Hot Tub - Blue And Black Granite

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Materials: Blue And Black
Edges: Waterfall
Blue and Black, shown here, provides a simple and functional design to this hot tub surround.


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  • jane 05:54PM, Feb 16 2009 Do you have any images of a large jacuzzi tub with a granite or marble surround which has been installed as an undermount tub? This is what we would like to do but have yet to see a picture of one. Do you see a reason this couldn't be done? Jacuzzi of course said it could be - but no pictures avail from them either. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:24AM, Feb 17 2009 jane: Just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should be done. From our perspective, installing a surround for an undermount jacuzzi would be even easier. However, take into consideration the following. When undermounting, a slight overhang is created on the inside of the opening (an inset). That's to hide the silicone underneath. How comfortable do you think it would be to lean your back against a protruding piece of cold stone? Another thing is that in a jacuzzi, the water splashes a lot. Eventually, that silicone underneath the inset would become a dirt trap. These two reasons are the only ones that come to mind.
  • mario 01:13PM, Jul 23 2006 is beautiful