Kitchen - Golden Valley Granite

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Materials: Golden Valley
Edges: Waterfall
The island reveals the Golden Valley granite to have taupe colored highlights, and black garnet stippling.


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  • - Derek 03:33PM, Jul 5 2012

    I've attached some photos to help you visualize what a laminated edge would look like. Hope this helps.

  • Cindy 11:58PM, Jun 28 2012

    I am considering brazil vyara granite with red oak cabinets and stainless/black appliances. The slide in range is an 1" higher due to tile underneath and not raising cabinets. The installer suggest a laminated bevel edge to thicken but soften the look. Can you suggest where I can see a sample of that edge?

  • maureen 10:19AM, Mar 29 2011 Thx-1 more comment on it. The vicenza is on maple coffee glaze cabinets & I want to make island a darker color to stand out differently-- maple auburn glaze -- will the black galaxy with the small copper flecks be a good combo with the maple auburn glaze island ?? or is it too dark? Thx for help.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:51PM, Mar 30 2011 Maureen: As i've said, I think it will be a good combination. Not too dark.
  • Maureen 09:53AM, Mar 29 2011 Last yr put in giallo vicenza granite (with pink/peach tones which I love) as my countertops. Now have money to put island in :) Can I do different granite on an island? I was thinking Black galaxy with the copper flaking (maybe small flakes)? Or any other suggestions or should I use vicenza?? Thx for your help
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Mar 29 2011 Maureen: You can use Black Galaxy. That would be a great combination with the Vicenza.
  • maggie 08:15PM, Mar 28 2010 My new kitchen will have dark cherry finish cabinets and an island with different a vanilla wash finish and the golden valley granite top. Will the cherry cabinets look good with a beige olympio silestone counter?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:17PM, Mar 29 2010 maggie: Yes.
  • Cindy 11:45AM, Feb 3 2010 Yes, they are all beautiful. I especially like Crema Bordeaux 478. Is there a way to get samples? Also, is there a rule of thumb for pricing I can use when considering budget?
  • Cindy 05:08PM, Feb 2 2010 I would like a darker granite. The floor is an off white color. The walls are a wine color but subject to change. I don't the cabinets to blend into the granite.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:22PM, Feb 3 2010 Cindy: Samples are available for pick up at any of our locations, we also have full slabs for view. For pricing please contact the sales office.
  • Cindy 10:58AM, Feb 2 2010 We have white washed cabinets and are looking for new countertops. Certain colors make the cabinets appear to have a pink tinge. Can you suggest a few designs I should consider?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:49AM, Feb 3 2010 Cindy: Take a look at Tropical Brown, or perhaps Crema Bordeaux if you'd like to add richness to the kitchen. What do you think?
  • Annie 11:26PM, Jul 23 2009 Thanks! We'll try to match with the stones in the Giallo family in your website. Any suggestions for particular stone(s)we can look for other than Giallo Veneziano? We considered bordeaux as well(used in some of the pictures in your gallery) but felt that the speckles are too prominent. Is that something we can consider as well?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:28AM, Jul 24 2009 Annie: I would try Giallo Fiorito for a warm look, Giallo Veneziano for something similar to Vicenza, or Giallo Ornamental if you want to keep it light. Bordeaux might be too dramatic as you said.
  • Annie 01:53PM, Jul 23 2009 We have ordered maple cabinets with toffee glaze. Would a similar stone go well with it? We are leaning towards one of the Giallo colors(may be Giallo Veneziano) but not sure how it would look. We are planning to do full granite backsplash of the same color as countertop. Lighter color tile. Any suggestions for granite colors that go with maple toffee glaze would be helpful.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:32PM, Jul 23 2009 Annie: Try out other stones in the Giallo family. Make sure to put a sample of your cabinets against the stones to see how it looks.
  • LAURA 08:15PM, Apr 11 2009 Would this be a good choice to go with honey spice cherry cabinets, med. oak floor and white appliances? Is there a better option? I was also considering Bianco Romano and Golden Beach, I seem to be leaning toward the veins rather than speckles. I would appreciate any input that you might have. Could you also suggest a back splash.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:04AM, Apr 14 2009 LAURA: You made very good choices, all three stones will look good with your kitchen design. Bianco Romano will create the most contrast between the cabinets, and the other two will create a more warm, country look.
  • Meg 07:58AM, Mar 28 2009 Maple cabinents, black island. Would this stone work? or is it to light?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:45PM, Apr 3 2009 Meg: It's very similar to Golden Beach but with more veins. It would work.
  • Charlotte Jacobs 11:17PM, Jan 16 2009 I like golden valley. I am moving to Texas back into my home. How would I find this marble in Texas.I would like to see it in person
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Jan 17 2009 Charlotte Jacobs: Since natural stone is very unique, it might be hard to find the same exact look that you see here on the photo. I would suggest finding something analogue to this rather than going crazy over trying to match the color and pattern exactly.
  • Lisa 07:39PM, Jan 10 2009 two questions we just installed kitchen cabinets and they are not completely level do they have to be to have granite installed, also granite is usually smooth but I saw a kitchen where the granite countertops were textured and i really liked it do you do that type of finish
    • All Granite and Marble 02:45PM, Jan 12 2009 Lisa: They should be as level as possible. Within a certain margin of error, it is ok. The finish you're talking about is probably a leather finish. Yes, we can do it.
  • Jay 06:02PM, Sep 30 2008 Im thinking about Teeagan Maple slab cabinets. We have natural maple floors. What granite should we use?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:36PM, Oct 8 2008 Jay: I'm not too familiar with that color. If it's light, like natural Maple, then I would suggest going two or three shades darker for more contrast.
  • lori 06:39PM, Jun 29 2008 I've chosen kraftmaid ginger glaze on maple cabinets and wondered what granites would go well. My floor tile will be multi-colored with golds & greys. Thnaks.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:23PM, Jul 17 2008 lori: Try Juparana, but this should also work.
  • All Granite and Marble 05:36PM, Jun 15 2007 Names of stones are temporarly down. Be patient. Good things are coming soon ;)
  • DLK 10:15PM, Jun 7 2007 Why don't you list the names of the granite used in the photos??? It would be really helpful; otherwise, the pics look nice, but they are useless.
  • All Granite and Marble 03:09PM, May 15 2007 Sorry Lynn, we're not in FL yet :)
  • Lynn 01:17PM, May 11 2007 Do you have any showrooms or stores in South Florida? I love your site and I Love your selection. Needing 3 slabs of granite. Interested in exotic colors, with swirls, and movement in browns, gold, etc.
  • Katie 10:39AM, May 4 2007 I'm in 6th grade, and for a project we have to design our own house. I'm wondering How much these counertops would cost?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:08PM, May 7 2007 Katie, thanks for visiting :) As for your project, you can estimate around $60 per square foot of the countertops. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, we will be more than happy to help you with your project.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Apr 13 2007 Yea, that's a good one.
  • Gina 02:22PM, Apr 10 2007 I have vanilla glazed cabinets and a stone type tile floor with creams,browns & tans and the walls are a golden tan with s/s appliances. Looking at Santa Cecelia countertops. Do you think this is good choice or should I go darker?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:50AM, Mar 27 2007 Finding the color shouldn't be a problem. This is actually one of your better choices. I think though, you should think about a more massive edge to match the ranch feeling of the house. Consider a laminated one if your budget allows it.
  • cindy 11:46PM, Mar 26 2007 We have hickory cabinets, cedar wood beams , both with wood knots,med dark oak floors and stainless appliances. This is located in the mountains on a ranch and we want to have a full backs splash of the granite besides counter tops and breakfast bar. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:47PM, Feb 2 2010 Cindy: Are you leaning towards a light or dark granite so far?
  • All Granite and Marble 12:28PM, Mar 26 2007 I think it's borderline... good point.
  • All Granite and Marble 12:09PM, Mar 26 2007 Yes, we have Veneziano. Try Santa Cecilia or Giallo Ornamental.
  • Margaret 12:23PM, Mar 15 2007 I have Honey Maple cabients with black/Stainless appliances. I'm interested in the Mongolian Dessert slate tile, but I don't know what type of Granite countertop would look nice with this. Any suggestions? My cabinets are this same color. Do you think this granite is too close together?
  • Robin 06:14PM, Mar 7 2007 Do you have coral veneziano or giallo veneziano available? What other granite would be very taupe, tan, and gold looking without rust or orange?
  • Nancy 11:05AM, Jan 11 2007 I have light oak cabinets and white appliances - what would be the best color?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:56PM, Jan 16 2007 Nancy: I'd try Giallo Ornamental or Santa Cecilia first. Then you could try darker colors.
  • Stefanie 01:17PM, Dec 15 2006 I have this stone on an island; what would be a good companion stone for the remaining countertops?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:12AM, Dec 22 2006 Stefanie, you'd have to go with something really plain and uniform, so that the two stones don't fight for attention.
  • justin 09:42AM, Dec 13 2006 how much did it cost
    • All Granite and Marble 09:19AM, Dec 15 2006 Justin, it cost a lot, but mostly because of the waterfall edge.
  • kay 01:23AM, Oct 21 2006 i have medium oak cabinets and i would like to know if you think I should go light or dark on my counters . My floor is new light terra .thx
    • All Granite and Marble 11:43AM, Oct 23 2006 Kay, it all depends on what you like. Either way it will look great. If your kitchen is small, go with a light stone, as it will make it look larger and brighter. If you are looking for a more exclusive look, try darker stones.
  • DAISY 06:32PM, Sep 21 2006 I'm looking for a table top. Can a piece be order to sit on top of a table, size 70 by 43? and what would be the price range?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:54AM, Sep 22 2006 Daisy, yes, we can fabricate a piece like that. One thing you have to make sure of is that the base can hold the weight of the stone. Depending on the kind of stone you choose, it will weigh about 18 pounds per square foot. For pricing please fax the dimensions with your contact info to any of the locations.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:36AM, Aug 24 2006 Different fabricators/suppliers use different names, so it is possible that this may be called Golden Crystal.
  • T. Stevens 01:13AM, Aug 24 2006 This looks very similar to "Golden Crystal" could it go by other names?
  • All Granite and Marble 03:29PM, Aug 21 2006 ID# 158