Kitchen - Green Galaxy Granite

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Materials: Green Galaxy
Edges: Ogee
The Green Galaxy granite is a timeless classic for the ages as seen featured on the tabletop in this kitchen.
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  • nafije 11:50AM, Jan 5 2011 kaffe
    • All Granite and Marble 01:17PM, Jan 5 2011 Nafije: Coffee colored? If so, the Green Galaxy will look very elegant and warm against your darker cabinetry, go for it!
  • nafije 02:31AM, Jan 5 2011 my kithen is A warm, rich brown finish with deep brown undertones and black overtones. and floor tiles are very lite how wod this green galaxy look in my conter
    • All Granite and Marble 08:41AM, Jan 5 2011 Nafije: What color are your cabinets?
  • nancy 08:48PM, Jan 25 2010 They left the 80's dining set in there b/c they couln't afford a new one after the remodeled their kitchen lol
  • kaa 07:40PM, Sep 23 2006 why did they leave that 80s dining set in that beautiful kitchen!
  • All Granite and Marble 08:10AM, Sep 6 2006 Green Galaxy.
  • er 06:20PM, Sep 5 2006 granite name?
  • Rochelle 11:33AM, Aug 31 2006 What granite is this?
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