Kitchen - Giallo Ornamental Granite

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Materials: Giallo Ornamental
Edges: Ogee
The contrast created by the Giallo Ornamental and the dark cherry cabinets creates a rich atmosphere in this airy kitchen.


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  • Guest 03:21PM, Dec 31 2014

    We have white cabinets and dark floors in the kitchen, what kind of granite countertop and backsplash combination would suit better...can you please give some examples? How about Giallo ornamental granite? Thanks in advance!

  • 01:11PM, Dec 3 2014

    That sounds like a great plan. Giallo Ornamental goes very nicely with dark woods because the cream color of it stands out while the dark speckles complement the wood perfectly. Great choice.

  • frank 10:56PM, Dec 1 2014

    what do you think about going with giallo ornamental granite with fabuwood elite merlot cabinets?

  • - Jack 02:51PM, Apr 28 2014

    For the color cabinets you chose there are many options. For example, you can use Bianco Antico, Brown Fantasy or even stones that fall under the Giallo family.

  • liz48170 01:30AM, Apr 28 2014

    I am remodeling (total gut job) a house and doing it in a tuscan style. The house gets quite a bit of light. We have a creamy yellow (cotton) for our trim and ceilings, and a creamy tan / yellow for the walls, light olive green for the MB and Master Bath and I am going to run olive color throughout. We have chosen raised towards the darker (but not super dark) traditional cabinets, and a travertine backsplash. NEED HELP with counter tops. Initially I was going to go with travertine tile but everyone says not to as we plan to re sell in a few years. We chose a "wood grain" Onyx with some olive veining but that seems not to give enough contrast with the cabinets .....what would you put on the counter tops? Suggestions please

  • Peter 07:45PM, Aug 26 2013

    Travertine or Crema Marfil.

  • renee 06:55PM, Aug 13 2013

    i have white cabinets and giallo oriental granite which has a very busy pattern in it, what would you recommend for a back splash?

  • - Adrian 06:32PM, Jul 25 2013

    Hi, I also agree with Peter that light travertine will match in your kitchen. I've got even one nice sample for you: Maditerranean Ivory tumbled Travertine, please take a look at the attachment. I hope I could help ! Regards

  • Peter 01:43PM, Jul 22 2013

    Dear Lee Z, I would recommend a nice light travertine. It would complement your Giallo Ornamental very nicely. Best Regards, Peter.

  • Lee Z 06:02PM, Jul 20 2013

    I just chose giallo ornamental counters for a new kitchen with a cherry finish cabinet, and an oak floor. Any advice choosing the backsplash?

  • - Derek 08:03PM, Feb 7 2013

    Hi there. I'm so sorry for the late response. The Giallo Ornamental is a timeless choice that will add elegance to the bathroom while it's light base will offset the cabinet color nicely. I would also recommend to take a look at Ouro Brasil and Santa Cecilia Classic. Best of luck!

  • Starchecker 04:44AM, Jan 29 2013

    I have knotty alder wood cabinets, fruit wood stain, would the giallo ornamental work nicely with these for a bathroom.  The tile is beige


  • - Derek 03:06PM, Jan 16 2013

    I recommend to consider an elegant, dark, espresso colored wood for a contrast. Best of luck!

  • Vimlin786 11:42AM, Jan 10 2013

    i want to use the Silver Sardo granite tops. this doesnt go with cherry wood... what is the best type of wood that would go with silver sardo? any ideas? many thanks

  • - Derek 02:13PM, Nov 12 2012

    Sorry for the late response. I absolutely believe that you're on the right track. I'm leaning toward the Giallo Vicenza in your situation for a warm complement with a subtle contrast at the same time. Best of luck.

  • Pmm4967 01:47PM, Oct 27 2012

    thanks for help!  I'm down to giallo vicenza.., or new venitian gold, what do you think?  I have small kitchen with s s appliances  and going with a bit darker hardwood floors!   And i have 1 window.    So many decisions to make, just need help and maybe some reassurance it  will all go together!!!     :))

  • - Derek 03:12PM, Oct 25 2012

    Hello. The Giallo Ornamental would be a safe choice as it's a classic color with warm hues throughout the slabs. However, have you thought about using a shade that is a little darker to better offset the cabinetry? I have in-mind choices such as Tropical Brown, Baltic Brown, Giallo Vicenza, Copa Gold or even Ouro Brasil. Let me know your thoughts on these!

  • Pmm4967 11:33AM, Oct 24 2012

    putting in natural maple cabinets and cant decide on granite tops...Thought about giallo ornamental, just not sure.  Need help!!!

  • - Derek 02:07PM, Oct 16 2012

    Unfortunately we do not have information on the brand or style of cabinet used here, only the countertop itself that we fabricated and installed. 

  • Yes 12:29AM, Oct 15 2012

    what cabinets are those

  • - Derek 05:23PM, Aug 20 2012

    I recommend a light creme color.

  • Iamdini 05:27PM, Aug 12 2012

    what color grout should i use with dark emprador marble mosaics

  • - Natalia 04:59PM, Jul 27 2012

    Hello. Giallo Ornamental is a safe, classic choice with it's lightness yet subtle warm undertones. Some other recommendations that I thin would appropriately fit your design are Tahoe, Brazilian Gold, and New Venetian Gold. I've created a Comparison Chart of my suggestions for your easy reference. Hope this helps:

  • Karenjoeyfont 11:28PM, Jul 26 2012

    I have Ash cabinets with fruitwood color stain and mexican tile (terra cotta color) and I have looked at the Gaillo ornamental granite..what do u think or can u suggest another color granite

  • - Derek 02:20PM, Jul 18 2012

    Can you show me a picture of what the pendant lights look like? A picture of your kitchen would be helpful as well. 

  • Treatabug 07:08PM, Jul 16 2012

    My kichen is almost completed and the oil-rubbed bronze pulls look wonderful but now I have another dilemma. I'm getting new light fixtures. There will be three pendant lights over the bar area and there are three more light fixtures in the kitchen one in the nook area, one in the cooking area and one in a small foyer leading to the powder room. What finish should i use on these light fixtures?  This is one big room and the bar area is between the nook and the cooking area and the foyer is off to the right of the nook.

  • - Derek 04:26PM, May 30 2012

    Oil rubbed bronze pulls will also look very elegant along with the faucet to complete your kitchen hardware balance, go for it!

  • missy 04:05PM, May 30 2012

    I have chocolate brown cabinets, Italian Fantasy granite, and light Maple floors. Will oil-rubbed hardware look good with this decor? I have oil-rubbed venetian bronze faucet and stainlees steel appliances. The faucet looks great but did not know if that finish would look good on the cabinets.

  • - Natalia 02:09PM, May 24 2012

    Thanks for the input Dianne! Which ceramic tile color in particular are you referring to? There are dozens of shades on that page.

  • Dianne 07:52PM, May 23 2012

    I have Giallo Ornamentale in my kitchen and used this as the backsplash in beige. 

  • - Kinga 04:25PM, May 3 2012

    Both of the stains would look good. If you want a trendy look in your kitchen then the Sedona stain would be an appropriate choice. However, if you want a more traditional look, consider the Mission Oak stain. A tumbled marble backsplash with accent tiles works great in many designs. Hope this helps!

  • ginger 11:48AM, May 2 2012

    I am having Santa Cecilia Gold granite countertops put in. We are having cherry cabinets made and our floor is bruce hardwoods "spice". I am very unsure of what color stain to use on the cabinet. I'm leaning towards a deep sedona it has a burgundy undertone for a big contrast from floor to cabinet..or play it safe with Mission Oak on Cherry?? Any suggestions. Also would go with light color for backsplash. Please help, have to make a decision on stain and im soooo unsure of myself.

  • - Derek 08:52PM, Jan 27 2012 I recommend travertine tile, or a porcelain imitation of travertine. I've attached a picture for your reference.
  • - Derek 09:29PM, Jan 26 2012 The backsplash is indeed very pretty and compliments the small brown veins in the Ornamental quite nicely. If you'd like to look at a color with a little more warmth, take a look at Giallo Napoleone instead of the Ornamental. However, I do not feel that the combination you've shown me is in any way too light -- contrast is essential to a successful design.
  • - Kinga 01:19PM, Jan 26 2012 A travertine like Torreon Cross Cut Honed or Torreon Dark Vein Cut Honed as well as Botticino marble would work very well with your granite and cabinets without overwhelming the space. Let me know what you think!
  • - Derek 07:40PM, Nov 11 2011 You can add some other colors, for example a glass and stone mosaic mixed tile would also look very nice and add some organic earthy tones to the backsplash design. I've attached an image for your reference.
  • Rdv104 08:35PM, Nov 10 2011 Thanks for your suggestion. Like the tumbled travertine textured look.  Do you think it would be better to stick with one color like cream/beige or can I add a color to get some pop? or do you think adding color it will look to busy with granite?
  • - Derek 06:41PM, Nov 10 2011 Try 2" x 2" Baja Cream tumbled travertine (first image) or Botticino marble split faced mosaic (second image). Let me know what you think! :)
  • Rachel 09:55PM, Nov 9 2011 Hi- Have a similar looking kitchen: giallo ornamental granite, same tile floor, Java glaze Maple cabinets, Stainless Steel appliances. Can you please recommend a back splash? If you have pictures that would be great. Thanks - Rachel
  • - Derek 09:15PM, Nov 9 2011 For a glass tile backsplash suggestion, I recommend a mosaic of glass and stone strips in a neutral and organic shade. I've attached a picture for your reference.
  • ella nham 10:31PM, Nov 5 2011 I have maple coffee cabinet ( medium dark), the granite is capuccino white . what colours black splash on glass and tile 12*24 should i match. my email is [email protected]
  • - Derek 03:48PM, Oct 28 2011 Everyone always seems to enjoy my suggestions! :-)
  • - Kinga 03:45PM, Oct 28 2011 You are very welcome! I do love Derek’s slate suggestion! Let us know what you end up choosing.
  • - Derek 03:20PM, Oct 28 2011 You're welcome! We would love to know what you end up choosing!
  • Jennifer 08:45PM, Oct 27 2011 I really like the slate idea!  It would help break up the lightness of the kitchen.  The dark tones pull all new colors out of the granite.  Cool suggestion.  Thanks!
  • Jennifer 08:42PM, Oct 27 2011 I like the idea of adding the pebble accent.  We had thought about the tumbled marble idea, but hadn't thought about adding the texture of the pebbles...maintains the casual look of our house.  Thanks for the great suggestions!
  • - Derek 07:25PM, Oct 27 2011 You can add organic colors into the backsplash design such as Montego Sela Autumn slate tumbled mosaic (first image) or a more neutral but still creative mix of Somertile Reflections Subway Suffolk stone and glass mosaic (second image).
  • - Kinga 12:05PM, Oct 27 2011 A tumbled Botticino Fiorito marble with an accent border like Pebbles by SouthCypress would look stunning. Another beautiful option is a mixed mosaic like Spa Linear Mosaic also from SouthCypress. Let me know what you think!
  • Jennifer 02:42AM, Oct 27 2011 We just installed Giallo Ornamental countertops on our antique white cabinets.  We have light wood floors, stainless appliances and a casual, warm look to the rest of the house. What would you suggest for the backsplash?   The travertine tiles we have brought home just look to pinkish.
  • Dawn 10:03PM, May 14 2011 I am having my kitchen cabinets stained a bombay mahogany. The floor is charcoal gray ceramic tile with pink veins. All of my appliances are black. What color granite counter top should I be looking at? Do you have a suggestion for the backsplash? The kitchen is a U shape with a skylight and lots of windows.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:39AM, May 17 2011 Dawn: I'd use a lighter color for a contrast. My recommendations are Delicatus, Astoria, Giallo Ornamental C, and Juparana Exotica. Good luck!
  • Dawn 10:56PM, Apr 1 2011 New fixtures/faucets are brushed nickel - it gives the bathroom a totally different feel than before. What pant colors complement silver?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:58AM, Apr 4 2011 Dawn: What color is the vanity, countertop, and your other design elements?
  • DinaK 09:40PM, Jan 1 2011 Having a lot of trouble picking out a granite countertop. My cabinets are dark cherry and my appliances are stain steel. Kitchen size is 10/X14/. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    • All Granite and Marble 08:26AM, Jan 3 2011 DinaK: You should use a warm golden tone to compliment the cherry wood. I recommend Kashmir Gold, Golden Beach, and to go in a bit different direction, take a look at Astoria.
  • Kelly 03:57PM, Dec 31 2010 Mid Continent Espresso Maple cabinets, Giallo Ornamental and St. Andrews Dark Oak Chocolate floor. Need a backsplash to 'brighten things up'? Willing to go a bit contemporary too, what do you suggest? Also, lighting and pulls are all brushed silver.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:41AM, Jan 3 2011 Kelly: Perhaps a glass mosaic in earthtone colored inserts will compliment your design nicely.
  • Daphne 02:49PM, Dec 12 2010 I have sienna bourdeax cooler version no cream. with dark brown cabinets not as dark as cherry. with a creamy beige ceramic tile floor. All stainless steel appliances. 2 frosted doors on the cabinets. In your opinion what color glass tiles should I use or what type of backsplash should I use if not glass???? Thannks for your help.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:22AM, Dec 13 2010 Daphne: I'd use a tumbled travertine tile, the glass might be too busy.
  • Rachel 07:51AM, Apr 17 2010 Hi, We have cherry bourdeaux cabinents, gunstock stained oak flooring, and are debating between New Venetian Gold and Giallo Ornamental. Would both work or you would your recommend one over the other. Also what do you think about a glass tile backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:29AM, Apr 17 2010 Rachel: I'm leaning towards the New Venetian Gold as it has some burgundy flecks that will compliment the cherry in your cabinetry. Glass tile is an excellent, modern approach to backsplash, go for it!
  • Delores 06:52PM, Mar 22 2010 What is the color of the backsplash shown in the picture above with Giallo Ornamental?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:11AM, Mar 23 2010 Delores: I do not have any information on the backsplash, your guess is as good as mine.
  • Jen 06:13PM, Mar 14 2010 We are going with Giallo Ornamental in our kitchen, our floors are dark hardwood and I cannot find a BM white that is white enough after the lacquer is applied. I don't want it to be too cool, but I don't want a yellow tone in the cabs. Can you suggest a BM White to go with the giallo ornamental? Thanks so much!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:53PM, Jul 8 2008 Jennifer O'Keefe: It would work with everything but not sure about the cabinets. You said natural maple... that's pretty light. It might blend too much with the countertops.
  • CW. 08:34PM, Mar 10 2010 We have Burgundy cabinets with a matrah floor tile and black appliances. Our walls are a tan beige color would Giallo Ornamental or New Venetian Gold match with this color scheme. We also looked at Grigio Sardo but were wondering if this was to light.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:31AM, Mar 11 2010 CW.: I'm leaning towards the New Venetian Gold, it will tie-in beautifully with the burgundy color of your cabinets.
  • Donald 06:49PM, Feb 27 2010 I am nearly 100% set on this Giallo Ornamental granite after first going with Kashmir White for my new Cherry Cabinets (lighter than this pic.) Now, what would look good on entire floor incl eat-in area that looks onto family room. Cooking area is U shape with peninsula facing eat-in area with table. Probably will put in stainless steel appliances,I do not understand cooktops. Does the kitchen have an oven some other place and the cooktop is on top of the granite? I suppose a microwave could go above. Appreciate having your answers. Thanks. Fabulous Web site.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:17PM, Mar 1 2010 Donald: Cooktops are increasingly popular alternatives to traditional cooking ranges, because of their versatility, efficiency and visual appeal. Unlike ranges, cooktops do not include ovens, thereby making a separate purchase necessary. All cooktops require some form of ventilation so a venting system is usually installed over the cooktop therefore a microwave generally cannot be placed above it.
  • JV 12:04AM, Feb 25 2010 Hi. i have a small U shape kitchen 230 x 170. With dark brown cabinets on the right side of the wall. The other sides are open. Color of the wall and floor is white. Would giallo ornamental look nice? Or can you suggest other granite that will blend and not make our kitchen smaller.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:31AM, Feb 25 2010 JV: It will tie-in well, another suggestion is Tahoe.
  • Wendy 12:24PM, Feb 17 2010 and so by your comment, you think either the giallo ornamental light or santa cecialia would work? Typhoon bordeaux was a thought, but too veiny for me...any backsplash suggestions to go with your granite suggestions? many thanks for your input, much appreciated!
    • All Granite and Marble 01:27PM, Feb 17 2010 Wendy: For backsplash, a tumbled marble tile is appropriate.
  • Wendy 11:48AM, Feb 17 2010 Thanks, yes we looked at Venetian gold as well, too yellow though for us, we wondered about white spring, too much white maybe?? We liked Key West but it was too peachy/pink in tones..what about Star Beach?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:26PM, Feb 17 2010 Wendy: Between Santa Cecilia and Giallo Ornamental, i'm leaning towards Santa Cecilia as the garnet flecks in it compliment the walnut island. Star Beach is also an excellent choice, very rich and warm.
  • Wendy 04:52PM, Feb 16 2010 looking into staining our large light bright kitchen, looking at doing the cupboards a warm honey oak stain with dark walnut stain for island, have cherry hardwood flooring, white appliances, looking at giallo orn light or SCL..have limestone in hallway, trying to pull all colours, with an attached family room off kitchen too..Baffin Island paint colour (BMoore) any suggestions for granite? Thx
    • All Granite and Marble 08:27AM, Feb 17 2010 Wendy: Another good choice would be New Venetian Gold.
  • Andy 12:28PM, Jan 24 2010 I liked the barely beige and shaker beige,but would like something in the middle of them two what do you think is good
    • All Granite and Marble 12:07PM, Jan 25 2010 Andy: Try "Buttered Toffee" or "Lady Finger".
  • Andy 04:07AM, Jan 22 2010 the cherry cabinets I have almost resemble the ones here,I want to paint my walls to match the color of the tile in this picture,what color do you think would match the tiles
    • All Granite and Marble 10:04AM, Jan 22 2010 Andy: Try Benjamin Moore "Barely Beige".
  • Ashley 03:03PM, Jan 19 2010 Do you recommend a specific slate for Ornamental Gold that reads greyer/lighter than original sample. Since the cabinets are chestunt I wasn't sure if slate would be too dark?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:18AM, Jan 20 2010 Ashley: Take a look at Himachal White slate, it might be what you're looking for.
  • Ashley 12:14AM, Jan 19 2010 We are getting Ornamental Gold installed and the sample from our actual slab reads a little greyer/creamer than the tan tones I thought. We have dark chestnut cabinets and I am trying to find a stone backsplash that will work. I originally picked ankara, but it looks yellow/pinkish next to sample. Any ideas?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Jan 19 2010 Ashley: Perhaps a natural slate in a brick pattern.
  • kassy 07:25PM, Jan 13 2010 would it be santa cecilia dark?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:33AM, Jan 14 2010 kassy: Yes.
  • kassy 11:02AM, Jan 13 2010 I have cherry maple cabinets and my walls will be a warm gold color, specifically b. moore's roasted sesame seed color. Any suggestions for countertop and ceramic tile color?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:11PM, Jan 13 2010 kassy: Perhaps Santa Cecilia, it has some burgundy speckling to pick up the cabinets and ties in the wall color.
  • Helen 06:39PM, Dec 27 2009 We are looking at giallo ornamental or Santa Ceclie, Our cabinets are a medium Maple color, appliances are white. Our floors are currently a light color, We are planning to install darker floor tile. We are planning a neutral stone color backsplash. Which granite do you think will work best?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:35AM, Dec 28 2009 Helen: You are on the right path, you should throw in New Venetian Gold to the mix, any of those three will look great.
  • Anthony 03:19PM, Dec 21 2009 I have chocolate brown cabinets with Giallo ornamental granite. The floors are a cream colour and there is quite a bit of natural light in the kitchen. I was looking for suggestions on the wall paint colour. Thanks in advance!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:21AM, Dec 22 2009 Anthony: A light, neutral wall color will look good. Perhaps a shade of warm taupe.
  • Louise 09:22AM, Dec 21 2009 2 different cabinet colors and would like a recommendation on what color granite would go with both colors. Thank you for your help!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:08AM, Dec 21 2009 Louise: Oh okay -- you are on the right path. Giallo Ornamental looks superb with cherry and will at the same time contrast the dark island cabinet well. Another possibility is Ivory Gold, or Vanilla.
  • Louise 10:32PM, Dec 19 2009 We are putting Kraft Maid autumn blush cherry cabinets in our kitchen with a vintage black colored island. Will Giallo Ornamental work with both color cabinets? and do you have another lighter color granite you would recomment with that color combo? Thank you for your help!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:08AM, Dec 21 2009 Louise: I'm a little confused, you are planning on using two different granites & cabinet colors between the island and perimeter?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:44AM, Dec 17 2009 Sofer's Mom: The darker the better -- expresso colored cabinets.
  • Sofer's Mom 05:14PM, Dec 16 2009 Would Espresso cabinets look better with this granite than Cappuccino cabinets?
  • Robert 05:07PM, Dec 12 2009 I am installing cherry cabinets and giallo ornamental granite. Floors are a honey color, walls are a lighter tan color and then a light natural stone backsplash. It will have stainless appliances but a brozne faucet. I am not sure on color for the hardware for the cabinets. Thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:43AM, Dec 14 2009 Robert: I would say brushed copper.
  • Steph 01:26AM, Dec 3 2009 Thank you for suggesting a wall color to go with the Light/Dark emperado marble in my bathroom. Another suggestion is needed for the grout color for the light emperador (flooring, shower) and for the dark emperador (vanity/counter top) Appreciate your advice. Thank you much !
    • All Granite and Marble 10:43AM, Dec 3 2009 Steph: Speak with the tile store on the grout colors, I am not familiar with them. It should be lighter than the marble.
  • Steph 11:16PM, Nov 28 2009 My floors, shower stall and tub deck is light emperado marble, counter top is dark emperado. Can you suggest a wall color? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:00AM, Nov 30 2009 Steph: A light creamy or beige wall paint would be appropriate, to break up and contrast the dark tones of the marble.
  • valerie 03:02PM, Nov 6 2009 I have just purcharsed cherry cabinets with a coffee glaze and I am looking at the giallo ornamental for my countertops. I am installing tiger wood floors and I have stainless appliances. My local stone yars has the Giallo Ornamental that is more on the white side with grey/hint of green and cranberry dots running thru it. It think it will match perfect. My husband not so much. What do you thin? Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 04:53PM, Nov 6 2009 valerie: Giallo Ornamental is a wonderful choice with cherry.
  • Patty 09:37PM, Nov 5 2009 I have golden oak cabinets (that we may paint a white), black appliances and a light ceramic tile floor. We are looking at Giallo Ornamental Granite. Is it too light?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:15PM, Nov 6 2009 Patty: Maybe Tropical Brown for more contrast.
  • Sandra 10:36AM, Oct 29 2009 I am wondering what to do with the backsplash area. My cabinets will be dark cherry, the granite on the countertop Gialo Ornamental, granite on the island, Crema Bordeaux and the floor tile is very similar to the Crema Bordeaux. Would appreciate any suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 12:45PM, Oct 29 2009 Sandra: You want to go simple - tumbled travertine perhaps, or slate in a brick pattern.
  • denise 01:51PM, Oct 17 2009 i have medium oak colored cabinets, hard wood floors in medium oak all white appliances and corian counter top in the color maui.what color back splash could i go with ,im trying to spice up my kitchen and make it pop.thanks!!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Oct 19 2009 denise: Glass tile with colorful inserts to pick up the countertop sounds like a good idea.
  • NB 04:55PM, Sep 4 2009 I have Maple Honey Spice cabinets and Giallo Ornamantal counter top. I need advise on what type of Ciramic tiles on the floor and back splash I should buy. Kitchen wall is white and there isn't much lights.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:20AM, Sep 8 2009 NB: You could be creative with the backsplash. I would do a neutral color but add in colorful inserts in shades of red and brown. For the floor tile should be darker than the granite.
  • Liz 09:29PM, Sep 3 2009 I wrote previously that after my gialo ornamental granite was installed (love it) my new maple/ginger stained cabinets did not look great. The ginger color is a bit off. Re-staining the cabinets is not an option. Can you suggest a back-splash color ( I will be using tile) that might help pull things together. My walls are Ben More "simply white" and my floors are oak golden color. By the way, the white walls look fabulous with the Gialo Ornamental granite! Thank you.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:47AM, Sep 4 2009 Liz: I would go with a neutral color backsplash, so it does not look busy. Pick a color from the Ornamental, like a cream and do it with subway tiles. They look sharp and are easy to wipe clean. You can do them in a brick pattern.
  • Liz 10:02PM, Sep 2 2009 I've just installed maple/ginger colored cabinets and giallo ornamental granite. Love the granite, but feel like I missed the mark with the cabinet stain. Cabinets are not glazed, so they don't seem substantial enough for the granite. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:18AM, Sep 3 2009 Liz: I think to darken the cabinets would be a good idea, you should use a paint color that is a shade or two darker than the stain on your kitchen cabinets.
  • peter 10:37PM, Aug 31 2009 I have an open floor plan with honey maple floors. Wall colors are earth tones. Furniture is wood and leather. I like the Giallo Ornamental but am not sure what color the cabinets should be. Appliances will be stainless steel. Also, any recommendations regarding the backsplash/floor tile? Thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 10:05AM, Sep 1 2009 peter: I think you should consider using white cabinets. Giallo Ornamental has natural garnet inclusions that will bring color into your kitchen.
  • emma 05:57PM, Aug 31 2009 I am putting in chocalate coloured kitchen cabinets witha creme/white porcelain floor. The hardwood in the adjacent room is a dark brown. I would like to know if giallo O. is recommended or maybe new venetian gold?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:51AM, Sep 1 2009 emma: Giallo Ornamental would look better in your situation.
  • Carol 07:08PM, Aug 10 2009 We are redoing our kitchen. We've selected Cherry Coffee perimeter cabinets and glazed Moss paint for the island. I'd like to keep the countertops lighter and like the look of Giallo Ornamental. Would that be too light? Would a travertine backsplash work with it? We origianlly liked Tropic Brown but fill it's too dark.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:09AM, Aug 11 2009 Carol: Giallo Ornamental would look wonderful! Travertine backsplash is also a good idea.
  • Christa 06:49AM, Aug 6 2009 Upgrading countertops to sell the house. Cream stone-type tile floor, natural maple cabinets. Room is seafoam gray/blue color. Open to rest of living space (same wall color). White appliances. Considering an almost-black counter (too dark?? unmotivated by any other color?) or the giallo orna. light. - help!?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:15AM, Aug 6 2009 Christa: I would go darker, but not totally black, maybe something like Butterfly Jade.
  • Nicole 10:15PM, Aug 2 2009 I am installing dark cherry wood cabinets like this I have oak looking floors and there is also a little soft yellow that flows into the room. What do you suggest?
    • All Granite and Marble 11:38AM, Aug 3 2009 Nicole: Giallo Ornamental would work fine. Also check out New Venetian Gold.
  • Tommy 05:13PM, Jul 31 2009 I am redoing my kitchen with Kingston Maple cabinets in a coffee or palamino color with stainless steel appliances. Would Giallo Ornamental go with the cabinets or would you recommend something else?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:22PM, Jul 31 2009 Tommy: Ornamental would work fine. Also take a look at New Venetian Gold.
  • MJ 03:03PM, Jul 22 2009 Our new floors are a Travertine look, Florentina Rosa, with Dark Emparador accents and 4" border. Cabinets are Golden Oak. what do you think about countertops and backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:22PM, Jul 22 2009 MJ: Try New Venetian Gold or Santa Cecilia.
  • David 08:16AM, Jul 14 2009 Hi - I have Omega-Dynasty maple cabinets with ginger finish. The floor is oak with gunstock stain. The family & kitchen are open area. The fireplace is done with black galaxy. Would giallo ornamental be a good choice for the countertop? Some of the gallo ornamental is a bit white. Or would something like santa cecilia or new venetia gold look better? I want a warm light look in the kitchen.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:16AM, Jul 14 2009 David: Either stone would match nicely, but I think Santa Cecilia would look gorgeous with your light combination of flooring and cabinetry.
  • JSD 06:09PM, Jul 10 2009 Thanks for the response back. I am also thinking about "chocolate" colored kitchen cabinets. Will the Giallo Ornamental and the others you recommend be a good contrast too? Thanks again for your insight.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:38AM, Jul 13 2009 JSD: Yes the colors would go wery well with the choccolate colored cabinets.
  • JSD 11:54PM, Jul 3 2009 I am purchasing cherry spice cabinets. I have a "light" tan travertine floor. I am considering gallo ornamental slab for the countertops. This seems to be a sufficient contrast. Do you agree? Do you recommend any other granite colors with the above cabinet and floor plan? Thanks!
    • All Granite and Marble 09:57AM, Jul 7 2009 JSD: Yes, definitely a sufficient amount of contrast. Others to try would be Santa Cecilia and maybe some of the Giallos.
  • Tra 01:42PM, Jun 30 2009 I have just purchased Giallo Ornamental for my counter top. The Cabinets are Shilo-Maple with a walnut colored stain. Very dark. Should I use a lighter or darker floor. I don't want to compete with the Giallo Ornamental.. I am looking at a porcelain 16x16 tile that mimics travertine---goes from white to a dark brown
    • All Granite and Marble 03:42PM, Jul 2 2009 Tra: That would be my choice as well. Very good, medium tonality and it should compliment both cabinets and counters very well.
  • Sarah 03:30PM, Jun 7 2009 We will have Kraftmaid chocolate cabinets, daltile urban camouflage backsplash (olive, brown, grey and light green mosaic glass tile), and a ceramic tile floor (with similar colors to backsplash, fairly light overall). I'm worried that giallo ornamental will be too "busy" to go with the backsplash. What do you think? (also don't want the kitchen to be too dark).
    • All Granite and Marble 10:17AM, Jun 8 2009 Sarah: Giallo Ornamental is among the least busy stones. Check out Santa Cecilia as well.
  • Alvie 08:49PM, May 24 2009 What is the best color to paint kitchen cabinets that complement G.ornmental countertops; have stainless appliances. will replace light 12x12 tiles with 18x18 darker porcelin tiles. Kithen is open to greatroom that's painted breadbasket, a deep but pale yellow with red and sage accents, med. dark hardwood floors. Cabinets are now off white with brown glaze, but I am not satisfied with the look. My kitchen seems dark all the time. Thanks for your help!!!
    • All Granite and Marble 10:12AM, May 26 2009 Alvie: I was going to suggest the same combination that you already have. Not sure why you think it's dark. What you have now is the light cabinet with darker accent and light granite. The only other way would be to do darker cabinets, but as you could imagine, that would darken the whole kitchen as well. Not sure what to tell you. Short of going all white, there's not much you can do to make it brighter (other than adding a lot of lighting).
  • Taryn 01:08PM, May 16 2009 It is a dark green with some black details.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:04AM, May 18 2009 Taryn: Make sure you have enough light. Dark green will need all the light it can get, otherwise it can look black. Should go nicer with the black appliances.
  • Taryn 09:47PM, May 12 2009 I have chosen a medium brown cabinet. Would pescara granite countertops be too dark? Also, with brown cabinetry is stainless steel or black appliances a better choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:18AM, May 15 2009 Taryn: Could you describe the color of the granite?
  • ellen 02:09PM, Apr 26 2009 We have honey oak cabinets and floor. Lots of natural light. We like Giallo Santa Cecilia or Giallo Ornamental for countertops. Are these good choices? Which is better?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:15AM, Apr 27 2009 ellen: Either is fine. They are really similar.
  • michele 09:53PM, Mar 11 2009 I have cherry cabinets, stainless/black appliances, slate floor, and black/grey speckled granite countertops. I have no idea what to do for a backsplash and wall color . . . any advice? thank you!
    • All Granite and Marble 02:04PM, Mar 12 2009 michele: Slate comes to mind. Just worried it might get too dark in there.
  • Kelly 10:51AM, Mar 8 2009 We are upgrading our countertops to sell our house. Our cabinets are white. The walls are Benj Moore soft fern and adjacent den walls are BM shelbourne buff. The hardwood floors are a golden brown. Could you reccomend a granite that would look best and appeal to many. We were thinking Santa Cecelia, Giallo Ornamental, or Uba Tuba.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:57PM, Mar 9 2009 Kelly: Kelly: Uba Tuba's time has passed. It is now considered the "cheap" granite. I would lean towards the first two options.
  • Linda 05:24PM, Feb 9 2009 Small kitchen remodel with light honey spice cabinets, have white appliances. What color countertop and flooring goes. Also up to date "color" of backsplash and paint to brighten a dark room?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:00PM, Feb 10 2009 Linda : If you cabinets are very light, I would suggest a slightly contrasting stone. Something like Giallo Ornamental pictured above might be ok. I'd stick to a white tile for the floor. It doesn't have to be pale white but certainly something very light. Backsplash is similar although here you can venture into some form of an accent strip or diamonds... Many possibilities there.
  • KK 04:25PM, Jan 19 2009 I chosen dark cherry cabinets and giallo ornamental countertop. Would tanish brown porcelain tile and backsplash be a good choice.
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Jan 21 2009 KK: Yes, it's a good match.
  • Sheri 12:15AM, Jan 13 2009 I am putting in golden maple cabinets. Would giallo ornamental look good with a dark brown backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:59PM, Jan 13 2009 Sheri: It will be ok with the backsplash.
  • GlenS 03:23PM, Jan 9 2009 Looking for backsplash ideas to tie Rosewood-stained cabinets to Giallo Ornamental counters. Would like an accent band rather than just a homogenous backsplash as in the picture.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:58PM, Jan 12 2009 GlenS: The band could be made out of Dark Emperador marble. That should break it up a bit and tie into the cabinets.
  • Eva 11:34AM, Dec 28 2008 We just had G Ornamental granite installed last week, the stone is beautiful but in my opinion the background color of the stone is a light tan color not a cream color.
  • Eva 05:53PM, Oct 25 2008 Do you consider G Ornamental in the light brown category?
  • Erin 07:22PM, Oct 23 2008 Would Kasmir Gold or G Ornamental compliment walnut stained cabinets better, or do you suggest something else?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:13PM, Nov 19 2008 Erin: For more contrast go with the Giallo since it doesn't have any flowing pattern to it (the cabinets should take care of that).
  • Elizabeth 06:00PM, Oct 19 2008 The cabinets around the perimeter of my kitchen will be cherry with walnut stain. The island will be maple painted in a vanilla color. I am considering gallo ornamental for the cherry cabinets but would like something different on the island. Which stone would compliment the gallo ornamental?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:09AM, Nov 19 2008 Elizabeth: Try Platinum bahia.
  • Claire 08:48AM, Oct 8 2008 I have medium honey alder cabinets and have chosen Gallo O for the counter tops, my floors are dark stained hardwood, is this too much of the same tones? Also what is the recommended amount of overhang on the counter top edge. My cabinet doors are not the full overlay.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:19PM, Oct 8 2008 Claire: The overhang is usually 1.5 to 2 inches but it's your preference. You can do less if you wish. I think you should have enough contrast, especially with the floor. No worries there.
  • Kris 09:48PM, Aug 30 2008 We a have galley kitchen with white appliances. The cabinets are java stain. The giallo ornamental slab we saw has burgundy throughout that goes great with the cabinet color. We want a frosted glass tile backsplash and stained concrete floor. We are also trying to determine a wall color. Any suggestions on colors or a color family?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:56PM, Sep 25 2008 Kris: A darker beige with brownish hue to it will do.
  • Tracy K 09:56AM, Aug 25 2008 I have a dark oak floor, dark brown island, ivory with brown glaze cupboards, ss appl. Faucets & hardward are oil rub. bronze. I LOVE G. Ornamental. Is this OK or too light? Any ideas for backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:57PM, Sep 19 2008 Tracy K: Looks fine to me. Nice contrast on the island, flows with the the rest of the cabinets. A+
  • susan 01:47PM, Aug 19 2008 Would Giallo ornamental look good with medium fruitwood oak cabinets and an off-white tile floor? The kitchen is fairly small and had bisque appliances. It is painted a warm taupe color. We saw a slab and it is a little warmer than the normal slabs are. Our other choice was Silestone Sierra Madre (a medium-dark brown). Thanks!
  • Liliana 01:11PM, Jul 31 2008 I need a advise. I have travertine floors and my cabintes will be Cinnamon. do you think that Giallo Ornamental will go well with it?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:03PM, Aug 11 2008 Liliana: I think that going a few shades darker would distinguish the elements from each other.
  • Silvia 11:40AM, Jul 21 2008 The new kitchen cabinets will be a dark walnut, what color granite do you recommend sanata cecilia gold or new venetian gold. Also what color tones for backsplash tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:18PM, Jul 21 2008 Silvia: Either of them will do fine. It's more of a personal preference whether you want the paler or yellower tone. Tiles can range from dark browns to cremes.
  • Angela 02:18PM, Jun 29 2008 I have chosen cherry cabinets and gallo ornamental countertops. What color wooden floors do you recommend going with that combo?
    • All Granite and Marble 05:23PM, Jul 17 2008 Angela: Something a bit lighter than cherry. Birch maybe?
  • Jennifer O'Keefe 08:10PM, Jun 11 2008 I have natural maple cabinets and black appliances in a small light filled kitchen. I am planning to stain my light oak floors dark stain and would like to paint my kitchen/family room in the blue family. Do you think Giallo Ornamental will work or do you suggest something else. I am ready to order soon.
  • Patsy 01:28PM, Jun 7 2008 Will the Gallo Ornamental go with white cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:23PM, Jun 30 2008 Patsy: Just barely, but yes.
  • Eva 03:42PM, May 25 2008 sorry I forgot to add, my wall colour will be a warm taupe, the kitchen is on the north side so I want to warm it up a bit. The reason I picked the taupe/grey floor is so that the grey will compliment the SS appliances.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:17PM, Nov 19 2008 Eva: Well, it's more creme/yellow rather than brown. It does have some brown/cranberry spots in it but I would hardly call the stone brown.
  • Eva 03:29PM, May 25 2008 We are installing cherry cabinets with a walnut glaze, (no red) our kitchen floor is Daltile Petrie Vechie Champage colour, mix of taupes/greys. Which granite would be best in this kitchen. Thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 09:25AM, Jun 25 2008 Eva: Seems like light browns and golds would be a nice fit. Browse the Stone Gallery for some ideas.
  • Jen 01:52PM, May 12 2008 just installed all cherry cabinets w/oak floors. I'm going w/ giallo ornamental or SCL. What should I do for a backsplash? the kitchen's a small U-shape with SS appliances. I want a little more contrast than the picture above, but at the same time want to be careful not to close in the space. Can you please help with a recommendation? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:51AM, Jun 6 2008 Jen: A nice reddish brown tile should do the trick.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:45AM, Mar 15 2010 Jen: Try Benjamin Moore "Decorator's White".
  • Alicia 10:15PM, May 11 2008 Sta. Cecilia (light) & G. Ornamental are similar in that they are both off white.
  • lisa 08:21PM, May 11 2008 is giallo light similiar to giallo ornamental?
  • Alicia 02:52PM, May 11 2008 I'd like to offset the orangey stain in my cherry kitchen cabinets. What do think about G. Ornamental or Sta. Cecilia(lt or dk). Please advise.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:47AM, Jun 6 2008 Alicia: Giallo should work. It's more pale.
  • Lisa 11:29AM, Apr 30 2008 I actually have the exact same question as Christin. My set-up is exactly the same as hers - galley style, white cabinets, giallo ornamental countertop, and stainless steel appliances . We are painting our walls a dark brown, but are having difficulties selecting a tile for the floor and backsplash. Your input is greatly appreciated!
  • bev 04:26PM, Apr 22 2008 what is the name of the tile that you used in this picture with the giallo ornamental/
    • All Granite and Marble 03:52PM, May 19 2008 bev: Sorry, No info.
  • tracie 08:40AM, Apr 22 2008 Was also wondering your thoughts on maybe a darker color (dark brown and black - maybe an "expresso" color??). Would the dark color be more appropriate so as to draw your eye to the countertop?? So confused!! So many choices. Any input is appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:50PM, May 19 2008 tracie: Well, yes. To a certain point. Too dark will distract too much and make the kitchen darker (which was a concern).
  • Christin 03:37PM, Apr 21 2008 We are installing a new kitchen. Our cabinets are white and our appliances will be stainless steel. I am leaning towards Giallo Ornamental granite for the countertops. Our kitchen is a galley style and I am wondering what sort of tile would be best suited for the backsplash and floors so as not to make the room look too small.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:49PM, May 19 2008 Christin:
  • Tracie 02:13PM, Apr 20 2008 We are thinking of using Giallo Ornamental or Juparana Santa Cecelia or Venecian Gold. Which do you think would be best? I want the counter to be the whole wow factor when you walk into the combined areas. There should be plenty of light. Very high ceilings. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:47PM, May 19 2008 Tracie: If you want the wow factor, I'd suggest a dark color with intense patterns.
  • Tracie 02:13PM, Apr 20 2008 Cabinets are maple - Autum, with Ebony glazing - shaker style (medium in color). We will have maple (medium color)hardwood floors - No. 2. Walls colors will be dark greens, browns, reds. Our kitchen is very open (the living room, kitchen, and dinning are basically one room) with a large island (u-shaped) to separate.
    • All Granite and Marble 03:45PM, May 19 2008 Tracie: I assume the question is what to choose? I'd suggest a dark color, Uba Tuba, Butterfly, Peacock, Tan Brown... etc.
  • Becky 02:47PM, Mar 11 2008 Cabinets are maple & will be spice range or a darker. I picked out a Corian Maui but now I KNOW id rather have granite. Losing 1 window in the kitchen so I dont want anything too dark Do you think this color would be okay with a maple spice cabinet or could I go darker & not darken the kitchen too much. galley style & not too wide anyways.
    • All Granite and Marble 01:02PM, Apr 3 2008 Becky: I think you could go a bit darker. See the stones from the Giallo family.
  • Michelle 12:42PM, Mar 9 2008 To add to my question below, the more I look, I realize I am picking red tones. Although I picked cherry cabinets the color peppercorn is more chocolate / black. Will G. Ornamental go with my color scheme or should I look for earth/brown/gold tones. Any suggestions would be helpful.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:54AM, Mar 11 2008 Michelle: To answer the second part, Ornamental is neutral. It will go with nearly any warm color.
  • Michelle 11:42AM, Mar 9 2008 I am installing Kraftmaid Cherry wood cabinets in the color Peppercorn (real dark almost black/chocolate color) I want to lighten it up as my kitchen is not too big. I would like to put tumbled travertine or marble in earth tones as backsplash and on the floor. Will this match? Any other granite suggestions? Thanks.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:51AM, Mar 11 2008 Michelle: Yes, that's a good match.
  • Alana S 09:48AM, Mar 6 2008 How wide should you make an eating island surface.
    • All Granite and Marble 06:39PM, Mar 6 2008 Alana S: We consider a 10" overhand comfortable enough to sit at without hitting your knees against the cabinets.
  • Bobbi 12:09PM, Feb 26 2008 I have dark shaker cabinets and am thinking of giallo ornamental slabs for kitchen. I have heard that lighter granites are more porous and susceptible to stains than darker granites (I had a green granite in my previous kitchen). Is that a concern with this granite? Also, would you recommend a bullnose edging with shaker style cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:55AM, Feb 29 2008 Bobbi: Granite is far less susceptible to staining that other natural stones. While all natural stone is porous to some degree, when properly sealed, granite allows for great usability in the kitchen. Bullnose edge pretty much fits all designs.
  • Nicole 06:30PM, Feb 16 2008 I have white cabinets, white tile floors with a slight pink marble and butter yellow walls. Will Giallo Ornamental be too light for counters and full backsplash? If so, any suggestions that aren't too dark? We don't get a lot of natural light. THANKS!!
    • All Granite and Marble 11:02AM, Feb 21 2008 Nicole : It would be a good choice if your kitchen is really dark. I would suggest going just a tad darker.
  • PC 07:49PM, Feb 15 2008 We have honey oak cabinets and a cream floor with light tan marbling in it. Our appliances are bisque. Our kitchen walls are a very light green. Would giallo ornamental look good? Suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:58AM, Feb 21 2008 PC: Yes, that's a nice neutral choice.
  • Sheri Ludlam 02:39PM, Jan 22 2008 I have honey maple cabinets, a honey oak floor, and white appliances. It's a small kitchen. I was thinking of Giallo Ornamental. Do you think that would be a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:12AM, Jan 23 2008 Sheri Ludlam: While it won't create a lot of contrast, it will be bright, which is what you need.
  • Lynda McDonell 10:38AM, Jan 22 2008 I am building a home with Alder wood cabinetry AND oak floors with a Rosewood stain. Not too far off from the pics above. Is this Giallo Ornamental or St Cecilia a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:09AM, Jan 23 2008 Lynda McDonell: Both will be fine for your project.
  • DCaley 04:33PM, Jan 18 2008 Need help badly! Chocolate Cherry cabinets (like these but less red) with brazillian cherry hardwood. Wanted to paint the walls a muted bungalow gold color. Would gold/yellow granite look good or something lighter like the santa cecilia or gialo orn? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    • All Granite and Marble 09:37AM, Jan 22 2008 DCaley: Gold/Yellow will work. If you're looking for extreme contrast (such as in this picture) then use the lighter colors.
  • Milena 10:25PM, Nov 5 2007 Thank you for your respone. I have definitely learned a lesson about seeing the sample first. Hopefully my post will help others not make the same mistake.
  • Milena 05:36PM, Nov 3 2007 I ordered giallo ornamental from my builder. I ordered it from a sample in their showroom. When the counter top was installed, it looks orangy, yet the sample in the showroom is cream with browns and dark almost black color in it. They are insisting it's what I ordered. Have you ever seen this granite in an orangy color?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:11PM, Nov 5 2007 Milena: This is a prime example of why you should NEVER buy a natural stone top without seeing the full slabs first. Natural stone will vary from batch to batch and using samples to choose the color is a very unfair and misleading. To answer your question: You are probably right.
  • Jim V 11:20AM, Oct 23 2007 We're installing Giallo Ornamental counters. We have bisque-colored cabinets w/ oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Appliances are stainless. What do you think of using a lighter lighter colored natural stone backsplash (3x6 Botticino) w/ a rust colored border at the bottom of the backsplash?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:59PM, Oct 24 2007 Jim V: Very nice idea! We're very curious to see how it comes out!
  • Kim Mags 02:39PM, Oct 15 2007 I have white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and hardware and Shalimar gold granite..what color tile should i use for the back splash? TX. Kim
  • Kim Mags 04:20PM, Oct 12 2007 I have Shalimar Gold Granite and Stainless steel appliances and hardware. What color tile back splash should i use? The granite is busy so i want to stay pretty neutral unless you have another idea? Thank you. Kim Mags
  • Kim Mags 09:57AM, Oct 9 2007 I have white appliances right now, but before the granite goes in Im changing stove to stainless steel and dishwasher...not sure what hardware..still looking. TX.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:49AM, Oct 15 2007 Kim Mags: What color are the cabinets?
  • Carol 11:06PM, Oct 7 2007 I will have Old Chicago brick tile floors and medium brown cabinets w/chocolate glaze. Do you think G. Ornamental is a good choice with this combination?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:39AM, Oct 9 2007 Carol: Yes, it will definitely set off a nice contrast.
  • Kim Mags 11:26AM, Oct 7 2007 Im putting in Shalimar Gold Granite in my kitchen. I have white cabinets. What color tile's for back splash should i use?
    • All Granite and Marble 09:38AM, Oct 9 2007 Kim Mags: What type of appliances and hardware are you using?
  • Bridgette 04:53PM, Oct 1 2007 What color tile floor and backsplash do you suggest for cherry wood cabinets and the giallo ornamental countertops?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:38AM, Oct 3 2007 Bridgette: On this photograph you can see a very subtle approach - tumbled marble squares on the backsplash and a ceramic tile, reminiscent of natural stone on the floor. You can definitely go with something more into the reds for the floor. The variety of floor tile is so big, I'm sure you'll find many options.
  • Linda 07:00PM, Sep 26 2007 I have medium oak cabinets and a black surface stove with white front and white dishwasher. Giallo Ornamental really catches my eye. Do you think I have made a good choice?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:12PM, Sep 27 2007 Linda: Giallo Ornamental is a neutral stone, it goes with anything that's darker. You should be just fine.
  • Ro 02:30PM, Sep 26 2007 We have toffee maple cabinets and a medium gray floor with brown veins. I am thinking of giallo ornamental for the countertops. What are your thoughts?
    • All Granite and Marble 02:08PM, Sep 27 2007 Ro: A mellow combination. Are you sure you can't go a bit darker with the stone?
  • matt C 11:23AM, Sep 17 2007 Have dark chocolate cabinets (no red at all). Thinking of Giallo ornamental, w/light 4x4 stone backsplash. Any other granite and backsplash ideas?
    • All Granite and Marble 08:57AM, Sep 18 2007 matt C: Stone tiles are always great for the backsplash. As far as the countertops go, you can also venture more into the golds.
  • jean 02:04PM, Sep 4 2007 Hi! We have ( beaded board)maple cabinets with a dark cherry/mahogony stain, hard wood floors (oak), ss apliances- what granite would you recommend? We are looking at bianco romano,giallo ornamental, saint cecelia dark..please help! thank you
    • All Granite and Marble 12:48PM, Sep 6 2007 jean: It really depends on what you like. The three stones are similar in tone (well maybe except the bianco romano) so it's really up to you.
  • Carol J. 11:23AM, Aug 25 2007 I have fruitwood cabinets AND hardwood floors. Lighting in kitchen is not the best, what is a good countertop color?
    • All Granite and Marble 12:08PM, Sep 6 2007 Carol J.: Something light for sure. Giallo Ornamental is not a bad choice!
  • meg 04:06PM, Aug 15 2007 I seriously would have chosen a diefferent color for the backsplash! that looks way too washed out!!!
  • mary anne 09:11PM, Aug 13 2007 we have cherry cabinets and just put in off white tile floor that has some splash of grey in it-would we do better with giallo ornamental or something like a giallo veneziana granit
  • Nicole 03:03PM, Aug 1 2007 Hi there, We are putting in mahogany stained birch cabinets – not as dark as the ones on the picture Would Giallo Ornamental be a good choice, or would you have something better to suggest. I plan on having light beige floors. Also, since the kitchen is rather detailed, what reasonably priced edge profile would you recommend?
    • All Granite and Marble 10:19AM, Aug 11 2007 Nicole: Try santa cecilia also. For edging, Ogee will give you something extra at a reasonable price.
  • edna 03:08PM, Jul 25 2007 thanks. the floor is more toward a beige gold...would venetian gold still work. i have another sample that says ornamental and not gallo ornamental which is more toward gold. which of these two would work. thanks
    • All Granite and Marble 07:20PM, Jul 27 2007 edna: Did you get the sample of ornamental from our yard? I would have to probably look at those two samples to advise you which one would match better. If ornamental is of a goldish tone rather than white i think it would work as well.
  • edna 02:08PM, Jul 25 2007 building outdoor living area, lots mountain stone, fireplace, columns, counter. floor - stamped concrete stained goldish looking. small amount copper on covered part, copper drainspouts, gutters. thinking of venitian gold, ornamental, ivory coast for counter. do you think any of those would work. if not any suggestions.
    • All Granite and Marble 02:36PM, Jul 25 2007 edna: Venitan Gold would definatelly work. Giallo ornamental may be a little too white.
  • Mary 06:16PM, Jul 18 2007 Would Giallo Ornamental look good with fritwood oak cabinets
    • All Granite and Marble 03:57PM, Jul 20 2007 Mary: Yes it will.
  • Lee 11:35PM, Jul 9 2007 Is Giallo Ornamental a good choice to go with natural cherry cabinets with a bronze glaze. We will have oak floors and stainless appliances.
    • All Granite and Marble 10:23AM, Jul 12 2007 Lee: Excellent choice. Burgundy spots in Giallo Ornamental will perfectly complement the color of the cabinets.
  • DM 08:21PM, Jun 21 2007 My cabinets are maple w/ a dark glaze (brownish glaze). How would Giallo ornamental look with them?
    • All Granite and Marble 06:46PM, Jul 10 2007 DM: It would look very good.
  • All Granite and Marble 08:39AM, May 25 2007 Azul Aran is not in our stone selection tool.
  • Lisa 11:25AM, May 24 2007 What number is azul aran? I'd like to view it online before we visit your stone yard in Stroudsburg.
    • All Granite and Marble 11:47AM, Jun 6 2008 lisa: Yes, they're close.
  • All Granite and Marble 10:16AM, May 23 2007 Try Azul Aran. Very strong pattern with lots of silverish gray that would definitely draw the attention away from the cabinets.
  • Lisa 10:11AM, May 22 2007 I am moving into a new home on Thursday and have cabinets this color but want to draw attention away from them as I don't like dark cabinets. I would like some type of gray family that coordinates well with this color cabinet. Any suggestions?
    • All Granite and Marble 01:16PM, May 30 2008 Lisa: As I've said before, a darker (than the countertop) tile will work. Stay in earthy tones with a light pattern.
  • All Granite and Marble 08:33AM, May 22 2007 Madura Gold, Kashmir Gold, Shalimar Gold, Golden Fantasy, Solarius.
  • All Granite and Marble 03:03PM, May 15 2007 Sounds good Monica!
    • All Granite and Marble 04:06PM, May 15 2007 Pam: Any of the medium and light golds will do.
  • Monica 10:56PM, May 7 2007 I'd like to do G. Ornamental with a rich brown stained (perhaps glazed) vanity in my master bath. Ivory/Chiaro travertine on the floors and up to chair rail. Similar to what is shown here but with less red. What do you think?
  • All Granite and Marble 09:06AM, Apr 19 2007 OK is a good word to describe it. Look for something a bit darker.
  • Christi 04:50PM, Apr 16 2007 Would you think this Giallo Ornamental would look o.k. with white cabinets?
    • All Granite and Marble 03:49PM, May 19 2008 Christin: I would use a color that's just a tad darker than the stone.
  • All Granite and Marble 12:07PM, Mar 29 2007 A bit better, it really depends how dark the wood is.
  • na 12:12AM, Mar 29 2007 How would Maple Medium look with Giallo Ornamental?
  • All Granite and Marble 08:46AM, Mar 27 2007 Probably not. They are too close colorwise.
  • na 11:25PM, Mar 26 2007 Would Giallo Ornamental look good with light maple cabinets?
  • All Granite and Marble 12:29PM, Jan 16 2007 The cabinets are a stained cherry.
  • M.A. 09:49PM, Jan 14 2007 What color are the cabinets?
  • All Granite and Marble 09:03AM, Nov 21 2006 The backsplash tile is tumbled marble.
  • Susan 02:04AM, Nov 21 2006 What color and brand are the backsplash tiles?
    • All Granite and Marble 04:39PM, Sep 19 2008 susan: Go for the one that creates more contrast.
  • All Granite and Marble 07:52AM, Oct 4 2006 The colors are nearly identical. They vary in the darkness a little, so you can take this photo as a close representation of SCL.
  • SF 10:46PM, Oct 3 2006 I can't seem to find Santa Cecilia Light, do you have a photo? What do you think the best choice would be gallo ornamental or SCL? THANKS
  • All Granite and Marble 02:53PM, Aug 28 2006 Giallo Ornamental.
  • T. 01:03PM, Aug 25 2006 What color is this?