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Materials: Bordeaux
Edges: Straight
The long second level breakfast bar adds plenty of space for a large family to eat and entertain.


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  • - Jack 02:14PM, Apr 3 2014

    No problem! Stop by one of our facilities closest to you to view our vast selection. Be sure to bring a sketch with dimensions so we may quote you.

  • janice 08:33PM, Apr 2 2014

    Need help with a counter top - I have for all intensive purposes an L shaped kitchen counter -the L part being a sit at counter- our cabinets are café brown with a glaze and our floors are red oak hardwood with a cherry stain on them (light in color) - I want a granite counter top - help!!

  • - Peter 04:57PM, Oct 14 2013


    For our tile selection please take a look at the following link-

    Best Regards,


  • - Peter 04:55PM, Oct 14 2013

    Elina, it may be too dark, perhaps you would be better off going with a terracotta style tile for a nicely contrasted warm look.

  • - Steven 08:57PM, Oct 11 2013

    We don't actually sell granite tiles but what I could recommend is stopping by one of our locations with this stone and asking for a sample. This way you can bring it with you when you're out floor shopping.

  • Elina 03:54PM, Oct 10 2013

    My cabinets are light wood. I was thinking of using imperial black granite tiles as the floor, but I have a small kitchen and I'm afraid it's too dark and won't look good with the Juparana Bordeaux countertop and backsplash.

  • Elina 03:24PM, Oct 10 2013

    I'm using this as my countertop and backsplash. I need help on finding a floor the matches, can you recommend a granite floor?

  • Peter 08:27PM, Jun 7 2013

    Travertine is the way to go for sure!

  • Peter 08:27PM, Jun 7 2013

    How can we help you Lisa? Do you have Formica or are you looking to go with Granite?

  • Lisa 06:44PM, Jun 7 2013

    Need help w/backsplash, handles, &/or knobs. We have traditional ranch home, 1960. Just put in white oak kitchen cabinets, that I regret! Used antique mascarella countertop by Formica, that I regret! I thought countertop had more black/white running thru it? Dk. wood floor. Wanting to pull countertop & cabinets together. Any Suggestions, please?

  • Betty 12:02PM, May 24 2013

    Need help with a backsplash choice. We will have natural cherry cabinets in out kitchen, and have chosen Juparana Bordeaux for the countertops. Looking for a lighter backsplash tile with just a blush of warm color to blend. We cannot seem to find a tumbled stone with just a hint of warmpth. Any suggestions? Floors are hardwood-red oak

  • - Adrian 03:06PM, Apr 20 2013

    Hi, First I would like to apologies you for delay of responding, but we had a system update and we missed your post. I would recommend you to go with mosaic backplash that will catch the eye. One is a glass tile from the Mirabelle Collection in a peat brown color in a brick pattern. Also, an interesting idea would be the ever-popular Fire and Ice backsplash tile series which is a lighter choice for contrast. I've attached photos of my suggestions for your reference. Good luck!

  • Guest 01:37AM, Apr 18 2013

    Cindy • 14 days ago

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    Hi, We are in the process of doing some updates to our 1950's ranch kitchen. Cabinet we choose are maple slab doors with cognac stain. We like the cleanliness of the cabinets along with sleek brushed nickel hardware. Verde peacock granite counter tops, all black appliances with ss handles and black sink. Having a difficult time with back splash. We put in lighter pergo flooring 3 years ago and do not want to change it. Help???? Thanks so much..... 2nd request??

  • - Adrian 04:57PM, Apr 17 2013

    Hi, Please accept my depest apology in delay of responding. I would use a lighter and neutral backsplash to offset black granite with cherry cabinets. I have two suggestions for a backsplash: Mocha Splitface Vesrailles Travertine Mosaic and Mediterranean Ivory Tumbled Travertine, please take a look at the attachments. Regarding to your walls I would go with Netsuke SW 6134 of Sherwin Williams or Sierra Tan Color, which I also attached you. I hope I could help !

  • Ken 04:05PM, Apr 10 2013

    Hello,  I have cherry paprika color cabinets and black granite (with the same cherry paprika color in the black granite)  our appliances are stainless steel with some black on them.  what color walls should I paint my kitchen.  I was also wondering what color back splash should I go with?

  • Cindy 11:56PM, Apr 3 2013

    Hi, We are in the process of doing some updates to our 1950's ranch kitchen. Cabinet we choose are maple slab doors with cognac stain. We like the cleanliness of the cabinets along with sleek brushed nickel hardware. Verde peacock granite counter tops, all black appliances with ss handles and black sink. Having a difficult time with back splash. We put in lighter pergo flooring 3 years ago and do not want to change it. Help???? Thanks so much

  • - Adrian 05:10PM, Feb 27 2013

    Hi, I would recommend you a soft and neutral backsplash choice with beige and creme undertones to complement the Giallo cream counters such as Mediterranean Ivory tumbled travertine or Oyster Mix Flamed tumbled travertine, please see the attachments. In regard to floor tiles, a choice such as Daltile Fidenza Bianco porcelain tile seems appropriate. I hope it will work !

  • Renuka Deshmukh 04:44PM, Feb 27 2013

    hello I have choosen Giallo cream granite and maple cabinates (royal mahagony stain).  Wondering what to choose for blacksplash (want a square as well on cooktop) and kitchen flooring?

  • - Derek 04:55PM, Feb 12 2013

    Hello there. I'm leaning toward a light color for an efficient contrast to offset the cherry wood. Specifically, I have warm options in-mind such as Santa Cecilia Classic or for more movement try our popular Astoria granite. 

  • - Adrian 09:02PM, Feb 11 2013

    Hi. I recommend you go with a countertop which will give you a contrast and more space. I think that Ambrosia White is a really beautiful stone with burgund spots which will  complete each other. Also look at the example of Ivory Brown Stone: , it also might work. Good Luck !

  • R55sbk 09:05PM, Feb 5 2013

    Hello ! We have just ordered Cherry cabinets with Autumn finish w/ ebony glaze what color granite would go best ?

  • - Derek 04:39PM, Nov 30 2012

    Well, the exotic colors such as the Bordeaux family of stones surely have bursts of beautiful color that would make the countertops a center-piece of your kitchen design (which is not a bad thing, if you want it to be so). I also recommend others such as Netuno Bordeaux or Siena Bordeaux which may be a little bit softer in terms of strength of color. In regard of sink material, granite composite sinks are popular right now, however you cannot go wrong with a timeless & classic stainless steel sink. Lastly, I think that oil rubbed bronze hardware looks very elegant and is an appropriate choice.

  • Txbelle1208 04:27PM, Nov 30 2012

    We are renovating our interior and have come to the kitchen. Cabinets are pickled - subtle pinkish cast, appliances are brushed SS with stove top in black. New flooring is Mannington Adura in Timber Ridge - a medium brown hickory with a lot of grain and pattern (if 'movement' is a term for wood, too, there is a lot of it.). Paint is Behr Earth Tone and the kitchen looks into the family room painted Sherwin Williams Bona Fide Beige. We love Bordeaux, Crema Bordeaux, and Monte Carlo for the countertops, but considering the grain and 'busyness' in the floor, are the exotic granites choices too much pattern? Also, what would you suggest for a new sink material? And lastly, would the change to oil rubbed bronze be acceptable for new hardware?

  • - Derek 02:00PM, Nov 30 2012

    Hi again Sharon. In terms of availability of us in your area, we are not able to directly service you. However, we have affiliated fabricators in your area that can contact you with an estimate -- just fill out our estimate request here: In regard to vinyl flooring, that's a wonderful idea! I like the series because they offer a versatile array of designs. Specifically, colors such as Annabelle - Tycoon Tan or Ashmore - Barcelon Beige that Armstrong offers would be appropriate options for your set-up. I've attached examples of these choices for your easy reference. Hope this helps!

  • Sharon 10:10AM, Nov 28 2012

    Thanks, Derek, (my grandson's name as well).  I liked the Cafe Amazonia and the flooring you recommended but would like to go to a vinyl tile where I have the look of tile but the flooring is softer and warmer--besides no grout to worry about.  Do you have any suggestions that way?   Our vacation home in Florida is where the new kitchen will be installed and I wondered if you have any dealers in Central Florida (around Winter Haven area).  Thank you.

  • - Derek 03:35PM, Nov 27 2012

    Hi Sharon. A few similar choices to Tropical Brown that would also provide that contrast you're seeking would be Imperial Coffee, Copa Gold, Bahia Brown, Cafe Amazonia, and Giallo Vicenza Royal. In regard to the flooring tile, I recommend a warm porcelain or ceramic hue such as Daltile Stratford Place Willow Branch or Daltile Continental Slate Egyptian Beige. I've attached photos for your easy reference. Best of luck!

  • Sharon 05:51AM, Nov 25 2012

     I have white cabinets with a pewter glaze, appliances are also white.  Kitchen is small and open to dining and living areas which feature off white furniture, carpet in living room is teal and accessories are brown tones.  Tropical Brown granite countertops was my choice to pull it all together but the mine in Saudia Arabia is closed.  Any suggestions for granite or quartz as well as flooring for the kitchen which will extend into the dining area.  Thank you for any help.

  • - Derek 04:18PM, Oct 16 2012

    Hi Linda. Well, I can give you some countertop suggestions. I recommend to check out colors such as the Bordeaux featured on this page, Golden Rock, and Exotic Gold. Let me know your thoughts on these! They are dark enough to contrast the cabinets but complement the subtle pinkness of your cabinet shade.

  • Linda Demastes 08:10PM, Oct 15 2012

    i have maple frost cabinets. they tend to look pinky and peachy in some ways. trying to find a granite color and floor color to go with this. i want the floor to be ceramic

  • - Derek 05:22PM, Aug 20 2012

    I recommend a durable and consistent pattern color for the perimeter with warm highlights, such as the Giallo Napoleone or Ouro Brasil. As far as the island, this piece can have more movement and a rich pattern to make the island a focal point of the kitchen design. Take a look at colors such as Bordeaux, Gold Antique, and Golden Dream. Hope this helps!

  • Arlyho 02:57PM, Aug 12 2012

    We are building a new home and have chosen Merillat cherry portrait cabinets in paprika finish.  The oak floor stain color is gunstock.  We are looking for suggestions for granite color.  We have a large island and were even thinking of possibly using a separate color for the perimeter of the room and a separate color for the island.  It is a very open kitchen and will get lots of light.  We like the golds, orange and red colors best

  • - Natalia 03:38PM, May 29 2012

    Hello! Sounds like you could be on the right track. Although I would probably just the neutral beige shade throughout the whole kitchen. My recommendations are from the Benjamin Moore series: Barely Beige, Honeyed Almond, and Lighthouse Landing. Good luck!

  • Johnston530 12:07PM, May 26 2012

    I am installing giallio ornamental granite with maple cabinets that are a honey color with an onxy glaze.  the floors are a brown hardwood.  what color would you do the walls?  I am thinking a rust color but only doing one side of the kitchen with that color and the rest since it opens to my living room and beige color

  • Awdp11 07:17PM, May 18 2012

     Much appreciated Natalia !

  • - Natalia 04:38PM, May 18 2012

    Hi Awpd11! My guesses for you to check out are Safari and Pearl Harbor in the Benjamin Moore Series. They look pretty close to me.

  • - Derek 04:29PM, May 18 2012

    Unfortunately we do not have information on the wall color used, we only have details on the countertop itself that we installed. 

  • Awdp11 09:11PM, May 17 2012

    What wall color was used in the above Bordeaux Granite kitchen ?

  • Char 12:28PM, Apr 19 2012

    Thank you I will check it out!

  • - Kinga 09:03PM, Apr 18 2012

    I found laminate and ceramic tiles from Mannington for eco-conscious homeowners. They seem carry eco-friendly products that contain all-natural or recycled materials (according to their web site). Check out Slate Valley and Parchment in their ceramic collection. They seem to carry a lot of tile that fit your description. Good luck!

  • Char 08:37PM, Apr 16 2012

    I am remodelling entire kitchen.  We have cream or antique white cabinets with brushed stainless hardware and stainless appliances. .  Cranberry tan brown granite counters and cherry island.  Can you suggest colors for laminate or ceramic tiles.  May go high end laminate due to cost of ceramic install and like the brick or herringbone look.  Is there someone who carries this look and matching color scheme - cranberry/brown/rose/tan etc.  Would also like it to be eco friendly.

  • - Derek 07:39PM, Mar 28 2012

    That's very unique and interesting, I am not that familiar with SS backsplash, but from pictures it looks very elegant and easy to clean. I say go for it!

  • Trish 02:39PM, Mar 24 2012

    I have juparana bordeaux countertops in my kitchen (breakfast bar and island too so lots of granite). The cabinets are oak and the floor is a 24" travertine--the appliances are black or oak cabinet faced with black trim. I'm considering a stainless steel backsplash (the sink is stainless and looks great against the granite). I don't want anything to busy since the JB has a lot of movement & the cabinets have a strong grain....I'm not crazy about the cream colors as they pop too much. Thanks for your input! :) Trish

  • - Derek 02:15PM, Mar 13 2012

    Sorry for the late response. My recommendation for backsplash tile in your situation is 2" x 2" sized Baja Cream tumbled travertine. I've attached an image for your reference. Good luck!

  • - Derek 02:13PM, Mar 13 2012

    I'm not sure what Country Dream granite looks like, we do not have that color in-stock nor was I really able to find an accurate picture online. However, the Venetian Gold is a warm stone that could fit your design nicely. In regard to wall color, my recommendations for you to consider is Benjamin Moore line Creme Caramel or something similar to that. Such a color tone is a light, warm off-white shade as rich as the dessert for which it's named. It has just enough color to work as a soft neutral. Hope this helps!

  • JJ 04:13AM, Mar 8 2012

    We are remodeling our kitchen and we have a very light colored tile floor, almost a white, the kitchen cabinets are a pickled maple and stainless appliances. We are looking at two colors of granite- country dream and venetian gold. I am going to do black pearl on the island with a black glass cook top and a black  composite sink. I think that by doing a travertine back splash would be nice. My question is is that the walls above the cabinets, around my pantry door and all in my eating area are covered with a navy wallpaper that is coming down tomorrow! YAY!  What color to paint the new un-papered walls and what granite to do???  I'm leaning to the country dream, it is a pretty piece!
    Please suggest wall colors. My entire house is tan and I am a bit tired of that! Much appreciate your help.

  • - Derek 09:57PM, Mar 7 2012

    I'm leaning toward the Tropical Brown because this shade of granite offsets the cabinet color nicely and I feel it compliments the darker hardwood floor. 

  • Sfield81 12:06AM, Mar 6 2012

    I have honey maple cabinets and juperano bordeaux granite countertops.  What tile would you recommend for backsplash?  It's a large kitchen so it shouldnt' be too busy.

  • Tina 06:12AM, Mar 5 2012

    We now choose granite for our new kitchen and we are narrowing down to Tropic brown and New Venetian gold and it's really hard to have a final decision. We have medium maple spice cabinet and dark cherry hardwood floor. Which granite goes better with cabinet and floor? Give us an idea! Thank you.  Tina

  • - Derek 06:16PM, Mar 3 2012

    If you're going with hardwood flooring, then the option you're considering (mirage red oak sierra) is very appropriate would compliment the kitchen design quite nicely with it's warm tones. 

  • Ferdie2045 05:03PM, Mar 1 2012

    I have maple praline cabinetsand santa cecilla granite, I dont have a clue to what to put on the floor I thought of puting in mirage red ok sierra flooring . any ideas thanks Cara

  • - Derek 02:42PM, Mar 1 2012

    Congratulations on a very pretty floor, I'm sure a Dakota Mahogany floor looks quite stunning. You're on the right track with the Bordeaux. May I ask what color is the vanity (cabinet).

  • Carol G 02:18AM, Feb 27 2012

    We have Dakota Mahogany granite flooring in our master bath and are replacing our vanity top with granite.  I like juperana bordeaux because the colors are the reverse of the floor granite.  Would this work or am I way off base?

  • LARRY 10:51PM, Feb 4 2012 We have hickory cabinets with striations of dark and light with a light travertine floor. Kitchen sink is black stone. Suggestions for something striking. Kitchen is not that large. Want to add a little color to the kitchen. Need to either go dark granite or light with some color. Any suggestions?
  • - Derek 08:57PM, Jan 27 2012 For the backsplash, take a look at Crossville Bella Via Ivory honed travertine in a hexagon pattern, as well as Noce Travertine in a Basketweave mosaic with ivory dots. I've attached pictures of both of my suggestions. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 08:20PM, Jan 26 2012 This is a great choice for countertop! For backsplash, I would recommend the timeless and classic tumbled marble with accents. A tumbled travertine is also a wonderful option for your space as is the Crema Marfil Classico Split Face Mosaic. Let me know what you think!
  • Lucybroscoe 04:04AM, Jan 26 2012 we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen.we installed maple glazed cabinets with dark brown island (nearly black) ,our floor has beige tiles .We are leaning towards Butterfly Gold for the granite.Is this a good choice and what would you recommend  for the backsplash ?
  • - Derek 04:42PM, Jan 21 2012 The New Venetian Gold and Giallo Napoleone are classic, solid choices with warm tones to compliment and pick-up your honey maple cabinetry shade. You can also throw another popular option -- Santa Cecilia Real -- into the mix. Out of those three, any one of those is a very appropriate granite set-up, it just comes down to which one you are more attracted to in the end. Good luck!
  • bw6420 03:54PM, Jan 21 2012 We are looking at replacing our countertop with granite and I am having a difficult time selecting granite.  We are keeping our honey maple cabinets and when we went to look at slabs, I found I was leaning towards New Venetian Gold or Giallo Napoleone.  We are also planning on having the backsplash made from the same granite choice.  Am I in the right ballpark as far as granite choice or do I need to go in a new direction?  If it helps, we have tiled floors in a light, natural looking stone and black and stainless steel appliances.
  • - Derek 08:49PM, Jan 20 2012 Indeed as Kinga has explained, the copper flecks in the elegant Black Galaxy granite will compliment your design very nicely. Some other suggestions in a similar style range are Black Pearl, Metallic, Orion, and Monterry Green.
  • - Kinga 06:33PM, Jan 20 2012 The Black Galaxy is a fantastic choice for your cabinets! If you use under cabinet lighting, the stone will shine and sparkle giving your kitchen that rich, dramatic and elegant look. Go for it! For backsplash, a Marazzi Crystal Stone Gold mosaic would pick up the copper flecks and add more elegance to the space.
  • Jeff Hanes 04:12PM, Jan 20 2012 Yes, I like Galaxy Black
  • - Derek 08:59PM, Jan 17 2012 A darker granite such as Kinga is suggesting is the way to go in your situation -- some other options that should look very sleek and elegant are Ubatuba, Cosmic Black, and Tropical Brown. Good luck!
  • - Derek 08:50PM, Jan 17 2012 Have you visited a slab yard so far? If not, it's very important that you do so you can see the full slabs in-person and bring samples home with you to put them against your cabinets in the kitchen light. By going to the yard, you will find out which patterns and colors of granite you are attracted to and you can use process of elimination to pick the right one. As far as suggestions, Kinga's are very good and I don't have any particular ones to add.
  • - Kinga 01:55PM, Jan 17 2012 Since you have a neutral setup, you have many wonderful options! Have you seen anything that caught your eye so far? Check out Imperial Coffee or Platinum Bahia and let me know your preferences and likes so I can help you narrow down your search.
  • Beth 11:32PM, Jan 16 2012 I have cream cabinets with a chocolate glaze and natural wood colored floors.  I have a walnut colored dining room table with walnut chairs and cream seats.  What color granite would you recommend?
  • - Kinga 09:55PM, Jan 16 2012 Have you seen anything you like so far? A New Venetian Gold or Santa Cecilia Real would look very rich against your cabinets. Other beautiful suggestions include the Crema Bordeaux and Atlantis. Do you like a speckled, tight pattern or a wavy stone with lots of rich veins? Since your walls are neutral and your cabinets will work with many, many beautiful granites, it would be much easier to help you narrow down some choices by understanding your preferences and likes.
  • Jeff Hanes 07:16PM, Jan 15 2012 I have Kraftmaid cabinets in Autumn Blush and just bought B Moore's Navajo White for the walls. Was this a good choice and if so what granite color will look nice?
  • - Kinga 12:27PM, Jan 13 2012 If I’m not mistaken, the Iberian Sunset is a light, speckled stone. I feel this stone is a little too light for your setup.  I would recommend something darker, providing a shaper contrast like Tropical Brown or Ubatuba. Whether you go light or dark, a tumbled marble or travertine backsplash with decorative accents is a timeless and classic choice for many designs including yours. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 09:03PM, Jan 12 2012 I'm a little concerned that the Iberian Sunset granite will not have enough contrast to offset the golden oak cabinetry, but if you're looking for a warm compliment, then it seems appropriate. Make sure to look at the full slab in-person and acquire a sample to bring home and put against the cabinets in the kitchen light. For the tile backsplash, an option such as 2" x 2" Pietra Antica Tumbled Noce travertine could work nicely, or a Mocha travertine tile. I feel that a Benjamin Moore line color such as "Navajo White" or "Linen White" is a calm, neutral, and soft choice that is suitable for your set-up.
  • Glendacs 04:20PM, Jan 12 2012 I have olden oak cabinets with Bruce Hardwood flooring in Butterscotch.  The cabinets and the flooring are very similar in color.  I am looking at Iberian Sunset as a granite choice for my counters.  We have a large open kitchen and stainless appliances. Do you feel that Iberian Sunset would be a good choice for granite and if so, what would you suggest for a tile backstop and paint color.  Right now, the paint is Tobacco Road from Duran, but I like Benjamin Moore colors. Thank you.
  • - Kinga 09:27PM, Dec 27 2011 Check out Benjamin Moore’s “Wispy Green” and “Calming Aloe“. I feel these colors will compliment your space well. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 02:51PM, Dec 27 2011 For a complimentary wall color, you should take a look at Mythic line "Flower Almond" or a similar shade. I've attached a picture for you to see.
  • - Kinga 12:18PM, Dec 22 2011 If you would like to lighten up your kitchen, doing a light paint is definitely the way to go. Check out Benjamin Moore’s “Stolen Moments” and “Sweet Caroline”.  I feel these colors will enhance your Ubatuba and brighten up your kitchen. Let me know what you think!
  • ubatuba fan 01:41AM, Dec 22 2011 I have ubatuba countertops, dark brown baniets, stainless appliances, and stained concrete dark brown floors.  What wall color would bring out the specs in the ubatuba to lighten the kitchen?
  • - Kinga 12:10PM, Dec 19 2011 What a lovely space! Thank you for attaching a photo as it helps to give you wonderful suggestions. I’m leaning towards a Esq Bengali Beige Mosaic Brick, Keramia Terra Blacno 3X6 or Calacatta Gold honed backsplash tile to enhance and brighten up the space. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 09:31PM, Nov 30 2011 I'd add a warm tumbled travertine backsplash, such as Noce travertine in a Versailles pattern, or Rhine travertine.
  • - Derek 09:04PM, Nov 30 2011 After you get the stains removed with the StoneTech Oil Stain Remover, seal the countertop immediately. You can watch a video on how to properly seal your countertop here:
  • - Derek 04:46PM, Nov 29 2011 Kinga is right on-point. I'd use a stark white color to paint the cabinets, as this creates a sharp contrast to offset the deep reds in the granite. Hope this helps.
  • - Kinga 04:18PM, Nov 29 2011 Would you please attach some photos of the space you are working with? It’s a bit hard to picture the design elements already there.
  • - Kinga 04:16PM, Nov 29 2011 Natural stone needs to be re-sealed every 6-12 months. Try Superior ZERO Ultimate Stone Protector for sealing . For oil stains, try DuPont StoneTech Oil Stain Remover You always have to keep it clean so try using the AGM Daily Granite and Marble Cleaner for your everyday cleaning needs. Good luck!
  • - Kinga 04:09PM, Nov 29 2011 The Red African granite, or Red Dragon as we call it, looks stunning against black or white cabinets. Since the color of the granite is so specific, I feel a neutral color will enhance it. If you get a lot of natural sunlight, black would be a sleek and beautiful choice. However, if you do not get much natural light, a white cabinet would brighten up the kitchen while making your amazing granite ‘pop’. Let me know what you think!
  • Alyxduncan 09:49PM, Nov 26 2011 i have white cabinetry that looks like it was drybrushed to be antique but pulls pink tones. my countertops are dark and the tile floor is dark. i am lost with how to decorate the rest of the very open concept condo... suggestions???? help!
  • Halken 03:26PM, Nov 26 2011 Have had Typhoon Bordeaux in the kitchen now for a month - it looks Great!  It also picked up three dark stains where cooking oil would up on it.  Anyone or a favorite formula for removing oil based staining?  We have already had one red win stain and one coffee stain as well - those we got out by soaking with Oxyclean.  Either this granitie was not sealed properly, or we may have made a bad choice......
  • deaun 02:01PM, Nov 23 2011 I am purchasing a house that has Red African granite countertops.  I would like to paint the boring oak cabinets.  What color would enhance the granite?
  • - Derek 09:26PM, Nov 2 2011 Are there any granite options so far that have caught your attention? Are you leaning towards a lighter or darker countertop color? Do you enjoy movement and veins in the stone or a more consistent, speckled pattern? You have a pretty open design plan so I'm trying to visualize and get a feel for what you want out of your countertops.
  • - Kinga 01:06PM, Nov 2 2011 Unfortunately, we do not know other names Ivory Beach goes by. Fabricators and suppliers sometimes change the names of their stones so you can have one stone with 10 different names and 10 stones with one name. Take a look at Ivory Fantasy, Ivory Gold and New Colonial Dream. Click here for a comparison table Let me know what you think!
  • teriwoods 03:33AM, Oct 31 2011 We are building a new home.  I have antique white cabinets in kitchen.  My bar has Covington brick on one side.  What color granite would look good with this?
  • LinH 07:17PM, Oct 29 2011 What other names does ivory beach granite go by? 
    We are looking for a granite that has creams, beiges,  greys, and even white.
    Ivory Beach is our favorite.What  do you recommend
  • - Derek 09:07PM, Sep 14 2011 You're on the right track. I feel like you made the right decision in leaning toward Siena Bordeaux over the peachy tones in the Crema Bordeaux. My pick is the Siena variety for your design. In addition, another option for you that might be worth considering is Typhoon Bordeaux.
  • gabby 02:54PM, Sep 14 2011 I think we are going with the Siena Bordeaux ( also pacific bordeaux in some places?)  Do you think there is enough color variation so that the cabinets, counters and floors don't all blend in together?  We have dark oak cabinets and hardwood floors, both  very similar in shade.  The siena we have to order, but we can possibly get the crema from another yard.  I was concerned that the crema was too peachy when we looked at it though.  Any thoughts on the two?  My kitchen is very basic and rectangular in size with an L shaped sink/appliance section and a 5x3 island.  To the side is my table 5x5 counter height of darker stain that sits in front of french doors.  The far wall behind my table is red but the rest of the kitchen is yellow.
  • - Derek 09:33PM, Sep 13 2011 To be honed with you, I keep on gravitating toward the dark and elegant Ubatuba, because it would create a sleek and modern atmosphere. The fact that Ubatuba will strongly offset the lighter cabinets only adds to it's mystique. That is my choice, let me know what you end up choosing. Good lukc!
  • Susie 03:19PM, Sep 13 2011 My kitchen cabinets are white washed maple and my floors are oak.  I want to replace the outdated off white corian top on my countertops and white tile on my island.  Which granite do you recommend?  I have visited two showrooms(warehouses) and can't decide between a dark green ubatuba,  a light colored granite or a muted compact color.  The ovens are white as is the ice machine and dishwasher.  The refrigerator is paneled with wood.
    Susie in Miami
  • - Kinga 11:34AM, Sep 6 2011 I agree. Hardwood floors are a great choice for your setup. If you cannot use hardwood floors, you can always use a ceramic tile that resembles wood.
  • - Derek 06:53PM, Sep 1 2011 We actually don't have the 'Chocolate Bordeaux' variety of Bordeaux in-stock, so I'm not too familiar with it. However, the other stones in the Bordeaux family, such as Ibere Crema Bordeaux, Crema Bordeaux, Typhoon Bordeaux, and Siena Bordeaux are all very beautiful choices with rich veins and movement that would be surely the centerpiece of any kitchen design and fit nicely in your set-up.
  • - Derek 06:29PM, Sep 1 2011 A honey maple cabinet stain color would compliment the Typhoon Gold nicely, as well as mahogany.
  • gabby 05:56PM, Sep 1 2011 I have oak cabinets and hard wood floors.  After searching around I finally decided on chocolate bordeaux granite with a tumbled brick style tile with some glass tile backsplash.  Now my installer is saying it will be a while before they can get it again.  Can you offer some other suggestions that might be similar to that style.  The kitchens walls are yellow with one red accent wall.
  • - Derek 05:19PM, Sep 1 2011 The Red Oak hardwood floor will surely compliment your cabinets and granite nicely, and it should all flow together well. If you're able to use natural wood, I'd go with it any day over tiles.
  • Krissy_grandslam 07:14PM, Aug 31 2011 I really love the typhoon gold or golden typhoon. It reminds me of the giallo napoleone just a little more movement. Any idea what cabinet stain goes with it as well as wall color?
  • Wendylou 01:01AM, Aug 31 2011 We've ordered a Cherry Harvest w/ Chocolate Glaze cabinet (medium cherry) and today bought a beautiful slab of Typhoon Bordeaux in the Brown/Gray family.  What color tile would you recommend for the flooring?  We were thinking about extending our red oak flooring from the LR into the kitchen - it has a water based finish so is not too red.  Wood flooring or Tile?  Hope you can help - thanks!
  • - Derek 05:53PM, Aug 3 2011 Rubalicious, your train of thought is similar to mine! I also very much enjoy the movement in natural stone such as granite. I feel that this makes the stone unique and exciting. Such a choice is perfect for your set-up. If you're still having trouble finding the classic "Bordeaux" family of stones, maybe you will have better luck looking at Four Seasons, Carmel Gold, and Champagne Florencia.
  • - Derek 05:48PM, Aug 3 2011 Check if any of your local sources have the more standard and popular "Crema Bordreaux" variety. These stones have many different "batches" that vary in color tone and pattern, so it's best to visit the stone yard in-person and look a all the different options. I've attached an image of the Crema Bordeaux & hope this helps.
  • Rubalicious 03:44AM, Aug 3 2011 Also, we tend to favor the granite that has lines or movement through it and a good contrast in colors.
  • Rubalicious 03:42AM, Aug 3 2011 I really love this granite!  We have been in every granite showroom in my city (Salt Lake City) and I haven't seen anything like this.  We have sort of light tan cabinets with a hint of rust color in them and we have ordered a hammered copper sink.  We are also thinking about a terra cotta paint color.  Warm tones, really.  So we'd like something with those copper/brown accents to really pull that color.  I literally have not seen ANYTHING that I've liked.  Any suggestions??
  • - Derek 03:56PM, Jul 25 2011 Nice pictures, I see that the remodel is progressing nicely! You don't necessarily have to go dark and the Iberian Sunset is a solid choice, but since the cabinet color is so rich and has depth, a darker shade would bring in a needed contrast. Kinga's suggestions are nice because they have green undertones to pick up the wall color. My suggestions are Tropical Brown, Butterfly, and Tan Brown.
  • - Kinga 02:21PM, Jul 25 2011 I feel like you need something with more character and depth than the Iberian Sunset. Take a look at Green Gold, Green Storm and Ubatuba Gold. You should go darker to provide drama and contrast.
  • Bam 04:12AM, Jul 23 2011 Dear Sir or Madam, I need your help. We are remodeling. I now have sage painted walls with Del Conca  18" x 18" Roman Stone Noce Porcelain Tile on the floor.  Will be adding moulding and trim in white. The cabinets are stained in autumn blush and wondering if Iberian sunset would look good on it? As you can see, I do not have much granite countertops to work with. In addition, I am thinking of adding a granite top in that window for a breakfast bar.  The other side of the kitchen will have table and chairs; that side of the kitchen is surrounded with three large windows. The size of the kitchen is 10x 19 ft.Thanking you in advance for any help or suggestions! Sincerely, Bam
  • - Kinga 09:28PM, Jul 8 2011 Cherry cabinets look great with stone that contain hints of red as it would bring warmth to the space. As long as the red tones aren’t too bold or intense, I would say go for it! Keep the walls light like Benjamin Moore’s “Barely Yellow” or “Alpine White” to keep the focus on your cabinets and stone. Hope this helps!
  • Karenita1 05:22AM, Jul 8 2011 Forgot to say - we are going with black appliances
  • Karenita1 05:21AM, Jul 8 2011 Hi, We have cherry cabinets which tend towards Brazilian cherry and light tile floors. Want to add New Caledonia countertops. Would like a warm feeling in the kitchen. Would this work? If so what is a good color to paint the walls?
  • - Derek 12:38PM, Jun 10 2011 I'd use a darker color to offset the pickled oak wood. My suggestions are Tropical Brown, Butterfly Antique, and Boreal. Let me know what you think.
  • Gail Huffstetler 07:05PM, Jun 9 2011 I have pickled oak cabinets that are in perfect condition. I want to get granite countertops, but need help with choosing the right color.
  • Jessie 11:55AM, Nov 30 2010 My kitchen is a cherry wood (dark cherry stain) and I have stainless steel appliances. It is a galley kitchen with long countertops (15'+ each) so I am trying to find a granite that is not even with waves and speckles that picks up the reddish brownish cabiinets without having too much red, pink or peach undertones. I found something called juparana crema whiich has earthtones and some greys on a a cream background with some hint of cranberry/red. I want the kitchen to have life but have a soft delicate look. Do you think this would look nice? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:25AM, Dec 1 2010 Jessie: The stones from the "Bordeaux" family will surely suit you well and compliment your dark cherry wood nicely. Take a look at Crema Bordeaux.
  • Michelle 05:14PM, Apr 26 2010 Well, I left the Bordeaux and I found what I was dreaming about. Magma Gold. I found several beautiful muted black, golds, and rusts in the slabs. We ended up with honey spiced cherry cabinets, and still going with a black island. I appreciate your advice early last week, and kept looking for what we wanted. Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Apr 27 2010 Michelle: Excellent choice! It's a rich, beautiful stone. You will love it.
  • Michelle 11:20AM, Apr 20 2010 Thanks for your prompt response. I forgot to mention that I have uba tuba granite on our family room fireplace surrounding, and first planned on using the same in the kitchen. However, we used it in our walk-out bar area, and wanted to do something that would be different. Tropic brown was my 2nd choice. I'm a bit nervous going out of the box with black cabinets and being "different." My husband is all for it. Do you have a few suggestions as to granite ideas that would go with praline perimeter cabinets and black island cabinets if I stay with our first plan?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, Apr 21 2010 Michelle: You can go lighter with a stone like Giallo Ornamental or Giallo Fiorito.
  • Michelle 07:45PM, Apr 19 2010 I was looking to buy Home Depot's Praline with a mocha finish cabinet, with a black cabinet island, with an accent of a black hood over the stove. I fell in love with the Juparana bordeaux. My decorator friend came to give me a 2nd opinion, and thought the praline cabinet would make the granite on the pink end. She recommended that I go with a full black, distressed cabinet. It really made the hughes darker and rich. What do you think? I have a black distressed entertainment center, and I love it. But, what about in a kitchen? Our kitchen is very bright, with southern exposure.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Apr 20 2010 Michelle: It's certainly different, I can see how it would look rich and warm. Go for it! Just make sure to put a sample of the black cabinet against the slab you're going to use to see how it looks, or take a sample of the stone home.
  • Kim 09:58AM, Apr 13 2010 I would really appreciate your advice. Our galley kitchen has no windows but opens to a bright breakfast nook and great room w/brazillian cherry floors. We are thinking of painted maple with butterscotch glaze cabinets, cream w/gold ceramic tile floor, and crema bordeaux counters. I like light/airy. Will this combination work? What about Laura Verde or Hawaiian Green?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:26PM, Apr 13 2010 Kim: This is a beautiful combination. The Bordeaux is rich & warm, and will compliment your cabinets nicely.
  • A 09:15PM, Apr 12 2010 Would you recommend a darker or lighter granite color to go with cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances and a copper top kitchen table that is set to the side
    • All Granite and Marble 12:53PM, Apr 13 2010 A: I'm leaning towards a granite with a golden shade, take a look at Kashmir Gold, Solarius, and Golden Persa.
  • Lee 08:10PM, Mar 21 2010 Have superwhite kitchen cabinets in a traditional home. What color granite, backsplash and floor would compliment each other?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:16PM, Mar 22 2010 Lee: Pretty much any granite color will look good with white cabinets, really. What colors have you been considering so far? Then you can figure out the rest of the set-up from there.
  • JR 04:27PM, Mar 14 2010 We have natural cherry cabinets and a red oak floor. Has anyone seen magma gold granite used with natural cherry? The slabs seem to have a lot of rich brown / gold / red in them that would go with the warm tones of the wood, but we haven't done this before and are unsure.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:17AM, Mar 15 2010 JR: I'm not sure what Magma Gold looks like, but it sounds like a good match.
  • K 10:11PM, Feb 26 2010 We are thinking of getting Crema Bordeaux counters, I want to do a tiled back slash, what colors would work best? I was thinking of slate, or white.
    • Sandra 12:03PM, Jan 30 2008 Kitchen - dining area 11'6"x 20'x6". LIGHT AREA W/UNDER CABINET LIGHTS. Kitchen area is 11'8"x11'8" Cabinets - a lot of them - are almond; floor is terracotta porcelain tile -(kitchen and dining area); probably will change appliances from black to SS. What color granite would be good - Dakota Mahogany??
    • All Granite and Marble 08:59AM, Feb 27 2010 K: I think you should be fine with a natural looking tumbled marble tile.
  • Dawn 10:47AM, Feb 8 2010 Forgot to mention, my appliances are SS.
  • Dawn 10:20AM, Feb 8 2010 My kitchen is small. I have glazed maple cabinets with creama bordeaux granite. I had a 4" granite backspash put in. After this granite was installed I loved it so much that I wanted to do a full backsplash but my installer said he can't take the 4" off without causing damage to my counter top. Question: Would a black or smoked mirror backsplash look good with my creama bordeaux? Any other suggestion? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 12:46PM, Feb 9 2010 Dawn: I don't see why not. Mirror backsplash is very pretty :-)
  • Kristy 10:59AM, Jan 24 2010 We have merillat cherry paprika raised panel cabinets(about 60 square feet including an island), red oak floors and cannot decide on a granite color. I need advice to steer me in th right diretion. The house is about 10 years old. We are looking for something that wll appeal to many people if we were to sell. What would you suggest us looking at?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:01PM, Jan 25 2010 Kristy: Classic choices with long lasting appeal and excellent contrast would be New Venetian Gold or Santa Cecilia. As a bonus they have occasional burgundy speckling that will compliment the cherry well.
  • sherrie 12:17PM, Dec 13 2009 we are looking at jupanara persa....lean to the goldish khaki rather than green. lean to neutrals on paints rather than bright colors. pick up accent color in fabrics
    • All Granite and Marble 09:48AM, Dec 14 2009 sherrie: Juparana Persa also sounds great, it will bring the kitchen to life.
  • sherrie 10:35PM, Dec 12 2009 I'm going crazy choosing things for kitchen! Have new cherry cabinets. Stain is nutmeg with ebony glaze. Vent hood and beverage station are antiqued amaretto black. Light floor and plenty of light in the room,what would be best granite please. very little wall coloring showing, but it is creamy/khaki in color.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Dec 14 2009 sherrie: Take a look at Giallo Ornamental.
  • Joey 02:35PM, Nov 10 2009 We have honey oak cabinets, beige tile floor (will eventually be changed to wood), and earth-tone colors (terra cotta, medium taupey green) in kitchen/great room. Can you recommend a granite for us? I don't want a dark color and don't like the "spotty" granites -- prefer one with more movement. Lots of natural light in kitchen as well. Thanks!!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:03PM, Nov 11 2009 Joey: The Bordeaux pictured above is an excellent choice.
  • Dana 06:13PM, Nov 2 2009 Thank you for your answer--I forgot to mention the Persa Blue we have been looking at has no blue at all, mostly black (maybe very dark blue--but looks black), beige, gray and even some pink tones. Is this typical for persa blue. Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 09:12AM, Nov 3 2009 Dana: The Blue Persa(almost black) I know has dark blue veining and a lighter base. What i'm trying to get at is don't use an overpowering dark color, have some light in there too.
  • Dana 08:25AM, Nov 1 2009 Which do you think would be a better choice: we have white cabinets, medium stained (regency red) oak flooring, appliances same as cabinets, we are thinking black cosmic or persa blue. Also looking for any other suggestions, looking for a warm timeless look. Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 12:05PM, Nov 2 2009 Dana: Definitely Persa Blue over the Cosmic, you should tie-in the blue though with the wall color or backsplash.
  • Rick 10:20PM, Sep 28 2009 Hi, We are getting knotty alder cabs with a Walnut stain, with SS appliances. Have Birchall Hardwood floors, 4 1/4" planks, medium in color. I like the Golden Typhoon, Golden Crema or Typhoon Bordeaux, which would you rec'd or are there others we should consider?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:27AM, Sep 29 2009 Rick: The Crema Bordeaux is the richest and will create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen, go for it!
  • Anne 03:22PM, Aug 28 2009 I'm really torn between the Giallo Matisse and the Crema bordeaux. We have about 110 sq ft in the kitchen. Will a bordeaux be too much red with the cherry cabinets? Would Giallo Matisse give us the warmth we are looking for? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:33PM, Aug 28 2009 Anne: Giallo Matisse would look better for sure.
  • Anne 11:05PM, Aug 27 2009 I have cherry merillat cabinets in paprika finish with whitish/grey tiles with charcoal grout, SS appliances with black trim. I currently have white corian and the kitchen seems sterile and cold. I would like a warm granite. What about juparana bordeaux? Giallo Matisse? Crema bordeaux? Any other suggestions? I've even considered the greens like verde butterfly or verde rio gold. Help, we have templating this week. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:14AM, Aug 28 2009 Anne: Stones from the "Bordeaux" family will create the most warmth and excitement in your kitchen by far, so I would go with some of those.
  • SueB 04:50PM, Aug 25 2009 We are getting knotty alder cabinets in a cashew finish with burnt sienna highlights (Medallion silverline)in our rustic mountain condo. Would Copper Canyon granite look good? or Uba Tuba? Don't know whether to go light, med or dark. No window in kitchen. Suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:28AM, Aug 26 2009 SueB: I think you should stay light because of the not so optimal lightning.
  • Amy 10:43PM, Aug 5 2009 We are building and I have a knotty hickory cabinet wall with a 9foot black glazed maple island. What color granite would give us the rustic look? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:03AM, Aug 6 2009 Amy: Take a look at Golden Rust, Golden Dream, Madura Gold.
  • D 10:35PM, Aug 1 2009 Forgot to ask -- what edging would you put on the granite? Does the fact that we have a lot of angled walls affect that? Should we put a different edge on the island? Thanks again!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:52AM, Aug 3 2009 D: I answered most of your questions in your previous inqury: Your sink does not have to be a specific size based on the square footage of the total kitchen, i have never heard of this before. Now to the granite - I think the Juparana Crema Bordeaux would look wonderful with your set-up. A very warm look overall. And with the edging, keep it simple, a quarter round edge or bevel would look nice. Usually people keep the same edge throughout their project, but putting something a little fancier like the ogee on the island is not a bad idea.
  • D 10:25PM, Aug 1 2009 I have white appliances, medium cherry cabinets with beveled interior section and shiny brass knobs on doors. How do you think Juparana Crema Bordeaux would go with this (We only have 50-60 sf of countertop)? The floor is wood (golden oak?) Would you suggest a white cast iron or ss sink? Isn't white easier to keep clean than ss? If white, what color faucet? If ss, what color faucet? The kitchen is L-shaped with an island. It opens into an eat-in dining area and then into a great room. The walls have a lot of angles. Is it best to get a rectangular sink or is a D-shape okay with its curved edges? The (double) cabinet under the sink is 48" across. There is a 33" x 22" sink in there right now. I read somewhere that if your kitchen is less than 150 sf, your sink shouldn't measure any more than 22" x 24". Is that true? Thanks so much!
    • matt 04:30PM, May 8 2007 Do you have a sample of the creme bordeaux?
    • Kristy 12:20PM, Jan 25 2010 Do you think Bianco Romano would be too much contrast and what about Kashmir White or Crema Bordeaux? Thank you o mch for your suggestions!
  • Louise 07:47PM, Jul 27 2009 We are planning a modest kitchen remodel. Living/dining/kitchen area is an open floor plan, with walls painted in Benjamin Moore "Cedar Key". Appliances are black, cabinets are painted white. We were thinking of a Sensa granite - perhaps Caledonia? The house is not too large, and the countertop's the first thing you see when you walk in. Any recommendations? Thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:06AM, Jul 28 2009 Louise: Well, you have white cabinets and lots of open space, Caledonia would work albeit it might blend in too much with the cabinets but it would tie-in with the appliances nicely. I would say to also take a look at Ghazal Dark for something similar or Silver Waves for a very dramatic look. Good luck!
  • JDP 04:15AM, Jul 21 2009 what granite color for natural(light) maple cabinets, dark pine floors and a brick chimney in a 12 x 9 kitchen with medium light? THANKS.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:01AM, Jul 21 2009 JDP: Something dark I would say, Crema Bordeaux or the Bordeaux as shown here would look nice.
  • Carol 09:52AM, Jun 28 2009 I have cherry cabinets (not quite mahogany but no brown in them either..I cannot decide between #58 Bordeaux and #268 Juparana Golden Vyara.The floors are hardwood, natural stain red oak. What do you suggest, the beige family or red?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:07AM, Jul 1 2009 Carol: Beige will give you freedom to change the color scheme down the road.
  • erica 12:23PM, Jun 15 2009 i have kraftmaid autumn blush cherry cabinets, ubatuba granite countertops, stainless appliances. amber/gold walls *very little wall space is exposed, and am looking for suggestions on floor tile color. we will probably add a tin ceiling to the kitchen at some point. we were thinking of traditional black/white with coordinating veining marble for flooring but think that would be too bold.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:00PM, Jun 16 2009 erica: Quite frankly, and please take no offense to what I'm going to say, I think you have already hit the "bold" phase. But as always, it's all subjective in the end, so my opinion is just that - one person's thoughts. I do like the idea of black+white floor. I think you have enough of colors in there already so keeping it simple is the way to go.
  • Rachel 06:14PM, May 31 2009 We have natural cherry kitchen cabinets w/clear glaze. Would Juparana Crema Bordeaux fit with the cabinets while providing interest and contrast? Would beige/gold tavertine or porceline tile blend in as back splash? Any suggestions for tile back splash and granite choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Jun 1 2009 Rachel: I think both choices (counters and backsplash) are excellent. If you like Crema Bordeaux, also check Champagne Florencia.
  • Jessica 01:04PM, May 14 2009 I have knotty alder cabinets with a special walnut stain, would this be a good granite to choose? Another that I am debating is the giallo vicenza
    • All Granite and Marble 10:46AM, May 15 2009 Jessica: It's a good choice, provided you like reds/oranges. Once you commit to this color it will be rather difficult to rearrange the color scheme.
  • Ed 04:29PM, May 5 2009 I have white lower cabinets with black appliances, natural granite counter tops and would like to do the walls with dark red brick with black grout and continue it into the dining room from the ceiling to half way down the wall.I am not sure this will look good together, can you advise me. Also I would like ideas for colors for living room for it is basically all one room very open floor plan
    • All Granite and Marble 02:21PM, May 6 2009 Ed: Well, the brick with black grout is definitely a bold move. I am quite honestly at a loss of ideas here. Could you send me a photo of the kitchen and dining room? walter (at) this domain.
  • maryo 09:01AM, Apr 12 2009 in midst of kitchen renovation full of light. cabinets are maple with dark pecan stain, floors are hardwood laminate with dep red wood grain, walls are gray-white rough plaster, white appliances - am leaning toward jupanara tier bordeaux - need help w/ backsplash - any sugestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:10AM, Apr 14 2009 maryo: Go in the direction of cabinet colors. Something that will complement its color. I would suggest a brownbeige travertine or porcelain substitute.
  • Pam 12:13PM, Apr 7 2009 I have reddish terra cotta floors in my kitchen. I am getting new cherry cabinets, I am undicided on stain and or glaze. I love Typhoon Bordeaux Granite. So you have any suggestions for cab stain/glaze to complement my granite and floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Apr 8 2009 Pam: I am not familiar with the Typhoon type of Bordeaux. Try a medium cherry stain with a dark glaze (coffee). If the stone you chose is mostly dark then the medium will stand out from both floor and stone and the glaze will tie it all together. It would be a nice accent.
  • tc 10:30PM, Apr 6 2009 We have natural cherry cabinets and would like to go with Crema Bordeaux countertops with a fair amount of counters. Can you recommend a floor color? We are leaning towards reddish wood floors. thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Apr 7 2009 tc: What about Autumn Slate Tile. I found it on a stone/tile website but I am not allowed to post the link, try googling it.
  • JB 05:31PM, Mar 14 2009 We have white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and tile similar to a mexican tile only in cermaric (pink and tan) and was looking at creme bordeaus countertops. Too monochromatic?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:16PM, Mar 16 2009 JB: Not really. The backsplash and the stone might get close, but the white cabinets will provide plenty of contrast.
  • cheryl 02:35AM, Mar 10 2009 I have bordeaux counters, cherry cabinets,and a light cream porcelean tile floor. Want to add a tile backsplash. any suggestions as to what to use. looking at travertine or tumbled stone.possiblly onyx border tile. Does tile size matter? can't decide between light or dark hues
    • All Granite and Marble 11:27AM, Mar 11 2009 cheryl: Good ideas overall... I would lean towards larger tiles (possibly brick type layour) to let the eyes rest a bit from the already busy pattern of the countertop.
  • Pjs 07:52PM, Mar 3 2009 We have selected a Crema Bordeaux leaning to the greenish/grey part. Our floor will be dark carpet bordered with a lighter color Stainless appliances. What color would you sugest we paint Cabinets. House is 113 yrs old. and trying to restore Galley style 10X14'
    • All Granite and Marble 11:49AM, Mar 9 2009 Pjs: Depending on the style, white might be awesome. Sort of a cottage/victorian mix.
  • Michele 05:04PM, Feb 27 2009 Hi, I have a dark cherry shaker vanity with frosted glass doors, 48" wide. Looking for advice for granite color, thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Mar 2 2009 Michele : Depending on your overall color scheme, I would probably suggest a really warm gold. Check out Crema Valencia marble (ID 688).
  • Sandie 10:06PM, Jan 18 2009 We have cinnamon maple cabinets and brazilian cherry hardwood in our L-shaped kitchen with a butcher clock island top and stainless steel and black appliances. We would like to go with a granite countertop but can't decide whether we should go dark, or medium tones. There will be LOTS of light in the room. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:32AM, Jan 19 2009 Sandie: I would go with a medium-dark top. Maybe something in the dark browns, such as Platinum Bahia. It's a very rich look.
  • mc 09:43AM, Jan 3 2009 I have a huge kitchen. My kitchen tiles are about 10 years old--a pinkish, terra cottaish color that I originally tried to blend with cherry-colored hardwood floors. I'm adding granite countertops. "Amazon Blue" seems to match the floor. Do you think the floor is too outdated to save?
  • Andrea 05:22PM, Dec 31 2008 When you get the estimate back it lists several different pricing groups such as "single blue" "double blue" etc... How do you know which colors are in those groups? I am looking for a black with blues in it for a counter and island. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:46AM, Jan 3 2009 Andrea: You can find the stone online in the Stone Gallery and then call our sales office with the name.
  • Madan 02:02PM, Oct 27 2008 We are planning to have cherry Bordeaux cabinets with ubatuba countertops. On floors are light colored, so are the hardwood floor. How will this look.s
    • All Granite and Marble 02:47PM, Nov 19 2008 Madan: In my humble opinion - not so great. Red against green (Uba tuba is green!) seldomly looks good.
  • Alex 02:34PM, Oct 21 2008 Our kitchen has Wild Apple cabinets and Giblee granite tops. The wodden windows are in dark brown.I would like to paint the walls in a contrast color - cream might be to boring? Stove splashback in glass, maybe a different color. I was thinking of a grey/blue??? What color you recommend for walls/splashback? Thank you for your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:25AM, Nov 19 2008 Alex: While I agree that cream might be a bit boring, it will match well. How about a beige with a hint of brown?
  • CK 07:41PM, Sep 28 2008 I have natural oak cabints and cherry floor. I am looking at Antique brown or Volga Blue but I am afraid they will be too dark. Like Bordeaux but not sure about it? Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:48AM, Sep 30 2008 CK: It depends on the size of the kitchen and the lighting. You'll need more "room" and light for a dark stone. Otherwise it should be splendid.
  • Julie 11:02PM, Sep 14 2008 We're putting in maple cabinets with mocha stain, cherry floor, and ss appliances. Can you recommend a granite color? thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:41PM, Sep 25 2008 Julie: Give me a few favorites and we'll work it out from there.
  • All Granite and Marble 02:57PM, Jul 25 2008 joan:
  • Jennifer 07:27PM, Jul 22 2008 We are redoing our small square kitchen in a 60 year old colonial home. I have chosen maple spice cabinets and I am thinking about Ubatuba Granite with a light warm green 12 inch tile floor. What do you think of that combo and do you have a paint color suggestion (we don't have a backsplash).
  • PJW 06:28PM, Jul 15 2008 Our Cabinets are Maple Spice and we are condsidering going with dark ceramic tiles for the flooring. The kitchen is an open concept. Any suggestion for the counter color.
    • All Granite and Marble 06:43PM, Jul 17 2008 PJW: Dark brown would do the trick. Check out Platinum Bahia.
  • Cliff 07:23PM, Jul 9 2008 I am planning on doing my countertops with crema bordeaux. My cabinet wood is spanish cedar. i am planning on staining it natural which still gives a slight reddish color. Will crema bordeaux work with this or do I need to go darker to get the contrast.
    • All Granite and Marble 06:13PM, Jul 17 2008 Cliff: Try Crema Bordeaux if you're looking for same tones but darker.
  • Christine 09:07PM, Jul 1 2008 What granite color looks best with Maple Frost ( pink tone) cabinets
  • kate 07:10PM, Jun 27 2008 I want Crema Bordeaux for my island and kitchen counters. My husband wants natural knotty alder cabinets. Is that going to be too light to go with that granite? Is it going to be too busy together?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:53PM, Jul 17 2008 kate: Too light? No. Too busy? Perhaps... it depends on both the stone and the wood. I'd try to get samples of both and compare.
  • Marilyn 03:37PM, Jun 18 2008 Hi we have picked out a darker cherry cabinet called autumn blush, dont have a big kitchen but undercabinet and recessed lights. What granite color would you recommend so its not drab looking but not too dark.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:23PM, Jul 14 2008 Marilyn: Anything medium to light will do then. It's all about contrast. So if you have dark cherry cabinets, pick a lighter stone and you'll be fine.
  • MO 12:12PM, Jun 12 2008 I have toffee stained maple cabinets and natural oak floor, have been looking a giallo firenze or something similar but was told blk would be a better choicefor contrastfound a tan brown we love would this work?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:55PM, Jul 8 2008 MO: Black is overkill. Both choices seem perfectly fine to me.
  • LD 06:35AM, Jun 7 2008 I have a plumber puddy ring stain around the spray nozel. Any suggestions on how to get it out? I used flour and over the coutner peroxide..not much change
    • All Granite and Marble 12:22PM, Jun 30 2008 LD: Contact a natural stone restoration specialist in that regard. I don't think any products available to general public would help here.
  • Lisa 10:25AM, May 31 2008 I dont see much of the African Range in your stone selection. Do you have ivory coast, Juparana Tier, or African Ivory.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:25AM, Jun 25 2008 Lisa: What you see on our website is a fraction of our inventory. Check with our sales offices for any availability questions.
  • Linda P 10:57AM, May 11 2008 Is crema bordeau too busy to have on the countertop and a full backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:46AM, Jun 6 2008 Linda P: Depends on the size of the kitchen.
  • Janelle 12:40AM, May 11 2008 I have cider maple cabinets, brazilian cherry floor and white appliances, would crema bordeaux go with this kitchen or would you suggest another granite?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:46AM, Jun 6 2008 Janelle: Should work very well.
  • minsook 05:58PM, May 5 2008 what colors granite goes well with Shaker style maple cabinets in toffee w/ natural stained oak fl in mid sized kitchen & still look modern & timeless? i have same cabinets with creamy-golden travertine-look-alike tile floors in our full & half bathrms, which are small - what colors granite would go well with such bathrms & be timeless?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:37AM, Jun 6 2008 minsook: Contrast contrast contrast. Pick a decisive color that's much darker than the cabinets. Try to match to the stain perhaps.
  • Katie C 03:24PM, May 5 2008 I ordered maple cabinets with a mocha glaze we are doing a neutral color floor and have stainless and black appliances would you pick Bordeaux or kashmir gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:34AM, Jun 6 2008 Katie C: Bordeaux. Kashmir gold won't have enough contrast.
  • dania 10:35PM, May 4 2008 what,s the difference between marble and granite?they are the same right?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:28AM, Jun 6 2008 dania: Absolutely not. Check out our FAQ section.
  • Susan 10:06AM, Apr 21 2008 which would look nicer with medium oak cabinets,antique brown or blue pearl countertop. the appliances are stainless steel, the floors ash hardwood and there is not much light.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:48PM, May 19 2008 Susan: Blue Pearl - all the way.
  • carol 06:00PM, Apr 3 2008 I have honey oak cabinets and would like to get creama bordeaux for counters - would this be a good choice? Also kitchen is small - 12 x 12. thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:39AM, Apr 5 2008 carol: There are many different batches of Bordeaux that we have. Some are lighter, some darker. I think generally most of them would work well in your kitchen.
  • Jen 03:55PM, Mar 29 2008 I have maple cabinets with a reddish/brown stain (sorrel) and a ceramic tile floor that has gray, black and gold shades. Can you suggest a granite color for the counters? I's like a warm look, have been considering honed black. Too dark? Are golds better?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:06PM, Apr 4 2008 Jen: Honed black is definitely an option, you should however keep in mind that it is very tedious to keep clean. If considering golds, go for the darker ones. Light ones will blend with the cabinets too much.
  • Julie 11:28AM, Mar 20 2008 I have natural maple cabinets and oak flooring. The kitchen is good sized, opens up to breakfast area and family room. I like and am confused between Tan Brown and Giallo Fiorito. Which one would look better? Any other suggestions are welcome.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:40PM, Apr 4 2008 Julie: To me the Giallo is the nicer stone. Mostly because the pattern is larger and more varied. It's just more interesting.
  • LD 03:28PM, Mar 11 2008 Hi- I have the Shivakashi counter top with a touch of paprika spinkling through out. I aslo have Cabnets that are in tuscany color (reddish) almost like cherry and stainless steel applicances, what color do you think will look good on the walls. Oh, i also have a very small brick like back splash in a very, very light brownish white.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:17PM, Apr 3 2008 LD: Looks like you have a warm scheme going there. I would stick to it and choose a very light off white color.
  • JC 05:06AM, Mar 9 2008 I have knotty hickory cabinets with a light colored floor tile floor. What granite countertop will go with knotty hickory? I also wish to tile the wall between the base and wall cabinets, what color would you suggest there?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:37AM, Mar 11 2008 JC: That's a very broad question. Try to come up with a few stones you like and we'll continue from there.
  • Annika 02:49PM, Mar 3 2008 I have white washed cabinets (light color), kitchen color is rust (dark). Tiles are light with a pink hue. We were leaning towards black granite (uba tuba type), but do you have any other suggestions? We currently have white appliances, but will be upgrading to steel ones. Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 06:34PM, Mar 6 2008 Annika: Well, if you are considering the Bordeaux pictured above, then you're on the right track. Uba tuba is green. Very green. Not sure how well that would go with pinkish tiles.
  • Joe 11:13AM, Mar 2 2008 I have oak cabinets that are frosted, giving it like a light tan with the slightest tint of pink. i have a medium to lighter stained red oak hardwood floor in the kitchen and have a good amount of light coming in. any suggestions for granite color?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:55AM, Mar 3 2008 Joe: Try Crema Bordeaux.
  • Terri 09:46PM, Jan 31 2008 I have a stained hood over the range, a stained top on a glazed green island and glazed cream perimeter cabinets. The backsplash is a vintage red brick. Any granite recommendations for the rest of the countertops? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 05:18PM, Feb 7 2008 Terri: That's a whole bunch of colors. I'd recommend a neutral color. Perhaps Tan Brown.
  • Jane 03:23PM, Jan 30 2008 I have honey maple cabs, off-white ceramic tile floor (matte porcelain), stainless appliances. I like the look of tumbled marble for a back-splash but I am really struggling with choosing the granite color. I like a warm contemporary look but not too modern. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:09PM, Feb 7 2008 Jane: A splotchy color like bordeaux will work.
  • Sandra 12:16PM, Jan 30 2008 I have terracotta floors and almond cabinets - a light kitchen-I like Bordeau; would it be too busy?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:07PM, Feb 7 2008 Sandra: I don't think it would.
  • Peggy 01:47PM, Jan 23 2008 There will be only one seam in my galley kitchen, so I'm pretty sure the Mascarello pattern will not be problematic.
  • Peggy 01:44PM, Jan 23 2008 Thanks for the feedback! The Moscarello I chose is mostly the tan/brown with one fairly large river of light rust running through at one end of each slab. I'll send pics when it's done. I'm still hoping I didn't make a mistake! Thanks again.
  • efi 10:46AM, Jan 22 2008 Hi - My cabinets are a dark oak and my floor is going to be a light beige ceramic (with a stone look). The wall will also be lighter beige. Do you think that the bordeaux shown in the pic above will be too dark? It is a bigger kitchen with lots of light. I appreciate the feedback!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:10AM, Jan 23 2008 efi: If you have enough light, then you should be fine. Keep in mind though, that there will be only a mild amount of contrast between the cabinets and the tops, which could make the kitchen more calm. If that's what you're going for, then you're on the right path.
  • Julie 08:45PM, Jan 21 2008 We have white cabinets, ss appliances, warm oak floors, tons of light, looking for granite that will pop but not too dark to show smudges, etc.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:04AM, Jan 22 2008 Julie: You're looking at it Julie!
  • Peggy 10:26PM, Jan 20 2008 Please scratch earlier query. I decided on Mascarello. I hope it works out. I would appreciate your honest opinion of my choice. Thanks so much.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Jan 22 2008 Peggy: Wow! Bold move! Lovely stone, and even though it's in the same tones as Maple, the pattern will absolutely blow it away! Peggy, please let us know how it turned out! Pictures are welcome!
  • Peggy 02:26AM, Jan 20 2008 Would Bordeaux be a good choice with maple ginger glaze cabinets? My short list includes this + Golden Wave, Roman Gold, Giallo California, and Golden Antique. Not sure whether to go with darker contrast.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:52AM, Jan 22 2008 Peggy: The darkest one will always be more "flashy". But Bordeaux has a stunning pattern, so it makes up with that. I think it's a good match.
  • Julie 11:55AM, Jan 16 2008 Could you suggest a stain for the cherry cabinets that would give the contrast we need for the crema bordeaux?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:23AM, Jan 22 2008 Julie: Either just leave the natural cherry color, or use a light, non-red stain.
  • Julie 12:32PM, Jan 14 2008 We are considering crema bordeaux for our counters. Cabinets will be cherry; possible natural or red chestnut. Stainless appliances and tile floor. Will there be enough contrast between cabinets & counters? Any suggestions? Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 09:36AM, Jan 16 2008 Julie: I'm afraid this combo would lack contrast. Perhaps you can look into golds?
  • Kathy 07:23PM, Jan 8 2008 My kitchen has a red tone brick wall where the window is. My cabinets oak with autumn gold stain. What color granite would be best for counter and blacksplash. I was looking at Baltic Brown, Tropical Brown or Sapphire Brown. Would they be too much for backsplash?
  • Kev 10:16PM, Jan 1 2008 I have Oak cabinets with an off white/light tan tile floor. Small 14X13 kitchen with SS appliances. looking for contrast in counter top & can't decide on lighter or darker color. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:35PM, Jan 3 2008 Kev: If you have a lot of light (windows, high hats, undercabinet lighting), then go dark. If it's rather dark in there, go light.
  • KLG 01:13PM, Nov 7 2007 I have white-washed maple cabinets, a tile b-splash (cream w/taupe veins)& natrual oak floor. Paint is silver-sage. Have white apps but plan to update to SS. Also have a hunter green marble FP suround in adj. room. Have considered Ubatuba but it may be too dark/contemp. I like Trad. or Tuscan look. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:51AM, Nov 8 2007 KLG: If you like green then I would strongly suggest Verde Sequoia.
  • Pat 08:10PM, Oct 30 2007 I have a white washed maple with a hint of pink in it. Floor is light ceramic with a hint of pink and cream. What granite would you sugues?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:03PM, Nov 5 2007 Pat: I'd go for something in the medium browns that also has a hint of red in it. Tobacco maybe?
  • patsy 09:05PM, Oct 15 2007 I love my honey maple cabinets and I got to make my final selection on the granite.I have burnt orange leather dining chairs, glass top table-all earth tones with ss apps. I found a rust/salmon coppery granite and some teal green called rosewood but no rose in it.Also called ladys dream. Good choice or do I need more contrast?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:48AM, Oct 16 2007 patsy: I'm a bit weary as to how green and orange would go together.
  • Kim 08:51AM, Oct 5 2007 I have a small galley kitchen, natural maple cabinets, and light cherry floors. Also white appliances. The walls are sage. Any recomendations? Thinking Ladys dream.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, Oct 9 2007 Kim: Not a bad choice. Try some of the Juparana's as well.
  • juliette 06:14PM, Sep 12 2007 I really like shivakashi pink, do you think there is enough red streaking in this to go with a dark floor?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:36AM, Sep 18 2007 juliette: This is a Bordeaux...?
  • juliet jacobsen 09:11PM, Sep 11 2007 I have red terra cotta flooring and am going with natural maple cabinets, any suggestions for granite color?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:31PM, Sep 12 2007 juliet jacobsen: You're looking at one :)
  • carol 06:17AM, Sep 10 2007 We have maple spice cabinets and white appliances. So hard o choose w/ the granite selections. We finally narrowed our choices to Juparana Vyara or Madura Gold. Would any of these two be good or do you suggest a completely different color? We have a medium size galley kitchen (house built in 1957.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:30PM, Sep 10 2007 carol: Both are good, I'd pick one with stronger pattern to really make it pop in the small amount of space.
  • Tracie 11:21PM, Sep 9 2007 maple cabinets in a warm nutmeg/cinnamon color; ceramic tile floor in harvest gold; one wall in kitchen reddish/terra cotta brick... could you help with granite suggestions please?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:29PM, Sep 10 2007 Tracie: I'd probably go with either white (or light at least) or Terra-cotta Bordeaux.
  • SK 10:08PM, Sep 4 2007 I have natural oak cabinets. Am looking at Juparana Bordeaux for counter top. My kitchen is 17x13 but no windows. Am looking to change my floor to marble. 1) Will this counter top be too dark for my kitchen 2) Will it match my cabinets 3) What color flooring should I go for? Thanks in advance!
    • All Granite and Marble 12:50PM, Sep 6 2007 SK: 1) put enough high hats in there and you'll be fine. 2) Yes. 3) As light as you'll bear it.
  • JANET 10:57AM, Aug 28 2007 I decided to go with bordeaux for my island, but my contractor said it will be two pieces of granite. I am worried about the seam showing. Are seams very noticeable in this stone?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:16PM, Sep 6 2007 JANET: So, so. It depends where the seam is placed. Never agree to a seam throughout the whole depth of the countertop! If really needed, try to split it up by making a two tier island. Be creative. On an island, the seam will show.
  • Nicole R 02:02AM, Aug 26 2007 Have white cabinets stainless appliances and medium oak flour. Wanted light creama bordeaux but having a lot of counter tops and eating bar this granite would be too buzy with lines going different ways Yes? Do ou have any other suggestions for granite and also tile backsplash?Thank you so
    • All Granite and Marble 12:12PM, Sep 6 2007 Nicole R: It depends on what you consider busy. There are different kinds of bordeaux.
  • Sue 09:44PM, Aug 24 2007 I want a very contemporary look, but not a dark kitchen. Am debating between natural cherry or whitwashed maple cabinets (suggestions welcome)and stainless appliances. Would Crema Bordeaux be appropriate for a sleek look?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:07PM, Sep 6 2007 Sue: As for the cabinets, maple has a smoother, more even color and will fit the contemporary look better. Bordeaux would be ok, but i'd rather go with something more consistent.
  • KMC 09:49PM, Aug 23 2007 Thanks. The kitchen is very large and has lots of light. How popular is the bevel edge? Thinking 1/4" or 1/2".
    • All Granite and Marble 12:03PM, Sep 6 2007 KMC: 1/4" Bevel is noticeable but not too obvious. I'd probably go with a 1/2", especially if the cabinetry has beveled paneling similar to the one shown here.
  • karen 03:37AM, Aug 21 2007 I have a light high gloss contemporaty pedinini cabinet and a very light carmely 17x17 edgy shiney tile floor...thinking smoked mirror backsplash...what granite/
    • All Granite and Marble 12:12PM, Aug 21 2007 karen: Black? Not sure. If the whole kitchen is modern, I would stay with a darker, flat color.
  • patsy 10:03PM, Aug 19 2007 We are getting toffee maple cabinets, a little darker than natural maple).Our kitchen is 11 x 21 opening into a small12 x15 great room. Do you think antique peacock would work? or what would you recommend? There is a lot of morning light. Floor is called canary wood-medium color. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 12:08PM, Aug 21 2007 patsy: Yea, that's a good choice. It should provide you with a lot of contrast to work on.
  • KMC 09:25PM, Aug 19 2007 We have a very similar open concept home. Cabinets are natural maple, floor is a light pinky/cream tile, living room has natural maple hardwood, walls are medium taupe with pink undertone. We are considering Gaillo Vincenza for island, counters and full backsplash. Is this going to have enough contrast? I don't want to bring out anymore pink.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:07PM, Aug 21 2007 KMC: Yes, definetly enough contrast. You should reconsider the full backsplash - it will really make the kitchen look heavy if the room is small.
  • anthony molinaro 03:48PM, Aug 15 2007 i have blue opearl granite counters and want either white or stainless kitchen appliances?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:45AM, Aug 17 2007 anthony molinaro: Go stainless. It matches perfectly.
  • chris 01:18PM, Aug 6 2007 Hi any suggestions what granite for light maple cabinets
    • All Granite and Marble 05:28PM, Jul 17 2008 Christine : I'd try to pick up on the tone and go with medium reds, such as Bordeaux. Alternatively, try Tobacco for more contrast.
  • jana 09:27PM, Jul 25 2007 I have bone white cabinets, walls, antique burch sautillo tile floors. Any suggestion on what would be a nice color granite for that? Floors sort of peachy, pink in color
    • All Granite and Marble 07:22PM, Jul 27 2007 jana: Try Shivakashi Pink if you want to keep your kitchen light.
  • Dawn 03:30PM, Jul 16 2007 My kitchen is small (galley) If my cabinets are honey, what color would go best. My husband wants to go dark. I think lighter would be best. Too many choices.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:30PM, Jul 17 2007 Dawn: Lighter would be a better option if you want your kitchen to look spacious. Try Giallo Ornamental.
  • Dawn 04:17PM, Jul 11 2007 Okay, I've checked into the granite and there are more colors. I'm changing my cabinets to honey. What would be a good color for the counters. My floor is an offwhite with specs of honey color from the cabinets. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 10:48AM, Jul 12 2007 Dawn: You are welcome ;)
  • Joya 04:07AM, Jul 4 2007 I have honey colored cabinets, medium colored wood, with peach colored wall what color granite will compliment all the colors. I currently have black Formica countertop. Do you think I should stay with dark colors.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:49AM, Jul 11 2007 Joya: You can go with darker colors nad stay on the wormer side of the color wheel.
  • Dawn 08:37PM, Jun 27 2007 I have maple spice cabinets. I'm not sure what countertop color to use. I'm going with silestone
    • All Granite and Marble 10:01AM, Jul 11 2007 Dawn: I would select granite over Silestone. :) There are variety of options. Try our 2D showroom tool if you have problems with visualising granite in your kitchen.
  • Rellc 03:31PM, Jun 27 2007 If the cabinets are white, which color should we choose for the countertop ? the kitchen size is 12x16. The light color ( like white ) will make the kitchen look big.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:59AM, Jul 11 2007 Rellc: Yes, but it may also mak it look a little dull. You need at least some contrast. If you do not want to go towards darekr colors like Uba Tuba, Blue Pearl, etc try to find something contrasty but lighter.
  • Felix 02:53PM, Jun 26 2007 I forgot to mentioned thatwe have contemporary kitchen
    • All Granite and Marble 09:42AM, Jul 11 2007 Felix: A lot of movement and decided pattern in Crema Bordeaux will fit contemporary style perfectly.
  • Felix 01:49PM, Jun 26 2007 I have Cherry cabinets and stainless appliances. We are planning to put granite floor tiles. What granite countertop and floor tiles would you recomend? Do you think matching blue pear for both contertop and floor will work? Or should we choose Creama Brodeux?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:41AM, Jul 11 2007 Felix: Blue Peral might be a little too dark. Creama Bordeux is a perfect match for your cabinets.
  • Lynn 02:32PM, Jun 23 2007 I have toffee maple cabinets. I am at a standstill because I can't pick a granite countertop and floor. Please help. I want something that will pop and say wow that looks great. I am open for suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 07:06PM, Jul 10 2007 Lynn: You have a lot of options. if you want the granite to stand out you should look into granite with intense pattern. Lots of movement and vaining will create very interesting visual treat for the eye. In terms of color it depends really. You may go with something lighter creamy on the floor and then something lighter and warm on the countertop. Maybe something with a gold, yellow backgorund and hint own brownish specles complemeting toffee stain on your cabinets?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:25AM, Jun 20 2007 Well, the cabinets are light. The floor is medium. I don't see why you couldn't use a medium, even a medium-dark stone.
  • faye 07:37PM, Jun 18 2007 I have white washed maple cabinets, floor is terra cotta color stone looking tiles. What color granite should i pick? worried if i use dark it will make my kitchen with too many diff color
  • All Granite and Marble 05:40PM, Jun 15 2007 Probably not Rhonda. They would get too close tone and color wise.
  • denicey 09:21AM, Jun 11 2007 my cabinet are chestnut my applainces are black i need something that would look nice with that.
    • All Granite and Marble 05:47PM, Jun 15 2007 Denicey, try a lighter color.
  • rhonda 08:39PM, Jun 8 2007 Would the darker bordeaux look good with a dark cherry cabinet?
  • All Granite and Marble 09:05AM, Jun 4 2007 It's very subjective. To some it might be too red, other's will think it's just ok.
  • kathy 04:46PM, May 26 2007 I have maple cabinets with a chestnut stain and similar wood floors. Is creme bordaux to red?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Jan 16 2008 Kathy: Out of the three you mentioned, I think the Tropical Brown would be the best match.
  • All Granite and Marble 08:42AM, May 25 2007 No appointments are needed, but be prepared that on saturday you might have to wait a few minutes before a sales rep will be able to assist you. It gets very very busy. Bordeaux is #56, 57, 58, 59, and 60.
  • mc 02:29PM, May 24 2007 Thank you so much for a possible costly mistake, I just don't like black on cherry so may change island to white. Saw in kitchen showroom, Juperana Bordeaux-do you have and what # color is it. Do you need appt for Sats.
  • All Granite and Marble 05:02PM, May 23 2007 The same black. There are already 2 very strong colors there. It will be hard to add another one.
  • All Granite and Marble 04:56PM, May 23 2007 Try Juparana Golden Vyara (which is really more beige/sandy rather than gold) or maybe Golden Beach if you're more into golds.
  • mc 02:20PM, May 23 2007 Medalion Morel Heirloom (white with antiquing) cabs, cherry harvest island. Walnut floor. Absolute black counter. Suggest for island top? 4' X 6'slab.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:12AM, Jan 3 2009 mc: Not necessarily. If you can incorporate them into the design, the I don't see why you shouldn't reuse them. The only question is: Do you like them?
  • Gina 01:28PM, May 23 2007 Yes,My cherry cabinets are reddish, but not too dark. What is your susgestion for the granite color? I like something not too busy, smooth, and soft wave. Thank you very much!
  • Gina 06:25PM, May 22 2007 Would the Creme Bordeaux granite go with the cherry cabinet?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, May 23 2007 Gina: That depends on the cabinets themselves. If they are more red than brown, then I'd go with something different.
  • robyn 10:29PM, May 20 2007 I have oak floors and cherry cabinet, stainless appl..I have a tropical theme. Cabinets should have been browner but can't change now. Really want to stay with the tommy Bahama look. Any sugesstions
    • All Granite and Marble 10:14AM, May 23 2007 Robyn: Bordeaux is definitely a good choice then.
  • ANNE 06:16PM, May 7 2007 I have cherry bordeaux cabinets with creamy bordeaux light granite-would ceramic tile or light oak floors look aesthetically better (since i have light oak around the other rooms in my house).Thanks so much!!
    • All Granite and Marble 03:02PM, May 15 2007 Anne: I'd probably stick to the tile. It's way more practical and if you lay it out nice, it will add to the kitchen.
  • All Granite and Marble 09:44AM, Apr 27 2007 Of course, we have light and dark Bordeaux and I think the darker one will look sharper.
  • Jennifer 11:40AM, Apr 19 2007 I have toffee colored maple cabinets. I really like creme Bordeaux granite. Will this be enough of a contrast?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:59PM, Jul 25 2008 Jennifer: So far so good. For the paint, I would probably choose a nice warm green pastel if you want to stick to green. If not, a warm yellowish hue will work also.
  • All Granite and Marble 08:58AM, Apr 19 2007 Too many to list, get some ideas with the Stone Selection tool.
  • mike 05:13PM, Apr 17 2007 i have maple spice cabinets and an oak laminate you have any suggestions on a color.. i like #32
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Apr 19 2007 Mike: This one will work if you like red.
  • josi 08:46PM, Apr 14 2007 I have almond cabinets and maple floor. Any suggestions for the color of the counter top?
  • All Granite and Marble 01:09PM, Apr 2 2007 Blue Pearl would be a complimentary color to the cabinets, while matching the stainless steel appliances.
  • Paula E 06:51PM, Mar 30 2007 I have light maple cabinets, stainless appliances, beige walls and beige floors. Any suggestions on countertop colors?
  • All Granite and Marble 12:43PM, Mar 26 2007 57 58 59
  • Nancy 05:05PM, Mar 19 2007 Which sample number do I refer to for bourdox?
  • Paula 03:59PM, Mar 1 2007 We ended up with Peacock with the medium maple and it looks great. Thanks for the help!
  • Paula 01:49PM, Jan 28 2007 Would Bordeaux look good with a medium stained maple that has a lot of orange in it, stainless appliances & pale tan ceramic floor tile? Or is the coloring of the Bordeaux more pinky than orangy? Any other granite ideas? Having trouble finding something that goes with this medium wood shade. Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 04:12PM, Jan 30 2007 Paula: Bordeaux will usually have a bit of both orange and pink. Why not try something completly different?
  • SBC 08:42PM, Jan 25 2007 What is the best way to determine what would look good with maple cabinets and white appliances?
  • Chris 12:23AM, Nov 26 2006 I saw a slab that was called Juparana Forence that the sales person said was the same as Juparana Bourdox. So maybe it is the same that Lauren heard, the Juparana Florenza Red? This is one of my narrowed down choices.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:16AM, Aug 11 2007 chris: Open slate here chris. Try something darker in the color that would compliment the cabinets.
  • All Granite and Marble 08:56AM, Oct 30 2006 Yes. This is Bordeaux.
  • Shar 03:41PM, Oct 28 2006 could this be the same or very similar to Junapana Bordeaux?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:24AM, Oct 16 2006 This Bordeaux is just the regular version.
  • cortney 05:50PM, Oct 12 2006 what type of bordeaux is this?
  • All Granite and Marble 02:58PM, Oct 11 2006 That is not a typical combination. Because the cabinets and the countertops would be very similar, you would loose the contrast between them, and that doesn't look well.
  • All Granite and Marble 11:58AM, Oct 11 2006 We didn't hear that name yet... But who knows! See, different fabricators will call the same stone different names to make it seem "unique" to their inventory. We go by the original names.
  • lauren 01:05PM, Oct 9 2006 could this also be called Juparana Florenza Red?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:05AM, Sep 11 2006 Crema Bordeaux is more smooth in it's pattern, and has less of the spots.
  • JWP 02:32PM, Sep 7 2006 What is difference in this and Crema Bordeaux?