is the Mountain White Danby in stock at this time?

  • - Derek 04:49PM, Jun 7 2012

    The Mountain White Danby marble is a low porosity marble that is used with kitchens with a degree of success. For an even stronger marble that looks like quartzite and is a popular choice for kitchens, take a look at Classic White (it's in-stock at RP). I recommend to acquire a sample of this stone, seal it, and test it out yourself by applying some common household staining agents to see how you like the results. Hope this helps!

  • air 12:26PM, Jun 3 2012

    We visited your Ridgefield NJ location yesterday.  We were told this was Granite (frame # 164R).  We like the look, but want a Quartzite or Granite for stain resistance.  Can you recommend any Quartzite that looks like this?

  • - Natalia 02:35PM, May 18 2012

    Hi John. All Granite & Marble does not cut from block into slabs. They are a countertop fabricator & installer and import the stones already in slab form to fabricate into countertops. I believe the quarry that originally mines the stone cuts them into slabs.

  • John Schortgen 08:34PM, May 17 2012

    do you cut from block (8") into slab (1 1/4")? if not, then who does?

  • - Kinga 04:54PM, Feb 7 2012 I’ve seen people use full slabs in showers. However, most people who consider this option end up using tile instead of full slab due to cost and weight.
  • Bathingsuits4rent 07:42PM, Feb 3 2012 Can this marble be use on the walls in a shower and in slabs? Thanks, Pam
  • Dave 06:39PM, May 22 2011 I need only to small pieces 10" x 22" of marble. Do you sell small pieces? Price?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:42PM, May 23 2011 Dave: Yes, we can fabricate any desired size. For pricing, please contact our sales office.
  • erin 01:26PM, Feb 16 2011 is this the same price point as the montclair danby?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:19AM, Feb 17 2011 Erin: Yes. Double Silver price category.
  • erin 01:19PM, Feb 16 2011 is this marble more stain resistant than carrara?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:20AM, Feb 17 2011 Erin: It will still stain unless it's often generously sealed. You can pick up a free sample of the Mountain White Danby at our Ridgefield Park, NJ location and test it out ourself.