White Fantasy

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White Fantasy


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Gray, White
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace
Light background with shades of gray veins and highlights.
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  • Marble.com - Jack 01:37PM, Apr 7 2014

    Marble is a suitable for bathroom use. This stone is located in either Ridgefield Park or South Plainfield. To obtain a quote please send a sketch with dimensions including zip-code of installation to [email protected] Thank you.

  • lt 01:20PM, Apr 6 2014

    I am looking for this marble or my bathroom. Is it durable for a master bath, and where is it available to see? What price category does it fall into?

  • Marble.com - Derek 06:05PM, Feb 13 2013

    Hi Muzz. White Fantasy is more durable and less porous than regular marble. It's appropriate for a kitchen countertop application and we have had success with this stone in kitchen installations. However, you will have to reseal periodically (every 8 to 12 months) to help the countertops maintain stain resistance. I would recommend this stone over White Carrara wholeheartedly from  a durability and maintenance stand point. However, you should acquire samples of the stone and you can test it out yourself to see how you like it. For example, you can seal the sample then try to stain it with foods that you usually use in the work space of the kitchen that would be potential staining agents. Hope this helps!

  • Muzz 02:25AM, Feb 11 2013

    I thought White Fantasy is a quartzite. Which is why it is a better alternative from a maintenance perspective than white carrara marble.

    So my question is why is White Fantasy listed as a marble on your website?

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:24PM, Dec 17 2012

    Hi Mark. We have White Fantasy in-stock at both of our NJ locations at this time: www.marble.com/locations 

  • Mark Fredericks 10:56PM, Dec 13 2012

    Do you have White Fantasy in stock at any of your locations?

  • Marble.com - Natalia 06:00PM, Nov 20 2012

    Hello. For marble, I recommend to visit one of the NJ facilities as they have the largest selection of this type of material: www.marble.com/locations There, you will be able to see the full slabs in-person and acquire free samples to take home with you. Best of luck!

  • Pitysing 07:53PM, Nov 18 2012

    I'm interested in this marble for my kitchen. Please let me know where I can see samples. Thanks!

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:17PM, Jul 27 2012

    Hello Sharon. Not to worry -- sealing is an easy do-it-yourself process that a homeowner can do by him or her self. For the White Fantasy you should reseal the countertops every six months so the stone continues to have a strong resistance to stains without any gaps in protection. I recommend to watch the following video we have created specifically on this topic on how to seal your countertops correctly: 
    http://www.marble.com/video/gr... In regard to using the White Fantasy in a kitchen application, it has been done with a degree of success, however I have found that this also depends the person's personality. What I mean by that is that the White Fantasy is more porous and softer than standard, darker granite's and over time will become damaged to an extent no matter how careful you are. If you are the type of person that requires their countertop to look like new all the time then I would not recommend the White Fantasy (plus you have young children which makes it worse unfortunately). If you are fine with having the stone etch (scratch) in some places over time, maybe acquire a chip here or there, as well as some light staining if you ever forget to clean up a spill right away, then the White Fantasy can be for you. As you can see, the decision is yours. I hope this was informative and will help you make the correct decision!

  • Sharon 08:37PM, Jul 24 2012

    I have boys and thought I was decided on white fantasy granite.  I am reading here that it reacts like marble.  Could you educate me on sealing this please, what does that entail - a person coming to my home every six months or something I do?  second, I have a sample and pulled a pot across the top of it - it scratched big time - does it look like that after it is sealed?  or will it scratch like that all of the time?  many thanks for your help,

  • Marble.com - Kinga 04:35PM, Mar 29 2012

    Another Carrara-like stone is the Classic White. Make sure to bring samples home!

  • Marble.com - Derek 04:02PM, Mar 29 2012

    I'd definitely say that is a fair statement. Make sure to look at the slabs in-person before making a final decision on using the White Fantasy. Good luck!

  • Belinda Goodman 05:10PM, Mar 25 2012

    Is this the granite that is closet to carrera marble?

  • Marble.com - Derek 02:45PM, Mar 14 2012

    The White Fantasy stone pictured on this page is surely an excellent choice, so I definitely recommend that. Another option could be Viscont White, as well as River Valley, and Moon Night. Hope this helps!

  • denise g 11:02PM, Mar 10 2012

    faux carrera tile floors !!

  • denise g 11:01PM, Mar 10 2012

    interested in white/grey granite....my cabinets are off white,vintage silver tin backsplash,faux carerra marble tiles and dove grey walls with white chandelier...its a small kitchen in a 2 bedroom condo...any suggestions for granite colors ? Thank you :)

  • Marble.com - Derek 03:22PM, Mar 2 2012

    This sounds like a very interesting white kitchen. From the ones you're mentioned, I'm leaning toward White Fantasy. Another option could be Moon Night. In addition, we have added two light stones with deep veins to the inventory, you can take a look here: 
    http://www.marble.com/blog/two... The key is to view the full slabs in-person and acquire samples to take home with you and put against the elements in your kitchen to see how you enjoy the various combinations. Good luck!

  • Janice Gaccione 12:49AM, Mar 1 2012

    I am designing a Nantucket kitchen and have chosen white, shaker cabintes, statuary marble subway tiles for the blacksplash with a "horizontal" 3 " glass block insert into the back splash.  The glass "insert" has black, white, silver and nickle glass strips.  I wanted "Stauary Marble" for the island and counter top but decided to go with granite.  The island is 132" and I want the marble look for the island and counter top.  I like Silver Waves and White Fantasy and perhaps White Night.  What would you suuggest?? Janice from NJ

  • Dpara1010 02:40AM, Feb 5 2012 Does white fantasy come in single or double blue?
  • Marble.com - Derek 04:54PM, Dec 31 2011 White Fantasy is a comparable option. Also take a look at Classic White, it's a quartzite and has speckles so it's not as much of a  match as the White Fantasy, but it's quite popular as a light alternative to marble. As Kinga has explained, looking at the full slabs in-person is the key as you get to visualize the design this way. Good luck and wishing you a Happy New Year!
  • Marble.com - Kinga 03:48PM, Dec 30 2011 This stone definitely has that marble look and feel. Our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility carries this stone and will be more than happy to service your project. We are located about 5-10 minutes from George Washington Bridge so I would recommend viewing this stone in person. We also have samples right on site for you to take home. When you visit, make sure to bring your layout and measurements for an instant quote along with your cabinet door and any other samples to help you in the decision making process. Let me know how your visit goes!
  • Jennifer 10:55PM, Dec 29 2011 Hi,

    I am looking for a granite that looks most like calacatta or carrara marble.  Would you say white fantasy granite would be it?  I am renovating my entire apartment in NYC and would love a sample or to come see this in person if you have a location near by that I could come to.  Thanks!  

    Best regards,
  • Marble.com - Kinga 12:42PM, Dec 5 2011 Did you find anything you were looking for during your visit?
  • Marble.com - Derek 07:56PM, Nov 23 2011 Sorry for the late response Allison, how did the visit go? We have the largest selection at our Ridgefield facility, but all are fully stocked and comparable.
  • Allisonandrew 06:00PM, Nov 21 2011 I'll be in the Northern NJ area this week. Do you have this quartzite available to look at in one of your locations if we could be there on Wednesday? Today is Nov. 21.

  • Marble.com - Derek 06:35PM, Sep 1 2011 We do not have the name 'Super White' in-stock, but our White Fantasy is a close match. It's available in both of our New Jersey facilities: www.marble.com/locations
  • Birbiglia 02:13AM, Sep 1 2011 I am looking for Super white with less movement for my Long Island kitchen reno.
    I am in central Suffolk county.  Do you have it in stock?
  • Marble.com - Derek 12:48PM, Aug 11 2011 We do not ship out side of our area of service, which is the Northeastern Tri-State area. You can fill out an estimate request here: www.marble.com/free-estimate and an affiliated fabricator in your area may contact you if they have these stones in-stock. Good luck!
  • Lynne 05:22AM, Aug 10 2011 I live in Southern California, Newport Beach area.  Can you suggest some locations that might carry White Fantasy in my location ( Orange County, Greater Los Angeles or San Diego areas. I also like Moon Light.  Is it expensive to ship if I can't fine it here, and how long does it take?
  • Marble.com - Derek 01:19PM, Aug 9 2011 In your email or fax with the measurements, please include your installation zipcode, contact information, and any stones you may be interested in.
  • Marble.com - Kinga 12:11PM, Aug 9 2011 In order to receive an estimate, please e-mail or fax the Deer Park location with your layout and measurements. You can also try our online estimating tool http://www.marble.com/estimate
  • nora 12:36AM, Aug 7 2011 I need the following amount if you could price for me...
    40 sq feet counter top
    44 sq feet island
    7 sq feet bathroom vanity
    Thanks, I live on the east end of long island, is that a problem for delvery and fabrication?
  • kschroppe 05:56PM, May 20 2011 I love this color how do we know how much something is by looking at them I am looking for a 60"x42'" island to start and depending on price may do the rest of the kitchen
    • All Granite and Marble 01:52PM, May 23 2011 Kschroppe: You can get a price quote by contacting our sales office.
  • BMcD 03:09PM, May 12 2011 I am looking for a slab of white fantasy. I am in NJ - which location do you recommend? the whiter the slab the better...
    • All Granite and Marble 03:56PM, May 12 2011 BMcD: White Fantasy is available in both of our NJ locations. Stop by to take a look.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, May 13 2011 BMcD:
  • Jill 06:51AM, Feb 23 2011 Just wondering if white fantasy granite can be honed and if so have you seen it done and does it resemble honed marble? Thank you, Jill
    • All Granite and Marble 09:24AM, Feb 25 2011 Jill: White Fantasy can be honed. We can hone a sample for you to see what it looks like if you visit one of our NJ locations.
  • Mike 10:25AM, Feb 14 2011 Do you currently have White Fantasy in stock (and at which locations)? I'm looking for slabs specifically with veining as opposed to flecks. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:44AM, Feb 14 2011 Mike: We have White Fantasy in-stock at our Ridgefield Park, NJ and South Plainfield, NJ locations. The slabs contain deep veining. Please come visit to look at the full slabs and you will be able to bring free samples home with you.
  • Larry 02:07AM, Feb 14 2011 I have read that white fantasy is also known as super white, may etch when it comes in contact with acids because it may be calcareous. It is also not geological granite, but quartzite.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Feb 14 2011 Larry: It's categorized as granite with many companies, it's kind of in the middle of granite and marble, close to quartzite too. I suggest to pick up a sample and test out the wear and tear of this stone yourself. Yes, it may etch a little, you will heave to seal it more often than the stronger granites, but it's one of the closest looks to real marble that holds up reasonably well in a kitchen countertop application.
  • Beth 12:24AM, Oct 20 2010 Do you have White Fantasy in Ridgefield location?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:01AM, Oct 20 2010 Beth: Yes, we currently have White Fantasy at our Ridgefield Park location.
  • Andrea 08:17PM, Jul 12 2010 I received an estimate that includes various codes (single blue, double blue, etc) for pricing but do not see anywhere on your site where the materials are assigned those codes. Can you advise where to look for this? Specifically I am looking for the white fantasy granite as well as calacutta gold marble
    • All Granite and Marble 08:18AM, Jul 13 2010 Andrea: Unfortunately the stones are not market by price group on the estimate. The stones are marked at any of our three locations with full slabs available for viewing and free samples to take home.
  • Stephen 07:09AM, Jun 4 2010 Do you have this in Stock? I am planning on visiting your South Plainfield showroom
    • All Granite and Marble 10:05AM, Jun 4 2010 Stephen: Yes, we have White Fantasy in-stock at South Plainfield, NJ.
  • Vivian 02:33PM, May 11 2010 Do you have this stone in stock? Thanks
  • Jacelyn 02:33PM, Apr 26 2010 Does the white fantasy chip, scratch or etch like marble does?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:09PM, Apr 26 2010 Jacelyn: No. But I strongly suggest that you get a sample of this stone, bring it home, then attack it with a various array of liquids, oils, drop a pan on it, ect. See for yourself if it's for you.
  • Caroline 03:28PM, Jan 23 2010 I am thinking about white counters.I have heard that the white carrara marble stains.Does the WHite Fantasy Granite stain?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:03AM, Jan 25 2010 Caroline: Does not stain as Carrera, but it's not bulletproof either. You still have to be careful. I'd suggest to seal it every six months if you're considering it for a kitchen, to be on the safe side.
  • Robin 06:02PM, Jun 5 2009 I just found a gray paint darker graphite that I may use for kitchen cabinets. They will be somewhat old world, early american style, slightly European but in no way modern. Lots of cuts square and like crown moulding to give you an idea. I do not want any specks of color, only veining, am leaning away from the marble as my friend's stained with red wine. White Fantasy OR Polar White Granite ?????? And is there anything else. I am driving up to your showroom next !
    • All Granite and Marble 09:31AM, Jun 6 2009 Robin: Driving up to our showroom should be the first thing on your list! That way you would have a better idea of what's available. Mind you, only a part of the selection is photographed for the website. Either way, Polar white is more of a cream really. I'm not sure how that would go with the grey cabinets. They might clash a bit.
  • Robin 02:30PM, May 20 2009 Because we are talking about my kitchen here and you cautioned against using marble in said room. And the kitchens I am seeing Carrara marble in are real working kitchens. Check out all the latest magazines. If I decide to use granite, which granite most closely resembles Carrara marble ?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:05AM, May 22 2009 Robin: I appologize. This whole time I failed to notice that White Fantasy is a granite, not a marble. My mistake. Yes, White Fantasy is pretty much as close as you can get to Carrara looks wise.
  • Robin 09:40AM, May 19 2009 Thank you. How close to Carrara marble does that white fantasy granite look ? Anything closer to the look of Carrara ?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:48AM, May 20 2009 Robin: Why not Carrara itself?
  • Robin 06:25PM, May 14 2009 I am doing gray-graphite darkish cabinets. I really wanted Carrara marble but everyone including one of your sales persons told me forget marble in the kitchen. Although in every very fine magazine, they are now doing marble as kit countertops. It is very prevalent ! BUT-what white/gray vein, no speckles granite would best resemble the marble look I desire ?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, May 18 2009 Robin: The biggest issue is not whether marble can or can't be used in the kitchen. Who are we to stop you? The problem is that most people that want marble in the kitchen, don't want the problems associated with it. If you want White Fantasy for your kitchen - go for it. Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and be aware that you won't be able to keep the marble "perfect".
  • Carol 10:21PM, May 5 2009 I have white cabinets and golden oak hardwood floors. I am looking for a white granite - I like the Classic White Fantasy, Biano Romano and Colonial Gold. Any advice or suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:35PM, May 6 2009 Carol : Seems like you're going for the classic "marble" look. Not much to add. You're doing great.