Kitchen - Solarius Granite

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Materials: Solarius
Edges: Ogee
Simple but effective two color design featuring Solarius granite. The elegant contrast created by the cabinets and countertops make this kitchen especially attractive.


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  • 08:22PM, Nov 21 2014

    No, I think that is a great idea. Stones like Solarius go very nicely with darker brown cabinets because they have hints of dark brown within the stone, but enough beige/cream color to create a nice contrast. It will make the stone and cabinets pop without clashing or being too busy.

  • Jesse 02:43AM, Nov 21 2014

    We are going with solaris granite, what color cabinets would you recommend? We are using nutty alder for our cabinets, and just one corner window. Like the color you have in the picture, would this be too dark?

  • - Jack 08:07PM, Jul 17 2014


    The are our clients cabinets, we do not have any information pertaining these products.

  • kimmii 05:52AM, Jul 17 2014

    hello good day.. what type of wood are these cabinets also the colour??

  • - Derek 04:37PM, May 1 2012

    The backsplash will be light and warm so it should compliment the Solarius nicely. There are different variations of Solarius out there, some shipments are lighter than others. I'd try to find the lightest shipment with golden highlights for an efficient contrast. I think the end result will be just perfect, along with the added under-cabinet lightning. Go for it!

  • Vontana 07:03PM, Apr 23 2012

     I have very dark cabinets, redoing entire kitchen except for solid wood cabinets, was going to go with solarius, wondering if this will be lost in my dark kitchen; upgrading to all stainless steel appliances, similar-colored floor and backsplash as in picture, will this work in my kitchen; only one window so not a lot of light but am planning on buying some lights to help fix that by taking out ceiling fan and installing nice light

  • marcie williams 10:56PM, Jul 27 2010 Hi..we are redoing our kitchen, and are leaning toward using the Solarius granite. I love the back splash and floor choices shown in your kitchen portfolio for Solarius granite. Is there anyway you could tell me the name of the tile on the floor and the back splash...or even just the maker of it? Any help is so appreciated! Marcie
    • All Granite and Marble 09:35AM, Jul 28 2010 Marcie Williams: Unfortunately we do not have information on those materials, just the countertop that we installed. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Maureen 02:49PM, May 20 2010 I'm doing solarius countertops on honey maple with coffee glaze cabinets and simple beige ceramic porcelain floor (Neutral/bright due to small kitchen & not a lot of natural light). Is this a good choice? What would you suggest for backsplash? I don't have a lot of "pop" going on.. Thx
    • All Granite and Marble 03:19PM, May 20 2010 Maureen: Excellent combination. Rich and interesting. For backsplash try a tumbled botticino marble tile.