Bathroom - White Thassos Marble

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Materials: White Thassos
Edges: Straight
This clean White Thassos marble is complimented with polished metal plumbing fixtures.
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  • khizar ahmad 12:28PM, May 20 2013


  • jefferson Moise 09:25PM, Dec 2 2010 I am looking for a vanity top 25'''x19'' in white marble what is the cost.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:24AM, Dec 3 2010 Jefferson Moise: For pricing please contact our sales office.
  • cathleen 01:04PM, Jun 4 2008 is there a gratnite that resembles the white correra marble-I am probably spelling that word wrong
    • All Granite and Marble 12:04PM, Jun 30 2008 cathleen: Long story short - no. Try bianco romano and bianco cardinale. That's the closest you will get to white carrara.
  • desilu 04:23PM, Mar 25 2008 Sorry - to add to this comment about botticino - I was thinking of the white thassos but would it be too white and not "warm" enough? The vanity base is an espresso color. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:58PM, Apr 4 2008 desilu: Ok, you answered my question here :) Well in that case, I would venture into a darker marble. Perhaps something like Giallo Damasco or Indus Gold.
  • desilu 04:21PM, Mar 25 2008 What is your recommendation for a countertop color in marble to go with Botticino Classico on the floor and shower? I am having a hard time choosing the countertop color and material.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:55PM, Apr 4 2008 desilu: What type and color of the wood are you thinking of for the vanity?
  • florence desola 08:50PM, Sep 13 2007 can i get thassos counter top in a slab for my kitchen island?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:44AM, Sep 18 2007 florence desola: You could, however it usually comes in rather small slabs, so it really depends how big the island is.
  • Jan 09:27AM, Sep 11 2007 Do your vanity sinks have an overflow outlet/hole? Jan
    • All Granite and Marble 03:10PM, Sep 12 2007 Jan: Yes they do.
  • All Granite and Marble 05:38PM, Jun 15 2007 Yes we do. Pretty expensive though.
  • Mary 04:56PM, Jun 8 2007 Do you have this in sheets which can be used to surround walls in shower>
  • All Granite and Marble 05:01PM, Mar 20 2007 Pricing is not available online. Contact us by phone for an estimate.
  • All Granite and Marble 03:54PM, Mar 13 2007 The cost will depend on many factors other than the stone and edge. This vanity would cost approximately $400.
  • JJ 03:01PM, Mar 13 2007 What is the approx. cost for a 48" granite vanity top, with one sink?
  • Susan 06:43PM, Mar 6 2007 What is the approx cost of this for a 48" vanity, with one sink as shown?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:57AM, Sep 22 2006 Not sure what material you are talking about, but if it's a manmade stone, chances are it has a resin or epoxy in it and that prevents it from being refinished.
  • Melissa Buck 11:02PM, Sep 20 2006 I have those fake solid countertops with like gold running through them, like faux marble. Can those be refinished?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:02AM, Sep 11 2006 This is White Thassos. It's a natural stone.
  • Venia 05:54AM, Sep 8 2006 What is the material in the picture?The granite,marble or man-made stones?Thanks.
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