Kitchen - Bianco Antico Granite

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Materials: Bianco Antico
Edges: Ogee
Bianco Antico is the perfect match to the tile backsplash, as well as the cabinets.


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  • - Derek 01:44PM, Jul 5 2012

    To have harmony and a continuous pattern, I'd use the same color molding throughout the design.

  • Debra 04:31AM, Jun 27 2012

    i have purchased similar cabinets with the Blanco Antico granite with an Chocolate Brown Island.  I have a question about crown molding. I using the cream colored crown around the cabinets...Should i use the same molding around the rest of the kitchen or could i use chocolate brown crown?

    thank you

  • - Kinga 05:30PM, Jul 14 2011 It’s difficult to determine judging solely on a photo. Like Derek said, it may possibly be a glass.
  • - Derek 02:50PM, Jul 14 2011 Unfortunately we don't have information on the backsplash used in the kitchens in our portfolio, we only have information on the granite countertop. If I were to guess, then this looks like glass tile.
  • Sunlit98 04:58AM, Jul 14 2011 Love the backsplash! what type of backsplash did you use? Thanks.