Kitchen - Cosmic Black Granite

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Materials: Cosmic Black
Edges: Ogee
The intricate corner details are complimented by the corbels, and the brushed metal sink and faucet add to this functional workspace.


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  • - Derek 04:46PM, Aug 15 2012

    Sorry for the late response. The Cosmic Black is an elegant and beautiful choice for your design! Another option I recommend is called Kosmus. 

  • Darlene 05:01PM, Aug 7 2012

    I have natural maple cabinets and have added black heirloom distressed cabinets. The floors are a very light travertine and I was considering cosmic black to try and pull it together. My taste is french country. Do you think this would work or do you have a better suggestion? Many thanks.

  • - Derek 01:03PM, Oct 27 2011 Absolutely. Some other options for you to check out are Giallo Napole, New Venetian Gold, and Sunset Ivory. Let me know what you end up choosing!
  • mcbritt 01:26PM, Oct 24 2011 Thank you so much Derek and sorry for the long reply time.  I am now considering a little change.  I will be using linen painted cabinets and light cherry stained maple cabinets--love the maple grain and the two toned kitchen.  In my u-shaped kitchen I will also be using the cosmic black but now on the perimeter and a contrasting granite only on the 45x75 cooktop island.  Still suggest giallo, astoria or santa cecilia as that contrast? thank you, thank you!
  • - Derek 06:44PM, Sep 7 2011 You're a brave homeowner, as double color kitchen countertops are very beautiful and unique! You're on the right track, and for the perimeter granite I recommend colors such as Giallo Ornamental C, Astoria, and Santa Cecilia Light. Good luck!
  • mcbritt 08:17PM, Sep 6 2011 I would like to use Cosmic Black Granite on a cherry stained island and a contrast granite on the perimeter cabinets that will be painted linen white.  The cosmic black has a lot of movement and I'm sure I should stay away from too much movement while contrasting, but not sure of the additional granite color or pattern.  My backsplash is jeffrey court brick fire and ice, which is a quartzite that has greys, greens, gold, and cream but also has iridesent 2 inch glass blocks of clear, purple and amber.  Any suggestions for the contrast granite on the white cabinets?  My least fav color is blue and favs are purples, warms tones, etc.  Traditional house, large kitchen with solid maple cabinets.